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    The OrdinaryAscorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2%<p>Perfect for brightening skin and minimising the appearance of uneven skin tone, The Ordinary&#8217;s Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2% is optimised for ideal stability. Notoriously difficult to keep stable, vitamin C and alpha arbutin do not perform at their best when combined with water &#8211; hence, this formula is completely water-free. It may feel slightly &#8216;oily&#8217; for a few seconds after application, despite the fact that it is completely free from oil. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that brightens the skin tone and reducing signs of ageing, while alpha arbutin is a highly purified biosynthetic active ingredient that reduces the look of dark spots and uneven skin tone. The Ordinary offers a host of vitamin C-based products to brighten skin &#8211; opt for this one if you&#8217;re looking for a &#8216;moderate&#8217; option and a &#8216;light oil&#8217; texture.</p>ORD043159177699151945245 stars, based on61 reviews 10.00Cult BeautyNew
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    The Ordinary Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2%

    The Ordinary
    Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2%
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Stripping back unnecessary packaging and misleading ingredients, The Ordinary offers an abundance of brilliant, high-performing products at surprisingly affordable prices. This potent formula combines two of the most powerful brightening agents in skin care: pure vitamin C and alpha arbutin, both solubilised in a completely water-free formula for perfect stability. Brightening skin tone and reducing signs of ageing, this formula is particularly adept at reducing the look of dark spots and uneven skin tone. 

    • Description

      Perfect for brightening skin and minimising the appearance of uneven skin tone, The Ordinary’s Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2% is optimised for ideal stability. Notoriously difficult to keep stable, vitamin C and alpha arbutin do not perform at their best when combined with water – hence, this formula is completely water-free. It may feel slightly ‘oily’ for a few seconds after application, despite the fact that it is completely free from oil. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that brightens the skin tone and reducing signs of ageing, while alpha arbutin is a highly purified biosynthetic active ingredient that reduces the look of dark spots and uneven skin tone. The Ordinary offers a host of vitamin C-based products to brighten skin – opt for this one if you’re looking for a ‘moderate’ option and a ‘light oil’ texture.

    • How to use

      Apply a few drops to face in the AM and PM as part of your skincare regimen. Use sun protection in the AM.

    • Full ingredients list

      Propanediol, Ascorbic Acid, Alpha-Arbutin

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      Transparency lies at the heart of our philosophy which is why we have partnered with tech-platform – Provenance – to cut through the industry ‘noise’ and equip you with key facts that matter. A 'proof point' with a green tick means a third party has verified the accuracy of the statement whereas no green tick means that there isn't independent confirmation (yet!), but that the brand has still supplied substantiating evidence (which you can view yourself). Discover the proof points for this product below.

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    The Ordinary - Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2%

    The Ordinary Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2% Reviews

    Thumbs up
    The benefits are evident within a few days. However, if you have oily skin, then I would avoid it... Appears very greasy. I would purchase it again, I'll pick it for the winter months when my skin is somewhat more dried out. Love the product regardless of my oily skins disagreement.
    Love it. I recommend
    It’s just been a week and I can already see the changes. My dark spots are fading. I recommend.
    Not for those with oily skin
    I’m sure this is a great product if you have very dry skin but if you have oily skin like me then you should skip this - my face felt like a chip shop!
    Awesome product.
    I genuinely wanted to like this product, but it made my skin break out and to make matters worse, blemishes didn't heal. As soon as I stopped using it, my blemishes cleared up. Very disappointed. I Will not be using it again.
    This is truly my holy grail!
    The Ordinary Ascorbic Acid + Alpha Arbutin review
    I have been using this product since the beginning of April 2 to 3 times per week. Unfortunately, it irritates my skin pretty badly and leaves my skin swollen and red on my cheek and chin area where I need this product the most (dark spots). I feel weird heat on my skin after applying it (when I use it AM I always use sun protection). I have tried mixing it with my everyday moisturiser, but it didn't help much. I have still no idea if this product does me good or bad. So, I decided to give up on this Vit C after 6 months of using this product.
    Love it!!!!
    I must say this has brought so much more glow to my face and it feels hydrated and fresh. In love with this one.
    Good for me
    I have used Paula's Choice vitamin c serum but thought it worth trying an Ordinary one as I happily use other products from their range. It does have an odd vitamin c smell - but you can get over this - I use it at night so I can wash off any residual smell in the morning. Other reviewers are right in that it does not sink in immediately but given the price I can wait. I have dark spots which seem to have faded slightly and my skin is maybe a little brighter so I am very happy so far and will continue to use it.
    The amazing product would def recommend.
    Love it
    My first time trying vitamin C. It has an oily look/feel when you apply it, but it's not oil if that makes sense (you can run your finger under water and the product washes away completely). I have an oily T zone and often get acne. This hasn't stopped me from breaking out, but I do feel it has reduced it somewhat. I've been using it for almost a month now and I definitely feel like my skin has become more vibrant and translucent looking. Sits well under makeup.
    Sadly disappointing
    Since reading the description of this product along with what it claims to do I was very sad to discover that after using this product at night, I woke up with red marks all over my face from where it had burnt my skin. I don't think this “brightens” your skin, it makes mine drier than it was before I used it. The only reason I gave this 2 stars however and not 0 is because it does clear your texture but in my opinion I don't think its worth it for it to burn my face in order to have clearer skin.
    I had high hopes. It was out of stock forever, and I was so happy when I was finally able to order it. it has a pretty oily consistency and did not absorb at all. but I would be able to get past that if it did anything. I didn't see any change in my skin tone, and worst of all - it clogged my pores like nobody's business. thank god I didn't pay a lot of money for it
    Amazing serum
    Since using this serum my skin has transformed and is sooooo much better, my skin became smoother, I even started getting less tiny spots, my dark marks lightened and my face is now one even complexion instead of uneven. It's excellent for dark spots.
    Lovely and brightening
    I really love this - I normally struggle to find serums or oils that don't make me break out, but this one seems to be working a treat. It's very lightweight and quick to sink in. I have definitely noticed how much brighter my skin looks, as well as how much less noticeable my old acne scars are! I use this every morning and every other evening (as there are some products in my nighttime skincare routine I cannot pair this with for my sensitive skin) but people with less sensitive skin could definitely use this twice a day everyday with no trouble!
    Must try!
    Seen a great improvement on the pigmentations on my skin definitely recommend it!
    Brightens the skin
    I tried this solution for the first time and it really brightened up my skin.
    It’s ok.
    I have seen amazing results after the first use! I really love the way my skin looks like in the morning after using this on. I love how it becomes warm when rubbing it in. The only small downside is that it is not enough moisturizing to be used alone. You need to wear a cream or an oil on top of it.
    Great product
    In the past, I had posted a review of this product after using it for 20 days and as promised here I am writing this review after using it for 2 months. I loved it and it really did a great deal for my skin. I am still using the same regime ascorbic acid in morning and niacinamide at night, and these 3 products really do wonders for my skin, my pigmentation and uneven skin tone vanished, skin texture improved a lot, and pore size reduced. I used to have really oily skin but after using it my skin became less oily.
    Product services
    Good products effective service
    My favorite product to clarify the skin because it is not agressive and works
    The Ordinary Vitamin C and Alpha Arbutin
    One of the best products. It's really made my skin Clear and healthy. For sure I'll order it again and again.
    Visible Results
    Now it's been 14 days that I am using this product and I can see that my skin is getting better and pigmentation is reducing. I am happy with the results and will surely buy more products from The Ordinary.
    Cleared up my skin
    This serum cleared up post-acne and other pigmentation problems, brightened skin tone. It's a bit oily, but my dry skin just love it. Great product!
    Great product
    I have been been using this for a few weeks, my skin is definitely brighter and smoother. Not sure how well it has reduced my scarring, but I will definitely make sure I keep using this product.
    Fab Product
    Gentle and bight exfoliating; my skin has never been so clear and fresh looking!
    Крутая сыворотка от акне! - Cool acne serum!
    Я использую эту сыворотку не так давно, примерно неделю и уже вижу результат. Использую пока только в вечернем уходе, у меня сухая и проблемная кожа, через неделю использования данной сыворотки прыщи успокоились, пятна осветлились, тон кожи приобрел ровный вид и лицо сияет здоровым свечением!Я очень рекомендую Вам эту сыворотку!Попробуйте и вы поймете о чем я говорю! **** I used this serum not so long ago, about a week and I already see the result. I use it so far only in evening care, I have dry and problem skin, after a week of using this serum, the acne calmed down, the spots bleached, the skin tone became even and the face shines with a healthy glow! I highly recommend this! Try it and you will understand what I mean!
    Effective enough
    It smells like artificial candy, faint fruity smell. Not a great smell. The consistency is like a light oil. It feels a little sticky on the skin, but that feeling dissolves quickly. Also slightly tingles and makes my skin feel warm. It's not moisturizing at all, so use with something moisturizing on top. I have been using this product for months and it has really helped more with brightening my complexion than with diminishing pigmentation spots. It also helps with evening out my textured skin. I have brown skin with red undertones, I do recommend this product for skin of color.
    Great product
    I love The Ordinary products and this one didn’t disappoint. Wasn’t expecting the yellow colour but once I got over that I really enjoyed using this product at night. No irritation just smooth skin. Will re-purchase.
    Great Product!
    Started using this at focused spots for my pigmentation. This product did help removed them entirely, Also noticed more radiant skin after using. Definitely a keeper!
    Don't buy if you have oily skin!
    I heard a lot about this product, but I was disappointed. It didn't really suit my oily skin type and I just didn't like how it felt on my skin.
    I ike this product!
    The ordinary ascorbic acid and alpha arbutin
    I used it for 2 weeks it's really very nice. I see the difference on my face. I like it
    I love it
    Doesn't irritate me. It feels lovely on my skin and lightened my dark spots as well. I keep reordering it.
    Burning skin and redness
    I was very disappointed by this product. As soon as I applied it to my skin I felt like I was burning and my face became red.I had to quickly rinse my face and every other time I tried using it it had the same effect.I used vitamin C products in the past but never had this issue so if you have sensitive skin I suggest you try a different product.
    Still confused
    Am i the only one who feels its warm on skin and as soon i apply it makes my skin red unlike the ordinary ascorbyl glucoside 12% . I used it for 2 weeks and got really bad acne . I really want to use this but i am really nervous if this makes my skin bad instead of good .
    Clear and glowing!
    Since buying this product I haven't actually used it regularly having said that whenever I do I start to notice a softness and a glow to my skin. I have only a few blemishes after a couple of spots and I think it's helping to minimise them. I really like the product. I didn't think it was sticky actually just moisturizes into my skin. Doesn't have any smell either. I really like it!
    Didn’t work for me
    I’d been using the Sunday Riley CEO glow serum previously but was looking for a cheaper vitamin C alternative. Having previously tried and liked products from The Ordinary, I thought I’d give this a go. Sadly, I didn’t like it at all. It has a weird sickly smell, different from when VitC goes off, so I don’t think I just got a bad batch. The texture is kind of oily and it leaves an oily residue on my face, but without any moisturising properties (I normally love using oils on my face before bed). It just kind of sits on top of my skin, and everytime I’ve used it at night (three times in total) I’ve woken up with little white spots on my face. I can’t really comment on its effectiveness for hyperpigmentation or evening out skin tone, because I just can’t bring myself to use it often enough to see a difference! I’m starting to think (for vitamin C anyway) you really do get what you pay for. I have sensitive combination skin btw.
    Fixed my dry skin
    Bought this because my skin had broken out loads in lockdown and aside from a lot of uneven skin tone from old spots I was getting some weird redness on my cheekbones. I also permanently had dry, scaly feeling skin around my chin and nose (have had this for a couple of years). This product was like a miracle cure as soon as I started using it, it got rid of the dry scaly skin on my nose and made my skin generally so much softer, as well as calming the redness on my cheekbones and the breakouts. A couple of months in, I still have some sun damage on one cheekbone that I don't think it has really altered, and for a while, I thought it was making my blackheads worse, although this has gone back to normal now (i.e. I still have them all the time but they are not getting worse). My brother kept getting really bad flare-ups of red inflamed skin on his nose that he was treated with steroid cream and I persuaded him to buy this serum because of the impact it had had on my dry skin, and it has really sorted it out for him - he doesn't use the steroid cream anymore and has had no more flare-ups so far. So in conclusion - it isn't really what it is advertised to do but for dry, scaly skin or irritated dry skin I would massively recommend it! And I do feel like it has generally controlled my breakouts and improved skin tone. I should say that like other people have said it does feel a bit tacky for a while after application and is a bit shiny, but it eventually soaks in (I try to use it while my toner is still a bit damp, that way I can use less and spread it more easily). Also under foundation and powder (use the Ordinary serum foundation and NYX powder), it feels fine. I don't get any redness from it but I use glycolic acid toner so my skin is used to chemical exfoliants.
    Can see progress already
    I have really bad acne scarring from an everlasting post-pill flare up and have been using this for a month to see if that helps with the scars. I can see some progress already! It may be that my skin is feeling brighter because it’s getting more sun too, but I’m sure the vitamin c has something to do with it. It is a little sticky when applied but it settles into the skin after about 10 minutes and is ready to moisture then. Would recommend!
    A little goes a long way!
    I have used The Ordinary products for a while now starting with Hyaluronic Acid, Buffet and Rose Hip Oil. I had to adjust my routine with the corona virus as some things were out of stock so I picked up Marine Hyaluronics, Marula Oil and this product. So glad I did as my skin seems to love it! I am someone who has normal to slightly oily skin with pigmentation from sun damage. My pigmentation seems to have become a bit lighter (I didn't think it would take it away completely) and the quality of my skin is just what I always wanted. ONLY USE A COUPLE OF DROPS (max 3) as it is quite oily. Let it sink in a bit before continuing with other products. I use this after Buffet and before the Marula Oil.
    I’ve had a nasty patch of hyperpigmentation for 6 months from a spot that I really shouldn’t of picked (I’ve learnt my lesson) nothing was really helping. I’ve been using this A WEEK and honestly it’s made a huge difference already. My skin in general looks more even and I'm really excited to see what will happen with longer term use. It’s a little oily so best for evening use but it really doesn’t bother me. It’s the best thing I’ve added to my routine since the aha/bah peeling solution.
    Great product
    I previously was using a serum by quite a hyped US/Danish brand - which was on the pricier side and I have to say this serum by TO has given me far better, noticeable results. Wouldn’t recommend mixing with the Niacinamide - and I use it straight after toner to avoid pilling!
    Too strong?
    I don’t necessarily think it´s a bad product, however my skin reaction was strong redness and irritation ( I applied it in the morning to clean face). The reaction appear almost right away. So i would definitely have to look for other vitamin C product.
    It's my 2nd time ordering with this page. Do recommended... I have used these products for more than six months and the results are amazing, my skin is hydrated, smooth, fresh-looking and glows.
    best starter vitamin C
    I have started using this daily every morning after cleansing and toner and before moisturiser/SPF. This product tingles ever so slightly (to be expected upon the first few uses), but I am already starting to see results after a couple of weeks. It does have quite a greasy consistency so I make sure to apply it at least 30 minutes before I apply my makeup to let it absorb - 1 star off for the greasiness but I will repurchase due to the results it has given me so far
    Highly recommend for hyperpigmentation ☺️
    Great for evening out pigmentation
    This product helped me even out my skin pigmentation and minimize my sun spots. The texture is very light but a bit like an oil. I use it in the morning and it does take some time to absorb but once it is absorbed it leaves no residue on the skin.
    Definitely brightens
    I have been using this product for 15 days and it has definitely brightened my skin. For fading my hyperpigmentation marks I think I have to use religiously for sometime.
    Loved it
    I am using Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2% in my morning skin care routine n ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc and Mandalic Acid in night skin care routine, I loved it, I am using these products from past 20 days n I can see brighten skin tone n reduce pore size around my nose,I have uneven skin tone and texture problem and I can see slight improvement in skin tone and texture, I am really happy with results and will continue using it, I will update my review in future after using it for longer period.
    Must Try
    Best product for bright glowing skin! Literally gives overnight results. Minimises pores too. Use only 3 drops all over the face. It's slightly oily and sticky but I use it at night and the days I'm at home in the mornings. I would recommend it to everyone with hyperpigmentation, age spots, and acne marks. You are sure to love it!
    The Ordinary - Marine Hyaluronics
    Love this product so much. I have used the hyaluronic acid before but I prefer the Marine one more as its light and more absorbing. Love it under my make up.
    Good product
    I didn’t notice any dramatic results but hyperpigmentation takes a while to disappear. My only problem with The Ordinary is they have so many products so I tend to keep trying new ones and I've only used this for a month. I didn’t break out nor did this irritate my skin and sits nicely under makeup. I might try this again in the future but I’m currently trying out another vit C serum from The Ordinary.
    Vitamin C Serum
    Definitely worth the price - if you’re patient and encorporate the serum into a good, consistent skin care routine, the results are great!
    The Ordinary
    This product is relatively mild, the effect is not very remarkable but slowly improves my skin problems.
    Nice Vitamin C serum
    It might seem a bit oily and gathers on the surface of the skin but if you don't mind that it performs quite well (fixes the skin tone issues and lessens the acne scarring pigmentation)
    Great brand
    I do see a significant improvement in my skin tone, I will purchase more.
    Didn’t do anything
    I’ve been using this product for about a month and I honestly haven’t noticed any difference (my problem is post-acne, not scars, just dots all over my face with different color). Also the formula isn’t very comfortable, it resembles oil and I even find it drying when I apply some light moisturizer on top, so I have to always go with something heavy.
    Very Effective Serum
    I really like this serum. I have been using vitamin C and its derivatives for some time now, so my complexion is fairly used to it. However, this serum has some kick. Immediately after application you feel a warmth, but it goes away quickly. After only few days using it, my complexion is very clean and luminous. I highly recommend it.
    I love this. I've been using it for about a month. I only use it in the morning with my Resveratrol and ferulic acid serum. I had severe pigmentation on my cheeks which has diminished such that I've switched from high coverage foundation to a tinted moisturiser! I will keep this in my routine.
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