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    BeautyblenderBeautyblender<p>The original Beautyblender, this has become a beauty phenomenon &#8211; with its elliptical shape and super-strong sponge material allowing for flawless application of foundation, primer and BB/CC creams, it's a definite make up bag must-have. This gorgeous fuchsia incarnation will add an instant splash of colour to your cosmetic collection, applying and blending all kinds of make up products perfectly. Completely edgeless, it blends beautifully across large areas, as well as reach the smaller contours of your face. Just make sure you wet it first so that the material expands and won&#8217;t absorb your product &#8211; meaning it will end up on your face, not on the sponge. It's latex-free, non-irritating, non-allergenic, odourless, long-lasting and easily washable.</p>BBL0011228159850233465 stars, based on109 reviews 17.00Cult BeautyNew
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    • Why it's Cult

      A make up must-have that you'll find in every self-respecting beauty buff's kit, this now iconic sponge has become a Cult classic. With its elliptical shape, it fits perfectly into the contours of your face, creating an airbrushed finish. It can be used all over the face with all types of make up. It's reusable and openly endorsed by Hollywood heavies, like Oprah, Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Diana Ross, Fergie, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Katherine Heigl and many more.

    • Description

      The original Beautyblender, this has become a beauty phenomenon – with its elliptical shape and super-strong sponge material allowing for flawless application of foundation, primer and BB/CC creams, it's a definite make up bag must-have. This gorgeous fuchsia incarnation will add an instant splash of colour to your cosmetic collection, applying and blending all kinds of make up products perfectly. Completely edgeless, it blends beautifully across large areas, as well as reach the smaller contours of your face. Just make sure you wet it first so that the material expands and won’t absorb your product – meaning it will end up on your face, not on the sponge. It's latex-free, non-irritating, non-allergenic, odourless, long-lasting and easily washable.

    • How to use

      Beautyblender is easy to use: simply wet, squeeze and bounce your way to make up perfection!

      Wet Beautyblender with water

      Squeeze out the excess liquid, using a towel if available

      Bounce foundation, powder or any other complexion product across the face for flawless results

      Cleanse after each use to help maintain the integrity of the blender's exclusive material

      Replace and never miss a bounce! It's recommended that you replace your Beautyblender every 3 months.

    • Full ingredients list

      Latex-free Hydrophilic Polyurethane

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    Beautyblender - Beautyblender

    Beautyblender Beautyblender Reviews

    Not the best
    This sponge is not worth it!! It’s not good for my oily prone skin and it makes my pores look larger and once I started applying foundation it starts to crumble and leaves marks on my face. The first time I bought it it was really good but this time it’s really disappointing!!
    Lovely product. Great used damp. Disseminates foundation nicely. Just still think is just slightly overpriced for what it is.
    In my collection I have Japanese hand-made brushes, so it was never about the money. I couldn’t justify such an expensive sponge. Well, I bought them here in sets (one of them Electric Feels). Altogether 5 Beauty Blenders in the 2 sets. Well... I have sponges from Amazon 6 pcs. for €12 which are equally as soft and do the same. So... maybe this is why it took me years to try these. And I was right not to go for it earlier.
    Game Changer
    I'm so glad I invested in a Beauty Blender. I've used foundation brushes all my life and I always felt like my foundation wasn't as flawless as I would have liked it to be. These sponges are perfect. They blend seamlessly when wet and my makeup doesn't budge all day. I use the round end for my foundation and the pointy bit for my concealer. Of course they are a little pricey but good makeup to me starts with a flawless base. Wouldn't be without it now! I recommend investing in the Beauty Blender cleanser at the same time.
    Beauty blenders are a MUST in my eyes. Make your foundation look perfect. Other brands who bring out their version of 'beauty blenders' in my opinion aren't as good as these ones... you need to pay a bit more to get a better quality one and these are deffo worth the money! I will ALWAYS have one in my makeup bag.
    So soft
    This makeup sponge is so soft and bouncy. Nothing compares! Makes makeup application so flawless and less cakey. Everyone needs a BB!!
    Best one!
    I have tried many Beauty Blenders, but this one is the best! I love it and I totally recommend it!
    I was really excited when i bought the beauty blender, but it disappointed me. I have tried beauty sponges from real techniques, h&m or just primark and worked for me so much better.
    Leaks dye?
    Is it normal for the 'pink' beauty blender to leak dye? I have rosacea-prone skin and was horrified when I saw this... One of my friends uses a fake beauty blender she got from an exhibition and it works as good as the original but leaks dye, why spend so much on this when it's the same product? A little disappointed.
    Provides brilliant smoothing texture when using makeup. I depend upon it.
    Blends makeup smoothly!
    I was not sure about spending so much on a sponge but it’s much better than the cheaper version and it’s easy to clean. Gives full coverage foundation a natural finish.
    very good, but £££
    I was using this for a long time and then tried the real techniques version which is only £6 and leaves a pretty much identical.
    I like it
    After some cheap fake sponges I finally decided to buy original one and I like it. I prefer sponges to brushes because they help me to apply foundation smoother.
    Great sponge, but leaks dye
    I had my first Beauty Blender when it first came out and I don't remember leaking dye. I used my new one today and was surprised that soap water was pink! Otherwise, overall result is great.
    Ever since I used my first beauty blender I have never gone back to any other sponge or brush. Gives you great complexion and the easiest way to apply foundation and concealer.
    Love love love
    Really love my beauty blender. Great tool to assist with makes up an application and so versatile. I use with liquid and powders. Just invested in another.
    Perfect finish.
    Since I got the Original Beauty Blender it's the only tool that I use to put my foundation and concealer on. It gives the perfect finish, and works with all liquid foundations. It's perfect!
    Yes yes yes!
    It is simply perfection!
    Good product
    This is the first time I’ve ever purchased from overseas. Good product never disappoints me.
    Definitely the best
    I love it. A bit pricey but once you try this, you'll never want another brand.
    I have sponges from other brands but nothing is even near this.
    The perfect blender
    Tbh I was hesitant about making this purchase but now I’m glad I have. I always felt like no matter what brushes or sponges I use foundation never felt like it was blended properly but with the beauty blender makeup just looks flawless. Love it.
    Beauty blender
    Perfect purchase, highly recommended.
    Best Sponge Ever
    Will never look the same way at any other beauty sponge. My makeup is slaying every day.
    Must have
    Can't imagine my make up without this sponge.
    Beauty essential
    There is only one, the original, must have for a flawless foundation. I have tried others on the market that look similar but there is only one beauty blender, the best.
    As always, beauty blender is the number 1 beauty sponge out there. Might be my 5th time repurchasing. Never disappointed. If only they were a little cheaper.
    Easy to use
    Best beauty blender I’ve ever used!
    This product changes the game of my makeup. Abs magical.
    The Best
    Love this little sponge, its so great for blending out cream, liquid and powder products. I use it for everything and I love it even more cause it doesn't soak up too much of my foundation!
    ♡ ♡ ♡
    I really don't understand how I lived my life before beautyblender.
    Life Changing
    Bought my first beauty blender from Cult Beauty and ever since my makeup routine got so much easier! It works really well with liquid concealers, skin doesn't seem patchy and the concealer blends evenly over my skin. Love it!
    A piece of kit not to be without
    Easy to use (recommend having a selection of sizes, the smaller BB is great for under eyes), easy to clean and lasts well. I keep a spray bottle of water or fixing spray handy to dampen the BB when needed. Gives a very even finish which lasts well throughout the day.
    I wouldn't apply my foundation and concealer with anything else. It blends liquids out perfectly. I always dampen the beauty blender with warm water and then spray with Mac's Fix+ and it creates an even more amazing finish. Take the leap, if you haven't already and buy.
    Really like it
    I am really liking the beauty blender and think it lives up to the hype. The only thing with it is I do feel like it soaks up some of my foundation. I like a sheer/natural finish so it's fine for me, but it is something to be aware of.
    Such a great sponge - my new favourite thing to set my concealer as well as blend it in. It is so versatile and I think it is such a great investment to be used for cream blushes, cream highlight, cream contour and other creams and powders! My new favourite thing that I would choose over a brush any time! If you are looking at the review wondering whether it's a good product - JUST BUY IT!
    Love love love
    First I didn't understand the hype as I got a dupe for this product and it didn't impress me. Then after seeing yet another beauty guru say how it's their holy grail I got the original beauty blender and have been addicted since. Always use it damp - it helps so distribute the foundation better and doesn't soak up as much product (it doesn't soak up much anyway). I also got the smaller ones for eye area and loved them too! Must have for a make up junkie
    My second one but where's the little soap disc?
    Hhhhmmmmph. I've just bought my second Beauty Blender (although I can't bring myself to throw my old one away - its fine still just with a few tears in it). But no little soap disc inside the packaging this time. Seems like its not included anymore which is a little mean on the part of the company given that the price is still the same. Please put it back, Beauty Blender, it was good and very useful. Otherwise, Beautyblender is amazing. I've recently discovered contouring and highlighting with it (used damp) which creates an amazing finish. There are plenty of dupes out there as low as a couple of quid but really nothing comes close to the real deal, so just bite the bullet and buy one. Mine has lasted over 9 months and its perfect for travel as well.
    Cant do perfect makeup without it
    I can't do a perfect makeup without my beautyblender now. I have tried so many other and nothing compares to this. It is worth every penny. I always keep stock of this. The best makeup tool I ever used.
    very overrated
    Seems to suck in all of my make up, bought one for £5 which does a much better job.
    The most versatile tool for base
    The first time I got myself a Beautyblender I chose the 'pure' one which saw me through three years without tearing! I'm now on my 2nd one, this time the original pink which teared within 3-4 months of use. It's a shame that it doesn't last longer even with careful care, but I can live with that when the results and ease of use with this product is so good. There's just nothing QUITE like it! I will never be without this tool of wonder.
    Easy to use and perfect
    I normally use my Sephora foundation brush and I have to admit I didn't think that the beautyblender would be worth the £16 as there are cheaper alternatives. However, my opinion has completely changed since I've tried the beautyblender. It is by far one of the best blending tools and it is so easy to use and clean. If you love make up it is a must have in your make up collection.
    Make-up essentials must...
    Love this blender, makes foundation really smooth! Have used other blenders in the past but doesn't have same effect. Happy with purchase :)
    I cannot understand why people are rating this with low stars! My skin looks airbrushed when I use this baby. I'm taking some home to south Africa for my mum and sister as I cannot live without my beauty blender. Love love love!!!
    Nothing Special
    It is an amazing sponge but its nothing special. Its no different from the real techniques sponge. Its a tool worth having if you apply your foundation on a sponge daily.
    Perfect for liquid foundation
    I was a little sceptical at first but this really does a good job. Must be damp to work properly. I love it with my Charlotte Tilbury Foundation, I think it works best with lighter, more liquidy products also good for blending concealer under the eyes. For heavier coverage I would use a brush.
    Great to begin with but..
    I love the finish that I get with this product, make up appears natural and flawless but do feel its worth pointing out that you have to look after it properly to get the best out of it. So far this year alone I have repurchased one of these 4 times so the longevity of the beauty blender is not that great. Even though I keep mine clean using the Beauty Blender cleansing bar soap, I still feel after time it time to get a new one. Nevertheless I keep repurchasing as I love the finish it gives!
    Life saver!
    This is a great product which really helps apply an even layer of foundation - liquid or powder. When used wet, it adds a dewy look to the skin, and reaches all part of the face, even corners of the eye. Very convenient to use, and travel friendly. However, for liquid foundations, it really absorbs the product which might lead to waste. Hence, need to use wisely. Nevertheless, a must have for makeup.
    Great Tool!
    I just found this excellent little gizmo! Last for ages as long as you keep them clean. Really gets into the parts you can't reach with your finger tips and as everyone has noticed gives a terrific finish to your make up.
    Love this!
    It is a little expensive for a sponge but it gives you the most flawless finish, I use this over my makeup brushes now. It has stained even after washing but overall its great and I recommend it to anyone.
    Definitely worth it!
    I was a bit apprehensive to spend £16 on a sponge but once I start using it, I fell in love. I apply the foundation with a brush and blend with the beautyblender - only because the beauty blender absorbs the foundation and you lose some! It leaves no lines and an airbrushed finish. Lovely product
    Really effective
    I really enjoy applying my foundation as well as my concealer with the Beautyblender. I used to use only brushes, but I found that the Beautyblender sinks into the skin more evenly and leaves a flawless finish! Really enjoy it and would repurchase. I also found that the price is great compared to make up brushes that can be very expensive.
    I had high hopes for this tool – maybe too high as it did not deliver. It was better with a tinted moisturiser or light/sheer foundation. But for anything heavier I found it hard to blend the foundation into the skin despite following the instructions. Had to use my fingers in the end to smooth it out. Nice little gizmo but not worth the hype.
    The only tool I use to apply my make up now
    The beautyblender sponge is now the only thing I use to apply everything from concealer to foundation, blush and powder. It's great. My skin looks airbrushed after I use it and it's really easy to wash and leave on the ledge to dry.
    Pricey but I would recommend it.
    This does seem a bit expensive for a sponge, but it does work well for those not brilliant at applying makeup evenly, a bit like an airbrush. I was quite glad to find it is a robust tool that you can wash over and over again otherwise the price would have really got to me.
    Worst sponge on earth
    This has to be the worst sponge I’ve ever tried. Having high hopes from this sponge with dozens of awards won I thought I’ll treat myself and give it a go. I was left none more than disappointed. I wet the sponge like the instructions tell you to, and I used various different foundations to test it out with (including the beauty blender brand foundation), still I’m left with a horrid foundation layer on top of my skin that slips all over my face. Also, the imprint of the sponge is left all over my face and I appear wrinkly. I’ve tried it with and without a primer and it makes no difference, and also tried the exact same routine with a 99p orange sponge from Home Bargains and it leaves my skin looking flawless. If I could give this 0 stars I would, it’s that bad.
    SO easy to use
    I honestly didn't believe that such a small product could be so effective. This sponge has made my makeup routine quicker, easier and makes my foundation look much more flawless. I have tried other beauty blenders, but they tend to be too tense. This brand have made the perfect sponge
    Beauty Blender - fantastic!
    I have tried a few different blenders, but this is the best. It's so soft and really good quality!
    best Beautyblender !
    I have been using it for a month and I really love it
    Probably the best thing that ever happened to the makeup world!!!
    This is the best makeup tool I’ve ever purchased.I‘ve tried many other makeup sponges, but none can rival the beauty blender. I couldn’t possibly live without it!
    Just Perfect
    My favorite tool for makeup love it!!
    So happy with this.
    Smaller than expected
    Really nice Beauty Blender, soft and nicely bounces makeup onto the skin, but came a lot smaller than I originally thought - may have been my fault, but my old beauty blender was the size of a large egg or a bit bigger, whereas this one is smaller than an egg (about 5cm tall). Quite expensive for its size, so could probably find a cheaper one somewhere else
    I finally decided to give a try and buy this product and did not make mistake. It blends easy and quick. It is not cheap but when you see the results on your skin you forget about the price. 5 stars for this!
    I was always a cynic...
    I’ve always been cynical about this sponge, and couldn’t understand why anyone would pay £17 when you can get a Real Techniques sponge for less than half the price, but it’s fabulous. I love it with my heavier, more full coverage foundations to get a more natural finish that looks more like skin. The cheaper alternatives really can’t compete... It’s worth every penny.
    Great product! Even for a novice!
    Really worth the money
    I always bought the real techniques ones as they’re a lot cheaper, still think they’re good but this one is the best, cannot fault it
    Great applicator but leaks dye
    This has ruined 2 towels and a flannel. I dampened as directed but it was too wet to use so ‘blotted’ drier - I now have 3 items stained with pink dye which leaked from the sponge and it doesn’t wash out.
    Lovely Sponge.
    It does help me with applying foundation , concealer.... this is true blending!
    Beauty Blender
    Very soft and applies makeup beautifully. Washes very easily too; I use a little (non-expensive) facial oil and then a little baby shampoo and it looks brand new every time. BB is expensive but worth it for the finish you get.
    First time that I tried it and I'm very excited!
    Good for beginner
    This is really good for applying foundation and is really soft. But I found the shape is not as good as real technique ones, and the price is the most expensive of them all. I don’t think I will repurchase.
    Lasted me forever
    Bought just about a year ago have took great care of it and has lasted me all through the year will defo be purchasing one again very soon, defo worth the spend Xx
    I am hooked on these
    I come back to the Beautyblender every time, it never disappoints. Yes it is pricey for a sponge but it is worth the splurge!
    Beauty blender
    Its one of my best purchases from CultBeauty. I have used real techniques miracle sponge but didn't like the finish it gave. Switching to this pink egg made my base look smooth and flawless.
    I love this product so much, it makes my makeup go on so well and seamlessly. I use it for pretty much all my 'base' products (foundation, concealer, loose setting powder, cream blush, highlighter and bronzer). I use this if I've made a mistake and smudged mascara everywhere, I use it to blot my makeup, I could honestly only ever need this beauty tool. I don't see too much differences in the different types of beauty blender, I just buy the colour I like best. Also I've tried other makeup sponges and they do not compare. Really recommend, makes applying makeup so easy and hassle free.
    It’s ok
    I feel like I must be missing something here! I’ve used the real techniques beauty blender for a while and going by reviews for this I thought I’d “upgrade” to the original one. This pink one still seems to shed pink dye even when I wash with the B.B. cleanser. Not in the skin but on a towel when I dry it. So not that impressed tbh but seeing all the rave reviews others love it.
    I like how it applies my makeup smoothly and creates an airbrush-like finish. The sponge lasts about 3 months when washed frequently, plus it is really soft, which feels nice on the face, but my nails sometimes rip the blender. The only thing I don't like is how the sponge tends to soak up a lot of product, especially if I'm using an expensive or what's supposed to be a full coverage product.
    the best
    This pink one is the best of all beauty blender.
    LOVE IT!!!!
    5/5, it is simply amazing. Absolute MUST HAVE product! It is so easy for blending, changed my life.
    Overall it’s really good, but pricey
    Although it’s really really good, you can also get other beauty blenders for less that work just as good.
    Quite small...
    I’ve just taken delivery of this and I have to say it’s really quite small, maybe it should state somewhere the size of the product!? I’m excited to use this though as I’ve heard nothing but amazing things!
    Perfect blending
    Love it and worth the price!
    Worth the hype
    It's so hard to part with £16 when you think it's only for a measly sponge to blend makeup, especially when there are so many cheaper ones on the market. However, I've tried a few blending sponges and always go back to the original beauty blender! It's the best! It blends out makeup so easily and is worth every penny.
    Worth it
    I never understood the hype around a beautyblender until I bought one. It blends your makeup away like no other.
    What did I do before the beautyblender?
    Just love it!! Use it for foundation, concealing, contouring, highlighting. You name it. Just love it and just keeps on buying it. The perfect sponge.
    Believe the hype
    I had never used a sponge to blend out my makeup before and now, I never want to go back. The best part is...it basically does the work for you. You just have to bounce it in. One of the downsides for some people is that it can take away some of the product. However, I actually like that because I hate a full-coverage.
    Love this sponge, it blends makeup so seamlessly without any streaks or patches. An absolute must for makeup lovers.
    AMAZING! A game-changer!
    I had tried many make-up sponges over the years and have spent a fortune on foundation brushes. The Beauty Blender is amazing! It really does give a beautiful, flawless finish. It's the best make-up tool for applying foundation and my base looks like it's been photoshopped. LOVE IT!
    Holy smokes:)
    No more than.."You need it" That's it
    I avoided purchasing this for the longest time as I couldn't bear to part my money with a sponge but after using one, I completely get the hype. It's a very versatile product and my NARS Sheer Glow looked flawless when applied with this. I could see a difference in texture compared to using a buffing brush. Great for applying concealer and what I like is that you don't need to wait for the sponge to dry before you use it since it's recommended to be used wet. The only downside I can think of is that it stains fairly easily so to constantly keep up the pink is tough. Also I noticed that the sponge bleeds pink dye when I wash it.
    Holy grail makeup tool!
    I waited so long to order one, I thought it was just hyped up and that other sponges work just fine. But I was oh so wrong! Foundation finally sits perfectly on my dry skin, concealer doesn't crease because I'm able to dab it in perfectly with the tiny nib of the Beautyblender and the overall effect is flawless. I don't ever want to be without it anymore! Dry skin savior!
    The best
    Would recommend this over any cheaper 'dupe' or any other sponge - having tried many before this one I could never go back now it's so much better than all of them and worth the money.
    Perfect finish
    This sponge is amazing!!! It's a really good investment. The beautyblender is so soft and creates such a flawless base. It gives you the right amount of product you need, taking away the excessive product. This makes my makeup look amazing. I see such a big difference. I definitely recommended this product.
    Trust the hype. This is the best makeup tool I have - amazing for under eye brightening concealers, and applying liquid foundations. It's a little pricey for what it is, but I've had it 9 months and it's still going strong.
    Best sponge
    For a long time I didn't want tp pay the money for original Beautyblender and bought so many dupes...but thay don't work aswell as BB, it's worth all the hype and money
    I was a bit skeptic about the beautyblender but bought it anyways to see what the hype was about. I was shocked to see how it made my foundation look undetectable and completely flawless. It helped so much with the dry patches on my cheek. Amazing.
    The only way I apply my foundation
    This is the only make up tool I use to apply my foundation and concealer. I love it.
    Good but not a must have
    This is the best sponge I ever use to apply make up. It doesn't absorb so much foundation. But I still prefer using my fingers.
    I never used foundation before the beautyblender, whenever I applied it with a brush or any other sponge may face looked cakey or bumpy and just not nice! instead I would just use a bit of hula and concealer which I felt wasn't enough for nights out. My friend suggested this to me and I bought it on a whim. Its amazing! My skin looks lovely and stays put all day whichever foundation I use ( I have bought a lot trying to find one I actually liked!) I will never try anything ever again it is worth the hype this product made me love Foundation on my skin when previously I had always hated it. Just try it you wont regret it!
    Okay with some foundations...
    I do enjoy the beautyblender, however I don't think it is that amazing. I do like it with my MAC Studio Fix Fluid and it applies concealers quite good, however I do prefer using my brushes (e.g stippling brush by real techniques) with the L'oreal Infallible Foundation, which is my all time favourite. I would say give it a go, if you have the money and want to try it, but it's nothing special.
    In love with this
    I have had my eye on this for a while, but as I was quite content with my Mac foundation brush at the time, so I kept forgetting to purchase it. However I took the plunge and bought this before Christmas, and I am kicking myself that I didn't buy it sooner. I use it for concealer and liquid foundation and I adore the finish it gives. It took a few tries to perfect, but its worth the wait, my make up has never looked so good, and stayed on so long! Tip I found on-line, the damper the sponge, the more of a sheer coverage you will have. So if you want a thicker coverage, towel dry the sponge a little more so its not as damp :) If I had to critic it in anyway it would be that it stains easily. I have dark olive skin, and even though I wash it thoroughly after every use, it has stained the sponge (but I wouldn't care if it stained it bright green tbh, as long as it continues doing its job!). I have also read reviews that it splits after 3-4 months use, which will be annoying, but I think it is worth the hassle of replacing it. Try it, you will never go back to using a brush again!
    beauty blender
    Can't think why i fell for this. It is no different to any other sponge applicator except it is twice as expensive and loses it's colour when you wash it. A waste of money
    Great, but too pricey
    This is a wonderful tool for applying foundation. If it hadn't been for the high price I would have give it five stars.
    Waste of money
    Unfortunately I fell for the hype of this product, it is no different to any other sponge which you can buy in multipacks and are therefore far cheaper. Yes it is tapered but so can any other sponge be if you fold it the right way.
    Really good for light, even coverage
    Particularly good for applying tinted moisturiser and sheer foundations - gives a nice even coverage which lasts better (for those types of product) than applying with brush or fingers.
    A Favourite
    My favourite sponge for an airbrush finish, especially when applying concealer as dabbed and tapped meshes products with a thick consistency into the skin beautifully. Lliana-beauty.com
    Great Gismo
    It is such a great idea to do a sponge in this shape it reaches all those areas you usually have to go over after with your fingers and while it is a little pricey, it does last for ages. I am pale and so need to be very careful with making sure my foundation/concealer is even and BB does the job quickly and reliably. This sponge is quite thirsty so if I am looking for light coverage I dampen it before dipping in the cream (this also means you don't run out of foundation in a week). I would recommend to anyone really.
    perfect for applying and blending fluid foundation.
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