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    Augustinus BaderThe Cream The Cream<p>A revolutionary face cream inspired by 30 years of research and innovation, Professor Augustinus Bader has created an <em>iconic</em> product. With two iterations to choose from - a light, refreshing, yet deeply hydrating cream or the luxurious, intensely nourishing 'Rich' formula - these work to strengthen and restore your skin's resilience; dramatically transforming the complexion with skin rejuvenating TFC8 technology.</p><p>Based on the knowledge that your body has an innate &#8216;code&#8217; for tissue repair, The Cream contains the patented 'Trigger Factor Complex' (TFC8) which &#8216;unlocks&#8217; this code. All sounding a bit scientific? The main thing you need to know is that by stimulating your skin&#8217;s natural renewal process, these potions help to visibly reduce the signs of ageing and environmental damage, leaving your skin looking and feeling restored, regenerated and renewed. An ideal addition to your day-time routine, &#8216;The Cream&#8217; is a fast-absorbing, weightless formulation that&#8217;s ideal for normal-oily skin types - keeping skin plump with hydration and glowing with health thanks to strengthening soy bean, hydrolysed rice proteins, soothing aloe vera and brightening ascorbic acid. Reformulated to be vegan-friendly (it no longer contains anti-inflammatory beeswax) yet equally as luxurious, &#8216;The Rich Cream&#8217; is a more intense concoction that&#8217;s best-suited to normal to dry skin types. Alongside the advanced TFC8, it also features richly moisturising argan, avocado and evening primrose oils, as well as omega 6-rich fatty acids and antioxidants to shield your skin against free radicals. Please note that this formula is a water in oil emulsion that can separate when not in use. Fear not! This has no effect on the efficacy of your new-found Holy Grail cream.</p>ABD001_CREAM1633350605529008025 stars, based on113 reviews 205.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Augustinus Bader The Cream

    Augustinus Bader
    The Cream
    ( 50ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Needing no introduction, Augustinus Bader’s potent potions are your one-stop, skin-transforming shop! Harnessing cutting-edge stem cell research to repair signs of damage, these do-it-all formulas work overtime to revitalise skin that’s in need of a jump-start. Developed by pioneering stem cell and biomedical scientist Professor Augustinus Bader, The Cream and The Rich Cream are powdered by his patented Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8) – a ground-breaking compound that works to ‘unlock’ skin’s innate code and activate regeneration. Rightfully hailed as the ‘future of skin care’ (and kept under wraps by its loooooong list of A-List disciples), with consistent use you’ll quickly see a tangible improvement in skin’s texture, tone and overall resilience. Think: fewer fine lines, reduced scarring, renewed radiance and a beautiful, cushion-y 'bounce'.

    • Description

      A revolutionary face cream inspired by 30 years of research and innovation, Professor Augustinus Bader has created an iconic product. With two iterations to choose from - a light, refreshing, yet deeply hydrating cream or the luxurious, intensely nourishing 'Rich' formula - these work to strengthen and restore your skin's resilience; dramatically transforming the complexion with skin rejuvenating TFC8 technology.

      Based on the knowledge that your body has an innate ‘code’ for tissue repair, The Cream contains the patented 'Trigger Factor Complex' (TFC8) which ‘unlocks’ this code. All sounding a bit scientific? The main thing you need to know is that by stimulating your skin’s natural renewal process, these potions help to visibly reduce the signs of ageing and environmental damage, leaving your skin looking and feeling restored, regenerated and renewed. An ideal addition to your day-time routine, ‘The Cream’ is a fast-absorbing, weightless formulation that’s ideal for normal-oily skin types - keeping skin plump with hydration and glowing with health thanks to strengthening soy bean, hydrolysed rice proteins, soothing aloe vera and brightening ascorbic acid. Reformulated to be vegan-friendly (it no longer contains anti-inflammatory beeswax) yet equally as luxurious, ‘The Rich Cream’ is a more intense concoction that’s best-suited to normal to dry skin types. Alongside the advanced TFC8, it also features richly moisturising argan, avocado and evening primrose oils, as well as omega 6-rich fatty acids and antioxidants to shield your skin against free radicals. Please note that this formula is a water in oil emulsion that can separate when not in use. Fear not! This has no effect on the efficacy of your new-found Holy Grail cream.

    • How to use

      For optimum results, apply to dry, cleansed skin, morning and evening. To activate the patented TFC8®, Augustinus Bader recommends the following steps:

      1. Massage the cream along your jawline

      2. Sweep from your nose to your ears and across your forehead

      3. Sweep excess over cheeks and neck

    • Full ingredients list

      The Cream:

      Aqua (Water), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Pentylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Hydrogenated Phosphatidylcholine, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Tocopheryl Acetate, Butylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Panthenol, Sodium Carbomer, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Retinyl Palmitate, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Squalane, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Lecithin, Alcohol, Carbomer, Ceramide NP, TFC-8, Sodium Benzoate, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein, Superoxide Dismutase, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Dextran, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8, Ascorbic Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tocopherol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Dextran Sulfate

      The Rich Cream:

      Aqua (Water), Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Squalane, Glycerin, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Ethyl Oleate, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate, Magnesium Sulfate, Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil, Panthenol, Polyglyceryl-6 Oleate, Zinc Pca, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Butylene Glycol, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Tocopherol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Xanthan Gum, Alanyl Glutamine, Arginine, Oligopeptide-177, Phenylalanine, Sisymbrium Irio Seed Oil, Sodium Chloride, Dextran, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8.

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    Augustinus Bader - The Cream

    Augustinus Bader The Cream Reviews

    Augustinus Bader “The Rich Cream”
    I didn’t want to love it but wow, the texture starts of thick and becomes watery as you work it into your skin. I know it’s a very expensive cream and I’m not sure as to the claims of the brand about cell turnover and using it alone etc. but it does a wonderful job in providing enough moisture especially when I’m on Tret. Though I still need my p50 on some days as well, but if you are able to splurge, I think the cream does the job.
    Lives up to the hype
    I’ve been using the Rich Cream for 3 months and my skin just keeps getting better. Very moisturizing for my 50+ skin and it has evened out my skin tone and given it a smoother texture. I’m a fan and despite it being a pricey habit, I think it is worth the price. This and a good eye cream are perfect for nighttime.
    Perfect moisturiser
    The Rich Cream does the job with dry skin perfectly. Expensive but worth it.
    I bought this cream to try with some money I was given as a gift and it really is lovely and I’ve been using it on its own with no eye creams or serums and my skin looks great. The only downside to this is the high price which I think would mean spending about £140 a month to keep up using it which is unfortunately just too high for me.
    So far, so good.
    Received yesterday, beautiful texture, glowing skin on initial application, my daughter is 12 and I am gifting this to her to begin her skincare regime. Will buy my own supply very soon.
    Rich, nourishing and oh-so comforting
    I have a combination skin type and was so ready to find the Rich Cream far too much for me but I was so taken aback in the best way possible. As I warm this into my skin it really melts in and absorbs like a dream, leaving my skin dewy, hydrated and comforted but without feeling like an oil-slick. I tend to go for light gel textures, or maybe a gel-cream hybrid if I find the right one, but I honestly adore the Rich Cream formulation. I prefer to keep this for my evening routine, as it is generally a little much for me in the day (enter the original Cream) and I wake up to luminous and healthy skin every single day. Whenever I use this consistently my skin thanks me for it; looking healthy, radiant, and naturally perfected with less redness and irritation too. I do find this is very much a luxurious treat, so it's not an all-year purchase for me, but it's absolutely worth the investment and hard-earned pennies if you can invest!
    Believe the hype!
    I never leave reviews because beauty products rarely exceed my expectations but this cream is unbelievable! It’s by far my best ever beauty purchase and I have tried so many different products over the years! I’m 33 with no skin complications and some slight wrinkles forming around the eyes so I thought now is the time to invest and I am so glad I did! I’ve got The Cream as I prefer a light moisturiser over a heavily textured one. Amazing product my skin feels better after only a few days of use. I don’t think I will be trying any other face creams for the foreseeable future, this may just be the holy grail for me!
    Love it .. BUT
    I was extremely excited when I purchased the full size of the Rich cream and when I used it it was Holly Molly !! I finally found the one and only moisturizer!! However, after 1 month of using it, the cream started to split :( the bottle is still full but I am no longer confident to use it since it's splitting. Very disappointed
    Brightens !
    I'm on my second bottle, and I really like the cream. I'm in my 30's and don't have many problems on my skin, just that it lacks lustre. This cream really brightened my complexion, and I haven't been this confident in going out without foundation, even when I put foundation on, its half what I have been using. I really like this product, will be purchasing again.
    A tall drink of water for my skin
    This cream has such a unique texture that starts off thick and creamy but as you work it into the skin it feels like water, and my dry skin drank it in one gulp! I use it under makeup and my skin looks so plum and hydrated.
    I'm Hooked
    I honestly thought this was going to be an over-hyped product but my skin has never looked so good. It's the best face cream I've ever used. FYI- I have combination skin: oily/slightly dry and I'm prone to breakouts. This does not make me breakout. My skin looks smooth (glass quality), pores smaller, firmer and lines less visible. This is after 6 weeks. I look like I've had a professional laser treatment.
    Augustinus bader
    Beautiful rich cream which plumps and firms skin. Perfect for pre foundation, glides on and absorbs quickly... although at times it can react with my sensitive skin.
    Not what I was was looking for
    I purchased from here The Rich Cream at previous year Black Friday and used a full bottle of it. It is very good, but after a month I felt my 50+ skin needs its tretinoin 0,1 and some exfoliation (glycolic). So, it is just a good cream. Don't expect any wonders, especially for mature skin.
    Love it!
    I love both The Rich Cream and The Cream. They have changed my skin. Its clearer, feels hydrated and glows. I use less makeup and I have cut out all my other skincare products so although it is expensive it is worth the investment.
    The Rich Cream is a Dream
    This beautifully nourishing moisturiser will leave your skin looking, feeling, and functioning its best. Even with my combination skin The Rich Cream was delicious and left me glowing and soft in the morning. Even when I used it during the day in the colder months it wasn’t too heavy at all! This is 100% worth the investment!
    love it!
    Unfortunately, I absolutely love it. I'm starting to be worried that I might be without it
    Sadly I love it
    I had the small 15ml size and loved it so I then bought the full size. It is very expensive, but it has been great for my skin. It has made my pore looks smaller and my skin feels amazing. It is very expensive, but I have seen results.
    Expensive but essential
    Costs a fortune but I can't do without it. It saved my skin last winter when I am usually covered in dry patches. Superior to La Mer.
    Can’t be with out it, When the bottle is half full I reordered.
    It is OK
    It is very rich thick cream, which works great during winter. For the price point, I think there are a lot more face creams that will be efficient enough. I dont know why such a high price
    OK but not worth the price tag
    It’s a nice cream but don’t waste your hard-earned cash until of course, you’re willing or able to do so! The cream separates between cream and oil which can be messy and wasteful. Very odd that it does separate as other creams containing plant oils don’t. There are better products out there people! Nearly finished the product and I haven’t noted any particular change to my skin. Better to spend your cash on serums, acids, and oils! I had high expectations but it doesn’t deliver.
    So good
    I love this cream and it’s texture, it made my skin soft. Worth it!
    Not worth the money
    I’ve been using the Rich Cream for over a month and have suffered terrible painful breakouts, which I have never experienced before using this cream. No improvement to the condition of my skin either. It’s also separated which is disappointing for an incredibly overpriced cream. I was swayed by the PR I’m afraid.
    Amazing product, takes time to notice difference but stick with it! Absorbs well and has nice texture. I use the cream for day time and rich cream for night time. I am never looking back. Made my skin so supple, soft, plumped and hydrated like nothing else ever had.
    Worth the money
    This cream is a like serum + cream combo. I highly recommend it. It strengthens your skin It's.hard to explain until you try it.
    Extremely hydrating
    Not so good
    I normally never give reviews, but I bought this product after reading the reviews so that's why I had to write my honest opinion. This cream is not as good as the hype. Plus it is expensive and results are not even close to what they promise. Really disappointing :(
    The cream
    Fantastic, that's the word for this cream, I love it ❤️
    Not worth the price
    I'm a skincare junkie so I had to try this of course! When I received it I was amazed by the packaging!!! I went with the rich cream and use it at night. Is it a good cream? Yes, no doubt. It moisturises and no breakouts for me. Is it worth the money? NO. I have dehydrated skin and acne scars and my texture didn't improve ( I am on my second bottle) so I won't be buying the hype again...
    worth it!
    The same story - I wanted to hate it but I love it. I wake up in the morning with beautiful soft refreshed skin.
    So glad I tried it
    It really is that special. My skin is soft, improved texture, better colour and feels lovely to use. I've stopped using foundation, that's how good it is. I do agree that the packaging is excessive, not the bottle itself but the box it came in. Will be buying again, though.
    The best all-in-1 I have used in a long time
    I have used the deluxe size from the last Goody Bag, and this product is AMAZING. I normally use Omoravizca, so I was a very critical customer at first, but after using it for a week I've been converted. It's totally worth the hype. This is the best all-in-1 product I have used in a long time. It doesn't have a scent, and the texture is between light cream and gel. It is super gentle on sensitive skin. My skin looked plumped and clearer. I would strongly recommend this product to tired-busy-mamas who want a fast/effective product. Go-on treat yourselves!
    Expensive but amazing
    I never write reviews but my skin loves this magical witchcraft in a magnetic Yves Klein blue bottle. I follow the instructions and put it on after toning my face (Pixi Glow at night or the Vitamin C toner in the morning). I use this and eye cream. My skin really loves it, it feels so supple and soft, and my pores are minimised, as if I have been photoshopped. I found out about this from watching a Vogue Youtube video of Alexa Chung's makeup routine (whilst procrastinating work), I'm 32 and I don't think I look old but I can look hella tired and sad sometimes but this cream really makes me feel and look like I've slept for 9 hours and like I live on kale and vitamins. All this is good. Anyway. It's a great cream. The end
    A very middling cream...
    5 stars for packaging. But a very middle of the road 3 for the cream and performance. It’s says to use on its own, well that didn’t work, skin was super dry. So had to add back my serums. Then the worst, it breaks up and no amount of shaking can get it together. I won’t be purchasing again.
    Well, I just start to use The Rich Cream a few days ago and I can see results, my pores are tightened which is a miracle cause I have dry skin and when I use to use different rich creams they clogged my pores but this one not, it works really good. My skin feels plump, hydrated, brightening. I am really impressed. And what is important to know, AB creams can not use with different products. So just clean your face and put the cream. This is the point so not to mix with other products maybe that's why someone has a breakout and don't have results.
    I bit the bullet and bought this with really high expectations due to the price tag, but I was disappointed as I didn't feel it though it made a huge difference and I get better results with less expensive moisturises. It is quite greasy/rich so I tend to use it at night time but I fear for my pores. Will not be repurchasing.
    The Rich Cream
    This lasted exactly 6 weeks, 2 pumps morning and evening. My skin felt very firm and healthy but I would advise persevering over a few months for long term improvement. I use it now as a night cream. I'm not convinced it is worth such a high price.
    Augustinus Bader - The Cream
    I love this cream. It soaks into the skin and leaves a dewy finish.
    This is amazing. I’ve used both The Cream and The Rich Cream, and both are revolutionary. If you don’t like multi-step routines, invest in this. It evened out my skin tone and gave me this wonderful plump, bouncy skin. No more annoying “one-off” pimples that used to show up randomly, no more dull-looking skin. I’ve been using this for about 18 months and plan to keep repurchasing.
    Genuinely brilliant
    It's pricey BUT it is genuinely brilliant. I have never felt compelled enough by a product to leave a review but this cream is fantastic. I have tried a lot of products in the past and totally buy into product hype but this is the only product where I have actually made a repeat purchase (currently on 3rd tube of the rich cream). It's hard to describe the effects but my skin feels stronger in a way, less red, the bumps on my chin have gone and it genuinely looks the best it ever has. Expensive but I have made savings on buying no other skincare 'steps' except cleanser (Kate Somerville Daily Foaming Cleanser for full disclosure).
    This cream is the best one I’ve ever used and I’m 68... I have always taken care of my skin with serum and cream. I’ve never gone to bed with make up. But now I use The Cream for the day time and my age spot seems to decrease. Of course I use an SPF 50 CC cream. But really I have found an improvement since I started this.
    nice, but not convinced
    After reading all the great reviews, I decided to take the plunge and splurge a bit on this moisturiser. I should start by saying that, while I'm over 40, I have really good skin that rarely breaks out. This cream is fine, and my skin is happy, but I'm finding the texture a bit sticky (I have the rich version), and I'm not seeing a real difference on the lines on my face. I'll use up the tube, but don't think I'll repurchase, as the price is quite high.
    The best cream ever!
    I was using plenty of high priced creams but this one is a game changer. My skin looks healthy, redness has gone, I have a healthy shine. I am loving it!
    I heard all the rave reviews for quite some time but didn’t buy into it... thought it was just slick PR hype but I was wrong! This is the be all and end all to beautiful luminous skin. I mean if we are going to start using the phrase the holy grail of skincare then please let’s only use it for The Cream. It truly is revolutionary! My skin loves it and I’m so glad I gave it a try and I know I've found the one!
    Best Moisturiser
    This is my 4th bottle and my skin has never looked or felt better.
    Very, very good
    I definitely see the difference after my third bottle of The Cream. Particularly fine lines - my forehead is noticeably smoother which I can only attribute to consistent usage of this cream. That being said, The Cream is definitely not all that hydrating if you have dry skin. I will continue to use as the results are very good, but I do need to supplement with deep hydrating masks a couple of times per week.
    Truly a lovely product. Perfect base for tinted sunscreen
    Super kwaliteit
    For me it is a "can't live without product"! My skin never looked so good before! Just perfect, less imperfactions and smooth after a few weeks using.
    Changed my skin!
    I have been using this product for some time and I can honestly say it has saved my skin. The fine lines on my forehead are pretty much non-existent and the texture has become so smooth and plump. I also suffered from eczema around my nose that I tried everything to cure - after using the product for a week it had completely disappeared! For me, this product is worth every penny.
    Great Stuff...
    Good tuxture. Quickly absorbed. I can notice the better way it give my skin in just 1-3 days of use. I can feel it refiner, softer, plumper and hydrated but not oily!
    Very good solid moisturizer but not a holy grail
    Overall, I like the results on my 40+ Combination slightly sensitive skin, and I like the fact that it can be used either day or night. The packaging, consistency, absorption are all as expected from a brand of luxury tier and for the price, however, I am not certain I found enough “anchor” points to re-purchase or make it my “ can’t live without” product.
    Nice, but not sure it's worth it
    This is a nice cream... which, at this price point, is a bit underwhelming. I went for the rich version as it's winter, and have found the consistency a tad sticky during application. To be fair, the product does feel nice on the skin once applied and hasn't caused any obvious problems. But on the other hand, I've had a couple of breakouts since I've started using it and it doesn't seem to have done anything to heal them any quicker than they would have on their own or with other products I've used in the past. Also, the packaging is really excessive - cellophane, an enormous box, thick plastic bottle... Is this just aimed at celebs, hence the packaging needs to be uber? Basically, it's nice but nothing out of this world. I'm going back to my beloved Zelens after this.
    Where to begin....
    I can only sum this review up by saying it was an extremely negative experience. This cream is very expensive - and in CAD exchange, it's tantamount to outrageous - in that it was the single most drying cream I have ever used - I am a mature woman and have used many luxury brands over the years and continue to do so........ LaPrairie, Mila Moursi, TNS Serum, 3Lab, etc. and have never been as disappointed in any product as I have with this one. It is/was EXTREMELY drying to the point that I wanted to scratch it off - not unlike having the worst quality sunscreen on my face. The only positive thing I can say, is that the packaging is impressive.
    Well I have to say I was so curious to try this purported miracle cream and I'm happy I finally caved. I bought the rich version and it's perfect for my normal skin this time of year..from the first use my skin was so calm and soft and has been very balanced and hydrated since I've used it (twice a day). I'm scrutinising my skin for results and although it's not a miracle worker (I don't look 10 years younger!) I do feel very happy with the way it is making my skin feel and look. I'll be very tempted to repurchase despite the hefty price tag!
    It’s an outrageous price but on the other hand you don’t need a whole pile of serums and layers of product. It is so comforting to my dehydrated skin. No reaction or breakout. It is perfect under makeup and seems to moisturize all day. Hard to say if it has produced miracles but it’s excellent quality. I bought the cream version.
    Absolutely fantastic and it really works
    I hardly ever write fanatical reviews about skincare, but those creams both original and rich formulations got me addicted. Beautiful consistency that absorbs really well, made my skin smooth and hydrated immediately, I'd say the consistency is not like any other cream and it immediately boosts your skin. The smell is a little bit medicinal, but in no way it is disturbing. I have combination skin, sometimes prone to blemishes, and I happily use both formulations or even mix a pump of each if I want something in between. Over a month of regular usage my skin is hydrated, smooth, healthy and glowing. Definitely will be repurchasing. Kudos to professor Bader for creating such beautiful products!
    Moisture moisture moisture
    I’ve been using this cream since it launched and I’m never disappointed. I use a lot of actives and this cream gives soothing daily hydration. It’s doesn’t peal with serums, it works wonderfully under makeup. I noticed a reduction in fine lines and sunspots. What more do you need…. I know, if only cheaper!!!! It's worth the buy, all the same, see the results!
    Both creams are something special. Selection between the cream or the rich cream is matter of your skin type but you won’t be wrong with any of them. I am close to 50 and my skin feels and looks absolutely beautiful while using them. Like from advertisement :). If you are lover of minimalism, go for it also. Proper cleaning and the cream or the rich cream is totally sufficient to get lovely fresh skin. The best investment to feel great any time during a day. Ah, there is also no need for make up anymore for me. There is nothing to hide or to correct …
    Great Product!
    I’ve been using The Rich Cream and The Essence these past months and I can really see and feel the good effects on my skin! This is a real high quality anti-aging product! Will continue purchasing this particular product regurlarly! Thank you Cult Beauty
    OMG! The ONLY cream you need
    Heard a lot about this cream but I'd never tried it before. I bought the 15ml to try it initially, OMG I never had any special feeling of using moisturizer but this cream I can notice my face since day 3 using it! I noticed this cream definitely changed my pigmentation problem when I wake up every morning and slowly around week 3 I can see the fine line going away, this is the best cream I ever tried! Only 1-2 drop needed every time so it lasts really long. Now I only use this cream, no more eye cream, and serum, so I feel like I'm saving so much although this is super expensive. I already bought my 4th bottle now and girls this is so worth it to invest in yourself!!
    The best
    Originally got a small tube of the rich cream as a sample and was skeptical of any cream that could be worth this price as I’m used to spending at least four times less on a face moisturiser. But after recently turning 30, I noticed unsightly wrinkles around my eyes and my combination skin was really struggling in the harsh Northern European climate this winter. I have been using the rich cream or the oil at night time for over three months now in my problem areas around the eyes and on any dry spots and it has made such a huge difference - my wrinkles are way less prominent and dry spots have basically disappeared. The rich cream is too heavy for application on my whole face (especially oily t-zone) and to be honest, I’m too stingy to do that every night, but as a cream for problematic areas, it is stunning. Have repurchased now a bigger size and will see how long it will last - you only need a little and for me, although I still balk at the price, it is totally worth it.
    Love it ..
    I was extremely excited when I purchased the full size of the Rich cream and when I used it I was like ok, Finally I found the one and only moisturising cream !!
    The Rich Cream
    I had such high expectations for this cream, and almost hoped I wouldn't love it due to the price, but WOW it is the most luxurious product I've ever tried. My skin is on the dry side and I often find moisturisers are far too heavy or leave my skin feeling tight, but this is just perfect. It leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and so plump, and works so well as a base under makeup.
    O-M-G! Believe the hyper!
    I received a sample of this and am in love! I thought it might be a bit too rich, but as I worked it into my face it sunk into the skin. My face looks and feels amazing when I used this! I’m trying to use up all my other face creams, so I can buy the full size. I’m hooked!
    Like it
    I’ve got two samples of The Rich Cream in my last order so I’m trying it since then. Definitely a good cream, especially for the night routine, that dries quickly and leaves the skin plump and bright. I use it on top of my retinoids serum and the combo works beautifully. The texture seems thick on the fingertips, but once it touches the face the application is easy and I need a small amount. My rate would be 4.8 as I prefer Dr Sturm Rich Cream a little bit.
    The best cream I have ever tried.
    The best
    The Rich Cream is amazing. I’ve not come across another product that compares.
    The Cream is just so so so good. just the perfect consistency a cream should be i love it !!!
    Amazing with issues
    I got sample last X-mas, tried it, loved it, bought it. But I had many other creams to finish so I opened The Cream in June. I didn't like it at all and at the same time my skin developed several painful bumbs, so I panicked - so much money for product I hate. OMG! Anyway I tried it again in October and have been using it everyday and love it, no problems at all, I love the texture, the finish, the "slowly appearing smooth glow" of my skin (my skin is normal with occasional issues). So for me, during autumm/winter EXCELLENT, during summer NO GO.
    it seperates?
    I thought my bottle was off but not after reading the reviews it's just not me, it's SOOO LOVELY and i've seen immediate results but it's VERY annoying that the oil separates from the cream, I tried shaking it and it just doesn't mix/work sadly. I would've given it a solid 5 stars if what i mentioned wasn't the case.
    I love it !
    Wonderful night cream that works and that’s coming from someone who has spent a lot on expensive night creams! Have bought this a few times. The cream seems to give a more lifting effect but less rich and the rich cream is more emollient.
    The Rich Cream
    wonderful product - my skin loves it - only but is that its very expensive
    The best cream for high altitude dry / dehydrated skin
    It does what other moisturizers only claim to do. Worth the investment.
    Lives up to the hype!
    I really didn't want to like this just because of the price point but unfortunately, it is AMAZING! The texture, the smell the softness *deep breath*, I have caved in. It leaves my skin more than plump, the texture has this richness to it that I have never experienced before and my skin in the morning is so fresh and looks youthful. Leaves a film on the skin, not too oily not too tacky, perfect. I have to say, I'm hooked.
    It’s really amazing
    It’s really is the best cream ever the rich one anyway. Everyone that I've recommended agrees. No other cream compares. On my 8th/9th bottle now.
    Good for my 60 year old skin
    I wouldn't spend the money if i were in my 30s/40s but for my older skin it has helped. I love that it is a one stop product - no other products necessary Unless you are on retin A then introduce that too.
    Just so good!
    I have dry acne prone skin and so i went with the rich cream initially but found it too ‘oily’ though in a good way. However what i needed was hydration and not oiliness. I have always preferred light textured yet deeply nourishing creams over thick ones. Plus the rich cream separated coz i live in hot humid weather conditions. But could not deny how strong my skin felt in a weird way when i used it. So this time around I ordered the cream and yess! Skin is the biggest organ and a lot of it depends on genetics so don’t expect to look like an angel just because you spent that much money. It’s more about how skin feels over time and the research behind it. I wouldn’t justify the price but I don’t want to open my skincare cabinet and not have it in there, it is that good for me. I would rather skip essences and toners and eye creams but have this. This stuff is genuine.
    Game changer
    Having problem skin in my younger years and signs of ageing beginning to show this cream has improved my skin and scaring no end. Feel more confident without foundation and makeup. Worth every pound!
    Worth it.
    I love this cream and it's worth the money. It does take a time to notice the difference but soon I wasn't even having to use any serum or oils just this. Once finished I went back to a cheaper cream but my skin didn't feel as good as it did with this so I am now back to this cream and my skin loves it. Pricey but worth the money.
    Just ok
    I have tried three bottles of this cream - it’s a lovely texture but saw no appreciable significance in my skin. In fact my skin became quite dry using it and I had to apply another moisturiser on top - so gave it a good try but at this price - not again !
    Great moisturiser but not magic...
    This is a lovely moisturiser with an elegant texture that leaves the skin nice and hydrated. Sometimes it's not quite enough on its own and needs another layer to really get the job done. No discernable scent/fragrance, at least not one that lingers which is great. I dont expect miracles from any skincare product no matter what the claims are and it would be a mistake to expect so much from this product despite the hype (and price). I'm not a fan of the excessive packaging but the pump dispenses the right amount so you can really control how much you use leaving little to no waste which is greatly appreciated feature. After using it for about 6 months, my experience is that it leaves my skin nicely hydrated and I do notice my skin feeling a bit firmer and stronger/more resilient. My skin really likes this moisturiser and I will continue to purchase it, but by no means is it a miracle in a bottle that will make you look 10 years younger or anything like that.
    Not worth the price
    I enjoyed using this cream, I like the texture and its a lovely moisturiser - but that's it. The products I use from The Inkey List and The Ordinary do 100 times more for my skin. I also had the same problem mentioned in another review, it separates! For such an expensive product, this is unacceptable. Glad I tried it, but would definitely not buy it again.
    Lavish packaging is a mistake
    I really loved the moisturiser and I can see it makes a real difference. The packaging is offputting though... it is so wasteful and excessive, loads of cardboard, and who needs a little bag to keep their moisturiser in? It’s as if it was designed in the 1980s to be used by the cast of Dynasty.
    GREAT - but separates in the bottle
    I really really love this cream, it is absolutely fantastic and I am on my third bottle! It's the kind of cream that makes people give you compliments and ask for the number to your dermatologist :) but, and this is a huge concern, it separates. At first, I thought I had an off batch but it's happened with all there bottles. The oil separates from the white cream and no amount of shaking the bottle can change it back into its original texture.
    Not bad! But not great either
    If this cream was priced under 100 £ I would give it 3/4 stars, but at this price, I expected more, and this cream didn't deliver. You're paying for the hype, marketing, and packaging. It's a decent cream but hugely overpriced. I will stick to Dennis Gross and SKii.
    Much ado about??!?
    So I am a skincare freak. And AB cream is much hyped, celebrities use it, it's all over the web, and I had to try it. It has been two months now, so I think I can give an honest review; I have both creams and been using them exclusively for two months - first the packaging is great, of course, very luxuries, with magnetic lids, beautiful. The Rich Cream is very thick, almost too thick, but the pump helps not do dispense too much. It lays pretty heavy on the skin so I used it before bed. The Cream is lighter, applies much easier, has retinol in it so it gives me outbreaks, like pretty much every retinol cream out there, but they were always minimal. Am I blown away with results? No. Is it sooo much special that is is worth the splurge? Nope. My skin looks great but is not without breakouts. I did not improve drastically the texture of my skin, I still have little bumps now and there. So my opinion after two months of using just AB creams is .. it is not worth the hype. I will stick with Drunk elephant, glow and Tatcha. I think there are amazing and for a fraction of the price. Thank you ab. Next!
    Fabulous but pricey and not very eco friendly packaging
    So I was struggling to work out what star rating to give this - a 3 or 4? I do like The Cream A LOT. I use the rich formula, but it does break me out in the odd spot. The cream has separated which I note has been experienced by another reviewer. I have very dry skin and this cream has resolved this. My skin is nicely hydrated but I’m sure I’ve had equally good, if not better results, with other products. And therein lies the problem, it’s too expensive. I’m not sure I can justify the cost given there are other products which give similar results. The packaging is a recycling nightmare. Please Cult Beauty could you have a word with Mr. Bader about introducing greener packaging that’s easier to recycle. So for the mo I’ll look elsewhere for my skin care needs and perhaps return to The Cream at some future date.
    Fantastic product
    I absolutely think this cream is worth the price. My one issue is I hate the full size packaging, I find it unnecessarily bulky and I prefer the travel size packaging but that’s personal preference. The cream is excellent at hydration and I haven’t used it long enough for know all of the benefits but as a cream I think it looks great under makeup, works well with my other products, doesn’t ball up and all around I am very happy with the product.
    Not worth the price
    I have dry, acne prone skin, but looking at the ingredients list, I went for the original “The Cream”, as it contained retinol, and the rich cream didn’t. Retinol is the only thing that keeps my acne under control. The cream is nice, used twice a day I did see improvement in skin texture and appearance, but a full sized bottle lasted me 6-8 weeks, and that is nowhere near long enough for me to spend that kind of money on another bottle. There are far less expensive creams I have tried that had similar effects. I wouldn’t buy it again.
    Truly rich, as its name suggests
    I love the velvety, luscious texture and its very subtle, almost not existing smell. I'm only using it for a few days, but the surface of my face is already gleamier, brighter. I'm not giving it 5 stars because on my skin the uptake is a bit slow, in fact, the epidermis feels a bit oily even after 3 hours I applied. You need to massage it absolutely thoroughly to let it absorb quickly.
    It moisturises... kind of.
    I can’t help but feel that this is the Creme de la Mer for this generation. It’s got a secret ingredient that is supposed to magically transform the skin. It doesn’t. It’s a nice moisturiser... although the first thing in years to cause spots... but it does leave the skin feeling moist. However, after using one bottle, I saw no improvement in any of the areas I wanted. Had much better results using cheaper products such as Drunk Elephant, Peach and Lily and NIOD.
    I have really dry and sensitive skin and I have tried several high-end products that are designed to fight these problems - nothing comes close to this. I use the rich cream every night, and in the morning my face is soft and dewy. Pure magic in a bottle!
    Spot Alert
    I almost never have breakouts but this cream really didn’t work for my skin. I persisted for a month in the hope it would pass as I did see some other benefits to my skin but the spots continued, really disappointed ☹️
    This is the second time I’m buying the cream. First, I went for the lighter version as it was summer, but opted out for the rich cream as it’s winter time soon! I’m 34 years old and I often get complimented on my complexion. Gorgeous cream, very comforting when on! I haven’t seen that much wrinkle reduction but, then again, I don’t have that many wrinkles yet.
    Love The Cream not The Rich Cream
    It's very weird...I feel like The Cream has moisturised my skin better than The Rich Cream. My skin is dry + hypersensitive skin. The Cream gives me so much glow finishing and easy to apply on my face and neck while The Rich Cream is a bit harder to spread on my skin. Also, The Rich Cream caused entire of my face has a red rash and sore on my cheeks after I just used only 4 days.. :( P.s - I wish the brand will concern more in their packaging which I think the big box is so much waste.
    Such a disappointment
    Hi, just wanted to share that this product was a huge disappointment. My skin NEVER breaks out. I used the cream and a couple of days after my skin started having huge lumps...I gave it a try for a couple of weeks because I didnt want to believe that such a expensive product would have this reaction on my skin but the problem was definitely this product. After I stopped using it pimples were gone. I wish I didnt splurge on this product ...so sad this happened...
    Amazing quality moisturiser, not sure whether the results reflect what the science says it does.
    Has changed and strengthened skin and moisture restoration. But still unsure if it's worth the price tag. I tried it alone for a week, without other products besides a cleanser like the directions say and felt as though the cream was too thick and wouldn't go far on the skin. So then used it with hydrating serum and it went further and sat nice on my skin. Will try the light cream next time. Not mind blowing as of yet.
    the rich cream
    Hello, first of all I have to give 5 stars to Cult Beauty team customer service they have helped me so so much that I just cant say enough how I appreciate their help Second 5 stars to Augustinus Bader the rich cream. For me its the only cream my super sensitive skin can tolerate I have tried many brands from La mer to Sisley and other "eco beauty" but this cream its work its work work!!!
    Holy holy grail
    Oh god I wish I didn't love this as much as I do, but it's just as good as everyone says. After years of searching for the perfect moisturizer, it feels cruel but inevitable to have it be the most expensive one I've ever tried. But you get what you paid for! It's almost magical how this works, and it has replaced every single step of my nighttime routine. I used to have a 5-8 step cocktail of essences and serums and oils and moisturizers and now I just double cleanse and use this. So in that sense I'd say worth every penny.
    Simply the best
    Seriously game changing. Go for the rich cream at night and the cream at day. You don’t need to buy eye cream and 10 other products to get great skin. Just invest is this.
    Absolutely AMAZING!
    I have never been able to find the perfect skincare. I struggle with fine pores that clog easily and when they clog, they clog! I also have dehydrated sensitive skin so finding the perfect skincare to combat all of these issues has been very difficult. I have been using The Cream for 2.5 weeks and it is absolutely amazing to combat all my issues discussed above. It has retinol in it which made my cheeks red (as I am super sensitive) however I still really loved the results so far - no clogging, glowy and smooth skin. I switched to The Rich Cream instead and it is perfect! Don't let the name turn you off, it's actually not rich and sinks into your skin very quickly.
    Can’t live without
    This product is worthy of the price tag! Trust me it has improved both the look and feel of my skin beyond expectations. At 38 my skin is in need of more TLC so I’ve just started to invest in my skincare routine and have tried many different creams and oils but have to say there is no going back after trying this. I’m just about to run out of my first so I’ve just ordered two more!! Try it... you won’t regret it.
    Rich cream not so rich
    I have dry skin and I don’t find the rich cream that rich. I still have to put some oil on top to wake up to dewy skin. Regardless of that my face looks better!
    Lovely but perhaps not worth the price
    This cream is lovely–absolutely lovely. I ordered the regular version, not the rich, and it hydrates my skin to perfection. It is comfortable on the skin and makeup sits nicely on top of it. My skin is very happy with this but I am just not sure it is worth the price. I am a skincare junkie so the idea of eliminating all other serums, lotions, and potions from my routine is problematic for me. I could do away with all the other steps except an eye cream–my undereyes are just too dehydrated. I like this cream and if it were under £100, I would gladly repurchase. But at just over 200, I will have to think long and hard.
    The cream
    The cream is good, I just expect something magical for this price range.
    Give it a chance
    Research behind it is sound. Have used it for around 8 months, amazing results,I am almost 60 but I often get mistaken for woman of 10 years younger.
    Regretfully love this cream
    Intrigued by this cream and the brands philosophy to simplify routine by only using this cream, I took the plunge and purchased it. Hate to say it but I love it. I have The Cream and have since repurchased it. Nothing makes my skin as hydrated, glowy and juicy. I do get piling when I use this product with other skincare that has silicone so am careful with what I use it with. Incredibly impressed by this product and meets expectations!
    acts like nothing else
    The fact that I have bought my second tube says a lot about how much I love this. And I've tried so many skincare products as a skincare junkie I am. I have mature oily skin, large pores, wrinkles, you name it... This is the perfect moisturizer under the SPF and under the foundation. Works like no other!! I know it's difficult to believe it from this simple review. My English is poor...and because of that I rarely write reviews. But this expensive lotion deserves it so here I am. I still use my serums under it and I find that no matter how sticky a serum is this lotion will take away the stickiness creating the perfect base for SPF and foundation.
    Lovely consistency, ok results
    I bought the original version and whilst I'm not disappointed, I didn't find this to be far superior to other premium (but less expensive) skincare. It has a lovely consistency, absorbs well and is enjoyable to use with good packaging, but the results didn't blow me away. I have combination skin and might have preferred the rich cream instead - if you have any dryness at all I would go for the rich cream as I wouldn't say the original formula is particularly hydrating. Overall I will continue to use this but I'll probably try something new when I next decide to splurge on skincare!
    Rich Cream
    It took me a minute to buy this and wow wow wow. This is all they say it is and more. It is well worth it. I read reviews before I buy so for those of you unsure yes it is expensive but it is a great cream and makes your face look great. I do use all of my serums with it as I did not think it was enough without it but it is still magnificent.
    Pricey, but wait...
    So I finally caved, and bought the rich version of this cream as soon as it launched on Cult Beauty. The packaging is gorgeous, and certainly part of why the price is what it is. As for my skin? I've cut out all other moisturisers in my routine and only use this, to see what kind of results I get on my dry, blemish-prone skin. After two months of daily use, my skin is smoother, always feels moisturised, and I've barely had any new blemishes. My skin was already pretty good, but now it feels like it's been taken to the next level. The texture of my skin has improved in ways I didn't think were possible. The results are definitely addictive, and I will be very tempted to repurchase this when the time comes. Considering it seems to last you quite some time, I'd say the price can be justified.
    Magical Cream
    So I did buy This cream (The cream) after seeing so many great comments about it. And yes after the first night I loved it, The cream texture is very light, perfect for a day cream so I decided to buy The rich cream too and This one is magic!!!! Sooooo nice and creamy, maybe not for oily skin but is you have a normal to dry skin This one is heaven! So I’m using the cream during the days and the rich cream at night and My skin is glowing and Beautiful! The products Are very pricey and it’s not like an oil Where it Will lasts you forever.
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