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    Tan-LuxeThe Gradual<p>For a brilliantly believable and beautifully buildable bronzed glow at any time of year, this gradual tan lotion is the perfect antidote to pallid, sun-starved skin syndrome. Suitable for use on both face and body, the weightless, lotion-oil hybrid formulation glides on wherever it&#8217;s desired, smoothing, conditioning and toning skin while building up natural-looking sunkissed radiance. Steering well clear of tell-tale &#8216;tangoed&#8217; territory, The Gradual by TAN-LUXE is a revolution in fake tan, giving all of the glow with none of the streaks, smell or stress.&nbsp;</p>TAN0051071050358321051165 stars, based on28 reviews 22.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Tan-Luxe The Gradual

    The Gradual
    ( 250ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      A revolutionary lotion and oil hybrid, this delivers a natural, buildable colour for both face and body. The featherweight formula glides on easily – smoothing, conditioning, toning and subtly adding an ultra-natural golden glow. Feeling impatient? Fear not – it develops in just one hour to swiftly impart a flawless tan. 

    • Description

      For a brilliantly believable and beautifully buildable bronzed glow at any time of year, this gradual tan lotion is the perfect antidote to pallid, sun-starved skin syndrome. Suitable for use on both face and body, the weightless, lotion-oil hybrid formulation glides on wherever it’s desired, smoothing, conditioning and toning skin while building up natural-looking sunkissed radiance. Steering well clear of tell-tale ‘tangoed’ territory, The Gradual by TAN-LUXE is a revolution in fake tan, giving all of the glow with none of the streaks, smell or stress. 

    • How to use


      Exfoliate using a gentle scrub 24 hours before tanning. Lightly moisturise dry areas such as hands, feet, knees, ankles and elbows prior to application.


      Apply to skin as you would a normal body moisturiser, lightly covering hands elbows and feet.

      Thoroughly wash hands after use. Develops over 2-4 hours delivering a subtle, gradual glow that you can apply daily, or as desired to build a tailor-made depth of colour.


      Exfoliate and moisturise skin regularly to maintain an even, luminous glow.


      We advise a patch test is done 24 hours prior to use. Do not apply on broken, irritated or sensitive skin. Avoid contact with eyes. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice. Does not contain sunscreen and will not protect against sun exposure. Product colour may vary due to natural ingredients. 

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Propylene Glycol, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Dihydroxyacetone, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Erythrulose, Melanin, Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Seed Oil, Hydrolyzed Silk, Lecithin, Caffeine, Palmitoyl Carnitine, Tocopheryl Acetate, Dimethicone, Parfum (Fragrance), Limonene, Geraniol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Glycerin, Caramel, Benzophenone-4, Benzophenone-3, Tetrasodium EDTA, Benzoic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Dehydroacetic Acid

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    Tan-Luxe - The Gradual

    Tan-Luxe The Gradual Reviews

    After smell
    It works. It leaves a nice tan. Just apply carefully and evenly because it will leave patches. Wash your hands after. It leaves a beautiful tan but I find I don’t use it that often because of the after smell.
    I am a regular fake tanner and I think I have tried pretty much everything on the market. I am totally converted to tan luxe, and it has definitely become a repeat purchase for me. I love the natural colour it gives, and it's dark enough to notice a difference with just one application. It's not sticky and it doesn't fade patchy so you can use it a few times a week. Would recommend!
    Natural looking tan
    This is one of my favourite tanning products! I love using gradual tanning lotions as opposed to a mouse as they give you to opportunity to build your tan up to your desired colour. I have fairly pale skin and this gives me a really natural tan after one use and if I want to be a little bit darker I'll use this a few times a week. This has quite a runny consistency which makes it really easy to apply - it also sinks in pretty quickly and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky. This does have a slight 'fake tan' smell once you first apply this, however, this does not linger on the skin and I find it completely disappears the next morning. If you are looking for a tanning product that's really easy to apply and is streak free I would definitely go for this one, however, even though this is a gradual lotion remember to wash your hands afterwards!
    Best one I've found
    This is pretty good and easy to use. I'm still searching for one for really pale people who need a different tone. But I felt confident and it was easy to apply without streaks.
    Very good tan cream
    Very good cream with subtle results. There is no staining or streaks. I would recommend it.
    Just used this for the first time and I love it. A nice glow, no streaks and smells great.
    Not worth the extra money
    'No smells, no streaks, no drama' is written on the back of this product. There is a strong smell and it does leave streaks, so really this isn't any better than any other, cheaper self-tanner. The colour is nice but a lot darker than expected after one application. I will use this bottle up but won't repurchase.
    Not better, not worse, than your average self tan
    This is by no means a bad product. But it's also not something I would go out and recommend to my friends. Positives: nice colour, not too orange after one application. Application is pleasant. Negatives: smells just like any other self tan, it just takes a bit longer before the smell develops, but it's there and it's awful. It is definitely streaky. So, all in all, nothing to rave about.
    Long lasting and effective
    With our unpredictable summer, you don't know whether the sun is going to top up your tan. Better to have some of this in your drawer for when you need it. It is easy to apply - I don't use a mitt and have never had streaks. The colour begins to show quickly which is great and it's never been orange on my skin. And it lasts for AGES - I think I bought my bottle at least two years ago!
    Golden Goddess Worthy
    Very easy to apply, no streaks and smells great. After just one application I looked like I had been on the beach all day, and after two applications I was looking like a golden goddess. I also bought the Tan Luxe water but I’m not sure if I need it now...
    A little goes a long way
    This is more than just a 'gradual tanner', do not be fooled by the name! You see a colour developing after a few hours. A little does go a long way and I would recommend using a tanning mitt as I struggled with some streaks to begin with.
    The king of self-tanning products!
    I can't say anything bad about this product! As long as you spread it out through your skin until it dries (just like rubbing in a body lotion), you can't go wrong with this one! I use it every day to keep building the colour up. And it's so natural that you really just want to go out and show it off! I'm in love! And I really hated self-tanning in general, because of bad (really patchy/streaky) past experiences. This one I really can't recommend enough!
    Perfect for pale complexion
    This has been the perfect tanner for my pale skin. A beautiful, natural and buildable glow.
    Oh my god. This gradual tan is amazing. I'm not usually one to buy and try self tanners, but I'm very pale and thought I would try this out. This has made my skin look so healthy and it looks so natural. I had no streaks or patchiness and I thought it would leave me smelly like a biscuit but it has a gorgeous scent. I most certainly will be repurchasing this.
    Great gradual tanner
    First time I've used this brand. I really like this product. It smells nice (not too strong just powdery) it's rather like a milky consistency so be careful when you're using it as it comes out quick. A little bit goes a long way so I think this product will last. It gives a great natural colour and i didn't have any streaks. My skin felt soft after using it and non sticky once completely dried. It never came off patchy either but I did moisturise between treatments which helps. It's my new favourite gradual tan and I will certainly buy again in the future.
    Great product
    Great product although I wouldn’t describe it as gradual! More like when you go for a spray tan and it develops in a few hours. I found it to go on easily but make sure you do do the circle movements when rubbing to make sure. Would buy again!
    Not a fan
    This is one of the worst self tanners I've used. I'm pretty fair and this showed up very orange and streaky on me. It also fades very patchy. I've tried it multiple times with no luck. I love their tannings drops, go for that instead and get a more even, customizable tan!
    Not worth the extra £££
    In comparison to other gradual tan moisturisers this is probably my least favourite one I have used. Nice smell when you first put it on and nice tan colour but why I won’t buy again: - Not moisturising enough, legs still feel dry and not moisturised all day - Tan goes patchy very quickly - Expensive for what you pay in comparison with other gradual tans (Palmers cocoa butter in Boots 10 x better for less than £5)
    Wanted to treat myself to some 'sun' during lock down, an easy product to moisturise with every day that would brighten me and my mood. Smells fruity but otherwise I found this product disappointing. It has a very thin, liquid texture, which made it difficult to apply. It dried quickly and was not tacky or sticky, no colour or transfer. But the end result is extremely streaky and patchy and more orange than a natural glow.
    Best Tan
    I've been trying a lot of self tan products from supermarkets to luxury ones. This product is the first one that finally does not makes me look too orange after few applications. I like to mix it with my night cream to have an extra glow on my face. I use it with no mix on my body, especially on my legs, and the color looks natural and bright. I would recommend to use it in the night so has time to properly dry when you sleep
    Smells like raspberries
    It really does! That's the first thing that struck me: wow, it doesn't smell nasty or sickly sweet like some of my other tanners. The juicy sour notes of raspberry actually mask the "fake tan" smell very well, it's barely noticeable, very faint. The tan is subtle, as it should be. Not orange at all (pale olive approved!).
    Tax Luxe
    The best I’ve used. It does take around 12 hours for full effect. Very nice olive, natural looking colour. Worth the hefty-ish price tag!
    Golden Glow
    Even though this is a gradual tanner i still apply with a mitt as i think it can catch on ankles. it gives more colour than most gradual tans and is a really nice shade, not too orange. I prefer the tan luxe butter as it a bit richer, however this is better for the day as it isn't to thick.
    Almost perfect
    This is such a good tan and works in very little time. I personally don’t enjoy the fake tanning process so this is a great alternative. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because, even though there were no streaks etc, on me the colour turned out really orange even after one application. I would say this is a great product but you have to take caution with how much you apply as the colour is not too gradual in developing - I found I only needed to apply it once or twice a week or otherwise I looked awfully orange.
    So good!!!!!!
    It's a great product! It didn't leave any marks on my skin, no orange stripes, not blothy or patchy!
    The perfect subtle glow
    I'm the classically pale skinned girl who often sits in the shade to avoid sunburn which means I'm almost never sun-kissed let alone tanned. This is the first fake tan product that I've found which a) isn't a stupid colour on my skin, b) doesn't smell like a sour biscuit with an odour radius of 6.5 miles and c) is easy to apply with no daft streaks! Win, win, win...not usually one for reviews but I thought this product was worth it. Gives me the confidence to go barely legged for the summer and a little goes a long way too, bonus :D
    Repeat purchase
    Such a good gradual tanner. Normally gradual self tans don't really show up on my skin but this packs a punch whilst being natural. Again a lovely fragrance and super moisturing. It feels like a creamy oil. Brilliant for keeping my self tan topped up and doubles as a body treatment moisturiser.
    Repurchasing ASAP!
    This is one of the few occasions where I had to leave a review. I am a ridiculously pale girl, and have always had disastrous experiences trying different tans over the last few years. THIS IS PERFECT. My skin has never looked this healthy and glowy and natural. I'm so happy I found this product and know that I can achieve a natural looking glowing tan. The fact I can also use this on my face is perfect and negates the need for extra products. You need to try this!
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