Argh. You're on the Central Line at rush-hour and someone's pulled the 'passenger alarm' which means you'll probably be wedged against an armpit for the coming twenty minutes. It feels like 100 degrees and you're *this close* to losing your temper BUT, help can be found in the depths of your handbag... just ensure you're equipped with these cooling (and stress-soothing) saviours (breeeeathe). 

A godsend whenever the temperature's soaring, Milk Makeup's brilliant {Cooling Stick} feels like a loooong drink of water (that won't leak all over your laptop). In quick and convenient solid stick format, sweep this all over your face when you start feeling flustered.

A mist with a difference, Therapie's precious {Restore Aura Spray} is literally heaven SCENT when your sitch takes a nosedive. Developed to swiftly alleviate stresses, this magical cocktail of rosewater, frankincense, lemon oil, rose quartz and amethyst essence will whisk you from hell to your 'safe space' in seconds (take THAT tube).

And if you're feeling hot and bothered, reach for Glow Recipe's new {Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist}. Like sinking your teeth into one icy slice of the juiciest fruit, this featherlight mist keeps your skin feeling plumped-up and cool as an, erm... watermelon. Plus, it's pink!

When there isn't the space to start frantically fanning (because, rush hour), Caudalie's brilliant {Vinopure Blemish Control Mattifying Fluid} is an instantly cooling (and shine-busting!) fluid that feels like you're dousing yourself with a well-deserved, so-cold-it's-frosted bouteille of the finest Chablis. This minty-fresh gel-crème will rescue your hot, sweaty visage and, when face-application is tricky to contemplate, dab this discreetly on wrists to refresh without fuss (or contortion). 

If your legs are accessible (and you don't mind attracting some side-eye), Susanne Kauffman's {Leg & Vein Spray) is a dream when your stems have being doing some serious leg-work. With anti-inflammatory yarrow, capillary-strengthening horse chestnut extract and muscle-soothing sage (ideal when legs are restless), don't be surprised if your fellow commuters abandon their typical 'London reluctance' and start making friendly advances...

When it all gets too much and anxiety's rising, de Mamiel's {Soothe} is a 'centring' cocktail of sandalwood, ginger and mandarin peel in a 'base' blend of watermelon and passion flower seed oils, to maximise absorption and accelerate the benefits of this tranquility-inducing rollerball. "I keep it in my purse for when I feel anxious - it has a soothing pleasant smell that isn't overwhelming" writes one Cult Beauty customer. Perfect whenever the underground gets claustrophobic (ie: always).

And, when you've finally made it back home feeling fraught and fatigued, reach for Peter Thomas Roth's amazing, jelly-textured {Cucumber Gel Masque}. The ultimate accompaniment to hard-earned G&Ts, this mask can be kept in the fridge to relieve skin that's hot and decidedly bothered. For added de-stress benefits? Use a {facial roller} to dispel the post-train tension and create the perfect shift from day to downtime.