The perfect way to ‘fix’ your face in place, {loose powder}'s loooong been used to help prevent make up migration and stop things from looking ‘cakey’ (prepare for an influx of bakery jokes). Hailing from the RuPaul school of artistry, this pro technique means packing powder over your {foundation} so your skin’s own heat can ‘bake’ your base and guarantee a flawless, crease-free finish.

Armed with a {fluffy brush} or dampened {Beautyblender}, apply a thick frosting of powder wherever your want to ensure seamless blending - under the eyes, on top of highlight/contour and anywhere that two products or textures overlap. The 'baking' helps the pigments meld together so there's zero trace of tidelines - just a photo-worthy, flashback-free and suede-effect {complexion}.

This is (undoubtedly) a high-maintenance look - you're certainly in Huda Kattan, Kim K-W make up territory - but don't let that sway your perception. Baking's a godsend for weddings or evenings where flashbulbs are poppin' (and dark circles aren't part of the dress code).

The type of powder you’ll require is loose, featherweight and so fine that there's no risk of product 'collecting' in creases. And - not surprisingly - we've got some of the finest, purest powders in the land to guarantee you'll be Star Baker in the Great Beauty Bake Off...

{Huda Beauty Easy Bake Setting Powder}

Light as a feather, Huda has turned her phenomenal talent to baking and whipped up a powder in eight tempting flavours from ‘Blondie’ to ‘Coffee Cake’. Fine dining for cosmetic connoisseurs, this ultra-fine powder's so smooth you will think it's been sieved - certain to thrill even hard-to-please critics! The silkiest veil in existence, ‘Easy Bake’ fixes your make up in place while bestowing a velvety (shine-free) skin finish!

{Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder}

When it comes to baking, you can't go far wrong with the (aptly-named) offering from {Beauty Bakerie}. This finely milled powder has been created specially for this game-changing 'art' and with four shades to choose from, we’d recommend the translucent or pink options for baking, while the yellow and brown incarnations are ideal for dusting all over the rest of your face for a flawlessly matte (and HD-ready) look.

{RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Powder}

If you’re packing product on your skin, it goes without saying that it needs to be the crème de la crème, so it won't clog pores or settle in fine lines, and powder for baking is no exception (your granny's talc just won't cut it). {RMS Beauty} are an organic mineral range that's so good for your skin, you can apply their products to your heart's content without irritation (something to note, all you sensitive skin types...). This finely-milled pure silica powder hasn’t been exposed to heat or chemicals so it will happily sit on your skin without suffocating it.

{Cover FX Matte Setting Powder}

Enriched with kaolin clay and oil-absorbing microspheres, this powder 'mops up' excess oil and diffuses the appearance of pores without ever looking chalky or ashy. Talc-free, the formula is non-drying and grrrrreat for baking - fixing all your handiwork (without disrupting all your artistry). In three versatile, sheer shades, it's also effortless to find a perfect match.

{BECCA Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder}

This ingenious powder is a match made in heaven for your delicate under-eye area. The light reflecting pigments bestow a gorgeous glow, banishing dark circles from whence they came, while the featherlight texture allows it to be dusted away easily without disturbing your 'baked' {concealer} underneath. While we love to use this for baking, it’s also great for blurring imperfections and 'refreshing' post-work make up - it's so light it feels like a mist! Quenching cells' thirst so you skin feels remarkably dewy.

And our last tip to ensure you can bake with the best of them? Invest in a hardworking eye cream to ensure the area remains hydrated - Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare's {Dew It All Eye Gel} delivers a hefty hit of moisture like nothing else. Et voilà - you're all set to don your chef's hat and start packing on that powder...