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    THE INKEY LISTMulti-Biotic<p>Pre, pro and post-biotics aren&#8217;t just for your morning yoghurt &#8211; they can work wonders when applied topically to your skin too! Enter: THE INKEY LIST&#8217;s Multi-Biotic, a moisturiser infused with 5% Yoghurtene to help balance your complexion&#8217;s pH balance. A skewed pH can show itself in a number of ways, including irritation and excessive oiliness &#8211; it can even significantly speed up the ageing process. What&#8217;s more, it can heighten your skin&#8217;s vulnerability to a whole host of unwanted external factors &#8211; most notably the damage inflicted by the sun. Balancing your pH can prevent all of these unwanted factors from taking place &#8211; thank you, THE INKEY LIST! Aside from its multi-biotic benefits, this lightweight moisturiser also brightens uneven complexions with 2% Brightenyl, and hydrates with squalane. Suitable for all skin types, this clever formula is the perfect way to introduce some good bacteria into your skin care regime.&nbsp;</p>INK0201799850604222971865 stars, based on69 reviews 12.99Cult BeautyNew
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    THE INKEY LIST Multi-Biotic

    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Also known as ‘Your Beauty Translator’, THE INKEY LIST’s aim is simple: break through beauty jargon to deliver a straightforward take on skin care’s most-wanted ingredients (at astoundingly reasonable, ‘give-it-a-go’ prices). Like your morning yogurt drink – but for your face - their Multi-Biotic moisturiser is crammed full of good bacteria (aka. Pro-biotics), along with pre-biotics and post-biotics to balance your skin’s pH and promote a healthier complexion. The multi-tasker also improves moisture levels and protects against environmental aggressors – Multi-Biotic: 1, yoghurt drink: 0. 

    • Description

      Pre, pro and post-biotics aren’t just for your morning yoghurt – they can work wonders when applied topically to your skin too! Enter: THE INKEY LIST’s Multi-Biotic, a moisturiser infused with 5% Yoghurtene to help balance your complexion’s pH balance. A skewed pH can show itself in a number of ways, including irritation and excessive oiliness – it can even significantly speed up the ageing process. What’s more, it can heighten your skin’s vulnerability to a whole host of unwanted external factors – most notably the damage inflicted by the sun. Balancing your pH can prevent all of these unwanted factors from taking place – thank you, THE INKEY LIST! Aside from its multi-biotic benefits, this lightweight moisturiser also brightens uneven complexions with 2% Brightenyl, and hydrates with squalane. Suitable for all skin types, this clever formula is the perfect way to introduce some good bacteria into your skin care regime. 

    • How to use

      Apply a pea-sized amount to cleansed face and neck in the morning and evening, avoiding the eye area.

      The formula is best used after serums and before moisturiser.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water), Inulin, Glycerin, Isoamyl Laurate, Propanediol, Squalane, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Yogurt Powder, Sodium Caproyl Prolinate, Carbomer, Isoamyl Cocoate, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Diglucosyl Gallic Acid, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Dehydroacetic Acid Polysorbate 60, Dehydroacetic Acid, Citric Acid, Heptapeptide-7, Lecithin, Potassium Sorbate, Propanediol, Sodium Benzoate, Xanthan Gum, Sorbitan Isostearate.

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    THE INKEY LIST - Multi-Biotic

    THE INKEY LIST Multi-Biotic Reviews

    A must have for oily skin and acne flare ups.
    I have oily skin and hormonal acne. This, combined with the Salicylic Cleanser, has saved my skin. No question. I was suffering from a massive breakout that just kept getting worse, all over my cheeks, chin, top lip, and back. Pretty sure it was hormonal. I had tried everything. My usual combos of Witchazel and Aloe Vera did nothing, my AHA the ordinary peel made it worse, spot treatments weren't working - I was at a loose end. I was recommended this combo by a friend who always seems to have gorgeous skin and was surprised to hear she suffered from hormonal acne. Within 24 hours of using these two combined, my redness had reduced by 80% and my "active spots" were no longer. Honestly, I don't understand why everyone is raving about the smell of this product either. Yeah, I wouldn't choose it as my car air freshener, but it is not all that offending and literally, 10 seconds after applying the smell goes away. 100000% recommend these products.
    Very comfortable on the skin
    It's a very nice moisturiser! The texture is light, works for my oily skin in the summer, but pretty moisturising, it didn't break me out. I don't really feel the smell when it's on my skin. The packaging is very nice, I only wish we could get it in a bigger size, like at least 50ml. Definitely would repurchase.
    Will always LOVE this
    I have super oily skin - the better I hydrate the less oily it is. This is the only product that really penetrates my skin rather than leaving a film on it (like the HA products). I honestly don’t think it smells that bad, and the smell disappears so fast. It also helps with my acne.
    A must-have
    I have combination skin and this has been a life saver. I see many people complain about the smell but honestly, who cares? This product is amazing!
    The smell
    Everyone complaining about the smell needs to understand that this product has pre and pro biotics in it. This product is absolutely amazing and really clean in terms of ingredients. If you want the benefits of a multi-biotic moisturiser, then you’ll have the cope with the smell. Seriously though, don’t let the reviews about the smell put you off. I have used so many moisturisers and this is my forever favourite!
    Absolutely loved it
    I've repurchased it countless times. I have dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin. My skin feels soft, smooth, and less inflamed after using this product. Especially I love to use it after exfoliation. The only minus is that it finishes very quick
    I haven't been able to use this as much as I would want. The smell is pretty bad and because of this, it doesn't particularly encourage you to use it. The smell goes after you've applied it but I would rather use a nicer smelling product that does the same thing. Please change the smell Inkey List.... it's not great!
    Saved my skin!
    After damaging my moisture barrier due to excessive chemical exfoliation, I had tried many things, far more expensive but all in vain! This moisturizer however has done wonders for my skin. I have acne-prone oily skin which is currently dehydrated due to damage. I have been using it twice a day and it has reduced my dehydration levels in the skin and somehow also reduced my oiliness. Well, our microbiome does play a very important role in keeping the balance and I am glad companies are finally paying attention to it. Definitely gonna be my daily moisturizer. I hope they make it in bigger size though for less waste
    Great for oily skin
    Definitely the best moisturizer I’ve tried for my combo/oily skin. Doesn’t make me look shiny and absorbs really fast. The smell isn’t that overwhelming and goes away after a few seconds.
    Good for Oily Skin
    It's a pretty good moisturizer for oily skin (I don't like the smell but that's ok)
    I’m happy with this, will come back to it
    It doesn’t smell that bad or anything :/ Like 3/10 of bad smells. I like it and I think it’s helping my acne :) would recommend to anyone with problematic skin.
    Not for me
    I was really keen to try this as I have been searching for a cruelty-free replacement for my moisturiser for a long time. The price point is good and the smell didn't put me off. But, unfortunately, it caused the skin around my eyes to itch and small red bumps on my cheeks. I can be quite reactive to certain ingredients, so think this is a very personal response rather than a general one. My search for the perfect moisturiser continues!
    Multi biotic moisturiser
    It's OK
    A Must-Have For a Healthy Skin Barrier
    I had a severe acne flare-up last year which, was completely out of nowhere. I researched about building back a healthy skin barrier and read that multi-biotics and healthy bacteria are KEY! I grabbed this from The Inkey List, and it worked perfectly alongside my other skincare and I strongly believe it played a big part in getting my skin back to it's best. I have to admit, the smell was a bit of a turn-off, almost making me gag the first time I used it, but I'd personally rather this than the company using excessive essential oils to cover its natural scent- just breathe through your mouth whilst applying, you'll soon get used to it...
    Couldn't even bring myself to use it twice a day as it smells so bad!
    Life saver for combo/ oily skin
    let's get this out the way - definitely not the nicest smelling moisturiser - but that's just a few seconds and isn't what you'd base a moisturiser on, plus it's the yoghurt in it. I have generally normal cheeks, slightly oily chin/ forehead and a nose which will be oily all day long - this is the only product which stops my t zone from going crazy oily. I use this in the AM and use something a bit more nourishing in the PM. If you struggle with shine and oil - give this a go!
    Its average
    Bought this through a skincare regime written personally for me by The InkeyList website so bought alongside a load of other skincare. So, I feel like the other skincare is what has done the most for my skin, I don’t think this has made much difference. However, it’s not greasy at all so makeup goes on top nicely. Does have a weird smell but it’s not awful or put me off the product at all
    A great lightweight hydrator
    I bought this as my skin as been struggling recently with redness and irritation, as well as bout of perioral dermatitis, and I wanted to add something easy into my routine that would help to keep it nourished and calm. I love The Inkey List and had heard amazing things about this product so decided to add this in. I would say that if you are quite dehydrated/dry then you would definitely want a hydrating serum underneath this, or I like to mix oil in with it before I apply my SPF in the day for an extra boost of hydration. For oily skin this would be a perfect moisturiser to help keep your skin barrier happy and healthy and balanced, if you're drier I'd use this as a serum. It's really helping my skin and my Mum has been commenting on how glowy it is and this is the only thing I have changed in the past few weeks. Definitely a must for anyone in need of a boost of goodness for their skin, it's super calming, anti-inflammatory and feels lovely on the skin. Yes, it does smell slightly, but this doesn't linger, and I would much rather a product work well than smell nice!
    I bought this as I suffer from hormonal acne around my chin and thought it would help with that as it states it’s a probiotic moisturiser but I felt no effect of that and it acted like a completely normal moisturiser and does hydrate my skin but no more or less than anything else would so if ur looking for a moisturiser to help with hormonal acne this is not the moisturiser for you.
    Best morning moisturiser
    Love this for the morning quick runs. I use the PHA toner before application and there is no smell at all! If you had high luxury and Korean brands before its a similar medical smell. Skin type: dehydrated combination skin
    Smell is horrible
    The smell completely put me off, finished the bottle just to get moneys worth, but not worth it at all, barely a difference to my skin and the smell made me gag every time I put it on.
    Very good for restoring the skin barrier
    I have been using this product for the last 2 months on my very irritated and heavily broken out skin due to over-exfoliation. I've been using this as a serum together with a heavy mosturiser and my skin is now recovered and has cleared out. This a great product that I intend to repurchase. Contrary to other reviews, I have no issue with the smell.
    Nice affordable moisturizer
    I was surprised by this moisturizer, it's lightweight and doesn't leave the skin feeling oily. I have combination skin, with very oily chin and nose and this absorbs pretty fast into the skin. The only thing negative so far is the smell, but thankfully it doesn't linger for too long.
    Best day moisturiser.
    I have oily acne prone skin and I find that this moisturiser really help to reconstruct my damaged barrier. It's basically helping my skin is every aspect possible. The thing is that it might be a bit too light in the winter, so i usually mix the moisturiser with two drops of rose hip oil and it's perfect!! Also this might not be hydrating enough for dry skin, so if you have dry skin and want to use this then i'd recommend adding a few drops of your facial oil!
    Smells odd but fab product
    Granted the smell is a bit funky, but all pro-biotics products tend to be in my experience. Doesn't bother me as it goes away quickly. I use it as a serum and add moisturiser after. For me, it helps with redness, particularly around the nose and mouth area.
    I really love this. I used it in the evening times, along with an exfoliant and moisturizer. The smell is quite bad (a little like a gone off yogurt) so do not use it as a day time moisturizer. If you can push past the smell then I highly recommend it for oily/combination skin. I have found it really helps tone down the oils and makes my skin a little more matt.
    Smell ?
    It's hydrating no doubt but its smell is horrible. Though bed smell disappears after 3 minutes but even once it hits the nose, it's really not bearable
    Awful stuff
    The smell is absolutely vile, skin doesn't feel Moisturised at all when I put it on. Not sure if just coincidence but I’ve massively broken out at the time of using this. Wouldn’t buy again and wouldn’t recommend. Highly overpriced
    Good light-weighted moisturizer
    It's a good light-weighted moisturizer with a smell of your Greek yogurt) Saved my skin after I used too much active ingredients in my skincare routine at once. It's better to seal it over with something more occlusive, if your skin is dry. I did not like the packaging as you cannot see, how much product is left in the pump. However, it allows to use it up to the bottom: I opened the packaging with the scissors and found nothing left)
    I don't want to be harsh....
    I had pretty high hopes set on this product, but the smell turned me off immediately. After 3 uses, there was so much texture on my cheeks. I gave up.
    Great product
    This moisturiser really suits my very oily, but also flaky, skin. The dry, flaky areas are improving and the oiliness too. The smell is odd, but as other reviewers have mentioned, disappears within a couple of seconds.
    Does not smell great
    Not a bad moisturiser and I really wanted something probiotic which I like at this price. Has a very strange pungent, salty sort of a smell though. I’ll put it in my gym bag and finish it but I doubt I’ll repurchase.
    Good for oily skin
    I have sensitive, combination skin and this was not enough hydration for me. It is fine used as a serum, under your moisturiser.
    Good, but smelly
    It is very lightweight and hydrating. Also I like that it does not irritate my sensitive skin. But the smell... ew... at least it doesn't last long, only 3-5 seconds.
    Band aid for your face
    If your skin is frequently mad at you, I think you will love this! Light but very soothing, Its helped so much when my skin goes like sandpaper from food allergy and chronic illness. I love that it's not a heavy, occlusive cream and yet it helps a lot
    Good one. I didn't mind the smell.
    Obsessed with this moisturiser!!
    I’ve got oily skin and the more I use this cream the more I forget about it. My skin doesn’t ever feel greasy anymore. It leaves it hydrated, soft, balances the oiliness. The smell is weird but not strong at all and doesn’t bother me whatsoever
    Thank you Inkey List
    THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!! I just can't. I think I will use it forever. I have oily skin breakout-prone and when I started using this my acne was kinda bad. This product helped me a lot. It has a smell but after using 2 times or so you don't really notice it and it's not that bad. I used this at night time because I feel that is too heavy and kinda greasy for the morning. Skin feels very smooth after continuous use and breakouts are under control now! Just wished the bottle was bigger.
    Great but...
    My oily acne-prone skin absolutely loved this moisturiser BUT it smells weird and takes a bit getting used to (you do get used to and it doesn't linger after application). It also doesn't last very long at all which is really annoying.
    This moisturiser has been fairly good for my oily, acne prone skin during flare ups and feels good on BUT I really don't enjoy the smell. The odour resolves quickly after applying but just the few seconds of having to smell it after pumping a pea size amount in to my hand is unfortunately hugely unpleasant and has put me off buying again.
    Good for oily/ blemish skin
    I have recently had hormonal acne, and I couldn’t find a good moisturiser however this works well due to the pH balancer. The only think I don’t like is that it doesn’t contain much product and the smell isn’t great which I guess is a bonus for acne skin as fragrance can upset it. Overall it’s good
    Thumbs up
    I like it! I'm using it after the salicylic acid cleanser and the B,C & E moisturiser, it's suitable for my combination skin, it's not leaving my skin shiny. I don't like the smell, but that's normal since is pre and probiotics. This goes away really fast. I like the packaging with instructions on how to use it, very clear info. It's my first order from the Cult Beauty website, thumbs up for you also!
    Smells so bad
    I liked the moisturiser but the smell is just so awful it puts me off using it.
    Amazing moisturiser
    Don't like the smell? Sis, it goes away after 5 seconds. For me it's one of the best moisturisers I've used. It's light, good for combo/oily skin and it works. Worth the money. I've used 3 bottles already and I'm not planning to stop.
    Stinky but worth it!
    Smells terrible (like expired yoghurt + vinegar), but helps to repair my skin barrier like no other. The gel-cream texture is very light and would be suitable as a moisturizer for oilier skin types. However, I have sensitive, combination skin and instead like to use this as a barrier repair serum before I go in with a more occlusive formula. My skin is so much calmer after using this and I experience far fewer breakouts (used in conjunction with the salicylic acid cleanser). A definite repurchase for me!
    Pretty good
    I was put off by some reviews saying this is smelly but the smell is honestly a very minor inconvenience- it isn't awful and doesn't stay for more than 30 seconds. I have been using this for a month and it is perfect for a lightweight moisturizer to use morning and night, although I would suggest for better results investing in a heavier night moisturizer. The pro-biotic ingredients in this are a game-changer though.
    Great for perioral dermatitis
    This helps my PD, but since I have dry skin it is not enough, so I add Squalane from The Ordinary. It's better suited for oily skin.
    Unbearable smell
    Lightweight but moisturising, nice price point but the smell was a big no to me Had to hold my breath everytime I applied it which never happened to me before with a cosmetic product, even unfragranced
    Great moisturiser for oily/comb skin
    The smell isn’t the best but it’s a probiotic after all. Great product, not too thick texture and it’s actually pretty lightweight yet hydrating. I use this in the evenings but you can use it in the morning. I do believe this cleared my hormonal cystic acne up which I suffer from on my chin area and round the mouth. I have run out and a few friends have appeared. Pls get this back in stock ASAP! Recommend everyone to try the recipe builder on the Inkey list website, all you need to do is answer a few questions about your skin concerns and it recommends you products for your skin. This was one of the products it said I should try. I’ve tried a lot of there products and I have to say these products are the only things I’ve used that have actually cleared my skin and kept my breakouts at bay. The products are very affordable as well which is a bonus.
    I have combination skin and this moisturiser is very lightweight and leaves my skin feeling hydrated! After that I go in with SPF and let me tell you those together work very well with my oily T-Zone!
    Good for dermatitis/ eczema.
    I have cystic acne and some patches of eczema on my face and my face always feels tight and dry. I used this for a couple of days and my eczema patches were soothed and my face felt moisturized and nice. It didn't really do much for my cystic acne though.
    Good for oily skin
    I love this moisturiser, it’s light and sinks straight into your skin, the smell doesn’t actually offend me it’s kind of minty but it’s nothing too intense. I have majorly oily skin and this doesn’t make me shiny, I can use it in the AM under my sunscreen and my face still won’t be overly shiny at the end of the day. The dispenser is kind of clunky but it’s a cheap product so you can’t really complain. Overall I would recommend this product for someone with oily, sensitive skin.
    Decent moisturiser
    It's not bad considering the price. It absorbs well and quickly, does not have a greasy feel at all - good for my combo skin, but other than that it does nothing else notable. I've used it in the mornings before the SPF, so it layers well. I did not notice anything unpleasant about the smell - so not sure why there are so many comments about it.
    Yes a bit stinky, but worth it
    I've been using this moisturiser before bed and it's really helped with my skin clearing up after suffering with some acne. It sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. I add two drops of the ordinary chia seed oil before I apply it to my face, this counteracts the smell so I can mostly just smell the chia seed.
    Disappointing smell
    I haven't used the product as frequently or as regularly as I would have liked. The smell is pretty bad and doesn't encourage you to use it, therefore, I tend to reach for other non-fragranced/fragranced products. Also it tends to clag with other products from different ranges, for example when using serums. As a result, I have to plan ahead when I use this moisturiser plus prepare myself for the smell! Not a great buy to be honest!
    Love it!!
    I love this moisturiser. I have combination oily/blemish-prone skin and this combined with a few other inkey list products really has transformed my face!!! It’s really lightweight which is great for oily skin but still does the job, my skin feels really nourished and hydrated after using this. I will say that it does smell strange, but after putting on your face you can no longer smell it - I must say I even weirdly like the smell somewhat now!
    This is a wonderful product, however the smell is so off putting for me. It smells a bit like spoiled yogurt. It is a fab product aside from that though.
    Good for restoring skin pH
    I experienced some minor breakouts and irritation due to over-exfoliating so I tried the multi biotic moisturiser. Although the smell wasn't the most pleasant thing, it definitely helped to restore my skin pH and reduce the irritation.
    I absolutely love this product. The smell is basically powder yogurt, and it literally goes away after seconds. My skin looks beautiful after I apply it, and a little bit goes a long way... I’m feeling my skin really healthy since I start using it. It leaves zero residue.... in a fan. (I have combo skin)
    Fantastic product
    Leaves skin feeling soft and plump
    The smell
    I started using this product along with other Inkey List products at the same time, so I can't speak for how much it does, but what I can say is it is the worst smelling product I have ever used. The smell does go away afterwards but my god does it stink. Such a gross smell. For that reason alone, I don't think I would rebuy or recommend.
    Smells like sick
    I don't know how anyone can stand slathering this on their face. It smells so bad, like half-digested vomit! I have to hold my breath as I use this and it lingers, yes it does. Even if it's miracle cream (it's not), using skincare shouldn't be this unpleasant. I almost never write reviews but I just had to warn people off this one.
    My oily/combo skin loves it
    It's so light, yet feels super nourishing. The smell is faintly yeasty, but not enough to be really bothersome, unless you're particularly sensitive. Bonus points for the pump packaging, which makes it easy to travel with.
    AMAZING -- Only product that got rid of my spots
    I've struggled with stubborn acne on my forehead and cheeks for a good three years and nothing seemed to work (AHAs, BHAs, benzoyl peroxide. You name it, I've tried it. After using this product, my skin became so much smoother and the difference was noticeable after just three weeks. A major plus is that it doesn't irritate my sensitive and dry skin at all, I wish The Inkey List would come out with a bigger bottle of this, but it does usually last me around 3 months as a little goes a long way. One minor downside is the mild smell, but it disappears after application and is such a small tradeoff for the amazing results that this cream delivers. Repurchased 3 times as of date! Never discontinue this.
    Works brilliantly for hormonal acne
    I despise the smell of this but it works so well I'll put up with it. Feels very light and not greasy at all and seems to calm my skin and even out the oil production. Worked from day one. Not too expensive either although it's a bit of a small bottle.
    Good purchase for spot-prone skin.
    I have enjoyed using this product over the past few weeks. A tiny dot of it goes a long way on my oily skin, and I have found it very caring in terms of helping my skin when I use harsher products on it.
    I LOVE IT. It really strengthened my skin. A really good product to use every day. It's between a serum and a light moisturiser. I have been looking for a product like this one for a while. Only downside, wish it had a bigger option, 30ml in that texture goes away very fast.
    Every moisturiser/face oil I use tends to sit on my skin—sure it does “moisturise” but I feel like my oily skin needed something lighter and yet still work like your traditional cream/oil. This definitely worked from the get go. I normally get super greasy just from the first 30 mins after application, but the skin is behaving better. Am looking forward to using this more!
    I really like it, it does the job. I use it after my serums and after the Polyglutamic Acid that I love so much. It smells a bit like yeast, but it's ok because it's from the probiotics.
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