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Introducing OUAI Haircare’s all-new Daily Care line

Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert4 years ago
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Created by hairstylist extraordinaire, Jen Atkin and inspired by Parisian insouciance, {OUAI Haircare} marries accessibility and luxury; with fine fragrances and nourishing ingredients. So it's no surprise that the brand's relaunch of their Shampoo and Conditioner is just that. Designed for your hair's texture - pick from fine, medium or thick - this simple yet intelligent Daily Care line means you never have to pick between your ultimate concern when purchasing a shampoo and conditioner again. In the lead up to the relaunch we sat down with Jen Atkin to discuss three new formulas, how to pick the best one for your hair as well as the brand's move into even more sustainable packaging.

{Cult Beauty} Hi Jen! We’re so excited about the all-new Daily Care line, can you tell us about the three new formulas and what makes them stand out from other formulas on the market?

{Jen Atkin} I’m obsessed with the new range. Our old shampoos and conditioners were great, but there were so many and they were all problem-solution based. Which is great, but if you have multiple hair concerns, it could get confusing. The shampoo/conditioner market generally has become so crowded… and for me, giving customers too many choices can sometimes be overwhelming. I am a minimalist ultimately and I wanted to create a care line that was modern and simple – really stripping back the whole concept of shampoo and conditioner. It’s just about going back to basics really but taking it one step further in creating a customised experience, so each one comes in a fine, medium, or thick formula – specific to your hair type.

{CB} Interesting! Can you tell us where the idea for three different formulas came from and why it focuses on texture instead of concern?

{JA} My inspiration always comes from the DM’s, comments, and emails that the {OUAI Haircare} team and I directly receive from our community. One thing that we discovered while we were crowdsourcing was that every person has multiple hair concerns. It’s not just a case of one particular need. So, for example, you may colour your hair, but that doesn’t mean you don’t also want volumising, repairing, smoothing qualities too… The list goes on, right? These cover most of your hair needs as much as a shampoo/conditioner can, but tailored for your specific hair type and thickness.

{CB} So how does each formula differ? Can you talk us through each hair type and what ingredients they’re infused with to ensure each type stays healthy?

{JA} The Fine Hair range will fortify strength in the hair because of all the biotin (otherwise known as vitamin B7), keeping each follicle strong to prevent breakage. This duo also provides weightless body, so hair feels fuller and thicker – all down to chia seed oil.

Meanwhile, the Medium Hair range has just the right mix of cleansing and nourishing power. It has kumquat fruit extract, full of vitamin A, B and C, to leave hair shiny and also lots of coconut oil to seal split ends.

Finally, the Thick Hair range – this is for hair that can feel heavy. This is mostly aimed at intensely cleaning hair and eliminating frizz too. Shea butter delivers deep hydration and acts as a sealant to keep moisture locked in. Plus, lots of avocado oil!

{CB} How can people find out what type of hair they have (fine, medium or coarse)?

{JA} To make it really simple, I say… take one strand of hair between your fingers and if you can’t feel it then you have fine hair, if you can feel the hair slightly then it’s medium, and if you can play tug of war with the strand, then you have thick. But there are so many other factors – how your hair responds to heat styling, if it tangles easily, if your hair tends to get oily and limp super quickly, how long it takes to dry… It’s endless. To make it as easy as possible though, we have created a {quiz} for our customers.

{CB} Can you explain how ‘texture’ differs from ‘density’?

{JA} Well, density refers to how much hair you actually have, it doesn’t matter what size the strands are but matters more so how many single strands are on your head. Texture can sometimes refer to the width and actual shape of the hair follicle. But this word is used differently for so many people, it’s adapted in different ways for sure...

{CB} The packaging is so chic and understated, is it eco-friendly?

{JA} The bottles and caps can be completely recycled! The packaging for these are actually made from 20% PCR – basically recycled materials from existing bottles/other plastics.

{CB} We'll soon be able to buy refill pouches too, why was creating an eco-friendly pouch refill so important to you?

{JA} This is a really exciting step for OUAI Haircare as a clean brand. I basically took a trip to Japan and was really influenced by MUJI’s refillable pouches. It just felt like a no-brainer. You'll be able to buy three bottles worth in the pouch, and you can fill the original bottle that you buy. For us, this is a major step to becoming more eco-friendly. We wanted to consider, how can we go as green as possible with the new Daily Care packaging? But also, giving our loyal customers luxury products at the most affordable price point.

{CB} Can you tell us about the ingredients these formulas are free from?

{JA} With all things OUAI, our team works so hard to make luxury products that are also green. It’s so important for us to stay as much of a clean brand as possible and be free from all the disruptors. This line is sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, phthalate-free, SLS & SLES free, free of animal testing etc.

{CB} Finally, for those of us WFH... how often would you suggest washing your hair?

{JA} This will completely depend if you’re fine, medium or thick. My fine girls will need to wash more often naturally, but if you can stand it, try to spread it out as much as possible I always say. To help… our new {Super Dry Shampoo} is unlike any other hair products on the market. You can extend washes by three to four days. It’s dry shampoo on steroids. You need it in your purse, your gym bag, I literally take it everywhere.

Thanks Jen!


Emmie Thornhill
Writer and expert
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