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    ZITSTICKAKILLA<p>One of life&#8217;s pimple pleasures, KILLA is a genius spot patch that aims to disrupt a zit before it emerges... Designed for deep, upcoming varieties in their early stages, it has 24 microdarts to allow a potent potion of ingredients to enter and work beneath the skin&#8217;s dead skin cell layer. Before you withdraw in horror&#8212;these microdarts are so tiny that they don&#8217;t hurt, although you may feel a slight (and rather satisfying, might we add) tingling sensation. Once these darts have worked their magic, there are just five ingredients that are called to action: moisture-magnet hyaluronic acid, exfoliating salicylic acid, calming niacinamide, the silencer oligopeptide-76 and pH-balancing sodium hydroxide &#8211; notice the lack of parabens, sulphates and other nasties? Three cheers for ZitSticka! Alongside eight KILLA patches, the kit contains eight CLEANA ingredient-soaked swabs which prime your skin so the patch will easily adhere. Once applied, leave these bad boys to do their business without fear of slipping (they&#8217;re water-resistant) or drawing attention to the problem (they&#8217;re semi-sheer, clear and very discreet).&nbsp;Each cube (from the plastic insert to the recycled cardboard lid and base) is recyclable; unfortunately, the pouches of the swabs and patches are not, as they&#8217;re made with a form of silver foil to maintain their efficacy.</p>ZIT0011818193533710000035 stars, based on170 reviews 27.00Cult BeautyNew
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    ( 8 x patches, 8 x swabs )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Solving your skin woes one at a time, ZitSticka is the innovative skincare brand that’s been making waves (and calming the appearance of zits) throughout the beauty realm. An innovative take on the pimple patch, KILLA is an intelligently engineered application that features 24 microdarts to dispense an effective blend of ingredients beneath the skin’s dead skin cell layer. Specially designed to cover, protect and calm the appearance of a newfound spot, its ingredients dissolve within the source of a zit— clever, huh? Water-resistant and almost transparent, these are incredibly discreet and easy-to-wear without risk of slipping— whether that’s on the morning commute, overnight or while getting ready for a night to remember…

    • Description

      One of life’s pimple pleasures, KILLA is a genius spot patch that aims to disrupt a zit before it emerges... Designed for deep, upcoming varieties in their early stages, it has 24 microdarts to allow a potent potion of ingredients to enter and work beneath the skin’s dead skin cell layer. Before you withdraw in horror—these microdarts are so tiny that they don’t hurt, although you may feel a slight (and rather satisfying, might we add) tingling sensation. Once these darts have worked their magic, there are just five ingredients that are called to action: moisture-magnet hyaluronic acid, exfoliating salicylic acid, calming niacinamide, the silencer oligopeptide-76 and pH-balancing sodium hydroxide – notice the lack of parabens, sulphates and other nasties? Three cheers for ZitSticka! Alongside eight KILLA patches, the kit contains eight CLEANA ingredient-soaked swabs which prime your skin so the patch will easily adhere. Once applied, leave these bad boys to do their business without fear of slipping (they’re water-resistant) or drawing attention to the problem (they’re semi-sheer, clear and very discreet). Each cube (from the plastic insert to the recycled cardboard lid and base) is recyclable; unfortunately, the pouches of the swabs and patches are not, as they’re made with a form of silver foil to maintain their efficacy.

    • How to use

      While KILLA's microdarts melt 2 hours after application, flooding your zit with targeted ingredients, best results are achieved when the patch is worn overnight. The patch also serves as a hygienic barrier between your zit and the world.

    • Full ingredients list

      KILLA Patch: Sodium Hyaluronate, Oligopeptide-76, Niacinamide, Sodium Hydroxide, Salicylic Acid

      CLEANA Swab: Alcohol, Water, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Salicylic Acid

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    Suprisingly excellent
    I haven't had any high expectations because pimples are pimples. I have only 3 to 4 hormonal deep spots per month, so very mild but irritating problem. This patch really killed my pimple even before the break-out, with no visible scar, only a small red spot. It is expensive but worthly.
    So good!
    I had a really painful under the skin spot coming, and it was going to be huge. Used a couple of patches on it and it completely subsided. Definitely recommend.
    Absolutely Obsessed
    This product has absolutely changed my skin. Usually, I get a single large breakout at a time, often somewhere inconvenient like my forehead or chin, and Killa patches help me stop them before they even get started. I love using the cleaning wipe first, too — the entire process feels incredibly clean and professional, instead of going to the derm for especially tough pimples. My face is so so happy!
    My Favorite Acne Product Ever
    I've purchased these time and time again because I cannot get enough! I will admit I've also put many people onto these because I truly believe in them. I love that they are so easy to use and comfortable to wear - I'll pop one one before going to bed or even before working out or running errands, and it stays on until I take it off. They are so discreet but definitely get the job done. These patches are perfect for those pesky pimples that are just beneath the skins surface, that haven't yet come to a head and just feel painful. I put one on and the next morning my pimple is basically gone! It flattens out the skin and purges the bacteria. These are the only thing that works for my pimples; I swear by them and always keep them in my bag.
    Occasionally get zits on my chin and forehead and when I do I stick one of these on, and it really gets to work. It shortens the life of the zit substantially by getting in deep and removing all the impurities. They also blend in so well with the skin, you can't even notice it on my face in video calls.
    They... really get in there
    I don't know, I just feel like the microdarts do a better job than other patches because my zits are STUBBORN. It's a little weird to feel the darts at first but i actually feel better about using them now because it feels like it's really getting in there and doing its job. My spots usually flatten overnight!
    Almost miraculous
    Honestly almost miraculous... As soon as I felt a big underskin spot come up I applied a sticker, used it overnight and the next morning it was absolutely gone!! I do wish there were more stickers per box, but I'm more than willing to repurchase again and again!
    Didn't do much...
    I used this multiple times on spots that were on their way, but not a fully formed spot as a preventative measure, and it really didn't do anything. Find it a bit annoying you get so few compared to Hyperfade, and the alcoholic wipes are very very strong. I will try out Starface next instead...
    Made my spot worse
    I was so so keen to love these after seeing so many amazing reviews! However, the first time I used a sticker, I noticed no difference at all to my spot, and the second time I used one on a different spot, it made it a lot worse. I left it on overnight and the next morning when I removed it, the area was very irritated and red, and the bump was raised for a few days afterwards! I don't have particularly sensitive skin so can't be put down to that, I am so sad as I really wanted to love these and spent lots of money on them! One thing I will say is that the cleansing wipes are really nice, and actually feel as if they are doing something- not worth the £27 just for them though.
    Way better than popping it!
    I love these as an emergency when you have a nasty zit pop up out of nowhere. These are packed so cute in a convenient little box and even contains cleaning pads. I tried one on a newly forming pimple, and the next morning, it had definitely gone down. And it gives me confidence that this zit won’t leave a scar. It seems like a powerful product because I got better results than a cream. A bit pricey so I have these on hand for emergencies.
    Great for maskne
    I have been getting some maskne and these patches have been a lifesaver. I used it overnight on a pimple that I could feel forming and it definitely shortened the healing time. The packaging is super cute and even though it’s a bit pricy for the number of stickers, it’s worth it because it really makes a difference.
    Bye Bye Maskne
    As a nurse, I'm constantly wearing masks and I've recently started developing mask + acne = maskne. It's been difficult to remove with other products but these spots help remove and hide my acne. They have helped a lot and I would highly recommend!
    I really love these. As soon as I feel a pimple starting, I put one on and it doesn’t get big and to the point of hurting and I don’t have to pop it. Makes it go away within 2 days from the onset. Especially useful now with having to wear a mask so much of the day, and seem to be getting more pimples because of it. I would definitely recommend!
    Works Great
    These Zitsticka pimple patches are great. They really help heal blemishes fast. I use them on spots that I get from shaving my beard. And they work really well overnight!
    Not worth it!
    For the price of these patches, they are not worth it. It took more than 1 patch to make a noticeable difference to my under the skin hormonal spots. They did stay on all night and weren't painful to put on or take off. I will use up, but won't repurchase.
    Handy for special occasions
    It's not a miracle product, so bigger blemishes won't just go away overnight, but it did reduced them in size and redness. And pain. All in all, day to day I'm probably sticking with something cheaper, but definitely picking up a couple of boxes before my wedding and any special occasion from now on. Recommending for people who don't have a full face of acne (unless you can afford loads of those tiny boxes), but can get a few nasties before their period or after a night of trashy food
    Not Worth it
    Way too Expensive for what its worth, you only get a few stickers in the box. The rest are just wipes. Didn't really do as much as expected for the price. I wouldn't recommend
    I don’t recommend
    I tried this hoping it would calm down my deep sports but just made them worse or did nothing, if anything only aggravated them more. Even after a repeat application for deep angry spots it still didn’t work.
    Great Product
    Found these a great product for a flare up of painful under the skin spots that I couldn’t seem to do anything with. It helps with not touching the skin too. Those little micro dots are amazing. I still think they are expensive for how many you get. But would purchase again anyway.
    Great one!
    Love the product, really great help for those deep, painfull zits. Takes usually 3 applies for the zit to calm. Will keep buying.
    Well I’m impressed. I thought they were going to just be hype but I put one of the patches on a zit that was just starting to form, and.... it sort of went away completely? I’ve been having pretty bad acne due to the masks and decided to give this a go. Gotta say I’m pretty impressed
    Love this!
    I previously adored Mario Badescu’s drying lotion, but didn’t like that it would get on my pillowcase, or that I’d look ridiculous if I forgot to wash it off and saw someone. This works great, is nearly undetectable, and even stops me from touching the blemish or picking at it. New fave!
    Amazing Lifesavers!!
    The ZitSticka Killa is a lifesaver!!! I love that they come with the cleaning wipes and patches. They are super effective in reducing redness and helping heal zits quickly. It clears up your skin overnight. I’ve tried patches before, but the micro darts on these stickers makes these far superior. The packaging is super cute. I will definitely be buying them again and highly recommend them!
    Better than hydrocolloid patches!
    I've been using hydrocolloid patches for over a year now whenever I get a zit. Their only downfall is that you can't really use them on new pimples that haven't emerged yet, you have to wait for them to grow and show their ugly head before you can do anything about it. These are totally different, you can apply them to a zit you can feel but is still under the surface and it will magically treat those with the microdots! They work really well and will continue to be a part of my skincare arsenal!
    Seriously impressed!
    I really love these Zitsticka Killa microdart pads! I've used them on zits I feel are starting but haven't yet emerged. I seem to always get ones like this near my ears and they never fully emerge so I can't use a regular hydrocolloid patch on them. These worked perfectly on those and got them healing in no time! I will definitely be keeping these in my skincare arsenal!
    Prevented a newly formed zit from emerging!
    I’ve tried a couple of these on an early and late-stage breakout and this stopped the newly emerging one from appearing. The later stage one was also noticeably reduced and has mostly disappeared. Unlike many stickers, the microdots are an additional way to reduce inflammation and the prep pads are useful for reducing redness.
    Overnight zapper!
    Ok first of all, the packaging is so sleek and cute. The cleansing pads and treatment are simple to use and worked effectively to reduce the pimple that i was treating.
    Rapid healing
    I had a newly pink pimple on the crease of my nose to my cheek and thought it would be a good idea to try out these stickers. The sticker stayed on all night long in that awkward spot and the redness had gone away in the morning. These did not disappoint!
    Love it
    I love all zit stickers but these are great because they have the microdarts! I love that it gets right to the source and sucks out the nasty zit. It’s nice that they give the cleansing pads as well!
    Definitely overpriced but they work!
    They are a bit expensive for how many come in the package but I’m here for it because they reduce the size of pimples and clear them up fast than leaving them alone or popping them!
    Zit Killas for sure!
    I love these and love the cute packing they come in <3 They def work and pretty fast. Masks are so annoying and they are making more pimples than necessary so these are great for wearing underneath and not worrying about it day or night.
    This patch is a lifesaver for those random zits that pop up out of nowhere! As soon as I get a raise in my skin I put one of these on them and it helps it go down within a day. Better than popping and scarring! Definitely recommend!
    Stubborn acne gone!
    I love to use these! It is game changer for stubborn acne. The packaging is very well designed too. Thank you Zitsticka.
    Worked on my cystic acne
    Expensive, overpackaged, but works a treat. I’ve had on and off about of acne most of my life, and used treatments including antibiotics and various prescription medications including Duac and Differin. I’m now 40 and have had a surprising flare up of two deep cysts (Mask wearing? Stress? Who knows). Not wanting to go to the expensive dermatologist I tried ZitStickas and am v glad I did. They shrank the cysts brilliantly. I used 8 stickers per spot - you’ll never have an overnight miracle with cysts! Every morning peeling off the sticker I could see and feel the cyst shrinking. Very happy.
    Did nothing
    Unfortunately this product did nothing for me at all, I tried it on two spots one under the skin and another one about to form a head. Did nothing.
    Pimple help that works
    Wow! I love these micro dart pimple patches. These are really great for those new under the skin pimples that haven’t come to the surface yet. It did t hurt applying it and the next morning the microneedle points were dissolved with a little residue left in the patch. It even helped with an already popped pimple scab. A lot of the excess packaging but they’re great for travelling!
    Amazing results but pricey
    I received a sample of this product and saved it for an emergency as nowadays I seldom have really big breakouts; but during the previous week the combination of mask wearing and Greek heat wave provided me with a testing opportunity, It work miraculously overnight (I actually left it there until afternoon because it was weekend) an the blemish was completely gone, except from a red residual scar that is now long gone as well. I will definitely purchase this product but I will save it for serious emergencies as for me the price is hefty (but worth it)…
    Great product
    I really like these! They work super well. It's perfect when you get a zit the night before an important event, life saver!
    It works
    This patches really works. I put it overnight on a pimple and next day ot was gone. I’ve tried other brands which were lower price point but it didn’t quite work as this ones.I really like the ingredients, especially Niacinamide is really good for problem skin, and it comes with the wipes, which is convenient. Also, the box is very stylish and appealing. The only thing I wish it was more patches.
    Such as awesome concept
    Ok when this came in I was so excited and hopeful. The box looks cool and has a nice little notch for all the contents. That said, the suction popped a bunch out when I got the top off lol. Not sure how to fix that but I laughed. The box comes with wipes and the stickers which are in this crazy separate pack. I do wish the wipes had a better smell but that’s ok as long as they work. The patch has actual Spike nodules on them. Like micro needles! You hold it on the spot for a few seconds to adhere the stick and just forget about it overnight. Mine was right by my lip so I was concerned it would bother me but it didn’t. In the morning, i forgot about the patch until I looked in the mirror which means it is comfortable for longer periods. My zit had a whitehead on it so it kind of spread up the process. It didn’t hurt anymore which it did when it was deep under the skin forming so I’m calling it an almost success. We’ll see how the next one goes.
    I love using these patches overnight, and/or during the day if I'm staying home. I try to leave them on at least 8 hours so they really get in there and work. They stay on great, and are so easy to use. Very happy I found these little patches!
    Loved it
    Loved this product! Left on for a few hours and drastically reduced the size of my spot. It is a bit uncomfortable to put on because it’s spikey on the inside of the sticker. Very impressed
    Worked wonders
    I was so excited to receive these zit patches and they work incredibly well for me. Of course, they arrived when I had a zit that I was trying not to mess with. I used a patch overnight and there was noticeable shrinkage - amazing! I used it again the next night and my zit was essentially gone. I’m impressed!
    Life changing m
    My acne has been really bad lately. I am so thankful I located this product! It has really helped me control my acne. Keeping my skin as clear as possible has always been a big issue for me. However, this product has helped me immensely!
    Leave it on overnight
    I love this little kit! First of all, it's great that it has cleansing pads, because that is such an important step. But the best part are the patches because when you put it on you feel the little prickles. My breakout was better off the next day after leaving it on overnight.
    Love this product
    As a result of having to wear masks everyday, my skin has been experiencing more acne than usual. I was looking for a quick, easy, and somewhat invisible solution to alleviate my acne, a friend recommended Zitsticka and I have been pleasantly surprised. The patches are strong, water proof, and effective, within a day of applying on to a growing and painful zit, the zit was less red, agitated, and healed fast. I keep a patch in my backpack for unexpected zits now.
    Calms and diminishes blemishes
    I have those days where I have a breakout. I like spot treatments it works well with me and my skin . The zitsticka is fantastic. Everytime I have a breakout especially those big bumps that are deep I use the zitsticka it definitely calms and zit is diminished. Patience is key and to stay calm . Stress can make it worse. Let it do its job and it's gone!
    Excellent product
    Acne as an adult is difficult to accept. These pimple patches work exactly as advertised. Great for spot treatment and noticeable difference right after first use. I would highly recommend this product to those suffering from daily outbreaks.
    First try - it worked
    I’ve never tried acne patches before so this was my first time. I think the important thing is to use it on new spot as soon as they appear. I had a slightly raised pimple and I put this patch on for two hours and it completely diminished look almost removing completely.
    High expectations?
    I wonder if my expectations were too high? I had seen reviews and blog reviews raving about this product. When my sisters wedding approached, I had to use them for the first time. I put it on, after two hours I removed and it had calmed. I think I expected more, but when the zit came back with a vengeance I used more patches. On the day, they were diminished, but not what I feel this product offers. My sister, the bride, used them also and was much happier. She didn’t have the expectations I had though. Mixed bag I think.
    They work wonderfully.
    I’ve purchased and tried other patches that claim to do what these actually do. They are great in those ingrown pimples that are so deep and painful. Love the smell of the cleansing pads and that they contain Tea tree which is a natural antibiotic. Very easy and effective.
    overpriced and overrated
    I'm obsessed with pimple patches normally and had to try these but these are so underwhelming they didn't work as well as my usual drugstore ones. Just not worth it
    Makes my pimples diminish overnight
    I used this overnight several times now and even during the day - it still astonishes me how one patch makes the pimples dissolve away! I rarely need two patches because one usually does the trick!
    Can't live without!
    Since coming off the pill last year, I have been suffering from hormonal acne and will always have a cystic pimple somewhere on my forehead throughout the month, unfortunately. These are not a miracle cure however it's great to actually be able to do something to a cystic pimple, and they will always bring the swelling and redness down after application (sometimes this will come back after a few hours though). If you get a zit really early on I find this will bring it to a head after the first application, especially for those closer to my hairline. Combined with compeed blister plasters (which really work for open spots!!), these will remain a staple in my cosmetics cupboard.
    Actually works!
    My skin type is normal, so when I get pimples, they're usually hormonal and under the skin. ZitSticka is great because you can use it as a spot treatment for the bigger pimples. I usually leave it on overnight and remove it in the morning––I'll be completely honest, I do this two nights in a row before I see improvements. But redness disappears and the bump is lowered after the second application. I was sceptical at first, but now I'm a believer!
    Love the packaging as it's easy to travel and carry in your purse. But omg, these mighty pimple patch works wonders instantly. From one use, I noticed my red bump reduce and immediately gone after a couple of hours. I love how subtle they appear on the face and ease of application. I'll def purchase again and you should too!!!! You won't regret it :)
    price tag is definitely high, but if you get those super annoying ones, they actually work and help the pimples come to a head faster. so instead of having the zit for weeks, it goes away in a matter of days! i recommend!
    Worked Instantly Overnight
    I kept seeing these patches all over Instagram so I figured I'd give them a try and man am I happy I bought them! I had a huge bump that was about to turn into a pimple and I put a patch on before I went to bed, and when I woke up it was basically gone! No more bump, no pain, no redness. These patches worked instantly, I am impressed.
    Little Champion
    A great preventative care pimple popper without the looong healing time. Used best with cysts or hormonal breakouts, ripe pimples were too tender for micro-dart action.
    Expensive but worth it!
    I couldn't live without these, I get really bad under the skin spots that are very painful and take forever to go away, but this clears them a lot quicker and is the only thing I've found that can help treat them!
    While this was useful, it didn’t help with a nodule/cystic pimple. The wipes are too drying. The packaging is superfluous and wasteful. I’d buy the patches but not the whole set, especially at this price.
    Nice packaging... shame about the product
    The packaging is very high end, with a lovely box my daughters want to keep. But the actual stickers made no difference to their spots after applying overnight- they just cleared within the same timeframe as usual.
    Does what it says on the tin
    Absolutely amazing at getting rid of deep, under the skin zits. You may need to go at it a couple times but works far better than any other zit stickers out there.
    Works really well for individual pimples, especially cystic ones. The ingredient list is clean and minimal. Packaging is handy for travel. The only downside about this product is that you run out quickly.
    Does as much as any normal patch and costs 3x more
    I really wanted to love this product. I get horrible spots that you can't even pop. When I applied the patches it tingled a bit and I was hoping for the spots to at least diminish. Used it for two days and still the result was not better than any cheaper patches for an outrageously high price and unnecessary over packaging.
    Innovative, effective, but excessive packaging
    These are patches with micro darts that pierce the surface of the skin to deliver salicylic acid and niacinamide. They work - halting the cystic bump's growth (expansion?) effectively. They are not soap-proof (so apply after your night routine, leave on overnight, and the patch falls off during your morning cleanse). Also, they work best alongside a regular hydrocolloid acne patch, as I'll explain below. The microdarts deliver the medication, yes. But the patches do not bring up the gunk to the surface, the way regular hydrocolloid patches do - they pierce the acne, but after they do their work, you'll have to wear a CosRx or similar patch to get the goop up to the surface. Even so, both work wonderfully in tandem, and reduce the size of my cysts by one-fourths in one go. That beats going days - or even weeks - on end with those deep-seated cysts. My derm has even had to manually drain long-term cysts and remove pus. I've told her about these, and she said she'd get some for herself! What I dislike is the excessive packaging. Yes, the microdarts must be protected, but surely there is no need for four different layers of wrapping?
    Just wow
    I tried this on a horrible spot I´ve been struggling with for the past 2 weeks (even if it does say to use it on new spots) and it is nearly gone! Very amazed by this product! But it is not very eco-friendly so I´m still considering if I´ll actually be buying this product. I´ll probably end up finding another product that can do the same for a better price and more eco-friendly packaging.
    This is AMAZING!!!!!
    I been struggling with acne and tried everything, happened to see this product and gave it a try, and it worked SO well!!!! I got a big one on my nose and it was gone in 2 hours!!!! Not sure if I could live without it........
    Nothing more than the basic/average blemish patches
    Chose this as one of the free samples and attempted to use it last night.... #1, WAY TOO much packaging for just one tiny circle patch #2, The cleansing pad did not come with it (directions stated to use it before applying) #3, Followed directions and the patch did not stick after almost a minute after applying #4, Does the same job as CHEAPER blemish patches; Price definitely is not worth this product I won't be buying this and will continue to just use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as needed for any blemishes rearing their ugly heads!
    Disappointing and terrible packaging.
    I really wanted to like these. I loved the CosRX patches Cult Beauty used to stock, and assumed these would be even better as they include active ingredients. However, I did not find that these got rid of under skin spots any faster than plain hydrocolloidal patches. The pre-sticker wipes are so drying that my face becomes flaky after one use. And the packaging is the nail in the coffin - probably the least eco-friendly I have come across for a beauty product. Had I known, I would never have purchased. Way too expensive and just not effective enough to justify the price. Please bring back the CosRX patches CB!!
    I hate how much I like these
    Honestly.. the packaging is stupid, but I guess they need to protect the darts. I hope they troubleshoot this and update their packaging. I use this on bigger under the skin spots, and it really works. It doesn’t remove the spot overnight, but a 1 weeker is gone in a few days. My deep spots never get bigger after using this, and that’s amazing for me. The price though.. I use the wipe on all active spots, but I struggle to justify the price.
    I've been using Zitsticka for a few months now, and it really does do the trick. Whenever I see a blemish coming in, I throw on one of these at night before bed, and it's pretty much gone by the morning. Redness and swelling is virtually gone. TGFZitstcka!
    It works.
    The product does exactly what it's supposed to do. Put it on early zits and 2 hours later the swelling is gone, which cuts the whole cycle short by 2-3 days in my opinion. It's perfect especially if you have event coming up and don't want to attend with a big zit on your forehead, or elsewhere.
    Perfect hormonal acne cure
    Every month without fail I get hormonal acne on my chin and would normally have to wait a few days, through the throbbing etc, for them to go away. These kind of deflate the zit before it has a chance to get tooo crazy—so perfect if you apply at the right time. Have recommended to all my friends who get pre-menstrual breakouts!
    Don't question it. GET IT.
    I had a breakout on my nose—two zits in fact. I applied two Zitstickas at night before bed, and when I woke up, the blemishes had flattened, and the redness was virtually gone. This is literally a lifesaver—the perfect gift for anyone struggling with acne.
    Awesome spot treatment
    I bought these when I had a bunch of cyst forming, after I applied the patch not only did the redness and inflammation get significantly smaller but they also made me not think about my zits as much.
    It's just okay
    I got one of these as a sample and thought I'd give it a go on an underskin spot - nothing too massive but bigger than your normal whitehead or blackhead. First impression was that there was A LOT of packaging for one sticker. The application was straightforward, it stuck well and lasted overnight. By morning the spot had gone down but not completely disappeared - it did what it said it would do. Personally, for the price of what 8 of these cost, I'd probably just stick with The Ordinary Salicylic Acid. It does just as good a job, isn't overpackaged, is much more affordable and you get multiple uses out of it.
    Average, with WAY too much packaging
    Received as a free gift and was buzzing to try out. Sadly I didn’t see results which would merit the price - and frankly even if this was a miracle product, the mad amount of plastic packaging for just one sticker would prevent me from purchasing. I’ve tried similar products for much less money and more efficient packaging that give comparable results, so if you wanna give this a try, I’d suggest seeking those alternatives.
    Not worth the money
    The patches seem to work for just emerging spots, but are not more effective than my usual spot treatment; they are not helping at all with fully developed spots. For that, the price is totally over the top as is the packaging - too much plastic for too little product. Won't buy again.
    SO GOOD!
    This Zit Sticka product is so incredible!!! If I could give it more stars I would! I used it on this zit I felt coming up and it definitely made it go away pretty quick in time for this wedding I had to go to. The darts have an interesting feeling on the skin, but it doesn't hurt. It did feel like the ingredients went deep into the skin after application and I opted to leave it on overnight because I think it works better that way!
    Save your money
    The package of this product is actually quite cool but personally, it did nothing to any of my whiteheads... There are definitely better and cheaper acne patches out there.
    Changed my skin forever
    I don't normally write product reviews, but these spot patches have completely changed my attitude to acne. I had suffered with moderate-severe acne throughout my teenage years. Now in my 20s, a combination of dietary changes and good skincare had helped to ease the most of it, aside from the painful cystic acne that would appear on my chin and cheeks the week before my period was due or when I had eaten something containing dairy. I decided to give these patches a go out of sheer desperation - I had several important events coming up and I could feel that the spot brewing was going to be HUGE. While that particular spot was too far gone for the dramatic effects of the patch to take place, the redness, size and longevity of it was severely reduced. I have since been able to test the patches on other hormonal cysts before they reach the surface and I am happy to say that they really do work! The micro-needles don't hurt - just a satisfying tingle when you first apply it - and are clearly able to get all the ingredients to the core of the spot. I'll be buying another box before I go on holiday, just in case!
    I’ve tried these on four different pimples (all in different stages) and they did nothing at all. In one case, the sticker left a weird adhesive surface on my skin which didn’t go away after cleansing, and was extremely visible under makeup. Super expensive for what it is, and sadly no miracle cure for my zits.
    Don’t leave the house without one!
    Every month, I suffer from deep cystic spots and for years I have just suffered in silence. I saw these reviewed when they were first released and thought I’d try them. Used my first box and they are incredible! Greatly reduces the size and swelling of those nasty under the skin zits. And within a couple of days, they’re gone completely. I don’t leave home without them. Ordered 3 more boxes so I didn’t run out.
    Actually Lifechanging
    I don’t usually write product reviews but this has completely changed my life! My skin is very sensitive and I have cystic acne (the one that is under the skin and you can’t pop!) which I have been taking various prescribed antibiotics and treatments to try and calm down for about four years now. I was pretty sceptical about this product, it’s expensive for only 8 uses and as a student I don’t have much disposable income, but I decided to try it out. Well folks, my skin hasn’t been so clear since I was a preteen! The patches are clear and very subtle, none of my friends noticed them until I pointed them out! If the idea of the darts freaks you out (same) just know that it doesn’t hurt at all! I can’t speak for their effectiveness at preventing future spots as I’ve just made a diet change that’s helping with that, but they definitely get rid of acne!! Now excuse me as I buy several boxes for future use...
    SOS must-have
    This is one for your SOS survival kit - whenever I get a sore, angry cystic spot this calms it down within two hours! It doesn't hurt, doesn't draw attention and works so hard - perfect for applying first thing in the morning before your commute to work!
    Very good but the price..
    I mean this is the best one that I so far tried in the market, but there are only 8 patches for eight pimples. I have so much more pimples on my face.
    Overpriced and not environmentally friendly
    Though the patch did help my deep cystic spots they were less effective than cheaper patches on the market. Though I did enjoy the wipes they weren’t effective enough for the price. I’ll stick to dots for spots in the future - just as effective and more patches for your money. Also didn’t enjoy all the extra plastic packaging needed for these patches - seems like a waste.
    Buy these patches!!
    Using these patches are so effective at removing stubborn deep pimples! So easy to use overnight and wake up with dramatically improved skin. Definitely buy these you won’t regret it!
    I've been gifted this before and fell in love. I have been using ZitSticka Killa for quite some time now and honestly - it has truly saved my life. I have used this a day before attending a friend's wedding and it's SUPER DUPER helpful. It not only flattens my zits but it becomes less red. I love that it's also very stealthy so I can go about my day without anyone ever noticing that I have it on. I absolutely cannot live without this product. Will continue to have this product no matter where I go!
    Absolutely LOVE these patches
    I use these for my underground zits that don't come to a head. I guess depending on the zit, my results vary. Sometimes they bring them to a head and I use their goo-getter patch to manage it. Other times, it'll flatten it and I'll use another patch to flatten it even more. I really love these patches. Nothing else works for my underground zits.
    I regret purchasing this
    I rarely have pimples but at the time that I purchased this I had some breakouts. I used this on two pimples and it made them feel very sensitized and actually hurt. I won't use this again. This definitely irritated my skin really bad and it didn't do anything to improve the pimples either. I regret buying this. Waste of money
    This just does not work for me!
    Honestly always shocked about the raving reviews for this product. Thought it was such a great idea and have given it the benefit of the doubt over and over and not once has it worked. The packaging is really wasteful and not worth the expensive price point at all. I would rather use an exfoliant daily than rely on something that just makes the spot worse (will make it white big and sore and it will not go for days).
    I still popped it...
    I was pleasantly surprised at how well the sticker stuck to my face overnight (ripping it off definitely woke me up in the morning) but it had brought my massive mountain on my face to a big pus-filled head and of course, old habits die hard, I had to squeeze it. I could have used another sticker but, although they’re pretty discreet and people probably wouldn’t notice unless they’re close to your face, i didn’t really want to wear it out. So now we’re back to square one, big ol’ scab on my face. But that’s not to say the sticker doesn’t work, because it definitely does and I definitely recommend!
    great spot treatment!
    been something like this because I don’t like to irritate the blemishes that pop up when sleeping. this works great when needing a quick remedy for something prominent that appears. If I use cream, I’m prone to touching my face (a bad habit), but this helps keep it secure!
    This is a great product and I'm so glad Cult sells it! I just use these overnight to help make my acne subside - I do notice a difference overnight. I've struggled with acne for years and this product really helps the acne settle down and flatten. It couldn't be easier to use - you just put the dot right on it and go to sleep! I remove it in the morning and put a little lactic acid on the spot to further healing. Love this product!
    Powerful Little sticker
    I have sensitive skin and occasionally get painful pimples. I used a killa sticker on my last one and it worked well. The sticker was easy to use and I felt relief almost immediately. My zit stopped hurting and by the next morning was not an angry red lump. The stickers are pricey but worth it if you need to treat a pimple quickly for an important day. I will keep these on hand.
    Not entirely worth the price
    I was really excited about this product to help with my acne but honestly a little disappointed. I have sensitive skin and thankfully this didn't irritate it but it didn't do much to improve my acne either. I still have a few left to use so hopefully, that will change but I recommend some of this brand's other acne products over this one if you want to see results.
    Very helpful
    I used these dots on those painful pimples as soon as I feel it’s coming and after the very first application (sometimes after second for bigger zits) I could feel significant relief. It doesn’t let it grow into a big painful pimple. I will continue to repurchase these patches because they help a lot.
    Save your money!
    I was excited about using this, I had a really big, cystic pimple brewing under the surface on my neck and wanted to try this out overnight to see if it would help. I stuck it on, walked from my bathroom to my bedroom, and within 10 minutes to my dismay the patch had come off and disappeared. This product is way too expensive for the sticker to not stick properly, what a waste of money!
    Not effective enough for the price tag
    It’s great in theory and concept, but you need more than one patch usually for one spot as the salicylic acid does work, but not enough to reduce a spot completely or take away all the gunk. Therefore, for the price tag and the small number of patches it’s not worth the price. I’ve used other patches that work better and go on much better. I didn’t feel like I could wear these under make up without it being obvious. I wouldn’t recommend for the price. Stick to a salicylic acid chemical exfoliator and it’ll be just as effective as a patch and use a cheaper patch to conceal! Great in theory, but the price tag for 8 patches and 8 swabs is not realistic to repeat purchase and I wouldn’t due to cheaper ones being better in my opinion!
    Great Concept
    Love the concept of these stickers. Not sure if they are more effective than stickers without the micro darts but I love the hygienic packaging and the skin-priming swab. I found that these are really effective for big under-the-skin spots but not so much for smaller spots or whiteheads. Will definitely purchase again despite the price tag!
    Better for cheaper
    Overpriced, not effective enough to justify the price. I've used better stickers for cheaper.
    Okay, not amazing
    This product is pretty cool, feels very high tech with the micro needles. However I didn’t feel like it worked well for me - I only used it on the deeper, more painful spots and it didn’t seem to make much of a difference.
    Don’t waste your money!!
    These stickers really did nothing to minimize my acne. For the cost it’s really not worth it.
    Love it
    So I’ve been seeing a ton of beauty YouTubers a talking about this product and I finally just bought it because I’ve been have this huge zits lately. It doesn’t flatten it as fast as they advertise but I do think it makes them smaller faster. Anything that helps when you have a huge zit is a blessing imo.
    Hmm nothing spectacular
    I have used these a couple of times, twice on 1 particular area and each time did nothing at all, both on formed and unformed and really I couldn't see anything to be honest, I don't mind saying that my expectations were super high, I was literally expecting a miracle (based on what the product claims to do and the price), the price itself is enough to put me off buying them again, not worth it at all, for me at least, worth it to those who actually do find it does something. If you look at the ingredients, you can get Niacinamide serums for a fraction of the price, same for the other acids so not something i will buy again.
    Love how effective it is
    My friend recommended me this product because she knows I always had trouble with zits on my face. But I gotta say the product really plays up to its name and within a day or two it's gets rid of it completely without any irritations or marks. Now I don't have to worry so much about popping zits and there so easily convenient to travel with that I keep it in my Dopp kit.
    I love Zit stickers... but these are a step above. The little microneedles are a game changer! They really help!! I really like these.
    Works for the deep hormonal pimples
    Had a nasty one pop up on the day these were delivered and couldn’t be more thankful I ordered these. Just with one overnight use of this the pimple was way less red, had flattened out and was no longer painful. Also the micro darts caused zero pain when applying the sticker.
    Say hello to acne free days!
    Love this product, it has drastic improved the acne on my skin. My skin feels clearer and healthier than ever. It doesn’t dry out your skin and is easy to apply. The packaging is a huge plus too-it’s so cute!
    Really Amazing
    These patches are perfect when I have a breakout, they do a great job of removing the stuff clogging my pores and help pimples heal much faster and they're less likely to leave a scar. I'll definitely be re-ordering in order to have these on hand for any future breakouts.
    Worked for my skin
    It's simple to apply and really works on my skin.
    Works from day one
    I am excited for this. I got it 2 days ago, and I applied on my upcoming pimple. After 2 days of application size of it reduced significantly and it’s less red now. This is such a life saver.
    Useful but pricey
    I love pimple patches. They help me to not touch and irritate my pimples, and I think that medicated ones like these really do help make them go away quicker. Just wish they weren’t so pricey! I get at least one bad pimple I’d want to use this on each week, so that cost adds up.. :(
    Great for overnight use
    I know it says it only needs two hours but I sleep with them overnight. They don't come off and the next morning they really flattened out. Overall pleased with the results.
    These little stickers are perfect for those angry under the skin spots I often get! I use these overnight and by morning I notice such a difference in terms of inflammation and redness. I just wished you got more than 8 stickers in a pack. This kind of product would be perfect if you just breakout out 1-2 times per month, however, if you break out more than that it would become pretty expensive!
    Easy to use
    Simple and easy concept. Basic ingredients, no complications.
    I suddenly had an inflamed pimple on my forehead and I almost forgot about this product that I got from my goody bag but thank heavens! it really worked overnight and I'm very happy because I don't have to worry about my pimple leaving a scar
    Works perfectly for stubborn acne!
    I love love love this product. From the packaging design to the actual product - no detail is forgotten. When I feel a pimple coming or have a stubborn one that won't go away, I apply a patch right before bed and in the morning the inflammation has gone down. Would definitely purchase again!
    Amazing for the big ones!
    So I’m very impressed with the packaging first off! All the patches and wipes are individually packed which makes it so easy to clean up. The wipe really cleans off the area well before you apply the patch. Just a slight tingle because of the micro dots but not uncomfortable. I always get zits every month due to cystic acne. I use these in my big fat juicier pimples overnight And if works amazingly to reduce down the swelling!! Just sucks it right up! It definitely makes the healing process better and faster even though I am still left with a contending dark spot.
    Great Concept
    First off, I LOVE the packaging. You would never know this was a box of zit stickers, and then each one is individually wrapped, along with alcohol/tea tree oil wipes which are great for really cleaning the area prior. I know these are meant to be used at the first sign of a pimple, but I used them on a big pimple on my nose and noticed it brought it to a head overnight. Just wish there were more in the box!
    Pricey, but work well!
    These work really well in getting rid of a zit overnight. I wouldn't use them all the time, but it's perfect for the day before an event!
    Great ingredients for a targeted spot
    For my work, I have to be in front of people and in front of the camera. I am always looking for fast-acting products when I have skin problems. I had one pimple recently, the size of a mountain on my neck put this on overnight and it made the size go down by a lot. I also use it on my back because I like that the patches don't move and I know I am not rubbing it off with my clothes. Really cool!
    Works every time
    So impressed with these zit stickers. It works really well overnight and shrinks down the spot to almost nothing. When first applied, there is a sharp sensation but it doesn't last for long.
    Makes skin more smooth, but pimple has not gone away
    I’ve used these overnight a few times now for my pimples. I really like the application. The swab in step one does not burn or irritate the skin which is nice. And the patches stay on well. It makes my skin smooth but the pimples have not gone away. I’d really like for these to work so giving it a few more tries.
    Pretty effective
    After wear a surgical mask every day these really save my complexion. Thanks, ZitSticka!
    I’m so impressed with this pimple patch kit! I wish there were more than 8 patches in the kit but it’s cool that it comes with the cleaning wipes too. These microneedling patches really feel like my derma roller. They are all packaged very well too. I had a under the skin pimple bump come up and used one of these over night and it almost completely made it disappear And flattened the bump. It didn’t make the patch white like some others and it was very wet and slid off in the morning which I didn’t like but it worked really well so I don’t care too much! Really great product!!
    I only discovered pimple patches within the last couple years and wish I had known of them before. I have had acne issues ever since I was a teenager and also have skin that scars easily. These patches are good for the right kind of pimple --- in my experience, they have to be the ones with pus inside. I leave the patches on as long as I can.
    Zip patches
    I love these acne patches. They help bring the the surface those deep closed pimples that can be easily popped. This kit comes with tea tree wipes that are used to clean the area first. It's a bit tingly but only lasts a few seconds. Then you put the patch on and press firmly. The microneedles do not hurt and you barely feel them. I left this on over night and I was very pleased.
    It works!
    I really needed a spot treatment for my monthly breakouts that I get. It never fails I always get during my cycle every month. They are great in those ingrown pimples that are deep. I really enjoy the cleansing pads and that they contain Tea tree which is a natural antibiotic.love that . Great smell and Very easy and effective to use. Highly recommend
    Works great!! I’ve used a bunch of pimple patches and nothing else compares. My zits were so much smaller overnight! Highly recommend to everyone
    An advanced patch
    I've used a few varieties of patches before, and I've mostly associated them with being vacuum stickers. They tend to just bring up the goop but not really do too much to "heal" or calm the area down. With these, they are much gentler on the effected area while getting gunk out. This is because the microdarts basically just caress your spot in a good-ingredient-essence and its all concentrated in that area under the patch. Upon removing the patch after using it overnight, my spots are super chilled out - it's legitness. These are good for those who have occasional breakouts.
    Works well overnight.
    I've tried pimple patches with other brands before but none with microdarts. As with other patches, I use a clean needle to puncture the pimple and then stick on a patch. It's fascinating/disgusting to see the gunk after taking them off. Normally I just use patches at night because they are visible. Because I'm working from home during COVID, I can wear them during the day at well!
    Work Well.
    I love acne patches and have tried my iPod brands and varieties and these are great. I love that they come with the cleansing wipes for before you apply the patch. While these do work fairly well, they’re not the best patches I’ve used.
    I was super excited to try these after reading the rave reviews but they just didn't work for me. Since coming off the pill I've constantly had all kinds of spots on my chin (nowhere else on my face!) blackheads, whiteheads, and the troublesome cystic ones which get very red and angry. When I used these patches I just didn't see any difference unfortunately. On one occasion I think the spot was brought to a head faster, but other than that no real results. The tea tree wipes that come with them feel great though - I think they helped me more than the actual patches! Shame and perhaps just my stubborn skin. The 4 year quest for something that will clean my chin continues :(
    Goodbye zits and don't come back
    I need something that would get rid of my blemishes but still be kind to my sensitive skin. Hello! This is on my dresser to stay!
    My bf loves these
    I bought these and my bf ended up using them for his deep ingrown hairs after he shaves and they never end up surfacing. They just disappear!
    Great Product!
    I've tried so many different pimple patches but these are definitely the best ones! My pimples were noticeably smaller overnight! They adhere well to the skin and don't shift either! Highly recommend
    An everyday essential
    Helps my big ol zits, especially during that time of the month. The wipe beforehand is super useful and ensures the patch stays on all night. Also I love using these when I've picked at a spot, it helps the area heal so much faster without getting irritated or inflamed.
    Love it!
    First off, the packaging is very nice and hassle-free. I could literally just put the patch in the troubled spots and go about with my day. I love putting the patch on right before going to bed so I can wake up with my zits deflated and less irritated. It’s definitely worth the price and I’ll purchase it again in the future!
    Happiness in a little sticky circle!
    This product saved my life, I'm on my 5th box already. The packaging is perfect for traveling and I use it as soon as I feel painful/cystic period pimples growing on my face (it really prevents it from becoming huge). I exactly as it says so on the box (preferably overnight).
    I'm obsessed
    I always have these stockpiled because they work wonders on the really angry spots that pop up out of nowhere. If I catch them with a zitsticka right away they don't get nearly as swollen or last as long. My favourite thing about them is that they're super matte and people rarely notice I'm wearing them out. They really disguise the spot
    So Good!
    These lil patches really go to work. I don't get deep zits often but when i do these really suck the life out of them. Will buy again!
    Beautifully and unnecessarily packaged and not particularly effective. Was expecting much more from such an expensive product - save your money and buy an over the counter spot cream.
    Not bad but way too expensive...
    It didn't get rid of my pimple but certainly reduced the size and redness. I'm quite impressed. The price is painfully high though, so I won't be repurchasing.
    Works brilliantly but expensive
    Pros: It WORKS. Spots are flat by the next morning without fail. No mess and no drying out of the skin like other spot treatments. The wipes that come with the stickers can be used on a few spots with one wipe, so you’ll have spare and these wipes alone are pretty good for small spots. CONS: Spots are flattened but don’t lighten in colour and skin still feels tender. Relatively very expensive as you get only 8 stickers. They don’t work half as well on ‘regular’ spots so it’s a waste to use them on anything other than big, bumpy, under-the-skin zits. Overall, I’ll keep buying these as they always work and they work better than other comparable products. But I do need another product to use on smaller spots.
    Like the pads
    The pads are the most effective and gentle formula I ever used so far in terms of BHA pads, it would be great if you could release a product just with that pad, I would totally buy it.
    Way too overpriced!
    I had this in my Cult Advent Calendar and I liked how it worked. I wanted to purchase - But - seriously, the price?! It’s way too expensive for this number of dots - I mean, it’s 3,4 GBP per pimple - I’d rather get a good serum with cheaper pimple patches then - that would be a much better value for money!
    Handbag essential
    I was lucky enough to try a sample and have been hooked ever since! They are the perfect subtle solution to all unwanted blemishes. Great to wear throughout the day to stop any dirt getting in, but work just as well when applied before bed.
    Miracle in a sticker!
    Am not sure is it science, magic or God's power behind this but it wooooooorks! I rarely get cysts but when I do they take up half of my face. I applied this yesterday on a cyst on my temple and I was already 2 days late because it already came to a head but it was so bumpy and red! I woke up today the bump is gone and the redness is reduced by like 50%!! Another patch today and I think tomorrow it will be gone by 90%!
    Great relief for those "underground" zits
    I heard about Zitsticka through an ad on Instagram and I'm so glad Cult is now carrying them! Shipping was super quick and just in time - I get cystic, painful "underground" acne around that time of the month. I love that these patches come with a cleansing wipe because it's something that no one really thinks about but cleaning a spot before treating it is a no-brainer. Anyways, these patches rock. I can wear them during the day and they're not that noticeable, and they actually stick onto the skin. When it comes time to remove the sticker, obviously my zit isn't completely gone but it's flat - which is all that matters. The patch actually does what it says it will - it reduces the length of the flare-up/zit. It's no longer super red, visibly there or painful. I've already got my teenage sister on them, as I wish I had these when I was younger and just picking at my skin (which I now visibly regret at 25 - scarring is no joke). I was completely skeptical at first, but after you feel the first "prick" of the microdarts and visibly see the results, you won't think twice about repurchasing.
    Zitsticka to the spot rescue
    These work. Popped one on a not-so-nice under the skin, bright red, what the heck are you doing spot and woke up the next day to a barely-there red mark. My red marks tend to hang around for quite some time so anything to speed up the process I'm on board with. You can see the micro darts waiting to dispense salicylic acid and niacinamide onto your spot which is oddly satisfying. Although I sleep with these on they are so discreet I'm not against wearing these during the day (if necessary). Add to your blemish-fighting arsenal immediately!
    It works but...
    Having tried lots of so-called overnight spot treatments, this is the one that actually works well and quickly. But it’s far too expensive for what you get and the packaging sucks. Definitely worth buying, especially for those big, hormonal spots, but maybe when there’s a sale on.
    These things are so cool and really work! They prick a little bit when you apply them but that just means the awesome ingredients will penetrate your zit before it comes to the surface, stopping it in its tracks. I applied mine before bed but they're so inconspicuous you could totally wear them out during the day. I had two huge under the skin painful zits between my eyebrows and two nights in a row of applying the Zitstickas made them go away! Perfect to have on hand when you get one of those annoying stress pimples that come at the absolute worst time lol
    Love this product.
    This is such a great product! I recently had a few spots come up after a bit of a crazy weekend. Decided to try it out and couldn't be happier, especially when other spot treatments didn't seem to work for me.
    Game changer
    This product is amazing! I rarely write reviews but I had to for this one because it actually works. I’ve tried a lot of different spot treatment quick fix type products before, and I’m shocked the results this one gave in such a short amount of time. It definitely works, even on cystic under the skin type acne...it’s kind of crazy.
    I've tried a bunch of different pimple patches, but these are by far my favorite! I got a free one as a sample so I tried it on an emerging pimple. I left it on overnight and in the morning the pimple was gone. They're a little expensive, but totally worth it. I like that they stay on well and are almost invisible so you can wear them throughout the day without drawing too much attention.
    Innovative and it WORKS!
    These patches are super amazing and effective. I woke up one morning with a zit on chin. My zit was red and huge. I used one of the dots and placed it directly on the sit. It is very comfortable to wear - I don't feel the microdots at all. Most of all, I love how it is practically invisible. I commuted to work with it on, got to work, and no one noticed though we were speaking in close distance. It was so comfortable that I actually forgot to peel it off. I only remembered when I touched my chin! Once I removed it, the size and redness of the zit was visibly reduced. The microdots have melted and worked its magic on my zit. Super innovative and amazing, love this so much! I highly recommend this!
    Helped me LOT!
    Was not expecting a lot from this, but I was seriously amazed by the effectiveness of it. Got a big zit in the morning, put it on, 2 hours later, IT'S GONE!!!!!!!!!
    Works great
    I get the occasional zits here and there and these work great by not only hiding the inflamed area but also I notice significant improvement after only a short period.
    If you apply the patches at just the right time (I find it's better when the white head is just surfacing), then the patch works well. Otherwise it's wasted. It literally made my whitehead disappear over night when I did use them at the right stage of the spot! It's just a shame the price is so high for 8 patches. I've already finished them... without getting to try them on under the skin spots.
    I used this when I received a sample and have already ordered more! A little on the pricey side but you get 8 so if you get the occasional blemish (and I get fairly large ones!) it’s worth it. I used this on an almost fully emerged spot and it was gone within a couple of hours!
    Over packaged and description is a little misleading
    I bought these for a nuisance cyst after reading the description especially ‘This makes for an excellent solution to those deep, cystic blighters that other treatments often struggle to master‘. I was surprised when they arrived that they state they are specifically for early zits and not established ones. This is on the packaging but not mentioned on the website description. The packaging is very luxurious but must say it’s very over the top for a small sticky patch.
    Better products out there
    The stickers certainly reduces redness and size overnight, however it doesn't get rid of the spot (even after using two applications). I have found that the spot will re-appear within the next day or so. I wouldn't buy again!
    Not worth the money
    I just had a heart attack seeing the price I paid for these. I was hoping they would work for me, but they didn't.
    Hasn't worked on any cystic spots or whiteheads. Loved the idea but didn't work :(
    Amazing product
    I suffer from rosacea and I’m going through menopause so I get deep hormonal spots at times the sort that are almost cystic. Have used these on two separate pimples with great results. Use as early as possible on deep pimples for relief and results.
    Game changer for cystic spots!
    I'm insanely pleased with this product—much more so than I thought I would be. I get a few hormonal spots on my chin every month, which are deep and cystic in nature. Wearing overnight brought down two of my cystic pimples by about half! Amazing as I could then apply makeup and have it not look crazy and bumpy. This was so so pleasing as cortisone shots are the only thing that work for me but I definitely don't have the £'s for those every month.
    Really good for the right kind of spot! I’ve used this on 4 spots, two of them it worked really well! Still there but less obvious and cleared up really quickly. The issue I have had is that certain spots in harder to stick areas (around the nose) and not leaving the patch on overnight, had limited effect! That being said I will be getting these again, and trying again on the two pesky spots that were a challenge. The only downside is the price, but still worth it!
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