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    • Jade Facial Roller (Medium)
    • ( 4.5 inch x 2.5 inch )
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    • Why it's Cult
      Jade Face Roller is like a regular gym workout for the face. The healing properties of jade and the deep massaging action transform your skin and facial contours making you look younger. Please note, each Yu Ling roller is hand carved and may differ slightly from the one pictured. TOP TIP - Store in the fridge and use on your temples to ease headaches and hangovers.
    • Description
      This facial roller is made of pure Jade, a cleansing stone used in Chinese medicine for centuries to aid the body's filtration organs and lymph system to expel toxins. The original, medium sized roller is designed to use around the face and neck area to aid lymph drainage and blood flow, eliminating puffiness, toning facial muscles and plumping out wrinkles. You will also find that regular use minimises spots around the chin and jawline caused by toxin build-up.
    • How to use

      Using broad sweeps always working away from the nose area, roll across the forehead, cheeks, throat and décolletage area (see face illustration above). Place vertically on your sinus area and rock gently and then roll away from the nose to clear blocked sinuses. Finally, pay special attention to the jawline where congestion is prone to build up, rocking the Ling Yu roller vertically in the crevis where your neck meets your ear and then rolling it down towards your collar bone.

    • Full ingredients list
      Jade. Mother's Day Glow from within

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    Ross J Barr

    AcupuncturistA daily facial with great results
    Ross J Barr
    I would recommend these as a way of treating yourself to a daily facial. The jade is really good for evening your skin tone, for cooling and calming the skin. The smooth rolling action helps manipulate the toxins through your lymph network and toning your facial muscles. Remember, imagine the bridge of your nose is the central point and roll away from that in all directions. Imagine you are VERY gently rolling all the toxin build up outward and down wards, finally rolling outward along your jaw and down the channel that runs down your neck by your ear.

    Jay Jay

    Loving the feel of it !!
    Thank you for the advice on how to use Ross (CB Expert), I have just received mine and tried it for my sinusitis as I have really puffy eyes and pain around my eyebrows. It feels cooling and relaxing and I am hoping to see and feel results soon !!

    Smells like a green spirit

    Keep on rolling!
    A beauty treat! Amazing to de-puff the eyes, and works brilliant as skin decongestant. The cold pressure of the stone relieves tensions and skin feels completely relaxed after a little massage.


    This roller is included in my ritual every morning, it calms my skin right down, it feels an absolute treat to use. I leave mine in the fridge, come morning when its time to use it Oh my goodness the feeling...Using this underneath my eyes and softly on my lids...It just feels like heaven. It has helped open up my congested pores which allows for other products to deep clean better. But to be absolutely honest even if it didn't help with congestion the feeling alone of this cold roller in the mornings makes it a treat to wake up and start my morning rituals!


    Poorly crafted
    I like the idea and think this is good for the face. However, the roller turns with a squeaking sound, which can be quite annoying.

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