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    The OrdinaryHigh Adherence Silicone Primer<p>Formulated with advanced adaptive silicone particles that let your make up last longer, The Ordinary&#8217;s High-Adherence Silicone Primer works to blur the look of imperfections &#8211; including fine lines and enlarged pores &#8211; to create the optimum base for make up application. The non-greasy formula is free from alcohol and oil, leaving your complexion looking fresh and shine-free &#8211; it&#8217;s flawless worn alone or perfect for prolonging the staying power of your make up handiwork.</p>ORD006114587699151907624 stars, based on81 reviews 3.90Cult BeautyNew
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    The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer

    The Ordinary
    High Adherence Silicone Primer
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Featuring advanced adaptive silicones, this pore-minimising primer ensures that make up adheres for longer, so that you can prolong the staying power of your masterful handiwork with a flawlessly finished base. Mattifying yet hydrating, this high-performance primer can be worn alone or under make up to blur imperfections and create an ‘airbrushed’ finish.

    • Description

      Formulated with advanced adaptive silicone particles that let your make up last longer, The Ordinary’s High-Adherence Silicone Primer works to blur the look of imperfections – including fine lines and enlarged pores – to create the optimum base for make up application. The non-greasy formula is free from alcohol and oil, leaving your complexion looking fresh and shine-free – it’s flawless worn alone or perfect for prolonging the staying power of your make up handiwork.

    • How to use

      Use as the last step in skin care regimen, either on its own or as a make up primer.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water), Isodecyl Neopentanoate, Dimethicone, Dimethicone/Bis-Isobutyl PPG-20 Crosspolymer, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Isohexadecane, Hexamethyldisiloxane, Isoceteth-20, Polysilicone-11, Tocopherol, Polysorbate 60, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin.

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    The Ordinary - High Adherence Silicone Primer

    The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer Reviews

    Great primer
    I was really positively surprised by this primer. My skin is very oily and somehow, after having tried multiple different primers, this primer is the one that manages to keep my foundation in place through my entire day at work. You have to let it sit for a few minutes before applying anything over it though - I noticed some slight build up on my oiliest spots (e.g. forehead) after a few hours on days when I had to do my makeup in a rush and didn't have time to wait for the primer to dry. Would buy again.
    I thought this would be way better than it was, it didn’t help my make-up stay on, just made my skin feel greasy ☹️
    Fab primer
    First time using time using this brand but absolutely love it. Makes my skin feel so smooth and my foundation glides on. So pleased, especially considering the price.
    Good, affordable primer
    I really love the formula of this product, it feels so divine on the skin and keeps my makeup intact the whole day. I would definitely purchase again.
    I usually use this on my no make-up days to fill in my pores, put on some concealer and that's it. It works nice and for the price you can't really go wrong. I enjoy using it because I can see some difference when I look at my face few hours after applying this which I appreciate.
    Love it
    This is so good and because of the price I'm not afraid to use it sparingly! I don't see much differences in primers, only a few stand out and this is a good one with a great price!
    It's okay
    One of the first cheapest primers I've ever found. It's quite nice and moisturising and helps stick products on your face however its just a bog standard primer, so its worth buying if you are on a budget
    One of my fav primers
    Really good value for money, as The Ordinary always is. Love, love the silicone and makes my make up last for ages, very similar to the Huda Beauty primer if you don’t wanna spend money on it.
    Long lasting but shiny
    This primer is my favourite for how it keeps my makeup still all day and holds in the moisture from my moisturiser. It does smooth over texture but it says mattifying in this description and comes up very shiny on my skin and only gets worse if I don't put makeup over it, I don't have overly oily skin too. Otherwise I would highly recommend (especially for the price).
    Fabulous primer
    This primer works well under any makeup. It keeps my oily skin in check all day.
    At first I hated this primer. Like some other reviewers said it would slip and slide and move my foundation around, then I read the description again and thought I'd try it as the last step in my skincare routine and I am shook! If you let this primer set for a while and then apply foundation on top it makes your pores invisible!! Also my make up has been lasting longer than ever! Lovveee
    I have combination skin and I noticed after using the primer, my foundation would slide off and wouldn’t sit well around my nose. Even applying powder seemed to make no difference. Initially, I thought the foundation I was using was the issue however after using it without the primer I noticed that the foundation applied better and lasted longer. I also noticed that I began to break out around my nose and forehead (the areas of my face which tend to get oily) after using the primer. The price is great, but It just didn’t work for me!
    Unreal as always! I wouldn't change primer ever!
    My intent when I bought this product was to only putted around my nose, I tend to have larger pores there and my foundation seems to disappear after a few hours. When I first started to use this product I was really delighted, my foundation would look really good even after a 8-10 hours. But after a week I started to have some redness even some spots. I never ever ever had any spots there and the only new product in my routine was this one so I deducted it was the problematic one!
    Awesome, would re-puchase
    This is one of my favourites! It feels moisturizing and it holds my makeup for hours. It does not feel like a silicon product which is great. Also, you cannot beat the price. Will definitely re-purchase.
    It's a good primer but I wouldn't say that it was a silicone primer.
    Great for oily skin
    This primer is amazing for the price. I have oily skin and have used high-end primers which haven't saved my makeup...this, on the other hand, keeps my make up looking fresh ALL Day. I use a decent sized blob all over my face but concentrating on rubbing it into my t-zone and let it sit for a couple of minutes before applying my foundation, with a beauty blender works best. I've even been able to use foundations I'd given up on as they slide off my face. Can't get my head around how cheap this is vs how effective. Will definitely be repurchasing.
    Goes on like a moisturiser but dries to a silicone feel. Not bad on the dry parts of my face but terrible on my oily t-zone. Makeup completely melts and slides off my face after a few hours. I won't say it's a bad product but it doesn't make my makeup last any longer with it. Won't be repurchasing.
    I will be repurchasing.
    I absolutely adore this primer. I used to use Laura Mercier but once I tried this, I’ve not gone back. Your makeup will not move and will look flawless when you couple this with NYX Matte Setting Spray
    Perfect primer
    Don’t underestimate cheap product. This primer really amazing although it’s really cheap compared to other brands. Value for money. Let’s give a try.
    Gutes Produkt
    Der Primer ist sehr gut aber er riecht sehr stark nach Silikon. "The primer is very good but it smells very strongly of silicone."
    Best primer ever
    I was using the Fenty pro filter primer but when I finished it I decided to give the ordinary one a go since it’s also a mattifying primer. I was amazed by how long my (minimal) makeup last. I only use concealer and bronzer in the summer but with the hot weather, it disappears through time, but not with this primer. And no shiny t-zone whatsoever. It really is an amazing primer, you can add makeup on top or wear it alone and you will look poreless and shine free, just beautiful bare skin (or perfect all day flawless makeup).
    Didn't understand the product at all
    My powder smudges after just two hours and you can see powdery stains on my T-zone very clearly. Though my T-zone is always oily it still looks better without the primer anyway.
    Love it!
    One of the best primers I've ever used. My biggest pores in the nose area are still there after using this but the rest of my skin is basically flawless.
    How good!?
    So, silicone primers aren’t usually my thing. I have an oily nose, and others that I’ve used were very slippery and the foundation on my nose would always look terrible. But the mattifying primers accentuate my dry patches around my chin, not good. This primer goes on softly and spreads easily which worried me at first. But then I learned to let it dry for a few minutes and it does actually dry down then putting foundation on top of it is a dream! No oiliness throughout the day, makeup stays put, no eye irritation, no breakouts! I’ve literally been using it every day instead of my hellishly expensive Estée Lauder primer which isn’t as good in my opinion. You can’t beat the price of this primer and it works like a dream!
    Good primer does the job nicely.
    I love this!
    Absolutely amazing! No competition! Gutted there is always a waitlist every time I wish to order though! Amazing stuff love it!
    Proper Primer
    I bought this with a few other"The Ordinary"products & could not believe how good it was, it's the silicone type finish so it leaves a gorgeous silky matt finish but it goes on like a beautiful light moisturiser cream it's only after you rub it in it turns into that silky matt finish. Makeup goes on beautifully but it's so good (I don't have the most amazing skin in the world) you could just wear it alone&ppl will say"God, you've got great skin",&fr the price? It's forgivable to think it's not going to be that great, but it really is, don't get ripped off again fr primers this is as good or better (imo)than the more expensive ones. Try it, its SO worth it. Well done The Ordinary.
    I don't get it!!!!
    I am so bitterly disappointed!!! I went and bought this primer after Wayne Goss and so many other reviews rave about it and the low cost. It just seemed (on paper) the be exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, it was a bitter disappointment. This primer did nothing to keep my foundation from my problem areas, from sliding right off and breaking up!!! And I believe I've used silicon-based foundation on it. I've been experimenting lately with using my same foundation without primer and it lasts even longer and stays longer?!!! Shocking!! Absolutely terrible and I don't get the hype. Don't know what I'm meant to do with it now. Info: I have combo dehydrated skin where the rest of the face is more normal.
    Great primer
    Extraordinary - a primer at this price which does what it says! I have used products costing over 5 times more which have not worked anywhere near as well as this, I am so impressed. It disguises pores, my make-up stays put and shine free for several hours. I'm really pleased to have found The Ordinary. Perfect.
    This primer is EVERYTHING
    It glides onto the skin without leaving sticky patches. Make up goes on so smoothly and no shiny residue! I love it.
    Wouldn’t recommend for combined skin (oily/dry)
    It has a lovely texture for applying on the skin but once you apply the foundation it goes patchy whilst blending it with a beauty blender and even patchier within the first 10 minutes of wearing it.
    Best primer for combination skin
    I have read loads of review about the product and decided to try it. My previous primers were smashbox or tom ford which I love. This primer is perfect for combination skin it is matte and prolongs foundation wear. My best advise is this primer is best with DEWY foundation only! Like luminous silk or BB or CC creams makes them last all day without extra shine. For double wear or prolong foundation I use High-Spread-ability Fluid Primer which gives nice smooth texture allowing easy and even spread of thicker foundation. Hope my tips will be helpful ;)
    Favorite primer to date
    I have tried a lot of much more expensive primers and for me, this has worked the best. I love that whilst being a silicone primer, it doesn’t have the thick clayish texture of products such as porefessional & applies more like a moisturiser. I have combination skin and get very oily/shiny round and on my nose and on my forehead. The first time I used this primer I put my makeup on at 7am, worked a 6 hour shift, had a nap, then worked another 6 hour shift at a different job & got home at 1.30am. Usually, I am shiny after a few hours but my oily areas still looked as they did when I applied my makeup that morning. Don’t think I’ll ever use another product, especially at this price.
    Smoothing but doesn't make makeup last longer
    Really improves texture of skin and feels nice. However, it is very silicone-y and I didn't find that it made much difference in how long my makeup stayed on.
    The best on my oily skin
    I have tried so, so, so many primers aimed at pore-minimising and mattifying. This one easily outperforms the most expensive on the market. Easily. I have extremely oily skin and this primer really keeps my oil under control and my foundation sits great on top of it. It's just a winner.
    Far too heavy for me
    I have combination skin that is also oily. I have paired this with many moisturisers and it just sits on my skin, it feels really heavy and even pills under certain foundations. I've tried using just a teeny amount and still it was awful for me. However, I'll probably try the fluid primer to see. (I hated the serum foundation, but absolutely love the bha peeling mask, the caffeine eye serum, moisturising factors (for night use) and the zinc treatment for acne so overall this brand is pretty amazing and the prices are game changers.
    Does nothing for me
    I have combination skin with an oily T-zone so I only used the primer over that. The texture is extremely silicone-y but for some reason, my makeup didn't look marginally better nor did I see any difference in my pore size. It also didn't help with the longevity of my makeup so I'm afraid it was a dud.
    The best primer around!
    Believe me, I've tried loads of primers trying to get my oily skin to stay matte under my make up, and this is truly a perfect primer. Cheap, kind to the skin, and keeps skin matte- can't really ask for more really!
    Great product
    I cannot believe the staying power of this primer. For the price it is just amazing. Doesn't make me break out and it does its job very well.
    Love the product range so thought i'd give this a try as it is extremely affordable. Not sure i'd buy this again though, it is lightweight and glides on easily creating a smooth base. However, I found my make-up did become bitty when I applied my foundation. I also felt that my make-up did not hold as well as some of the previous primers I have tried.
    Not a Smashbox dupe
    I'm a huge Ordinary fan so when I saw so many reviews about how this primer was a total dupe for the Smashbox photo finish primer, and a fraction of the cost, I had to try it. Of course, it was too good to be true. It does help my foundation glide on but doesn't do anything for my pores and has zero staying power. After a few hours, my make up is patchy. I'll be sticking to the Smashbox primer in the future.
    Cheap but not effective
    Great price, probably cheapest primer out there with some good reviews, however the primer breaks up on my skin so any foundation layered on top crumbles. I have switched moisturisers and foundations but the primer is the issue. Will not repurchase but not the biggest loss.
    Good primer
    I really like this primer, the price was very good so I thought I would try it. It feels very nice on and then made my foundation go on nicely too. I did stop wearing primers because I started to feel they were getting very expensive, but this one is super good!
    Amazing product at a very reasonable price!
    This primer works an absolute treat! It’s very thick, and it helps the foundation to stay longer. Very very happy with the product, thank you The Ordinary! :)
    Worth the money
    For this price, the product is great! It’s super soft on the skin and a tiny bit goes a really long way. Putting too much on gets cloggy on my skin under make up but I’ll also sometimes wear on its own to blur pores and even my complexion on make up free days.
    Amazing primer but not much there
    I loved this primer ever since I first used it. However, even upon using it for the first time it was evident that the tube was not filled fully, as if I only had half the product even though it was brand new. This was disappointing however the product itself is great so it would be good to receive a full bottle rather than half.
    Sorry, no result, no signs. I won’t buy it again.
    not for combination skin
    I didn't expect much from a 4 dollar primer but it was pretty hyped so I thought it would perform well but it does not work for my skin at all... Made me break out and made my foundation look really patchy but it does go really smooth on the skin.
    Not recommended for oily skin
    I have combination skin type and it's pretty oily on the T zone. I tried this primer under MAC Face & Body foundation and it made it patchy, my skin looked oily and the application was uneven. So I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin types.
    I love it as it does keep my extreme dry skin quite moisturised and also keeps my base makeup super flawless and glowy. Also love wearing it on the regular as it makes my skin look amazing and glowy. Tip:- don't apply too much, go in small amounts because sometimes my foundation does slip but overall I love it.
    Great primer!
    Perfect primer for oily skin, long lasting and looks great under foundation. This product has kept my makeup on for more that 10 hours without moving and just a little bit of oil on the t-zone. Great paired with the Urban Decay setting spray for super long lasting effects.
    Oh no...
    I noticed that when I started using this, my foundation would slide off my skin. I have dry skin, so I thought that was very odd. Sadly not using this again :(
    Good for price
    I would certainly buy this again as it does what it says on the packet. I do have oily sensitive skin and as a previous review it may not hold back hold all the oil, however, it is one of the better primers I have tried and I would buy it again.
    Very Good
    This product is a great price, makes your foundation go on better and did not dry out my skin. Makeup still comes off a little throughout the day, especially in more oily areas but would purchase again.
    Love it
    I love this primer it is really good especially if you have oily skin. My make up lasted right through to the night and I will definitely be ordering more.
    So Smooth
    I really like this primer, it's so smooth and moisturising. It doesn't feel like silicone at all, my foundation sits very nicely on top.
    Love this primer
    Absolutely love this primer! I use it in my skincare routine as well as underneath my makeup and I love it. It’s not like those other silicone primers, it’s not thick and hard to blend in to the skin and it’s cheap.
    Holy grail
    I absolutely love this primer underneath my makeup. I have very oily skin and this primer does exactly what it says on the tin!
    The Best Primer Ever
    I live in Malaysia and the weather here is always hot and super sweaty. I'm an oily skin type but this primer holds my makeup like a dream. Usually my foundation would come off after 3 hours of wearing it but this primer holds it. Pores? Didn't notice that much difference. Other than that this primer is moisturising which i like. The best.
    Save your money
    If you want to buy it to prime your skin before makeup, I suggested you do not do this. My foundation started creasing and falling away after 2 hours after applying. So this is the worst primer I ever had. However, my skin feels smooth after applying.
    Lovely product, very soft. Makeup sits really well on top. Definitely, recommend.
    Great product
    I wasn't expecting much from a £4 primer but it is amazing. Before this primer, I used to hate the MAC Studio fix fluid foundation, but this primer is a miracle maker.
    Stay clear
    Ordered this based on reviews. Used it for about a week before bining it. It caused me to break out in blackheads, despite cleansing twice a day, as I usually do. I never suffer from spots, so most definitely will not be using again.
    Really good stuff. Kept my foundation from sliding off due to very oily skin :) Filled in my pores really well too . Highly recommend ❤️
    Not worth it, left my skin wet after a few hours
    No matter what different skincare and make up product combinations and different amounts of primer I tried with this, I couldn't find a way to stop it making my skin slick and wet to the touch with oil within a few hours, more so than it would ever otherwise be. I don't wear foundation beyond just powder so maybe that would change things, but I couldn't see any effect on my pores and it definitely wasn't mattifying!
    So good
    So good for the price. Helps control my shine and I LOVE the texture of it. Used many other silicone primers from other brands and this is by far my favourite and the price is just a bonus.
    Sticks to dry patches I didn’t even know I had, ruined my makeup had to take off all my foundation afterwards and redo it. Nothing would go on top of it.
    Works wonders!
    I have suuuper oily skin and this primer does a great job. Shiny T-zone no more and makeup last all day long. It has smooth texture anddd with such an affordable price, this one is totally worth trying!
    Love this
    For a low budget primer- its great! feels lovely on the skin and does help my makeup last all day. I have oily/combination skin so I find that it helps keep the makeup on my T zone. I would however still recommend a powder if you have very oily skin (I do for my T zone on hot days- The Maybelline master fix one is great as it has no colour) Will buy again xx
    I was unsure wether to purchase after reading mixed reviews. I have normal/drier skin and helps keep my makeup lasting. Would not say this is the most amazing primer out there but for £3.90 I wouldn’t even compare to high end products. I personally find there is no strong smell and feels great on my skin. Also, the packaging looks sleek and high end. Defiantly worth buying!
    Not for oily skin
    I bought this primer after reading many reviews about how well it works for oily skin however after a couple uses I was quite disappointed, it doesn't control my oil at all. My t-zone area was shiny after 30 minutes of applying my makeup. It's very smooth and I noticed it erased my texture a little but not completely. I'd say this primer is more suited for dry/combo skin or persons that like a dewy finish.
    Feels so soft on the skin
    Feels really nice on the skin! So smooth, however I don’t think it makes my makeup last much longer, infact after looking in the mirror after 3 hours most of imy foundation had come off :( and this was using the primer alongside a high end setting spray! However it was also a new foundation I tried so could have been the problem. Will continue using this for now as feels amazing x
    Just okay
    I liked how smooth it made my skin feels after applying, I don't really see the blurring effect. Plus, i couldn't get past the plasticky smell it has.
    I love this primer. Ihad been using the ordinary high spreadability fluid primer for a while and then switched to this one. it leaves skin so smooth and a little dewy. I have combination skin and it works perfectly. Doesn't leave foundation patchy. The only downside is, is that it feels a little empty. But so good for the price.
    This primer is really good for the price you are paying. Since i have oily skin it did do something for my makeup. My face was less shiny even after 4-5 hours and the makeup lasted long. I have been using it with the zinc solution serum(don't know the exact name) and its been working great. It does has a funny smell to it but it doesn't linger. Definitely worth giving a try.
    BEST primer
    I tried many primers and never really seen a difference or been wow:ed, until this one. Now I know what they mean when they say find a primer that suits your skin. Will be getting back ups as soon as they are back in because I can't see myself being without this from now on.
    Just buy it. You will not be disappointed, this makes me makeup last alllllllll night long with as much as a nose powder, evens out all skin textures and basically covers your face with a sheet of silk for flawless application. And what a bargain.
    Absolutely useless
    I just didn't get what this product does. I didn't notice any visible changes after applying and setting. Also it gives you very unpleasant I would say even disturbing feeling of heaviness on your face, it fells like literally your skin doesn't breathe. Never again.
    The Ordinary primer
    This is truly MAGICAL. The thick consistency mattifies the skin while also hiding those pores. For £3.90, you really cant go wrong. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.
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