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    Too FacedHangover Primer 20ml<p>If you&#8217;ve gone a little overboard and your skin&#8217;s betraying you via tell-tale signs of one too many drinks, Too Faced has the perfect cure: Hangover Primer is the ultimate quick face fix &#8211; soothing, smoothing and brightening skin to create a dewy, healthy-looking finish. </p><p>The lightweight formula is infused with hydrating coconut water, probiotics and skin revivers to rebalance moisture levels and boost skin&#8217;s radiance. Used alone or to create a seamless canvas that locks down make up, this miraculous primer will make you look remarkably well-rested &#8211; like you&#8217;ve had eight hours of sleep <em>and</em> your daily dose of H2O, even if you&#8217;ve had quite the opposite. Now in a teeny tiny 'Doll-Size', you need never be without it either &#8211; pop one in your make up bag, one in your handbag and one in your pocket for good measure. What&#8217;s more, along with the entire Too Faced range, you can rest assured that this is cruelty-free.&nbsp;</p>TOO035_20ML148426519869730885 stars, based on52 reviews 12.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Too Faced Hangover Primer

    Too Faced
    Hangover Primer
    ( 20ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      An iconic classic from Too Faced, this miraculous primer will have you looking fresh-faced in a flash – even if you’ve stayed up a lot later than your bed time (and had a few too many cocktails in the process…) Hydrating, smoothing and brightening, it’s infused with hydrating coconut water and probiotics to boost skin’s radiance and leave a dewy, healthy-looking finish that’s flawless alone or used to lock down make up. Available in both a full size (38ml) and a weeny 'Doll-Size' (20ml), you can take this hero product wherever you go!


    • Description

      If you’ve gone a little overboard and your skin’s betraying you via tell-tale signs of one too many drinks, Too Faced has the perfect cure: Hangover Primer is the ultimate quick face fix – soothing, smoothing and brightening skin to create a dewy, healthy-looking finish.

      The lightweight formula is infused with hydrating coconut water, probiotics and skin revivers to rebalance moisture levels and boost skin’s radiance. Used alone or to create a seamless canvas that locks down make up, this miraculous primer will make you look remarkably well-rested – like you’ve had eight hours of sleep and your daily dose of H2O, even if you’ve had quite the opposite. Now in a teeny tiny 'Doll-Size', you need never be without it either – pop one in your make up bag, one in your handbag and one in your pocket for good measure. What’s more, along with the entire Too Faced range, you can rest assured that this is cruelty-free. 

    • How to use

      Smooth over face and blend into skin. Can be worn alone or under make up.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water, Lactobacillus/Salix Alba Bark Ferment Filtrate, Propanediol Dicaprylate, Propanediol, Ceteareth-6 Olivate, Olive Glycerides, Lactobacillus Ferment, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hydrogenated Olive Oil, Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6, Cellulose Gum, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Pectin, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Xanthan Gum, Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil Unsaponifiables, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Juice, Lauryl Alcohol Diphosphonic Acid, Pentylene Glycol, Glycerin, Lecithin, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Fragrance, Lauric Acid, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Citric Acid

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    Too Faced - Hangover Primer

    Too Faced Hangover Primer Reviews

    Not a fan
    The smell is horrendous, I believe it is meant to be some sort of tropical pina colada vibe but it is just horrible it made me feel ill when applying it. I felt like the primer did nothing, it didn’t keep my makeup on which is kind of the point and if it was just like a moisturiser which didn’t really do anything to moisturise my skin felt the same when I wasn’t wearing it
    The smell
    Great primer and feels just like skincare, does what it needs to do but the smell is too off putting for me.
    Love this primer! It’s very lightweight and it smells amazing! It’s suitable for sensitive skin as well!
    A good hydrating primer
    I’m very happy I found it here on Cult Beauty. I haven’t worn makeup a lot during covid so I haven’t gotten to try the primer again yet but I remember it being great for my combo skin.
    Love this
    *I have normal-combination skin* I’ve tried so many primers over the years and this is the only one I have repurchased. It feels so lovely and lightweight (more like a lotion) and it sinks into the skin so nicely, it feels like you have nothing on unlike some silicone-y primers
    So good!
    Really hydrating, light coconut smell and creates the perfect base for makeup! Would recommend for all skin types!
    I’m not sure about this
    It smells really nice, I like the texture and feel of this, but for some reason it makes my makeup look really weird. I tried this with 2 makeups I use everyday and with both it looked terrible. I have normal to dry skin so I’m very surprised. I will keep trying it, maybe with some other foundations it’ll look good, but for now, I will just keep using it on no makeup days for hydration.
    Too liquidy and watery, strong coconut smell. It didn't do anything for me
    Not oily/greasy!
    I've tried lots of primers and this one seems to do the best job. I have very oily skin and my foundation stays put ALL DAY with this primer on. Love it!
    My new ‘old reliable’
    As a professional makeup artist, I like to try and find something that’s going to work on every different skin type and this is it! It’s just effortless really, feels sooo light and like a moisturiser. Smells great which I wasn’t expecting, keeps your makeup in place all day and it’s just something I can rely on no matter what. I’ve realised I reach for it a lot more often than I thought, without giving it the credit it deserves. A must have, feel-good product
    Feels moisturising
    This primer isn’t oily at all. It feels almost like a secondary moisturiser and I find it works best if you let it settle into the skin for twenty seconds after application. Smells like coconut water - and you can really feel the hydrating effects of it too. A nice dewy base for foundation!
    Did not like anything about this primer.
    After trying many primers, this one is killing it by far!!! My skin is dry and my foundation tends to break and "fall apart" after a few hours. With this primer, it never happens.
    Made my skin lovely and dewy. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.
    I got a sample of this primer and I was absolutely disappointed. When I started to apply my BB, it started rolling. It was awful!
    Waaay overrated!
    I could not believe it! It smells horrific, it does nothing for my pores, everything looked patchy afterwards and I definitely did not have a good makeup day! I would be better off without priming.
    Moisturizing, but it pills
    I like it overall - very moisturizing however I give it a star less since it tends to pill on my skin sometimes.
    Feels so nice on skin!
    So nice for combination to dry skin, doesn’t break me out like many silicone primers and makes my makeup last ages. This would also make a great moisturiser for when your not wearing makeup.
    Perfect for dry skin
    My skin is like Sahara Desert and this product is amazing. Works perfectly with Benefit foundation.
    Absolutley amazing - Hasn't budged a bit!
    I applied my makeup at about 7 pm and accidentally fell asleep with it on (I know - terrible but it was a once off) but Its now 2 pm the next day (Don’t judge I had work and my makeup still looked fresh anyway) and it HASN'T BUDGED A BIT OF MAKEUP! For me this is my biggest problem area as I have pretty oily skin so after about 1-2 hours of a fresh face I usually need to touch up with translucent powder but I haven't had to touch it up at all in the full time its been on! My foundation, brows, lips and eyeshadow all stayed intact! I definitely recommend this primer if you have super oily skin and looking for something to help that, this primer with estee lauder double wear is a god send! It is expensive but its completely worth the money!
    Amazing but over priced!!!
    This product (I own it in a mini travel size) is worth the hype because it is super hydrating and once it dries down it becomes and bit tacky and makes it easy for your foundation/concealer to stick on to your skin and last longer. It gives your skin a great base for makeup and gives it a slight smoothing effect. The packaging is beyond cute and it smells like chocolate mixed with coconut beach and it does not break me out. But it is well over prized for a primer that you cannot see on your skin. If you don't mind splurging I would go for it but you can definitely find cheaper moisturising and tacky primers at the drugstore or even high end ones that are cheaper than this one. But regardless of the price this is my everyday go-to primer but one more thing- it runs out quite quickly and does not contain that much product for the price point .
    Not the best for minimizing pores
    I really wanted to love it but suddenly it broke me out but that's just because of my sensitive skin. Also, it didn't really do anything to me on the primer side but I think its overall good for moisturizing your skin and getting that healthy glow.
    Really hydrating
    This primer has an awful scent, in my opinion, it doesn't smell like coconut to me, but more like plastic. However, it feels super nice on the skin, it's like a lightweight moisturizer on me and doesn't really fill in pores or anything like that. It's just super nice to bring life back into your skin, it leaves my complexion looking glowy and hydrated.
    Makeup stays on all day!
    This primer is moisturising and sticky to ensure your makeup stays on all day!! feels so refreshing and I love it so much! best primer!! Don't like the smell though, smells more like damp attack than coconut.
    Amazing for dry or dehydrated skin
    This primer is the best one I've tried. My makeup often gets patchy in winter because my skin is very dehydrated. When I started using this primer this doesn't happen to me anymore. It really moisturizes and hydrates my skin. Also, the price is great.
    I bought the travel size first to test it out. I'm not even kidding it is the best primer I have ever used. I get extremely dry skin especially during the cold, I used this under my foundation and my skin looked soo amazing. Honestly you need to try it and alongside the Setting spray it makes your skin look airbrushed!! Definitely need to buy the full size one.
    The Best Primer I've Tried!
    Smells amazing and it is so hydrating...my skin feels so good when I apply it. I use it on bare skin and even without applying any more makeup my skin looks more healthy and awake. It is outstanding! I have combination skin and I seriously can not live without this. For me, it is best one.
    I really love this!
    I finally bought this after all these years to see what's the hype of it. And i have to say, I am loving this!! First i thought it would be too heavy on my more oily leaning skin but it actually keeps it very fresh looking throughout the day. I have some dry patches as well so make up sits better on my skin after using this. I would never have guessed it worked this well. Really worth the purchase and I am going to keep using this on a daily basis!
    Love this primer!
    I absolutely love the feel of this primer! If it doesn't seem to look good, it is most likely the foundation you use on top - be vary of the foundation you use on top and always allow the primer to sit on your skin for a few minutes as you would any other primer. I love the fact that this primer feels like skincare and I love that in a product that I can also use for my makeup.
    I love this.
    Great for little makeup users.
    As someone who doesn't wear a lot of make-up very often, I like applying this product along with my concealer. Personally I think it smells lovely, adds a nice dewy/refreshed glow to my skin, and really sticks my concealer in place. Especially on skin creases! It also sets very quickly so you can apply makeup almost instantly afterward.
    love it!
    Lovely coconut smell, hydrating and lightweight! I have dry/combo skin and it makes makeup cling to my patches less : )
    Good product
    I received a sample in the goody bag and was skeptical at first as I am not a fan of primers but I really liked this product. It adds moisture but is not heavy. Also keeps my makeup in place. The only downside is it’s sweet strong smell (coconut).
    Не для всех типов кожи - Not for all skin types.
    Для жирной не подойдёт, хотя моя кожа тоже требует увлажнения. А так база неплохая. It is not suitable for oily skin, although my skin also requires hydration and the base is not bad.
    Its ok
    It is ok but I wouldn't say it is amazing as a primer.
    Light but effective
    I must say I don't use primers very often 'cause I don't really care if during ordinary days my makeup fades a little bit, but as I've got this in a GB I'm glad I have it! I mainly use it as LIP primer even though I know it is for the face, but the results are quite nice anyway... I always struggle to make the lipsticks last and I've finally managed it with this hyped guy. It's very lightweight and I feel is hydrating too...
    Love it
    This base is one of my faves. It is moisturising, but helps makeup to stay longer on the face. Also, it is very useful for heavy foundation - the layer becomes thinner.
    Got a sample and loved it. Slightly tacky but good for long wearing makeup; all day and night! I bought the product and I wear it for work to save myself looking like I've been dragged through the dirt by the end of the day and still look good enough for a date night after work.
    Smells nice
    It's not really meant for the pores, it's meant to smooth and hydrate a blank canvas and that's exactly what it does. It also smells like coconuts; I try not to eat it! I hate the tube though. Once you get to the end, I've had to cut it, scrape the excess and put it in a little tub. This primer is great for dry, dull looking skin. It can also be worn alone over moisturiser.
    Buyers remorse.
    Well this product totally failed at it's task; it doesn't work as a primer, it just rolled off when I applied foundation. My Whamisa skincare products work a lot better as a primer. They also leave my skin brighter and fade pores a lot better. So I have absolutely no use for this. One thing I liked was that it controlled oiliness.
    Pills, Pills, Pills
    It's supposed to create a dewy glow. Rather the opposite though! It pilled like crazy under my concealer and foundation which then started to flake off after I'd waited a good 5-10 mins. I find the best glow prep before I apply makeup is TO's Hyaluronic Acid mixed in with TO's Niacinamide.
    Great product!
    I hear great things about this primer and it did not fail me. It smells great and leaves a velvet touch to the skin. Eager to try the spray one!
    Don’t buy it!!
    I bought it and put it on after moisturising my skin then waited 5 min to let it set and when I started applying my foundation it was coming off like a roll of skin! The best primer for me it’s Urban Decay Optical illusion!!
    Good for dryer skin
    I used to have to buy primers for oily skin but since taking medication that dried my skin out had to look for a new one. This is really good moisturisers skin and makeup stays put I apply at 6.30 am before work and it lasts all day. Not really sure if it is as good for oily skin as mine isn’t anymore but I would recommend it for dryer skin.
    Like it
    I like the texture of it and that it is really hydrating without being greasy or oily. I will repurchase it.
    My fav
    I’ve repurchased this product so many times. It’s my absolute favourite. Wouldn’t buy any other. I have oily skin and it works really well.
    Best primer ever
    My first time purchasing Too Faced and I’m loving this primer. It really hydrates my face and helps my foundation stay on all day. The scent isn’t the most amazing but the product is worth it.
    This primer is incredible, it is a very hydrating primer which leaves a tacky finish as you blend it in, meaning your foundation will easily stick on to it, giving it a long lasting effect. The only thing you may not like about it is the scent, it smells very strongly of coconut, however if you can get past the scent it is 100% worth the price.
    Loving this primer
    I bought this with the setting spray; they work amazingly together! Makes my skin look airbrushed and smooth. Even my pores aren’t as visible as they are without makeup. Totally recommend! Especially with the setting spray.
    Really really nice!
    I've been using this primer for about 2 years now and don't think I'm ever gonna change. It smells amazing, just like coconut water; doesn't contain any parabens, silicones or menthol -- which is super important for my sensitive skin as I'm allergic to all of them. I would definitely recommend this product, especially for dry and easily irritated skin.
    Best primer
    This primer changed my life! My foundation looks so much better with this and it's hydrating. Would recommend this over silicone primers. Great for dry skin, especially in winter time. The only thing I don't like it's the smell, but I can live with that.
    One of the best hydrating primers and very value-for-money!
    Still one of the best I've used and I will return to it again and again. It's a complete dupe of the Marc Jacobs Perfecting Coconut Face Primer but at two-thirds of the price! The coconut smell is not strong and the bottle goes quite a long way.
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