Like many lotions and potions from the East, some of the ingredients in the bestselling South Korean skin care range Mizon, are not for the feint of heart. Their most popular products use snail mucus, egg white and starfish extract...errr.

Ingredients in Mizon Starfish Cream

The snail cream is made from the secretion snails leave behind them when they move, scooped up and purified into a powder, which is then used in {Mizon's} snail skincare products. Snail slime is packed with nutrients like hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, antimicrobial peptides, and proteoglycans (fillers that plump).Mizon Starfish cream

A scientific wonder of the oceans, rather like Marine Collagen, {Starfish} extracts have amazing regenerative properties. This stems from the fact that Starfish can, if they loose a limb, not only regenerate said limb, they can grow a new starfish from the one they lost. Although their bodies consist mainly of water, they’re rich in calcium and proteins (including collagen) which when harvested, have remarkable anti-ageing and reparative properties.

According to Mizon the Starfish extracts are bi-products from the culling of a huge overgrowth of the starfish population in the Pacific Ocean by conservation groups and the fishing association. The cull is happening because this overgrowth is rapidly destroying the ocean ecosystem. They are also donated to local farms/industries and apparently make Day-of-the-Triffids-style organic compost.