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    Sol de JaneiroCoco Cabana Cream 75ml<p>When it comes to hydration and heavenly scents, Sol de Janeiro&#8217;s Coco Cabana Cream is a dream come true. The brand&#8217;s &#8216;most moisturising body cream ever&#8217;, this luscious formulation promises 72 hours of moisture from just one application. Sounding too good to be true? Take a look at the miraculous ingredients list. As well as renowned natural moisturiser, coconut oil, the formula features fermented sugar, which acts as a humectant, holding on to moisture it draws in from the air. Soothing irritation and relieving redness, the light, luscious texture glides on and kisses the body with plush, pampering oils, which melt into skin and linger to leave a soft, dewy finish. The benefits are heightened with Sol de Janeiro&#8217;s &#8216;Brazilian Beauty Blend&#8217; of antioxidant-rich a&#231;a&#237; and nourishing cupua&#231;u butter. In addition to the deep skin-hydrating benefits, Coco Cabana Cream has an irresistible scent, which combines mouth-watering notes of coconut, tropical orchid, toasted praline, creamy sandalwood and warm vanilla. Totally forgivable to continuously take sniffs of your velvety skin all day long&#8230;</p>SDJ022_75ML176658109120303294 stars, based on52 reviews 18.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream

    Sol de Janeiro
    Coco Cabana Cream
    ( 75ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Having already bewitched the beauty world with the best-smelling, skin-firming Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, Sol de Janeiro’s newest formulation – Coco Cabana Cream – is another dream come true for your body care regime. Calling the cream its ‘most moisturising body cream ever’ Sol de Janeiro promises 72 hours of hydration from just one application of this miracle formula. Remarkably light, this moisture magnet stars coconut oil and fermented sugar (which draws in moisture from the air) and an irresistible toasted praline and coconut scent.

    • Description

      When it comes to hydration and heavenly scents, Sol de Janeiro’s Coco Cabana Cream is a dream come true. The brand’s ‘most moisturising body cream ever’, this luscious formulation promises 72 hours of moisture from just one application. Sounding too good to be true? Take a look at the miraculous ingredients list. As well as renowned natural moisturiser, coconut oil, the formula features fermented sugar, which acts as a humectant, holding on to moisture it draws in from the air. Soothing irritation and relieving redness, the light, luscious texture glides on and kisses the body with plush, pampering oils, which melt into skin and linger to leave a soft, dewy finish. The benefits are heightened with Sol de Janeiro’s ‘Brazilian Beauty Blend’ of antioxidant-rich açaí and nourishing cupuaçu butter. In addition to the deep skin-hydrating benefits, Coco Cabana Cream has an irresistible scent, which combines mouth-watering notes of coconut, tropical orchid, toasted praline, creamy sandalwood and warm vanilla. Totally forgivable to continuously take sniffs of your velvety skin all day long…

    • How to use

      Apply generously to the body with love. The more often you use, the deeper the benefits, and the longer lasting the hydration.

      Because of the deep lusciousness of our cream and our deep down moisture benefits, allow a few seconds for Coca Cabana goodness to sink in. You can’t rush the love

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua (Water/Eau), Propanediol (Fermented Sugar/Sucre Fermenté), Dodecane, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Saccharide Isomerate, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Parfum (Fragrance), Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut/Noix de Coco) Oil, Theobroma Grandiflorum (Cupuaçu) Seed Butter, Euterpe Oleracea (Açaí/Açaï) Fruit Oil, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger/Gingembre) Root Extract, Glycerin, Sodium Phytate, Bisabolol, Sodium Carboxymethyl Beta-Glucan, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Benzyl Benzoate, Sodium Hydroxide

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    Sol de Janeiro - Coco Cabana Cream

    Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream Reviews

    Love it!!
    Repurchased already few times. Love it, especially in the summertime, smells like holidays, really moisturising and especially good after all day in the sun, because the skin is more dry and it hydrates amazingly.
    Coco cabana cream
    Yuk, smells awful!!! Very chemical-like!!! I'm glad I bought the small size!!! I bought all 3 of the creams, this one is definitely the worst one!!! The other two are fine, a bit disappointed considering all the hype!!!
    great scent
    absolutely love the smell. leaves the skin very soft
    Divine smell, sticky and not very moisturising
    I am giving this product 3 stars as I love the scent: it is like a birthday cake, coconuts and holiday all in one! It is simply divine! The texture is also nice and creamy (it is much better compared to the Bum Bum cream). However, the benefits don't last long g: if I apply it in the morning, my skin is so dry (almost flaky) by early evening. This is not surprising after reviewing the ingredients list: fragrance and citric acid are much higher than the moisturising ingredients. Also, as other reviewers have mentioned, the cream is quite sticky. It is so bad that my clothes stick to my body and I have to pull them to remove them from my skin. This is very weird. The price is way too high for such small pots and such low-quality products. Overall, the only positive thing about this product is the amazing scent! I would not recommend it or buy it again. I am really disappointed as I was super excited after reading the positive reviews (maybe I should have paid more attention to the negative ones too).
    The smell is not for everyone
    I like the Bum bum cream so I decided to try this one and I am glad that I bought the small package because the smell is strong and definitely not everyone would like it. For instance, I didn't. I expected a coconut smell but there is this fragrance that I can't stand. It moisturises well though.
    My kids are crazy about this smell. They say they want to eat me!! Really edible smell of vanilla coconut ice cream. Lovely cream and not greasy.
    I have already ordered more than 5 times and I will continue to order. The smell is simply addictive!!
    smells good!
    got this as a free sample. i like the smell better than the brazilian bum bum cream under this brand (also good but stronger)..and got compliments on this one :)
    Too fragranced
    Got this one in June goody bag. I fell in love with the texture and it moisturizes really good. Not sticky. But for me, it's too fragranced. I got a headache until the first waves of fragrance oils vanished. I wish they had the same cream but less fragranced...
    Doesn’t live up to the original
    Nothing like the original, smells ok but leaves skin sticky and not at all moisturised, will be sticking with the Bum Bum cream in future
    So good for ultra dry skin
    I thought this was incredible and smells amazing. I have dry, eczema-prone skin and it’s so moisturising and smells absolutely beautiful. I can see how it might be sticky for people whose skin isn’t dry, but for me it really worked! The one I got was a sample but even though it’s expensive I’ll be saving up to buy a full size.
    The best smell ever!!! The sticky feeling is not so bad for me and go away after few minutes, when its on me everybody keeps asking where the smell came from.. love it!!!
    Not my thing
    The cream is moisturizing very well, but these sticky feeling and the smell... pffff.... at the beginning it seems fine, but after a few hours the smell and stickiness are bothering so much! I would not recommend to buy in a full pack, try as a tester first.
    Like it myself
    I bought this and the Bum Bum Cream and I love them both. I'm a bit perplexed as to all the comments about it being "sticky". I find it lovely and smooth and cooling. I love to put some on before bed. If you want something super nourishing I would go for a body butter instead, but this is what I reach for when I want something a little lighter. And I love the smell! I'm not normally a fan of things with loads of fragrance/that are overly sweet, but this is an exception. I can't get enough of it!
    Not my favourite..
    I was so excited For this product because I love the bum bum cream so much, but unfortunately same cannot be said about the Coco cabana cream. It was very sticky, I had to wait a long time for it to dry down and it didn’t even hydrate my skin very well. Only thing I liked about the product was that the texture was lighter than the bum bum cream one.The scent was OK for me,but definitely too strong.Would not recommend.
    The smell...
    Smells so bad and it’s very sticky
    I absolutely love the entire range of Sol de Janeiro, this leaves my skin so beautifully soft, I know there are a few haters out there regarding the smell but I absolutely adore this, it’s sweet and tropical and reminds me of sitting on a beautiful beach somewhere soaking up the vitamin D! My husband absolutely loves the smell as well, I’m so glad they are adding a shower gel to the range and I’m already on the waitlist!
    Excellent moisturiser
    I love this product. Quite a subtle scent with amazing long lasting moisturising qualities that works fabulously on my skin. Highly recommend to anyone that loves to have soft skin.
    Very bad smell
    I love Bum Bum cream so much, that's why I was very disappointed that the smell of this one is so bad and unwearable
    Great smell!
    The smell is very sweet and it also makes you feel a bit cold, which I personally love. Very pleasant on the skin too...
    I bought the 75ml size for £18 which I thought was quite steep and then I got it in the mail and the bottle was smaller in person. It smells amazing and feels nice on the skin but it’s overrated and honestly can find better for cheaper!
    Copa Conaba cream
    Amazing smell and consistency. It leaves my skin so soft. I normally only use body butter from the Body shop but I love this cream. I’ve had no issues with it and I’m now on my second tub!
    I’ve been using this and alternating with a regular body lotion and I’m loving the results! The smell you ask??? I could eat it!!
    On hearing favourable reports from both friends and the beauty press about this product. I was keen to try this new product, as I'm always keen to try anything to improve my skin texture. However I am quite disappointed on several levels my skin shows no improved sheen texture or overall quality. I will continue to use the remainder of the small pot but will not order the larger size as previously planned.
    Not sure
    It smells nice from a distance but on the skin it smells like buttered popcorn. I much prefer the other scents,however I like the formula as it feels more hydrating. It does take some time to sink in to the skin so at first it feels tacky but I don't mind that personally
    Coconut Heaven
    This cream smells absolutely gorgeous. So sweet and strong. I expected nothing less from this summer-loving brand. To me, it smells like the sweetest coconut milk you ever could smell mixed with melted brown sugar. The texture is much lighter and water based than the Bum Bum cream so it goes further. The product absorbs straight into the skin, leaving it hydrated. I really love that it made my skin feel cool to touch too, which will be perfect when the weather warms up. Another fantastic product Sol de Janeiro. Can’t wait to see what comes next!
    Amazing product!
    This is lightweight, but super moisturising and smells insanely good! The scent really lasts too. I can apply it in the morning and still smell it on my skin in the evening. It has also sorted out my Winter-ravaged scaly elbows in a couple of applications. An absolute wonder product that I will definitely be reordering!
    SDJ coco cabana cream lover
    Love this brand, the scent, and the care it does to my ageing skin.
    Smells divine but SO STICKLY
    Smells great but not moisturising and super sticky! 10 minutes after applying, I am running my palms over my skin and it feels like school glue as I pull away! Please don't waste your money on this!
    Smell is Superb!
    I love the smell of this product. It’s so addictive and also moisturizes my skin so much better than the original one. Simply love it!!!
    Dream In A Cream!
    Though my heart belongs to the Bum Bum Cream, this feels like a light creamy Brazilian dessert spread across the body that transports me to family holidays visiting home and enjoying a Brazilian tradition of cake for breakfast. Its leaves my skin soft, supple and moisturised, just know when people catch the scent they'll want to stand that little bit closer!
    Free sample
    I didn’t buy this, I got it as a free sample as a part of June’s goody bag. I didn’t like it, the scent is too strong and it’s not a good one. I am grateful that I didn’t buy it and I no longer intend to buy it.
    Not my favorite cream
    I’m a body lotion/cream fanatic and since I have really dry skin I cannot survive a shower without putting body cream in my whole body afterwards. So I would say I have tried a lot of body creams in my life so far. This one, although it is moisturising, has a strange scent which I cannot really put my finger on what it is. I expected this to smell like coconuts but it’s just strange and not particularly pleasant so I don’t think i would repurchase.
    Love it
    This cream is amazing! Incredibly moisturising and for me it soaked in within a few minutes and unlike other reviews I didnt find it sticky at all. I'm rating a 4 star because for the size of the pots this cream is hella expensive and I think the scent is a little strong even if I do like the scent.
    Offensive smell
    I received a sample and was very excited to try it but had to wash it off after 20 minutes as the smell was too intense and also smelled like popcorn, so disappointed.
    Sol De Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream
    I am trying this in a small tub I received in the June goody bag. It is divine. It has oil so it is hugely moisturizing with a lovely long-lasting scent that is like the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess. Definitely putting the full size on my wish list
    good body lotion
    Not getting the hype at all - it’s just pleasant-smelling body lotion, not particularly moisturising.
    Coco loco!
    This cream is glorious! The smell is divine! I can see why others have said it is sticky. It has a different texture to normal body creams and is more of a gel-like texture. I actually really liked it and didn’t find it to be sticky at all. That being said, I do start from the feet and work up and then get dressed in that order when fully applied. I really enjoyed using this product and will be buying a larger jar next time!
    Gorgeous smell but so so sticky..
    Was excited to try this (got a sample) ... was promising at first. I love the smell and texture nice but oh my god it’s sticky. Even hour later didn’t seem to dry. Definitely won’t be buying ..shame.
    I got a sample of this amazing cream. First of all, the smell of the cream made a big impression. It takes me far to the warm edges :) This pleasant smell stays on the skin as well. Second, the skin becomes soft and pleasant to the touch, as declared in the description. I didn’t feel any sense of stickiness. Maybe because I used a lot of stickier creams :) I plan to buy a full package.
    Too sticky
    Initially, I thought this product smelt great and had a great texture, very lightweight. However after a few hours the smell became quite overbearing. It never felt like it dried and feels very sticky and tacky. I woke up this morning and still feel sticky, I can’t wait to have a shower and wash it off.
    Really Sticky, Doesn’t Hydrate!
    Unwearable and SUPER sticky. BumBum cream was great, so ordered this and it’s truly awful and doesn’t hydrate, had to wash it off after use, wasted £44!
    Smells incredible!
    This is one of my favourite body care products! If you like super sweet scents you will love this too - to me, it smells exactly like caramel popcorn! The texture of this cream is very lightweight and it also feels pretty cooling on the skin which is nice. In the wintertime I prefer my body cream to be a little richer, however, this is great for Spring/Summertime!
    This cream is sticky gel that does not hydrate my skin well enough. It leaves a film on the body and smells very intrusive. So I can't use it. Unfortunately, a waste of money.
    Пахнет круто, но увлажняет плохо ***It smells nice, but moisturises badly
    Пахнет замечательно, аромат появляется когда кожа нагревается или вы потеете. Но цена высокая, очень. Увлажнение посредственное, скорее просто крем для баловство, со своей главной функцией справляется плохо. ***It smells great, the aroma appears when the skin heats up or you sweat. But the price is very high. Moisturisation is mediocre, rather just a cream for pampering, it does poorly with its main function.
    Not very good at all
    I was so disappointed by this product. I bought it thinking it would be super moisturising. After each application, my skin actually gets flaky and dry! The texture is horrible, sticky and hard to apply, and it smells badly. Totally a waste of money.
    This absorbs extremely well and smells like buttery popcorn and coconut. My skin is super smooth and not greasy at all. My only negative would be that it doesn’t last long or go far. The small pot gives x 3 post-bath/shower full body applications.
    Beautiful cream
    I love this cream. Sinks in well and hydrates my skin. Personally I like the scent but it might not be for everybody- very sweet!
    Almost perfect
    It smells delicious and it is absorbed very fast. The lovely aroma persists so many hours after applying the cream. I rated 4 stars because even though it is amazing the Bum Bum Cream from the same brand is my favorite.
    Review update
    So I used this for the second time and immediately after I felt a really strong burning sensation all over and I can see tiny bumps on my skin. Sadly it's a no from me.
    The smell...
    I love the Sol De Janeiro range. The body creams are divine. I was excited about this new release and have been waiting for ages for it to arrive on Cult. I'm not 100% on this cream yet, It's a gel-based cream which is different to the others in the range and because of this is can be a little tacky. It does feel like it takes a while to sink into your skin which is the opposite of the other creams that sink in instantly. This loses a star because of this, I do wish the consistency was the same. However, the smell in itself gets this cream a 4-star review! It's absolutely heavenly! It's like a toasted coconut smell and it lingers on your body and in the room all day long! I can't wait for them to bring out a fragrance because it is one of the nicest smelling creams I have used in a long time. All in my skin does feel incredibly moisturised and soft.
    Love it! Would repurchase!
    Super hydrating! Gets absorbed much quicker than the Bum Bum cream! Smells like coconut!
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