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    Sol de JaneiroBrazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist 90ml<p>Bursting with intoxicating notes of pistachio and salted caramel, Sol de Janeiro&#8217;s Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist is summer &#8211; and &#8216;sexy&#8217; &#8211; in a spritz. We defy anyone to resist the delicious scent which, inspired by Sol de Janeiro&#8217;s endlessly addictive <a href="https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/sol-de-janeiro-brazilian-bum-bum-cream.html" target="_blank">{Bum Bum Cream}</a>, will instantly send olfactory senses into overdrive and transport you to Rio&#8217;s sun-drenched, sensual shores. Channel the Brazilian beauty mantra of being &#8216;cheirosa&#8217; (aka always smelling irresistible) and spray this marvellous mist on hair, body, clothes&#8230; or wherever you fancy an alluring lift.</p> SDJ005 90ml120048516040061475 stars, based on52 reviews 18.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist

    Sol de Janeiro
    Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist
    ( 90ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      If ‘sexy’ were a scent, THIS would be it. Just one little sniff of the alluring, irresistible pistachio and salted caramel scent and you (not to mention everyone else in the vicinity…) will be utterly hooked. Inspired by the addictive scent of Sol de Janeiro’s instant classic {Bum Bum Cream} this can be used on body, hair and even clothes to transport you to the sultry beaches of Rio.

    • Description

      Bursting with intoxicating notes of pistachio and salted caramel, Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist is summer – and ‘sexy’ – in a spritz. We defy anyone to resist the delicious scent which, inspired by Sol de Janeiro’s endlessly addictive {Bum Bum Cream}, will instantly send olfactory senses into overdrive and transport you to Rio’s sun-drenched, sensual shores. Channel the Brazilian beauty mantra of being ‘cheirosa’ (aka always smelling irresistible) and spray this marvellous mist on hair, body, clothes… or wherever you fancy an alluring lift.

    • How to use

      Use all over the body anytime, anywhere.

    • Full ingredients list

      Alcohol, Deionized Water, Fragrance

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    Sol de Janeiro - Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist

    Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist Reviews

    It smells sweet and delicious. I spray it on my brush before brushing my hair, love it.
    The scent is so awful. It smells like Victoria's Secret coconut&vanilla something, cheap scent. Too sweet. For those of you who like fresh, clean, lemony scents it's not for you.
    Fantastic! Happiness in a bottle
    Gorgeous scent, super light and immediately lifted my mood. Love it!
    It’s not as I expected
    I didn’t have the chance to smell it before I ordered it, so I expected something more like fresh, floral and herbish, instead it turned out to be stronger and sweeter, often unisex perfumes smell sort of.... well just not the kind of scent that I prefer. I wouldn't buy it again.
    j adore! ***I just love it!***
    je ne peux plus m en passer j ai le gel douche et le baume a levres....j adore cette odeur.... ***I can not get over it, I have the shower gel and lip balm....I love this smell.***
    Love it
    This is a great body mist if ur looking for something that lasts for so long, the smell is fresh but not the exact of the Bum Bum cream. Still nice though. I just love it so much
    Brazilian crush body mist
    Bought the larger size as the bum bum cream was out of stock- thought I'd try this based on the reviews. First, it DOESN'T smell exactly the same- similar but not as good as the original cream, plus it is overpriced for what it is. Saying that; it is a pleasant fragrance but don't buy it as a substitute as I did. I've ordered the original cream now and lesson learnt is stick to the original product.
    Only scent I use
    I am very picky when it comes to scents and I have yet to find a perfume I like, but this, this is amazing! When you first spray it on your skin the scent is very strong and not very appealing, but when it starts to sink into your skin it becomes this beautiful warm sweet scent.
    Beautiful Summertime fragrance!
    I bought this alongside the Bum Bum cream and I am so in love with this fragrance! It’s so summery and lasts really well. Would definitely recommend.
    I'm addicted to this smell, everyone loves it and it's so subtle I love it.
    Truely Revolting
    I have the cream & lip balm & love them. This however smelt of chemicals & alcohol & was nasty. It made me feel sick & I had to wash it off. I was not able to return the product so I threw it in the bin.
    This smell
    Amazing and long lasting.
    Summer in a bottle!
    Having tried the 'Brazilian Bum Bum Cream' when I saw this I had to have it. It smells just like the moisturiser, it's a sweet summery fragrance and has good staying power. Very happy with my purchase!
    Chemicals and Vanilla?
    Not great. I didn't expect to be overwhelmed with the smell of chemicals and basic vanilla, and it didn't last that long. My husband asked me if I had sun cream on, although he did say it was an okay smell, but I wish I hadn't bought the large bottle.
    Yes this does smell kind of cheap, but in the best possible way. Strangers have asked what perfume I'm wearing when I have this on! It smells so sunny and warm and sweet and has real staying power.
    My go to.
    This is my second bottle. It lasts ages and smells amazing! Just wish I could have a mini bottle to carry about with me for emergencies!!
    Smells amazing, definitely gets less sweet once it’s been sprayed which I prefer. The only downside is that the spray bottle can be a bit dodgy and doesn’t come out evenly - left yellow splotches on two of my white tops :(
    Brazilian Crush
    I absolutely love this product! It soo reminds me of home! I will be buying other products in the range! Love it
    The Heart of the Sunrise
    A private field at midsummer; a twilight beach barbecue; a psychedelic club night in a tiny, sweaty converted apartment where the beers are only £1 and they're screening Tom and Jerry on every TV for some reason... These are the deep summer fantasies that the intense joy of this fragrance beckons into your life. Pistachio and caramel? Yes certainly, but there is something warmer and spicier still. I daren't use it outside of the summer months lest its magic be diffused.
    I love the smell sooo much!
    If you love the Brazilian Bum Bum cream, you will love this! Smells amazing!
    It smells so cheap!
    I love vanilla-based fragrances but this one smells way too cheap, there's no depth to it, no undertones. I am currently using it as home fragrance after I cook because I don't want to waste it but I would never spray it on my skin or clothes. I would not buy it again.
    Lovely summer fragrance that lasts!
    Bought this for holiday and got lots of compliments on it! It is a lovely summer smell and lasts on skin and clothing.
    Love this scent!
    If you like the smell of the BumBum cream then you will like this. It’s smells very sweet like salted caramel and lasts throughout the day! If you are a fan of sugary smells then this is definitely for you!
    Happy overall
    Smells great, and a bigger bottle than I expected. Very summery and fresh, my girlfriend loves it!
    I brought this for a friend as a present, as I know she loves the smell of Hawaiian Tropic Paradise- This smells even better!
    Best body spray ever!
    I’m usually not a fan of body sprays-I find them to be pretty useless,but I fell in love with this one!It smells as heavenly as the bum bum cream and the scent is so strong I can use it instead of a perfume!I like using it right after the bum bum cream to intensify the smell or daily on its own to lightly hydrate and refresh!On the hair it also works well.Strongly recommend!
    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING the whole range Always get comments on how good I smell when wearing this beautiful fragrance
    Smells like holidays, sweet and vanillary! The staying power is ridiculously good for such a low price, I would recommend if you like the BumBum cream smell or sweet scents in general! :-)
    Obsessed with it!
    I am glad I ordered the large size cause to me, it doesn't last as long as I expected. Apart from that, I am very excited about its smell and I wanna spray it all the time everywhere! <3
    I simply love the way it smells. Has the same way as the Bum Bum cream, it lasts a long time. 100% recommendable.
    Summer In A Bottle
    After using the Sol De Janeiro body scrub, I fell in love with the fragrance and knew I needed to add this into my summer scent wardrobe. A few spritzes in the morning and I am good to go; I find it lasts really well for a mist, and the fragrance is strong enough you can still smell it throughout the day, but not so strong it's overpowering. And it is such a mood booster too; using this in a morning before work takes me away to a summer beach getaway in Rio, with its warm, fresh and exotic aroma - what better way to start a working day. This is a lovely summery mist and I'm so pleased I bought it; it works so well with the other Sol productions. I can't recommend enough.
    Love love love
    I don't usually leave reviews but for this I will!! I love it because it doesn't give me a sore head or make me sneeze when I spray it and although it wears off throughout the day you still get hints of it when you move. My favourite new scent ever.
    Strong and first then it settles down but enough to still give a scent when you walk by. Amazing, everyone should own this.
    Yummy and long lasting for a body mist
    I hesitated for a long time because some reviews mentioned it was not long lasting and most fragrances don’t last on me. So I went for the 50 ml and I love it so much, I should have bought the largest size. It the same scent as the bum bum cream, it lasts half a day on its own (which is great for a body mist) and lasts all day when layered on top of the bum bum cream. I’m so in love with this scent !! Will repurchase the largest size for sure :)
    I bought this solely from reviews I've read online. Obviously paid reviews as it's nothing special. I already own Hawaiian Tropic Golden Paradise Body Mist which was £7.50 for a bigger bottle and smells very similar if not nicer than this. I'll save my money next time and buy the cheaper nicer smelling alternative.
    So beautiful
    I love this fragrance mist so much. As soon as I smelt it, I fell in love. Already planning on wearing it everyday. Smells tropical with a touch of vanilla. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
    New favourite
    So sexy and smells good enough to eat! Will be wearing every single day- day or night! Not overpowering but lasts ALL day and smells just heavenly and sexy. Only down side is, it smells good enough to eat and makes me hungry! Highly recommend for anyone looking for a new uplifting daily perfume spray.
    Beautiful scent
    I love this stuff, it smells like holidays. Entirely amazing.
    Love itt
    OMG I love this. It smells like a vacation in a bottle... and people always ask me what it is.
    This mist is perfection. It smells just like the bum bum and it's high quality and lasts a long time. It is strong and doesn't have an alcohol smell when you spray it like other mists do. It does have a giant bulky cap though but there's a smaller one underneath.
    Lovely fragrance
    Love the smell of this! Makes you feel like you're on holiday.
    This is the most gorgeous summery smell, a perfect spray to just spray on when nipping out and I love to spray when getting out the bath
    Can’t get enough, such a gorgeous scent and prolongs the scent of the famous bum bum cream even more! Perfect for daytime and can’t get enough.
    Very cheap smell
    I 100% regret buying it. It smells like cheap perfum not worth a penny.
    Very masculine - Smells like a men's spray.
    Luckily I got this for free so didn’t spend any money on it, but I’m just here warning people as it’s a lot of money to spend on something that smells like men’s vanilla spray.
    Holiday smell
    It’s a lovely scent and goes well after a nice hot shower
    I love this and everyone comments on it!
    Smells like a sunny holiday
    I have to spray this on me wherever I go because the scent is so delicious. Really perfect for those who like sweet caramel scents. Every time I spray it I feel like I'm on a tropical holiday.
    I don't want to run out..
    If you love sweet scents, then this mist is a must. A sister to the classic Bum Bum cream, It' smells like a tropical island in a bottle with hints of vanilla and coconut. The smaller size is great for travel but I am about to get the full size to take prize possession on my vanity. I love the fact I can use this spray all over too - even my hair! Move over, Victoria's Secret.
    Smells like a holiday!
    Love it! Summery and sweet, very refreshing, and receive lovely compliments when I wear it. I wish it would last longer!
    Very chemical and cheeeap!!!
    It smells very chemical and cheap...not the same as a cream at all!! You can smell alcohol and plastic scent when u spray it... Not for a sophisticated person, unfortunately.
    Smells amazing
    The smell is gorgeous well worth the money. Cannot wait to wear it on holiday.
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