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    BeautyblenderBounce 1.00<p>Adam and Eve, Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Kim and Kanye&#8230; sometimes even the greatest icons need to meet their match &#8211; and make up icons are no exception. A definitive cult classic and undisputed make up must-have, Beautyblender has found its perfect partner in Bounce foundation. </p><p>The power pairing the beauty world&#8217;s been waiting for, this innovatively designed foundation features an ingenious blender-shaped well on its front; you squeeze the foundation out directly into the well, providing the perfect spot to dip your blender into and combine liquid bronzer, primer or highlighter with your foundation. It&#8217;s what&#8217;s inside the innovative bottle that really counts, of course, and the light-as-air, whipped, mousse-like texture of this foundation makes it a pleasure to use (two pumps is all you need for medium coverage and three for full). The formula dries down to a &#8216;velveteen&#8217; (non-drying) semi-matte finish that blurs imperfections without masking skin&#8217;s natural radiance and it comes in 40 versatile shades. It&#8217;s plush, lush and neither too watery nor too creamy, leaving you with the result of a medium-to-full coverage formula with the feeling of a far lighter one. It&#8217;s not only Beautyblender that&#8217;s met its lifelong lover &#8211; we&#8217;re head over heels&#8230;</p>BBL103_1.00162888159850225475 stars, based on46 reviews 32.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Beautyblender Bounce

    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      The most iconic tool in make up history has (finally!) met its match… Blenders, prepare to meet Bounce, a foundation that’s just as innovative as you’d expect from the brains behind Beautyblender. Creator Rea Ann Silva said, ‘We needed to find Beautyblender a partner, it needs a friend’ – and this light-as-air, 24-hour wearing formula is the best friend a blender (and you!) could hope for. The whipped, mousse-like formula dried down to a ‘velveteen’ semi-matte finish that preserves your skin’s natural radiance and, best of all, the innovative bottle features a Beautyblender-shaped well on its front (so no more applying foundation from the back of your hand!).

    • Description

      Adam and Eve, Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Kim and Kanye… sometimes even the greatest icons need to meet their match – and make up icons are no exception. A definitive cult classic and undisputed make up must-have, Beautyblender has found its perfect partner in Bounce foundation.

      The power pairing the beauty world’s been waiting for, this innovatively designed foundation features an ingenious blender-shaped well on its front; you squeeze the foundation out directly into the well, providing the perfect spot to dip your blender into and combine liquid bronzer, primer or highlighter with your foundation. It’s what’s inside the innovative bottle that really counts, of course, and the light-as-air, whipped, mousse-like texture of this foundation makes it a pleasure to use (two pumps is all you need for medium coverage and three for full). The formula dries down to a ‘velveteen’ (non-drying) semi-matte finish that blurs imperfections without masking skin’s natural radiance and it comes in 40 versatile shades. It’s plush, lush and neither too watery nor too creamy, leaving you with the result of a medium-to-full coverage formula with the feeling of a far lighter one. It’s not only Beautyblender that’s met its lifelong lover – we’re head over heels…

    • How to use

      Unlock the pump, squeeze the foundation out directly into the well, then dip your Beautyblender into it (no more applying foundation from the back of your hand!) Add liquid bronzer, highlighter or primer as desired.

      Two pumps for medium coverage, three for full.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water/Aqua/Eau Cyclopentasiloxane Caprylyl Methicone Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate Talc Sodium Chloride Sodium Hyaluronate Glycerin Betula Alba Leaf Extract Methicone Propylene Carbonate Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer Disteardimonium Hectorite Disodium EDTA Sodium Dehydroacetate Phenoxyethanol Potassium Sorbate Glucuronic Acid Pentaerythrityl Tetra-di-t-butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate May Contain:/+/-:/Peut Contenir: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891) Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499) Ultramarines (CI 77007) 

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    Beautyblender - Bounce

    Beautyblender Bounce Reviews

    Beauty blender foundation
    Amazing !!!! this foundation is absolutely gorgeous. Nice smooth coverage. l get compliments on my makeup, just love it!! The consistency is a good medium between thick and thin. It is just thin enough to be able to blend out well but, not too thick it feels like my skin can't breathe. It doesn't adhere to the dry patches. Amazing
    My favourite foundation
    I love this foundation, it is definitely my favourite at the moment. I have bad redness and visible veins on my face that completely disappears when I’m wearing this. Good feel on the face too as it’s not sticky to touch
    Amazing beautiful foundation
    One of the best face foundations looks beautiful all day long when I use this face foundation I have only compliments, my one, and only favourite
    I was looking for a new foundation but because of lockdown it’s not possible to actually sample anything. After lots of review searching online I decided to try this one. I am 42 & have fair combination skin & was after a product that would last a working day, medium coverage & feel comfortable & look natural, my skin but better. I took the shade finder selfie & was recommended shade 1.20. The product arrived & I was excited! Cute/novel bottle & the formula looks nice like very lightly whipped cream maybe? I bounced it on with a dampened beauty blender as recommended. It is incredibly sheer - barely any coverage & super light in colour. Not just too light for me but a really unnatural plasticy colour. I’ve never seen anyone with that colour skin before? A second layer makes it a little better but I can still see all of the redness peeling through around my nose & cheeks so very minimal coverage. 3 layers....I don’t have time for 3 layers plus it starts to look cakey but still no real coverage if that makes any sense. For reference redness is not a huge problem with my skin & in most foundations I usually need the 2nd or 3rd fairest colour - fair with neutral verging in cool tones. I really had high hopes for this product, lovely texture & cute bottle.....rubbish colour match & really sheer coverage that definitely does not last a whole day! I would not repurchase.
    My favourite
    One of my Top 5 foundations, buildable coverage. Not cakey or blotchy, it's seamless and dewy which is what I need since I have dry skin. This foundation looks like skin, and has coverage. will be repurchasing
    Really great!
    I absolutely love this foundation. It offers a really great coverage, lasts all day and also looks super natural. I will definitely re-purchase this!
    Not a fan
    I was excited to try this foundation as I had heard good things about it but I have to say I do not love this product. I love the packaging and the fact that you pump the product into the bottle and use it from there so there is a lot less mess than using the back of my hand but the foundation itself I am not a fan of. I have quite oily skin so thought this foundation would be good as I had heard it is a good mattifying foundation but for some reason it just doesn't look nice on the skin, it looks patchy and makes my skin look overly dry and dull and looks as if it is clinging to patches of dry flaky skin where there are none. I have tried this with several different primers and get the same result everytime. For the price point, I feel there are much better products on the market and the best thing about this product is the packaging.
    Pleasantly surprised by this. Received a sample foundation card and it just so happened to have my perfect shade. Went on like a dream using only a Zoeva brush, full coverage and made me look pore-less after using a primer, of course. As an oily skinned girl consistently battling the shine and enlarged pores this is a true feat. I did expect it to slide of my face after a couple of hours (which normally happens, even with my usual primer... of course). As a practising civil engineer, my make-up gets the full 12-hour wear test in all sorts of conditions, wet, dry, hot, humid, dusty building sites and general pollution, you name it, I go through it. But this stayed put all day - only had to blot the once, highly unusual, not that I am complaining. Still doesn’t convince me to buy it though until I’ve tried at least one more day, but so far this is by far the best performing foundation I’ve used in a while. It does oxidise a little, not much, but I expect this doing the job that I do.
    A real winner for me with regards to colour matching from the computer! Goes on like a dream and looks lovely. Only downside for me is it takes a lot to achieve the cover I like and doesn’t last all day. Therefore it’s only 4 stars for me.
    Not living up to expectations....
    *Please note this review is based on first impressions trying the foundation on.* The product claims: full coverage, velveteen finish, moisture boosting... After trying this on, I’ve seen that my freckles still show through A LOT and my blemishes are still very visible (I bought this as my prom foundation so am very disappointed). This finish looks rather matte and went very dry around my nose. Also, I’ve heard about the bad shade range but looking above I thought it seems moderately fine... But bare in mind the SHADES ARE NOT AS ADVERTISED. I have shade 3.2 (bought it so t matches my fake tan shade) but it is literally the same colour as Maybelline 10. In the Maybelline foundation, there are 2 lighter shades whereas in this one there are 18.... so colours are all very pale even though advertised as dark. First impressions = disappointed. Hopefully I will like it more when I wear it for a full day.
    Great foundation!
    This was bought on a whim and with the improved shade range I thought I’d definitely give it try... this is a really good foundation, it’s matte but not overly matte, Nothing blotting and powder couldn’t fix solid 3-4 hours before oily t zone starts to break through but again more dewy not oily, it’s lightweight, blends very well, colour is perfect, when set looks flawless, definitely photo friendly, long lasting with the right primer and prepped skin, medium buildable in coverage .... why it loses a star is because of the packing this thing squirted a pump across my room unto my bedsheets and curtains extremely annoyed and because of how the packaging was designed you cannot help but hold it at an angle, but it’s still worth a try just be careful when using the dispenser.
    Yes FINALLY!
    This foundation is the best for full coverage but not cakey or dry!
    Yes, but...
    I was expecting a little bombshell, uh..no.. Yes it is covering and if you put little it's not cakey, but overall it's nothing spectacular, I'm a little disappointed ..
    Great foundation
    Good coverage and good colour, long wearing
    Great foundation
    This foundation is great! Full coverage it doesn’t oxidised and it’s long lasting. The only down side is the bottle as I have to clean it after every use otherwise looks very dirty. Definitely will repurchase!!!
    Love it!
    I really love this foundation and now that I’ve found the perfect primer and powder I love it even more as it lasts all day! However I really hate the packaging! At first I thought it was fine but as I’ve been using it for a while and I’ve found it’s really difficult trying to keep the nozzle clean, it gets clogged up with foundation and it either doesn’t come out at all or it comes out in little spurts and gets all over my clothes and carpet!
    I absolutely LOVE this foundation. I managed to successfully pick my colour online (use shades in different brands to help navigate picking the best shade). It's light-medium coverage which can be built up, and feels light on the skin. I personally don't like full coverage and this product is perfect for a more natural look that lasts all day. The container itself doesn't clean as easily as it looks, so I wipe it down after every use to keep it tidy.
    I was worried to try this as I do have oily skin but get a lot of dry patches where I’ve had breakouts, however it is lovely! It’s full coverage I would say however I did need 2 layers. It was VERY smoothing especially after powdering and looked really matte and smooth for about 5 hours then it started getting shiny in my t zone which I didn’t expect. It would be 5 stars if it didn’t get so shiny But it’s still a great foundation.
    Amazing foundation
    I bought this after seeing mixed reviews - I have oily skin and most foundations don’t last all day. This one is medium to full and can build up the coverage and doesn’t oxidize. It looks lovely on my skin all day not patchy it’s my new favourite I’m so impressed! Not too sure about the colour guide as I have light skin and usually go for neutral so went for 2.20 which was perfect even though it says medium olive.
    I was so looking forward to getting this and when it was delivered I couldn't wait to put it on. I'm not a make up artist but have tried loads of foundations and thought I would give this a try. I was so disappointed and I don't really like it, although I'm still trying to work with it so this might change. I have tried loads of things to get this to sit on my face well. Primer, no primer, moisturized my face and not moisturized it, added different oils/creams to it, wet my beauty blender etc. And it still doesn't really sit nice. I have to put a lot on to get a full coverage look, maybe 3+ squirts and I don't really have that bad skin. I think it sits ok around my cheeks but elsewhere it just sits really bad. I tried putting a bit less on and it still didn't look that great. I thought I would get a flawless look and I wasn't getting that. Also heard it's meant to last 24 hrs on the face. After just after a day at university I looked in the mirror and could see it was starting to slide off and it started to look a bit patchy. I really wanted to like this and I'm still trying to give it a chance . I love the design of the bottle as well and thought it would be a great foundation, it just hasn't worked well on my face.
    Quite Good
    I've been using the foundation for the last week and I'm really enjoying it! It has a medium, buildable coverage, a demi-matte finish and is pretty long-wearing as well. The only issue I have with this foundation are the shades. I think Beautyblender have missed out quite a few, especially in the medium-dark to a dark range, and I find that sometimes the closest shade to you can either lean very cool (pink) or quite warm (yellow/orange) so it can be a bit difficult to find a perfect match. I wear 3.75 with a touch of 4.1 to make it a little less yellow and a tinge darker. (I also add a balancing oil to sheer it out slightly and provide moisturisation throughout the day) for reference, I'm an NC40-42 in MAC, HUDA Beauty 400 Macchiatto-410 Brown Sugar.
    Lightweight yet flawless
    I tried this rather reluctantly as I have developed a random fear of foundation in recent months, believing that nothing actually looks good on my skin. That being said, I am so glad I tried Bounce - it blurs my skin without feeling heavy or looking cake-y, and I receive compliments every time I wear it! I'm not very good with anything that I can feel sitting on my skin, so this is great for me. 10/10 would recommend. For reference, I use shade 1.40 (will probably go down to 1.10 in the winter) and I am normally the lightest neutral shade in most foundations.
    Great surprise
    So I'm not a foundation person. I have never found a foundation that feels lightweight and have always gone for BB creams. I really wanted to give the Bounce foundation a go because of how much I love the beauty blender. Was not disappointed! It has a great texture and is super buildable. A tend to sheer it out with a bit of facial oil to give more of a natural finish or sheer. Covers any blemishes really easily with out it feeling cakey of heavy on the skin. I found that there were only 2 issues with this foundation: The product comes out onto the packaging which I find a bit weird. And there are So many shades and undertones that it makes it a bit tricky to find the perfect match.
    I'm in love
    I'd been waiting to try this foundation to see if it really lived up to the hype and I have to say, I'm in love. This foundation is long lasting, buildable and makes my face look flawless all day. It doesn't feel cakey and I've had so many compliments its now become my everyday essential. I don't use the built in palette however, I pump directly onto my beautyblender, as I found it would leave remnants around the nozzle.
    Not bad
    Was soooo excited by this foundation but I’m quite disappointed. Was expecting something great but I got ok! I have normal skin, slightly oily t-zone in summer but this makeup just seems really greasy and after 2 hours I look oily and yuck! Goes on really nicely and good colours but I won’t be buying this again as it seems to encourage greasy skin in a way I've not had before. I’d sample before you buy!!!
    נהדר - Magnificent.
    מעולה - Excellent.
    One of my favourite foundation for sure. Flawless finish, great coverage and last but not least it lasts all day.
    Beautiful foundation.
    Very happy with this foundation. Gives a nice coverage, wears very well. I can create a light, medium or full coverage look depending on what I want.
    I love it!
    I really love this my foundation, it has quickly become one of my favorite 5 foundations. It has such a natural finish but still flawless and beautiful. It feels like nothing on the face and very comfortable for the everyday.
    I'm really impressed by this foundation. It makes my complexion look flawless and looks better the longer I wear it. So I will be buying this again!
    Colour was too light for me even though the comparison foundations they suggest should have meant otherwise. Makes your skin look rough and dry, highlights pores, didn’t stay in place. Disappointed.
    I wear shade 4.40 - it is so true to my complexion, makes me look flawless and feel beautiful. It is long wearing and lasts me the whole night. I also love the way it can be applied by smartly pumping the product into the foundation case, and then using your beauty blender for the best application. My new favourite foundation!
    Best foundation I've ever used
    I bought this foundation based on Jeffree Star's YouTube review. Wore it to a Disturbed gig, sweated, danced, got home and it had barely moved! Never used a foundation like it. Excellent and a little goes a long way.
    Not only is the shade range absolutely atrocious, the foundation itself is complete and utter garbage. This foundation leaves my skin feeling heavy and looking cakey. It also blocked my pores and made my skin SO, SO DRY. My skin has NEVER reacted to a foundation like this. Overall I'm very disappointed with Beautyblender. If you are going to come out with a product, make sure anyone with any skin tone can use it.
    Shade range is absolutely disgusting
    Don't buy.
    Beauty blender foundation
    Love this foundation! Super smooth finish and flawless look. No waste and so easy to apply. My favourite foundation so far.
    It's okay
    Looks super nice when you first apply it but within a couple of hours it begins to crack and really sit on top of your skin, it really highlighted my pores around my nose and cheeks. I've tried it with different primers but nothing seems to make it sit better on my skin.
    Absolutely stunning foundation, lightweight & mid to full coverage but easily buildable for a flawless full glam look.The foundation works well with cream products and is stunning to mix with a facial oil for a no makeup look <3 Doesn’t separate after a few hours and lasts a very long time on the skin.I work in a restaurant and I’m always sweating but with this foundation I’ve had no issues with it melting off like with other foundations. Really happy with it and would 100% buy again as well as recommending it to others xxx
    I really love this foundation and feel as if it doesn't get enough hype. The packaging design is genius as your Beauty Blender picks up product from the indented plate which is easy to clean. It makes my skin look like skin which is what I look for in a foundation - I don't want to look like a doll. I use 1.10 but I can make 1.20 or 1.50 work if I use some lightening drops but I'm really happy they've added even more shades.
    Underrated Overperformer
    I’m 48, oily t zone, normal everywhere else, texture (pores mainly) lines and wrinkles under eyes. Lots of redness too! (Killing it in the skin dept NOT!) I’ve wanted to try this since launch but picking a shade really daunted me. A lot of the swatches look very pink or very yellow. I researched online and decided on 1.40 ( my shades in other foundations are ELDW desert beige, YSL all hours B20, even better foundation alabaster, Dior 010) the shade is perfect! It doesn’t oxidise and stays true. I’ve applied with both Beauty Blender and brush and it applies well with both but better with BB. It dries down to a flattering demi matte, so still has a little illumination. By midday I had minimum shine on my t zone. I like that it doesn’t enhance the texture and as it warms up and mixes with your skins natural oils it looks less like you are wearing a good coverage product. By tea time I have to re powder t zone but I’m ok with that. Really recommend this if you crack the shade you won’t be disappointed!
    Amazing foundation.
    I absolutely love this foundation. It’s amazing. It blends so well and I found a really good colour match. It lasts all day. It’s full coverage but not drying and has a natural finish not too Matte but not too dewy. I highly recommend.
    I'm really disappointed for me was a waist of money. It looks beautiful first 10 min after applying then it's starting to crack my pores looks like volcano craters...nightmare . If you got oily skin avoid.
    I love the actual product itself. I mix it with a cream, however, the packaging really lets it down. The idea is great because you have somewhere to mix but all the foundation gets stuck in the pump section which makes it look really unclean! But if you don’t mind that then it's a great product!
    Wish I could give it a 0
    I had such high hopes for this because the beauty blender is revolutionary and this live is created by a well known, talented MUA. I bought it immeaditly. The finish when you put it on is beautiful but as it dries down it looks SO CAKEY. I don’t need coverage because I have flawless skin thanks to intense skincare regimes so I barely use any and it looks so cakey and visible on the skin.. it sits in lines badly and it just doesn’t look good. It looks like you’ve worn it all day and sweat or something. I have normal skin. I tried both with the beauty blender and a brush.. brushes don’t like this one. My beauty blender just couldn’t melt it into the skin. It’s thick like a paste and sits on the skin all day long. It looks horrible and is going back tomorrow first thing. I am shocked by how bad it is and it’s a shame because the match was great for me. For reference I’m the lightest shade here 1.10 and I’m alabaster in hourglass, R230 or 220 in mufe, or 15 in matte velvet, the fairest pink toned shade in every launch. This matched true to tone but it just sadly looks horrible as soon as it dries down. I tried using more, using less. Powdering. Not powdering.. nothing helps. Setting spray, fix plus, tatcha Dewey skin, nothing helps. It just looks bad as soon as it dries down like the formula isn’t meant to do it and they forced it to. It would look amazing if they hadn’t tried to make it have a matte finish. I tried this on oily skin on my sister and it was even worse and separated instantly. I don’t think anyone can fix or use this. I looked 40. I am a professional, schooled and trained MUA, worked at Sephora for 6 years and know makeup. I don’t understand why they choose to put this finish out. I can’t think of any skin it’ll suit. Sad pass. Looks very heavy and cakey no matter what you do. Look 40 when you are 20. Separates on all skin and enlarged pores.
    So impressed
    I'm a foundation hoarder so it takes a lot for a foundation to impress me, however this time I was blown away ! The texture gives a really flawless finish, yet it still looks like skin. I have acne prone skin and it didn't break me out (even after a good 12 hours wear), so I've been using it ever since I first tried it ! The good thing as well is that you don't really need a primer to extend the wear of it as it is designed to last on the skin, but that doesn't take away the fact that it looks good on top of a lot of different types of primers. And ... the built in palette is so handy as I like to mix oils and highlights with foundation.
    I adore this foundation it looks and feels beautiful on my skin, I’ve always had trouble finding the perfect match and I was really nervous about buying as the shade range is rather questionable but it matches perfectly. Will definitely be repurchasing.
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