Ever since we sparked a {#VULVALUTION} over a year ago, we've been on a mission to kick-start frank conversations surrounding women’s health (and pleasure!); connecting you to straight-forward, transparent, female-centric brands is part and parcel of this ongoing, taboo-busting endeavour. With a swathe of arrivals entering our well-established {Sexual Pleasure & Wellness} category, what better time to discover a new hero — be it 100% organic cotton tampons, a pulse-quickening sex toy or a cramp-comforting patch.

More timely still, September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, so we're shining a light on our partnership with {The Lady Garden}: an organisation committed to funding vital research into gynaecological cancers while encouraging dialogue around issues like reproductive rights, periods and menopause. Since the beginning of our partnership, we've committed to donating 10% of all profits from sales within our Sexual Pleasure & Wellness category to the incredible charity making some much-needed NOISE about these 'Silent Killers'. You can be happy in the knowledge that investing in these unmissable releases contributes to their inspirational work...


Or should we say 'hands-free'? The all-new {Sona} from LELO is an intimate sonic massager that stimulates up to 75% more of your clitoris - not just the external part you can see and touch - for a pleasure like no other. Awarded the Cosmopolitan Sexellence Award 2019 For Vulvas, this innovative device uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate your entire clitoris – above, beyond and underneath. As it doesn’t rely on vibrations like a traditional sex toy, it doesn't even need to make direct contact with your clitoris to generate a thrum that's bound to have you trembling. Instead, you can tease yourself and easily tailor and build the intensity to your tastes: it features eight varied and intensely pleasurable settings!


Saturated with synthetic materials and fibres which can cause vaginal discomfort and shed within you, the tampon industry is dismayingly unconcerned surrounding the needs of menstruating individuals. That's where DeoDoc's {100% Organic Cotton Tampons} come in! Ticking all of our boxes, these tampons are made without viscose/rayon and non-chlorine bleached cotton, are unscented, FDA-approved and clinically tested to be non-irritating and hypoallergenic. Phewpf! They even have a special outer layer (also 100% cotton) to prevent shedding and fibre residues from remaining inside of the body once the tampon is removed. But it doesn't stop there, they're also made from 100% biodegradable materials (with a cardboard applicator) and are 100% vegan.


...for intimacy with this {Jelly} lube from Unbound. Suitable for wherever your desire takes you and the perfect sidekick to your toys and your partner, this aesthetically-pleasing lubricant will unveil a whole new world of pleasure. Housed in a millennial pink tube that wouldn't look amiss on your bedside table or bathroom cabinet, this under-the-radar product has a hint of tastebud-pleasing vanilla and lemon flavouring and is also made from 95% organic ingredients that are toy, condom and pregnancy safe. Never sticky, this luxurious slick texture will be a joy to use and you'll be happy to know it's 100% vegan, free from glycerine, parabens and petrochemicals too. We're sold!


An incredibly intelligent plaster to help you manage your period pain and cramps, the {BeYou Patches} are 100% natural and made from steam-distilled eucalyptus and peppermint-derived menthol that create a 'cooling tingle' on application. Long-lasting and slow-releasing, each patch slowly delivers a cramp-comforting sensation over 12 hours. The menthol and eucalyptus scent also provides a light, invigorating aroma that will help uplift you. Incredibly discreet, easy to apply and remove (they don't hurt like normal plasters!), you'll wonder how you ever went without these before - watch out trusty hot water bottle!