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Meet The Founder

Meet the Founder: Larry King Hair Care

Bethan Robinson
Writer and expert4 years ago
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With an extensive, ever-growing list of industry accolades – including cover shoots for VOGUE, Tatler, Vanity Fair and GQ – and clients who rank amongst some of the world’s most prestigious (and lustrously locked!) personalities (Gigi, Cara, Karlie and Zayn are all clients), Larry King is famed for his natural, tousled aesthetic – a vibe that infuses his capsule collection of {hair care} heroes. Allowing you to emulate the ‘coiffé decoiffé’ effect at home, these multi-tasking products have distilled the playful spirit of the salon into volumising mists and glossing crèmes for busy people who want faaaabulous hair, without fuss.

Enthralled by the latest {Larry King Hair Care} releases (the Liquid Hairbrush Conditioner stepped out of our deepest beauty dreams) and equipped with a list of burning questions, we turned to the brand’s founders – Larry King and Laura King – to discover the ins and outs of this innovative range...

{Cult Beauty} First things first, can you tell us about the brand’s beginnings and ethos? What’s Larry King Hair Care’s story so far?

When we opened our flagship salon in South Kensington, we wanted the salon to feel welcoming and never intimidating - like you've walked into our home and are welcome to stay all day. Somewhere you could bring your friends, have a drink and leave with effortlessly chic hair that lasts until your next appointment - we called this A Social Life For Your Hair.

So, when we created Larry King Hair Care, we wanted it to reflect the ethos and magic of the salon and design products that would give everyone salon-worthy hair at home.

{CB} Can you describe your brand in just three words?

Luxury, innovative, sustainable.

{CB} What sets Larry King Hair Care apart from the rest of the industry?

We try to be innovative, taking expert ideas and delivering in them in a relatable, and un-intimidating way. Our products are multi-functional and we create them to be used on multiple hair types so they're accessible for all.

{CB} And for those unfamiliar with Larry King Hair Care, which product is certain to kick-start an addiction?

Definitely the {Flyaway With Me Set}.

{CB} Who is Larry King Hair Care aimed at? Do you have a ‘poster’ person in mind when developing your products?

No - we wanted to create products that are genderless and inclusive of all hair types.

{CB} Can you talk to us about your decision to join our {Cult Conscious} initiative? Why was it important for you to create vegan or vegetarian formulas and use 75 – 100% recyclable packaging?

Using recyclable packaging was absolutely key for us because we're going to hand our planet over to our children one day, and we don't want the oceans and land to be filled with plastic. Plastic is a brilliant material, but we have to stop treating it as a throw-away resource. At Larry King Hair Care, we try to use materials that are either compostable, infinitely recyclable or will eventually breakdown naturally.

All of our packaging is made from glass, aluminium or FSC certified card as we believe these are better alternatives to plastic. Our styling product packaging also has wildflower seeds in it, so if it ends up blowing around our planet on a breeze, some wildflowers will grow. Plus, for every product sold in our new Wash Cycle range, we pledge to donate a percentage of our sales to plant trees to help with reforestation projects.

Also, it was really important to us to make our new Wash Cycle range vegan and full of incredible ingredients that you would usually find in {skin care}, because incredible, healthy hair starts with good {scalp health} and healthy hair always looks good.

{CB} Why did you choose to create three different shampoos? And when would you use each of the formulas?

We decided to create three different shampoos because we wanted to change how people choose their shampoos. If it's based solely on our hair type, the shampoo might be great to start with, then after a few weeks, it's too heavy, too stripping or leaves your hair looking lacklustre.

We created our shampoo range on the basis that your hair needs different things at different times of the week, month and year. Not just one shampoo all year round.

Sometimes we need our hair to look voluminous, shiny and on point, perhaps before a BNO (or a Zoom call) to give your hair a little grip for styling - this is when you'd use the {Social Life Shampoo}.

The {City Life Shampoo} is perfect for when we need to detox our hair from all of the product build-up that comes with a weekend of partying - all without stripping the hair of its natural oils.

And sometimes our hair needs a hump day pick-me-up when it’s looking a little dull and tired. This is when you'd use the {Good Life Shampoo} - it nourishes, hydrates and strengthens the hair, whilst providing UV protection and helps to prevent colour fading.

{CB} The ‘Skinification of Hair’ is well underway. Why do you think the beauty world has suddenly ‘woken up’ to hair care?

In the words of Fleabag: "Hair is everything." In the past few years, people have thought a lot more about what they're putting on their hair and hair care has really moved forward. In that way, we created products that can be layered and are versatile and pliable. I think we are all becoming more aware of our {hair health}, which is why we created our Wash Cycle range because good hair starts in the shower.

{CB} And when it comes to pearls of beauty wisdom, do you have an overarching tip to keep your hair in good nick?

The best hair tip I can give is understanding your own hair type and using products to enhance your own texture. Your hair will never look as good as when you embrace your natural hair, so use this time to try out styles that suit your texture.

{CB} How have you seen the hair industry change in the last five years? In which ways would you like the industry to change and evolve?

I think people are starting to embrace natural hair textures more which I absolutely love. I would like to see this grow and for more companies to create products that are suitable for all hair types.

{CB} You have an incredible career. Can you tell us about a moment that stands out to you?

There's a moment every time I walk into the salon and see all of my team getting to work and smiling back at me.

{CB} Speaking of your career, who have you been most excited to work with?

I have worked with lots of amazing people but Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid were definitely a highlight, as well as Jared Leto and Cara Delevingne!

{CB} Can you talk to us about your inspiration? How do you dream up the names of your products?

My incredible wife comes up with them. We definitely like to be innovative and have fun with the names of our products.

{CB} What are your all-time favourite skin care products?

I love the Votary {Super Seed Nutrient Cream} and the Aesop {Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm}.

{CB} Finally, what’s next for Larry King Hair Care?

Getting the salons open and bringing the buzz back to hairdressing. We can’t wait to reopen our doors.

Bethan Robinson
Writer and expert
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Bethan is a Senior Copywriter at Cult Beauty. When she’s not trying to perfect the ultimate ‘no make up’ make up look — she swears by Saie — or find new skin care to fall for, she’s likely playing video games, making the most of her housemate’s MUBI account or strolling around Victoria Park with a pastry in hand.