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    Benefit24-HR Brow Setter Full Size<p>Benefit&#8217;s 24-HR Brow Setter is the ultimate way to regain control of unruly lashes and ensure that they don&#8217;t pull a disappearing act. Providing up to 24 hours of impressively strong, yet surprisingly flexible (and flake-free!) hold, this invisible-finish brow gel can be worn alone or used to set other brow products in place. The custom-moulded, dual-sided wand coats hairs from root to tip &#8211; use the longer bristles to coat lashes evenly and the short-bristled side to sculpt and shape hairs into place. Quick-drying yet super long-lasting, just a few sweeps and you&#8217;re ready to hit the town (or the office) for hours of arch perfection.</p>BEN073128806020040885295 stars, based on49 reviews 12.50Cult BeautyNew
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    Benefit 24-HR Brow Setter

    24-HR Brow Setter
    ( 3.5ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Offering up to 24 hours of strong, flexible hold, this invisible-finish shaping and setting gel tames unruly eyebrow hairs and locks in make up so that brows don’t pull a disappearing act. The custom-moulded, dual-sided wand coats hairs from root to tip with the flake-free formula, making application effortless and long-lasting.

    • Description

      Benefit’s 24-HR Brow Setter is the ultimate way to regain control of unruly lashes and ensure that they don’t pull a disappearing act. Providing up to 24 hours of impressively strong, yet surprisingly flexible (and flake-free!) hold, this invisible-finish brow gel can be worn alone or used to set other brow products in place. The custom-moulded, dual-sided wand coats hairs from root to tip – use the longer bristles to coat lashes evenly and the short-bristled side to sculpt and shape hairs into place. Quick-drying yet super long-lasting, just a few sweeps and you’re ready to hit the town (or the office) for hours of arch perfection.

    • How to use

      To evenly coat brow hairs from root-to-tip, apply using the side of the wand with long bristles. Use the side with short bristles to sculpt and shape hairs into place. Wear alone or to set other brow products. You’re ready, you’re set…hit the town with 24 hours of arch perfection.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water), Alcohol, Acrylates Copolymer, Amp-Acrylates Copolymer, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Peg-12 Dimethicone, Caprylyl Glycol, Panthenol, Butylene Glycol, Gossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) Extract. N° 10113/A

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    Benefit - 24-HR Brow Setter

    Benefit 24-HR Brow Setter Reviews

    Nothing moves it!
    It is super strong and sets brows in place.
    I can't tell you how much i love this
    I use this even on days I don't wear any makeup. even just a very light combing through your brows will make them stay in place for hours and it doesn't leave your eyebrows feeling crusty and hard like many other brow products do. I love the amount of control you get with this brush because you can control how much goes onto your brows and how laminated they look!
    Just your standard brow gel really, it does the job but makes your brows feel crispy - can get much better products that are better valued for money in my opinion.
    My favourite brow gel!
    I have tried tons of brow gels/setters and this one holds my brow hairs all day and they look very natural with the setter on. I always buy the mini version as I feel the full-size version tends to dry out.
    So good
    Lasts all day! The travel size lasted for a few moths. So good!
    Best Clear Brow Gel I've Used Yet
    I've tried the clear brow gel from NYX, Anastasia and the coloured one from Glossier. This is the best one I have used. I have my brows laminated but it holds them in place and really defines the hairs. It will leave you with a bit of a crunchy feeling but I like that as I know they are locked in place.
    The best
    The best clear brow gel ever, period. Don’t look any further, your brows won’t move all day for sure!
    Better than Glossier, still not entirely good
    This is a way stronger gel than Glossier's (which to my very thick and stubborn eyebrows does absolutely nothing). However, I have to use copious amounts of this, press it in numerous times, and set it with hair spray to stay in place. And even then, after a few hours some hairs start to droop. I use this to give my brows the lamination effect btw, not only for normal setting. It's good enough for travelling when i can't take my strong hair gel pot with me just to do my eyebrows though. Will try Patrick Ta's wax next.
    Stays and holds!
    Love it after only three days of testing. It really holds the brow and the brush is very nice - combs the hair well. So happy I chose bigger packaging.
    Best eyebrow gel
    I've repurchased this brow gel couple of times already. I've tried it all: hair spray, setting spray, soap, glue stick and nothing is as long lasting as this brow gel. My brows will stay put in the same shape for a full day/night. Love it.
    Definitely worth the buy!
    I bought the mini one first to see if I would like it and I did, it’s amazing! I used to use soap however I noticed it would give me that white stuff above my eyebrows so I decided to give this a go and it is so much better and easy!
    Love this
    I'm impressed, stays on all day. Doesn't flake and sets brows in nice shape. Happy happy happy :)
    A little touch goes a long way!
    This product is a must-have if you want your brow product to stay put but just make sure that you use sparingly or you will have a crusty rim around your eyebrow! But other than that it really does make your eyebrow product stay all day and keeps your brow hairs in the perfect shape/position all day too!
    Love this product❤️
    love love love
    I got the mini version of this product just to try it and I know I will be definitely be getting the full-size one when it runs out. It keeps my eyebrows in the place I want them for the whole day, even when I forcefully raised my brows they didn't budge. if you don't like the feeling of having stiff brows then this might not be for you. I personally like it as I know they won't be shifting during the day. doesn't make them look waxy either.
    It’s one of my makeup essentials!
    Holds your brows really well without looking waxy. Had the mini and lasted about a year using every day
    Like it!
    I tried soo many eyebrow gels, but this is the only product that doesn‘t get too much product on the applicator so my eyebrows didn‘t look too hard and I feel really comfortable
    Great product for thick brows!
    I have really thick brows and tried a few products, this is the only eyebrow gel that holds them in place all day! Really great!
    Must have
    I used to put hairspray on a brow-brush and thought "why spend money on brow gel when hairspray works just fine?". Then I tried this. And somehow it's just way better. It keeps my eyebrows in place all day. It seems like such a simple product, but it's probably my favourite item in my makeup bag. And I rarely feel like any makeup is worth 5 stars, but this I just love.
    I have used a few eyebrow gels setters either both ends of pricing, this is by far the best I only need a little bit to set your brows. Will definitely recommend to friends and repurchase.
    An absolute MUST HAVE!
    Application is super easy and actually fun. It lifts your brows and holds them perfectly. I am a fan.
    THE best!
    Forget ABH or MAC brow gels and setters. This is the one and only brow setter you will ever need! Once you have set your brows, they will stay in place all day and all night!
    my only one
    Since I tried this one, none other seems good in comparison. This one is VERY strong and fixates brows in one place like nothing else. I tried Anastasia BH and a few other brands since then - while okay, they are just too "soft" and fix brows for up to a couple of hours for me. While this one does the job for a whole 8-hours work day. I have a combination skin and skin oil doesn't let fixating gels stay for too long, but it's not a problem for this specific one. (Oh, I also have a second bottle to fixate mascara. Give it a try ladies, no black under eye for me during the day after I coat the lashes first with Roller Lash mascara, and add one layer of Brow Setter. Works magic)
    Love this.
    Best set I’ve tried, I saw it recommend by Jamie Genevieve and love it. It holds all day and doesn’t look wet, makes them look spot on.
    The best clear gel
    This has fantastic hold and no residue. I love the wand. I can do a uniformed look or a fluffy look with this. I have some unruly hairs that I've grown back recently and this tames them, when they normally stick right out horizontally. Any hairs that won't stick down, I just get a tiny bit of the product on the flat part of the wand and stamp it down onto them - that works perfectly.
    Does what it says
    My eyebrows are dark and long and will go wherever they feel like going if I don't set them in place. I had been using just clear mascara for years before trying products like this, and I have to say, this is miles better. It's got the weirdest comby-type applicator that disperses its fantastic brow-freezing formula, and manages to keep my mega-brows in place until I'm ready to remove my makeup in the evening (and even then, they're still magically frozen in place!)
    Best brow gel!
    Love this! This is my second re-purchase of this brow gel and is definitely the best I've tried! It holds my brows all day and I find is a great alternative to the 'soap brow' combed up look. Is very secure and your brow hairs will not move until you remove it! Saying that it is also easy to remove with micellar water or cleanser! 5*
    This is the best eyebrow setter and it holds all day, i use it first before i add any brow products so i can get the setter all through my brows, this is my go to brow settter now
    Holds, holds, holds!
    Having gone through my teenage years in the 90s, tweezers were my go-to eyebrow product so the current trend for fuller eyebrows has proved challenging when those eyebrows just don't want to grow back. What has come back needs a bit of fluffing in order to make my brows appear fuller but said fluffing never lasts for long - that was until I came across this. It's a fantastic clear brow gel with amazing staying power. I've gone from a twenty-minute hold with one other eyebrow gel to an all-day, without any droop, hold with this product. I honestly cannot recommend it enough. It's like hairspray for the brows but without the telltale hairspray look. I have a tendency to rub my eyes too what with being a victim of dry itchy skin and eczema - despite that the eyebrows still did not droop. I won't use anything else now.
    Not great
    It's okay, didn't do much for me, Just a nice transparent gel, Same as other cheaper products.
    Never using anything else.
    Wow everyone needs to try this. I used to hate doing my brows because it would take so long and brow gels can be really difficult to work with. This is the most simple and straightforward brow gel I have tried. Love that it's clear so you don't get super dark brows when combined with a brow powder/pencil. The wand is also the most amazing shape. Highly recommend, I don't want to use anything else.
    I love this product. It is exactly what i needed to complete my everyday make up look. It holds my brows perfectly in place and is great when I am changing in and out of uniform and don't have to wonder what the state of my brows are. Definitely apply pencil before applying this gel! Will def be buying again.
    Simply the best brow gel!
    I love this stuff and it’s the only brow product I go back to over and over again! No matter wether I’m using a pencil, powder or pomade this gel on top is the finishing touch. It’s so strong hold and spikes the hairs up so well. If you have unruly brow hairs it’s a must. Even my boyfriend likes to use it from time to time!
    Does what it says!
    This is a great little eyebrow gel, it does exactly what it's supposed to and keeps brow hairs in place all day. I like that there is this mini version to try out first - which is also a great size for my on-the-go makeup bag/handbag.
    Love this!
    One of my favourite brow products - keeps my brows looking neat and well-groomed, either with or without other brow products. Applicator is really well designed and easy to use, and the formula doesn't rub off other products or mess up your brow handy-work (thank god!) I use the travel size and even the smaller size lasts a long time as you don't need to use much of this product.
    Good at keeping my brows in place, but it leaves a film around the skin at the top of my eyebrow that looks like glue and is hard to get off
    Best brow gel!
    This brow gel is honestly the best in the business! I have tried so many over the years and this is the only one that holds all day. I can't use soap brows as it dries out the skin round my brows but you get the same effect with this and I think it’s better anyway! Would 100% recommend! The applicator is perfect as well
    Amazing Application Wand
    I love the application wand on this, its not a regular bristle wand. it is almost a silicone kind of material wand with two different bristle lengths. one side is the regular length and the other side is a very short length. This is what makes it so great, as you can use the short end to lay and drag brows on the skin to create a laminated look which is perfect for my implanted eyebrows that need a strong gel that sticks my brows in place! I usually use Kryolan forming brow gel but as it has a regular bristle brush I have to then use a second tool to drag the brows into a position especially when I want to achieve a fluffy brushed up / laminated look! So this does this without a 2nd tool which is fab!
    Keeps brows in place all day, the only gel that has ever done this for my brows.
    The only eyebrow gel that *really* holds your unruly eyebrows in place all day. Easy application, it doesn't make your brows clumpy or waxy. Dries very fast. My brows look great and they stay in place long after application. I find that if you want to fill your brows in with a pencil, it's best to do so after having used this product, to avoid the colour smudging around.
    One of the best beauty sites
    I enjoy shopping on cult beauty. Has the most thing's I need.
    Game changer!
    I can't recommend it enough. It keeps my brows on the place whole day. It doesn't fall away and it doesn't lumpy during the day. Love it!
    Great great great product!!!
    Finally, finally something that REALLY holds my eyebrows in place! Love it. Will definitely repurchase.
    Главное не перестараться ***The main thing is not to overdo it
    Люблю этот гель, фиксирует на весь день, единственное нужно аккуратно наносить, чтоб не получилось много продукта на бровях. Даже нравится запах ***I love this gel, it stays for the whole day. The only thing you need to do is carefully apply so as not to get a lot of product on the eyebrows. Even like the smell.
    Don’t know what I did without it
    Can’t go without this now. I absolutely love it, it keeps my eyebrow hairs in place all day and makes them look 200% better.
    Keeps brow hair's in place all day long and doesn't feel sticky or horrible.
    loved it
    It holds the brows for the longest time.Its clear so without any mess you can apply it on brows.
    Hairspray but for brows
    BEST BROW GEL. It keeps your brows in place all day and they don't budge! Would 100% recommend.
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