Stop. Everything. Makeup By Mario has landed exclusively at Cult Beauty!

One of the world's most-followed and influential {make up} artists, it was only a matter of time before Mario Dedivanovic created his own brand. Enter: {Makeup By Mario} – set to inspire playful experimentation via decadent textures and vibrant hues for all skin tones.

First finding acclaim with his ‘soft glam’ artistry for Kim Kardashian West – he’s revered for popularising the old Hollywood technique of contouring – Mario has since soared into the realm of make up majesty. Now with a roster of celebrity clientele under his belt (and a legacy as an educator and tastemaker), he's blessing the beautysphere with tools and products inspired by his signature techniques.

Marrying high-quality ingredients with Mario’s two decades’ worth of industry expertise, Makeup By Mario makes pro-level formulas accessible to the masses. Meticulously crafted to channel the industry-leading techniques that Mario has honed over the past two decades, this entire collection is set to enhance your artistry and elevate your application. With everything from essential matte {eyeshadows} to boldly pigmented {lip} palettes, you're going to want invest in this highly coveted range...