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    Too FacedBetter Than Sex Mascara 4.8ml<p>Guaranteed to be better (and last longer&#8230;) than even your most dangerous liaison, Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced is a bona fide make up icon. The number one selling prestige mascara in the U.S., this is a Holy Grail formula for countless devoted fans. What makes it so good, you might well ask? It starts with the formula &#8211; it&#8217;s enriched with film-forming polymers and collagen to provide smudge-proof, all-day wear, as well as acacia senegal tree extract to nourish, thicken and lock each curled lash in place. And, of course, a mascara is only as good as its brush &#8211; this one is shaped like an hourglass to &#8216;unlock&#8217; the formula and leave no lash behind, lifting and coating each and every little one, top and bottom. In just a few coats, your eyes will look more defined and bright than ever before.</p>TOO046_MINI6519869719614 stars, based on86 reviews 12.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
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    Too Faced
    Better Than Sex Mascara
    ( 4.8ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      No matter how exhilarating your liaisons are, this Holy Grail mascara will be even better… The number one selling prestige mascara in the U.S., this revolutionary, collagen-fuelled formula thickens, lengthens and curls after just one coat with the ingenious hourglass-shaped brush. Leaving no lash behind, this is guaranteed to lift and coat each and every hair and last all day long (…now it’s really living up to its name). Available in both a full size (8ml) and mini (4.8ml) you can take this hero product wherever you go!


    • Description

      Guaranteed to be better (and last longer…) than even your most dangerous liaison, Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced is a bona fide make up icon. The number one selling prestige mascara in the U.S., this is a Holy Grail formula for countless devoted fans. What makes it so good, you might well ask? It starts with the formula – it’s enriched with film-forming polymers and collagen to provide smudge-proof, all-day wear, as well as acacia senegal tree extract to nourish, thicken and lock each curled lash in place. And, of course, a mascara is only as good as its brush – this one is shaped like an hourglass to ‘unlock’ the formula and leave no lash behind, lifting and coating each and every little one, top and bottom. In just a few coats, your eyes will look more defined and bright than ever before.

    • How to use

      Step 1: Apply the first coat from base to tip. Step 2: Apply the second coat over and under the lashes. Step 3: Apply third coat by rolling the wand from base to tip and bumping the lashes back at the tip.

    • Full ingredients list
      Aqua/Water/Eau, Synthetic Beeswax, Paraffin, Glyceryl Stearate, Acacia Senegal Gum, Butylene Glycol, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax/Oryza Sativa Bran Cera, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Polybutene, VP/Eicosene Copolymer, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax/Copernicia Cerifera Cera/Cire De Carnauba, Aminomethyl Propanol, Glycerin, PVP, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Disodium EDTA, Polyester-11, Cellulose, Trimethylpentanediol/Adipic Acid/Glycerin Crosspolymer, Propylene Glycol, Disodium Phosphate, Polysorbate 60, Acacia Seyal Gum Extract, Sodium Phosphate, Acetyl Hexapeptide-1, Dextran, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Iron Oxides (CI 77499), Ultramarines (CI 77007), Black 2 (CI 77266)
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    Too Faced - Better Than Sex Mascara

    Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Reviews

    I bought this mascara almost sure I were about to love it, but I really dislike it instead! Wonder how unsatisfying sex could be to give it such a name...
    don't believe the ads
    The mascara came to me as a gift, which I'm very happy about because it definitely does NOT cost its price. Even though the application might seem fine, mascara simply starts to crumble, leaving everything under the eye and making dark circles appear. Many cheap mascaras work waaay better.
    Bts mascara
    Very bad do not recommend
    Definitely not better than sex
    I had big expectations because of so many good reviews but got very disappointed. It applies very easy, doesn't stick the lashes and looks on very good but only after a few hours it smudges my under eyes leaving dark circles. And it looks as if I was sleeping overnight with my make up on.
    I really wanted to try this one for a long time, but today I finally did and was really disappointed. Honestly many drug store mascaras are better than this one, the packaging is cute though.
    I recommend to all my friends
    I absolutely love this mascara. It took a couple of weeks to get used to the formula (and to teach myself to not rub my eyes so often as it can be quite smudgey). But I’ve successfully used this product for more than 3 years, and it never lets me down. Pros: amazing long lashes, lasts all day, really good price. Cons: smudges quite easily (but stop touching your face & it’s not an issue). It can be a slight learning curve to use, but stick with it cos it is the best!
    my favourite
    Definitely for more of a thicker lash look, but that's what I love about it. So pretty, lasts a while but doesn't stand up so well to the heat as I get little black marks under my eyes from this. Generally don't have a problem with this in England though, so it's perfect for me.
    My new fave
    Not sure if it really depends on a batch but mine is perfect! It does not crumble or give a panda look on me. It stays on the whole day until I remove it. I love it, it's really good, my new favorite, definitely will rebuy.
    The best mascara
    So worth the purchase - lash coverage and volume is second to none.
    The application of this product was lovely. I have quite short eyelashes and I felt a noticeable improvement after two applications. I’d recommend!
    My holy grail when it comes to mascara!
    Don’t waste your money
    Horrendous! Don’t know why this has such rave reviews. The brush is okay and after immediate application the mascara looks good. However it crumbles off lashes and leaves black smudges under eyes! look like I’ve been up half the night. Wouldn’t recommend.
    Love this product
    Makes your eyes pop. Most of the time you won't need anything else but a lashing of lippy.
    Favourite mascara
    This mascara is my favourite and I repurchase it every time it runs out. It doesn't flake, it keeps a curl and it doesn't run if you cry or get caught in the rain.
    It's like Max Factor, or l'Oreal. If you used something like YSL, or Chanel before, you will be very disappointed.
    Not as good as hoped.....
    It goes on ok, not great but by the time I’ve got to work it’s crumbled underneath my eyes and I’ve got black spots on the top of my cheeks. Most annoying!
    Really Nice
    Love this mascara! The formula and even the packaging is cute, love, love, love.
    It’s ok...
    It goes on so smooth and looks amazing not clumpy in the slightest… 2 hours later? All over your undereye and looks like you haven’t slept in 2 weeks. Very conflicted don’t know if I’d buy it again.
    Fabulous mascara with a great brush. Can get a bit flaky, but overall good.
    Just throw away all your other mascaras now, this is the ultimate holy grail mascara!
    Over hyped
    So disappointed. The wand is quite big and overloaded with mascara, the mascara itself is so thick and doesn't really give me any length. Worst of all it transfers to my under-eyes, not while its wet, not onto my bottom lashes, but to the skin under my eyes. Hun, I look like I have a shit ton of grey/black eye-shadow under my eyes. No thanks. And it also flakes off after a while. :(
    Go to mascara. A must have!
    Top 3 all times favourites
    Love love love this mascara!! Eyelashes are fluffy long and curled and never look clumpy ❤️❤️❤️
    Best mascara I've ever used!
    I bought this after having used Benefit 'They're Real' for about 3 years. I am 100% converted to this! I could not recommend enough and have already been telling everyone about it. Gives a great full voluminous finish!
    Too expensive for its quality
    I just purchased this mascara and let me say that due to the hype and all the good reviews I thought that this is going to be my all time favorite mascara. I already have long, curved lashes and I thought that with this mascara I’m going to look like I have false lashes. I was very excited right after I put it on but after I continued to use it I discovered that the result that the brand promised exists... for 2-3 hours. After that time, the lashes start to lose its volume and to slip under the eye. Just like a cheaper mascara would do. It is a good mascara but it is way too expensive for what it has to offer. I used half of price mascara and had the same result. I think that the people that get so over hyped about it either didn’t use a really good mascara... ever, or they just had a transition from a way cheaper one.
    I have to say this is an amazing mascara, it’s super black and makes your lashes look thick and voluminous. It takes about three coats for me to achieve the desired length but it does something for my lashes that no other mascara can do. It is a super wet formula and dries quickly so you need to be quick if you're looking to layer.
    I think that these people who have given zero stars really don't know how to put makeup on. It's a little difficult at the beginning to achieve the exact length or separation but once you understand how it works the result is amazing. I mix it with pupa vamp and it really looks like I'm wearing false lashes. it stays all day, adds length and volume. Definitely recommended!
    I’ve had three mental breakdowns today and this mascara stayed on, held it’s curl and looked bomb. The rest of my face may have dripped off but this is bulletproof
    The best!
    I love this mascara so much! I am 37 and addicted to long lashes so I've tried every mascara you can think of - This is by far my fav! It thickens, lengthens and doesn't leave horrible clumps or stick any of my lashes together! LOVE
    Am I the only one who doesn't seem to think this mascara lives up to its expectations? Ended up giving to a friend as I couldn't enjoy this product. On my lashes it seemed to crust off throughout the day and not go on as nicely as you would hope for a £19 mascara.
    Very bad
    It leaves dark circles under eyes, bought waterproof variant and it's the same not waterproof. Waste of money. Brush is Ok.
    Not for oily eyelids
    I was really impressed by the applicator and how the product really elongated my short lashes BUT the formula did not last long for me as I was walking around with panda eyes in less than an hour. Definitely not for oily eyelids and would not recommend.
    I love this mascara. I have naturally long eyelashes and this makes them even longer. The only bad thing is they get so long that they hit under my eyebrows and I get mascara smudge there.
    Favourite mascara ever BUT
    This is my favourite mascara ever, it makes my eyelashes look so GOOD AND AMAZING AND fluttery and voluminous and clumpy (in a good way), and lasts the whole day without smudging! I even worked out in it a few times with minimal smudging (it won't survive a hardcore sweat session though). But I have to admit that this is a pretty heavy formula. I have naturally long and curled eyelashes so my lashes can handle it without being weighed down, that's why it works so well for me. I can see why people with straighter/more sparse eyelashes won't like it, it doesn't hold a curl that well either.
    I bought the mini version to try it and I was very disappointed by this product, I think it’s actually worse than every drugstore mascara you can buy for few dollars. It does what it says in terms of elongating your lashes, but in a few hours it falls and leaves dark circles under your eyes. Definitely not worth buying! Too Faced is a great brand but this product should either be upgraded or removed from the market.
    This is one of the worst mascaras I've ever tried. The wand is huge and bulky but doesn't give any volume. You have to do so many coats for it to even show up it's ridiculous. On top of that this transfers and flakes like crazy. Won't be able to use it up, that's how bad it is.
    Ab Fab
    Works brilliantly for me. Lots of compliments on how well I look. I’m a 55yr old nurse & it survives a work day.
    It didn’t get one star just because it works with a lash primer - without it looks good just for an hour after applying, then it starts flaking and smudging. I completely do not understand the popularity of this mascara. Will not buy ever again.
    Not even smudge proof
    Leaves grey smudges under my eyes before I’ve even finished my day at work. If you’ve ever struggled to find a long wear mascara, this is not the one. I’d hesitate to try the waterproof one because I already wasted £19 on this one, it's just not convinced. “Better than sex”? Does it even last longer than sex???
    Good but...
    This mascara is really really good. It is one of my favorite mascaras. The only problem I have with this mascara is...it dry out really fast. I just used it for a month and it dried out. If you have enough money to buy this every month, then go for it.
    Totally not for me
    I was really excited to try it but it's such a disappointment. First of all, application. With this brush, I'm applying more mascara on eye leads than on lashes. And after that, it crumbles, smudge and make my eyes hurt :(
    Terrible smudgy
    Love the colour and lashes look fab and long but it doesn't last long - have worn this 3 days in a row and by lunchtime had black smudging under my eyes. I don't have greasy skin, the formula just isn't great. Back to eyeko mascara i think.
    Awful - do not recommend at all.
    It is so crumbly and rubs off the eyes so easily. The wand puts way too much on and the end result is clumpy eyelashes. Also, throughout the day, more and more flakes of mascara appear under the eyes.
    Likes and dislikes.
    Like the packaging and intense black but not too sure about much else. Swapped from Clinique because it came too wet, but I seriously dislike the brush on this. I've yet to apply it without getting mascara on my upper lids. The wand makes no difference to the curl and is too bulky. Product also transfers to the lids after a couple of hours. Won't be repurchasing.
    Not worth the money
    I don’t see what is all the fuss about this mascara. It’s nothing special when you put it on, it starts to crumble really soon when you open it, and when you wash your face in the evening it simply won’t wash itself off, even after two washes. This has never happened to me with any mascara. Anyway, it’s not worth it. I found that the only high end mascara that’s worth the money (and I’ve tried them all believe me) is Chanel Le volume. All the other ones are simply not worth it.
    Not that amazed by it...
    I've heard so much about this mascara so I finally decided to give it a try. Really do not see what the hype is about, very average mascara that is niecely packaged but that's about it. I get a lot of fallout after having it on just for couple hours and I'm a make pro. Old good Maybelline one is much much better and cost 3 x less - save your £££ my advice :)
    Didn’t quite live up to the hype
    Unfortunately I was expecting better things from the mascara, it’s ok, but doesn’t quite do the job like my fave Milk Makeup mascara. So won’t be purchasing again.
    The best mascara
    I have been using it for 5 years. Just perfect for me. I've tried many mascaras, but I don't know if I've ever been this blown away by the way one transforms my lashes. It really adds so much volume.
    Great but not perfect!
    The mascara is really nice: it extends the lashes really well and makes them look really nice but it does clump up the lashes quite a lot and has a difficult wand to work with for my liking! But still great and would recommend.
    Name says it all
    Ok this mascara is actually amazing. The bristles are really thick which isn’t for everyone but I love it. Honestly makes it look like you have false lashes on. Only takes a couple of swipes and it’s done. It’s not that waterproof (thank you rain on the walk home from the bar) but it works really well with setting spray. You can drunk cry for hours and the fit boy in the smoking area won’t know the difference. It does dry out quite quickly so I always get the smaller ones, you’ll use it all and save some dollar. You’re welcome. X
    The only mascara that does not crumble on me.
    Amazing mascara
    Best mascara I've ever used!
    Panda Eyes
    Horrendous! Gives lots of volume, yes it's true, but after 3h it melts off and I end up with my under eyes black. Don´t waste your money.
    Something is different, the formula is thicker and it leaves a spider effect on my lashes. This mascara used to be my holy grail. I am not going to repurchase.
    Better than the rest...
    This is the best mascara I've ever had. I've tried everything! I will never purchase another brand. Even coating. Great curl. No clumps. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
    Loved it
    I loved this mascara, it really made my lashes look amazing. Would definitely buy again.
    Not worth the hype
    You can have same effect with cheaper mascaras.
    Bad purchase
    After reading so many ‘top mascara’ reviews this one seemed to be in a lot of the top 10’s. How wrong could I be! It basically crumbled off on each application, and more than one coat made my lashes clump together. It did nothing to lengthen my lashes and transferred to my under eyes after half an hour. I don’t know if I got a bad batch but would definitely not recommend.
    Amazing makes my elelashes so long!
    Good how thick it is but smudges under the eyes immediately.
    Long story short - this isn't a good mascara. It transfers under the eyes, so it looks like you have bags under the eyes. It's just so horrible. Everything is just too big and heavy and very awkward to use. Maybe I could even get used to this, but I definitely can't get used to the blackness under my eyes and crumbling. Waste of money.
    My favourite
    Love this mascara, will buy again and again!
    Hit and miss
    It's really a bit and misses with this one. Sometimes the formula is as good as described in previous posts: smooth application, not clumpy, wow effect. But other times, probably depends on the batch, it clumps and crumbles and it's full of fibres. And that doesn't work. I stopped buying it because it was too frustrating.
    The best mascara I’ve ever used by far. Doesn’t smudge and makes lashes look naturally darker, longer and more voluminous without looking chunky or having to put loads of layers on. 10/10 would recommend
    Its the best mascara I have ever tried, buy the mini first like I did if you don't want to spend so much on the product before you try it
    I love it
    I love this mascara. My all time favourite.
    I wanted to give it a try since everyone around me was talking about this mascara. And it's good, I just don't love it. When I first wore it, my colleague told me: 'It's nice, but I've seen you with better looking lashes before'. I will not repurchase it as there are other cheaper and better options that this.
    I keep buying it
    I've repurchased this product at least 5 times. My holy grail together with Lancome Doll Eyes.
    Better than Truffle Crisps
    Better than 'Sex' is going a little far...but to give this title context I am really in LOVE with Truffle Flavoured crisps right now (by Torres, if you haven't tried them yet get thee to a Waitrose ASAP!!!). My first bit of advice is the brush is big and when you first buy the mascara it comes laden with product. Take a big tissue and wipe the wand off completely, re-dip and use. This stops bad first impressions, I always find it takes 3-4 days for a new mascara to reach peak useability.
    Nice mascara
    It does lengthen and curl lashes beautifully, but I don’t know if I will be repurchasing, as it is double the price of a other drugstore mascaras I have used, and some of the drugstore ones were just as good!
    Almost Better Than Sex
    I was attracted by rave reviews, the witty name and the beautiful packaging. This is now one of my favourite mascaras, but the only drawback is that it does smudge after a few hours if I apply it to my lower lashes.The waterproof version however, is a dream. I wore that in Dubai, in 48 degrees C weather and even in the pool. It didn't budge an inch!
    Not perfect
    Decided to buy it as I heard so many positive reviews about this mascara. Though it makes my lashes longer and curlier, it smudges under my eyes after three-four hours. If it's hot outside, things get worse faster. Besides, it's pricey.
    Best of the Best
    I'm using this mascara from 16 years old. Even when I want to try something new it doesn't work like this mascara. I love it very much. Always returning to this one.
    The worst
    This is the worst mascara, I have ever tried, it made my lashes look like spider legs!! not worth the money, not even a penny.
    I don't understand how anybody can dislike this mascara it's genuinely a game changer. My eyelashes look incredible all day with this mascara.
    My favourite mascara ever, thank you Too Faced!
    Very good
    I must say it works great for me. Received in the goody bag, after seeing bad recent reviews didn’t expect much but it actually makes great volume and it stays very long.
    Zero stars
    It's so terrible I was so shocked. Overpriced and oversold. It did not do ANYTHING to my lashes except pile on black smudge without lengthening or adding volume.
    Received in goody bag. Seriously need to change the hype on this. I was stunned to check myself in mirror a couple of hours later to find the stuff had slid and smudged of my lashes. Worst mascara I've ever used and crumbly.
    Watch out
    I bought this product a couple of times and it has been fine, but I have now randomly developed an allergy to it and can't wear it anymore so had to throw it away. I like the thickness of it though and its super black just a shame I am allergic to something in the formula.
    Better than sex mascara
    I was looking forward to using this mascara but I am totally disappointed with it. It takes several layers to see results and is heavy and weighs down lashes. Very flaky and hard to remove.
    The hype is a conspiracy
    I've had her for a while now and it just does not last. It smudges all under my eyes and flakes off everywhere and I look like a mess. Do not recommend if you want lasting mascara.
    Don’t understand the hype
    I don’t think this mascara lives up to the hype, lashes didn’t look amazing, just like normal lashes with (quite clumpy) mascara ! I won’t be buying again.
    My absolute favourite mascara! So happy I can get this through Cult Beauty now. Would recommend it to everyone x
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