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    SaieGlowy Super Gel Starglow <p>Wishlists at the ready&#8230; prepare to draw gasps (and induce endless envy) with cheekbones so glowy they pose a legitimate risk.</p><p>Formulated with 75% water, the cruelty-free Glowy Super Gel melts into skin and diffuses with ease for a luminous lustre that looks like your face made it &#8211; simply blend with a brush or your fingers to dial up the dew when you&#8217;re craving some radiance. Loaded with ten precious extracts &#8211; including papaya and vitamin C to protect and revitalise skin as it brightens &#8211; this comes in a choice of two flattering hues: &#8216;Starglow&#8217; (the dreamiest, champagne-gold gleam) and &#8216;Sunglow&#8217; (sunshine in a bottle). Beautiful under your make up for skin that looks lit-from-within, you can cocktail this featherlight highlight with make up or day cream, or wear it on top of foundation for maximum impact. It feels like nothing, but looks like <em>everything</em>&#8230; you dew you.</p>SAI005_STAR229718100294800865 stars, based on41 reviews 22.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Saie Glowy Super Gel
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    Glowy Super Gel
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    • Why it's Cult

      Tired of having to choose between products that work and fulfil your ‘clean’ standards? Step forward: Saie – developed by experts for those who want pure that performs. A capsule collection of heavenly highlighters, gleam-giving balms and lip-nourishing lacquers, this beautiful brand marries ethics with efficacy – so it’s no great surprise that it’s quickly amassing a legion of die-hard disciples who’re head-over-heels for the decadent textures and wearable shades (not to mention the good-looking tubes!). About to become your new beauty go-tos, get to know the cult name that’s on everyone’s lips (cheeks and lashes)…

    • Description

      Wishlists at the ready… prepare to draw gasps (and induce endless envy) with cheekbones so glowy they pose a legitimate risk.

      Formulated with 75% water, the cruelty-free Glowy Super Gel melts into skin and diffuses with ease for a luminous lustre that looks like your face made it – simply blend with a brush or your fingers to dial up the dew when you’re craving some radiance. Loaded with ten precious extracts – including papaya and vitamin C to protect and revitalise skin as it brightens – this comes in a choice of two flattering hues: ‘Starglow’ (the dreamiest, champagne-gold gleam) and ‘Sunglow’ (sunshine in a bottle). Beautiful under your make up for skin that looks lit-from-within, you can cocktail this featherlight highlight with make up or day cream, or wear it on top of foundation for maximum impact. It feels like nothing, but looks like everything… you dew you.

    • How to use

      Try one-two pumps to start, and apply after any serum, oil or untinted moisturiser. Then glow your way. Mix a few drops of Glowy Super Gel into your foundation to brighten up the finish. Use Glowy Super Gel alone for an easy no-make up moment. Prime with it under foundation* or tinted SPF. Looks amazing over make up, too. Use it for allover glow on your face, or anywhere you bare, like chest and collarbones, shoulders and legs.

      Go with 'Starglow' for a pure, super-natural glow that elevates every skin it touches. Get to know 'Sunglow' when you want a kiss of bronze: instant beach vacay for light/medium skin, instant luminous perfection for deeper skin tones.

      *It’s good to note that water-based Glowy Super Gel plays well with most foundation formulas, as long as the foundation isn’t too oily. If you’re not sure, test it out on your hand.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Propanediol, Glycerin, Mica, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Laurate Copolymer, Squalane, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenethyl Alcohol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Polysorbate 60, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, Papaya Seed Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Lactic Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides.

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    Saie - Glowy Super Gel

    Saie Glowy Super Gel Reviews

    I am all about glowy skin! This product is perfect and gives me the glow I need. Without makeup, this is gorgeous. It is soo lightweight and blends immediately into the skin and makes my skin look fresh and smooth. Under makeup, it doesn't disturb my foundation and gives my skin the perfect 'glow from within' look. Even on top of makeup, on the high points of the face, this is just gorgeous! I love how versatile this product is and I highly recommend it!
    Don’t get it
    What is the high ranking for?! A useless product that starts with a weird smell - I would even go with saying it’s a bad smell. It doesn't apply smoothly and doesn’t do any highlighting.
    Glow for it!!
    Leaves my skin with a dewy glow underneath my makeup but also sits well on top of makeup too. Lovely product for summer. Dewy/shimmery but not glittery! Will def buy again
    Feeling like a goddess!
    I kept reading great reviews that I had to put it to the test. I got the shade Starglow since I have very fair skin. It looks amazing! It gives a wonderful glow without any glitter or sparkle. It has that glowy wet kinda feeling that looks gorgeous under makeup or without anything on top basically. It makes my skin look juicy and healthy. Love it!
    A favourite
    I love to see my skin glowing and always looking for new product to try. I think it's one of the best on the market, very happy with this gel.
    Light and amazing
    This product, you can use in a million ways, you can put like a primer, mix with foundation, as a highlight and my favourite way use all over after finishing my make up I use a sponge and lightly tap it all over. This is what it says to be a true gel formula, not glittery and not too pink, I am very fair, and it does not pull overly pink on my skin tone.
    Dewy, Glowy
    Obsessed with this primer, the perfect base and doesn’t make your skin feel greasy. Perfect if you have dull skin and lack radiance!
    You get natural healthy glow in a lovely lightweight gel. Great as a base, mixed in with foundation or just on the high points of your skin for a really nice highlight. I purchased the shade star glow and it is lovely for pale skin.
    Glow without the glitter!
    This is such a beautiful multi-use product. I mix it with my foundation, use it as a base or as a highlighter. I love that there are no visible glitter chunks or intense shimmer. It gives the skin a stunning glow and I recommend it to everyone.
    You’re Glowing!
    Such a lovely product which leaves you with a natural glow. I normally use it mixed in with my SPF or tinted moisturiser but it’s great to just use on it’s own if I want to add a little shine to my dull skin on ‘no make up’ days. Only thing I would say is the product is unfragranced so it does have a relatively strong chemical smell to it, but nothing that would put me off buying again.
    I love how versatile this product is, I have recently been wearing it all over my face underneath my foundation, it just gives the most dreamy warm glow and doesn't disturb the longevity of my foundation. It's also brilliant to wear alone for those no-makeup days!
    Instant love
    I got this as a sample with my most recent order and instantly fell in love. I use it as a primer and it’s such a lovely formula. It’s soo glowy and dewy!
    Beautiful Product
    Such a nice product, it gives a great dewy and healthy look to your skin. Will repurchase 100%
    Just wow
    If you want to look like a healthy goddess then this product is for you! Sinks into the skin like a gel moisturiser has a faint smell and does not irritate my eczema prone skin. I mixed it with my BB cream and topped my cheeks with it as a natural highlighter. The bottle is made with hefty glass and feels super luxe. I am in awe!
    Light texture, beautiful natural glow with no obvious sparkles.
    Just ok
    I had something similar but that product had a tendency to pill, so I bought this as an alternative and it is quite similar without the pilling. The glow is very (very) subtle and I am not sure what else it does or doesn't do but overall an ok product at an ok price. I enjoy the ritual of putting this on, either alone or under make up and it has a fresh and subtle scent. Do you need it? Not really.
    Starglow & Sunglow
    I absolutely love these glowy super gels. They are super sheer and not at all over the top. It feels really clean, non greasy, and goes on effortlessly without disrupting my base. They are also versatile as they can be used under, mixed in, and over foundation. These have definitely replaced all of my other illuminators!
    So glowy!
    So happy with this gorgeous product. Have seen an increase in 'wow you're so dewy!' comments since using. Love it.
    A little goes a long way
    First off the bottle is HUGE - I was expecting a normal-sized Plastic tube but it comes in a massive frosted glass bottle which was a lovely surprise. The product gives a lovely subtle glow and has a super light-gel texture. It’s great mixed with foundation or used as a highlighter but it’s not the best over powder products and sometimes the pump dispenses way too much product which ends up being wasted.
    This sunglow is probably the closest thing to a post-facial glow you can get on a daily basis. I don't care for 'clean' (everything is a chemical) but bought this on a whim & I'm so impressed! I use it after sunscreen, dot a bit of concealer to even out my skin tone and pop a tiny bit of powder around. Glossy, glowy skin. Smells a little bit like wet roses which is very pleasant. This also works well over foundation. Doesn't pill and turns you into a glowy steamed dumpling! Lovely.
    The best!
    I left a review on the StarGlow colour. The Sunglow colour does not disappoint also. This one works better for my skin tone. I have light/medium olive skin, and the bronze colour looks like it enhances my natural colour so well. My previous review still stands. This is just as good. If you’re in between light/medium colour you could also mix the two shades together. That also look beautiful on the skin. I loooooove this product so much. Please don’t ever discontinue it!
    Gives the right glow to the skin.
    I don't get the hype
    I have tried this as a primer and mixed it in my tinted moisturiser. Honestly, it doesn't do much. It feels drying on the skin and the glow is nothing to write home about. There are much better products out there.
    not a replacement for Becca
    I don't write reviews, but...I ordered this as a possible replacement for Becca's backlight primer. I used it once--at first it seemed ok, but as the day went on: it clings to texture and my foundation didn't last at all. It's a highlighter, and an expensive one for what it is. If you're young and don't need extra hydration, this could be nice. If you're looking for an illuminating primer, this isn't it. It's an ok liquid highlight, wouldn't repurchase and would return if I could.
    So far so good!
    I've tried this mixed with my Nars tinted moisturiser today, and am very happy with how they blend together and feel on the skin. I used it the other day as a liquid highlighter and although one pump was maybe a little too much for that usage, I really liked the effect. Will be recommending this to friends.
    This product has been on my wishlist for the longest time and I'm so happy I tried it. I got the shade 'Sunglow' as I have a deeper skin tone and it is perfect for me. I use a few pumps and apply it after my moisturiser, but before my SPF, to give me that summer glow all day long in rainy England. Fake it till you make it, right?
    I'm a light-medium coverage kinda gal and this is my new favourite step in my complexion routine! I add a pump of this in with the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and the results are glorious. My skin looks fresh and uber-glowing. A must-buy if you are a fan of dewy skin.
    Need this back
    I got this as a sample in Starglow and absolutely adored it. It's that perfect glow for the high points of the face without too much shimmer or texture, unlike a LOT of other liquid highlighters. I'm using up what I have then purchasing this - no hesitation!
    A Holy Grail for me!
    Love love everything about this product! It gives the perfect amount of gorgeous glow...your skin but much better. For my very dry, mature skin I first apply a moisturiser mixed with an oil, then concealer. Lastly, the Glowy Super Gel. To round off the fresh natural look I usually go for, I use a sheer wash of colour on the cheeks and lips followed by mascara. It’s working really well for me. The next purchase will be the shade Sunglow for summer...maybe even try it on my man who’s looking a bit pale!
    This is a gamechanger
    I have pale Scandinavian skin and this product makes me look so healthy and glowy! I have dry skin and it works wonders mixed in with my serum ✨
    Some Blazing Starre
    It would feel disingenuous to claim repurchase of this product since one bottle alone will last 10,000 years into your undead glow-up. I gingerly swirl a little Starglow into my serum every morning, and sweep over the more elevated parts of the face thereafter. The shimmer is an ethereal luminescence that can be ramped up to a full-beam glare with ease.
    I got a sample of this with my latest order. The glow it gave on my collar bones and shins was lovely. However on my face it really accents my pores and so they look huge.
    A thousand times yes!
    Got a sample of this with my order and just purchased the full size. Dotted this on my cheekbones, nose and Cupid's bow. Everyone in the Zoom said I was glowing. It's light, super blendable as smells like honey. There's no sparkle just a sheer wash of glow. What's not to love?
    I got starglow and it is such a universal, neutral highlight shade. Just adds a really clear, almost wet-look glow to the skin and is lightweight enough to be mixed into foundation if you need extra glow. Super easy to blend and not glittery too - I always find liquid highlighter dries too soon and I am left with strange glittery spots. 100% would purchase again and try the other colour!!
    Foundation was nice gives a nice glow, really didn’t like the smell of this and it has put me off using it.
    First time for me and couldn't be happier with this delicious, easy-to-use product. All-over dewy glowing complexion from just a few spots and subtle texture which makes it non-greasy or sticky. As a mature user, I am delighted with the sheer and fresh effect it gives my skin, and the huge frosted bottle is a generous amount for the price. Am delighted.
    Amazing glow! Without any annoying sparkles
    It is so beautifully light and subtle (in my eyes more subtle than the backlight priming filter from Becca). I have been using the product for a few days but I am absolutely thrilled!
    Glowy Super Gel - Sunglow
    I love love LOVE this product! My skin is fair olive toned so I bought the Sunglow shade based on one of the other reviewers. It's similar to Charlotte Tilburys Wonderglow in terms of colour, just a little more oomph. It leaves a lovely dewy finish and you can just use with concealer to look like you've just had a facial! Smells amazing too.
    A must for dewy skin lovers!
    This is an amazing multi-use product! I've been mixing it in with my foundation and it gives the most incredible glow to the skin. You can also use this as a highlighter on your face and body and it works wonders! It's not sticky and it's really easy to mix and blend with anything! I brought the shade Sunglow and it's perfect - it's quite sheer so I think this can work on multiple skin tones If you love glowy, dewy skin... you NEED this.
    The Best
    This is one of the best dewy products I have ever used. I love it so much. I didn’t want to buy into the hype of this brand at first, but I am completely impressed. Not only was I looking for clean makeup, but I was also in search for something like this. That can be worn alone (on no makeup days), as primer, mixed with foundation etc. It’s so multitasking. I have gone to purchase the other colour too as I have olive skin. One thing to note is that it is very runny, but it also feels like you are wearing nothing. It gives off the perfect amount of glow. It doesn’t look greasy. I wear it for evenings too. The best combination is the Hourglass Foundation stick mixed with this. It’s beautiful and I get compliments on my skin regularly when I wear that. I’d highly recommend this product.
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