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She’s so Cult: Dr. Barbara Sturm

A world-renowned specialist in the field of skin ageing, {Dr. Barbara Sturm} is trusted with the world’s most famous faces (Kim Kardashian relies on her to keep things looking enviably ‘taut’ and youthful). An expert when it comes to discrete (non-surgical) ‘tweaks’ (she administers you’d-never-know it botox to high profile necks and foreheads), she’s arguably most famous for her ‘Vampire Facial’, in which the client’s blood is re-injected to ‘feed’ cells and boost their beauty (it works!).

With demand for her treatments showing no signs of waning, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s painstakingly formulated skin care line grants access to her (largely inaccessible) expertise. Distilled into a comprehensive range of high-performance treatments, these products boast cell-energising actives to coach ‘lazy’ skin to make a bit more effort. Like a personal trainer for your face, these potent potions stimulate the synthesis of telomerase – a cellular age-regulating enzyme which works hard to maintain skin’s resilience.

Having studied medicine and sports at university, Sturm realised she could utilise her in-depth understanding of orthopaedics – especially her knowledge of connective tissue such as cartilage – in a more superficial (but significant!) way. Identifying similarities between skin cells and cartilage cells, she set about developing a range of procedures and topical treatments which harnessed this wealth of medical wisdom.

As well as encouraging creation of telomerase, her sought-after products support the skin’s barrier function – fortifying the delicate lipid layer, crucial for deflecting everyday, DNA-damaging environmental stress. Nourishing and anti-inflammatory, her {Face Cream Women} is perfect for protecting and re-densifying tissue without suffocating skin – creating a featherweight ‘force field’ between face and the ageing elements.

And you’d be naïve to bypass the brilliant {Anti-Aging Primer} – a seemingly incongruous addition to an otherwise ‘serious’ skin care collection. Created in collaboration with celebrity make up artist Monika Blunder (her canvases include red carpet-royalty like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Amanda Seyfried and the ‘Mother of Dragons’ Emilia Clarke), this co-star is a absolute must-have. Making make up look great (and you skin look much better), this hybrid is the perfect pre-base step.

Brimming with plumping, line-softening hyaluronic acid alongside modified rice starch to minimise shine, this grants that grippy ‘slip’ without pore-clogging silicones. And, it can be ‘patted’ over base instead of powder to absorb the excess oil without the risk of looking chalky.

To say we’re obsessed is an understatement. Everything from the skin-transformative formulas to the chic, monochrome packaging is *goalz*. And what’s more, although the prices aren’t especially affordable (yikes!), they cost a lot less than a trip to Dr. Sturm’s Düsseldorf spa. A-list expertise is just a click away… just think, you’re basically a bona fide Kardashian.


Verity Douglas

Verity Douglas

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