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    Sunday RileyGood Genes<p>A multi-purpose treatment, Good Genes works hard to un-do the damage caused by sunlight, acne, pollution and less-than-healthy lifestyle choices! The potent blend of ingredients combine to plump fine lines, fight hyper-pigmentation, heal scar tissue&nbsp; and boost circulation so skin looks smoother, younger and more vibrant. It can be used daily to give your complexion a moisture and radiance boost, or applied as a treatment mask to increase circulation and get skin glowing ahead of a special occasion.</p>SRN0048970610020495 stars, based on129 reviews 85.00Cult BeautyNew

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    Sunday Riley
    Good Genes
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult
      The closest thing to an elixir of youth outside of a fairytale! Sunday Riley's Good Genes is multi-tasking under moisturiser treatment and mask that smooths, refines, clarifies and brightens, whilst improving your skin's thickness and elasticity... phewf! Featuring Lactic Acid to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Liquorice to combat uneven skin tone, Lemongrass to improve circulation and protect from environmental aggressors and Sunday's patented NV-5 Ageless Complex to wage war on the early signs of ageing. This is an incredibly active product and so not suitable for sensitive skin types.
    • Description

      A multi-purpose treatment, Good Genes works hard to un-do the damage caused by sunlight, acne, pollution and less-than-healthy lifestyle choices! The potent blend of ingredients combine to plump fine lines, fight hyper-pigmentation, heal scar tissue  and boost circulation so skin looks smoother, younger and more vibrant. It can be used daily to give your complexion a moisture and radiance boost, or applied as a treatment mask to increase circulation and get skin glowing ahead of a special occasion.

    • How to use
      Use five days a week as a serum, either alone or under your chosen Sunday Riley moisturiser. Or apply a thicker layer to cleansed skin and leave for five to ten minutes, to rewind ten years!
    • Full ingredients list
      Agave Tequilana (Blue Agave) Leaf, Cypripedium Pebescens (Orchid), Opuntial Tuna (Prickly Pear) Fruit, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract & Saccaromyces Cerevisiae (Yeast), Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract, Lactic Acid, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Coconut Oil), Butylene Glycol, Squalene, Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, PPG-12/SMDI Copolymer, Stearic Acid Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) extract , PEG-100 Stearate, PEG-75 Meadowsol, Lemongrass Extract, Arnica Extract, Triethanolamine, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Steareth-20, DMDM Hydantoin.
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    Sunday Riley - Good Genes

    Sunday Riley Good Genes Reviews

    Love this!
    Love, love, love this product. If I want my skin to look flawless and fresh, I add one pump under my moisturiser, before foundation. At night I layer it on top of Luna, and the next day you can see a big difference in texture and plumpness of your skin. I'm 44, with normal to slightly dry skin.
    I have oily skin but can be dehydrated. I have run out of this and am so upset as I'm a student (who shouldn't spend her student loan on skincare). This really brightens the skin and I find myself looking forward to my skincare routine. I need a new one asap!
    Great product, potentially not worth the cost.
    I have oily/dehydrated skin and I do find that I can rely on Good Genes to benefit my skin. I usually use at night and find that my skin the next day is clearer, brighter and makeup goes on better. Whilst it is one of my favourite products I don’t find the effect is significantly that much different to some other products (e.g Alpha H) so I’I don’t think it is completely worth the cost. Therefore it doesn’t fit as a part of my normal routine and I do limit its use for special occasions only. I will probably repurchase on the basis that a bottle lasts me the year and I do really like the results.
    Oily/comb skin
    It did completely nothing. Zero. I used a half bottle now. More or less every second evening/every evening. Mostly without moisturiser. But I tried also with and also with Luna. I thought something is wrong because people love it so much. But I was relieved, when I read reviews, that really mixt - people see immediate results or nothing. I also noticed that people with dry/sensitive skin tend to love it more. It's not nice to spend such money for nothing, but that's the problem with skin care. Need to try.
    Fantastic product. I have very sensitive skin so I use it as a mask, and it completely changed the texture of my skin. It tingles a bit and the smell is not so great (in my opinion), but the results are so amazing I have to give it 5 stars. I am 38 and some younger friends of mine who tried it didn't notice so much difference on their skin, so perhaps it is more effective on people my age +.
    Love it
    I love this product. I have been using Good Genes for maybe two or three weeks now. I apply it on my skin every other evening. Although my skin is very dry and quite sensitive, this product does not irritate it. Instead, it leaves my skin beautiful, toned and bright. I will definitely repurchase it. I have been using Good Genes with Luna oil and Juno oil and I love the trio.
    This product is honestly brilliant. I really don't know why people dislike the smell. I used to work in a smoothie bar while I was at uni, and this product smells exactly like fresh lemongrass. I actually really like the way it smells, haha! I bought my bottle about 8/9 months ago and I used it every second night until it ran out (today!). The morning after applying, my skin is soft, smooth and plump. I have way fewer breakouts and my make up applies so much better. Even after months of continual use, my skin hasn't "gotten used to it" and started misbehaving again. My only gripe is the price. It's so expensive and after a lot of research into the individual ingredients and what they cost, I do think it's overpriced for what it is, even though it works really well. I got mine in a promotion and I'll wait for another discount before I buy it again. If this was a bit more reasonably priced (say, £60) I'd definitely have it in constant supply and I wouldn't feel bad recommending it to my friends.
    Worth the hype
    Who cares about the smell when you get such amazing results? Especially when it disappears after a few minutes. At first I started using Good Genes twice a day and applied my moisturizer on top. I could see first results the next day. It completely solved my long term issues with dry patches so quick! The texture of my skin has become incredible like never before, so velvety! Fine lines are much less visible now. Any acne heal extremely fast. And my makeup applies well on top. After 2 weeks I started using it only at nights 5 times a week. Noticed changes with my skin tone, acne scars started disappearing. And it's only been 3 weeks. To be fair I used to have good skin before using it with no big issues at all but now it's just literally perfect. Worth the price for sure because this product is like from another universe. Game changer, love it!
    Must-have product
    I've been using Sunday Riley Good Genes for two years and my skin has never looked better - and I'm 47. It's absolutely the one skincare product I can't bear to be without. I order before the previous bottle has run out. My pores are clearer and seem smaller, the overall texture of my skin is better. Breakouts are pretty much a thing of the past. (Hopefully, GG will keep them at bay during menopause.) I like to think I'm a pretty cynical, sceptical customer when it comes to skincare and I'm happy to chop and change between brands and products - but not when it comes to Good Genes. Absolutely not.
    Amazing Results
    An awesome product offering soft, dewy and youthful skin after one use. The results will blow you away. Don't let the price put you off - it's incredible and worth every penny.
    No highlighter required
    Used it for the first time last night and woke up with skin that looked like I had highlighter all over. So smooth and so glowy. I don't mind the smell too much? Not sure what all the fuss is about really.
    The best
    This is just too good to be true. It's like I got new skin after using this. Amazing.
    Can't get past the smell
    When your husband pulls away from you in bed saying 'What's that awful smell' I'm afraid this has to be a no for me. I wish I'd stuck with the Mable & Meg Lumilux which works and has no smell.
    Great exfoliator
    This acid exfoliant is great to help me keep my skin free of texture, a little goes a long way and this way you avoid over exfoliating your skin. I use it once a week tops, smell is not unpleasant but neither wonderful, and I personally don't mind it. It truly works.
    Absolutly the best product I have ever tried
    I love this procuct. Has helped even out the texture and colour of my skin and I will never be without it. I am on bottle number 3.
    The smell is awful...but persevere
    The first thing that hit me when I used this was the smell. I read somewhere that someone had likened it to toilet cleaner and once I had that analogy in my head I couldn't shake it off - it smells like a lemon scented version of Harper. Thankfully, the smell does dissipate relatively quickly and by the time I'm done with the rest of my skincare routine, I can hardly smell it. I persevered because of so many glowing reviews - surely there must be something in this bottle. After using up more than half the bottle, I must say that this definitely works. My skin has an incredible glow and on days that I don't use it, it shows. This thing is strong. The 40% lactic acid still stings my skin, and my skin is very used to acids. I would say don't let that deter you though, it's a great product (flash facial with ceramic slip cleanser = yes!). I already have my backup bottle.
    Good exfoliant but not out of this world
    This is a good acid exfoliant. Quite strong. There's definitely a tingle and my skin is used to acids. My skin certainly looked clearer in the morning after using. Sunday Riley suggests using over Luna Oil which I tried, but didn't find to work well. I liked it well enough but it wasn't a blockbuster product like it seems to be for others. Expensive. I won't repurchase. I also really did not like the smell which is vaguely citrus mixed with acid. But realise that's a personal preference that doesn't impact efficacy, but I didn't really enjoy using it in part for this reason.
    Now on my 3rd bottle. Truly a must have for my 40 year old skin. Really does have an instant, positive effect..plumping, brightening...simply great stuff.
    Can't live without this!
    I absolutely LOVE this product, and it is definitely worth the price tag. This truly gives meaning to the word "radiance", and there is no greasiness whatsoever. I have pretty good skin, but when I tried this for the first time, it was like a dull filter was lifted form my face, and my skin was glowing and looked so healthy. When I use Good Genes my skin feels and looks plump, my pores looked minimized and also hydrated at the same time. Amazing!
    LOVE IT!!!
    I absolutely adore this serum/treatment for my combination rosacea prone skin. It smooths, plumps, firms and calms my skin and it is worth ever single penny! It really makes you look like you have good genes.
    LOVE IT! Miracle product!
    I use Tata Harper skincare and added Good Genes to my evening routine a few weeks ago. The change in my complexion has been nothing short of a miracle! And the results have been fast. I was very foolish throughout my 20s & 30s - sunbathing without sunscreen - resulting in hyperpigmentation. After using Pixi Glow Tonic, I apply this as my night serum - and the results are amazing. I wake up with plumped up, smooth skin and my horrible hyperpigmentation is fading. At first, I didn't like the smell - but I've got used to it now. I love Good Genes so much, I always buy a spare, just in case it's ever out-of-stock. It's my favourite Sunday Riley product.
    Love it - but be careful if you have sensitive skin
    I was really unsure about buying this because my skin is a little sensitive. But, all through my 20s and 30s I was v.foolish and did not use sunscreen on my face, resulting in hyper pigmentation. I finally succumbed and I'm really glad. I only use this three nights a week because of sensitivity. The rest of the time I use Tata Harper, which is much gentler. This makes my skin tingle, so I can only use a bit. I also find the smell really horrible. But, it's a great addition to my skincare and I will definitely repurchase.
    Amazing...amazing, worth every cent!
    I love this product! I have a combination to dry skin, am 39 years old and fell in love with this lotion after one use, really! And believe me, I am one of those "healthily sceptical customers" :-) Great effects after one week of use - my skin is beautifully hydrated and balanced, small wrinkles really DO disappear. A MUST for my bathroom cupboard.
    Firstly I would like to start off by saying it won't work for everyone, can't be guaranteed but that's with every beauty product. I got my first bottle in March lasted a good 5-6ish months. When I first used this serum I was not that convinced. So as I do with most of my skincare products, I stopped using for few days but then noticed my skin started with the annoying bumps and small breakouts. I fell in love with this product because it changed my skin for the better and makes me so confident to leave my home without makeup. I have a good consistent routine (we all should do). I stopped using it, (had small amount left) thought I could find something else similar and still have the wow factor. But my skin was so horrible left with breakouts and bumps again. I got frustrated so used the very last bit of what I had left in my 1st bottle and no kidding my skin was less red and fewer bumps the next morning. So I ordered my 2nd bottle and certainly won't be the last. Try a sample before splurging it could be a skin game changer for you too.
    I love it
    I have been using this product for over 4 weeks and my skin is smoother and more brighter than before. Before I used this product, my skin had fine lines, uneven skin tone with hyperpigmentation with brown spots. How I use it; I cleanse with my normal cleanser, tone my skin, apply the sunday riley good genes and I am off to bed. For the first 2 weeks, I used it every night but my face really itched especially near my chin. So I reduced the usage by using 2 nights in a row and stop for 2 nights and go back using it for another 2 nights, and so on. I am glad I did it because the itchiness stopped and my face had brighten up, a significant change in my skin tone and my skin is really smooth.
    Love it
    Good genes basically contains acids which get rid of the top layer of skin for gentle resurfacing/brightening. I prefer this and find this more effective than drunk elephant's night serum. Love it. Just a bit pricey for the amount that you get.
    Favourite product
    This is my absolute favourite product ever. It has brighten my skin and evened out the texture. I can't say enough good things about it.
    Staple Product
    Being on the 4th bottle and using a pea-sized drop every day mixed with my daydream of choice I can say... it's love. Super uncomplicated, goes well with everything, awesome under every foundation and it works like a charm.
    Magic Magic Magic!!
    I was um'ing and ar'ing about buying this product for a few months, truthfully I think the only reason I did this was because of the price of it for something of its size - as i normally have no problems in spending money when it comes to beauty products. However last month I decided to take to plunge and finally try it out, and well I'm so annoyed at myself for not buying earlier. THIS IS AMAZING. As everyone, I love having a tan, but due to pigmentation in my skin I get a horrible pigmented making around my mouth which isn't very flattering. Reading around reviews and hearing my makeup artist rave about it I thought it sounds too good to be true and it'll never work for me. did. I had instant results and after using it now for around 2 weeks every day my skin is more or less perfect; toning and barely any pigmentation. I use this product mainly at night time once I've cleansed and exfoliated my skin and leave it on overnight. I highly recommend it and it is well worth the price. As they say, you get what you pay for. 100% a must have beauty buy.
    Wonder serum!!!
    I bought this after seeing a few blogs and YouTuber 's rave on at how amazing Good Genes serum is. I treat myself once a month and thought I'd give it a try. I have dry skin, which is is uneven toned with redness and broken capillaries. After using this just once, I noticed my redness had totally subsided and even the capillaries appeared less "angry". Love this product, however I did then purchase the Luna serum but my skin didn't' like it at all .....developed a dreadful rash from it, my skin is quite sensitive though......
    Solid product
    I don't often use "leave on" acid treatments, so Good Genes is one of the few I have tried and liked. I use acids regularly and rotate products all the time. I use Good Genes a few nights a week as part of my evening skincare. It does exactly what it is supposed to. It gently exfoliates and causes no irritation whatsoever. It is well worth trying.
    I wish I would hate it!
    I love it... it offers everything it promises (not miracles though), but it runs out very fast which makes it a very expensive product. Mine run out after one month and I was using it 4 times per week. As I said... I wish I could hate it!
    No effect on me & too much silicone
    As a great believer en AHAs, I thought I would love this serum (as there are sooo many raves about it). But I was really disappointed in it! The texture is way too silicony (though it lists dimethicone somewhere in the middle of the ingredients list), and it smells goat milk (I presume it's due to the lactic acid). But apart from feeling cloggy and smelling so bad, it had no effects on my skin whatsoever! Glad I only had a sample and did not purchase a full-size bottle of it.
    Incredible results
    This serum lives up to the hype. The results on my skin have been incredible (I'm 35 and have sensitive skin) and so noticeable that even colleagues have asked what I'm using! I only use this at night because it's so powerful at exfoliating that it will shed your makeup into 'patches'. After one application, my skin was more luminous but after a week the quality of my complexion was much smoother and radiant. For me, it tingles on application and after it has sunk in I tend to use an oil to moisturise whilst I sleep. GG is a worthwhile investment.
    Skin softener
    Makes skin soft and gorgeous, shifts hyper pigmentation and smells amazing doing it. I layer it over Luna from the same line and wake up to new skin in the morning!
    Bought this product because of its hype and people claiming that it literally changed their skin. Having used it I did realise that my skin looked brighter but it didnt help clear my skin very much. I do have some brown sport scarring from some spots and it didnt fade these. Another downside to this is that it gets used up really quickly and its quite expensive, so its difficult to keep up with using the product.
    It Works!
    I love it. I purchased this with Ceramic Slip, Juno & Luna. After the first week or two or so of the 'purging' phase, my skin (i'm fair-skinned south-east asian living in sunny Brunei) looks literally amazing. I don't know what it is, but it just looks so refined somehow! In less than 3 weeks of use, someone actually asked if i was my husband's daughter. To be fair, i've always looked younger than my years (i'm 38 in age, 20's in looks), and my husband does look more mature for his age (though he's 4 years younger than I), but this really takes it up to a whole new level. Thank you Sunday Riley! I just wish it was more easily available in my country and that Good Genes would not finish so fast...
    Smoothing, Hydrating Serum
    I have been using this for about 2 weeks and I am impressed. I usually use it as a serum in the evening before my moisturiser or even alone. In the morning my skin feel very smooth, plumped ... as it was new skin :D and the effect rests all day until I reapply ... As it's so effective I think it's worth the money ...
    Sunday what have you done to us..
    I hesitated for quite a long time to buy this product because of the mixed reviews it had received. However, since I do suffer from acne scarring, I decided to take the plunge and purchase it. The result? Well, I haven't been able to put it down ever since.. A part of me wishes I had not tried it because I dread the day this 'magic in a bottle' runs out and I will have to repurchase... I use half a pump - I noticed that half a pump is enough for my whole face and that way I won't go through it as quickly as I otherwise would! Hopefully at least! - and only at night so that it can have enough time to sink into the skin and do its work...
    This took 10 years off me instantaneously! I'm thrilled I took the plunge and purchased it, my skin has never been better and I won't be without it again. I've read that some people don't care for the smell, but I love the smell of Good Genes - a mix of lemon trees and freshly cut grass.
    Not for me
    After months of 'uhming' I finally took a plunge into my savings and bought this after reading tonnes of reviews! Unfortunately, every time I used this, I broke out ( which my skin never does! ) the moment I stopped using it, my skin cleared up. I persevered as I really wanted to love this product but my skin just wasn't accepting towards it. Although it left my skin softer and smoother it just wasn't worth the 'purge' period trauma. I used it every other day for a month and i only have about weeks worth of a pump left (not sure if i overused the pump dispenser?) I obviously wont be repurchasing this product as it has scarred me a little but i am still determined to find a Sunday Riley product that is fit for me; there must be a reason as to why its such a reputed brand.
    Good genes
    I learnt the trick from Caroline Hirons' blog to mix it with the Ceramic Slip Cleanser to massage and clean my face when having a tired face. She used to use the same method on model's face before catwalk. I found it's good and instant to bring my face alive. Also I use Good Genes on its own as a serum at night. I use it once or twice a week and it's already given me a very good result.
    Lovely product!
    I really like to use this product in the morning. It's not greasy and it's very hydrating - perfect under makeup. It makes my skin smoother and more glowy and the general texture of my skin has improved a lot! BUT. This serum does absolutely nothing about my breakouts, so I only use when my skin is clear - otherwise I find it a bit of a waste since it comes with quite the hefty price tag.. So overall.. It makes my good skin look it's best, but it is not great for active breakouts.
    I am obsessed. My skin has never felt so smooth, plump, well-hydrated.... And I credit my Sunday Riley regime (this, ceramic slip cleanser, and skin adrenaline) for the change. My skin has been glowing and redness has faded - which it has never done when using other products. Have already purchased again.
    Not a miracle, but it does work
    First, I will admit that I haven't been the most consistent in using Good Genes. I'm hoping that my review can provide insight into whether this is a good purchase for those who, like me, often forget to wash up before bed. The smell is something I think everyone comments on, so I will just say, if you are looking for a good smelling facial serum, this one isn't for you. That being said, fragrance isn't the mark of quality so evaluate what you are looking for in the serum if the smell is a deterrent. When you put the serum on, you can feel a little tingle which is a nice signal that something is happening. (Note, open scratches - such as those from cats - should be avoided unless you can handle a little bit more than a tingle). The changes in my skin have not been miraculous, which is something I had previously expected based on reviews, but I can say that despite enormous amounts of stress and the heat of the summer, I have not broken out or had as many skin issues as I usually do. I assume that If I used this with more frequency, the results would be a bit more noticeable, but this is also a good purchase for those who use it more sparingly than recommended. I am still hesitant to say that it is worth the cost, but I am leaning towards yes for two reasons (1) I acknowledge that it is most effective with consistency, and (2) it will last a long time regardless of regular use or intermittent, because it doesn't take much to cover your entire face.
    Best skin ever
    Oh do I love this. I didn't have bad skin before, but have some large pores, prone to the occasional blemish, needing regular exfoliation to prevent dullness and with a few lines starting to appear. I've used this every night for a month under my facial oil and I'm hooked. I wake up with baby-soft, smooth, balanced skin. Blemishes have disappeared, pores are unclogging and less visible, redness is gone, and my little lines are less pronounced. My skin is so nice I skip foundation and concealer most days. No sensitivity, tingling etc for me. It does smell like a mixture of lemongrass, lime pickle and farm, so if scents bother you this may not be suitable. I initially bought a 10ml sample of this (it came with a full size Ceramic Slip cleanser, so a good value way to try) and have now purchased at full size.
    Fufills it's promise!
    It took me a while to jump on the "Sunday Riley bandwagon" I've been disappointed and let down by hyped up products in the past - so was rather reticent about shelling out for this. All I can say here is that this little puppy is a "Wolf in sheep's clothing"! A real powerhouse and effective treatment which leaves my medium dark Afro Caribbean skin clear and glowing. This is now a product that I MUST have in my beauty cupboard. So much so, that I am buying 1 bottle a month to stockpile. THIS PRODUCT IS NO JOKE! And I am the biggest beauty cynic of them all!
    It takes time
    This product takes time for scaring. At first I was so disappointed with the outcome. Yes, my skin did feel like it was glowing more, but I began to break out. However, once I started using less than two pumps, and used it only in the night. I could see that there was a difference in my skin over the later weeks. My scaring is starting to heal. However, the product doesn't last as long as you wish. I would say use a tester first before you end up spending £85 on Good Genes.
    Good Genes = NOTHING SPECIAL, another typical serum.
    I didn't feel this product having a slight "burning" sensation on my skin like other reviews mention. Like all serums, it claims to "brighten skin, make you look more youthful, etc..." and Good Genes are just like any other serums. Nothing special for the price which is far more expensive than brands like Lancome. Good Genes is just a typical good serum that is fast-absorbing, non-greasy and hydrating. To me, it's nothing special or worth the cost.
    I love it!
    My skin loves good genes. I have a lot of red marks on my skin thanks to spots and wanted to get rid of them. Good Genes is doing the job! This stuff just makes everything look brighter in the morning. I will buy again!
    Wouldn't use it even if it was free...
    Thank you very much CB for the sample - otherwise I might have listened to all the hype and wasted £85. First of all, it has the most disgusting smell - I've never used a skincare product with such an unpleasant smell! Secondly, it made my skin break out... Won't touch it again!
    More like bad genes!
    I was excited to use this product after hearing some amazing reviews. However when I first used good genes I could feel my skin burning and after a couple of days my skin began peeling off and I had a big outbreak of spots. Not exactly what I expected! As the product is so expensive I decided to continue using skin settled down however I have seen no difference in my skin at all after one bottle.
    Like some other reviewers here, this was unbearably painful on my skin! I received a sample and decided to use it as a mask, as I have very sensitive skin that gets especially dry in the winter. However, I had to remove this almost immediately as it was positively burning! Definitely not for me.
    Not for sensitive folk
    Like others, I was excited to receive a sample of a truly new-cult product. However it stung and stripped my skin. I'm still on the hunt for the elusive magic product for me!
    I love this product
    I think that from reading the comments that this porduct is a 'marmite' product in that you either love it or don't. For me, I can see a visible difference the morning after I have used it-something that very few products have given me. I apply at night if my skin is looking a little tired, a bit stressed and by the morning it is baby soft smooth. Sometimes there is a very slight tingle on applying it but I would guess that if you use AHA's regularly that you skin might not react as bad as some have. Definately worth a try.
    Received a sample of this today. It burned the absolute crap out of my skin! Ouch ouch ouch!
    Genie in a bottle
    I'm currently revamping my skincare regime and looking for my ultimate serum, moisturiser and eye cream. An unfortunate encounter with a different new product had left my skin covered in an horrendous breakout and I was in a state of panic about going away for the weekend. I had 3 wishes: radiant skin, to look a little younger and, most of all, for those blemishes to magically disappear. That's when I decided to try my sample of Good Genes. And oh boy, am I glad I did! I did experience the warm, tingly sensation that others have mentioned when I first tried it. However, it didn't last for long and I tend not to feel it at all now. I think that my skin has become habituated to it. (Probably best to try a sample first, if poss, or to do a patch test, just in case.) When I awoke the next morning, I could see a noticeable difference in my skin; it looked plumer, glowing and the blemishes had diminished. Used over the next few nights, Good Genes has continued to improve the look of my skin, and those blemish marks are practically gone, leaving beautifully clear skin behind. With most skincare products, you need to wait for a while (often a good, long while) before you might or might not possibly see results. Not the case with Good Genes - this stuff is truly magical! I am 47, have very dry skin with fine lines, gradual loss of firmness and starting to get some pigmentation. Since I started using Good Genes, I can now happily go without make-up as my skin looks better than it has for years (I don't look like I'm 20 any more, alas, but my complexion appears healthy, glowing, plumped up and smoother. Thank you, Sunday Riley and Good Genes.
    Good Genes
    Oh dear...I also really wanted to like this product, but if you have very sensitive skin...avoid. I used a sample from CB and had to wash it off after about a minute. I have v fair skin which is sensitive and prone to hormonal break-outs, but using this product, oh dear. I strongly suggest a patch test, as mentioned in some of the other reviews of this product. I can't remember the last time I reacted this badly to a product.
    It has given me my best skin ever
    This product is amazing. For the first time in my life, I have great skin. I have had bouts of mild but persistent acne for a large part of my life and have tried many different products from the cheap and cheerful, to the very expensive. A few months ago I decided to try the Ceramic Slip cleanser and Good Genes as due to a lot of stress in my life, my skin was also looking dull and uneven. I use the serum both morning and evening after cleansing, and I find for my skin I don't need to use moisturiser. My skin is glowing and healthy. I panic when I get towards the end of the bottle so I always order in advance as I don't want to be without it.
    Quietly brilliant
    I read India Knight's column raving about this serum and decided to bite the bullet and get it despite the cost. I was quite sceptical and after using it day and night for four weeks, thought my skin did look a little better than normal and people did tell me I looked well but I didn't notice a massive difference. Then I ran out and went back to my normal serum and the difference became really noticeable. My skin looked sallower, crows feet a bit more pronounced and I just looked less fresh overall. The miracle thing about this serum is that it slowly but surely takes hold of your skin and makes you look the best you can possibly look without invasive treatments. I've used it for four months now and the longer I use it, the better (really incrementally) my skin looks. Really, really recommended but think of it as a long term solution rather than an overnight miracle. My only gripe is that it is a bit greasy on my nose but I use primer after and that goes away. Now can't do without it. Damn you, India Knight.
    Holy Grail Products
    I have been using both this and the Breathable Primer for just over a month and my 51 year old acne prone skin is in the best condition of my life! My skin looks fresh and taut; I have a healthy glow and best of all, those blasted spots have all but gone! Yes, it's expensive but which would you rather have? A new handbag or glowing skin? I know which one I'm investing in!
    This serum is so good I have thrown away a small fortune of products that I have in my bathroom.nothing has ever cleared my dry patches and marks on my skin and that is why I kept trying every latest claimed product that was available..I use this with the cleanser and have now purchased another part of the skincare..w Give your skin time to get used to it then the results are amazing..I am hooked now
    Gutted (sorry but it's how I felt)
    Oh my goodness I so wanted to like this. I read all the hype etc. etc and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. The £85 price tag for me is a bit of a stretch so when there was the recent £10 discount of SR products I jumped. Another reviewer has already mentioned the smell so I won't go on - but to me is was like smell of Refresher sweets. I tried it as a serum to begin with and it was fine although it tingled a little. This didn't bother me too much as there is some Lactic acid in it. A couple of days later I tried it as a serum whilst in the bath. It was stinging quite a bit but not unbearable. When I got out of the bath my face was bright, and I mean, bright red. You could see exactly the pattern where I had spread the cream. It did die down after about 15 minutes but I have never had that with any cream before - even glycolic masks. I complained to Cult Beauty and they refunded me.
    Good's a Genie in a Bottle
    This product is a multi-tasking marvel. I have used it as a serum, sparingly, and although initially it is a little tingly (tingle=working), it soon calms down, and the results are evident in a very short while. As a pre-party mask/pick-me-up, it does the trick too. Make up lasts longer, skin looks firmer and more even. A wonderful product.
    I used this after experiencing a bad acne breakout which left me with red unsightly marks. I have tried so many products to help with post acne marks in the past but many have failed to make a difference, until now! After using it just once i was amazed with the results - my skin was not only glowing but the red marks had faded a significant amount. After a week the marks have almost gone- my skin hasn't looked this good in a long time! I highly recommend this product! I cannot comment on whether it makes a difference to fine lines and wrinkles as i do not have any yet but for pigmentation it is fantastic!!
    Brightens and evens skin tone
    A great product for evening out any darkness or uneven skin tone. I use on sensitive skin without reaction. I use in morning under a moisturiser.
    Too strong
    It is definitely too strong for my rosacea skin, too aggressive.
    Honest opinion...
    I have oily/combination acne prone skin. I get the occasional pimples and suffer from blemishes. After reading all the reviews, I hoped this would do wonders on the skin. Unfortunately, I've been using it 3 times a week at night for over 9 months and it hasn't done anything to my skin. It hasn't made my skin worse which is good but considering how pricey it is, I hoped it would do wonders. Abit of a hit and miss with these skin care products. It can work on some people and then not on others. My advice would be to get someone to purchase this as a gift so if it doesn't make a difference, you won't feel bad for spending so much on a serum. Another advice would be to drink plenty of water and eat healthy as this works wonders for any skincare product out there.
    Game Changer
    I adore Good Genes, it has made my skin velvety smooth and those pesky breakouts are a thing of the past. I use one pump when I get home in the evening and layer on a few drops of Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil an hour or so before bed and wake up with lovely soft, spot-free skin. Love it.
    I really wanted to like this product and used this for about 2 weeks. Somehow it kept breaking out my skin. So it's definitely is a NO-NO for me. I did not see any significant difference with this product.
    So Overhyped!
    I've purchased it as part of the "Back to school" set. Thanks to all the hype Sunday Riley's products have, I've had really high expectations for this product. Honestly, I did see ZERO RESULTS after using it. ZERO!!! The only good thing is that it did not irritate my skin. But fro this price tag, I say: skip it. Overall, I would not recommend this product nor will I purchase the full size.
    Soft velvety skin awaits (if you can get past the smell)
    I'm 30 and starting to get fine lines and my skin has lost the 'youthful' glow I took for granted in my 20's. I've tried a few different face masks (Caudalie, Vichy) which do make my skin brighter and soft but do nothing for lines. I have sensitive skin so I use the serum as a mask for 15 minutes before I shower. I just can't stand the smell-hence washing all traces off while showering. I'm not sure what it is--a bit lemony, a bit acrid like vomit. However, the serum does give fantastic results--even after one use my skin looked fuller, the tone was more even, and my skin had a nice pink glow. I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the smell.
    I couldn't believe my eyes
    I put this on at night and when I woke up the spot mark on my forehead had lightened so much. By the second night, it went away completely it was magic. it makes your skin clearer and smoother. I recommend this to people with acne scars or congested skin and people who have money because DAS ESPENIVE :)
    Love this!
    I absolutely love this; I must have gone through about 5 bottles already for the year. I apply before bed, and my skin looks really smooth in the morning. Apart from the change in texture, I had old acne scars on my face which are now almost fully gone. Highly recommend this one.
    Such a great product. Really improved my skin texture. I have normal skin without any bigger issues, just a slight dullness. Well, no more. I glow.
    I own a lot of Sunday Riley and this is always in the top 2. I have oily skin and with this I wake up with soft hydrated even skin, which is always smoother, clear and exfoliated.
    Worth the investment
    I saw a big improvement on my skin right away.
    I have nothing but superlatives to say about this product. Completely erased most of my fine lines, acne, hyper pigmentation and scars, while keeping my complexion so smooth, soft and CALM. I used prescription before, and while it helped with acne and fine lines, it left my skin constantly red. But not so good genes, I literally said 'wow' after the very first time I used this. It's amazing, and worth every penny. The best I can say, is that I've completely ditched my base makeup since starting using this, don't need it anymore - my skin is even, calm and glowing.
    The best thing even
    My skin is extremely difficult to manage, prone to blemishes and blackheads with sun damage and dry patches. This thing is a the best night time treatment I ever got, but it took me few times to really start to like it. Initially I thought the whole hype was totally unjustified and one of those silly overpriced products. Luckily I got it as a part of my Cult Beauty Box so almost free right? :-) It makes my sun spots and patches disappear, brings glow and smoothens the lines. Love it and cannot live without so even though the price tag is seriously above what is morally acceptable I will still buy it! Negatives - the smell is kind of citrusy but a bit "mouldy", but nothing that you cannot live with.
    One of a kind
    The combination Lactic Acid and other ingredients in this. Are really agreeing with my dehydrated sometimes sensitive skin. It plumps up fine lines, gives radiance when you feel dull and flat. I would not use it daily, But rather a few times a week as a boost. If I couldn't part with my money for this one, I would go buy January Labs Retexturizing Night Cream that has Lactic Acid and antioxidants in it as well. And comes in a 50ml pump. Not quite the same, but similarities that are good.
    My secret weapon
    The best beauty product I've ever purchased. The price tag initially made me wince but it's worth it, honest. I always receive compliments on my youthful appearance after an application (I'm 37). It pretty much immediately tightens, brightens and smooths my face out. I use once or twice a week and have just started applying it over the Luna sleeping night oil, which is magic too.
    Great....but you have to keep using it.
    I really love this product as it gives my skin a good glow and radiance and really it does what it says. As a black woman with combination and at times sensitive skin, this product is DABOMB.COM. My skin looks fresh, I look like it's getting renewed on a daily basis and I don't even need makeup to compliment my skin. BUT...I felt like and at time even looked like it that if I forgot to use the serum even for just a day, my skin wouldn't look as good. I tend to stay indoors on Sundays to get things done around the house and plan my week and work and on those days whenever I looked at my face it didn't feel or look like it did with the Good Genes on. That is why I give it a four stars but really amazing product. love love love.
    It is actually a must
    I have combination skin and use this every other night during the week, and I absolutely love it. I also use it if I have an event, it gives an amazing immediate effect to my complexion. On my 4th bottle now, and I am usually shy with recommending a product that I cannot guarantee will work. But this, this has to be tried.
    HELLO radiance!
    I have, in general, quite good (although dry) skin. Which is probably why I've never really experienced "OMG!" results to anything, cheap or expensive... but this one really beat me around the head! When I first put it on, there was no tingling. I just thought.. "hmm. I look shiny" (like I had been all greased up) but as there was no negative reaction, I left it on about an hour before my usual moisturiser to get the acids working, then went to bed. ...and BANG! the next morning, I looked like a freshly peeled boiled egg!!!! seriously. like I finally understood the meaning of radiant! and my make up GLIDED on. The whole time I was muttering "this is nuts! this can't be true!" I will keep at it for a while to see if this result is on-going... but if it is, I am buying at least five to stock! (I live abroad..) and quite frankly, I don't care how much it costs. If I add up all the cheap to expensive items I have on my dresser that are OK to meh, I'm sure five bottles of this would be cheaper. (plus I wouldn't need to buy anymore foundation!)
    Great product and works well on my skin
    This can be one of the most expensive serums I have ever continuously used for more than 4 bottles... I have tried so many brands and I barely ever wanted to repurchase any serums for more than twice... there are just so many choices and all of them are not giving me convincing reasons to repurchase over and over again. Well this boy is different. I don't mind the smells, I like it how it makes my skin feel some smooth and plump afterwards! Will buy again (and again) for sure.
    It's a great product BUT my husband HATES the smell
    I have used this products for 6 weeks, it is very good and my skin is a brighter but the smell is not great! My husband hates so much it!! So I guess I need to find an alternative
    Visible results, quickly (expected for scary price!)
    I shut my eyes when I clicked 'buy' on this because of the price. I am over 40 with rosacea and menopause so my skin has been unpredictable and I've used the same tame Clarins products for donkeys years. As menopause was doing all sorts of funky things to my skin I changed my whole routine and this was part of my new night-time set. It's made a definite difference! Regular use of this has evened out my skin tone and smoothed my skin. Highly recommended! I use at night time one pump three times a week - on other nights I use a resurfacing peel at night so I don't apply. Pricey, but worth a go, and if you use it regularly you'll definitely see results.
    Okay-ish, overpriced
    I was taken in by the hype, cute packaging and free half size Luna oil promo ... For the first few weeks I would've said the same things as anyone giving this 5 stars. All of a sudden my skin became extremely dry/flaky (having made no sudden changes to skin routine). This went away after 2 days of not using this product.. I now use it 1-2 times a week. It does what it says in small doses but don't believe the hype around it or that it can be used every day. That said for what it is and what it does it's really overpriced. You can get cheaper products that do the same things, I wouldn't repurchase.
    Miracle in a bottle!
    Given the small amount of product in the bottle I save this for special occasions - and it never fails! I love the lemongrass smell, the tingling sensation, texture but most importantly the results. When I wake up my skin is left with the most amazing glow! My pores appear smaller, my skin tone even and overall I would say I look healthier. This product is a staple I will keep repurchasing. I wish it was sold in a 50ml bottle ;)
    I just don't understand the hype...
    This did absolutely nothing for me. I have tried so many different serums and was really excited to try this, as I'd heard such great things about it. But, I'm left wondering whether people are just buying into the hype surrounding this product. It did absolutely NOTHING for my skin. It didn't make it worse, but it didn't make it any better. I have pretty good skin, but I maintain it by using serums, oils and moisturisers. I used the entire bottle to ensure I gave it a good try before I formed an opinion on it. So disappointed in this product. It promises so much :(
    Love love love it
    ...finally succumbed and got it during a sitewide 15% off and now can see why everybody raves about it. I apply it at night after pixi glow tonic and next day my face is literally glowing. Now looking forward to try luna oil
    I really tried to love it.
    I bought this a few months ago, as a treat to myself and my first Sunday Riley product, as I'd heard great things. I don't have particularly sensitive skin and I'm not a stranger to acid products (I use Pixi glow tonic daily and Alpha H once to twice a week), so felt comfortable adding it into the rotation. I started just using it as a serum (at night time when I feel my skin needed a bit of a boost) and thought it was quite good. I like the tingle after application and my skin felt nice in the morning. HOWEVER, and it is a big however, when I used it as a 5-minute treatment my entire face reacted, went super blotchy before drying out and essentially falling off. To the point that I spent almost an entire week slathered in Dr Pawpaw because it was the only thing that reduced the redness and helped my skin to heal. Since then I've stuck to using it as a serum only sparingly - a couple of times a month at most. I won't buy it again and I doubt I'll even finish this bottle. Which is a shame given the price.
    Too small for the price
    I really like this product, it's the first of its kind I have used. I was expecting great things after reading all the reviews and I have to say in using this in conjunction with Luna, I am noticing a lovely change to plumpness and softness of my skin. My main issue with this product is the size. Firstly, I use a few Sunday Riley products and I also have Start Over Eye Cream. It bothers me that the bottles are the identical size and almost identical looking labels. I have moved my Good Genes so I don't accidentally put it around my eyes. Secondly, it runs out fast. After using it for a week I could notice a substantial decrease of product and I'm not sure this will last me a whole month. If that's the case, I am going to seriously reconsider for the price. Other than that, it's a really nice product and I am happy with the results on my skin.
    My first splurge...
    I've just turned thirty and figured, right, (well past) time to get serious about my skin. I have oily, congested skin with sensitive patches around the outside of my face and giant, easily clogged pores for mistreating acne-prone skin. After binge reading Caroline Hirons's blog and other reviews I settled on updating my cleanser and investing in 2 Sunday Riley products: Good Genes and Luna. This has been a superstar. I've been using it every morning. It tingles upon application and you can't apply makeup over the top without a primer. However, it's helped to unclog pores and seems to have stripped off a layer of dull London skin that had settled. My skin is glowing (cliche!) and I feel like it's really on the improve. Will repurchase for sure.
    Love this product!
    After an epic fail using Alpha H Liquid Gold, I am hesitate in acid toner or serum. Thanks to Cult Beauty goody bag, I've got a sample. My face got red for about 30 second and calm down to normal status. My skin feels soft and hydrated overnight. GG is gentle enough to use 5 times a week on my face. I just order a full size during the promotion.
    Lovely serum
    I love good genes. I really wanted to hate it but after I got a deluxe sample I was in love after a week of use. The smell takes a bit to get used too but I really love how it evens out my skin tone.
    Very effective
    I bought this after some help from the Cult Beauty team. I had originally bought Luna and it didn't work for me. One of the team suggested trying Good Genes based on what I had said about my skin and she was quite right. The first couple of times I used Good Genes my skin didn't tingle, it stung! I didn't however, get any redness or visible irritation. I'm glad I persevered because I don't experience any discomfort at all now. I'm in my mid forties and have very few lines but I do have dehydrated and dry skin that is (unfortunately) prone to breakouts. The problem with middle-age skin is that it scars and leaves red marks for a long time. This definitely improved the redness and calms spots. My skin looks really radiant and smooth when I use this. I only use it twice a week as for my skin, using it more would be over-kill. I use other exfoliating products in addition to using a hot flannel as a physical exfoliant. The moisturising properties in Good Genes are really long lasting. I had reason for being inside and home all day for a couple of days recently and an application was effective for a good 24 hours. It is marvelous stuff and very different from anything else I've tried. I don't layer anything over as I find it really doesn't need anything else. This for me, as a Sunday Riley product, is the real star.
    Holy Grail
    I had really really serious acne. I have tried so many different treatments ranging from antibiotics to Chinese medicine. The prescribed medication does help my situation. I stopped it in July after a 6-month treatment. I was left with a lot of scarring and hyperpigmentation. Until recently, I start to break out again but not as severe as it used to be. I was hesitant to go back to my dermatologist. However, I don't want to take so many oral medications. After all, they aren't natural so it's not so good for your body. I heard people rave about Sunday Riley on the Internet so I decided to give it a go. Good Genes does not disappoint me. It is amazing! It is strong and tingles on my skin. The first few days, my acne went a little crazy because it resurfaces what's underneath my skin and I also see my hyperpigmentation fade a little. After the first week, I can definitely see a huge difference on my skin. It controls my acne and reduces hyperpigmentation dramatically. I have never used a product that works like magic. I cannot live without it!
    It really works
    I have acne, oily skin, that is dehydrated on the inside. I also have fine lines appearing. I bought Good Genes after reading so many good reviews. I was skeptical, but hopeful that it would improve my skin texture. And it did! The results are amazing. My skin is smoother and more radiant. I've also come to realise that Good Genes is also effective as a spot treatment. When I feel a pimple or acne starting to surface, I usually apply some GG directly to the spot, add on some pimple cream and the spot is less angry the next morning. Generally I use the serum every night, with a couple days break during the week. I find that my breakouts are so much more controllable with consistent use of GG. An extra, and very significant perk!! This serum really works! I am a huge fan. Will repurchase again and again...
    In love
    Why oh why must you be so expensive?! This has become part of my holy grail kit, so it is safe to say I will soon be bankrupt ! This evens out my skintime, hydrates, leaves a healthy glow and helps to plump my skin. In love!
    Takes time but worth it!
    I used is product for a week and put it at the back of my skincare shelf - I really wasn't understanding the hype. I was £85 out of pocket and disappointed. Then a month ago, I dug it out again. I used it every other night religiously. My hyper pigmentation is all but gone. My skin is smooth. I haven't seen a spot in weeks. My makeup stays on my face. And my oil is manageable. This stuff works but not overnight - keep going at it. I mix it with Juno or plain argan oil and it's an absolute miracle product. Removed a star based on price after seeing Sam Buntings expert review - " I'm just not sure the price-point is justified as AHAs are extremely cheap to formulate and there’s no such thing as pharmaceutical grade lactic acid." That being said, I've managed to refill my bottle twice with free 10ml samples that get given out a lot so can't complain!!
    Believe the hype!
    I was able to try Good Genes when I purchased the Ceramic Slip Discovery kit from Cult Beauty and knew that I would have to make the big purchase one day. That day finally came when Cult Beauty had an offer on, and Good Genes became mine. I used the serum overnight along with Sunday Riley's Artemis oil and the results were instant. My skin has been pretty awful lately, but this product has helped smooth my skin completely. The annoying forehead lines have gone. The glow, well, it's there! I would definitely recommend that people try this before you buy, as it may have a sting factor for some with sensitive skin! Overall, the only downside to this product is the price, but it's worth it! It's that little bottle of magic you need in your life!
    The hype is true
    I usually don't buy into all the hypes around so-called miracle products but for me this product is really worth the money. Through the daily very, very gentle exfoliation it gives, I have basically got rid of all of my pimples (I had about 1-2 pimples every week). My skin also looks quite good now as the product has also helped with reducing the hyperpigmentation I get after the pimples have disappeared. So, even though it is insanely expensive and I can barely afford it, this is a product I will keep buying!
    Great but in moderation
    I was suffering with a weird hormonal breakout which still no dermatologist has been able to identify - hives all over my face with small raised red bumps. This product helped me immensely. In the beginning I used it daily which caused my skin to de-flake extremely. However, after that I now use the product once a week and is working great for me. It evens out your skintone and reduces hyper pigmentation. I would say that for dryer skin you would be better purchasing an oil and going for a more hydrating serum rather than a corrective one, but for blemishes and other skin conditions moderation when using this product will provide you with amazing results. The only downsides are the price and the smell.
    I'M IN LOVE!!
    OMG I love this sooo much. It's changed my life! This is everyone's dream product. It's everything I ever wanted!
    Holy Grail Staple
    I am on my third bottle and I will definitely buy more. This is a very expensive product but oh so worth it. Makes an instant difference to my skin, it's more radiant, plumper, clearer. Also, works great as a spot treatment on blemishes. Not for sensitive skin though. My mum tried it and had to wash it all off almost immediately, as her skin went all red and stingy. If you're okay with more aggressive treatments this is a must to try.
    Excellent product
    Love the texture and feel of this product on my skin!! Also keen on the smell, always makes me feel refreshed. A little bit pricey for me to justify using it everyday, but always my go to when I feel my skin needs a boost!
    Instant Results!
    This stuff is a m a z i n g !! If you are concerned about the cost, just swallow hard and buy it. It is worth every penny. It basically eats all the 'face gunk' in your pores and smooths everything out in the process. If my pores are a bit blocked and skin is feeling rough, all I need to do is put this on at night and by morning everything is smooth and soft again. Despite having seriously sensitive skin, I am absolutely fine with it. Also, since results are so fast, there is no need to wear it long-term. You will however get a bit of tingling, or even stinging, if you use it several days on the trot. Given the cost I shouldn't really admit to this, but if you put a little bit on rough heels at night you will wake up with baby-soft feet the next day...!
    Miracle product. Will ALWAYS repurchase
    Good genes is one of those products that makes me wonder how I got on before I had it in my life. I used to try all kinds of serums, trying to find one that made a noticeable difference and that had those results consistently. Upon application there is a slight 'tingle' (for me) but I actually like when this happens - it makes me feel like the products is really working. I love the texture of this serum, and the results are amazing. It smooths, refines, plumps, hydrates... just makes your skin look and feel amazing in every way. I've never had any kind of adverse reaction to this product; no rash, breakouts, dryness etc. It's a stunning product.
    This is a great product that works like magic! It is worth the price.
    The best serum
    Fantastic product! My skin is sensitive-combination and Good Genes help me whith my post-acne marks.
    Love it
    I have been using this serum for a week now and my spots have just simply disappeared. I wanted to try this serum not only because of the hype around it but also because of the countless amount of recommendations from bloggers such as Caroline Hirons. Theses recommendations were not unfounded! The smell of lemon grass is so refreshing in the morning and I noticed an instant glow to my skin due to the ingredient of Liquorice, a natural skin brightener. Although I was a little worried when I first used it as my skin was quite red immediately after, I put this down to overzealous massaging and it has not occurred again. Although the price is quite high, you must remember that any good quality serum will be around this price and it is a good idea to splurge in this area of your skin routine. After all, we only have one set of skin! I strongly recommend this to any skin type except those with very sensitive skin.
    Awful rash!
    I love Sunday Riley products but I can't use this one again which is so disappointing after paying so much for it. I actually liked the smell and the bottle is gorgeous and I thought it would do a more intense job of the Alpha-H Liquid Gold, but after putting a thin layer on my clean skin it started burning a lot to the point where I had to wash it off, and my face was bright red and blotchy with tiny little bumps all over. My skin isn't too sensitive normally but something in this obviously didn't agree with my skin :(
    My favourite serum
    I have used five bottles of Good Genes serum, and it helps make my skin more stable and brighter than ever before. It works so great together with BIONIC cream.
    I'm about to purchase my second bottle. Yes, the smell is a bit funky, but the results are outstanding. I love this product and even though I've tried to keep away because of the tiny very expensive bottle. I can't! I miss it too much. My skin doesn't feel as smooth without it.
    Cult Beauty Expert Review
    Lactic acid is an excellent chemical exfoliant which also hydrates, and its present at a good percentage here so it will improve skin texture, making it brighter. It’s light and absorbs easily, so good cosmetic elegance. However, I'm just not sure the price-point is justified as AHAs are extremely cheap to formulate and there’s no such thing as pharmaceutical grade lactic acid.
    Not for moderate/severe acne sufferers
    I used this when I had good skin and it did everything the five star reviews say it can - it made my good skin even better. I repurchased, but I have had a resurgence of pretty bad hormonal acne and this stuff just doesn't work anymore. Doesn't prevent or reduce breakouts, doesn't do anything for congestion, and stings my fragile, compromised skin. It causes inflammation and redness almost instantly which is the main thing I want to avoid! Once my skin gets back under control I'll consider repurchasing. However, beware acne sufferers!
    Amazing stuff
    I know this is expensive but it is honestly worth every penny. I have combination skin prone to breakouts, along with dryness and sensitivity. I use this with Sunday Riley Juno oil on top almost every night and it has transformed my skin. Breakouts have cleared up and it is glowing! I cannot be without this. When my skin is looking especially yuk I mix half a pump in with my day cream too for an added boost. Tingles slightly when you first put it on but That makes it feel like it's really working!
    Love this
    I think it's the high percentage of lactic acid in this serum that makes it so good. I have really acne-prone skin and have spent the last couple of years really struggling with my skin. This has been a real game changer - it hasn't completely cleared my spots (they do keep appearing) but it dramatically calms my skin, and makes the healing process so much quicker. If you have better skin naturally than mine (believe me, you probably do) then this would be wonderful and I can't recommend it enough. If you also suffer from acne like me, first stop is the GP, but this is great as an accompaniment to other treatments. I thoroughly recommend.
    Worth the splurge
    Unfortunately this product IS worth the money - as much as it would have hurt to feel like I'd wasted £85 on a less-than-special product, the fact that it delivers such stellar results means I will never, ever be able to be without it. Good luck, bank balance! It does tingle on the first application but that quickly disappears with repeated use. I find half a pump is all I need to see results so I'm learning to make it last longer (the bottle recommends 2-3 pumps - that would be far too much and unnecessary in my opinion). My pores look smaller (I'm using this in combination with the Ceramic Slip Cleanser, and dark marks left by spots seem to be fading fast). For reference, my skin is oily/combination with monthly hormonal breakout battles on my cheeks. This stuff really does work - I even like the smell - and far more cost-effective than experimenting with tons of high street brands that just can't deliver the same results.
    Good Genes
    I'm 50 + and have found this works better than any serum I've ever used before. (If interested, see my review of the Sunday Riley slip cleanser for further comments) I seem to recall India Knight (Sunday Times columnist) saying she didn't know which of the two products was having such a powerful effect. I agree - but I'm too cowardly/vain to find out by giving one of them up for a while. In any case, there are instant, visible results after using each one - and, long-term, my skin has definitely improved. Just one more thing: Cult Beauty, please bring back the £99 offer for both products!
    I receive a sample of a product with my purchase. And a few days ago I decided to try the product. Very important notice - make a sensitive test before your first application. Use you elbow or neck, whatever, but DO the test and keep the product on the test area for a nighttime at least! I put the product on my face without test and I feel burn in a few minutes, I wash it of my face and go with bare face, cause it hurts and funny red. In the evening my face was red, and keep staying pretty deep red color for a 3 days already. Any product hurt my skin now, any part of my approved and tested regimen like very mild oily cleaner, alcohol-free tonner, anti-blemish foam, face oil, etc. (I used them before and test them near my ear that this situation happens). There is no salvation for me now because I'm out of my country (and my dermatologist) for next 2 weeks. So do the test first, and do it with your dermatologist :)
    Good purchase
    I received this in an amazing box. Tried the product and I knew it was right for me. It gives me glowing skin without being too harsh. I wear it at night and follow with moisturizer. I wake up to post spa looking skin! This is my second Sunday Riley product and I am happy so far. Will try the Juno next....
    Sunday Riley Good Genes
    Brilliant! I have used this product for about 2 months and really recommend it. I am 58 with fine sensitive skin, prone to fine lines and patchy colouring. This product has given my skin a bloom I thought was lost! It has also evened out my skin tone and really made my complexion look younger and fresher. I use it every morning as a serum under my usual dermalogical anti-age moisturiser. I tried it once as a masque but as I have very insensitive skin, I could feel it tingling and it made my skin red. I will definitely continue to use it as a daily serum under moisturiser. Although expensive, the effects are the best results I have ever had from any product and are long lasting
    Has made a real difference ...
    I have just logged on to buy my 3rd bottle and I was surprised by a couple of negative reviews. I too have pretty sensitive skin but other than a bit of tightening when first applied I have had no problems using Good Genes. I already have pretty good skin but sadly I am getting old! The results of this product have been progressive rather than instant but I know after a couple of months my skin looks brighter and I seem to have lost the clusters of whiteheads on my forehead. A few people have remarked on how well I'm looking and I'm sure this is down to the serum. Smells are funny things but I love the smell of liquorice so it seems quite pleasant to me.
    Nice improvement
    I have skin that's oily on my nose, congested on my forehead and dry after shaving (twice a weekish) on my cheeks. Annoying to say the least. This just seems to even things out for me. I don't use it the days I shave because that can make me sensitive, but my skin just seems to love this masky serum thing, whatever it is. It evens and balances and leaves my skin looking happy.
    This is easily the best skincare product I have ever used. Never have I found a product that so instantly takes care of my redness, blemishes, and acne scars. I put this on the evening with Juno on top and I wake up with new skin in the morning. It is quite incredible. I am a Sunday Riley devotee!
    Think twice
    Having read the breathless PR on this product I buckled and bought Good Genes. Not wanting to judge too quickly I have been using it for two weeks, hoping I would see the benefit at some point. Sadly I am not just underwhelmed, I actively dislike it. The first thing to mention is the smell - a combination of liquorice and caffeine, which is strong and pretty repellent. It disappears after about 15 minutes but is unpleasant while it lasts. More importantly it makes my skin tight rather than feeling hydrated as you'd expect a serum to. Worst of all the "just out of the spa" look that was written about just looks shiny and a bit greasy, while feeling very tight. I have dry combination skin and had to follow up with primer and powder to avoid looking oily.
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