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    Tata HarperRegenerating Cleanser 50ml<p>The gift of great skin in a gorgeous green bottle, Regenerating Cleanser stimulates cell regeneration to swiftly restore luminosity and lustre. Willow bark &#8211; naturally rich in salicylic acid &#8211; dissolves the bonds that bind dulling dead cells to skin&#8217;s surface, to refine overall texture and restore a more even, light-reflective surface; aloe vera &#8211; renowned for its reparative, skin soothing properties quickly combats irritation, inflammation and relieves sensitivity; pink clay draws impurities from the skin to minimise congestion and the likelihood of blemishes while apricot seed kernels provide gentle, physical exfoliation so skin feels smooth and looks polished. Suitable for all skin types, except overly sensitive.</p>TAT001 50ml66098541610051035 stars, based on40 reviews 38.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

    Tata Harper
    Regenerating Cleanser
    ( 50ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      With 100% natural ingredients (83% of which are certified organic), Tata Harper’s Regenerating Cleanser works to purge pores and gently resurface oily, dry and normal skin types. With no dehydrating soap, detergents or sebum-stripping alcohol, this refreshes skin and eliminates dead cells and residue with a clarifying blend of pink clay, willow bark and apricot seed kernels, while bergamot and grapefruit help ease any blemish-causing congestion and aloe vera relieves irritation, promotes healing and stimulates healthy cell growth. As Tata Harper says, this is ‘beauty you can believe in, from a woman you can trust.’

    • Description

      The gift of great skin in a gorgeous green bottle, Regenerating Cleanser stimulates cell regeneration to swiftly restore luminosity and lustre. Willow bark – naturally rich in salicylic acid – dissolves the bonds that bind dulling dead cells to skin’s surface, to refine overall texture and restore a more even, light-reflective surface; aloe vera – renowned for its reparative, skin soothing properties quickly combats irritation, inflammation and relieves sensitivity; pink clay draws impurities from the skin to minimise congestion and the likelihood of blemishes while apricot seed kernels provide gentle, physical exfoliation so skin feels smooth and looks polished. Suitable for all skin types, except overly sensitive.

    • How to use
      For daily cleansing, apply Regenerating Cleanser to damp skin and massage gently to activate the enzymes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. To use as a deeper exfoliation treatment, apply to dry skin and massage gently to thoroughly exfoliate. Rinse with warm water. Store in a cool, dark place.
    • Full ingredients list

      Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Cetearyl alcohol, Cetearyl Olivate, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) Seed Powder, Sorbitan Olivate, Oryza sativa (Rice) Extract*, Lactobacillus/Punica granatum Fruit Ferment Extract, Leuconostoc Ferment Filtrate, Aqua/Water, Coco-glucoside, Cetearyl glucoside, Kaolin (Rose Clay), Sclerotium gum, Cetyl Palmitate, Salix alba (Willow) Bark Extract*, Sorbitan Palmitate, Sorbitan Olivate, Sodium Phytate, Denatured Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol, Aroma**, Benzyl Benzoate, Citral, Citronellol, Eugenol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool *Ingredients from Organic farming **Clinical grade essential oils blend

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    Tata Harper - Regenerating Cleanser

    Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser Reviews

    It’s ok....
    It only lasted me for one month an it didn’t exactly get rid of all my acne
    I absolutely love this cleanser. It smells divine and works wonders in gentle exfoliation of the skin. Gives you a fresh glow and is great for more oilier/ combination skin complexions. It is very expensive but at least it works and you know you are not putting any dangerous chemicals on your skin, which is your body's largest organ.
    It did wonders for my skin but sadly broke me out.
    Absolutely worth every penny
    I love this cleanser, and noticed a difference right away. Such a great product, smells nice and has a nice texture.
    I got this in the Cult Beauty goody bag, I love it, it got rid of my daily spots I would definitely get this as gives my face a glow.
    Lovely cleanser; terrible packaging
    Good to know I'm not the only one experiencing issues with the pump on this product. Don't get me wrong, I love the glass bottle packaging but the pump does. not. work. I would expect better packaging for the price I'm paying for the product. When the pump did work, I had to pump 5-10 times before a sufficient amount even dispensed for me to use. Halfway through the bottle, the pump stopped working completely and every time I use it, I have to unscrew the bottle and shake it like tomato sauce before anything comes out. Kind of ruins the experience of an otherwise extremely lovely cleanser. It's great as a second cleanse and still one of my favourite cleansers. Please just change the awful pump (do I spy new tube forms?)
    Not for me
    Siendo de Tata Harper esperaba algo más. No me gusta la textura, demasiado líquida, tampoco retira bien el maquillaje y mi piel queda como irritada. No es para mi. ***Being Tata Harper I expected something more. I do not like the texture, too liquidy, does not remove the makeup well and my skin is as irritated. It's not for me.***
    Great Morning Cleaner
    The smell of grapefruit really wakes your skin up. I've had this for a while, but 1/2 through the bottle, I kind of lost interest in it. It feels more like an exfoliator rather than a cleanser so I tend to use this as a second cleanse. I went ahead and purchased the Tata Purifying cleaner and mixed the two together and I fell in love all over again (2 pumps of each). I like the mild exfoliation it gives.
    Love it
    I read about this one on a beauty blog and decided to try it out. Worth every penny. Smells amazing and it makes my skin feel clean but not dry. One of the best cleansers I have ever tried.
    Tata Harper magnificent cleanser
    I know that it may be a little bit expensive for a cleanser,but it worths every penny! It brightens the complexion,smells amazing and leaves your skin ready to your other every day routine products! Worth a try!
    It’s a half
    Was really wanting a nice through cleanser to dissolve oil and help with my pores, unfortunately this is more of a exfoliate if your looking for a luxury cleanser this is not it as I personally found it half way between two products so doesn’t perform either job well.
    Probably won’t repurchase
    The main thing I liked is that it is a physical exfoliating scrub with very small beads, so you couldn’t be harsh whilst massaging it onto your skin. Unfortunately, it left my oily/combination skin feeling tight and dry after rinsing it off.
    My must have morning cleanser
    I am lucky enough to have pretty clear skin but I have always suffered with visible blocked pores on my nose, no matter how much I cleansed, chemically exfoliated, toned etc. but since introducing this cleanser to my morning skin routine, blocked pores no more and my skin is now at its best! I am on my 3rd bottle of this cleanser, I will continue to re-purchase even though it's a pricey product, but it seriously is a game-changer for me and therefore worth it.
    its good
    Its good at giving your skin an extra polish in time of need. Can be a little harsh on sensitive skin. A good tip is to give your face a cold splash after using this product. But that said, this is my third or fourth purchase of this product.
    My skin loves it - one of the best. Even though it says it can be used daily, I do not use it daily. A couple of times a week is enough for me and lasts me forever!
    Great cleanser
    Leaves skin soft and clean, smells great. I tend to use it as an ocassional exfoliating treatment rather than a daily cleanser though. Firstly because I find the little beads effective, but slightly annoying as it can be difficult to shift all of them. Secondly because daily use is slightly drying, but I think that's just down to my skin type.
    A daily treat for your face
    I absolutely love this cleanser. It's very expensive, but it makes me feel a million bucks so it's all worth it! I use it in the mornings as my morning cleanse. It smells really fruity, and feels really refreshing. It has apricot seed kernels, which help to exfoliate, but they are gentle enough for daily use. I have about 8 different cleansers in use at the moment (including Tata Harper's Refreshing Cleanser) and this is definitely my favourite. Am giving it 4 stars, only because it's so expensive!
    Best Evening Cleanser
    This cleanser is a dream come true, I love it so much. It 's creamy, it smells fantastic and it cleans my skin without drying it. it is expensive but worth the price!
    Very nice
    Looking back I can't believe I spent this much on a cleanser, but it is very good - one of the nicest I have used and I find it really hard to find something workable for my compromised, sensitive and oily and spotty and dry in places skin! I wasn't too impressed at first and gave it a bit of a break but when I went back to it I realised I wasn't getting my usual spots and my skin was a lot clearer. It's quite a unique combination and feeling with the very mild exfoliate texture. Skin feels clean and soft and not dry after use. I'm thinking of going back to this or trying the Tata Purifying cleanser when it comes back in stock.
    amazing cleanser
    This cleanser is seriously life changing, I've had this cleanser for a few weeks now and everyday it makes a difference to my skin. My skin is so much softer, and my acne scars are fading. The smell is divine too, it has a lovely orangey citrus smell so its great in the morning when you need a pick me up. I couldn't be without it now, and I cant wait to try some more of the Tata Harper range.
    Refreshing Cleanser
    Excellent for my older skin and unfortunately still spot prone. This really cleans and leaves far less breakouts, plus it smells fab. Only criticism is the cost.
    I bought this cleanser because I wanted a really nourishing cleaner that would exfoliate my skin but help balance out my oils, all this did was frustrate my skin even more. I got a ton of spots after each use, I gave it many chances and I just had to stop. I’ve heard now natural and amazing this brand is but I'm very angry that I payed £37, not worth it.
    Love this stuff
    I use it once a day and it's brilliant!
    My only 1* rating
    I hate this cleanser. I wish they’d release the Tata daily essentials box with different versions for different skin types, purely so I can avoid this. Smells weird and artificial (unlike anything else by this brand), grains feel scratchy rather than exfoliating and there’s not many of them so you get random scratches on some of your skin and not others, and it doesn’t make my face feel clean, which is it’s raison d’etre, non?! The pump is also bad as has been widely discussed. There is nothing I like about this.
    Great for congestion
    This cleanser has helped my congestion so much. I agree with everyone else saying it's only good to use as a 2nd cleanser and the pump is poor quality.
    Good product; poor packaging
    Love the smell and the texture. I think the beads (apricot seeds) in the formula are a good size and are not too harsh on my skin. My skin always feels clean and nourished after using. My skin has never felt dry or stripped of moisture after using. The pump is not good. The product is too thick for the pump. Which means I have to press down multiple times to get a small amount out because the pump has become blocked OR I have to unscrew the bottle and tip the product into my hand. For that price I really do think that TH should provide a pump that works.
    Great smell, terrible packaging
    This would've got 5 stars if the packaging hadn't been so awful. Had to unscrew the top and scrape off product from the actual pump itself because it wouldn't dispense product normally. However was one of the best cleansers I've tried. Saying that, I think it would be more suitable as a summer cleanser, as the abrasive particles made my extremely dry winter skin even drier. But again, only very SLIGHTLY. I also agree with the comments saying it is better as a second cleanser.
    Love love love
    I am absolutely in love with TH range. This cleanser is a delicate exfoliant yet fine to use it everyday, it smells divine like all her products and gives great result of nice and clean skin. It is pricey however a joy to use. I highly recommend.
    In love with this green bottle
    I received a sample of this product and loved it, therefore I got the full-size as soon as possible and simply could not be happier with this purchase. Cleans the skin, does a light exfoliation that does not irritate my face at all. Leaves skin feeling clean but not dry and smells fantastic. A bit on the expensive side but worth it.
    Tata Harper wonderful cleanser!
    Even though I have sensitive skin, no irritation has occurred and I have been using it at least for a year (along with another Tata Harper’s cleansing) The smell makes you feel you are about to seize the day (or the night!)
    I was looking for something a bit boujee to up my skincare game and after scrolling through Cult i chose this cleanser. I did read some reviews about how the nozzle on the 125ml bottle wasn't working well so i decided to choose the smaller size. When the product came i was so happy with the smell! i cant describe how nice it was, every time i used it i felt like i was in a spa somewhere! If i'm completely honest i'm not so sure about how much change came to my face/skin however i would buy this again just for that aroma.
    Tata Harper
    The best cleanser I’ve ever used. Cleans your skin thoroughly without leaving it dry. Love the texture...a mix of scrub/cleanser
    This was recommended by a friend who absolutely loves this brand. Gave it a try and now I’m hooked. Lovely smell, very gentle, and makes skin so much more radiant and clean. I have dry, acne prone skin, and in my personal experience, one of the best cleansers I’ve tried. Wish it was cheaper, but regardless of the high price, it is worth it.
    Not as wonderful as previously thought
    After using this for two years (mainly in the spring/summer). I have realised that you should exercise caution with this product. Only use as a second cleanser when in need of exfoliation. I used this every day on a trip and it left my skin irritated and itchy. Also, only use this if you have oily/combination skin. The willow bark contains some salicylic acid, so good for acne prone skin but perhaps a bit harsh.
    One of the best
    A great morning cleanser, light and fresh. The smell is divine. Doesn't strip excess oils from the face.
    Best Cleanser in my stash
    I have a rather large selection of cleansers, including all 4 from the TH range and this one is HANDS DOWN my "go to". The texture is divine, not to harsh so can be used daily and the way it leaves skin feeling after use is lovely. The smell, much like the whole range from TH, is really lovely. Its not overtly feminine or perfumed; it smells of natural goodness! I have already purchased a back up ready for this one to run out. I doubt I will be able to go with out!
    Simply the best
    I have no idea what Tata Harper puts in this cleanser, but only after the first use I've noticed huge difference to my skin. I have black heads on my nose and visible pores on my cheeks and forehead and after two months of using this cleanser I'm absolutely stunned with the results. It's gentle enough for me to use it AM/PM. Highly recommend it to those who have black heads. Guys, grab it! You won't regret. It lasts forever
    Amazing product
    This brand really surprises me, all the ingredients are natural without any adddition of chemical preservatives that you cannot even recognize. It is great for exfoliation, very mild but effective. Best used a couple times a week.
    Que du plaisir...
    I love it! Le moment du nettoyage devient du pur plaisir... This makes cleansing my face a pure pleasure.
    The Best Cleanser I've Used
    This is the perfect cleanser for anyone, particularly for those suffering with congested skin (which I do, oily skin!!). It's a shame it's £60.00, but I guess you get what you pay for. This is lovely.
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