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    WishfulYo Glow Enzyme Scrub 40ml<p>With its glue-like consistency, this has miraculous impact &#8211; instantly gathering grime and residual debris to visibly smooth your complexion without irritation. What a way to glow!</p><p>Starring papaya (papain) and pineapple (bromelain) extracts to fade pigmentation and maximise clarity, alongside both alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids (to melt the bonds binding dead cells to the skin&#8217;s surface and purify any embedded congestion), this ingenious treatment has quick and cumulative benefit &#8211; gradually lessening dark spots and scars to diminish the signs of sun damage and leave your skin more even-toned with renewed luminosity. As you scrub, cellulosic fibres bind to dead skin cells, satisfyingly pilling as it sloughs them away into visible pieces. Wash them off to reveal a clean canvas of smooth, bright skin!&nbsp;</p>WSH001_TRAVEL2089562911060345855 stars, based on318 reviews 18.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Wishful Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub

    Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub
    ( 40ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Borne from her own skin care struggles and personal quest to discover great, straight-forward products that really deliver, Huda Kattan has teamed up with some cutting-edge labs to develop the skin care solutions she wished for. Wishful – a range of results-driven products to target specific concerns – is the brainchild of years of research and the driving desire to formulate hard-working heroes that simplify building the perfect regime. Think: minimal, multi-tasking, fun-yet-effective essentials that promise to tackle your big beauty bugbears. A polish but not as you know it, the Wishful Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub is a brightening, skin-smoothing medley of acids and enzymes that gently (but thoroughly!) lift away dulling dead cells to refine your skin’s texture and swiftly recover lost radiance.

    • Description

      With its glue-like consistency, this has miraculous impact – instantly gathering grime and residual debris to visibly smooth your complexion without irritation. What a way to glow!

      Starring papaya (papain) and pineapple (bromelain) extracts to fade pigmentation and maximise clarity, alongside both alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids (to melt the bonds binding dead cells to the skin’s surface and purify any embedded congestion), this ingenious treatment has quick and cumulative benefit – gradually lessening dark spots and scars to diminish the signs of sun damage and leave your skin more even-toned with renewed luminosity. As you scrub, cellulosic fibres bind to dead skin cells, satisfyingly pilling as it sloughs them away into visible pieces. Wash them off to reveal a clean canvas of smooth, bright skin! 

    • How to use

      Apply a generous amount on clean, dry skin. Gently massage the scrub in circular motions across the face and neck, rolling and sweeping away dead skin cells and impurities. Rinse well with warm water and gently pat the skin dry.

      For all skin types, we recommend using Yo Glow 1-2 times a week. However, if you don’t have sensitive skin it’s suitable to be used every day.  

    • Full ingredients list

      Water/Aqua/Eau, Cellulose, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Alcohol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Bromelain, Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) Fruit Extract, Papain, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Glycolic Acid, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract, Glycerin, Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Flower Extract, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Saccharum Officinarum (Sugar Cane) Extract/Saccharum Officinarum/Extrait de Canne à Sucre, Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple) Extract, Camellia Japonica (Camellia) Leaf Extract, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Seed Extract, Phellodendron Amurense (Cork Tree) Bark Extract, Mannitol, Psidium Guajava (Guava) Leaf Extract, Camellia Sinensis (Tea Plant) Leaf Extract, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Fruit Extract, Musa Sapientum (Banana) Fruit Extract, Passiflora Edulis (Passionfruit) Fruit Extract, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit Extract, Vaccinium Myrtillus (Blueberry) Fruit Extract, Magnolia Officinalis (Magnolia) Bark Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ethyl Hexylglycerin, Gluconolactone, Polysorbate 20, Carbomer, Tromethamine, Propanediol, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Fragrance/Parfum  

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    Wishful - Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub

    Wishful Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub Reviews

    Love it!
    I could see differences even after few times of use, though it is quite expensive would like to purchase more ❤️
    This product is amazing and leaves my skin glowing
    After just one use I could see a difference in my skin. I bought the small size as it's quite an expensive product although I'm in love with it. Will buy more. I'm a big fan of HB :-)
    This was OK. Nothing special. Didn't see any real results. Thankfully, I bought the small size first to try out. I much prefer the ExfoliKate range by Kate Somerville (more expensive though).
    I got this as a sample and I loved the way it left my skin feeling so soft and supple but Jesus Christ it is so harsh and painful I can’t use this on my face, let alone once a week.. ouch
    After just one use I could see a huge difference in my skin, a lot more even and ever so soft!
    Thumbs up!
    I love using this on dry skin for a really good scrub, or sometimes I use on wet skin in the shower for a gentler scrub. Non offensive smell, nice packaging and great results!
    I Like It
    Beautiful!!! Makes my skin very soft.
    I absolutely adore this scrub - the best one I've ever tried! It leaves my skin feeling so smooth, bright and deeply exfoliated - I have combination skin that can sometimes be quite sensitive and for me, there is no irritation or dryness and I use it at least three times a week. I love that you can see and feel the product actually working. Would recommend it for all!
    Best scrub I’ve ever tried
    I like a physical exfoliator once in a while, I feel the chemical one is not enough for me. This one is by far the best I’ve tried. It’s gentle enough not to harm the skin, but strong enough to do a good job. I’m definitely not changing to another one.
    Flippin' love this stuff. Leaves skin smooth, bright and not remotely dry. This flew straight into my top ten favourite products of all time, will buy again and again.
    A very good exfoliator
    My skin feels so smooth, moisturised and bright in complexion whenever I use it, definitely exfoliates away the dead looking skin cells. Using 2 times a week worked a charm on me.
    Exceeded my expectations
    This product honestly makes my skin feel bright and clean without causing any inflammation.
    Skin feels squeaky clean
    I love seeing the product clean my skin, so satisfying! My skin feels amazing, looks lighter and brighter after just one use. When my skin is oily, I use it to clean my pores.
    thank you for the gift
    I got this product sample as a gift and was so happy after trying. From the first day, I saw the difference, this was amazing! Thank you for sending this sample as a gift otherwise I wouldn't about this kind of super product.
    Love it!
    Can’t be without this product! My skin feels so clean after every use.
    I absolutely love this product it clears your skin very well and actually remove all the dirt, it has minimised my pores and I have less bumpy patchy areas
    Love it!
    It smells great and made such a difference to my skin! I’ve tried similar products which worked so well but this one topped it! My skin gets very dry along my jaw and forehead and I have a problem with product getting stuck in the peach fuzz on my face. Doesn’t happen with this product! I normally have to exfoliate several times a week in order to feel a difference. With this one, I can exfoliate twice a week and that’s all I need. 10/10. Would definitely buy again!
    Got this as a free sample and it’s now on my wishlist to be purchased!! It changes your skin from the first use wow I am amazed
    Very good and fast working.
    One word: amazing
    I’ve used this for almost a week now and tbh I can say that my skin feels and looks amazing. I really did read all the reviews on here before buying and most were negative but tbh I’m glad I still went with it and purchased this. It really is worth all the hype!
    Leaves skin soft like a baby'
    I had never had these results with any other product ever. It leaves my skin so so so soft and really cleanses out all the impurities. It does not hurt, or burn, or leave my skin feeling weird like other scrubs. This product is 400% worth it.
    It makes my skin feel soft and cleansed without being too harsh! I really like it, but I don’t use it frequently, so the travel size has been perfect for me!
    This was honestly the worst skincare product I've ever tried... I don't have sensitive skin at all and I use products with AHA and BHA often. After using this once, I woke up with a huge breakout all over my chin and I've never even had acne before. It also claims that you can see your dead skin rubbing off, but it's just the product piling up on your face. I'd stay clear of this product.
    Lovely product, leaves my skin smooth and even, really glowing.
    On the fence
    I really wanted to love this, but I just haven't noticed any difference in my skin since using it (about 8 weeks) With that said, the formula is lovely, the packaging is beautiful and it does leave my skin feeling immediately smooth, I just haven't seen a long term difference.
    Burnt and completely dried out my face
    Would not recommend, I’ve never had a reaction to anything before but received a yo glow sample and my skin started tingling then burning after use. Ended up very red so had to use a cold flannel for a while to cool it down. After a couple of days, the redness has gone but my skin is so sensitive and completely dried out I’ve never had anything like it. I googled it and quite a few people particularly on YouTube said they’ve had similar so can’t really say much else about this as skin in a really bad way but based on the other reviews this seems to be an issue for just a few people. I’d avoid if you have even slightly sensitive skin and I never knew I did!
    Not worth the penny...
    No effect
    So disappointing. Really had zero effect. Was surprised based on hype.
    Game changer
    I have oily acne-prone skin and I have just tried a sample of this product that I picked at random and it has made my skin feel absolutely amazing. I was so excited I came on here straight away to order the full size!
    I have quite an oily blemish-prone skin and so always steer towards a salicylic based scrub but thought I’d try this. Along with my normal skin routine, this really does light up my face! I’m left glowing and so now use every 2 days for that extra zing... great product and the 100ml goes a really long way!
    Love it.
    This scrub makes the skin feel so soft and look so clean. The way this scrubs all the dead skin off is so satisfying to see. It’s very expensive for what you get. But I love it and will continue to use and buy.
    I usually never leave reviews but I had to on this because it is just simply amazing. I have quite sensitive skin so was a bit apprehensive using it, so I only use it once a week and my skin is glowing like never before. Even after first use my skin was so soft and smooth. Will purchase again!
    Good for sensitive skin
    This product does get rid of texture, I had tiny under the skin blocked pores and nothing got rid of them untill I tried this. It leaves your skin soft and even me who has sensitive eczema prone skin found no irritation at all. Repurchased
    I expected it to give better results since there was a hype about it, do not expect glass skin with this. However It is pleasant and a different kind of gentle scrub would purchase again because I know it is a 'safe' scrub that I can use when I want to have a mild exfoliation.
    Good for combination skin.
    I purchased this product and found it is actually quite effective in terms of assisting to even skin tone and it efficiently removes oil and dry spots. I am 18 years and have very bipolar skin, sometimes its bad and sometimes its good. I have found since using this my skin had settled down and felt and looks really good. Would definitely recommend it.
    I tried this product for the first time last night and my skin has never felt so clean and smooth. I've been struggling with really dry skin lately and this got rid of almost all of it in one go. When I woke this morning a lot of my redness and acne looked really calm and it had help reduce the size of many spots I did have. I will definitely be buying the full size product in the future, I'm obsessed
    Excellent exfoliator
    Really like this for the days when I want a phusical exfoliator for my skin, even my little sister who is very particular about her skin care really enjoyed this one. Its doesnt have that grainy consistency many physical exfoliators might have. Instead its a little more smooth and leaves my skin feeling baby soft. Will definetly repurchase when I run out of mine.
    Received a 20ml version of this today and have tried it for the first time. I honestly thought oh here we go another face scrub product that claims it is going to do wonders. But let me tell you, it was so easy to apply just a small amount needed and you can really feel it working and getting deep into the skin. Once washed off it left my skin feeling so so soft! And my skin is combination. I have tried many products from cheap to expensive and this is the first that has actually done what it says and given me glowing skin. Definitely recommend it. Just wish the price point was a little cheaper.
    Love it
    When reading reviews I had an impression it must have some sort of a grainy consistency being harsh on skin like people said but when using it for the first time there were no such a thing and was thinking does it really get the job done. It did and left my skin so clean that I could feel the sound of a clean skin when sliding along with the the fingers. Love it so much, going to get a bigger size, it came to stay, so happy I got my hands on it!
    It’s amazing company. I ordered some products then I had little bit problem. It was solved too quickly. Excellent customer service. Amazing product. Love it. I highly recommend it. Thank you so much.
    Really, really nice
    Lovely exfoliating scrub, I’m glad it doesn’t froth and get into your eyes. Easy to use and leaves my skin glowing but not bright red as some can. Expensive, yes but you generally get what you pay for. Will definitely re-purchase.
    Good product
    I was amazed when I first used this product but was unsure if the residue was from dead skin or the product itself. My skin felt clean and soft. The only thing I dislike is the perfume in it - although it smells nice I do not like products with perfume in it. As a result of this, I cleanse after using the product.
    Love this scrub I just wish it would go further
    Yo glow
    Ahhmazing scrub abit one the expensive side though.
    Good product a
    Leaves skin silky smooth. I use it before I do my dermo rolling at night once a week. Also good as an end of the week scrub. My second purchase!
    Love it!
    The first scrub I really love, skin feels amazing after using
    Amazing! Works wonders!
    This scrub is an absolute must-have!! Honestly my new holy grail skincare product! After just one use I noticed a substantial difference in my skin! Pores were instantly minimised and my complexion looks so much brighter, cleaner and radiant!! My face always feels so thoroughly cleansed after using this product. I’ve been using for a couple of months, three times a week and I’m delighted with the results! Definitely going to repurchase once I run out! Fantastic scrub!! Highly recommend to everyone!
    First of all, this product is heavily scented. I reacted to the scent the second i opened the product and figured it would not work well with my skin, but i tried it anyway. I've seen some people say that the pilling is dead skin. Its not. It starts pilling if you rub it between the fingers too. Unfortunately this product did nothing on my skin. I could not see or feel any difference on my skin at all. I will not use up this product because of its heavy scent and lack of result.
    This is magic
    I am so happy I got this. The small size has lasted me a couple of months already so don’t let the price tag put you off. Skin like a baby’s bum, no more blackheads and also no breakouts. Believe the hype. I’m normal / combination skin and it’s made it look so much better I’ve actually had compliments. Total winner. Getting the large size next time.
    Exceeded my expectations!
    I love exfoliation so I had to try this scrub to see what the hype was about. Sadly, the bits on your face are not dead skin as rumoured but just the enzymes rolling together to exfoliate. However this is super effective! I don't find the scrub harsh at all and I always have a soft, smooth and radiant finish after using. I use this 2-3 a week on my combination-oily skin however, build up your tolerance as needed if you are sensitive or dry. The travel size is a perfect one to test out first!
    Scrub too harsh
    I’ve given this 1 star as I found the scrub to be far to harsh for my skin. For context I don’t have sensitive skin but the scrub caused an awful breakout!
    Super soft
    After using this only once my skin felt super soft and glowing. Love this product!
    Surprisingly amazingggg!
    I bought this recently and I was quite sceptical in buying this as I wasn’t sure if it’s just a gimmick or something. I was also very concerned as my skin is very sensitive and dry. However, it was surprisingly very good. I have tried so many Blackhead facial washes to get rid of my blackheads And nothing worked. Yo glow did the job. And I’m so glad I went with my gut instinct. A little goes a long way and keeps your skin nice and smooth. Really effective :)
    Bit pricey
    Nice product
    Baby Bum Skin.
    I was skeptical at first due to the mix reviews I have read up on this product but was tempted to try this. I don't regret it, it feels so good and my skin is so soft after each use. I use it alternate evenings before my evening skincare and this does brighten my skin up. Love this <3 Going to purchase another one :)
    Overpriced for nothing.
    SO GOOD!
    I got this as a sample and I didn’t expect that I’m gonna like it but it turned out to be fantastic! Leaves my skin so smooth and clean. I use it twice a week and sometimes I feel like using it every day from how good it feels!
    Hello smooth skin
    First, my skin: uneven skin tone (South Asian girl hyperpigmentation) and blemish and hormonal acne prone. I've been using this for a few months now, sometimes once a week and sometimes twice a week. My skin was noticeably better after one use (it felt smoooth), but I still wasn't sure.
    Skin feels great!
    It's unfortunate that some people do not like this, but I love it! I will surely be repurchasing it when I empty my tube. Skin feels incredibly clean and smooth after use.
    I like it!
    Great product that really does exfoliate your skin. But I am doubtful that it is dead skin that is coming off more likely the product. But on the whole a nice exfoliant plus lovely smell to top it off. I would purchase it again.
    Don’t be fooled
    Girls, I’ve bought this product after receiving a sample and thinking it was exfoliating my dead skin cells. It’s absolutely not! It annoys me so much when Huda herself is talking about all the dead skin cells, because in reality it’s just the product that changes once you rub it (like some other Korean scrubs) absolutely not worth the hype.
    I recommend this to reduce your pore size And leave your skin glowing
    I do not get the hype around it. The product is not bad, but not groundbreaking or worth spending your money. Mechanical exfoliator as any other, to be honest..
    This face scrub is amazing! It’s so gentle on the skin and it really cleans the impurities! And the smell is so good! I wish I could use this every day! It really makes my skin so clean and smooth to touch! I will purchase more! Thank you Cult Beauty!
    I cleansed with my clarisonic and then slathered my face in this and it took off so much dead skin. My skin is smooth and glowing. I would highly recommend for dull CITY skin.
    I tried a sample of this brilliant exfoliator and had to buy a full size version. I love how gentle and effective it is, especially in summer when my skin can clog with suncream. Love it.
    So bad
    I got this as a sample with my order and can't express how much I regret trying it. I think it contributed to a breakout after one use!
    Best scrub ever!
    I’ve always had an issue with my skin and acne scars, and this product has made such a difference in a matter of months! My skin is clearer, my scars have reduced, and my tone is much more even! I usually love Huda’s products and this did not disappoint! Bought a second one before my first finished so I didn’t have to go without! It’s expensive, but it lasts for a long time (and I use it 3/4 times a week!) 10/10 recommend this product to anyone and everyone!
    I had a few samples of this and then had to buy the real deal. I have skin easily prone to redness and found I could exfoliate my face with this without over stimulating my skin. I used it on my chest as well and was very impressed. Just DO NOT rub it into your hands before applying to the face, dab it on the face and then get to scrubbing.
    Really not good for sensitive skin ... it’s always breaking me out when I use it !!! Plus the lies in the promotion about the dirty skin that you’re suppose to see after use is disappointing... it’s just the product that creates those skin like pieces
    I’m totally in love with this product, is really worth money, I’m using twice per week and my skin is soo fresh and smooth after, really highly recommend.
    Baby smooth
    I got this as a sample and used it without looking into it much. Results were instantly smooth baby soft skin, didn’t irritate my mild rosacea or dry out my skin. Luckily I managed to squeeze two applications out of the sample and second time around it’s just as good. Definitely on my wish list!
    Literally a skincare revolution!
    I absolutely love this product. I’ve had it for a month and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin (for the better). This isn’t a typical scrub but I mean that in a good way. It’s soft and silky which means it isn’t abrasive like most scrubs. The packaging is simple but pretty and it smells delicious (not chemically or like perfume) it has reduced my redness and blackheads
    Excellent exfoliator!!!
    I was a bit sceptical about this scrub, but after using it a few times I’m happy to say that I’m loving the results!! It’s not harsh on my dry/dehydrated skin. It’s very gentle, and does the exfoliation. My skin doesn’t feel tight after. I have seen a tiny bit of improvement in the texture of my skin. Still not convinced whether it’s your dry skin that you see ‘pilling’, or is it just the product. Overall, I’m happy!!!
    I used it the first time, made my skin softer and can see Lil bit glow on my cheeks and brightness. Everyone has different skin so go for it!!
    Leaves skin squeaky clean
    I was a bit hesitant to try after seeing the mixed reviews but for me I couldn't be happier with this product! Following the instructions it leaves your skin squeaky clean, smooth and glowing. Not drying at all for me personally but obviously everyone's skin is different. My pores are also very visibly reduced and I'm pretty sure it's this product that's done it. I use this twice a week followed by a serum and moisturiser if used in morning or night oil at night, just added it in to my routine. Much better than any face mask etc. A bonus is the packaging is super pretty!
    Done use this if you have dry skin, I think It’s good for ppl who wear a lot of makeup! And have oily skin.
    Visible difference in skin texture
    I have been using this consistently for the last 3 months, around 3 times per week. My skin type is combination, with a few residual acne scars and lightly visible pores. This product has done three main things for my skin - improved the texture considerably (I can see a more smooth surface), reduced some acne scars and hyper-pigmentation (not completely, but there is improvement), and finally the pore size in some areas have reduced (noticeably). I should note however that immediately following use of this, I apply some form of vitamin C serum and moisturiser. This is just my experience, and I will continue using as part of my regular skincare regiment.
    I received this as a free sample and then went straight on line to bought a tube - when it was finally back in stock! It’s fascinating to watch, some people I’d imagine may find it a little dirty as the skin gently comes off on your hands (I call them skin worms) but my sisters and I love it. You feel super shiny after using even once.
    A ok scrub
    Personally i like a exfoliater to be more abrasive, for me is ok, and skin does feel smoother after, but i would say is more like a beaded cleanser than anything. However formula is nice, smells good and i would Suggest more for someone with sensitive skin than someone wanting a actual exfoliater. Its the formula itself coming off when you wash your face NOT skin as promised
    It's ok but leaves a film.
    I got 2 samples of this in 2 separate orders. It's a good physical exfoliant if you're into this but it leaves a weird oily film after using (and it pills as you use it) which I don't like. I had to use a normal cleanser afterward to get rid of the oily film. I won't purchase the big version.
    An average exfoliator
    It does the job, however, I wouldn’t say it’s anything special especially for the price point you’re paying. Also, it’s not dead skin as claimed that clumps up.
    I absolutely love this scrub! Smells like heaven and leaves your skin so silky smooth with natural highlights! You can even use this as a lip scrub perfect after a day of wearing matte lipstick.
    Wishful enzyme scrub
    I bought the smaller version of this product just to see how it was and can I just say this scrub is so good. It takes off all my dirt skin and makes it glowy and soft. Smells amazing. Deffo recommend this product. Can’t wait to buy the bigger version!
    Game changer
    I absolutely love Huda Kattan and the Huda Beauty products which help you glam up and glow. I know Huda puts her heart into every product so I was really excited to try this scrub. The first time I used it, I saw a big difference - it leaves skin feeling soft and evens tone. Will become a product staple in my bag for years to come!
    Wishful Enzyme Scrub
    I used it for the first time and it is absolutely gorgeous. It does what it says and, as I have a oily and sensitive skin, I wasn't sure if it would work for me but it has made my skin super clean and clear. I love it!!
    Keen to buy full size!
    I got a sample of this product on a recent order and was so impressed (I am only giving it 4 stars as it doesn't seem fair to give it 5 on a one-use basis)...I felt absolutely no stinging and more importantly, I could see the product do its job! As soon as I started rubbing the product into my skin the piling began quickly, which was gross but also satisfying to see leave my face. Afterward, I applied my regular night skincare products and everything felt like it glided on much better (my skin felt really soft).
    Not worth the money!
    I really wanted to try out this product because everyone seemed to talk about it, but it doesn't work at all and it definitely is not worth the money! It does not clear dead skin off your face, it is just the product itself that starts to ball up once you rub it with your hands. So the "skin" coming off is just the product balling up, it's not actually exfoliating. I love all of Huda's products and I was expecting more so I won't be purchasing again.
    I am obsessed.
    So I bought this based on Huda. Have been using it twice a week so far, and I love it my skin feels much better ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Sorry this product doesn't work. My face isn't soft even when using regularly. Today is my 5th day but doesn't work, I was super excited but I wasted my money. I wish I could buy something good but next time not gonna buy this product ☹️
    After getting the sample, I had to buy it! It left my skin so soft and smooth. It’s the best scrub I’ve used and it’s not too harsh on your skin.
    Smooth and glowy skin!
    I haven’t been using this product for very long but can say in the short amount of time I have been using it I am very impressed! It leaves your skin feeling so so smooth and my skin definitely appears brighter after use. I would buy this product again!
    I use this scrub twice a week it's made my skin smooth and bright I love it and I will buy it again
    Have been using this product for two weeks now. Really brightens the complexion, gets rid of dirt & impurities. Abit expensive but worth the money :)
    Not so sure
    So I bought this based on reviews. Have been using it twice a week so far, haven’t seen any significant improvements. However my mum whose in her 60’s seems to love it. I think it’s a bit pricey for something that doesn’t seem to do much than any cheaper product wouldn’t do.
    There is room for improvement
    First impressions, the smell has a bit of alcohol smell which put me off at first. Upon applying it scrubs and leaves my skin feeling light and clean without being too abrasive. a little too expensive as well. PS: the plastic tube isn't the best option would be nice to think about more eco friendly options!
    I got the tester size in this and it completely broke me out on my cheeks. Very disappointed you had to over scrub to keep the product on your face just overall very poor from Huda.
    Don't understand the hype...
    Was really excited to try this product due to the excellent reviews, but I can't say it has done anything to my skin and I haven't seen a difference whatsoever! Would genuinely say St Ives Exfoliating scrub makes more of a difference. An extremely overpriced product! Won't be buying again.
    Bought it after a sample
    I have seen lots of mixed reviews on this, but personally I quite like it! I have always loved a scrub, and when I used the little sachet I got with my order I thought this one really did a great job in sloughing away dead skin cells, particularly around my nose and chin, and leaving a nice glow. Overall it makes my skin SO smooth and fresh – just a shame it is quite expensive. I saw on the IG page that Huda uses it as a lip scrub, which I’ve started doing and I really like it for that purposes too.
    The best
    This is amazing. Skin feels so smooth after.
    The best
    I was really curious to try this scrub and I am soooo happy with it. It's such a nice step in my skincare routine. Also, the skin is so smooth and glowy after using this. I really do recommend it.
    Nice .
    It removes the complexion and removes dead skin.
    I normally avoid scrubs due to them being too harsh for my skin. I have dry skin which is spot prone. I use my foreo everyday but it wasn’t doing enough. First of all this smells amazing, it’s so smooth and fine but still does the job!! It’s not harsh on your skin, the first time I used it there was dead skin all over my face coming off, gross I know but after washing off my skin has never felt so smooth! As well as this I had spots which have cleared up and left no scars on my face where as they normally do! Can’t recommend enough
    Nice product
    I have a very oily skin problem. I used this product and it's pretty good, no irritation, my skin feels nice and smooth. The only thing I'm not keen on is the smell. On the whole a good product. I started off with a sample or a small tube first.
    Too expensive
    I tried a small size and it's very nice to use and I would use it again if it wasn't so expensive. You need quite a lot of product so a 100ml tube won't last long at all. So, unfortunately, I won't repurchase.
    Amazing, gentle and effective
    I don’t normally leave reviews but I feel I need to. After rubbing this smooth gel into the face it begins to lift the dead skin off the skin, depending on how much dead skin you have on your face, larger or smaller clumps of skin will form. You then wash this off to reveal glowing and refreshed skin underneath. I have sensitive skin and suffer from adult acne. I suffer from congestion, this scrub has helped me to effectively remove my dead skin and reduce congestion - not only does thus scrub brighten / clear my complexion immediately, but it’s also helping me maintain a clear complexion and ward off that acne. Amazing amazing amazing!
    Must Have
    I wasn't sure about Huda delving into skincare so I was hesitant to try this at first, but I am so glad that I ordered it and gave this a go. It is now 100% part of my weekly skincare routine. It helps with dry patches and leaves skin so smooth, helping with makeup application. Absolutely love it!
    I would not purchase this product or recommend it. It is expensive for what it is and the application is not great. The product starts to 'pill' the minute you put it on your skin. I don't believe for one minute that this is 'dead' skin cells, just product. No pleasing scent to this product considering its pineapple and papaya ingredients.
    Wow need to try
    I thought this was really overpriced and overly exaggerated, but after my first use... omg the results are amazing!! The smell is beautiful, and it feels so gentle and soft on your skin. After you wash it, your skin feels like a baby’s bottom, it looks so fresh!! This defo my favourite product and will be buying it again when I finish it
    I have dry skin and have been desperately looking for a gentle exfoliator that doesn’t suck the moisture from my skin. This product is amazing. Immediately my skin felt an improvement in texture and it gave me a lovely glow, whilst keeping my moisture! I recommend to people who want immediate results!
    I bought this scrub to get a glowy skin and liked the fact that it has BHA as I have acne scars. This scrub doesn't do anything! Waste of money, super disappointed
    I bought this product full size and I agree with other reviewers, it definitely balls up. Unless you're standing over a sink, this will make a mess. Personally, the way it balls up on my face makes me press it into the skin more to keep it on my face and stop it rolling off, which makes the scrub much harsher than it has to be. However, my skin isn't irritated and it is smoother and brighter after use, but I know I am over-exfoliating it, which makes me uncomfortable.TIP: If you already own this or REALLY want to buy this over other faultless scrubs, I use a foaming face wash or a cleansing balm to give this product the lubrication it so desperately needs. This way, I don't press into my skin and the product is FAR less of a hassle to use and gives me all the results I wanted (and expected) from the scrub.
    It does what it says on the tin! Will be buying again for sure!
    Disgusting. This brought my acne back after only using it once and it has been 10 days now. This is the worst Huda product I have ever used. I feel I have wasted my money and would recommend other buyers patch test first or don’t buy at all.
    I received the sample..
    And I desperately wanted to love this and think of it as my new fave scrub. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, although I didn't find it very perfumery (like the other comments) I did find it clump instantly, so much so that I couldn't spread it around. I also saw no improvement after washing or using it a couple of times.
    Not sure
    Got sample as was very keen to try this. It did a decent job but I was disappointed by the smell which I found slightly chemically not pineapple at all. Texture is nice and easy to apply. After one go I didnt see a remarkable difference but wouldn’t judge a product after a single application. On fence whether I will spring for this... as I think there are equally or better exfoliators out there at lower price points.
    Hand over your money now
    I really could not recommend this product enough. My skin looks so bright and fresh. I have some old acne scarring which is looking more and more reduce every time I use this. I feel like it literally gives you a clean fresh layer of skin.
    Must have
    I have had acne problems my whole life in adult life and this has worked so many wonders for me not only am I now 3 weeks spot free I have reduced redness and just an overall glow since using this only twice a week!
    Gentle yet packs a punch!
    I never knew my skin had so much dead skin on it! Easy to use and smooths skin. Highly recommended.
    Great exfoliator
    I got given this as a sample with a purchase I bought and it made my skin feel amazing and it’s very gentle on your skin too. The scent is also amazing will definitely be buying this!
    Wishful goodness
    I knew I liked this scrub after first use. It is really gentle and made my skin feel so soft, smooth and clean. After one use it made my skin appear smoother and glowy and it smells lovely too. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because I haven’t had chance to test it long term yet and I think the price is a bit steep for a face scrub. But I’m still looking forward to more from this line.
    Go buy something better
    This is literally the worst thing. I can't believe how Huda hyped it up.
    I tried this scrub after reading all of the amazing reviews but unfortunately this didn't work for me. The packaging, smell etc is all lovely but after one try I broke out in a rash all over my face.. My skin is not particularly sensitive bit I won't be buying or using this again....
    the best product ever❤️
    Have tried better
    Nothing wow about it you can get better scrubs and cheaper than this. Hasn’t done anything miraculous for me, I have tried better.
    Love it!
    I had to try this product! I’ve never used anything quite like it. Think I might have just found my holy grail facial scrub! It gives a really good exfoliation and is super gentle on the skin. I’d highly recommend
    On point.
    Just purchased by 2nd bottle! It has everything you need in a scrub, it is so gentle yet effective. A must try!
    OMG... This is the best product in my entire life. The best and bestest. NO breakouts, NO feeling of tightness after use, NO strong smell, NO negatives at all. My skin has improved soooo much. At the moment I have no breakouts and the scars have been disappearing, my pores have lessened. I can talk about this product with no ending. Bestest and bestest.
    I love this product. Amazing scrub.
    Subtle but good
    I was really excited to try this and I really like it. It's super gentle and does leave your skin feeling soft. I noticed a difference in my skin after 2 weeks of using. Its definitely more subtle than all the influencers reactions would have you think. But honestly I don't think there's any miracle product that fixes your skin after one use. Would purchase again and I look forward to seeing the other products they come out with next.
    Was excited with all the hype so ordered mine. Overall I don’t see any improvement even after using it twice a week for the last 4 weeks.
    This works!
    Cannot comment on the long term benefits, but have been using this once a week for the past 2 weeks and I've really noticed a difference. Skin feels softer and smoother, the glow is real (and not an oily glow for once!) . Looking forward to seeing the long term benefits!
    Gentle ccrub
    I got a sample from Cult beauty and after using it my skin feels so good. It's very gentle, but does its job really good. For sure I will order this product.
    Wishful Scrub
    Bought it for my sister for her birthday and she absolutely loves it her skin is glowing she highly recommended it so buying one for my self too.
    Gentle and Effective
    If you want gentle exfoliation with another results, this is a no brainer. Follow this with your favourite night mask and your skin will thank you. Having sensitive skin myself I would definitely recommend this, I even use it on the lips.
    Really good
    I do like this product. It leaves my skin looking fresh, and super super baby soft! However, I don’t feel like it’s removing dead skin visibly. Perhaps it is in a very gentle manner on a microscopic level?! My skin rarely breaks out with spots and this has not made any difference with this but it has significantly reduced redness around my nose and cheeks. I would still buy another one as I do love how my skin feels after use.
    A permanent place on my top shelf !
    This is an amazing product ! It’s a super gentle exfoliator and a unique one at that. As you rub the liquid around your face it collects and flakes your dead skin, leaving a fresh even and smooth surface. The main difference I noticed was how even my skin tone looks after using this! I did find that I need to use a richer moisturiser afterwards to replenish my skin as I’m on the drier side. I will 100% be repurchasing this product and I cannot wait to see what Huda brings out next!
    Wishful enzyme scrub
    This scrub is amazing. It’s such a nice texture and so smooth on the skin, once you start the circular motions on your face, it picks up so much dead skin which starts to flake (isn’t so appealing) but the result afterwards leaves your skin feeling so fresh, soft and hydrated. I recommend this product, as I’ll be buying it again!
    Breaks me out
    Glowing skin
    This product does the job like that no other. It gives my skin such a beautiful glow and makes my skin so soft. Huda has come out with a genius product that really delivers what it says this is a must have for all the beauty addicts!
    Loved it!
    This is nothing like The Body Shop one. This scrub is so much gentler on the skin as well as leaving the skin feeling smooth. It's not heavily fragranced. My skin looks healthier and my blemishes have minimised for sure!!! I will defo be purchasing it again!!
    A small amount goes along way
    Really good product, gentle on skin and after use very soft. Only thing is it does make you slightly break out after a day of use but that be that it’s lifted the dirt from the skin but overall very good!
    This product is mainly based on great marketing!! But the product itself is absolutely rubbish doesn’t do anything and ineffective also there are so many pineapple products out there any way she wasn't in the first to make it! Also if you want great scrubs you can purchase £3.50/£5 from high street brands, not £34!!! Sky-high price such a rip off! Not happy
    I have tried so many products & this is the best by far!!!! It leaves my skins so smooth & it lasts for days which never happens for me! ♥️
    Baby skin
    Loving this product, I have been using this for 2 weeks twice a week and can already tell the difference on my skin. Will for sure buy again.
    Its ok
    I don't understand all the 5 star reviews. The "glow" if you can call it that is temporary. Any decent scrub does that so you don't need to spend this much to get it. For me its just another overhyped skincare product. Wouldn't rebuy.
    Broke me out
    I am usually lover of all things Huda but this one has left me disappointed. I immediately bought a full size upon launch as I assumed as an adult acne sufferer Huda was on the same page, it was the opposite the peeling feeling is odd and left my skin dry and broke out of after many months! Would not purchase again!
    Another amazing Huda product!! After having dry texturised dull skin for so many years I have never found an exfoliated that has done the job without drying out or breaking out my skin! This made my skin brighter smooth and didn’t break me out from the first use!! Perfect for people the with sensitive skin but gets rid of all the dead skin worth every penny! LOVE
    It didn’t suit my skin sensitive skin
    My skin is sensitive and I have psoriasis. It gave me skin allergy on my cheeks, I have used it twice till now. Really wished it would have worked
    Tried the sample and honestly, it's quite good. I instantly noticed that my skin was much softer. Might consider buying the full size
    Loved it
    I’ve been looking for a new exfoliator and bought this with the hope it would actually be of benefit to my eczema prone skin. No need for wishful thinking, my skin was noticeably improved - smaller pores, softer and areas with fine ashy scales gone in one use. I look forward to seeing how my skin changes for the better in the months to come. I’m really glad I tried it.
    About dead skin...
    Is this dead skin, that coming off? -NO, it's the product! I see world opening changes, feels softer after peeling. But... I have VERY sensitive skin, surprised, no irritation! Best and cheaper option I think is The Ordinary - AHA, BHA Peeling Solution - it is aggressive but works. So will continue to use, because I toss a coin to the HUDA Beauty! ;)
    First use and I can already see a difference in my skin. It makes my skin soft and more even
    I wasn’t excited about this like I am about regular Huda’s releases, but I picked it up just out of curiosity. The first night I tried it, I felt my skin super soft which I loved but with continued use, I don’t see any changes. Also, the peel drives me crazy. You have to be over the sink or else it’ll fall everywhere!!!
    First use and very impressed didn’t irritate my skin and left it feeling super soft! Looking forward to seeing how my skin looks after a few uses.
    Good enough
    I had my doubts looking at all the hype on Instagram. I was pleasantly surprised, as it thoroughly cleansed my skin and added a glow. Skin was also soft and smooth to touch. It's similar to The ordinary AHA+BHA peel, but milder. Looking forward to what it does with regular usage.
    Changed my life !!!
    I got a sample and I was excited for that and after I used it OMG I didn't recognise my skin at all!!! It's so soft and clean and HEALTHY!! I bought it at 1 am on the day it released because I can’t wait to use it every week! Huda changed my life !! Thanks!
    Really good
    Wishful thinking? Happily not...
    I have an unconscious bias around makeup companies that move into skincare, this probably reflects my age more than anything else. But in this case my reticence was unfounded. This is a really good, multi-hyphenate (new Cult Beauty trend alert) facial exfoliator! The physical scrub action is just enough to clear the detritus loosened by its acid and enzyme action, without feeling scratchy. This not only leaves my face with an addictive velvety feel, it also gently lifts the dulling veil that settles over my complexion more and more as the centuries roll on ;) I look brighter (huge props for that with an eight-month old baby) and my makeup sits much more evenly, without having to mess around too much with my Beautyblender. Looking forward to seeing what Huda does next with this brand...
    Such a great product, my second tube just arrived and I'm truly obsessed, it leaves the skin so soft, bright and tight from day to day.
    Love it!
    Bought the smaller size first, and loved how it made my skin look/feel so ended up buying the bigger size. I have sensitive skin and it was fine with me!!
    My skin felt awesome. Quick and efficient.
    Wonderful product
    Did everything promised it for my oily skin! I use it twice a week, before make up (not often these days) and will rebuy to have a backup. I definitely see a difference when I use it before make up! Glides on smooth.
    Different kind of scrub
    I’m not totally in love with this but still a nice product. I’m not too keen on the way the product balls create the scrub, it makes me feel like I’m rubbing bits of tissue on my face and doesn’t feel like I’m getting the typical scrub to feel that I like. Saying that it’s nice to use it as a cleanser a couple of times a week and I use other scrub products when I really want to exfoliate my face. Skin feels quite tight afterward too so you need to tone quite quickly afterward to get that moisture back.
    Love it
    I’m now on my second tube of this and I love the stuff. A few other BHAs I tried burnt my skin but this is perfect to use a good few times a week. It leaves my skin super soft and minimises appearance of pores especially across my nose.
    this is amazing it makes my skin feel incredible, this is by far the best product I have ever used and I will keep on purchasing.
    I’ve always steered clear on physical scrubs as they have always been so harsh on my skin. But this is incredibly gentle and love the fact that it is both a physical and chemical exfoliant. This leaves my skin feeling super smooth with no irritation or dryness. Would recommend to anyone.
    Excellent scrub
    Love this scrub it makes your face feel so soft and brighter after one use!
    Very impressed
    The fragrance is quite strong but it didn't bother me too much. I wasn't expect much since most people were calling this product a gimmick but it actually does a very good job of gently exfoliating and isn't drying at all! I'm very impressed with it.
    It works BUT
    Does the scrub work ? Yes Does it do as it says ? Yes Why did I give it 2 stars ? Well it smells like a perfume bottle and I thought I could get over it I don’t have sensitive skin so it doesn’t matter BUT the smell is just wayyyy to strong that I can’t use it anymore I used it twice and I can’t get my self to use it again .
    Yo glow
    The Best enzyme scrub in the world! I just adore it!
    Baby skin
    I love that scrub. It leaves the skin so smooth, brighter and glowy
    Glowing baby skin
    This product is amazing! It gives fresh, glowing, baby skin! Definitely recommend and I would re-buy!
    Needed a new scrub and...
    I got this product as a free sample and the first time I used it, I noticed a difference in my skin. I've been looking for a new daily cleanser with scrubbing action, and this one is a winner because the grit isn't too gritty and I love the pineapple/papaya base. I used to use a once-weekly mask from another company that delivered similar results, but this one is going to save me time AND money!
    100% recommend
    This product is a definite must have. You must use it on completely dry skin otherwise the scrub won’t work. You can watch the exfoliator work which is really cool. The results are amazing you can immediately tell difference. My skin is softer, more even and left with a glow!
    Odd and not effective
    This is clearly a popular product with lots of reviewers loving the product so I was disappointed to find that I didn't like this product at all. I used a generous sample size. No exfoliating effect I could determine, no glow, no nothing of substance to be honest. The texture is like cold porridge. I'm glad I tried it but like a lot of hyped products, they have clever marketing behind them but just don't deliver.
    I use it as a mask
    I leave it on for 10 min before scrubbing as maybe more active ingredients are delivered that way.. I wouldn’t repurchase, I don’t feel like it’s doing anything to my skin.
    Loved it.
    The feeling afterwards is amazing and I have to say that using this with the cleansing balm has made my skin look so much healthier.
    Best scrub I’ve ever tried
    I have sensitive skin and this scrub works amazing! Zero redness and leaves skin super soft! Super recommended
    Scrubbed clean
    This is a lovely gentle scrub, non abrasive and doesn’t leave your skin red and inflamed. Skin feels soft and clean.
    Wishful scrub
    I did not find that much difference in using the product.
    Nice gentle scrub but not revolutionary
    This goes on and washes off very pleasantly and I really like that it works without being heavily abrasive. It leaves my skin soft but not scoured. I think it’s good rather than brilliant; REN’s Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial is a similar product but significantly more effective.
    Okay not great
    I dislike the coagulation of product on my skin. What is that... I like the smell and feel afterwards. To early to conclude the effects.
    It’s good but not brilliant
    Been using this scrub for a few weeks and it appears to do what it’s meant to but I’m not sure if I see a huge difference in my skin. It’s a lovely product though.
    I suffer from really bad pimples all around my cheeks and down my neck. I have been using this for over a week now and all my pimples have cleared and no new ones have appeared. I am honestly amazed at how much this has helped my skin because it's usually so reactive to skincare products. Says to use 1/2 times a week but I use every other day.
    I bought the full size after using up a sample. It really is a brilliant scrub :) The product pills up as you work it in, it's not just dead skin you'll see in your hands...it is mainly the product lol. Leaves my skin incredibly smooth, glowing and baby soft. I am 42 and a scrub has never made my skin look so fresh!
    As soon as this came I was like a child on Xmas morning...I was soooo excited to use this!! I have grumpy hormonal skin and always seem to resemble a blotchy mess.. I used this as 4 hours later my skin is still glowing without any irritation.. I feel using this I could discover my inner glow!!
    Get this now!
    The first time I used this product was in a sample with another order and it changed the texture of my skin instantly! I went back online and ordered the full size straight away. It’s great for using before I do my make up and helps my concealer not to dry out and separate! I use this product every other day and it makes my skin so smooth which helps me have many more no make up days! 10/10!
    Best scrub
    I have sensitive skin and it worked really well.
    I love this product. After using it, my skin feels so much smoother and my make up sits so well on it. (Also great on hands, if any left over!). I have super sensitive skin too and this works well without any reaction. Win win!
    100% will repurchase
    Love this scrub! So satisfying to use, baby skin every time. It feels like it really works but also feels super gentle. I use twice a week and have recommended it to mates. Do it.
    Just order it!
    I absolutely love this scrub! My skin has never felt smoother, literally feels like baby skin. My skins texture has improved so much since using this. Removes all impurities and leaves your skin clean and fresh. My sisters love it too. Highly recommend!
    10 star!
    I completely disagree with the 1 star reviews and believe this product was just not for them. However. This is a miracle product for my skin! I've got hormonal spots and this product has been calming it down DRASTICALLY! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
    Game changer
    I have very sensitive skin and scrubs almost never work for me but this was really soft on the skin. I felt a difference from the very first time and I instantly added it to my beauty routine. It was such a game changer for me as it instantly cleaned and brightened.. I LOVE IT
    I don't usually go out of my way to leave a review but this is amazing, it's a unique amazing texture use it more often like any normal face wash as I have extremely oily acne prone skin that gets congested easily... my skin never felt so clean and i've tried everything possible with my acne issues
    Wishful is fabulous
    OK so I buy new products and often have to give them to family members as I have horribly sensitive skin - so this was a risk! Happily for me, this is fabulous, gentle on my skin, leaves me looking more even in tone, clean and fresh - I love this! A new essential in my weekly routine.
    Bright skin
    Tried a sample and ordered this straight away. My skin looks bright and smooth and is lessening the look of age spots. Oddly satisfying to use too as it feels like the dead skin is being removed as you rub the product into your face. I have added this into my list of favourite products that actually do what they say they will.
    Amazing scrub
    Such a lovely gentle scrub. You can feel the dirt/dead skin being lifted. Leaves your skin glowing and soft. Another great product by Huda.
    I love this product. A little in the pricey side but it gets the job done. I just repurchased it. I personally do not use it more than once a month as I have very sensitive skin and I found that using it more often irr itates my skin. And ... I have used it on other parts of my body which needed exfoliation (elbows, feet, chest ) and it worked wonders. I highly recommend it.
    It’s as good as it sounds
    I absolutely love this product, gets all that nasty dead skin and makes you feel reborn. I can’t stop using it, especially at the end of the week when you’ve been working hard.
    Nice product
    Really like this product. Smells lovely and personally didn’t find it too harsh . Think it’s expensive so will probably use a alternative cheaper product next time .
    Lovely scrub.
    Used a sample of this recently, I felt all the dead skin come away from my face and my fiancé remarked after I used it how glowing my skin looked!!! Will definitely be purchasing this.
    Believe the hype
    I love this. It does a fantastic job of getting rid of dead skin and makes my skin feel really soft and moisturised. I have tried many products that do the job for exfoliating but none have left my skin feeling as soft as this has. Will definitely repurchase.
    Everyone's skincare must have
    I love this, I use it once a week. Notice an instant difference in my skin. It lasts for a long time as you only use a small amount so well worth the money.
    Absolutely amazing
    Never leave comments for many things but has this made my skin look and feel amazing.
    Surprisingly good!
    I first tried this as a free sample and was impressed at how effective it was. The texture is quite unusual for a face scrub and its not grainy and more of a paste, but it works well on my oily combination skin.
    Love it.
    I always use this product just before I'm going in the shower, I was really impressed when I first used this my skin felt super soft, the only downside is it is on the pricey side.
    Be careful with that Product!
    It’s not gentle as it is said to be. I used it in the evening and the next day went for a walk and there was literally 10 minutes of sun and despite using sun cream my face was all burnt like it has never been before. My friends were all okey so it must have been that because it was the only thing that was different in my routine. I hoped for great results And it was terrible. Don’t recommend it at all
    Not as good as I thought it would be
    After using my face was left quite red & uncomfortable for a few hours.
    This product is amazing makes the skin super smooth and healthy and it’s so gentle.
    It’s very gentle with the skin and it leaves the skin extremely smooth.
    So disappointed.
    Surprisingly Good!
    I got this as a sample and didn't think I was going to like it based on the reviews. I am so glad I got it as a sample, it is amazing! My skin looked brighter and is unbelievably soft even a couple of weeks later
    Gentle Product
    Really like this product, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth and does not leave any redness or irritation. However, due to the price I am going to use an alternative product.
    Love it!
    I’m not sure the little balls are dead skin but it’s heaven to use. It washes away instantly, leaves no redness or irritation, just smooth and even skin. It really brightens up and evens the skin texture. It’s not drying, has a nice scent and cute packaging.
    Really love this definitely worth buying makes my skin feel so good though.
    My face is now scarred. I am deeply unhappy and resentful of this product and brand now. It made me break out in these small spots I'd never got before, and they scarred very badly. So upset because my skin was doing ok and now I have four large round brown scars. It's drying and I don't think it does exfoliate? Didn't seem like it. My skin was getting more even colour wise, but my face was dry and often red for a day anyway from using it. I personally do NOT recommend. My skin is semi sensitive, wasn't dry before but now is! Even three weeks + not using. I used the Yo Glo for about 3/4 weeks, once a week because I tried twice a week and the spots appeared. I purchased a large product. (Cultbeauty has been super fair and kind in giving me back store credit.)
    A must in my skin routine
    I had initially tried this in a sample sachet and loved it so decided to buy it full size. I have very sensitive acne-prone skin and this has honestly helped my skin so much. I use it twice a week and it leaves the skin glowing and looking clean and bright. If you're confused whether to buy honestly try it!
    Skin feels amazing after use
    This product is amazing. I believe the piling really is your dead skin coming off. Sometimes I leave a week between uses and sometimes only one day and I can really tell a difference in the amount of pilling. The skin feels fresh and clean after use. I would definitely buy it again.
    Wishful fraud
    It claims to exfoliate and that the piling you see is dead skin, but as someone with experience in chemical exfoliants, skin piling does NOT occur immediately. Whereas this begins to become PVA glue as soon as you put it on your face, and continues to give zero benefits (even drying detriment) after it's removed.
    Pleasantly surprised
    I was hesitant to buy so I received a sample and I would definitely it the whole tube! Gentle on skin but you still feel the chin being cleansed and exfoliated.
    Not as good as the rest of Hudas products.
    I was actually quite disappointed by this product. I am a big fan of Huda Beauty and I have plenty of palettes and other items from her line which I think is incredible for the price you pay, but I think she should stick to the make up and not the skincare. I had very high hopes for this product but it really isn’t that great. I’ve tried far better exfoliators. Good exfoliators are avedas skin refiner and sand& sky’s scrub mask and I am someone who has gone from very oily, dry skin with plenty of breakouts to having people constantly envying my skin.
    this is so nice, gentle on the skin, i use mine twice a week and i wouldn’t look back! skin is sensitive but my skin loves this!
    The best!!
    Best scrub I have used ever. Gentle but your skin feels amazingly clean after one use.
    i like alot
    I really like this. It takes all your dead skin away. Skin feels so clean and refreshing after. Only use it once, maybe twice a week. I will buy it again.
    This is the best to take my dead skin off my face after wearing makeup. I'm happy with this product
    Not for sensitive skin
    Do not use if you have slightly sensitive skin! My skin can be quite sensitive. I have tried loads of different scrubs and chemical exfoliators that do wonders for my skin but none have made be breakout except this one. I used it once and it caused me to break out which I haven't in years. Disappointed!!
    Added to my Skincare Routine
    Initially I was quite reserved in trying this product, I had read a number of reviews, this was only because of my skin type being sensitive and very dry skin. I purchased the travel size to try, and my most recent order I ordered the large size! I was pleasantly surprised, my skin was radiant , it felt good not to wear make up, I was amazed at the piling results which some weeks there isn't as much as other but that is to be expected. I now use this once a week as part of my skincare routine and I would not go back!
    Loved it
    My skin feels instantly soft and smooth, and it is brightening a bit my acne pigmentation every use. The only reason I'm giving it a 4 stars review is because of the super-strong smell of alcohol, whenever the mask is near my nose I'm starting to cough and it is annoying. Overall I would still buy it again
    Not all that
    Not all that
    My new favourite
    Wow, my skin loves this product!
    This is a fantastic product! I have sensitive skin so I was a bit unsure if I was wasting my money - turns out it’s the eat money I’ve ever spent! It’s so refreshing and my skin looks absolutely amazing! The packaging is so bright and colourful!
    I used to use an enzyme scrub from the body shop but found it stripped too much away & was very sticky (some is still stuck to the side of my sink) So when this came out I HAD to try it! And I’m so glad I did, it’s not as strong on my skin and doesn’t strip it too much away so when I use it my skin isn’t tight! It definitely helps the texture around my nose and cheeks! It’s a must-have!
    Wishful Skin is Here.
    Not what I originally imagined when buying an 'exfoliator' but this is an absolute miracle, cured hand and foot dry skin from first wash and at a reasonable price. I did not think this would work but it does. I will be telling everyone about this item. Use on dry skin - product starts as a smooth cream on application and begins lifting dead skin cells instantly when rubbed over effected areas. Cannot hide this in my bathroom due to the very bright packaging. LOVE IT!
    Too drying
    I've been looking at this for so long I was excited to start using it but every time I used it my skin would go really hard the next day with dry patches especially on the upper lip and cheek area, with red blotches. I was very disappointed I actually thought I found something that would work.
    My skin is so glowing after and so soft! Can’t live without! Amazing product!
    Use it correctly
    It’s a strange texture but actually very smoothing. Have read reviews saying it leaves an oily film and flakes off but it’s how you use it that makes a difference. Pat it on then rub into skin in circles and rinse thoroughly after. Slight tingle from the enzymes. I don’t like an abrasive exfoliation but this one is gentle, so if you normally stick to chemical exfoliation this one is good for you!
    Skin feels so smooth after using this and no irritation love it!
    I have to say that this is the best face scrub that I have ever tried! So nice to use and it is very gentle
    I found this product to be too harsh for my sensitive skin, I tried it once a week for a month but every time I broke out the day after! Much prefer the Nip&Fab Glycolic scrub at a fraction of the price.
    Deserves the hype!
    I picked this product up somewhat dubiously. I’d read reviews which claimed that what appears to be skin rubbing away is just the product pilling, but having used this a few times I don’t think it is. There is noticeably more skin coming away in areas where my skin is flaky. This hardly feels like a scrub when applied and you only need to massage it in gently to see amazing results. This takes care of my flaky skin and leaves my face soft and smooth. I have a dry skin type and haven’t had any issues at all with this, it’s definitely worth investing in!
    Amazing It cleared my skin and has given me a certain glow.
    A good product - I would say if you have sensitive/dry skin, only use this product once a week as it does strip your skin a little bit. However, the product is good you feel like it cleans your skin deeper.
    So this is my first ever review and I am doing it because it needs it! I’ve had issues with my skin as long as I can remember. Oily around the nose and dry around my cheeks, with adult spots. I’ve tried numerous brands, expensive and cheap but nothing worked. I bought Yo Glow as another attempt to clear my skin up. I’ve used it for just over a month now and I use it daily. My skin has never had a glow until now. I’m really pleased with it. I initially bought the small size but recently bought the full size bottle. Using it daily I still have some left in the small bottle. It would last around 6-8 weeks, you only need a small amount. A large bottle would last considerably longer. My spots have gone! I love it and would shout it from the roof tops!
    So I bought this product on the release date here on Cult. I watched a few YouTube videos & thought this looked to be very good...people see their dead skin rubbing away and finish looking and feeling much brighter and better. Since the launch, a few months now I've used it around 3 times per week, I rub my face & leave the product on the skin whilst I brush my teeth and I can safely say...the bits rubbing off are NOT skin. The scrub element is very very mild and I'm not left feeling much different. The scent is pleasant but for the price, I wouldn't repurchase because you do not see results.
    Love this, cult favourite!
    A friend recommended this product for me, and I adore it. Once used, leaves your skin feeling so smooth and clean. Definitely a must have!
    Absolutely FLOORED with this product!
    I am an avid follower of Huda Beauty, and I am usually very skeptical trying out scrubs because my skin is highly sensitive. However, I trust this brand with all their products and from the moment I opened the tube and scrubbed my face, I fell in love with the scent, the gentle exfoliation and the almost instantaneous glowy and brightened look. This has become a staple part of my bi-weekly skincare routine! 100% recommend.
    Smoooooth Criminal
    A bit about my skin: SENSITIVE AF, hyperpigmentation, flaky dryness, hormonal acne an blemishes. So I've been using this now for over a month as part of a new skin routine. It's been amazing for the texture of my skin. My skin is SO SMOOTH. Also it looks brighter and fresher. When the mini runs out I'll certainly be purchasing the full sized one.
    Amazing but read carefully
    I absolutely love this scrub and it does what it says BUT, and I can't stress this enough, YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO APPLY IT! A lot of people are complaining that it doesn't stick to the face and rolls off, but you have to apply it like she's doing in the video. Apply it like a face mask (smooth it all over the face first) and THEN start scrubbing. It will roll and as it does it will remove the dead skin. Also if you are sensitive to the ingredients, obviously don't use it.
    Love it
    This is the best srcub ever.
    Not for those sensitive to AHA
    Take care with this one. I had an inkling this might not suit my skin as it contains AHA (Pixi's glycolic products, for instance, send my skin into a tailspin), but as this wasn't the sole chemical exfoliant, I thought I'd take a chance with the sample that I received. Upon immediate use, my skin felt and looked smooth and clean. The following morning, my whole face was covered in an aggressive breakout -- acneic spots, redness and dry skin. I wouldn't recommend this if you're even the tiniest bit sensitive to AHA, so for that reason I'd never repurchase this. That said, the product makes no secret of the fact that it contains this ingredient; this one just isn't for me.
    Not sure
    So I got a sample and I was impressed. I really enjoyed how smooth my skin looked like. So I've decided to order the full size. Well I don't know if it is only me, but the sample was much better. I don't feel my skin smooth and and it does peel off so much. I'm doing it twice a week, so I would have some dead skin.I love Huda beauty products, but this is a pass. Not going to purchase this again.
    I got an email for the launch of this and I tend to impulse buy shiny things, the logo got me right in the bank balance. I like the Huda Beauty range and because I love a good scrub thought I would see if this made me feel pretty enough to justify my obsession with skin care. My Cult order arrived and I obviously went to my mothers to show her my newly purchased goodies. As per Huda's instructions I washed and dried my face and started to scrub and Oh. My. God. This is by far the most satisfying, if somewhat gross and disgusting, scrub I have ever used. My whole family use once a week and I have seen brilliant results in my skin tone. I have since bought this as gifts for friends birthdays too and everyone is converted (if a little mortified at the stuff coming off their faces) fantastic product, a little goes a long way and with 3 of us using one bottle its lasted since launch nearly 2 months ago. Well worth the money!
    I love this... BUT
    I purchased the sample size of this product and it is incredibly refreshing. The texture of my skin after using is so soft and smooth, it has a tightening feeling and I have seen it improve my complexion! I have rated it 4/5 stars and the “balling up” feature seems to be false to me as I can apply it to my face and it already gathers up. Pricey but worth it!
    My skins so sensitive so I was so surprised I didn’t get a reaction to this but my skin loved it! i got the free sample in another order and used it twice so only used a small amount, it pills around the dead skin cells which i quite liked as it felt like it was really working after I rinsed my face my pores were practically gone and my skin felt amazing! definitely purchasing!
    This face scrub give my skin a lovely glow and exfoliates it really well!
    Love this
    Fantastic product, lifts away a lot of dead skin. Leaves my skin glowing and fresh!
    Alot of money
    Alot of money for what it is. Dont bother buying the 40ml because it's so small for £18. Smells nice.
    5 stars
    This scrub is the best thing I’ve ever used I have dry cheeks and a oily t-zone with black heads it’s like it they have disappeared!
    Not at all .
    I don't think it is skin that flakes off . It is the product . So it is a complete con .
    I really liked this product. Easy to use, and after my skin feels much more smooth, soft and glowy. I really really liked it.
    I’ve been using this for a few weeks now. Once or twice a day. And I can say this is amazing. Really makes my skin feel smoother and brighter.
    I am a huge fan of all products that establish skin glow. I already use Pixi's glow tonic and multiple vitamin C serums and I thought that the scrub would be nice but that it would not necessarily create even more glow. But it did. After using the scrub my skin felt incredibly soft and clean and I immediately noticed a difference. My skin was glowing for several days after one use! A true must-have!
    Love this Product!
    I absolutely love this product! I see a major difference every time I use it! The dead skin is real and it really goes away, especially in my nose and chin, and my pores almost disappear. I use it twice a week and I look forward to every use. Worth every penny! It’s a skincare staple for me!
    So I got this as a sample with my other cult beauty order. I was excited to try because of the hype. After using the product alongside my normal skincare routine. I noticed it left my cheeks, chin and forehead immensely dry. I haven't had dry skin for over 8 months now and it has since come back after using this product.
    Just perfect
    I was sent a sample with my last order and it was so good that I needed to order it separately. After washing off the scrub, my skin was so so so soft. It removed all of my dead skin. It is an absolute must-have.
    Love it
    I love how gentle it is on the skin but it also removes the dead skin as well as making my skin feel better, smoother and softer, I don’t see this glow though
    Мне понравилось! ***I like it!
    Получила пробник в подарок. Первое впечатление очень приятное. После использования кожа стала очень гладкой. ***Received a sample as a gift. The first impression is very pleasant. After use, my skin has become very smooth.
    Absolutely love this product - it smells amazing and really gets to work on those pores. I’ve noticed such a positive difference in my skin since I started using this!
    Took off half my face (in the best way possible)
    Wow! My skin is dry and dull so I ordered this and immediately used it on the same day it arrived, which was perfect timing as I had hormonal acne and dry patches everywhere. This stuff works! Within the first few seconds of rubbing the product in there were literal chunks of dead skin gathering (sorry for the T.M.I but I feel like this is a unique selling point.) After that, I had a glowy, smooth, baby-soft face which was only slightly red for a while after use.
    Love it!
    I got a sample of this and it was so good I had to purchase it. It smells amazing when you put it on and leaves your skin so soft. I now use it regularly, try it you won’t be disappointed.
    Waste of Money!
    The smell it is nice, but I cant see a glowing skin... I am disappointed
    Over rated ..
    It doesn’t even deserve a penny on it . Very over rated product , I can’t call it a scrub .
    Wishful skin
    I’ve normally got dry/dehydrated skin but during lockdown it’s been especially stressed and not enjoying anything I put on it. I could have slathered my face in e45 cream 24/7 and it would still not take on any moisture. I’ve got various acid exfoliators and they weren’t touching the sides, enter this and WOW! All my dehydrated flaky patches were gone instantly, my skin was soft and the perfect canvas for the rest of my routine again. The real test is that it continues to work and after a month of using this just once a week has infinitely helped. My skin is receptive to moisturiser and face oil again and it’s stayed hydrated and not as stressed out, this has been the perfect addition to my routine.
    I wanted to buy this for some time and it really pays off, this product is really amazing! Huda, you have outdone yourself!
    More Like Yo No
    Wanted to love this but it wasn’t meant to be. Firstly it’s not a scrub at all, secondly the ingredients are listed very questionably for some reason. This is so messy; as soon as you start massaging it into your skin it balls/clumps up into some type of soft grainy substance. If you don’t like perfume in your skincare this isn’t for you either. Hopefully they will reformulate because the idea is great unfortunately execution was disappointing. Now l just lay it on my skin without massaging it in rather than throwing my money in the bin, won’t repurchase though.
    The sample sold it
    Now I'm not one for trying new skincare products ad my skin is so delicate to even look at something out of my skincare routine makes me break out... but I got a sample of this with my last order and as we are in lockdown and I won't be seeing the world for a while I decided to give it a go and wow. This stuff is amazing my skin is glowing, beautiful and gently exfoliated perfect for your face, this is now added into my skincare routine twice a week.
    Loved it!
    I tried a sample sachet following a recent order. Felt like a gentle but effective scrub with light scent of pineapple and papaya. Really enjoyed how clean it made my skin- it scrubbed away loads of dead cells etc. My skin felt super smooth without the usual dryness I have with other scrubs. Definitely going to be purchasing this on my next order!
    I got a sample of the product and on first use i loved this exfoliator as skin felt very smooth. One day after using, my skin was extremely flakey and dry. I do know some people that this product works well for them; however, unfortunately i wouldn’t recommend for anyone with dry skin as very drying. Much more suited for oilier skin.
    I just tried this mask, I received it as a sample!! Loved it so much (just ordered a full size one), it made me feel like I just had a spa facial treatment - a must have in any girl’s skin care bag!!!
    Too harsh
    I received a sample with my order of this scrub. I was excited to use this as it had lots of good ingredients (glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid, as well as various fruit extracts). However, this scrub is too harsh.I don't agree with combining chemical and physical exfoliation, although the physical exfoliation is very gentle this may possibly contribute to the over stripping effects of this scrub. I have no problem usually with chemical exfoliation, but this was too harsh and stripping for my dry skin! If you have quite oily skin, this may be of more benefit for you.
    I love this.
    Just bought the full sized version...
    I used this scrub after receiving a sample in my latest order. The scrub is very gentle on skin and after one use it left my skin feeling super soft and looking glowing and fresh. I've just placed an order for the full sized product as I loved it that much. I can't wait to see the results from using it regularly.
    Wishful Enzyme Scrub
    I used this product three times and each time I experienced redness, blotchiness and I also broke out in spots. It has taken over a week for my skin to start returning to normal. I have normal/dry skin. There are products that are far cheaper in the market that work so much better. Unfortunately this is just not the one.
    I’m obsessed already
    I’ll start by mentioning I’m not really a major Huda fan, but after receiving a sample of this I had to buy the full sized product. I love the peeling sensation or my skin and how it feels like I’m really buffing away that top layer of stubborn skin to leave baby soft skin that feels so smooth. My skin felt noticeably smoother immediately and my skincare applied like an absolute dream. I’m literally excited for in a couple of days time when I’ll be able to apply this again! I have really dry skin, but with my usual moisturising routine my skin actually felt more hydrated than usual afterwards. Genuine 11/10
    Soft, soft, soft
    I love the smell of this product. I love how soft it makes my skin feel after and I love how non-abrasive this is on my skin. The texture the scrub created isn’t your dead skin forming, it’s just the way the product forms in to a scrub but I still like the idea of it, the price put me off for a while but I bought it anyway! Definitely recommend if you can afford it.
    Today was the first day I’ve used the scrub and I can honestly say I’m so shocked. At first I thought, I can’t believe I spent £34 on it , it’s probably one of those bad products that are over priced. When you first put it in your hand it’s like a liquid, and when you put it on your face it’s so gentle , I thought wow.. I had no idea that the product actually take over your dead skin. So the bits you see on your face is actually your dead skin not from the scrub which I found really impressive! My skin was so soft, this was just after one use... I look forward to using this product more!
    Good product but not as advertised
    This product definitely does removed your dead skin cells and make your face feel like a baby's butt.. However in our the tutorials of using it I've seen, there are those trying to claim that the build up of cellulose is your skin, which it's not. The product did make my skin feel smooth but a little dehydrated (I have oily combo skin)
    I really love this product. After application your skin feels smooth and has a glow to it. You do need a good moisturiser for after as the skin can feel tight but I will definitely be purchasing it again
    YoGlow = You Glow
    This product is amazing, I’ve been using it for a whole month now and I can honestly say it does my skin wonders. I use this once a week and it definitely brings an instant glow to the face. Also leaves my face soft, brighter and squeaky clean! Bye dead skin.
    So Disappointing
    My skin: dehydrated, boarding on dry & textured. I’ve used it a couple of times now after investing due to the fruit enzymes, which are a skin care staple.. but this stripped my skin completely (think rubbing acetone on your skin) within half an hour, my skin still a tiny bit stingy, it was super oily in my t-zone trying to compensate from being stripped of any moisture. After a couple a days my skin started to flake, super dry and really rough, just so so disappointing!
    I received a sample of this product in my cult beauty haul today and I love it, I've never known a product to feel like your actually get rid of so much dead skin as this one, will defo be purchasing soon! Left my skin feeling amazing, my skin can be a bit sensitive too and it was fine
    It works
    I feel as though this does really work. Makes skin very soft, does exfoliate and it does last. Each use needs a good amount of product, or else it doesn't work very well. However, I do find the piling a little irritating and it beggars belief that the founder of the product thinks this is skin... however, it is good and its not pore-clogging either. I would use the whole thing very happily but may not buy again.
    Wow, this product is amazing. My skin looked plumped and glowing after one application. Never had such an instant result from a product. Definitely worth the money!
    Excellent product. Skin feels very soft and smooth after each use and has definitely brightened and evened out my complexion. Highly recommend!
    Good product
    My skin feels very smooth immediately after use and looks clearer and brighter. I use it twice a week. My skin type is oily
    My skin is glowing
    I love this product! I’ve been using it 2-3 times a week for about a month and my skin has never felt better, I’ve had so many compliments on my skin and how it’s glowing. It’s really gentle but I can feel the dead skin removing and it’s an amazing lip scrub definitely recommend!
    It is not for dry skin
    It is a really good product but for oily skin. It clears out the dead skin and pores but after some time it can leave dry skin if you do not moisturize properly (heavily if you have dry skin)
    The best scrub I’ve ever had!!! (And I have many) a little expensive but it’s worth it
    Not all that, leaves skin soft but for a minimal amount of time.... and the particles start forming even in the palm of my hands.... wouldn’t rebuy
    Buy it
    Just buy it. Trust me. It made my skin feel so smooth and has made a difference in the texture and appearance of my skin.
    Love this scrub so much, it makes my skin baby soft. Honestly amazing, incredible!!!
    A very strong and harsh product
    I received this as a sample from Cult. At first, my skin felt smooth and a lot of blackheads removed and much clean. But a day later I could see how sensitive this product has made my skin. Even after 5 days, I have red skin.
    Had a bad reaction
    I was praying this was going to work but sadly it reacted bad to my skin! I had a rash and bumps come up all over my face and it’s gone very dry! I’m so disappointed in this product.
    This is HANDS DOWN the most incredible exfoliate I have ever used, and I feel like I've tried everything, I'm skincare OBSESSED. Never has a product made my skin feel as fresh, new and clean as this. I never want to be without this scrub. An absolute GAME CHANGER!!! For reference, my skin is dry/combo and eczema prone. Do yourself a favour and get this scrub!!!
    WOW! This item has changed my skin forever! I am 14 and struggle with eczema and dryness. I am ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED by the results of this product! I am skincare obsessed and this is by far the best exfoliator ever! I was a little dubious about the claims that all the stuff you see coming off people's faces on Instagram was really the dead skin coming off, but I can now confirm that its trueeee! The packaging and smell are amazing, and my face is so bright and vibrant! But best of all, this scrub is Vegan and Cruelty-Free. THANKS TEAM WISHFUL!!
    The one!
    I have sensitive skin and I was a bit afraid of my skin reaction but when I applied the product it felt so fresh... and the scent is absolutely gorgeous! It left my skin so soft I wish I could use it every day for the skin benefits and the sensorial experience. Can’t wait for more Huda skincare!
    Being an acne sufferer I can hardly get hold of a good exfoliator as my skin is so sensitive. This is non-abrasive and leaves you with softer skin, definitely squeaky clean looking skin with a subtle glow. Worth the buy.
    When I first used this my skin felt amazing. Second time using it I have come out in tiny little bumps all along my forehead that feel so rough which I have never had before. Seems a little bit of a coincidence that has happened since using this product which I am gutted about. I don’t normally have sensitive skin at all either.
    Love it!
    I brought this scrub after trying a sample. I tend to have combination skin (blocked pores around the t-zone, but dry skin elsewhere)... out of all the different products I've tried; this is definitely one of the best.
    Love love love
    Waited for this product, got mine on the day it launched. Absolutely love it. I'm addicted. Should have bought 2! Smells divine! Will defo buy again. Amazing product. Love the results. Does make your face glow. Love Huda Beauty products. Can't wait to buy again
    N no no
    Sorry, really wanted to love this product as I love Huda, but it's really not that good - didn't do much for my skin. Just your average scrub, not worth the price tag!
    Used for the first time this evening and WOW WOW WOW. I’m usually a tough critic with skincare but I have to say that this product is worth every penny. My skin felt renewed, soft and glowing without any irritation whatsoever. Really impressed.
    Okay so I don't ever exfoliate my cheek areas as I have suffered from acne and usually, scrubs can irritate my skin but I used this first time and it didn't irritate my skin, and left my skin so soft after first use and seen a very glowing effect to my skin. I will definitely use again. The pealing is the product not dead skin as some have said but the pealing is what really squeaky cleans the face.
    Very irritating
    I got a sample of this and was excited to try it since I love a good peel but this had fine grains that feel like sand on your face (this does dissolve quickly though). My issue is that it left my skin so much more irritated than other peels but wasn't as effective. It could also be due to the fragrant components. I'm glad I didn't pay for this, I'll stick with Dr Dennis Gross and Pharmacy
    Got a sample size and I am in love. Skin felt so smooth after use. Would be love to use before an even cos your makeup will sit really well. I am buying a full size when it launches. Already signed up.
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