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How To: Achieve a Flawless, Top-to-Toe Faux Glow

Top Tips for Self-tanning

Summer is upon us (hallelujah!) – so praise be for Amanda and Yolanda, those sage (eternally bronzed) souls at {Vita Liberata} – who’ve compiled the following tips and tricks to make tanning less traumatic…

{Slough those scales} ‘It’s vitally important to remove dead cells and smooth the skin prior to tanning’ says Yolanda. ‘Exfoliation creates the perfect, even base for self-tan; ensuring flawless application and a long-lasting result.’ However, DON’T exfoliate immediately before tanning, warns Amanda – it’s best to do so the evening before (or to use {The Body Brush} if you’re in a mad rush) as the oils and emollients in some scrubs create a barrier between skin and the tan.

{Depilate} If you’re waxing, try to do it 24hrs pre-tan – this allows follicles time to recover and prevents self-tan settling in the holes (polka dots limbs are totally last season…). And if you’re a die-hard razor wielder either shave the evening before, or apply your tan and wait ’til it’s dry before slathering legs with conditioner (yes, as in, for your hair) and razor-ing to your heart’s content. ‘Tan needs skin to react with (fruit acids bind with it’s proteins to create the colour), so if you cut through it’s uppermost layer of cells, you’ll end up with zebra-esque legs.

{Banish that body butter} As with body scrubs, ‘moisturisers create a barrier to tan’ but luckily, every Vita Liberata product has a ‘moisture-lock’ system, that leaves skin feeling velvety soft, supple and nourished.

{Don a mitt} “Scrunch” product into the {The Classic Mitt} and apply in circular motions.

{The devil is in the detail} Amanda (who tans everyone who’s anyone) told us you should ‘always tan from the toes up – it minimises the risk of tan transferral as you struggle to access those hard to reach bits.’ Once you’re done, use a damp cloth to wipe any excess colour from knuckles, knees, ankles, elbows and the sides of your feet for a flawless, believable finish.


Being a certified fake-tan phobe and having access to the oracle of all things tanning, I took advantage of the opportunity to suck some specialist secrets…

‘Skin is your largest organ and so quickly reflects what’s going on behind it. If you’re especially stressed, hormonal or have indulged in one-too-many cocktails, the pH levels in your skin can fluctuate resulting in an uneven tan, or a lighter/darker end-colour than usual’ – so don’t try to tan when you’re drunk (done that) or hungover (been there).

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Self-tanner‘Because Vita Liberata products are completely free from toxins, fragrance and alcohol, they don’t ‘crack’ on the skin so you get an even fade. That said, astringent cleansers and frequent washing can strip your face and hands of tan more quickly, so use a designated face product – such as Vita Liberata’s gorgeous {Tristal Minerals} to lend an instant, sunkissed finish that ‘develops’ underneath – to top up your tan when you need it.’

‘{pHenomenal} is a one-size-fits all 2-3 week tan, that’s quick-drying and buildable to grant a ‘kiss of colour’ in a jiffy, or give a gorgeous, long-lasting ‘three weeks in the sun’ radiance.’

Vita Liberata Capture the Light LatteAnd finally, if you’re still a bit scared about taking the plunge, experiment with {Capture the Light} – a wash-off ‘BB’ cream for the body (with SPF). The opaque versions apply like make-up, masking imperfections and granting a gorgeous, velvety effect – ‘Latte’ and ‘Latte Light’ are tinted – while ‘Gold’ and ‘Light Rose’ are translucent to sculpt arms, elongate legs, highlight shoulders and collar bones, or add to your moisturiser for a subtle, all-over gleam.


Verity Ann Douglas

Verity Ann Douglas

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