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    SUMMER FRIDAYSLip Butter Balm Vanilla<p>Giving our lips the same tender loving care we&#8217;ve always lavished our skin with, the Lip Butter Balm is brimming with ultra-hydrating seed butters and botanical extracts to naturally moisturise and condition your kisses.</p><p>The vegan formula is saturated with shea and murumuru (rich in vitamins and overflowing with moisturising oleic acid) butter, alongside plant waxes to deeply hydrate your lips: fending off dryness and the soreness of weather-induced cracks. It has a creamy texture that cloaks your lips with a heavenly veil of moisture to boost shine and soften your skin. Perfect for topping up hydration on-the-go or indulging in an intensive overnight lip mask, this silky formula forms a flexible barrier to heal and restore even your most parched lips. Available in two variations &#8212; 'Vanilla' (the original, transparent treatment now in a bio-resin tube, complete with an applicator tip) and 'Vanilla Beige' (the classic reimagined with a touch of sheer beige colour) &#8212; both are infused with a sweet-yet-subtle hint of natural vanilla that lingers delicately after you&#8217;ve stashed your tube.</p>SRF008213668500048524154 stars, based on60 reviews 19.50Cult BeautyNew
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    SUMMER FRIDAYS Lip Butter Balm

    Lip Butter Balm
    ( 15ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      After trying countless beauty products themselves, SUMMER FRIDAYS founders Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland, together with a team of industry experts, dreamed up their own simple (yet oh-so sublime) masks (and now serums and balms too!) that have taken Instagram – and the likes of Kim K-W and Jessica Alba – by storm. Turning their attention to the plush curves of your lips, the all-new Lip Butter Balm is designed to relieve cracked and taut kisses with a smooth, never greasy layer of hydration.

    • Description

      Giving our lips the same tender loving care we’ve always lavished our skin with, the Lip Butter Balm is brimming with ultra-hydrating seed butters and botanical extracts to naturally moisturise and condition your kisses.

      The vegan formula is saturated with shea and murumuru (rich in vitamins and overflowing with moisturising oleic acid) butter, alongside plant waxes to deeply hydrate your lips: fending off dryness and the soreness of weather-induced cracks. It has a creamy texture that cloaks your lips with a heavenly veil of moisture to boost shine and soften your skin. Perfect for topping up hydration on-the-go or indulging in an intensive overnight lip mask, this silky formula forms a flexible barrier to heal and restore even your most parched lips. Available in two variations — 'Vanilla' (the original, transparent treatment now in a bio-resin tube, complete with an applicator tip) and 'Vanilla Beige' (the classic reimagined with a touch of sheer beige colour) — both are infused with a sweet-yet-subtle hint of natural vanilla that lingers delicately after you’ve stashed your tube.

    • How to use

      Massage onto dry lips for a sheer veil of lasting hydration.

      RECYCLING: The unit carton and liner are both fully recyclable. Upon unboxing, please flatten the unit carton and liner to place in the recycling bin. Once you finish Lip Butter Balm, they recommend removing the cap from the tube and discarding this piece. Please recycle the plastic tube.

    • Full ingredients list

      Vanilla: Phytosteryl/ Isostearyl/ Cetyl/ Stearyl/ Behenyl Dimer Dilinoleate, Diisostearylmalate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Polybutene, Hydrogenated Poly(C6-14olefin), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Microcrystalline Wax / Cera Microcristallina / Cire Microcrystalline, Octyldodecanol, Synthetic Wax, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Polyglyceryl-2 Diisostearate, Mica, Vanillin, Astrocaryummurumuru Seedbutter, Propylene Carbonate, Tocopherol, Sodium Hyaluronate.

      Vanilla Beige: Phytosteryl/Isostearyl/Cetyl/Stearyl/Behenyl Dimer Dilinoleate, Diisostearyl Malate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Polybutene, Hydrogenated Poly (C6-14 Olefin), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Microcrystalline Wax/Cera Microcrystallina/Cire Microcristalline, Octyldodecanol, Synthetic Wax, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Flavor/Aroma, Mica, Polyglyceryl-2 Diisostearate, Astrocaryum Murumuru Seed Butter, Tocopherol, Sodium Hyaluronate. May Contain/Peut Contenir/(+/-): Titanium Dioxide (Ci 77891), Iron Oxides (Ci 77491), Iron Oxides (Ci 77492), Iron Oxides (Ci 77499).

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    SUMMER FRIDAYS - Lip Butter Balm

    SUMMER FRIDAYS Lip Butter Balm Reviews

    First of all, there is nothing buttery or balmy about this product. It's a lip gloss. Secondly, the packaging is beyond terrible because so much product comes out when you open it and it's a waste. On the plus side, it smells good, but so do Victoria's Secret lip glosses that you can get for £7.
    Hydrating and pleasant, just what you want really
    Picked this up to replace the Bite agave treatment balm that I picked up whilst on holiday, this is less thick and more slippy. Very pleasant vanilla scent and extremely hydrating. It tends to slide about a bit, so definitely just a night treatment for me. Would recommend it to anyone with parched lips, looking to splurge on a night treatment, and a little goes a long way.
    I love this lip balm. It smells gorgeous and makes your lips look amazing. It’s so nourishing and I often wear this as a lip gloss, it’s so good. However, the packaging is a bit annoying. The metal tube causes the product to come out as soon as you open the lid which means you tend to waste a lot as you only need a small amount. I still love it though!
    The smell is delicious, it's glossy and moisturising. Simply it's amazing!
    great product, terrible packaging
    The lip balm is great, very nourishing with nice texture. It doesn't last long though. The packaging is terrible for a lip balm, it's just a tube so it makes it hard to apply it. It is a bit expensive as well.
    Makes your lips super juicy and taste like a vanilla dream the 3 stars is because the packaging is really annoying and the lip gets dirty.
    Not as hydrating as promised
    This is not even close to being hydrating enough for my lips. I feel that the advertisement is a tad misleading when it comes to 'ultra hydration. For me, it works rather than a gloss. It's nice how non-sticky it is, and unlike many others, I don't hate the tube.
    The product is underwhelming and the packaging is even worse. Didn't do anything for my cracked and extremely dry lips.
    Haven't used any other lip balm since!
    Yes, the packaging may be inconvenient BUT the product makes it so worth it. Currently on my third tube. Chapped lips? This will solve it, nothing ever worked for me once my lips were at an extremely dry and chapped point except this. I used to have to constantly reapply lip balm only to find my lips more chapped and dry. This has changed the game. I apply it once and my lips are good for the whole day. Amazing. 10000% recommend.
    Not hydrating and waste so much product.
    Having read the reviews I thought people were being dramatic about the packaging... no. The product doesn't stop coming you have to kind of cram the lid on with a lot of excess product going everywhere. I have transferred it into a different container. With regards to the actual product, a lot more of a gloss that isn't genuinely hydrating. On the surface your lips look great but in matter of fact it is one of those products that actually dry out your lips. Expensive and ineffective.. would not buy again or recommend it.
    Don't believe the hype!
    nice (ish) smell and consistency is ok.. but certainly nothing special and anything I'd recommend for the price! the tube should win an award for how badly designed it is... for as soon as you release the lid, the product oozes uncontrollably, wasting product with every single application.
    "Lip balm would be perfection!" - Chandler Bing
    I would have been so grateful if anyone had recommended me this product while I was still on accutane - especially now during the colder months I am so happy with the balm as it has a thicker texture and nourishes my lips perfectly. Already repurchased!
    Hmm.. Not special
    I was very excited to order this, however it is very sticky, it does not stay on for long but it does not absorb. My lips are sometimes flaky and usually I can fix this with a regular $4 balm. It is way too expensive for what it is.
    Too Sticky!
    Such a fan of the Jet Lag mask so was really disappointed with this product - it's too sticky & thick. Reminds me of the glosses I used to use when I was a teenager. Would not repurchase sadly.
    One of the best lip balms ever!
    The packaging is very minimal and cute. It's def one of my fav lip balms! I love the scent of the lip butter and it's also super moisturizing. I love how thick it is and it's a perfect balm for bedtime or just a day where I feel like my lips need a pick me up!
    This is a gorgeous little balm! My new holy grail!
    Long lasting and luscious
    I love this lip mask, my lips look and feel great. It’s much heavier and long-lasting than other balms I have which makes it perfect for applying overnight, I can still feel it in the morning. It’s also going to be perfect as we head into colder weather, no more chapped lips on chilly winter walks! I deducted a star as though the tube is beautiful you have to be extremely careful not to dispense too much into your finger.
    Not worth it
    When i first purchased this product I was really excited to try it. However, it did not exceed my expectations. I would describe this product as lip balm which glides on to the lips, it has a lovely vanilla scent. More than a lip balm it feels like a lip gloss. After wearing it for the first few days I noticed residue on my lips everytime I wore it, which was such a pain. Like the rest of the reveiws the packaging looks great but it is notpractical at all. When I first opened the tube it spilled out which caused unnecessary waste. The end of the tube needs something which can glide on the lip. Overall it really is not worth all the hype especially for price mark. I will definitely not be repurchasing.
    I bought this because of the hype and packaging . A lipgloss texture that I do not like. Apart from it smells heavenly I don't think its worth it as it didn't do anything as overnight lip mask or as a lip balm, just felt sticky. Will definitely not repurchase.
    Not worth the hype
    I waited so much for this to come back into stock. My tube has a really weird shape and the font printing is really not centered so that triggers my OCD. Secondly, the balm spilled out because it was packed so tightly so a little went to waste like that. The balm itself is so so, probably won't purchase again or recommend to anyone :(
    Worth the wait!
    I have been waiting for this lip balm to come back into stock as I have wanted to try it out for aaaages. I am a serious lip balm girl, you will never catch me without it, and this is definitely up there with the best! It smells amazing, it's not sticky and it's super hydrating. Cute on its own or on top of lipstick. I would definitely recommend it and I would definitely buy it again!
    Great, a little pricy
    I really do like this, in fact I bought 2 tubes assuming it would be great, before trying it! The smell is perfect - subtle, not overly sweet or overpowering and NO taste! It's not as thick and emollient as I was hoping (such as the old Dior rose balm, the Aerin Rose Balm, the Sarah Happ Dream Slip or the Clarins Hydra moisture). But it does stay put, even through drinking/sleeping/daily life. I'd say it's "medium weight" and more similar to something like the Glossier or Kiehls balms or good old Vaseline (all totally great, but not as thick and "masky" as I hoped) - however maybe a bit more comfortable for day wear or wear with lipstick. I was also hoping I wouldn't have to use fingers to apply, which I do despite the tube - the opening isn't engineered in a way that allows you to directly apply. And like another reviewer said, the metal tube does cause the product to ooze and spurt out, especially if it's been jostled in your bag. That said, I think it's a great product that I will happily use until the end. I probably wouldn't purchase just because you can get something very similar for half the price or less, and I'd go with something thicker.
    Smells nice, hydrates a little (not enough). It's a more expensive less effective version of Lanolips
    Best Lip Product I've used in a long time!
    Whilst you can buy cheaper products like Carmex, Vaseline, Nivea, La Roche Posay...they will never stand up to this! This lip balm actually moisturises, protects and offers long term hydration. A little goes a long way and you get the most beautiful sheen and the smell is not overwhelming either. Definitely buying another and possibly a back up.
    Amazing consistency and smell. Luxurious product that works!
    I'm not a massive lip balm person but...
    This has to be the best balm iv tried in ages! Not only does it feel so conformable on your lips but it looks divine. Just a smooth finish with the right amount shine. Sits well on top of matt lipsticks too.
    Nothing special
    It’s just another lip product. Not worth the money at all!! Just get a Carmex for a fraction of the price.
    This arrived two days ago and already my dry lips are soft as butter! I cannot praise this product enough, it is gorgeous and your lips look incredible when it is on - i swear they look plumper too. So worth the price tag, if i had to be picky i don't like the packaging, but the product is A*****
    Bit overpriced and felt thick and sticky on the lips, I wouldn't repurchase.
    Lovely soft balm, makes your lips look very healthy, glossy, and lasts for ages! Will 100% buy again.
    Expensive but I love it!
    This is a very pricey lip balm and if I wasn't such a lip balm addict I probably wouldn't have purchased it. It is a really lovely balm, subtle scent of vanilla, very smooth on the lips & makes your lips just look all juicy!
    Very Good
    I’m currently on medication so I have VERY dry lips. This lip balm is a perfect overnight treatment with a delicious scent. The reason I can’t give this product 5 stars is the packaging, sooooo much more than you need comes out and if you accidentally press down too hard you waste so much product.
    Cant get enough
    An absolute miracle for my lips they are super super dry this is great stays on the lips for so long amazing and super hydrating. Have already repurchased it. When u first open it a lot of the product comes out and is difficult to stop, even though the packaging is horrible I am willing to put up with it because the actual product is great.
    Love Love Love
    This is a staple in my bag now! Absolutely love this glossy balm! It's really softened my lips and protected them from cold weather. I love the glossy look it leaves. I've had mine for nearly 1 year now, and I've still got 2/3 of the tube left. I will never be without it!
    Love it!
    Soothes my cracked lips. A lovely vanilla scent. Kind of thick but definitely my new fave!
    Love love this one
    The texture is so soft and comfortable on the lip. The scent is good and does not interfere.
    Not great
    I like the consistency of the balm and feel it works however the metal tubing started to split and now it leaks so I can’t take it anywhere with me. I’ve used better and cheaper versions from other companies.
    From a lip balm addict...
    I am that person who has about 4/5 lip balms on and around their person at any one time. I live in constant fear of dry lips, and definitely have my favourite lip treatments to keep this at bay as I really struggle in the winter months particularly with split lips. Anyone who gets this too will know how annoying this is! I held off for so long with this, trying to convince myself that I needed to finish up at least one of my rotational lip balms before trying something new. I'm so glad this is now in my life, it smells gorgeous, like a really lovely Vanilla scent, and the texture is sublime. Not sticky in the slightest, and gives a lovely glossy finish, a little goes a long way too so I know this is going to last a long time. I know the packaging is somewhat of a marmite opinion, you either love or hate it. While I love the product, and I would absolutely buy it against despite this, I do think it could do with an upgrade. You need to be really gentle squeezing this out, particularly on your first use, otherwise you do get too much out and can waste some product. I do love the metal container though, it's so aesthetically pleasing, and keep as my desk lip balm rather than one I take out with me for a hydrating pick me up during the day.
    Ok lip balm shame about the tube
    First of all, I was surprised at how small this tube is for the price. The lip balm is nice. Not sticky. Feels nice on the lips. The tube is terrible. As soon as I opened it, it just oozed out more product than I actually needed so lots of wastage which at £19 for a tiny tube is terrible. The next time I opened it slightly, it oozed out again thus more wastage of the product. You only need a small amount of product for your lips so this to me feels like a complete waste of product and money. It’s such a shame. A little nozzle might be better?
    Using tape for using the balm, is ok?
    Well, lip balm is not special, but the packaging... I could get that this is the thing that makes this brand a well known, but this is very useless. When you try to squeeze the product out the package is breaking down and the leakages become everywhere. The holes are everywhere and the balm comes out...I used tape to cover the wholes. This balm isn't worth so much attention just to even use it..... One try was enough for me, I won’t buy it again!
    Best Lip Balm I have ever used
    As someone who suffers from dry and cracked lips, this has been incredible. It is so good, it just feels amazing. My lips are so hydrated and soft. When I put it on at night, by the morning, my lips are still hydrated. Honestly, just get it already.
    Love it but the packaging...
    Absolutely love this lip balm, it feels luxurious and I use it as an overnight mask on my lips and I wake up feeling soft and plump! HOWEVER...the packaging is so stupid!! The metal tube causes the lip balm to ooze out every time you open it causing so much waste, it annoys me so much that I’ve knocked 2 stars off. The lip balm on its own would be 5 stars but the packaging just isn’t it sis
    Lovely but caused cracking
    Love the scent, consistency, and a great treatment for the lips. However, after applying for several days, something within the ingredients caused angular painful cracking at the corners of the mouth. As such I cannot use this nor would I purchase it again. I suspect it is linked to the heavy vanilla scent.
    Wonderful lip balm, inconvenient packaging
    I love this lip balm - it is thick and hydrating and makes my lips look plump and like I'm wearing lip gloss. Unfortunately, the packaging is terrible - product starts to pour out as soon as you take off the lid. I have emptied half of it into a tin instead so no product goes to waste. I would definitely repurchase, but I hope they work to improve the packaging.
    Lip gloss rather than balm
    This lip balm makes my lips look so plump and glossy but it isn't massively hydrating. It feels more like a lip gloss than a balm. The packing is beautiful but it's really difficult to get the lid back on properly and I ended up with sticky lip balm all over my car! I am a bit disappointed as I was so excited about this launch and I love their jet lag mask. Saying that the vanilla scent is lovely and I will continue to wear this as a lip gloss but I probably won't repurchase.
    Love the product, hate the packaging
    Would easily be a 5/5 for the product but the packaging is terrible! So much product floods out when you open. That said, the texture and consistency of the balm is amazing - leaves my lips feeling so smooth!
    Great product but the tube is very annoying
    Bought this product as I had heard good reviews and it’s definitely lives up to its product description however, I was very disappointed by the design of the tube. The first time I opened and used it a lot of excess product came out since then I’ve been having the same problem. This is not ideal especially due to the fact that the balm will always be in your bag among other things. As a result of this I feel like I have lost 1/3 of the product from it over spilling. I would not expect this for the price also. Summer Fridays please fix this as it is a great product.
    Me likey
    Provides a beautiful shine to natural lips and goes well with other lip products. Lovely thick consistency that makes it last longer on the lips. Beautiful subtle vanilla scent that lasts the whole time the butter is on your lips.
    It’s ok.
    I bought this following a glowing review in a magazine. On the first opening, the balm went everywhere as it burst out the tube with the lightest squeeze. The balm itself is nice, I wear it running and in bed at night. I wouldn’t risk using it in my bag as I suspect I will end up covered in it. Overall, a nice purchase for my bedside table, but not for out and about use.
    Not the best...
    When this product came back in stock I was so happy and couldn’t wait to try it. But too be honest I don’t find that it’s worth the price as I didn’t fine it all that hydrating for my lips and it also didn’t last that long as well as the packaging was a massive pain, and the only good thing about this balm was the smell which was lovely but overall I really don’t think it’s worth the price at all as you could get something way more cheaper and that will last much longer than this.
    I bought this product because of the hype around the product, and the brand in general. I am a lip balm lover and have tried dozens of them. This one really disappointed me because it didn’t do so much. It does smell beautiful, but I have tried so many better ones over the last couple of years! not worth your money.
    Expensive and worse packaging
    I was so excited to try this product given the amazing reviews however the product just keeps oozing out every time I open the tube. Half the product has been wasted from being overfilled and the excess pressure. For such an expensive lip balm this is such a shame.
    Long lost love
    I'm a lip balm girl. I'm talking lip BALM girl, I love my lips to look and feel hydrated. This thick but not greasy balm is perfect for everyday use. It stays on more through drinking and eating than a usual balm so leaving me not needing to use it a lot throughout the day! The vanilla scent is ever so subtle but there.
    This product is small but mighty. A really hydrating, long lasting product that gives your lips a really healthy glow. Not sticky at all and lasts well. The only downside I would say is the price point. A little does go a long way however! Would re-purchase and recommend!
    Amazing lip balm
    I always struggle to find the right lip balm that isn’t too heavy, doesn’t leave a weird film, and actually hydrates my lips. This has become a holy grail for me, a little goes a long way so the tube will last ages. It doesn’t feel heavy, soaks in nicely and my lips feel soft and hydrated afterward. As soon as mine runs out, I’ll be replacing it (might even have to buy a backup)
    Love it!
    Really smooth and soft, long lasting too.
    Soft kissable lips
    This lip balm is nothing short of amazing. My first product from the SF Brand. It smells great, texture is thick but not too thick, it gives a lovely shine for no lipstick days in lockdown, it stays on your lips for hours and when it’s gone, you’re left with soft and moisture injected lips. I thought it was expensive when I bought it but I’ve tried every balm out there and this is my current fave. Will repurchase.
    This is by far the best lip balm I’ve ever used. I didn’t have high expectations considering my skin didn’t get along with the Jet Lag Mask. This, however, is worth every penny. I have tried every lip balm on the market because I struggle with severely chapped lips, all year round. This is perfect for day time and night time. I use it for my 12 hour shifts and I only have to re-apply it after eating, or every 4/5 hours. The vanilla scent is so subtle and lovely! I use it as a lip mask at night and when I wake up in the morning there’s still lip balm on my lips, and my lips actually look very plump. The only downside is that it doesn’t have SPF. Other than that, the lip balm has exceeded all expectations! Will definitely repurchase and would recommend to others.
    I’m a self confessed lip balm addict, I’ll spend a significant amount of money in search of the perfect lip balm I’ve tested hundreds but this by far is my favourite. It stays put, actually hydrates my lips and has the perfect mask like consistency that you can wear all day - it’s LOVE!
    My new favourite!! Love the consistency it isn't to thick and also isn't sticky. Gives a nice gloss, my boyfriend thought I was wearing a gloss. The scent is the cherry on top
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