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    Anastasia Beverly HillsBrow Freeze<p>Want to recreate that laminated brow look you've seen <em>allllll</em> over your feed? Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Freeze is here to help you do just that! </p><p>A transparent styling wax that fixes wayward arches with a feathery effect, this long-wearing product reveals full-bodied brows - all without leaving stiff finish in its stead. Not only that, the residue- and flake-free formula is a must for mess-free, easy application. Its clear finish means that it's suitable for all skin tones and brow colours plus, it works wonders on amplifying medium-sparse to full brows. For a bushy, lifted look that lasts like no other, consider this your arch angel...</p>ANA149246116893043484235 stars, based on45 reviews 24.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

    Anastasia Beverly Hills
    Brow Freeze
    ( 8g )

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    • Why it's Cult

      The brainchild of the architect-turned-browchitect Anastasia Soare, we introduced Anastasia Beverly Hills – a stand-out range of brow-enhancing pencils, tools and treatments to the UK back in 2012. Since then, the brand has overhauled your make up wardrobes, with the Brow Freeze now entering the mix. This customisable styling wax is sure to become a future staple with its universally-flattering, clear formula that lends your arches effortless lift and hold.

    • Description

      Want to recreate that laminated brow look you've seen allllll over your feed? Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Freeze is here to help you do just that!

      A transparent styling wax that fixes wayward arches with a feathery effect, this long-wearing product reveals full-bodied brows - all without leaving stiff finish in its stead. Not only that, the residue- and flake-free formula is a must for mess-free, easy application. Its clear finish means that it's suitable for all skin tones and brow colours plus, it works wonders on amplifying medium-sparse to full brows. For a bushy, lifted look that lasts like no other, consider this your arch angel...

    • How to use
      • Using the flat spatula end of the {Brow Freeze Applicator}, gently pick up a small amount of Brow Freeze.
      • Only a small amount of Brow Freeze is needed for both brows, a little goes a long way!
      • Close the lid and place the wax on the back of the cap.
      • Using the spoolie brush end, swirl wax on the back of the cap to evenly distribute throughout the brush.
      • Spin the brush to remove any excess before applying.
      • On clean brows, brush a small amount of wax through the brow.
      • Use upward motions and continuously brush through the brow in desired direction.
      • Starting from front to back, use the flat spatula to press brow hairs down flat.
      • Sculpt into place until desired shape and lift is achieved.

      To maintain optimal appearance and efficacy, cap must remain tightly closed at all times when not in use.

      Pro Tips:

      • For thicker, untamed brows use a little more product for extra hold
      • Can be used to tame unruly hairs around the hair line
      • ABH dual-ended brushes can be used to apply Brow Freeze
    • Full ingredients list

      Water (Aqua) Ceteareth-30, D-Sorbitol ,Propanediol, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol Propylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate

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    Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brow Freeze

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Reviews

    5 minute freeze
    It looked so promising, brows looked amazing, but this lasted only 5 minutes, big disappointment.
    My eyebrows basically laughed at this
    I bought this specifically because it was touted as being a miracle product on thick/coarse brows. I checked reviews, demos and viewed blogs that compared this to others that worked ok for me, so I was excited to try this, as it was so highly recommended. I’d say this did nothing, but that’s not entirely true—it left a nasty film on my brows long after my brow hairs resumed their regular resting spots on my face and made me feel gross the three days I tried to make it work, but alas, it did not.
    Brow freeze
    Doesn't keep the brows up like pears soap does, not worth the money.
    Excellent product
    I have particularly unruly eyebrows and this product has been the only thing that has worked. More than I would usually pay, but worth the money.
    It’s my favorite brow product!!!!
    Expensive and Disappointing
    I was hoping I had found the brow product that would keep my unruly brows staying up but it doesn't. It quite sticky and I can feel it on my brows throughout the day but it doesn't hold them. It even gave me a spot under my eyebrow hairs the other day. Definitely wouldn't repurchase.
    Good but...
    It holds my brows in place all day, it really is the best product I have ever tried for feathered brows. But it makes my brows really shiny and when it dries, it leaves a flaky residue. So good and bad.
    Great Product!
    I get my eyebrows laminated regularly however throughout lockdown this product saved my brows & I believe it will look amazing to keep lamination in place too. Highly recommend
    Amazing product! keeps my eyebrows in place and makes them fluffy LOVE it so much!
    Honestly, I was so excited to get my hands on this item, but sadly the hype in my opinion was a letdown. The product leaves my brows all flaky and leaves white speaks after a few hours which give the look of scabby brows. The brows stay up for like 1 hour before they go back to original directions (and that's me being generous with the hour). Personally, I would not recommend it to anyone and think that there's no difference to this than the £1 soap that's trending everywhere!
    This product is phenomenal! Exactly what my brows needed. I have stubborn brows that refuse to stay up and this is the ONLY product able to give the fluffy brow look! It last all day. So pleased. Anastasia does it again!
    The product is great when used on its own but doesn't work very well when mixed with other brow products. On its own it gives a brow laminated look and last very well.
    Not worth the hype
    After seeing this product on Instagram I thought to myself "here's the product you've been waiting for!", but unfortunately it is not. My eyebrows are very stubborn and refuse to stay up when I use the 24h benefit brow gel, for example. So I thought this gel would work better. As someone else said here, the brows are "laminated" at first, but after 2-3h, they just fall back.
    Feathered Brows
    I am so impressed! I love a feathered brow look and this helps them stay in place. The best brow setter I’ve tried and I’ve used so many. Will definitely repurchase this!
    After reading the reviews watching tutorials I decided to buy Brow Freeze. It started off well, went on great then within thirty minutes my eyebrows went back to normal. They should take the 'freeze' part out of the product description as it does not do what it claims it does. Not a repurchase what a shame as I had high hopes.
    The best I’ve used! Easy to apply and my brows stay put all day! The only thing I would advise is to use disposable lash wands as it can clog up your brush a little - so I wouldn’t advise using with an expensive brow brush. I love the formula! Would definitely buy again but this little tub will last months!
    Does the job great!
    I have very, very thin almost no hair brows and this works great for me.
    Best Product!
    This product is amazing! I haven’t been able to find a single product that keeps my brows fluffy all day until I used this. Well worth the money! You won’t be disappointed
    Brow Freeze
    Absolutely fantastic for brows !! Sets them in place and smooths down. If you use a colour cake/pencil do that first as once the freeze has gone on they set into position.
    Brow Freeze
    I was on the waiting list for this...it was worth the wait. Don't need too much product on the brows does what it says on the tin.
    Brow Lamination in seconds
    First things first, if you don't own a spoolie you're going to need one! This is an amazing product and really helps to give me that at-home version of Brow Lamination and it lasts all day. As a Black girl with coarse eyebrow hair, not much can hold my eyebrow hair all day but this does and they don't move! The trick is to use a brow spoolie and brush your hair upwards and leave for 1/2 minutes depending on your environment and then go in with your dipbrow or brow wiz or other brow products.
    Amazing amazing!
    Obsessed with this - usually laminate my eyebrows once every 6 weeks but will definitely be able to reduce that after getting this product! So easy to use and doesn’t feel sticky once on your eyebrow. Only issue is they don’t include an applicator brush.
    Great product
    Love this. Sets your brows all day, they’re not going anywhere. Gives a brow lamination effect if desired, that holds. Would 100% recommend.
    Dosen’t hold very well on my brows
    Heard of this product thinking it would be amazing due to the hype around it! It didn’t hold my brows very well in the “soap brow” style I like. After about an hour my brows were fully back to their normal shape.
    Not for me
    I don’t have very unruly or thick brows in any way, but this doesn’t do anything at all! I purchased this thinking, that my brows would look like as on the pictures shown above. They look like that for maybe 5 minutes and then they like puff out and just sit like they normally do. The gel doesn’t dry either, i can very easily just move the hairs around when “dried”. I’m VERY disappointed in this as it’s quite expensive, it doesn’t do what it says it does AT ALL! Also you can’t put this on first and then use the brow liner also from Anastasia, because of the gel on the skin, the liner won’t go on. Absolutely unacceptable. Shouldn’t be called brow “freeze” more just like brow gel.
    מוצר חובה לגבות! *** A must-have product to back up!
    משמש כמעין סבון גבות רק בלי צורך במיסט להרטבת המוצר, מקבע את הגבות לכל היום! עובד מושלם! ממליץ בחום ***** Used as a kind of eyebrow soap only without the need for a mist to moisten the product, fixes the eyebrows for the whole day! Works perfectly! highly recommend
    I really like this brow gel. Must admit that it’s not super long-lasting, but you can refresh brows at the end of the day.
    This is the only product I have found that keeps my eyebrows in place. I have had positive comments from friends who thought that I must have had some professional work done. Don't use too much. Great if you like nice shapely eyebrows that don't look painted on.
    Not worth the hype.
    I've been doing my brows with soap and stayed in place ALL DAY so I was very excited to replace it with this product. Sadly I was very disappointed, the brows stay up for like 3 minutes before going to their original place. I'll keep using my 2 euro soap.
    Best Grow Gel
    This is the best product if you want the fluffy brow look, I even laminated my brows and they didn’t stay in place as well as when I use this gel. 100% recommend.
    The best!
    Being a victim of the 90s brow tweeze craze, I'm left with sparse brows. This product not only makes ook fuller but also needs just little strokes with the powder duo and voila! Best brows ever! So natural and long-lasting!
    Great product
    Amazing product. I have dark eyebrows and this does not leave those little white dots on them. 100% recommend it.
    Thrilled with this product. I’ve looked for a product that really placed and holds my brows in place since the illamasqua brow gel, and I finally found it. A little goes a long way. It doesn’t leave a tacky or hard, sticky residue... it looks entering natural (I’m a guy) you don’t have to use it solely for the brow lamination trend, I just use it where I want to, so it looks natural and holds for the whole day. One thing I will say is don’t use too much and don’t keep overly brushing the brows when the product has dried, I think it can encourage minor flakiness.
    After all the hype I finally got this and was so let down. At first it holds and shapes the brow perfectly but it really doesn’t last even half the day and left a residue as it mixed with other brow products.
    Very smooth application and setting of brows
    Finally laid my hands on this product, lovely little package but only criticism is that it’s in a shallow tub so I had to bend my spoolie in order to get an application. The product itself is great though, clear and does not leave any residue in your brows. I used it a few times now and can’t really say that brows stay put as I feel by the end of the day they just look like normal brows. However, it’s a nice product for fixing your brows in a subtle way.
    Like laminating but better
    Strong, clear and easy to apply. Tip: draw your brows first and only then apply the wax.
    Doesn’t budge
    Excellent brow setter. I saw a video of a famous beauty blogger rave about this product. Desperate to try and saw most website had sold out, I stumbled across Cult beauty having it in stock. Stays put all day long. My only reservation is it being in a tub. You need a mascara brush to place the product on and the product can get rather messy.
    Nothing to add. Hands down the best product for brows! Has them set in place for hours.
    My brows are wild and normal brow products do not hold them for any period of time. This stuff is great, it lasts all day!
    Brow soap
    Perfect product. Makes my downward growing eyebrows stand up and last all day in a sweaty ppe3 wearing hospital. I use less eyebrow pencil now as shape is so much better due to this.
    This is an amazing product! It really is clear and doesn’t leave any cast on my deeper skin tone. I love that it immediately grips onto the hair, but isn’t difficult to work through the hair. Eyebrows keep their shape.
    I absolutely never leave reviews for products but this really deserved the time. This is the best product I’ve ever used, it holds my brow completely in place, you don’t need to wet your brush at all (like soap brow products) and a tiny bit will give you perfect brows. If unsure YOU NEED THIS!!!!
    Amazing! Worth the money and way better than soap!
    I thought I’d try this product as I like the look of pushed up/fluffy brows but never get on with soap products or other gels as they can be messy and don’t hold. This product holds brows in place all day and is easy to apply and shape brows. You only need a little bit of product so it should last a while! It would be even better if it was tinted as I just have to go over them with another product to darken them slightly but apart from that I love it!
    Really like this product
    Love this product. It gives the same effect as soap brows but way less messy. Super easy and quick application and holds the up all day and easy to rinse off. A little pricey though.
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