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    Dr. Barbara SturmHyaluronic Serum 10mlSuper-charged with highly concentrated long- and short-chain hyaluronic molecules, this serum provides intensive hydration. The long-chain hyaluronic molecules have an almost instant effect, providing immediate hydration to the surface layers of the skin to make it tangibly firmer, refreshed and radiant. As well as this immediate benefit, short-chain hyaluronic molecules are able to penetrate deeper into the skin, meaning that moisture reservoirs are replenished long-term. Plumping the skin and preventing dehydration, this serum is also a highly effective means of minimising the formation of wrinkles. Dr. Sturm’s key ‘super plant’ active purslane adds anti-inflammatory and antioxidative benefits, nourishing and protecting the skin and making this perfect for use before or after exposure to damaging environmental elements.DBS007_10ML1204540151653324735 stars, based on59 reviews 85.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum

    Dr. Barbara Sturm
    Hyaluronic Serum
    ( 10ml )

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    • Why it's Cult
      Charged with highly concentrated long- and short-chain hyaluronic molecules, this superlative serum provides intense hydration. The product of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s non-invasive anti-ageing expertise and powerful – yet uncomplicated – formulas, this serum replenishes moisture reservoirs for immediate and intense hydration. Used regularly, this plumps and prevents dehydration, making it a highly effective means of minimising wrinkle formation. 
    • Description
      Super-charged with highly concentrated long- and short-chain hyaluronic molecules, this serum provides intensive hydration. The long-chain hyaluronic molecules have an almost instant effect, providing immediate hydration to the surface layers of the skin to make it tangibly firmer, refreshed and radiant. As well as this immediate benefit, short-chain hyaluronic molecules are able to penetrate deeper into the skin, meaning that moisture reservoirs are replenished long-term. Plumping the skin and preventing dehydration, this serum is also a highly effective means of minimising the formation of wrinkles. Dr. Sturm’s key ‘super plant’ active purslane adds anti-inflammatory and antioxidative benefits, nourishing and protecting the skin and making this perfect for use before or after exposure to damaging environmental elements.
    • How to use
      Squeeze one full pipette into the palm of your hand and apply it evenly to your face before patting it in gently. The serum is suitable for all skin types.
    • Full ingredients list

      Water (Aqua), Butylene Glycol, Lactobacillus/Portulaca Oleracea Ferment Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

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    Dr. Barbara Sturm - Hyaluronic Serum

    Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum Reviews

    Little miracle in a bottle
    This is a considered purchase. It’s ridiculously expensive. I first started using it when I received 10ml in the fabulous Cult Advent calendar and twice purchased the 10ml size afterwards. It is transformative. My skin is hydrated and flawless. That sounds vain, but I promise it completely relaxed fine lines and small frown lines. I use it religiously on my décolleté and face every morning by itself before my sunscreen. At night I mix it in with my night cream. On Sunday's I later it under Drunk Elephant F Balm mask as a treatment. I’ve been asked so many times what I’m using as my skin literally glows with health. So, it’s worth every hard earned penny as I consider it an investment, not a cost.
    This is the one Sturm product that doesn't ruin my skin
    It works. It hydrates. That's IT though- I've given 3 stars because is that really where we are now? We have to pay 250-600 pounds to simply be able to hydrate our skin. How depressing, and how unethical. This is the one Sturm product that at least does what it says though so if you can afford it go for it - if you can't really afford it though, honestly it's not worth it.
    Finest Face Serum by Dr.Sturm
    The Hyaluronic Serum, nice rich consistency, no odor, feels great on my skin. Purchased the one ounce, this size should take me a while to finish as I only put a couple of drops on my face at night. Using after my regimen consisting of Dr.Barbara Sturm foam cleanser, P50 then Hyaluronic serum, Good C Vitamin C serum, Women’s Cream Rich. My skin is drier now I have made a move to a much colder climate. Even though it is I need to keep this serum away from my t-zone, otherwise tiny whiteheads appear. Also, you don’t need a full pipette for this wonderful skincare product to make your skin glow.
    Best serum
    Very good but expensive!
    It's OK.
    I was honestly expecting something extraordinary in terms of plumping and hydration, but felt in terms of performance it was lackluster considering the cost. I felt I needed to use more of this serum to actually feel remotely hydrated compared to let's say Hada Labo's Gokyjyun Premium which requires a tiny amount to fully hydrate my combination skin.
    The glow is real
    I've been using Dr. Sturm products for years and I've not looked back the glow is real.
    Rolls Royce of HA Serums
    I always thought all Hyaluronic Acids were the same and always use a cheaper one. When I first tried this, I did not know the price and just used it. I was super impressed, the texture was divine. It left my skin soft and plump with being sticky. The next day when I woke up I saw a radiance that was never there. I understood why it was priced like that. Its very well formulated and you don't need a lot to see a difference. I will surely purchase this when I run out.
    Great serum but overpriced
    I love Dr Sturm products and this is a great hyaluronic serum but I cannot justify the price when there are other great hyaluronic serums for a fraction of the cost.
    I got a sample of this in a goodie bag and boy, am I glad I did. It’s clean, great consistency, and suits my skin. Love it.
    I got a sample of this in a Goody Bag. I'm a big fan of hyaluronic acid so I enjoyed using this. However, hyaluronic acid is a very cheap ingredient and the price of this is just crazy exagerated!! It worked no better than my hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary or First Aide Beauty
    Too much silicone
    I've been wanting to try this out, but the high price was a deterrent. Finally had a chance to try it thanks to the goody bag, and I am severely disappointed. At first, it feels great. But if you're applying makeup or sunscreen afterwards, it pills. I think the product has too much silicone in it, which makes it difficult if you're layering different skincare (or makeup) products. The high price is not great, either. hyaluronic acid is a cheap ingredient. It is insane that they charge this much. I'd rather stick with the Ordinary or Niod. Much better quality and affordable price.
    Nothing special
    I got a sample in the goody bag and I honestly can't see any difference between this one and the Hada Labo one. I can't justify this price tag and I so wanted to. I just don't think it is worth the money.
    Too pricey
    I received a sample of this product in a goody bag. It’s a good product, very hydrating but nothing special and too pricey, the Ordinary works just the same. Don’t understand why it’s so pricey there’s a lot of cheaper hyaluronic acids at a fraction of the price.
    Expensive but great product
    First of all, this is very very very expensive and if you need to skip meals/bills to get it, please don't. Go find something else. However, if this is something you have the extra money for and don't mind spending the extra money for, you will NOT be disappointed. I have textural issues with my skin from hormonal acne and this has helped it, a lot. It is very important that you know how to use this ingredient properly (hyaluronic) properly. I've tried a few ways and this works the best as a second layer. I slap on my Amore Pacific essence, then immediately put on this Hyaluronic Serum, then follow with Anti-Pollution Drops mixed with Calming Serum. If I'm in a cold climate I top it off with Face Cream Light. Works perfect for my skin and plumps it up and reduces redness and inflammation. On my 3rd bottle! I have also completely removed acids and peels from my regimen as this brand does not work well with acids at all.
    Great serum
    I find all Dr.Sturm products are wonderful. Brilliant for sensitive skin, and produce impressive results. Skin feels and looks fabulous with regular use. Only drawback is the price.
    Can’t live without it
    Received this in the goody bag and I have purchased every month since. Twice a day :))
    I don’t need makeup
    I received a sample of this and just to use it I thought I’d give it a go. It literally gave me the freshest, healthiest looking skin I’d ever had. A result I can’t even achieve with foundation. Hours later it still looks fresh. I can’t live without it
    Loved this one
    This is a very good product. It works on the spot, u feel it tightening your skin. I received it in a goody bag and when I went to check the price I got uncomfortable using it anymore because it just goes so fast. I wish I could purchase, however it is way too much. Awesome product nonetheless
    для меня бесполезная ***Useless for me
    Бестолковая, дорогая сыворотка с претензией на гениальность. Вообще нет результата. ***Stupid, expensive serum with a claim to be a miracle. There are no results at all.
    Got it as a sample. Felt so rich and hydrating on my face without tackiness! I gave it a 4 because its expensive.
    Лучшая гиалуроновая сыворотка, которую я пробовала. Обычно наношу на немного влажное лицо, не липкая, без запаха. На утро лицо ровного цвета, без покраснений и кожу не стягивает от сухости, наощупь мягкая и увлажненная. PS. Было много корейских сывороток и ни одна не дает такого эффекта, увы ***The best hyaluronic serum I have tried. I usually apply it to a slightly damp face and it's odourless and not sticky. In the morning, the face is even in color, without redness, and the skin does not feel tight or dry; the touch is soft and moisturized. Ps. There are a lot of Korean serums and none give such an effect!
    Хорошая увлажняющая сыворотка ***Good moisturizing serum
    Цена очень завышена. Сыворотка действительно хорошо увлажняет мою обезвоженную кожу. Не имеет цвета и запаха, на лице не ощущается плёнкой, но имеет липкий финиш, не стягивает, не высыхает белой границей. Но всё же цена не оправдана ***The price is very high. The serum really moisturizes my dehydrated skin. It has no color and smell, does not feel like a film on the face, but has a sticky finish. Does not tighten, does not dry on top of the skin. But still the price is not justified.
    Hyaluronic Serum
    Обычная гиалуроновая сыворотка , цена очень завышена при отсутствии результата. Посредственное увлажнение , эффекта plumps нет. *** This is a normal hyaluronic serum, the price is very high with the absence of a result. Mediocre hydration, and no plumping effect.
    A really good, amazing serum! It absorbed as if nothing was applied to the skin, while looking dewy and soft. I apply cream on top of it which makes the skin feel really moist.
    Ridiculously expensive but works really well
    I got this in the Goody Bag and it works amazingly well. In different climates as well, because I took it from hot and humid to dry and temperate. Absorbs instantly and keeps my skin glowing. It works well mixed in with other products and under a moisturiser. BUT, it's so ridiculously overpriced. I stand by Niod's MMHC2, which works just as well, if not better. Honestly, I get the same results from TO's Hyaluronic Serum as well, it just takes much longer to see results as compared to MMHC2.
    Had a supersize sample of this product and LOVED IT. I am hooked by this, a must in my bathroom cosmetic area.
    I received a 10ml sample of this serum in the Goody Bag. I am 56 years old. I did not expect a miracle. But the serum met all my expectations. The effect is super! Already bought the full version. I use in the evening in 1-2 days. You can use during the day under the makeup. But then it is necessary to wait about 20 minutes to be absorbed. I recommend this serum to all girls 50+.
    Mmwwhaa. No.
    It's a good hydrator. If you like to spend money and love status on your bathroom shelf, go for it. If you don't, this costs a ridiculous amount of money. There are other serums out there with the same effect that you can buy for half the price tag of this one. NIOD, The Inkey List or The Ordinary all prove you don't have to empty your wallet for some extra moisture. This doesn't contain any extras or exquisite ingredients. It's just an acid. Spend your buck on other things on this website. There are plenty :D
    worth it
    The price of this is ridiculous but it is the best hydrating product I've ever used. I always told my facialists that my skin is very dehydrated but this month is the first time I was told my face showed nice levels of hydration. How about that? I'm thrilled with how comfortable my skin is and I attribute it to this product. I just wish it were a bit more affordable.
    I love all dr.sturm products and she knows it too!
    So I started using this serum and it soaks into my skin I admire this product and dr.sturm iam 36 yrs old and people assume I'm 19 thru my 20s..xoxo j.pheonix...this is a certified real review by the way I highly reccomend.
    Fine but pricy
    It’s a nice fine hyaluronic acid serum, I just have to minus one star for the price point. By ml it’s even more expensive than Cle de Peau Le Serum. I bought the 10ml, somehow I feel the bottling is not user-friendly when I try to open and use the drip. By all means, try it if you have the cash. Inkey List is your alternative for daily use if you struggle with a budget. Maybe alternate then so this serum became a special treatment for holiday months.
    Dr Barbara sturm
    Got the small size to try but doesn’t last long! Don’t think you need a full pipette. Feels really good on skin but need to use it for much longer. Very expensive so not sure I can justify cost!
    I hate how good this is
    I got this in a sample size in a CB edit - because I’m not insane enough to buy it - but it is so effective with hydration and texture issues. I found I only needed a half-drop to get full face coverage, so it overall lasts longer than other HA serums. I’m sticking with The Ordinary, but if you’ve got the money, I promise it will work.
    Love this serum so much. Silky texture. Recomending to everyone.
    It works, period.
    Despite the fact that I would rather share the opinion of the other ladies, who think that the product is overpriced, it is deliver to the promise. Unlike tree other HA serums from well known brands, I've used in the verge to find a cheaper alternative to Barbara Sturm prior to surrender and buy the original. My personal trick is a combination with the oil. This serum provides a great ground for the next product and intensifies its effect.
    Best Product
    This HA was my life changing product, I cannot complete my skin regimen without Dr Barbara Sturm HA. I feel incomplete and helpless without this one product.
    Not worth the price
    I received this as a free sample -The product works well, but it doesn't do anything more significant than brands such as The Ordinary & Inkey List. Definitely not worth the price tag as I could tell no difference between this and the brands mentioned above. Do not waste your money
    I love love love this. I balked at the price of this but I think it’s worth it, you don’t need much and the texture is just to die for (all her serums are tbf). I’ve seen an actual difference in my skin compared to other Hyaluronic so this is a must for me, and great for my super sensitive skin.
    Can't say it's bad
    It is a good hyaluronic serum, so I really cannot rate it badly. But the hefty price tag comes from the name and although a good product, it is a VERY simple serum with nothing special in the ingredients list. If you do not mind the splurge, go for it, however, there are similar (literally same ingredients) and in my opinion even better hyaluronic (Inkey List, Dr. Dennis Gross, serums for the fraction of this price). Barbara Sturm has products that justify the price, this one, unfortunately, does not.
    Perfectly moisturizes the skin. Moderate consumption. Great for combination skin
    The best.
    This was the first Hyaluronic I tried. I really liked it but obviously it's VERY expensive. Once it ran out I decided I would try other brands that weren't as pricey but unfortunately the old saying, you get what you pay for, rings true. I have a damaged skin barrier and had been instructed to use a hyaluronic to help repair it. After the first 6 months of following my new regime, it had made an incredible difference to the tone, texture and look of my skin. However, on changing to other brands my skin regressed. I'm back to using this again and within 1 week my skin is already back on track. I have tried the Ordinary, NIOD, Peter Thomas Roth Hyaluronic and none of them are anywhere near as good as this one. This feels nicer on your skin and the proof is in the pudding. Sorry bank account!
    Sooooo hydrating
    I've received a travel size (10ml) in a Goody bag and lasted me for several weeks. This serum has a clear liquidy texture that applies smoothly and sinks in pretty quickly so you don't have to wait ages for it to be dry and go on straight away with your beauty routine. It's not sticky and really is hydrating, so... I'm lucky I've tried it but unfortunately I'll buy much more affordable ones, but if you can afford it, that's a very good serum for sure!
    Very expensive but very hydrating for parched skin
    Obviously very expensive - get it on a 20% off sale. BUT the most hydrating hyaluronic acid serum I have tried. It's a bit sticky, but for me, that means the serum will hydrate for longer. It's a thicker formula than a lot of hyaluronics. Don't need much so that makes it last a little longer. Buy it if you have the money to spare. Sandwich either side with a face mist so it has something to hold onto. If you're on a budget go for Hada Labo.
    Omg, I received a trial size in a goody bag and didn’t want it to end, without a doubt THE BEST serum! Shame about the £££ but it is money well spent!
    The best
    It is a very very good serum, not tacky at all, sinks in beautifully, hydrates and plumps, only negative is the price point, got it in my Cult Beauty bag and was so pleased!
    Is it worth the money?
    I got a nice sample in a goody bag and have to say, it is an AMAZING serum. It made my dry skin look and feel hydrated, plump and soo smooth and you only need a drop or two. However, I will not purchase it anytime soon due to the price, which is the only reason I am not giving it five stars.
    Hydrating and Plumping
    It works really well on extremely dry skin. Too expensive to buy but definitely it is the hero product of Dr. Babara Sturm. Absorbs very well and plumps all fine line. I would like to buy it if I am a rich ;)
    Okay serum
    Very highly priced, haven't seen any difference in my skin.
    Really really good
    It really is amazing, plumping, firming and hydrating but I don't know who would pay this much money for a 30ml serum. It's just too much money. I can't even say if it's worth it or not. But it really is that good.
    Expensive but amazing product
    So I received this in a Goody Bag with all the other goodies. I was keen to try this and wasn't disappointed. Even though it's quite expensive - I've seen a difference in my skin. I have combination to oily skin (even tho oily in the summer, I have dry patches on certain areas of the skin). It got rid of the dryness, my skin feels softer, and even a few spots have cleared up - not completely. Not even wearing foundation today :) Just the serum + moisturiser on top! Super but not affordable!
    I got this as a sample, and was very excited to use it. This stuff absorbs super fast, and you immediately see a difference, after a while I’ve noticed my pores shrank, and my skin always glows! I started ordering Dr Barbara Sturm products, just because of this serum! I’ve used a lot of stuff and honestly for something that actually works this is completely worth it!
    Nothing special.
    Nothing special for me and nothing which would justify such price. Drunk Elephant serum works almost the same and has a lower price.
    Does what it should
    It is a good product, does hydrate the skin but it's not really extraordinary. "Buffet" by Ordinary or Waso Jelly by Shiseido do the same trick for less money.
    Terrific product
    Loved this product as received in the Goody Bag. Does not pull or create balls of product on your face and sinks in right away. The texture is super smooth without feeling like it has anything plastic-y in it. However I simply cannot justify repurchasing for the price... if you can afford it, would recommend!
    Hydrating Serum
    This is a beautiful serum, so hydrating and it plumps up my fine lines. This is actually the only Hyaluronic Acid serum that doesn’t ball up underneath my makeup.
    My first time trying this product
    Loved it. So hydrating and gives my skin a beautiful glow. Makeup glides on with ease. Definitely recommend.
    Great but pricey
    This is a super serum and fitting for all climates. I've had this with me throughout my travels in all 4 seasons and my skin is so so good and smooth. It's also important the product you use on top of this serum as it works to suck in whatever is on top of it. I'll give it full stars for quality, but overall it's waaayy too pricey for what it is. There are other products that work equally well so unfortunately I will not be repurchasing. Other products I have repurchased from her line and absolutely love are the Anti-Pollution drops, Face Cream Rich, and her Eye Cream. I'm waiting for the Brightening Lotion and the Toner to arrive in the mail and will try those next!
    Dr Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum
    I really wished at this price point I wouldn't like it, but I do. It is great and does the job. I also liked the Susanne Kaufman Hyaluron Serum as well.
    I'll reorder as long as I'm able
    I love this! It's concentrated and it feels luxurious. You'll feel the difference instantly. The price though ;( I'll still bite the bullet. Another product I'm obsessed with. I think I'm absolutely a Cult Beatuty addict.
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