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    Sunday RileyICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream 15g<p>The <em>ic(e)ing</em> on top of your skin care regime, this deeply moisturising formula comes to the rescue of depleted, irritated skin with a wave of strengthening ingredients.</p><p>Your own personal <em>glacial </em>treatment, this dual-action moisturiser empowers your skin&#8217;s resilience to environmental stressors as it pulls in hydration for a baby-soft, supple finish. It&#8217;s formulated with a replenishing dose of ceramides (lipids created naturally by the skin to form your natural moisture barrier) to relieve tight and itchy skin. Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin types, it&#8217;s also infused with vitamin F (the building blocks of ceramides) to maintain lipid levels and strengthen your skin&#8217;s natural moisture barrier, while coconut reduces water loss as it hydrates your skin. What&#8217;s more, a cocktail of quenching extracts (think: beetroot and red algae) works to prevent dehydration for visibly smooth, deeply moisturised skin.</p>SRN097_15G218318174940148084 stars, based on77 reviews 20.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Sunday Riley ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream

    Sunday Riley
    ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream
    ( 15g )

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    • Why it's Cult

      I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream *cough *we mean, ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream! The newest addition to Sunday Riley's results-driven range of luxurious oils and transformative treatments, this intensive moisturiser is here to bestow endless hydration as it fortifies your skin against environmental aggressors. Replenishing dry and dehydrated skin, this rich yet lightweight, snow-white cream is the key to restoring your skin’s suppleness. Now available in the original (50g) tub and an all-new sized-to-try (15g) edition, you'll never need to be without this hydrating hero!

    • Description

      The ic(e)ing on top of your skin care regime, this deeply moisturising formula comes to the rescue of depleted, irritated skin with a wave of strengthening ingredients.

      Your own personal glacial treatment, this dual-action moisturiser empowers your skin’s resilience to environmental stressors as it pulls in hydration for a baby-soft, supple finish. It’s formulated with a replenishing dose of ceramides (lipids created naturally by the skin to form your natural moisture barrier) to relieve tight and itchy skin. Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin types, it’s also infused with vitamin F (the building blocks of ceramides) to maintain lipid levels and strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier, while coconut reduces water loss as it hydrates your skin. What’s more, a cocktail of quenching extracts (think: beetroot and red algae) works to prevent dehydration for visibly smooth, deeply moisturised skin.

    • How to use

      Apply twice a day, morning and night, as the last step of your skincare routine to lock-in moisture.

    • Full ingredients list

      Extract Blend [Water/Eau/Aqua, Chondrus Crispus (Red Algae) Extract], Squalane, C13-15 Alkane (from Sugarcane), Glycerin, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Wax, Lanolin Alcohol, Tri(Polyglyceryl-3/Lauryl) Hydrogenated Trilinoleate, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract, Ceramide NP, Ceramide EOP, Ceramide AP, Sodium Hyaluronate, Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Linolenic Acid, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Fruit Extract, Fructooligosaccharides, Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract, Shea Butter Ethyl Esters, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit Extract, Pimpinella Anisum (Anise) Fruit Extract, Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Fruit Extract, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract, Cucumis Melo (Melon) Fruit Extract, Punica Granatum Sterols, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) Fruit Extract, Cinnamomum Cassia Leaf Oil, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Rhus Verniciflua Peel Wax/Rhus Succedanea Fruit Wax, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Sodium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate, Triethyl Citrate, Tapioca Starch, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Phytate, Magnesium Stearate, Magnesium Aspartate, Pentylene Glycol, Tocopherol, Phytosphingosine, Cholesterol, Lithothamnion Calcareum Extract, Zinc Gluconate, Stearic Acid, Copper Gluconate, Phenoxyethanol, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Xanthan Gum, Carbomer.

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    Sunday Riley - ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream

    Sunday Riley ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream Reviews

    All time favourite
    This is a really rich cream and smells absolutely amazing - like almonds. I usually wear it at night as personally, I find it heavy for a day cream. When I wake up in the morning my skin feels SO soft. I tried the small pot first before going for full size after falling in love with this. Think it’s going to be a favourite for years!
    Pleasantly Surprised
    I have sensitive dehydrated skin and despite the description, I thought it would be too rich for my skin. It’s lovely and I would definitely buy this for the colder months of the year!
    Well... no.
    It feels greasy and doesn't absorb well on me. But what really kills it is the really strong scent. It´s way too much for me.
    Loving it
    A rich ceramide cream to add to my routine. Leaves my skin feeling so soft and gleaming. Not bad for 73.
    Does what it says - hydrates
    The description is that it hydrates. It does that. It's thick and rich and moisturising. My skin gets quite dry in the winter so worked great for me. I wouldn't recommend this for the summer or those that aren't looking for anything that is very hydrating. Furthermore, all it does is hydrate, so don't expect it to do much more i.e. it's not an all-in-one type of cream. Would buy it again next winter
    Works for me!
    I was surprised to see some really negative comments. I am past a certain age and my skin is dry - and this really works for me. It's probably not the cream I would have used in my 20s. It's thick and rich - and that's just what I want. It doesn't drag and it does absorb really well. Make up glides over the top. I really like the smell, although it's the fact it works that matters. I'd order it again and I'm keen to try Sunday Riley's night oil now.
    I love this
    I love it, the texture is great, leaves my face looking really dewy and doesn’t leave it feeling wet. It also smells lovely, not very strong which is great. I will be rebuying.
    Broken skin barrier
    Two days after using this cream my skin was sore and bumpy and took over a week of using dermologica barrier repair to help it. Cult beauty were so so helpful and suggested the citric acid in the product was too harsh on my skin. Cream density and smell is lovely but not for sensitive skin/ me
    Tried a sample of this. It didn't do much and find that there is similar products just as hydrating.
    Brilliant for blemishes/inflammation
    Like the other reviews says this is a heavy cream, which makes it perfect for night-time. I have oily skin and really struggle with blemishes. This is the most plumping night cream ever!! The vitamin F soothes my skin and faded redness after a weeks use, far more than compared with my vitamin C serum. My favourite skincare product, that I could not go without! Side note: I personally love the smell - a bit like almonds.
    Moisturising but strong smell and very thick
    It’s very moisturising and works well as a final step at night. I usually like night moisturisers to be very thick but this one is actually hard to spread and apply - you have to use quite a lot or else you end up dragging your skin. If you mix it with a more liquid-y product it is easier to apply. The almondy smell is also quite strong, not my cup of tea but some people like it, but it’s not really an issue as the scent goes away quickly. I recommend trying out the small size first, especially because it was different to what I was expecting it to be.
    The one thing that really put me off was the smell - for me, it smelled like Plasticine and the smell lasted on my skin for quite a while. The consistency was very thick and heavy and my dry skin couldn't absorb it quite as fast as I wanted it to. After my skin soaked it up my skin felt sticky and slightly dry. All in all, not bad but far from a favourite. I'm glad I had it as a sample in a Cult Beauty bag as I couldn't even use the sample up on my face due to the smell.
    Thicker than a Snicker
    Very thick, so much so, it blocked my pores. I would have to triple cleanse to remove, which would dry my skin. So I would use this, and the circle would continue. On the plus side, it does do what it says and moisturises the skin.
    Great for winter!
    I got a sample pot of this with one of the beauty bags and I really like it. Pleasant almond scent and thick consistency which won't suit some but I really like it as a night cream especially now that the weather is colder. Great for replenishing moisture after long windswept walks. Very soothing and comforting.
    Too thick and instant outbreak
    For my skin it didnt work at all. I applied it two times and got a massive outbreak all over my skin. It took about a week for the outbreak to be over. The consistancy is to thick and something in the ingredients didnt agree with me. Yet i havent discoverd what it was
    Watch out for comedogenic ingredients...
    I actually really loved this moisturizer during the first few days I‘ve been using it. Then I noticed many tiny bumps forming under my skin; i continued with this moisturizer for another 2-3 days but my skin got consistantly worse. I actually had to stop using it and my skin got back to normal. One of the first ingredients has a comedogenic rating of 5, which I guess caused my extremely dry but acne-prone skin to break out.
    Good for dry skin
    My skin become immediately firmer and hydrated. I love this cream, it is a bit heavy, but my skin is really dry and dehydrated, so it is the ideal choice for me.
    Love it!
    Got this in the GWP and I am sooo happy I have found it! The only moisturiser I have found in a while that makes my skin so incredibly soft. Will definitely be purchasing once my sample runs out
    Not bad, but not good!
    Got this in the beauty bag! Found it v v thick, so much so it was hard to spread across my face. Smell is super nice but I don’t feel like, for the price, that it is worth it, and don’t think that even the full size would last that long. Found myself having to use quite a lot of product to cover my whole face, and as a day cream I found it to be a bit heavy, so stuck to using this as a night cream in the end. (Combination skin type!)
    Best cream in a long time
    I have very dry skin and have been using this cream for a month or so now having received a sample of it with another order. I absolutely love it! I was using drunk elephant’s peptide cream before this and although I also love that, this definitely has the edge! I use it conjunction with Juno, CEO glow oil and A+ retinol and they all work together for me SO well!! Really noticed a huge difference in my fine lines and dry skin!! I’ll be using this for the foreseeable, highly recommend!
    My go-to night cream!
    A little goes a long way with this cream as it is so thick and hydrating! I use this on the days my skin feels really dry or I have chemically exfoliated my skin. Because it's so thick, this would be great for dry skin types! I personally really like the smell and I don't find it to be too strong. Would 100% recommend this to anyone that has dry/flaky skin or has a damaged skin barrier, it's the perfect repair cream.
    Hydration for dry skin, but the smell..
    I have dry skin that is very sensitive and reacts to most moisturisers. On the plus side, this cream is truly hydrating and suitable for my sensitive skin. However, the negative is that the fragrance is so strong that it's actually upsetting. Because of the strong scent, I won't purchase a full size.
    body cream or face cream??
    I got this as a sample and I’m trying it out while I type this review. When I applied it I was so confused lol, I actually questioned whether it’s a body cream as opposed to a face cream because it’s SO THICK and doesn’t sink into the skin, it just sits on top. I have sensitive/combination skin and this is just a huge no for me. It feels so weird on my skin because of the texture which some people really liked but I think it’s too thick.. almost a thick paste sort of consistency and I had to tug at my skin to apply this all over my face which I think would lead to premature wrinkles in the long run. I see people complaining about the smell and yes it is pretty potent but not in a good or bad way.. smells like expensive play doh if that makes sense haha. Can’t wait to take this off :)
    Unbearable Scent
    I can't use it, the scent is so unbearable and artificial.
    Not enough hydration
    I tried to use this cream for several days at night and in the morning, and I may say that it doesn't give enough hydration, even when I use hydration serum under the cream. I like its scent, I like rich texture, but the problem is that with this cream my skin feels dehydrated for some reason.
    lovely cream, overpowering scent
    This cream is extremely rich and luxurious and when applied is quite thick (I find it quite similar in texture as La Mer). As someone with really dry and dehydrated skin, I love that it doesn’t just sink in immediately but stays on my skin and moisturises for hours. The scent however, is just a tad too overpowering. Some described it as marzipan like which actually pushed me in to buying it, but I find its more like a fake almost chemical like smell (think new car perfume, or kind of like the smell of plastic dolls??) The smell does disappear after a while or if you apply foundation etc on top. Will keep using as I love the texture and overall effect, but would be giving 5 stars if the smell was more subtle!!
    I would never have tried this cream if I hadn’t received it in the goodie bag. I had a bunch of creams I really liked and had no intention of switching. But from the moment I tried this cream, it gave my skin exactly what it was missing. I have mature, dry/dehydrated skin and I think that probably skin type matters with this cream (based on other reviews). It smells of sweet almond, or marzipan and doesn’t make me think of ice cream at all (maybe the marketing is a bit off). But I don’t think I’ll ever stop using this cream. I get such a healthy soft glow from it and notice a big difference when I stop using it. Thanks Sunday Riley!
    Отличный увлажняющий крем. Многие пишут про яркий аромат - это так, аромат яркий, но мне он очень понравился! Он такой позитивный, настоящая ароматерпия счастья. У меня комбинированная кожа, но крем совсем не жирнит. Подходит как в качестве ночного крема, так и в качестве основы под тональный крем (под тональный крем наношу немножко, кончиками пальцев - макияж отлично ложится). Обязательно куплю полный размер. Great moisturizer. Many people write about a bright aroma - this is so, the aroma is bright, but I really liked it! He is so positive, true aromatherapy of happiness. I have combination skin, but the cream does not oily at all. It is suitable both as a night cream and as a foundation for a foundation (I put a little on the foundation, with my fingertips - the makeup fits perfectly). Be sure to buy the full size.
    My skin type is normal-dry with an oily t zone. Personally I love a thick moisturiser, however, this was not as thick as I imagined it to be. I tend to use this at night, or during the day if I am not wearing any makeup, I honestly think I have found my forever cream!
    Do not use if you have oily/congested skin
    I usually use the Malin + Goetz advanced renewal cream, but got this as a tester and loved the feel of baby smooth skin the morning after using it. Decided to buy the full tub but after a few days of using, I had a breakout on my forehead. My forehead is usually smooth with no texture and now it’s covered in tiny little bumps. This is very moisturising and very heavy but if you have oily skin, your skin will not be able to handle it. I’ve sorted the acne problem by washing my face twice a day with a double cleanse in the night time and not using moisturiser for a few days.
    It's ok
    I got a sample pack and the smell is something I could not stand but it was ok. Didn't do anything magic but I could not look past the smell sadly.
    New Favourite Night Cream
    I'd been researching ceramides, as my skin is incredibly dry. I purchased the full-size product without sampling, which was a gamble. I'm so glad I did. The thick, rich texture was exactly what my skin needed, and I saw visible results after one use - my skin felt so supple the following morning. I know a lot of people aren't loving the smell, but I really love it. Delighted with this product and I can see myself repurchasing.
    This cream is expensive and it feels it too. It's an incredibly sumptuous, rich, hydrating cream that I fell in love with upon using. It smells like marzipan which could be a problem if you don't like that smell, but I happen to find it quite pleasant and, frankly, it makes a nice change from creams that are odourless and boring. Also.. a little goes a long way so I know that although it was expensive, it'll be worth it.
    I got this in my June goody bag. Now I’m not one for moisturisers as I have very dry/eczema prone skin so I stick to the prescribed creams however this was great. I first used it in the evening in case something happened but nope I woke up with a hydrated face, no tingles, etc. I am actually happy it doesn’t have a sweet smell and it does what it says!
    I picked 2-3 free samples of this product over two orders as I really wanted to love this due to CULT's cleverly done description 'I scream, you scream, ICE-Cream moisturiser' but it's absolutly horrid - I'd be hard to buy this even for my grandma, it is such a foul 'old persons' smell and has left my face very sticky.
    Smells gorgeous
    I received this product in my June goodie bag and I love it. I have super dry skin due to my current medication and this cream worked like magic. I absolutely love the smell - it smells just like cherry drops. Highly recommend this it leaves the skin soft and hydrated.
    Sample review
    There is no way I’d pay £60 for this. The smell reminds me of musty pipe tobacco and it has made my skin feel tight and dry.
    A very thick and hydrating moisturizer, similar to CT Magic Cream. Love it
    Smells lovely
    Loved the gentle scent of this moisturiser. I chose this as my gift when checking out my most recent purchases. I have very sensitive skin yet I was able to generously apply this to my face without any reaction. It it non-greasy, light weight and left my skin with a nice glow.
    Delicious sweet smell and packed with ceramide goodness. Despite some lower-rated reviews, my skin loves ICE. It’s a heavy cream that I use as part of my evening routine after acids and retinoids. It has kept any dryness at bay and left my skin feeling plump and hydrated. Positive experience, having only bought the small tub. Would re-purchase!
    Don’t believe the hype
    This was my first Sunday Riley product purchase and I doubt I will be rolling the dice on any other items. This is thick and almost balm-like, it smells horrible and it makes my face look like a greasy mess. Oh and bonus - it broke my face out every SINGLE time I have attempted to use it. Yuck.
    No Thanks!
    My skin loves ceramides, but this really made my skin angry! I don't have particularly sensitive skin, but this made my cheeks break out in bumps (not acne) and made my skin feel like it's was sensitised by the cream itself. I could only stick with it for about a week. And yeah, the smell is pretty wretched, the other reviewers are right! Only glad I bought the mini, even though it's a staggering £20 for the amount...
    Good stuff
    I really like this moisturiser, due to the price however I don’t use it everyday. It is great though for when my skin is feeling super dry, don’t wake up with any dry flakey areas after using. It is very rich and creamy and leaves you with a nice shine after using if you like that. It does have a somewhat potent smell but I don’t mind that, the only thing for me is that it is expensive and not something I’d be buying all the time as a staple.
    Love it
    I have really dry and sensitive skin, and this moisturiser is great at keeping my face hydrated throughout the day. It’s a lovely thick cream, it melts into my skin really nicely, and I really like the scent. It also helps calm my skin when I have “tight” skin or redness. I use it morning and night alongside their Juno face oil, and the condition of my skin now is really great. Much more supple and even the crepiness under my eyes is improving. If you’re looking for a lightweight moisturiser this one probably not for you, but if you want a rich, nonoily cream that gives you moisture all day then I’d definitely recommend this.
    So far the worst cream that I've ever had! The smell and texture are just horrible. The scent is very acid! And it's really hard to apply it. Brought redness to my cheeks.
    Deep moisture moisturiser
    I really like this as an extremely rich moisturiser which is what it says int he tin. It's definitely one for Winter cold days or to be used only as a night cream in the Summer. I think this will be too rich for most people but as someone with very dehydrated skin this was just what I needed when the Winter cold hit my skin. I find that it helps using a face mist before this to help the application be more effortless. The one negative thing I have to point is the extremely overpowering smell, I do love when products have a subtle clean scent but this almond fragrance is just too overpowering for me.
    Love Love Love
    A spot of luxury in my winter skin care routine. Smells so gorgeous and makes my skin feel so nourished and cared for. I use this product on my little sons sensitive skin too when it gets chapped. It’s expensive but worth it and I just repurchased.
    Bumps & bad smell
    Had high hopes for this moisturizer seeing the good reviews and also considering the high price point. After just 2 uses, I had little under-the-skin bumps all over the forehead, around my chin, and around the nose where it felt like it was clogging my pores. My skin is not normally sensitive so it's the first time I have experienced something like this. Also can't stand the smell.
    Sunday Riley ceramide cream ice
    Sunday Riley ceramide cream ICE absolutely love this cream I’ve purchased it several times my skin looks amazing I love the consistency and the scent I think that it really works I thoroughly recommend this cream
    Dry/Eczema skin
    As a few comments mention, it is very heavy and moisturising. However as someone who has very dry skin, dry flakey patches and eczema this is by far the best and favourite moisture I have used. I agree this probably isn’t for everyone. I received a sample of it and will be purchasing it!
    I have used Sunday Riley products before and generally love them. This one is ok, it is very thick - which I like. Not really seeing any great benefit for my skin. It doesn't really feel glowy or plumped up so for the price it is not my favourite.
    Works wonders
    Since I started using retinol my skin has become super dry and flaky. This moisturiser works wonders to rehydrate my skin and smells glorious (it’s so tempting that you’ll want to eat it) A note of warning though - this is super rich and thick so if you have oily skin this won’t be your best option.
    Smells like hydrated skin
    I absolutely love the smell! It gives me such good vibes and feels like a treat. The moisturisation effect is not too thick nor too thin, I think it can work for many combination, normal and dry skin types. My skin feels plump, protected and hydrated after putting this on. Any dry patches seem to disappear very quickly with this moisturiser, I don't usually notice this with other moisturisers I have tried. This is a truly well balanced moisturiser, I always look forward to putting it on!
    Might repurchase
    First of all, the scent is amazing in my opinion. It is thick, but thanks to that I need just a little bit of it, so gonna use it for a very long time. I can't say that it is a miracle cream, but the feeling is good and my skin doesn't have any bad reaction to it. I would definitely recommend to try it, because it's not crazy expensive and the quality is decent as far as I see. The only thing that might stop people is the price, because there are other nice products which costs less. Overall, I don't mind to repurchase it again, if I won't find something way better and at the same time cheaper.
    Love it!
    I received a sample with another order and had to buy the full size a few days later. I wanted to use this when my skin is irritated and it became my go-to moisturiser. I have dry and sensitive skin and although I like the scent, I try to avoid it. But I don’t have any problems with reactions and it keeps my skin hydrated. I wasn’t planning on repurchasing, because I like to try new moisturisers, but I really love the texture and everything about it.
    Love it for PD!
    I suffer from Perioral dermatitis and am currently having a bad flare up. I use a prescription of Rosex and then ICE is the only product I am using to rebuild my skins barrier function. It’s really helping hydrate the dry patches and keep the rest of my skin looking plump. I don’t find the smell offensive but if you don’t like marzipan then that may be an issue. Big big fan! On my second tub and have a back up for after!
    Sunday Riley can do no wrong
    So I've loved every Sunday Riley product that's come my way and ICE is no exception. Thick in texture but can be used sparingly on combo or oily skin to give a really indulgent moisture boost. I find the sweet almond scent really comforting and the clever ceramides strengthen and replenish your skin. My skin felt smoother and deeply hydrated, what more could you want.
    Rescue Cream
    This moisturiser does a great job at maintaining the skin's barrier and I really enjoying using this alongside a hydrating toner to replenish dehydration in my skin that I often get transitionally as the weather changes (PLUS, it smells like marzipan! Heaven!). I have combination skin so due to the thickness of this cream, a little really goes a long way.
    The moisturizer I have been longing for. Thick but even a small amount applied gives my dry and sensitive skin hydration that lasts throughout the day! Has never happened before, always need to reapply several times with any other Cream.The scent is nothing i really noticed, reminds me of almond more than anything. My best recommendation!
    Worst moisturiser ever.
    I got this as a sample in one of the beauty bags. I was actually very excited to try this but it is possibly the worst product I have ever used. It feels like chalk on the skin and takes ages to sink in. Smells weird. It’s so thick that you have to drag it across your face, which probably doesn’t help with anti-ageing and causes friction. SR products are expensive but can be worth the splurge... this however, is most definitely not.
    Nice as a night cream
    I tried a sample of this and really loved using it. I have combination skin so for me this was perfect as a night cream as it is thick-ish. Some people comment on the smell but I personally love the smell, it’s quite sweet and somewhat nostalgic. But I don’t think the smell is super strong as some people make out. I will probably purchase the full size in winter time when I need a new night cream.
    the best cream
    I got a sample of this cream and I tried it... I suffer from eczema on my face sometimes... I can say that it is the best cream I have ever used. I bought it 2 months ago and since I got no eczema on my face...it's rich but in a very good way. I really love it and will buy it again. I have to say, I just love this brand.
    So rich, so silky, so soft! This is becoming one of my favs! Definitely a night cream for me (I have combination skin). But if I wear some foundation or concealer I will use a thin layer, as I find my makeup lays much better and gives me a glass skin finish! I know some people are not a fan of the smell, (sweet almond) but I totally love it!
    I was excited to try this moisturiser when I received it in my goody bag, but I feel like this moisturiser is too much for my combination skin, which makes sense as it is targeted towards those with dry skin types. Maybe I will give it another try in the colder months when my skin is more dry. It also smells like play-doh and is a little off putting.
    Too strong scent
    It moisturizes really great, but I can't use it because of the scent. It smells like some kind of chemical coconut. I don’t understand why Sunday Riley added such a strong fragrance...
    Love it!
    Finally a cream which has pretty much all I want. Its rich, doesn't sink fully in but leaves a moisture on top of my skin. Doesn't smudge my pillow, but can feel the moisture even in the morning. I don't mind the scent, it's just earthy to me and this is what product smell like without heavy perfume (which most seem to want to avoid). Will for sure repurchase! Now I know in already ready for next harsh winter here in North!
    Great cream, badly scented
    This cream would be heavenly were it not for the weird scent. I don't know why they chose such a significant perfume for it but I just don't fancy the idea of smelling like some kids candy. Otherwise the moisturiser is really good, nicely thick but creamy texture, moisturises really well throughout the whole day. But the scent...ew.
    Sample review
    I received a sample size of this cream after purchasing the Cult Beauty Bag offer. I have only used it for around 4 days now but I have to say my face has never felt so hydrated. A few people are saying it's too thick, however, I suffer from dry/irritable skin so this has worked wonders for me. If you have oily skin might be best to just use at night and find an alternative for the day time. As for the smell - it smells great. I love it. Really impressed - I will definitely be purchasing once this sample runs out!
    It’s ok
    So I got this in the Cult Beauty bag and I really wanted to try it, I’ve used it for just over a week and it’s got good points and bad. First good, I love the thickness as a little goes a long, Long long way, it sinks into your skin leaving no lingering oil's/film on your skin, smell AMAZING!! But not too strong. Bad bits it’s just as good as other brands I use at the same price point, I did find that if I used it every night I was a little too oily so every other from now on (I don’t have this with my normal one). Now would I buy this? I don’t know, I may put on my Christmas list for the hubby but if it’s not under the tree then I’m not worried however if it was on sale I might close my eyes and click add to basket.
    Love this cream
    I got this as part of the summer gift with purchase bag, I’m loving it. It’s thick, Comforting and smells like almonds. I use it at night as the last step and I use a tiny amount in the morning too - really like this. A good return from a brand a fell out of love with a while back but will look at again.
    Sample review
    I received this small sample with another order and thought it was lovely. Very moisturising, thick yet smooth texture that felt luxurious. I get the smell isn’t for everyone but I loved it and would buy it for the smell alone- sort of almond oil with cherry, and a touch of coconut. Can’t comment on effectiveness long term as the sample was so tiny but it would make a nice night cream.
    Sample review
    Verdict: It's a pass from me. There are better products out there. It's THICK. A rich creamy texture which doesn't glide onto your skin as easy as you'd hope. Takes a while to sink in too. I waited 15 min before applying my SPF and it still pilled so I wouldn't suggest this for daily use like the instructions suggests. Was it moisturising? Fairly. Did it leave an oily finish? Nah. But it did have a funky old candle type smell (waxy, musky and not cute) and no other real rewarding properties. Disclaimer: I'm 30 with dehydrated/dry skin and some pigmentation spots.
    Didn't really like it...
    I recieved a sample of ICE cream by Sunday Riley in my latest order. It is a okay cream I suppose, if you like that sort of creams - it has a peculiar thick and sticky texture which made it difficult to apply on the face and it took a while to settle into the skin. The smell is another problem for me - it's rather strong (could still smell it on my face after a couple hours after applying) and strange, sort of like a mix between paper smell and a coconut.
    Very nice
    Its very nice and a very hydrating cream, only thing is the package could be airless.
    Super indulgent
    I have relatively dry skin which has become even drier recently thanks to wearing a FFP3 mask at work. This is a super indulgent hydrating thick cream that my skin just drank up and stayed moisturised and glowy for hours. The cream has an almost almond/cherry bakewell like smell which I found pleasant but may not be to everyones taste. A little goes a long way and although I've been using this twice daily I'm sure the pot will last for a long time which is great considering the price tag!
    Does the job but that smell...
    I received this cream as a sample size in the June goody bag. It works really well on my dry bits of skin and it rid of them overnight, the only thing that I hate is the smell. It’s very strong and not at all pleasant! If they did a fragrance free version of this I’d definitely buy the full size. I used this at night as it’s very very thick and takes a while to settle into your skin.
    Wonderful moisturiser
    I adore Sunday Riley skincare and after reading some reviews online I wasn’t sure If I was going to love this product as much as some of the other items in their range. However this cream is divine. It is very thick but it is absorbs into my skin really quickly and doesn’t leave any kind sticky build up after use I haven’t tried this under makeup yet I think it would be best used on makeup free days or at night. It does an a amazing job at moisturising the skin, I have been using this for over a week now and my skin feels great. I have quite oily, acne prone skin and I haven’t had any issues with this product breaking me out. I don’t usually like fragranced products on my skin however I really love the smell of this cream!
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