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Everything you need to know about Elemis

Verity Douglas
Writer and expert3 years ago
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A British institution, if you haven’t heard of {Elemis}, allow us to enlighten you (just thank us later). Fusing {skin care} and self-care for decades, Elemis – hailed as a ‘skin wellness’ brand – marries multiple disciplines, harnessing nature and science to offer unparalleled skin-healing, mood-boosting benefits. Helping you feel just as good as you look thanks to powerful sensory blends, the spa-born collection is thoroughly tested in salon; practitioners witness results and respond to their clients’ suggestions to constantly tweak and refine the portfolio, filling the gaps in existing routines with new, cutting-edge treatments.

With skin, soul and body care under the {Elemis} roof - from cleansers to masks via top-to-toe lotions - the brand is a trove of essentials and found in the bathrooms of beauty fanatics all over the globe. Powered by potent botanicals, lab-derived actives and heavenly-scented ingredients, these are the Elemis ‘pillars’:

Skin Wellness

Elemis products are lovingly blended to cherish the health of your skin. Working to supplement skin’s microflora and shield from aggressors – from urban pollution to stress and blue light – the products deflect and protect while promoting skin’s strength and resilience.

Proven Results

Rigorously tested (by willing human guinea pigs!), every Elemis formula has to perform and the products are put through their paces. Subject to clinical trials where results are recorded and measured, the range is as much about what you can see as the way every product engages your senses – from texture to scent to the shades of the jars, every element has to ‘spark joy’. Which leads us neatly on to…

Feel-good Skin Care

With a basis in aromatherapy, Elemis products are thoughtfully blended with natural, sustainably sourced extracts and bio-engineered ‘bio-identicals’ (which help to preserve nature’s larder) to offer a 360˚ treat for skin, body and soul. This holistic approach resonates with our blossoming ‘skin care as self-care’ obsession and offers emotional, spiritual and (of course!) visible benefits.

Transparent Innovation

Developed in Elemis’s London-based ‘Innovation Hub’ and predominantly manufactured here on UK soil (there are one or two exceptions), Elemis adheres to the highest standards. Prioritising safety, efficacy and integrity, the range aims to utilise nature’s abundance without compromising the planet and, they employ a strict ‘not allowed’ ethos, banning over 2000 potential irritants such as artificial dyes, coal tar, formaldehyde, mineral oils, parabens, phthalates and triclosan (the list goes on).

Here’s a quick guide to the ranges you need in your life…

Designed to preserve your skin’s ‘scaffolding’ – the elastin and collagen needed to keep your face smooth, firm and lifted – {Pro-Collagen} harnesses precious, marine-derived actives (and ‘bio-identicals’) to fortify skin from within. The star is padina pavonica (a brown algae found on the Mediterranean coast), alongside proprietary Marine Algae Complexes, fuelled by a rainbow of colourful algae that offer a buffet of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polysaccharides – leading to plumped and resilient skin. World-renowned for their heavenly textures and tangible smoothing, time-defying effects, the multi-award-winning range is intensely hydrating and clinically proven.

Bath & Body

A way to upgrade the mundane to sublime, Elemis’ {Bath & Body} range is intensely sensorial – helping to cherish your skin and your senses with nourishing extracts and opulent lathers, as well as phenomenal fragrances. From their firm {Body Brush} to the Body Exotics that work to cocoon you with truly delectable scent, the {Frangipani Monoi Body Oil} will whisk you straight to Polynesian beaches – hear the waves lap as you massage your skin with the sold-to-oil formula (dry skin will drink it up).


Powered by potent botanicals, think of the range as a menu of topical ‘superfood smoothies’ – feeding your cells with a medley of nutritive vitamins, glow-boosting minerals and potent, free radical-fighting antioxidants. Five-a-day for your face, the {Superfood} range of elixirs and targeted treatments deliver a rainbow of fruit-and-veg extracts – from flax seed to daikon and pumpkin to chia – to brighten, repair and revitalise. The ultimate foil for the give-away signs of fatigue, these formulas dial up your beauty regime to unlock an unparalleled glow.


Verity Douglas
Writer and expert
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