We asked our man in New York, A-list hair stylist James Corbett, to give us the inside track on achieving the gorgeous big bouncy hair seen on the Chloe catwalk. And here’s what he had to say... "Ok to achieve this look you must set the hair.  To achieve a set with a brush, you must think ‘hot/cold’.  Heat the hair up, roll with a round brush and hold it. Now let the hair cool for a quick bit before un-rolling the brush.james_corbett_1 Also when rolling the front section.  Keep your brush vertical and roll the hair back away from the face.  Hence the term ‘fly backs’! For some hair you may need to use a curling iron instead of a brush.  Then spray spray away!!!  Also for extra hold you can use a flexible hold hair spray like Philip B jet set or Paul Mitchell Soft spray -spray the section first, then wrap the hair.” James Corbett Studio, 32 Union Square East Suite 311, 212-388-1296,