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    Sunday RileyCeramic Slip Cleanser <p>Sunday Riley&#8217;s iconic Ceramic Slip Cleanser is back &#8211; and better than ever! Completely reformulated and repackaged, the water-gel cleanser &#8216;pulls out&#8217; impurities while &#8216;pulling in&#8217; clean hydration for smaller-looking pores and a clean, radiant finish. A blend of plant-based purifying soaps lift up and wash away dirt, while French green clay, bentonite and white clay draws out dirt, oil, pollution, SPF and make up from pores for a supreme clean. White rice and olive oil esters &#8211; these water-soluble, skin-protecting and antioxidant-rich organic esters are multi-tasking actives comprised of skin-balancing, nutrient-rich proteins &#8211; protect skin from dehydration by strengthening it and deeply nourishing your natural moisture barrier. Alongside this, neroli oil helps to calm and balance, making this an extremely gentle (yet deep!) cleanser that can be used anytime to promote a more healthy, youthful-looking complexion.&nbsp;</p>SRN00116438174940126514 stars, based on49 reviews 26.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

    Sunday Riley
    Ceramic Slip Cleanser
    ( 150ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      We’re thrilled to reveal Sunday Riley’s revamped, reformulated and repackaged Ceramic Slip Cleanser. This is a new and improved version of the must-have classic for those in pursuit of a perfectly flawless, doll-like complexion – but it’s now formulated with three types of clay (French green clay, bentonite and white kaolin clay) alongside rice and olive oil esters, which strengthen skin and bolster its moisture barrier to protect it from dehydration. Now in silky water-gel form, its potent blend of ingredients lifts grime, absorbs impurities, tightens pores and gently exfoliates, so skin becomes smoother, clearer and more refined

    • Description

      Sunday Riley’s iconic Ceramic Slip Cleanser is back – and better than ever! Completely reformulated and repackaged, the water-gel cleanser ‘pulls out’ impurities while ‘pulling in’ clean hydration for smaller-looking pores and a clean, radiant finish. A blend of plant-based purifying soaps lift up and wash away dirt, while French green clay, bentonite and white clay draws out dirt, oil, pollution, SPF and make up from pores for a supreme clean. White rice and olive oil esters – these water-soluble, skin-protecting and antioxidant-rich organic esters are multi-tasking actives comprised of skin-balancing, nutrient-rich proteins – protect skin from dehydration by strengthening it and deeply nourishing your natural moisture barrier. Alongside this, neroli oil helps to calm and balance, making this an extremely gentle (yet deep!) cleanser that can be used anytime to promote a more healthy, youthful-looking complexion. 

    • How to use

      Massage Ceramic Slip into skin to remove dirt, oil, pollution, SPF, and make up in just one step. Rinse with water

    • Full ingredients list

      Water/Aqua/Eau, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Octyldodecanol, Polyacrylate-33, Propanediol, Polyglyceryl-2 Caprate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Disteardimonium hectorite, Xanthan Gum, Montmorillonite, Kaolin, Olive Oil Polyglyceryl-6 esters, Rice Oil Glycereth-8 esters, Phospholipids, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Sodium Lauroamphoacetate, Bisabolol, Pentylene Glycol, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phytate, Citrus Aurantium Amara, Caprylyl Glycol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzoic Acid, Propylene Carbonate, PVP

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    Sunday Riley - Ceramic Slip Cleanser

    Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser Reviews

    i have dehydrated oily skin, large cheek pores, prone to white and black heads. this is one of the best cleansers i used. thorough cleaning, pore tightening, smooth and bouncy feel. all this without drying off the skin. the only downsize is the price point, but it does last a while.
    It’s a no from me
    I am so sorry the first two products I tried from the “Wake up with me” kit were this and the Pink Drink one, maybe I will have more luck with the other products. I love cleansers and buy a lot of them, and for a fact I am not easily impressed. But I know that and try a product 5-6-10 times before forming an opinion. Well, this cleanser is runny, smells awkward, does not remove makeup well and does not leave skin soft. A total flop.
    Slip is a good name for it
    It's a very strange texture. It's ok... but strange. As a cleanser, I cant comment much. I dont see it doing anything special. It doesn't get my make up off. Definitely a second step cleaner. Probably won't buy again.
    Fantastic Cleanser
    This is my third purchase of this cleanser in my two step cleanse. My skin feels and looks really clean. I use a gel for my first cleanse with a warm flannel then cleanse with Ceramic Slip, I just use a small amount about the size of a 10p piece and it does lather up a little , but after drying my face it looks really clean ready for my other Sunday Riley products, it also lasts a long time. Very happy with it.
    Good for my skin
    When I use this cleanser my skin is clear, my pores look small and my other products go on really well afterwards. It is quite an unusual texture. I’ll be honest and say that it is not my favourite to use because of the soapy feel. You can use it wet or dry but I always prefer to massage it onto dry skin, leave it for a few seconds and then add water for a really thorough cleanse. Despite feeling quite soapy, it is not drying on the skin but great for balancing. I highly recommend this product if you have oily or combination skin and would like to use something effective without any exfoliating acids.
    Lovely cleanser
    I love how this product smooths over the skin. It feels light on the skin and cleans well without stripping the skin.
    Lovely cleanser
    I have hyper-sensitive and acne-prone skin, and was struggling to find something that effectively cleaned my skin without breaking my face out or drying it. Caroline Hirons recommends this product in her new book and I will never go back. It’s seriously brilliant.
    great cleanser for sensitive skin
    For those who have sensitive skin and oily skin it’s a great option
    Miss the packaging but not the formula
    I really like this formula. I use it as a second cleanser in evenings and find no faults with it. I have normal skin type and this really cleans the face well without being overly drying. It feels refreshing and does not irritate any breakouts I may have. I can see how someone with more mature or dry skin would not care for it though. The old formula smelled weird, I didn't mind it that much, but removing it is an improvement! I find that the packaging is a bit messy, I really wish it came in a pump bottle like the old one.
    Lovely second cleanse
    I use this for my second cleanse when wearing heavy make up. Fragrance free and makes my skin feel very soft. Great amount for the money, has made me interested in trying more from the brand.
    Not the best
    Wasn’t great at taking all my eye makeup off.
    The smell
    Think it cleans quite good, however the smell! Not for me... I tried a mini but wouldn't buy the bigger one. Also, a lot comes out, just like others mentioned here.
    Lovely cleanser
    Use it day and night and bought a big size as I tried a smaller one first and loved it. Skin feels soft and so, so clean after :)
    The best ever cleanser
    I really love it! I use it every morning.
    Really good on my second tube.
    I use this to gel wash both morning and night and then follow up with an eye-makeup remover in the evening. My face feels clean and non irritating and then I follow up with other products in the range as love clean skincare! I used the previous one in the pump bottle which I definitely prefer as the tub gets all grimy at the bottom.
    Surprisingly good
    This does not foam up like all the other cleansers that I have used, however, it really does do the trick of making my skin look brighter and more radiant, I used this with my Foreo luna. I have dry skin so it took about a week to see the results on my skin.
    Pleasantly surprised..
    I’ve been on the hunt for a good cleanser to suit my needs. I’m in my late 20’s (basically 30!) and i have oily-combo skin with the occasional hormonal breakouts. This cleanser first caught my eye when it was the old formula, but as they were changing things i was not able to purchase it until this version was launched. I’ve been using this cleanser for a over 2 months, and i just opened my second tube. From my experience, having oily skin, this cleanser has made my skin look amazing. Only gave it 4 stars because its not specifically targeted to my skin type so it doesn't do everything i want it to do, but overall i have noticed a difference and my skin looks and feels so healthy. I use it with my Foreo luna cleansing brush(oily skin), and i do think using with with a cleansing device maximises its benefits for the skin. It does come out A LOT when you dispense so be careful and start with a small amount and add more if you need to. Once you get the hang of it a little goes such a long way and it could last you probably even 3 months. So all in all, I really like this cleanser and I am happy with my purchase. If you’re willing to spend the money I would give it a go.
    I'm similar to many other reviewers. I used the original formula a few years ago and loved it. Didn't realise it had changed. It's awful - felt really soapy, stripped my skin and made it go batty with breakouts, which it never does. I had to ditch it halfway through the tube. Avoid!
    Bring back the old formula!
    Absolutely gutted Sunday Riley decided to change the formula of what was an amazing cleanser! The old formula cleared my acne-prone skin, but this new formula leaves my skin feeling congested and no longer stops the break outs. Please bring back the old one!
    No no no
    Hate this new formula so much - it’s like buying a designer cashmere jumper for £250 and M&S do them for £85, don’t waste your money ladies there are better alternatives available. Such a shame as I used to love Sunday Riley.
    Not as good as the old formula
    I noticed this new formula is more runny, less foamy, it stings my eyes and leaves a bad taste in my mouth (literally). I hoarded the old formula so I’m covered in the next few months but I hope they do bring back the old one. The squeezy tube doesn’t do well with this runny formulation. It creates a lot of wastage when you dispense, no matter how gently you do it.
    It's not so bad
    I use this in Winter, so it's ok. In the Summer when my skin is oily I use a different cleanser, but for cold weather and if you double cleanse, it's great.
    Hated it
    I found it just failed across the board for me, though luckily I only had a mini from a set. Firstly, the packaging isn’t great and it was hard to control how much boring scented liquid came out. On my skin, it didn’t feel cleansing, but just felt like a load of SLS... afterwards my skin felt really stripped and tight, and my skin is only vaguely sensitive. The next day my skin was slightly more bumpy and dehydrated, and I hadn’t changed any other products in my routine, so I blame this stuff. It wasn’t gentle, I didn’t sense the mud/oil in it (only the soap), and it didn’t really feel cleansing, just stripping. It could potentially be good if you’re EXTREMELY oily, I’m not sure
    Vast improvement.
    Why the negative reviews? I just don’t get it. I have been using Ceramic Slip as my go to cleanser since it was introduced. I have sensitive breakout prone skin. I found it never completely removed my makeup, and started using with Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse. I never like the gummy texture or plastic like smell of the old formula, but it agreed with my skin. I tried a sample of new cleanser for almost three weeks before I purchased. The new cleanser removes makeup much better, it seems to leave my skin plump, but not oily, has no noticeable smell, and it has cleared up some minor breakouts I had. Great for sensitive skin. My skin doesn’t feel at all tight or stripped using it. I would highly recommend.
    Not worth it
    The product comes out too fast from the new packaging, so you end up wasting quite a bit. Not as nice as previous formula, wouldn’t buy again.
    Had a travel size and was hooked…
    The travel size I had in a kit was to be frank not the reason I bought the kit. However from the first use I was hooked. I see it is not for all and many comment good as a second cleanse. I don’t wear a lot of makeup so perhaps that is why I find this brilliant. I am in my fifties and to be frank use Sisley products after years of trying all that comes onto the market. This little cleanser I found cleansed thoroughly without leaving my skin crying out for moisture. It also left it glass like and smooth, I do feel pores and bumpy bits look smoother as well. The price point compared to my usual cleanser is fab. A definite switch for me. I used up the tube and am back here to buy the full size. Love it!
    Flawless second-step cleanser
    This formula is incredible. I love the natural scents of the clay and the texture is very fluid but cushiony like you'd expect during a luxury facial. Before adding this to my routine, my skin oscillated between dry and oily (was so confused about which skin type I actually have), and this alone helped rebalance and maintain the peace. Inflammation and texture evened out and my breakouts lifted which was totally unexpected. Between this and increasing water intake (lol), my skin seriously looks retouched now. I've seen some critiques about the packaging, and I can confirm that the brand fixed the orifice size so that one can dispense a proper amount.
    Refreshing cleanser
    This cleanser is easy to use, I use a very small amount and it covers my whole face. After rinsing it leaves my skin squeaky clean and feeling very refreshed.
    Holy Grail Cleanser
    Cleansing is the most import step in my skincare routine. This cleanser is clay based so perfect for my oily-normal skin, very light and silky in texture and cleanses the face without stripping off the oil. I have repurchased this countless number of times and I can safely say that this is my Holy Grail cleanser.
    Not for me
    I love Sunday Riley, but this one was not for me. The texture is somewhat like a watered down mud mask. Didn't make my skin feel particularly clean or nice.
    It’s good but not the best
    This cleanser is good and gets the job done but doesn’t leave my skin feeling super clean or hydrated. I’m not gonna buy it again
    One of the best cleansers
    Loved this gentle cleanser that left my skin feeling clean but not stripped. My husband also loves it, so it suitable for both my normal with dry patches skin type and also his acne prone skin type.
    Best cleanser I ever used
    I have no idea why only the 2 stars. I love this cleanser. It's super soft, doesn't break me out, blurs my Pores and 150 ml for this price is pretty good. It's also vegan. What's not to love?
    Just not the same
    First off, I adored the original Ceramic Slip. Easily one of my favourite daily cleansers. The only thing this new cleanser has in common with the old one is the name. First off the new packaging is a huge pain. The more watery consistency of this formulation along with a squeeze bottle that opens from the bottom just means that the product comes out way too fast and accumulates around the cap so it crusts up and looks terrible. Performance wise, it really didn’t do anything for my skin. This is just not the same product that I used to love :(
    Pretty good!
    I use this in combination with the Halo pads and it completely removes my makeup, including mascara. I have tried with just water and no pads and it doesn’t remove as well. There’s no chemical smell and makes my skin feel soft.
    For my oily skin it is AMAZING!!
    I have been using this for almost a week and I have also changed my whole routine (using the set of Disciple Good Skin and Dreamy Skin). With these two serums, I understand that it may need more than two weeks to see difference, that is why I say that this cleanser reaaaaally cleanses my pores. Immediately after one wash, I could see a small difference in the size of my pores. After a week I can see a big difference, but after 3 weeks I am confident that it will be much better still. I use an oil-based product to remove makeup and then this cleanser and my skin feels really clean!!!
    New formula :(
    I just purchased the new formula ceramic cleanser, now in the tube not the pump. Was explained they were having issues with it irritating the eye area. I personally loved the old cleaner! Was great for the pores. Or little overnight extra. Now it’s like runny water, washed out with non texture. The new formulation lacks all the things that have made me a long term user, even the flip top means so much comes out that you don’t need, I moved the new formula back to the old pump and sadly I won’t be buying it again after this. I need a good all over face wash when I get home, I feel like I have to use another straight after using this one!
    Love it!!!
    My skin is oily and I have a big problem with acne, this is gentle enough but also cleans my skin really well. It has really transformed my skin.
    Why the change?
    Very disappointed with the new formula. I loved the old one and how clean it made my skin feel without drying it ... I don't know what to make of this ... it just doesn't feel right .. first changing Good Genes and now this :(
    Love it
    I find the cleanser so gentle. I have dry skin and it doesn't dry me out at all. I also find it makes my pores look smaller. You only need a tiny bit so the tube will last a long time.
    Not as good as the original
    New formulation is just not for me. Very runny
    It's ok...
    Can't say it's a holy grail product... It's ok if you double cleanse and if you use it during the cold months. The texture is runny and the bottle doesn't last that much. The cleanser doesn't strip the skin, so the skin doesn't dry out. But it definitely does not leave my skin feeling clean which is a bit sad, because I really wanted to love this cleanser. It is quite good with removing make up though. I would say that this cleanser is closer to oil cleansers you now have on the market.
    Didn't love it, didn't hate it
    I bought this after it was recommended to me by several people as being good for clearing up clogged pores, blackheads and oily skin. It didn't give the deep cleanse I was hoping for, however it did leave my skin nice and glowy. If you have clear skin already and just want something to give you an extra bit of glow then this is probably the cleanser for you!
    Miss the old formula
    It's ok, but definitely different from the original. The tube is much less convenient than the pump version as the formula is quite runny and spills. I miss the smell of the orginal as well and ph level is much higher than before which is not so good for my oily skin. I will use it, but i don't love it.
    Totally different from the old (original) Ceramic slip - an important fact, that definitely was not clearly marked on the website.
    Loved the old - Hate the new
    I fell in love with the old Ceramic slip, and since they made a new formula with a new packaging I wanted to try it and wanted to love it. First of all: The formula is way too runny for the packaging! You will easily use 3 times more than you need, making this already costly cleanser taking an extra bite out of you wallet. That's why I put this formula in my old Ceramic Slip pump bottle. It's absolutely nothing like the old formula. The old formula left my skin feeling very clean and 'as new'. I do not like the texture, it feels more sticky than creamy and doesn't leave my skin feeling clean. I notice that I get more breakouts when using this cleanser, if you have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts and need a cleansing face wash, this ain't it! I want the old formula back!
    I had a bad breakout and thought I would need to try a better cleanser for my oily combination skin. But this one is definitely not worth the money. I don’t think the breakout is getting worse but it also didn’t get any better since I started using this cleanser. Definitely not recommended if you have issues with your skin!
    Not as good :(
    Really gutted with the reformulation. Does clean well but comes out the squeezy tube too quickly (preferred the pump bottle) and has lost the lovely herbal scent that made it luxurious. Will not be buying again when this runs out. Shame it couldn’t be left as it was. I loved it!
    WARNING - New Formula
    Perfumed Gal and I have had the same experience! This new formula is so disappointing. My acne-prone oily skin loved the squeaky clean feeling after the original formula. The new formula leaves my skin feeling congested and I've broken out!!! It's truly so disappointing that Sunday Riley has swapped formulas for an inferior product. Be better!
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