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    Anastasia Beverly HillsClear Brow Gel Travel Size<p>If eyes are the windows to your soul then eyebrows are the curtains, so make sure they're lovingly drawn. Clear Brow Gel is perfect for giving your brows definition and reining in strays without stiffness or stickiness. Used alone or over your favourite powder, it fixes the hairs into any style you fancy - from so-hot-right-now bushy, brushed-up and boyish to super-sleek and Insta-worthy - the botanical formula 'sets' and conditions for brows that behave with a wave of this magic wand.</p>ANA001_MINI14256893040110135 stars, based on61 reviews 9.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

    Anastasia Beverly Hills
    Clear Brow Gel
    ( 2.5ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      {Anastasia Beverly Hills'} Clear Brow Gel is perfect for those blessed with this season's more voluptuous eyebrows and offers firm hold with a natural, non-sticky appearance to transform you from tangled to tamed in seconds. Anastasia Soare is 'the definitive brow expert' and has spent years perfecting the brows of Hollywood's A-List. Her list of fans reads like a who's-who of celebrity and now her expertise is available to everyone with her range of easy to use, affordable products.

    • Description

      If eyes are the windows to your soul then eyebrows are the curtains, so make sure they're lovingly drawn. Clear Brow Gel is perfect for giving your brows definition and reining in strays without stiffness or stickiness. Used alone or over your favourite powder, it fixes the hairs into any style you fancy - from so-hot-right-now bushy, brushed-up and boyish to super-sleek and Insta-worthy - the botanical formula 'sets' and conditions for brows that behave with a wave of this magic wand.

    • How to use

      Apply the gel in short upward strokes, following the direction of hair growth. Perfect for experimenting with this season's 'brushed up' brow looks or for making sure they don't go awry during the day.

    • Full ingredients list
      Water, Vp/Va Copolymer, Alcohol Denat., Propylene Glycol, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Butylene Glycol, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tetrasodium Edta, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben <8910r1>
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    Anastasia Beverly Hills - Clear Brow Gel

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel Reviews

    Hands down the best brow gel I have ever tried - for natural hold and finish, without leaving the brows with a crusty feeling.
    Works great
    Find this just as easy to use as the tinted version and keeps brows in place all day ⭐️
    Very good
    It lasts all day, the brows stay in place. I like to put it on before other brow products and then draw on hair like strokes in between and that works great with this.
    It’s a good brow gel in general. It sets my brows really nicely. The only issue I have is that the brow gel doesn’t keep my stubborn, fine eyebrows in place for too long. My brow hairs tend to fall out of place but it’s not too noticeable for me. If that’s something that bothers you, I’d skip this and try another product.
    Love this gel
    I like to use over an Hourglass micro pencil. I absolutely love this gel, it's taken over from my previous fave Boy Brow. No flaking, sets beautifully and lasts all day
    Good fixer
    This gel fixes my eyebrows very well - they are "glued" in place all day. It's invisible and does not feel sticky or watery while applying. Good gel for daily makeup.
    My brows cannot be tamed...
    Unfortunately, this formula is just not strong enough to control my little fluffy caterpillars! I’ve even tried blow-drying them while brushing them up, trying to set them
    Not a fan
    Bought this because of the great reviews but doesn't really keep my brows in place and leaves a bit of a white cast on my eyebrow hairs
    Power brows.
    Tried the mini to start off with and I was really impressed! I don't usually do anything to my brows as they are naturally quite full, but this has made my life so much better. Eyebrows stay looking great all day, no budge and it doesn't fade!!
    Eyebrow lift in a bottle
    Keeps my eyebrows in place all day! Love this.
    The best.
    Expensive but my brows look amazing❤️
    pretty good
    This product is much better than the one of RMK as it does not make my eyebrow white and stuck so hard and leaving look unnatural.
    Love this
    Used to use benefit's version but it always turned crispy and white (???) whereas this is amazing- looks completely natural, holds brows in place and dries within 15 seconds. Cannot recommend enough- don't let the price put you off!
    This product is very good. It lasts all day and gives a natural effect to the eyebrow. I love it
    Don’t know what all the fuss is about
    It’s okay, does the job but makes my eyebrows look wet
    Best ever brow gel!
    Omg I love this product, this in my mua kit and my own makeup bag and now I've had to buy one for my 17 year old daughter too! Can be used as a stand alone product to groom and hold brow hairs in place and in conjunction with the Anastasia brow palette to hold the product in place, a must have for your brows
    Great product
    This is great product and it does what it says it does! I also use this on my babyhairs :D works everytime! I need to have this in my makeup bag all times!
    Keeps my long stubborn hair in place
    I received this in a goody bag and was pleasantly surprised. The gel feels quite wet but not runny. I have also CT's brow gel and compared to that this is more like holding and keeping my brow hairs in a place where I want (the CT one is more like colour, enhancing and not so much hold). I would say my brows are not that bushy but still, I have plenty of hairs and some of them are quite long.
    Not if you have Bushy Brows
    Doesn't really hold much - I have thick and bushy brows. Also, the price tag is ridiculous for what it is.
    love it! awesome and doesn't feel weird at all.
    I recently had my brows tattooed and I received this as a free sample in my goody bag...it is exactly the only product I needed now and I’m thankful for this.
    Sticky and tended to peel
    I didn't like this brow gel at all. The gel makes eyebrows stiff, which feels quite strange. It also started shedding towards the end of the day. I tried using smaller amounts but it was difficult to do so with the wand. It also left marks on my skin, around my eyebrows. Like dried glue.
    Simply the best
    I am very demanding when it comes to this type of products. But I must confess this item have all the qualities: it is very strong, but not sticky at all, as said above perfectly firm holding without crispy feeling.
    Perfect for falling hairs
    Love it. I think I've tried just about every brow gel on the market to stop the hair from falling down this product absolutely sets them for the day without leaving them feeling crusty/cakey or like they have any product on them my brows look naturally set.
    Living for it
    Best brow gel I have ever used. It keeps my brows in place all day long without them looking really crispy and weird. They do feel stiff when you touch them, but they don't look like it. Only downside I find is that there isn't too much product in the tube.
    Favourite brow gel
    No other brow gel comes close to this, it holds my brows in place all day, but is easily removed at night and my brows never feel crispy. I also love that the tube isn't see through, so you don't see the gross colour on the inside. Other plus is that it lasts forever! I only need to purchase two a year (if that) and I use it everyday without fail!
    Super glue (without the crispiness)
    I have used many brow gels before but they always disappoint, however, this one- wow! Keeps them right where I want to.
    Keeps your brows in place and you don't even notice it on. Not sticky or noticeable
    Worth the money
    I was unsure whether this clear brow gel will be worth the money. But compared to less expensive products it manages to keep my brows in neatly in shape all day without making them feel sticky (I have a fringe, so sticky eyebrows can be quiet annoying).
    Ideal for traveling.
    I wasn't sure if it would be a waste of money
    I was unsure of this product but absolutely made up I bought it, it really helps make your natural brows stand out more over the top of the dip brow. I can't wait for the tinted version to come back in stock.
    Wouldn't recommend
    The gel is alright, but the cylinder is so small and feels empty even though I just bought it.
    This is the best eyebrow gel I've ever used. It really holds the brows in place ALL day. Will repurchase.
    The Brow Queen
    My eyebrows might be the calmest facet of my existence, so the utility of this product is negligible and yet I have found it a necessity to repurchase twice - why? I suppose this conditioning yet petrifying gel gives me the peace of mind that should a hair ever wish to move, it simply cannot. It also empowers me to impersonate Florence Pugh for five minutes every morning which is arguably priceless.
    Супер - Super
    У меня густые и жесткие брови. Я очень довольна. Волосинкам придаёт объём. Пользуюсь в паре с помадкой в оттенке taupe I have thick and stiff eyebrows. I am very pleased. Gives volume to the hair. Pair with taupe fondant
    Very good product
    First of all, I really enjoy the fact that ABH is cruelty-free! I'm always looking for a stronghold product to keep my eyebrows up (been enjoying the feathered/laminated style) and this is a great one! It dries pretty fast and keeps my brows in place for the most part of the day. I take it off with a cleansing balm and I can actually feel the texture of my brows changing once the product is melted away. Probably won't buy it again only bc I'll be looking for an even stronger product, but this is a great place to start!
    Гель для бровей. / Gel for eyebrows.
    Мне не понравился. Он не держит мои брови,я не увидела сильной фиксации. I did not like. It does not hold my eyebrows, I did not see strong fixation.
    The best
    I adore this brow gel. It keeps you eyebrows in place all day and isn't sticky at all, I forget I have it on. It brushes through every single hair on the brows making them look perfect. It gives the brows a lift and makes them. look fuller. No joke, I use this on a daily basis. Just perfect.
    Love it
    it's a bit pricey for the amount you get but it has such a great hold and it won't flake. I use it as a substitute for mascara too and it's lovely but it won't hold up your lashes much.
    The spoolie is too big for my eyebrows, I would recommend it for people with fuller eyebrows. It does the job, but other much cheaper clear eyebrow gels also.
    Best gel ever!
    This one is the best! Seriously, it is.
    The best
    This is the only product from the ABH range that I have used. It is amazing, your brows do not move ‘hold’ all day without looking stiff or hard. It is fantastic
    I love it, but have they changed the formula?
    This brow gel is the only stuff that keeps my brows in check for the whole day. Clear and non flaking formula. Can’t recommend highly enough! Question though, have they changed the formula? There doesn’t seem to be an awful lot of product on the brush so have to re-dip several times for the acquired look.
    Amazing product
    This is seriously the best gel I've used. It sets the brows so naturally but hold all day. It's super easy to apply and not sticky at all. Even with very little color, my brows look more energized after it.
    Great product
    Love this brow gel! Sets brows in place all day and I even love this for my baby hairs!
    The best brow gel ever!
    Formula has changed?
    I'm on my second one but this one seems different. First one was like the superglue for eyebrows, but now it just doesn't seem like the same product and seeing as the price has gone up too I just don't want to try again.
    The Best
    My brows stay exactly where I want with this brow gel, such a trustworthy product that makes my brows look full and either bushy or tamed depending on what I want and it lasts all day. Definitely recommend!
    The best
    Received this in a goody bag, will be purchasing the full size when it runs out. Has such a fantastic stronghold and doesn’t leave any residue.
    Best Brow Gel I've ever used
    This is the best brow gel I've ever used! It holds the brows in place all day and doesn't make them too hard or sticky. It's not necessary to put on a huge amount. Ordering my second one now, just love it.
    Massive price hike just to fulfil greed
    Another product where the price has not increased slightly but been MASSIVELY hiked up. I bought this in June this year from this same website for £16.50. Please explain why it's now £23 for the exact same product. Does Anastasia need another house or car? Never buying it again. Nothing justifies £23 on clear brow gel.
    Powerful Brow Gel
    I really enjoy it and it has an incredible staying power. One thing I notice is that if I put too much on it can cake and create white flakes which show up on my dark hairs. So just be careful when applying.
    Not like it used to be :(
    I have been a loyal customer of this product however the product I just bought is completely different to previous products. My previous ones used to have quite a lot of product on the brush and the one that has arrived seems to have no product at all and doesn't seem to do anything to my brows whereas the previous ones kept my brows in place all day. Really disappointed :(
    Love, love, LOVE
    This is the first ever brow gel I have used so I have nothing to compare it to, but I don't know how I ever lived without it.
    The best
    My eyebrows, while thick, tend to "fall down". This is the strongest holding gel I've come across; keeps my brows in shape even through the night (if I haven't washed my face before bed). No crispyness or flakeyness! Will be buying this only from now on.
    Easy to apply
    Easy to apply to the brow without it being sticky or clumpy. Combs through the brow and long lasting all day. Just purchased another one. The only disadvantage the colour transfers from the brow into the gel.
    The perfect brow gel!
    Never thought I would feel this excited about a brow gel but this is just perfect! Firm hold without feeling crispy - what more could you want?
    Eyebrows always on fleek!
    After using the brow pomade and brow wiz I need only the best to set my masterpiece for the day and nothing beats this setting gel! gives my brows a subtle sheen and hairs stay put all day! highly recommended girls!
    Brows on fleek
    I've been through countless amount of eye gels and nothing touches this. Its shellac for the brows but not crispy and it's not a clear tube so you don't see the colour when it turns dirty from your brow powder!
    Love the way it really does set each hair in place without being sticky. Great news for those of us who have a fringe. Takes a second to do, and brows look neat all day.
    Fab to keep eyebrows in place all day!
    Really nice product, gives a natural finish with no flaking or white bits ( as may happen if you use a clear mascara), strong hold and helps keep brows tidy and tame all day, will definitely purchase again!
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