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Our Editors Try… Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Body Cream

Niall Taylor
Writer and expert12 months ago
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a tanned model with glowy skin holding charlotte tilburys magic body cream

Have you heard the news? It’s finally here… Introducing the hotly-anticipated Charlotte’s Magic Body Cream. Whether you’re a beauty novice or a seasoned make up artist, it’s no secret that a new Charlotte Tilbury release is always going to fly off the shelves – and this launch is no different. Created by the brains behindthe iconic and adored Magic Cream – a staple in skin care rituals on and off the runway, this luxurious body cream promises to carry the gauntlet further than ever before. It's infused with energising caffeine that works to plump and smooth alongside damask rose water and the brand’s ALGAKTIV UPLIFT, which simultaneously tightens and firms the skin. Putting it to the test, our editors tried this body care wonder for two weeks and are ready to reveal their loves and losses… 

charlotte tilbury's magic body cream shot in a studio

“I am always on the hunt for a body cream that won’t break me out, having oily, relatively porous skin means that anything too thick or too emollient will usually clog my skin and create problem areas (trust me, I’ve tried almost our entire stocklist). Although I would argue that the Magic Body cream is on the heavy side, when sheered out and used sparingly, it creates lasting moisture; I found that my legs and arms pretty much soaked it up in an instant. Now – when it comes to plumping, the Magic Cream line is one you can always rely on, and this is no different. Within a few minutes I noticed my hands and arms had a noticeable sheen and my skin was visibly supple (we can thank the sunflower oil and glycerine for that). I would say this little taste of luxury is definitely a win for me and a stunning addition to the Magic Cream line.” – Niall, Copy Assistant 

“This is such a luxe body cream – it has a subtle scent and is so rich and hydrating. It made my skin feel incredibly soft and – best of all – it actually keeps my skin moisturised all day. I normally get quite dry limbs and carry around an emergency mini for knees/ankles in the summer, but with this I didn’t need to!” – Josie, Content Manager 

“As someone who enjoys lightweight, silky textures, the Magic body cream was a little too rich for my liking. However, the results were undeniable. Lathering it all over my limbs, I instantly noticed that the formula was ultra-hydrating and left my skin looking healthier with a much-appreciated added shine. While you have to really work it into the skin, a little goes a long way – making it last longer!” – Triffy, SEO Copywriter 

“I'm very fussy about my body cream and truth be told, this has passed my very high standards. My skin feels really taken care of especially when I mix this with one of my favourite body oils. It's like both are competing for the top spot in my body care routine.” – Precious, Midweight Copywriter 

“Luxe is an understatement when describing the new Charlotte's Magic Body Cream – it’s sumptuous, hydrating and brightening, just like the OG Magic Cream. Boasting CT’s eight matrix of skin-loving ingredients, it’s subtly scented (a plus) and has a soothing effect when applied which I loved. Due to the relatively thick consistency though, I would probably use it as an indulgence rather than as an everyday moisturiser.” – Alice, Senior Copywriter 

“A lover of all things rich, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this iconic body cream. With skin that's perpetually parched, I need something my dry skin can drink and soak up for lasting hydration. This. Was. It. Thick, creamy and divinely scented, I loved luxuriating my limbs in its thick consistency. I used this in the evening post shower and my body was soft, smooth, and hydrated come sunrise. It's now a staple in my body care routine.” – Rina, Junior SEO Copywriter 

The reviews are in, our skin is supple and we’re glowing just in time for summer – Charlotte, you’ve done it again! 

Niall Taylor
Writer and expert
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