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    Sunday RileyCeramic Slip Cleanser <p>This lightly foaming cleanser contains a cocktail of vitamins, minerals &amp; essential oils to tone and balance normal to combination skin. Refined French green clay draws out impurities while vitamin C reduces the appearance of discolouration and stimulates collagen production for a plumper, dewy complexion. Black pepper promotes circulation, sandalwood combats areas of sensitivity, jasmine soothes and restores while frankincense encourages healthy cell growth for firmer, porcelain-smooth skin. </p>SRN0018174940126515 stars, based on72 reviews 26.00Cult BeautyNew

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    Sunday Riley
    Ceramic Slip Cleanser
    ( 150ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      The first step towards a flawless, doll-like complexion, Sunday Riley's Ceramic Slip Cleanser is a must-have for those in pursuit of perfect skin. Gently foaming, its potent blend of ingredients - including über-expensive French green clay - lifts grime, absorbs impurities, tightens pores and gently exfoliates, so skin becomes smoother, clearer and more refined. Sunday believes the key to healthy skin lies in marrying botanical ingredients with biotechnology to unleash their potential and save our skins!

    • Description

      This lightly foaming cleanser contains a cocktail of vitamins, minerals & essential oils to tone and balance normal to combination skin. Refined French green clay draws out impurities while vitamin C reduces the appearance of discolouration and stimulates collagen production for a plumper, dewy complexion. Black pepper promotes circulation, sandalwood combats areas of sensitivity, jasmine soothes and restores while frankincense encourages healthy cell growth for firmer, porcelain-smooth skin.

    • How to use
      Use in the morning to prepare you skin for the day's onslaught, and again in the evening to wash it all off... Take some time to gently massage it into your skin with your fingertips, concentrate on areas where you get the most congestion like the chin and tricky nose area. The massage will wake up your micro-circulation so toxins are transported away and the area looks plumped.
    • Full ingredients list
      Aqua (Water) + Montmorillonite (French Green Clay), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocopolyglucoside Tartrate, Sodium Cocopolyglucoside Citrate, Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C Ester), Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper) Fruit Oil, Botswellia Carterii (Frankincense) Oil, Jasmine Officinale Oil, Santalum album (Sandalwood) Oil, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Tetrasodium Edta
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    Sunday Riley - Ceramic Slip Cleanser

    Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser Reviews

    Too expensive, no results.
    I'm about 3/4 of the way through the bottle and apart from making the skin by my nose smoother this cleanser has done nothing. It's broken me out badly on my cheeks, forehead and jawline. Pores look the same and it's done NOTHING for my oily skin. I wouldn't ever buy this again because it's way too expensive. However, you'd expect results like this from a Primark cleanser. I'll go back to my Simple cleanser after this, but maybe put it in this bottle because it's so pretty and still looks brand new. Only upside.
    Good but break outs
    The first few days of using this I thought it was unreal. My skin was so smooth and soft and the congested skin around my chin was particularly noticeable with how smooth it had become. But now, my forehead and cheeks have broken out worse than I've had in years. Still not particularly bad, but not good. I'm hoping this will pass and not get worse. Been using it for two weeks. Skin isn't noticeably less oily. Pores look the same.
    Probably the best cleanser
    As my nickname suggests, I am an addict and I have tried almost all top cleansers on the market. This cleanser is always my "go back to cleanser" I have very oily skin and this work well. It never fails to give me that glass-like skin and does well to shrink my enlarged pore. I can wax lyrical about this cleanser because it works.
    The holy grail
    This cleanser is my holy grail! After the first bottle I thought my flawless skin should try other cleansers but boy was I wrong, ph level got screwed acne started popping and I was worried. Bought this again and within three days upon usage skin is settling down and my glow is evident. I have combination skin...thank you Cult and Sunday Riley <3
    Not my fave
    I find it so interesting that this is so widely loved, as I have really oily skin and still find this too stripping to use regularly. Baffles me that drier skins could like it! It does make your skin feel super smooth though. It’s ok, and I like having a clay cleanser on hand, but I probably won’t repurchase. Used the Pixi and the REN clay cleansers up much much faster.
    Lovely gentle cleanser
    This is such a lovely cleanser, very gentle on the skin and it doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight. After removing my make-up, I use this product as my second cleanser. Although it doesn’t have the best smell, I still give 5 stars due to all the lovely natural ingredients.
    It did not do wonders for my skin at all. Pretty much does its job at cleansing and that's about it. Overhyped I would say. Perhaps it is just not a match made in heaven for my combination skin.
    Great cleanser
    This is really good. Feels very natural and I enjoy the scent. I have some larger pores on my nose and cheeks and they really are less noticeable since I started using the Ceramic Slip in January.
    Still good
    Having oily skin, this clay cleanser should be a match made in heaven but I found it quite average. I really love a lot of their other cult products and have repurchased several times but this cleanser didn't live up to the expectation. For this price I'd rather buy a cleanser from Indie Lee, Kypris or Tata and pay a little bit more for an excellent product.
    New staple
    I always thought Sunday Riley was a little over hyped and pricey, but wow, this cleanser is AWESOME. I just recently started using it, so I can't say anything about long-term results, but so far I'm loving the cleanser experience. I have oily and sensitive skin which is hard to please, so I was a bit hesitant to try this cleanser as it has essential oils in it, but my skin is totally loving it. Love the smell as well. I'll def be reordering this when I run out.
    My go to cleanser, just reordered
    I am so pleased I choose this product. It is so good I have re-ordered it. Sunday Riley has firmly established itself a place in my bathroom cabinet. I noticed the difference in my skin after a couple of weeks. I am very pale so I feel like all blemishes or uneven skin tone are really noticeable but this has really helped. It has evened out my skin tone and has given me a clearer, smoother skin. I thought it might be too drying- clay products tend to really dry out my skin however this feels soft, nourishing and rich. It is really effective in cleaning off the days make-up. Love this product. Also I like the smell.
    Great cleanser
    I love this cleanser. I have sensitive skin prone to redness and since using this in the mornings by skin has been a lot calmer and brighter. The smell is weird. I don't totally hate it but it takes a bit of getting used to. Worth putting up with though. I bought this on a bit of a whim and I'm glad I tried it! Will repurchase when finished.
    Good product
    I saw this product blogged by Huda Beauty and I thought I would try it. I really liked this product it lathered well and really cleansed my face without leaving it dry. My face had a glow after washing so would recommend this product.
    Nice cleanser with odd scent, not for drier skin
    I liked the consistency of this cleanser but not the scent which seemed kind of a chemical/earthy combination. I didn't really enjoy using it for that reason and it felt a bit too strong around my eyes. It left my skin feeling clean (but would need two cleanses to if I was wearing makeup) but tight. I have normal skin, maybe a little dry sometimes. I was a bit annoyed when I received the bottle which says 'normal to oily' in small print on the label, which I didn't notice on the website. I think the Cult Beauty product description (the basis on which I bought) should say which skin type it is for. Still, I used it all up but will not repurchase.
    It's a nice face wash but it didn't reduce pores or reduced my acne. Does feel nice on the skin and is quite soothing.
    So perfect!! I use it as second evening cleanse and a morning cleanse and I couldn't be more happy. It's just perfect.
    Effective clay cleanser
    I use this as a second evening cleanse and morning cleanse. The clay provides a thorough cleanse without stripping the skin. The ease of use with the pump is fantastic and the thin consistency allows it to be used as clay mask.
    Lovely but.....
    Lovely cleanser for my combination/oily skin, it doesn't dry my skin out and it makes my skin feel suuuuuper clean. I use it in the mornings and love it, however I am having a difficult time getting used to the smell of this cleanser.
    Best cleanser ever
    I have used this cleanser for more than 6 months now and I am on my second bottle. Just ordered my third bottle as a backup. I use one to two pumps every morning and I have really noticed that my skin has become very clear. Before I started using this cleanser my skin suffered with texture. My skin type is normal to combination and sensitive. I cannot live without this cleanser anymore. I love it!
    I love this cleanser, it is the best cleanser I've ever used. I'm the type that spends a lot on skincare and hands down this is my FAVOURITE cleanser, unlike tradition cleansers that foam and dry your skin, this leaves your skin smooth and soft and glowing. I've never felt the need to write such a praiseworthy review until now, I'm mostly disappointed by the skincare I purchase. However, I can already see a difference in the clarity of my skin with 3 days of use. It doesn't make me feel worse about spots on my skin, but feels like a liquid cream that doesn't leave me oily and sticky. I love this for the price this is extremely reasonable for such a great cleanser.
    Completely Different Skin
    This product has completely changed my skin. I never write reviews, but HAD to rave about this gorgeous product in the hopes that it may change someone else's (problematic) skin. I've had problems with breakouts for as long as I can remember, resorting to heavy foundation and concealer to feel more confident about my complexion. I've used this product for 3 weeks now (in conjunction for the Alpha H Balancing Moisturiser & Gentle Exfoliant) and my skin has never been clearer. Since, I've been asked multiple times by friends and family about my skincare routine (this has never happened before)! Look past the smell and the price (you only need 1-2 pumps of this cleanser) and you will find yourself looking instead at beautiful CLEAR glowing skin. A huge thank you to Sunday Riley and Cult Beauty!
    Just ok
    I'm a bit 'meh' about this cleanser. I bought it on the great reviews it got, however I've not found anything terribly outstanding about it. Lots of people mention the smell however I didn't find this to be an issue. It's fine, but I think pretty pricey for what it is. I probably won't repurchase.
    Too drying
    I bought this - as so many people have - based on all the hype it's been getting and I have to say I expected more. It's not a bad product but it is also not amazing. I am not the biggest fan of the texture, I feel it could spread better on my skin and after removal my face felt really dry and tight (I have combination skin). The cleanser is quite similar to the Rapid Radiance Cleanser which in my opinion is definitely the better option if you are looking for a clay based cleanser.
    Not fond of the smell
    I bought this purely on the rave reviews that this cleanser has been receiving, also during a time my skin was acting up and I desperately needed something to save it. This cleanser is great - it refines the skin, does not break me out, and my skin feels clean without feeling dry and taut. However, one big issue I have with this is the smell. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it smells like an overdoes of clay that has gone bad (not to say the clay is bad but it just smells bad!). Unfortunately, I think it's part and parcel of the power ingredients used in this product - I just don't think I can continue to withstand the smell. I don't use it as often as I should be because of the smell and probably won't be repurchasing. Otherwise, a good cleanser.
    I use this in the morning. The cleanser works really well to clean and refresh the skin. I sometimes mix it with Good Genes to clean my skin as a special treatment once a week in the morning. This trick helps to bring the skin alive. My skin now is now tighter, brighter and smoother.
    A pleasant surprise
    Well, this is marvellous. I was worried with the clay content and from some reviews that this was just an expensive clay mask gone rogue, but it's a super cleanser. I have oily acne prone skin and this leaves it very bright, clean and soft without stripping it. As with 90% of Sunday Riley products, it's a smell to tolerate, not to love, but I can get over it for it's super cleansing ability. I bought this when there was a weeny sample of Good Genes accompanying it and used this with the cleanser as a ten minute mask- really fantastic. Even my greaseball face was glowy and bright without shine!
    Superb morning cleanser
    One of my all-time favourites. It's gentle, but very effective and invigorating. An excellent start to the day.
    Perfect for oily pore cleansing
    On the fence between a 3 and 4 star review. I have repurchased this once after a period away hoping for miracles on my acneic skin. I now remember why I didn't continue to use this. It's a really nice gel cream consistency and is BRILLIANT at removing oil and build up from enlarged pores but has not really helped with my active acne. I love the smell, texture and feeling of this cleanser. It's good but not great.
    Nothing special
    I had high hopes for this, but after 4 weeks of use I find it fairly average on my combination skin. I use it as a second cleanse after an oil balm if my skin is feeling congested, and it does slurp up any oil remnants, but it's just nice rather than 'wow'.
    Great cleanser!
    This is great for my combination skin. Best to use at night, as a bit drying. Fantastic product though!
    For the last month I have had horrendous skin. I'm in my late 20's with normally clear skin but had an awful few weeks leaving hyperpigmentation and scarring. After the first use of this alongside SR Ceramic Slip the redness had improved dramatically. I have super sensitive skin and this did not irritate or cause dryness. Hero product!!!
    Perfect for oily/combo skin
    Hallelujah! Holy grail spot-fighting cleanser - I'm using this as the second step in my double-cleanse routine (after Oskia's balmy Renaissance Cleanser). This is a mildly foaming (but non-stripping) cleanser that clears away every last bit of grease and grime. It is watery and a little goes a long way (2 small pumps are all you need so this will last for months - longer than the Oskia actually - which incidentally comes in a huge bottle but contains only 100ml as opposed to SR's 150ml). The smell is herbal and 'green' but not at all offensive - the results are what I'm after and this certainly delivers. Will purchase again and again.
    ceramic slip cleanser
    Gulped a bit at the price as I bought this and Good Genes, but I've never regretted it. If you have largish pores/uneven skin, I don't think you'll find any products on the market that compare with these. My skin has never looked better. Yes, the cleanser leaves your face feeling a bit tight but it doesn't dry out the skin. At 50+ I don't even have to use a moisturiser after applying Good Genes (though I do use a facial oil at night). Amazing products. Wish they were more affordable for people in their late teens/twenties with problem skin.
    Lovely - but not for me!
    Having read the exciting reviews in magazines about how much this would revitalise my complexion (which isn't bad to begin with, but who doesn't want better?) I had high hopes. It is nicely packaged and of smooth consistency, however I found it left my skin feeling tight after use. Also after using it for a week, I then took a break from it, feeling ti was too drying and immediately broke out with extra oily skin as clearly my skin had begun to overcomensensate for it's drying effects (my skin is combination/sensitive - not usually oily or particularly spotty). So sadly not for me, though it may work well for more oily complexions.
    perfect product
    Finally a product that has it all! Nice smell, consistency, bottle, packaging and above all: it cleans without drying! No breakouts and preps my skin for next stage. I really enjoy using it. My first Sunday Riley product.
    Spa experience
    This product smells and acts like magical flowery herbal spa treatment.I sink into this absolutely amazing feeling, every time i use it. The best part is, thats totally natural :) ! Thanks Cultbeauty for introducing me this brand.
    Packs a punch
    I love this cleanser but for me (and I have oily skin) I don't feel I can or should use this every day, It really removes everything remaining after my first balm cleanse. I find you only need one pump and it lasts quite a while.
    Best cleanser I've ever tried
    I have very sensitive skin which reacts badly to a lot of products but never had an issue with Sunday Riley products. Been using this cleanser for over 4 months and instantly noticed my skin texture improve, however, if I go a single day without using it the texture gets worse again. Acne has definitely improved, skin is smoother and clearer however it definitely doesn't tighten pores! My pores are more noticeable than ever, however, maybe this is because they aren't clogged up anymore? The bottle lasts about 5 months and I've already ordered a second bottle ready for when it runs out. It isn't a cheap product but definitely worth the price.
    Continuous use made all the difference in my skin
    This is one of those products that work, but you only notice it, when you stop using it. My skin is easily irritated and ever since I started using it, I had less breakouts and dryness. If you like to strip you skin of everything while cleansing, this might not be for you, because it is very gentle.
    Wish it was good for my skin
    This is a nice cleanser, I love the smell and the texture, but unfortunately I got breakouts since I started using it.
    Too stripping, overpriced
    I've recieved it as a GWP. I'm so happy I did. I have a combination, sensitive skin and judging by other reviews and the ingredients list, I was hoping that this would be a perfect cleanser for me. Unfortunately, it is way too stripping. Not to mention the price. For me the REN's ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser did a much better job, working on the oilier T-zone but not affecting too much my dryer cheek area. Overall, I would not recommend this product nor will I purchase the full size.
    Fantastic cleanser for normal/oily skin
    I absolutely love this cleanser, especially in the morning. Although this product isn't particularly effective as a makeup remover, it makes my skin feel amazingly clean without stripping. The smell is a little bit odd and earthy, but it doesn't bother me at all and it doesn't linger. I also feel like it allows acid toners, serums etc. to work more effectively. I'm over halfway through my second bottle - pricey but worth it.
    Love it
    Bought this to try. It has a spa like smell like being in a Hammam spa. This cleanser works well without drying the skin. Somehow I love it and am buying my second bottle now.
    Best cleanser
    A little background about my skin care, I always use basic cleansers as my skin was acne prone skin, but that was long time ago. Recently my skin had these big red bums and the only thing that cleared it was this cleanser surprisingly. Because I have tried a pack of the full skin care, eye cream and face cream nothing worked for my sensitive skin except this cleanser.
    I actually like the scent, smells like a spa! Leaves my oily skin balanced, clear, soft and glowing. Very gentle and effective and you only need one pump.
    I just didn't get it
    I received this as a sample a while ago and to be honest I just kept pulling a confused 'huh?' face at myself in the mirror. I expected bells and whistles from Sunday Riley but in this instance it was more like the whistle Rose blows in Titanic before she gets her lungs going.
    Perfect cleanser
    This is the best cleanser I have ever used. I have oily, acne-prone skin with large pores, and ever since I started using Ceramic Slip, my skin has been less shiny, with considerably less noticeable pores, much smoother and softer. I now sometimes even go bare-faced, with no makeup at all - something I would have balked at not long ago. I also love the smell, although I have to say it is quite strong and distinctive and not everybody might like it. I usually leave this cleanser on for a couple of minutes before rinsing off and it makes my skin feel amazing, not tight or dried out at all.
    Earthy goodness
    This smells odd but I got used to it very quickly and began to enjoy its strange earthy aroma. I only use this in my evening routine as I feel its a very clarifying cleanser and is great at super-cleaning the skin. I like to dampen my face and then apply this, lather a little and leave on whilst I brush my teeth. Once rinsed, the smells completely dissipates and it leaves my skin feeling very clean but not stripped. I don't use it every single evening but mainly when I have had a day where I have abused my face with plenty of makeup or been outside in the pollution for too long. It is the perfect treat after a long day :)
    Hate the smell
    Cleanser is more for oily skin, can be a little drying after washing. It`s watery consistency but i don`t mind. My main complain is the strong sweet-ish chemically-ish smell. Every time i wash my face i hate it.
    Not for my skin type...
    This cleanser is a joy to use, smells amazing, but I don't think is suited for my skin type (I'd say I'm normal/ dry skin with hormonal acne) and this left my skin feeling uncomfortably tight and scrambling for the moisturiser! I feel if I had oily skin this would be a god send.
    So, I'm a Cult Beauty addict! I'm forever searching for the magic product! I spend all my time reading reviews and making purchases based on these but I've never tried anything that made me be impressed enough to leave a review myself. I purchased this cleanser a couple of months ago, I'm nearly at the end of my bottle and I've just repurchased! I suffer from really oily skin with hormonal acne. Usually a few hours after applying make up my face is oily and it looks like I haven't got any foundation on anymore! I'm constantly re applying which doesn't do my spots any good either! Well, since using this my skin has improved massively! no longer is my skin oily, I apply my make up in the morning and that's it, I'm not a shiny oily mess by lunch! My pores have reduced massively, my skin looks clear! Keep using it results aren't overnight but then one day you will just notice an improvement following regular use. This and the Mizon snail cream have defiantly sorted my skin out! I feel so much more confident and don't feel the need to wear a full coverage matte foundation anymore!
    A fix for sensitive/oily skin
    My skin can be all over the place - sometimes a bit oily, but also sensitive and prone to redness...nightmare. I've tried many cleansers and am very sceptical of the various claims, but this one ticked the boxes. After rinsing this off, my face was NOT red and shiny! My face felt totally clean but not tight/stripped - amazing. I use it when my face dry and the cleanser sinks in and doesn't just sit there. Love it. Will definitely be repurchasing.
    On my second bottle
    I have combination skin and clogged pores. I noticed this cleanser helps reduce oiliness and reduces dirt trapped inside the pores. It doesn't dry out the non-oily parts of my face and is not harsh for the eczema patches I have.
    It cleans fine but it is nothing special and not worth the money. I guess if you want a gel with clay it is good.
    Very happy
    This is an excellent product. Really makes a difference to skin quality and it reduces pores (I have very large pores). My skin is combination to oily skin - and this product somehow reduces the oily glow and red patches. Face looks healthier!
    Quite drying
    I have combination skin and I kept this for the summer months to use, but since found this quite trying on the skin. I am not sure any of the blurb on French clay made any difference: clay is clay. However, it does clean the skin very well.
    Too Drying
    This is the first time I have not liked a product by Sunday Riley. I was disappointed with this cleanser because it made my skin feel so dry. My skin is mature so perhaps it is suited to younger skin. I gave it to my daughter however she hated the smell.
    Excellent Cleanser
    I love it. I purchased this with Good Genes, Juno & Luna. After the first week or two or so of the 'purging' phase, my skin (i'm fair-skinned south-east asian living in sunny Brunei) looks literally amazing. My other recommendation is that, if you use a cleanser, you really should invest in a Konjac Sponge as well. My skin loves this cleanser with my Konjac Sponge! I don't know what it is in these products, but my skin just looks so refined somehow! In less than 3 weeks of use, someone actually asked if i was my husband's daughter. To be fair, i've always looked younger than my years (i'm 38 in age, 20's in looks), and my husband does look more mature for his age (though he's 4 years younger than I), but this really takes it up to a whole new level. Thank you Sunday Riley! I just wish it was more easily available in my country!
    Changed my cleansing game
    Everything from Sunday Riley is so worth the price. This made me belive in cleansers :) My face is calmer and more under control after using this. I used it in summer when I was slightly oily but i'm gonna switch to something hydrating for winter and i'm going to miss using this one until next summer.
    I have only used this in samples 4-5 times to be exact and I purchased it the other day. Especially in the morning and for drying skin it does wonders. I combined this cleanser with the Sunday Riley good genes and my overall complexion was brighter and more healthy and plump. Cannot recommend it enough.
    Refining cleanser
    I had high hopes for this cleanser as I have a tendency towards congested skin. It's true that my skin feels really clean afterwards, and my skin does look more refined however I can't say that I'm fond of the smell.
    Sunday Riley
    I use Sunday Riley's Ceramic Slip Cleanser mixed with a little Sunday Riley's Good Genes - massage in then put on a layer of soap & glory no clogs allowed deep pore deox mask - leave on for ten minutes, rinse off & have great skin - love it.
    Good deep clean
    If you searching for a deep clean, this is your grail. As Sunday Riley herself says "for dry skin apply it in dry skin not damp".
    Never broke out like this
    I received this as an sample with my last two orders and thought I will give a try. Unfortunatly i made me break out so so bad. Everybody asked me, what you did, your Skin is so bad again. I learned my lession, will stay with my COR Soap which helped me so good with my acne prone Skin.
    Great for hyperpigmentation alongside Good Genes!! LOVE LOVE these products.
    Sadly - broke me out
    I too was hoping for a miracle with my oily spotty complexion but every time I used this it seemed to make my skin worse. It broke me out, made my skin feel tight and very oily.... Sadly not for me.
    Definitely a new staple
    This is my first for ray into luxury/expensive skincare and I am not disappointed. Light and refreshing I have noticed my complexion becoming clearer. Although, I would recommend splashing face with some water first.
    This is a light foaming cleanser which uses French Clay to draw out impurities – something that instantly attracted me to this little wonder as my skin hasn’t been in great condition lately. The cleanser also helps to encourage circulation and promotes cell growth for a clearer, healthier complexion – which is ideal for my current acne-scarred skin. I’ve used it a few times and I’m really impressed, it brightens my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling stripped or tight so I’m pretty smitten already.
    Too drying
    I absolutely adore the packaging and really wanted to love this, but I've only been able to use it a few times so I can't comment on any changes to my skin from it. I don't consider myself to have particularly dry skin, though it does get a bit dry on occasion, my main problem is an oily t-zone so I thought this would be the Sunday Riley cleanser for me. However I found this far too drying for my skin and was left with an incredibly tight feeling face every time I used it.
    Cleans and refreshes
    I use this in the morning if I’m feeling grubby. The consistency is a runny clay, that cleanses and refreshes without being at all drying.
    I can honestly say I have never seen a product act so quickly on skin! This product is beautiful! It helped me with my breakouts and really kept the oil under control! The only downside is that it is a bit drying!
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