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    The Ordinary"Buffet"<p>Like an opulent feast for the skin, The Ordinary&#8217;s &#8220;Buffet&#8221; serum features an impressive array of anti-ageing wonders &#8211; at a surprisingly tiny price tag. Multiple peptide complexes combine in this lightweight serum to offer a multitude of benefits, including Matrixyl 3000 to stimulate collagen synthesis and hyaluronic acid to offer the heroic hydration that 'plumps up' fine lines and diminishes depth of furrows. Working in synergy with 11 skin-friendly amino acids, with regular use this ultra-smoothing serum will reveal nourished, youthful-looking skin.</p>ORD0047699151904035 stars, based on119 reviews 12.99Cult BeautyNew

    The Ordinary
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      A multi-peptide serum with a multitude of – anything but ordinary – benefits, this powerful all-in-one treatment tackles multiple signs of ageing. Featuring a comprehensive array of advanced anti-ageing technologies (including hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl 3000), this will become your time-turning skin care go-to. 


    • Description

      Like an opulent feast for the skin, The Ordinary’s “Buffet” serum features an impressive array of anti-ageing wonders – at a surprisingly tiny price tag. Multiple peptide complexes combine in this lightweight serum to offer a multitude of benefits, including Matrixyl 3000 to stimulate collagen synthesis and hyaluronic acid to offer the heroic hydration that 'plumps up' fine lines and diminishes depth of furrows. Working in synergy with 11 skin-friendly amino acids, with regular use this ultra-smoothing serum will reveal nourished, youthful-looking skin.

    • How to use

      Apply to the entire face in the AM and PM after cleaning.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Lactococcus Ferment Lysate, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Pentapeptide-18, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate, Acetylarginyltryptophyl Diphenylglycine, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, Sodium Hyaluronate, Allantoin, Glycine, Alanine, Serine, Valine, Isoleucine, Proline, Threonine, Histidine, Phenylalanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Trehalose, Fructose, Glucose, Maltose, Urea, Sodium PCA, PCA, Sodium Lactate, Citric Acid, Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide, Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Acacia Senegal Gum, Xanthan Gum, Carbomer, Polysorbate 20, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Ethoxydiglycol, Sodium Benzoate, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin

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    The Ordinary - "Buffet"

    The Ordinary "Buffet" Reviews

    Brilliant Buffet
    I ADORE this product. I have been using it morning and night for a few weeks now and can really see a difference in my skin. Buy it. You won’t be disappointed.
    It feels good.
    Bought this for my mum who was suffering with painful cystic adult acne. After using it for a only a week it has calmed down her acne and redness, all while giving her skin an amazing glow!
    The Buffet
    I am 48 and I have been using this for 3 weeks now. The results are great! I also bought for my mother who is 72 and she is really satisfied. My friends have noticed the changes and have asked me to order again for them.
    It's quickly absorbed.
    It really makes my skin look plumper and less tired in the morning.
    Love it!
    I came across The Ordinary products earlier this year and my skin has never looked so good. This serum is very soft and lightweight, sinks in quickly, and is slowly but surely regenerating my skin. Incredible price for an incredible product.
    Amazing Product
    Completely revitalised my skin within a couple of weeks! Highly recommend this product. Goes on quite wet but all the goodness sinks satisfactorily into your skin within minutes and it looks replenished instantly. Perfect for a busy mum lacking sleep!
    I loved this wonderful product for moisturizing and masking facial wrinkles.
    Best product ever
    Gives a great base for makeup
    I can't speak on the anti-ageing benefits as I don't have anything to speak of (yet...) but I have noticed it gives my skin a great surface for makeup when used under a moisturiser. I suffer from dry patches on my cheeks and around my nose that always show up badly when I wear makeup - using this really helps or even eliminates that issue.
    I love this product. I haven’t been using it many weeks, but people are commenting on my skin and I think a huge age spot I have is fading. I will definitely be buying again.
    Didn't work
    I'm very disappointed with all the hype associated with this product. My skin started breaking out on the chin in small white bubbles under the skin after using it for 4 weeks. I don't think it added any benefits so I stopped using it.
    Totally loved this product!
    It made a noticeable difference in my skin.
    It is amazing but for eyelashes/eyebrows
    I started using it on my face but I did not see a difference by using it. For some reason I started using it on my eyelashes and eyebrows and let me tell you IT WORKS WONDERS. My eyelashes grew and look great without mascara and my eyebrows are way thicker. I already bought a second bottle
    Good budget anti-aging serum
    It is the cheapest anti-aging serum that actually works for me. Apply both AM and BM for one month and my skin becomes more smooth.
    My sister in law recommended it, I'm happy I accepted the challenge, my skin feels fresher and more healthy
    It’s An Illusion
    At first I thought this product was a god send. I’ve started developing frown lines. After a few weeks I noticed that my fine lines were faded. But when I haven’t put the product on I notice my lines are the same with no difference. The product creates a reflective film on your face that creates an illusion of fine lines disappearing. They are still there. When the light hits the film, it appears your skin is line free and glowing. I’ve used other products from ordinary which have been fantastic. This one isn’t their strongest.
    Great Value
    ***English Translation*** I see that I can't leave the ordinary! It is my life's love
    Wonderful product
    Great product and amazing price for the quality.
    I have used it for 1 month, it makes my skin moist and smooth. Thanks, Buffet.
    Extra ordinary
    Thought I would start applying these products, even though I'm in my seventies, never too old to try new things. Very pleased with results, fresher looking skin, also keeps make up looking good all day long. Will be trying more of the range.
    "Favoloso" is an Italian word like" Amazing" in English, The buffet is an awesome product. I am 52 and I have been using buffet for 1 year as a primer and my skin says "thanks" every morning. Buffet forever!
    Wonderful product
    Used The Buffet for 3 weeks. My skin is moist and soft and I can feel the difference. Thank you!
    Love it
    I could say it's one of the best serums I've ever had!
    Skin feels brighter and tighter but supple at the same time! Use it with my day & night moisturiser - although once or twice a week just on its own, Would definitely recommend.
    My Favourite
    It's just perfect, I use it am and pm and it’s super hydrating, the first thing that keeps my super dry skin moisturised! And the consistency is nice, Great product!
    Glowing skin
    I have just added this to my Ordinary regime together with their natural moisturising factors and after a week my skin is glowing for the first time in ages. I'm 54 and also using vitamin c powder and niacinamide. I have sensitive skin prone to breakouts but haven't had any problems at all so far. Very happy!
    Love It
    So good! I'm using for a month now, and actually after few days of using, my pores just disappeared! Wow! My skin is so much smoother, skin tone even, and healthier.
    Super serum!!
    A light weight, non-greasy serum that can be used day and night under your usual creams. Makes skin soft and smooth. Not sure if it’s working on my wrinkles yet though.
    The Ordinary
    Absolutely perfect. I love The Ordinary products because not only do they give the best results. Tthey have no animal ingredients and are cruelty free which is the most important thing for me.
    Love This
    I use this on top of the Salicylic acid 2%, it’s not too heavy and once soaked into the skin doesn’t leave a sticky residue. My skin becomes clear and make up applies easy! I also add a bit of collagen gel on top of this once it’s dried into my skin! I’ll be purchasing again!
    Very Good Amazing Even
    I don’t know about others, but for my skin, it's working perfect!
    Just started using the Ordinary products a couple of weeks back. I'm not sure if i'm being biased about seeing results but my skin feels and (in my opinion) looks better! The buffet is an affordable and easy to use moisturiser. It gets absorbed by my skin so quickly, it's incredible. I'm definitely sticking to this brand.
    Love this serum. Have been using this serum for a half year and buy it all the time.
    A great product and so easy to use.
    I'm 62 and have been using moisturiser for years, but The Ordinary skin care range has changed my outlook completely. I am lucky in that I don't have many wrinkles anyway, but this range has improved my skin tone, tightened and made my face look fuller. Feels a little sticky when first applied, but soon dries in. Thoroughly recommend.
    Love it
    It so good.
    Fantastic product
    The Ordinary Buffet is amazing. My skin looks & feels great after using this. It’s light & great for the summer. Also good for layering other products on top. The price is unbelievable & I am totally hooked. I’ll definitely be buying this again.
    Amazing product. Recommended to all my friends.
    Must have item - BUFFET!
    Repurchase again and again!
    Quiet miracle serum
    So last year I bough a haul of The a Ordinary products. This being one. Within a few days of using them I noticed unbelievable results I was using Vitamin c 23%, Retinoid 2%, Argiraline 10%, Alpha lipoic acid, Caffeine, moisturizing factors & AHA BHA peel, hyaluronic acid and the buffet. My skin was good then I had a some personal stuff happen and I stopped looking after my skin for some time. Well a few months ago I decided it’s time to start looking after my skin again so I re-ordered but buffet was out of stock and I didn’t think it did that much anyway. Well was I wrong. I didn’t notice the insane improvements I’d noticed first using the Ordinary after a couple of months it came back in stock I ordered it and now I’m getting the results I remember. This is a fab edition to your regimen and makes a huge difference in the results of your skincare. I would never ever be without it again. I now own so many The Ordinary products I’m just a few away from having the whole line it’s a bit of a addiction actually I have a drawer full. I used to use Estée Lauder, Dior, Lancôme and never saw anything like the results I get from the ordinary. I still use Clinique cleanser, cleansing balm & foaming cleanser & Sisley lip & eye contour cream & Farsali rose gold elixir & the odd bit of Dior or La Mer but my the Ordinary products & my Clarisonic are the true stars of my skincare regimen & the buffet is one of my top products.
    I am 45 and use this as a part of my newly adopted The Ordinary skin care routine and my skin hasn't looked this good in YEARS. After just a couple of months, my skin actually looks better WITHOUT makeup. This is smooth and silky and makes my skin look moisturized, feel soft, and plumps up my wrinkles. LOVE IT.
    It's just amazing! First, try and my skin feels softer and for a cheaper price compare to other skin care products it is a good catch. Definitely would repurchase again =)
    What a difference
    For me, this really works. I am in my late 50's and until quite recently I didn't really do skin care. This has had more effect than the Ordinary's 2% retinol in squalane, or even consistent use of moisturisers. This product looks unattractive, just like egg white, but it plumps up my skin amazingly well and has produced a kind of glow that means I don't need to bother with much in the way of camouflage. You need just one drop - which is a large drop because of the consistency - and to allow it to soak in before attempting to add extra layers of moisturiser. I thought that this kind of effect was only available to rich ladies - so I am delighted to order a second bottle at only £12.50!
    Not as good as I’d hoped
    I’m a bit of a fan of The Ordinary product line. However, I was very disappointed with this serum. It pilled on my skin regardless of under moisturiser or foundation - mineral or liquid made no difference. I have to be honest and say I much prefer their Matrixyl 10% + HA. That firms and holds moisture into my skin without pilling. It seems to plump up any lines and makes them less visible. It does have a slightly tacky feeling but does not pill like this product does. I’m mid-forties just for reference.
    I found this literally did nothing for my skin, the science doesn't back it up and the only thing it helped was my lips (too pricey just for that). Even though it's cheap it lasts half the time a normal serum would last and it pilled up on my face.
    Making a difference
    I really like this product and love the price. I use it every morning before my moisturiser and eye cream and in the PM around my eyes. I use different Ordinary products on my face PM. I have used this now for 3-4 weeks and can see a noticeable difference in my skin and the fine wrinkles. Will buy again.
    Is sticky in?
    I’m not sure if this is just not my cup of tea or didn’t give it long enough. It says use pm and is but it leaves my skin sticky which is unpleasant so I only apply it before I go to bed, is it having a sticky face a new beauty standard perhaps? Anyway, the smell is also a bit weird. It moisturizes well (just like any other moisturizing products) but nothing outstanding. Not a waste of money but also not as miraculous as I expected based on all the other reviews.
    Excellent. This is my second purchase of this and I shall continue using it every morning after cleansing and under more general moisturising and make-up.
    Fantastic serum for a funny price
    My first product from The Ordinary was this serum. I have acne prone combination skin and if I use any hydrating products on pm, my skin would be dry or super oily by morning. But this amazing serum helps keep my skin balanced, hydrated and soft.
    Worth to try!
    This product speaks for itself. I use this day & night, I can’t begin to tell you how much life this has given my skin. I’m in my 60’s & I’m so addicted to it.
    Glad I bought two
    I took a leap of faith and bought two of these even though I never tried it before, I heard fantastic things about it. It's not life changing, but it's just as good as other serums I enjoy using, and costs half the price. My one issue with it is that it does not perform well under makeup for me. No matter how I apply it and how long I give it to absorb before putting makeup on, by midday my foundation looks like a mess. But in fairness to Buffet, that happens with other serums I've tried too across the price spectrum. So this is only an overnight serum, so what- I still think it's great and will probably use this up and come back for more.
    No really, this is AMAZING
    I have incredibly problematic skin, I suffer from psoriasis, dry skin, and acne. Most products that are designed to help with spots are too drying and make things worse for me, and many of the products designed for combination skin or specifically for hydration give me an allergic reaction or are too oily or are not hydrating enough. I read a review of this product line with instructions on which combinations of serums to use for different skin types - and within a week - I am totally serious - within a week - my skin looks astonishing. I combine Buffet with two different Ordinary products, with the Hydraulic Acid +B5 in the morning and wi the Niacinimide+Zinc in the evening. Hugely recommended.
    My skin is in love with this. It's light and makes my skin almost instantly plump.
    Fantastic product
    I have been using Buffet for about 2 months and nearly finished my first bottle. It is an amazing product at a really good price point - my clean has cleared up, looks more glowy than before and the texture I had left over from some spots has significantly reduced. Would definitely recommend the product and have already purchased my second bottle!
    Good Serum
    I didn’t think much of this when I first started exploring skin care as there were not many noticeable differences. I stopped using it for a while & however have more recently incorporated it back into my skincare routine now I have settled on a consistent group of products. Having used this group with and without the Buffet I have definitly noticed my skin feeling more springy and plump since I have re-introduced it. It’s a great price and I love to know I am incorporating another anti-ageing product alongside retinol for a low price.
    Enjoyable Product
    I've actually really liked using this serum. It is a game changer in that it has all the right ingredients at such a low price however the results have not been that dramatic for me thus far. Having said that I have used serums that are 7-8x the price of this and seen absolutely no results whatsoever so would definitely continue to recommend this to others and repurchase again.
    I use day and night and I'm loving the results.
    Love it!
    Use this every day and absolutely love it.
    All in all
    I love it. One serum which takes care of dryness, dullness etc. I don't have wrinkles so I can't comment on that. I feel I am using a 100% good quality product on my face. I want to try buffet with copper peptides next.
    Love love love
    Amazing product!
    The Ordinary Buffet serum.
    Lovely serum. I use it before my moisturiser. It sinks in instantly, feels sticky but only briefly. My skin looks nourished and feels great. Will definitely purchase again.
    Great product! Love it!
    I have been using Buffet since July - I'm using my third bottle now and could notice obvious improvement on my skin. Great product. Will keep using it.
    Believe the hype!
    The Ordinary is amazing, I have been using buffet and hyaluronic acid + b5 in the am and pm for around 6 weeks now. Its incredible! I started using for anti ageing properties but wasn’t expecting to see such amazing results to the general quality of my skin. I have achieved the infamous ‘glow’ - I thought this was something made up by cosmetic companies - turns out its real! Definitely worth a try and so cheap. I have recently added 5% granactive retanoid in squalane alternating with l-ascorbic acid in the pm too - both also lovely to use! I have no problem with pilling or stickiness - just use a few drops and allow to soak in. Think I’ve found a skin care brand for life. Thank you deciem!
    I just using this product 2 weeks ago. So far it's fading some age spots on my skin. I still continue to use this product.
    Ordinary Buffet
    Love Love Love! My skin feels and looks amazing with this gem of a product. Definitely recommend it
    It’s a great anti aging serum! Absorbs very quick, makes my skin hydrated and healthy glow. The price quite reasonable. Cant live without it!
    Good quality for a very reasonable price. I would like to recommend it as a gift because it is very unlikely to irritate even the most sensitive skin!
    Absolutely loved this product!
    It made a significant difference in my skin.
    Good shopping experience
    It is a very good product for my skin. After using it for 1 month, I can feel and see my neck becoming more smooth.
    Dried my skin out
    I really wanted to love this product, as I've seen so many rave reviews. Unfortunately it dried my skin out so badly that I had dry patches all over my cheeks. This is the only product I introduced into my routine
    Excellent Serum
    A week after using I noticed my skin is fuller, smooth and supple. Never mind that it's sticky, rub into hands press into cheeks, chin and forehead and stroke it up your neck. Before you know it, it's dried and you can follow with moisturiser which goes on better. Love this stuff which comes from my hometown and the price is so right. I hate throwing money out on products that don't work.
    Worth the hype
    This serum made my skin firmer in 1 week. I’m using it am and pm. Obsessed
    Very good, definitely will repurchase it. In fact I already have…
    Best night syrum
    I use this every single night and wouldn’t be caught dead without it. I wake up with my skin feeling so soft and smooth and using this and a combination of other ordinary products I have noticed I get virtually no creases in my makeup anymore. When I first started using it I will say that I had to ease into it as I sometimes experienced a mild stinging however I was never able to pin point that to this exact serum
    The best of quality
    The ordinary buffet
    Been using and buying this product from cult beauty for some time now...the buffet has been excellent for my skin; the difference is really noticeable not just by me but others...will continue to repurchase especially from cult beauty great company
    Noticeable results immediately, great price
    As soon as I started using this I noticed results. My skin is smoother, brighter and fresher looking. It's such a great price that I don't feel guilty buying it, using it regularly and buying it again!
    Anything but Ordinary
    Great product and amazing price for the quality. Would recommend.
    Absolutely love this
    My skin has never felt so good. Lots of comments on how good my skin looks! Amazing!
    This serum is honestly magic. I work very early shifts (5am) and struggle to even think about putting makeup on in the morning. After washing my face, I apply this serum and it makes my skin glow instantly. My skin looks healthy and nourished, no need for makeup!
    Love it
    Love this product! My skin feels smoother and more hydrated. My mum love's it as well, it's done wonders for her skin.
    It really works!
    Absolutely love this product, my skin looks & feels better since I started using it, so much so that when I went for my regular facial my beautician asked if I'd changed my skin products because my skin was looking fabulous - she's now using it herself.
    MIRACLE! I can not praise this product enough. I have never received so many compliments about my skin (I am 58, dry skin). It makes my skin look glowing without any sense of grease, without visible pores, just beautiful. I have recommended it to a few girlfriends in my age or older and everybody is extremely pleased with it. Some of my friends use it as a single moisturiser, I use it as a primer with oil on top.
    Good price, you only need a drop or two so should last ages. Absorbs quickly.
    Let the Face Enjoy the Feast
    Feel my face actually glow after using this serum, the experience was so great so I bought for my mom and friends as well, and they all love it. I will definitely buying it again and again.
    The perfect Serum
    This serum is just perfect for me. My skin is not particularly sensitive or problematic, but I have just turned fifty and I wanted something to help me with the first fine lines. This product just doubles the effect of my day cream, the skin is bright and smooth. Love it.
    All time best
    I've been using this serum twice a day for about six months, and I can't praise it enough. Buffet makes the skin glow from within and it hydrates and plumps the skin so that fine lines disappear -- and all you need is two drops! I'm addicted!
    I love this product. It has quickly become a staple in my skincare regime. It has a lovely texture and feels great on the skin, perfect to use both morning and evening. I always buy two so I have a spare!
    The Ordinary
    Cult Beauty are a brilliant company. As well as fast despatch and delivery in perfect condition, they notify when particular items are back in stock. On the phone they are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Many thanks.
    Far from Ordinary
    Out of the ordinary products for out of the ordinary people supplied promptly and beautifully wrapped. I’m fast becoming a fan of this ‘cult’ure club!
    Irritated my skin
    To be fair, I've heard great things about this product and was really excited to try it out. At first, I thought it was good - it's tacky but after ten or fifteen minutes your skin is ready for your oil (if you use one). However, after about a week I noticed I've been getting irritated skin during my PM routine, and unfortunately (or fortunately, cos at least it was one of the cheapest items I bought), after cutting out a different product one by one then reintroducing them, it turns out it's Buffet that my skin doesn't like. Bummer. But everyone's skin is different.
    Excellent serum
    An amazing product that has altered the appearance of my skin reducing blemishes, seems to make spots heal quicker and has reduced the fine lines starting to appear on my face! I absolutely love it followed by The Ordinary moisturiser.
    Not ordinary by any means
    This has now become an essential in my everyday routine perfect for no makeup days and a subtle primer for when makeup is needed.
    I love Buffet! I use before my more targeted serums or acids, usually in the morning but sometimes twice a day. My skin feels lovely after using this, and it's a nice base for some of the stronger tingly acids. I'm racing through this and I'll absolutely buy another!
    Friends recommended to use this and they said it’ll take a while to see results. But I noticed results after a week! This stuff is INCREDIBLE. I used to purchase expensive moisturisers and skin products and some worked, but it took a while to see results, I ended up switching products all the time, but the ordinary outdid every expensive product I used, hands down.
    It may be good but I just can't get past how sticky it is. I love the brand but won't be ordering this again.
    Overall win
    I suffer from flaky cheeks and a very oily t-zone! This "Buffet" seems to strike the perfect balance, as it leaves my cheeks moisturised and my t-zone matte. I am IN LOVE. It takes a while to sink into the skin, but my skin is bouncy and happier than it has been in a long, long time. Haven't seen any improvement on my fine lines, hence the 4 stars.
    Buffer Serum!!! No more foundation, just only healthy and glow skin! Thank you Buffet!
    Girls!! I found for myself a real solution for my skin. I am not allowed to use a heavy moisturizer, because it blocks my pores, so I am allowed to use only a light version for skin such a serum. I have been using Buffet more than 2 months and literally, I'm not using foundation or any makeup. My skin looks healthy and mate. Also after using this product for a month, the lines did disappear from my skin. That's the best product I have been using so far. Fully Recommend! P.S. I'm 28 years old
    Do not expect overnight results
    One of those products that takes time to work its magic (science) much like retinoids. I have gone through a fourth bottle and this has made my skin incredibly plump and delightfully supple. For reference, I'm in my mid-20s and I imagine this will help me keep lines at bay. Another welcomed difference is that my lower lashes have grown wispy and longer...definitely would keep repurchasing this!
    Great for aging skin
    So I see the comments like Buffet doesn't do much. Well for me it really didn't do that much. But keep in mind I'm not even in my thirties yet. But I saw real difference Buffet did in my mom's appearance. Her face looks much much better on so many levels.
    It's ok
    Not convinced this is actually doing anything to my skin but I'll continue to use until the bottle is finished. However saying that it has helped my eyebrows, as I had one brow that was a little sparse and is now as full as the other, and my lashes have grown in volume since using this.
    Not sure
    I have dry sensitive acne prone skin, I liked the serum when I first started using it but I think it breaks me out, probably because it’s thick and may clog pores. If you don’t have sensitive skin you may enjoy it.
    Great result
    I noticed the improvement! From dull tired skin to a glow. Even my boyfriend said my skin was looking great. I've tried all sorts of products over the years for combination, acne prone, dull skin with visible pores and this helps my general skin health and look all in one. Yes, it's sticky when it goes on but it settles quick. I'm ordering bottle 2.
    OH MY GOD!
    I absolutely love this serum, I use it every morning after I cleanse and tone and before I put my make up on, and every night after I've cleansed and toned. I use one whole dropper of serum and press it into my skin. A whole dropper is a lot of serum but my skin is really thanking me for it. My skin is a lot less oily, a lot brighter and fresher and a lot healthier!
    Amazing! You will not be disappointed!
    I have hormonally induced acne, huge pores, acne scarring, dry and dull skin. I have tried everything high end to the drug store to improve my skin with no result beyond lightly moisturising. I have been using this serum for a couple of weeks morning and night with nothing else at all and it's working miracles. My pores are smaller, my skin is absolutely softer and it's perfectly moisturised. Every day I use it I'm seeing an improvement. I'd buy this at twice the price it's an absolute lifesaver! You will not be disappointed.
    I must say I was skeptical about this serum ad it contains so much stuff and I thought this could be not as good as other serums BUT... I'm happy I bought it for me (31), and my mother (57). At first feels sticky but It rather behaves as a primer (I use this in the morning before my creams and makeup, and in the PM I use the retinol 0.5%) and I can noticeably see my skin less dehydrated and more nourished. On the first days, it stang a little bit but had no bad reactions at all. Let's also mention that I've got my order in LESS THAN 5 WORKING DAYS to Italy, so I wanna thank the Cult Beauty staff for their amazing work!
    Outstanding Results !
    I purchased the 'Buffet' alongside the 'Matrixyl 10%' and have been using them for a month now, both am an pm. Rightly or wrongly I mix them both together because although they are similar ingredients, I wanted something with Argireline in it as well as a high % of Matrixyl. And as I couldn't get hold of the Ordinary's 10% Argireline to go alongside the Matrixyl 10% anywhere, I decided to go with the Buffett that has 5% Argireline in it. Anyway the results for me personally are nothing short of miraculous. and I don't say that lightly either. Despite me looking after my skin since I was a teenager, (I'm now 44) and although I have used SPF all that time too and avoided the sun, only now do I realise that SPF15, as found in most moisturisers, is not enough and the everyday contact with the sun has caused damage to my skin. So I turned to the Ordinary after reading so many positive reviews and having spent nothing short of a fortune on skincare products promising the earth, not one I have tried ( and there have been too many to even count) have ever come close to giving me the results this serum has. My fine lines and deeper wrinkles are softening and look far less visible, my skin feels so much softer and hydrated and its got a lovely glow to it. my skin feels a bit firmer and my whole face looks as if it been ironed out! this is no exaggeration because to me it took a lot of years off me, let alone the years I've spent trying to correct all the signs of ageing and damage. Plus the best thing its done for me is that has its made an awful scar that I have had on my left cheek since I was 20, look a lot less visible too. Every day the scar is getting less visible and for that, I am truly happy for and grateful to this serum for, because for 24 years I have tried every scar serum, lotion and cream going and nothing again has worked. I cannot recommend this serum highly enough and considering the results I am getting I will be repurchasing and I will go on record to say its working for me and with continued use it my skin will only get better. Thank you The Ordinary ! x
    My skim loves this. I have quite sensitive skin and no issues just really fresh results.
    All round hero serum
    Fantastic serum jam-packed with peptides which left my skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Fantastic value for money and truly effective.
    So far so good!
    I've only been using this for few days but already my skin feels softer and far more hydrated than ever before, I've not noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin but pores do seem a little smaller and lines seem reduced so I'm a happy bunny! The serum is watery and takes a bit if getting used to, especially if your used to serums like Dr Sebagh that are thicker and leave the skin tighter, this doesn't really leave my skin feeling tight, it takes a wee while to get into my skin and pools a bit around my nose so tap it in gently! I've been using the 100% squalane as well for hydration but need to use that sparingly as it's so oily on my skin. I'd be happy to keep repurchasing the buffet though.
    So many peptides, so little money
    This product is another winner from The Ordinary. Light on my skin and plays well with all the other stuff that I put on my face. I use it to alternate with more expensive peptide serums (like I use most of the Ordinary products) so it is hard for me to know which product does what, but this is a powerful formula and very pleasant to use.
    I finished this serum a while ago, it's lightweight, not irritating, with a really incredible price tag, it layers well. All those sound really good points, but I'm struggling thinking if I had a real benefit or I had a placebo effect. I repurchased it to gift to my mum and see if I could see a difference in her skin, since she uses barely nothing on her skin.
    Light and lux
    This serum caught me out at first, it is so light it almost feels like water. However, don't be fooled - the effects are moisturising and hydrating without the oily residue you get with some serums. To be honest it took a little getting used to but I now love it and will be buying again.
    Pleasantly surprised
    The effects of this serum aren't dramatic, but they're definitely notable, especially for the price. My skin looks brighter and more plump the mornings after I use this, and I'll definitely be repurchasing it.
    Good starter serum
    It's not the most hardworking serum in my opinion but can't argue for magical results at that price point. I like the inclusion of peptides so this is a great starter serum especially if you're just dipping your toes into a more extensive skincare routine. It didn't do massive things to my skin but kept it at a nice, hydrated balance.
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