Cult Beauty Father's Day Gift Guide

I find dads often lose out in the parent day stakes. If gifts were a reflection of love, then mums would be winning – my poor pa invariably smiles mock-delightedly at a box of Liquorice Allsorts and the latest, poorly penned, cricketing biography. Which is not because he doesn’t deserve better… it’s just that buying anything for a man who has everything is no mean feat. Here’s some Cult Beauty help:

Molecule 01 Travel Size with CaseWith sleek charcoal metal travel case and unisex, pheremonic fragrance, {Molecule 01 Travel Size in Case} will blow last year’s ‘Old Spice’ gift set out of the water – and send you straight to the top of the ‘best child’ leader-board. A truly unique scent that works with one’s individual pheromones to create a universally bespoke smell, just don’t let dad out unaccompanied whilst wearing it… he’ll need help (supervision) to ward off the swarm of adoring admirers


Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving SerumWith skin care wisdom to rival the wits of their ancient Greek namesake, every Aesop product marries the finest botanical ingredients with scientific innovation, to maintain skin’s harmony and prolong the life and wellbeing of cells. The silky {Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum} takes the drag out of everyday grooming, softening bristles for closer, non-irritating beard banishment, while the intoxicating blend of neroli and sandalwood soothes both complexion and senses. An everyday treat for discerning Daddies.


Foreo LUNA for MenIf your paternal unit is a gadget-phile (which he obviously is), Foreo's {LUNA for Men} is quite literally, a winner. It was named 'Tool of the Year' in 2014's 'Men's Health Grooming Awards' and is perfectly tailored to gentlemanly complexions - deep-cleaning and gently exfoliating, this helps to eliminate pore-clogging oils, soften stubble ahead of shaving and prevent ingrowing hairs. It also possesses anti-ageing capabilities - stimulating collagen-synthesis to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Your dad will be doing a 'Benjamin Button' in no time.

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Rubis Tweezer Leather Wallet SetRubis's {Manicure Tweezer Leather Wallet Set} is a must-have for maintaining manly mains. Tweezer-makers for Swiss watchmakers, Rubis create the most precise, exquisite tools and this classic black leather roll is sufficiently androgynous to earn a spot in any man-bag. Equipped with stainless steel scissors, tweezers and nail file to ensure your dad's digits look presentable.


Bed of Nails Acupressure PillowFor daddies who spend their days chained to their desks, the Bed Of Nails' {Acupressure Pillow} has over 2000 pointy plastic 'nails' to help relieve tension, soothe aching muscles and leave papas feeling less-stressed (and less crotchety). Ideal for dads who struggle sleeping or complain of knotty shoulders, this is a brilliantly quirky gift for your old man

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Noble Isle Whisky & Water Hand WashAnd for big kids who like getting their hands dirty - fixing bike chains, tinkering under car bonnets or digging in the garden - Noble Isle's {Whisky & Water Hand Wash} is brilliantly boyish. Capturing the smoky, peaty scent of Scotland's amber nectar, this will leave your pa's paws clean and conditioned, and your hard-working daddy good and ready for a wee dram...