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    RevitaLashRevitaLash Advanced 2mlPioneering, conditioning treatments, RevitaLash harnesses clinically-proven technology to nourish and strengthen eyelashes and brows – hydrating, protecting and elasticising, to enhance flexibility and help prevent brittleness and breakage. Multi-award-winning, RevitaLash Advanced has earned prestigious accolades from InStyle and The Anti-ageing Beauty Bible (to name a few), and is one of the world’s leading lash conditioning treatments – encouraging even fragile hairs to realise their full, glossy, lustrous potential. Phenomenally effective, RevitaLash was born out of a loving husband’s quest to help his wife regain her confidence during a battle with cancer. Dr. Brinkenhoff – an opthamologist for over 30 years – soon realised the revitalising potential of his formulation, and RevitaLash now has a loyal global following in over 50,000 spas, salons and retail establishments, and remains a proud supporter of breast cancer research and education. RVT00150228936890012285 stars, based on108 reviews 89.00Cult BeautyNew
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    RevitaLash RevitaLash Advanced 2ml

    RevitaLash Advanced 2ml
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    • Why it's Cult
      Conditioning, revitalising and beautifying, RevitaLash Advanced enhances the look of luxurious eyelashes with dramatic – but believable – effect. Starring a proprietary blend of scientifically-advanced technology and natural botanicals, this daily treatment promotes strand strength, resilience and suppleness – minimising likelihood of breakage, and addressing the visual signs of eyelash ageing, stress and fragility. High impact BioPeptin Complex – a cocktail of peptides and botanicals – saturates each lash with moisture, while the non-drip, anti-microbial formula remains exactly where it’s meant to; just apply a fine line along clean, dry lash line every morning or evening, and allow to dry thoroughly before applying make up. Et voila! 2ml is equivalent to 2 - 3 months' usage.
    • Description
      Pioneering, conditioning treatments, RevitaLash harnesses clinically-proven technology to nourish and strengthen eyelashes and brows – hydrating, protecting and elasticising, to enhance flexibility and help prevent brittleness and breakage. Multi-award-winning, RevitaLash Advanced has earned prestigious accolades from InStyle and The Anti-ageing Beauty Bible (to name a few), and is one of the world’s leading lash conditioning treatments – encouraging even fragile hairs to realise their full, glossy, lustrous potential. Phenomenally effective, RevitaLash was born out of a loving husband’s quest to help his wife regain her confidence during a battle with cancer. Dr. Brinkenhoff – an opthamologist for over 30 years – soon realised the revitalising potential of his formulation, and RevitaLash now has a loyal global following in over 50,000 spas, salons and retail establishments, and remains a proud supporter of breast cancer research and education.
    • How to use
      Prep Wash hands and face with a mild soap & water. Let face and eye area dry completely prior to application. Once-a-day, apply a thin line to clean and dry eyelashes above the level of the skin One brush stroke is sufficient to cover eyelashes. Note: Only a small quantity is needed to beautify and promote the attractiveness of natural lashes. For best results, use consistently. Be sure to let RevitaLash Advanced dry before applying make-up. If using make-up remover, be sure to wash off all residue prior to RevitaLash Advanced application. There is no added benefit to using RevitaLash Advanced more than once per day.
    • Full ingredients list
      Aqua, Glycerin, Biotin, Cellulose Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Disodium Phospahte, Phosphoric Acid, Decloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethycloprostenolamide, Butylene Glycol, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract, Serenoa Serrulata Extract, Camellia Sinensis Extract, Swertia Japonica Extract, Triticum Vulgare Germ Protein, Pentylene Glycol, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Octapeptide-2.
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    RevitaLash - RevitaLash Advanced 2ml

    RevitaLash RevitaLash Advanced 2ml Reviews

    Love it!!
    It’s pricey yes...but so so worth it! My lashes after around 3 weeks of nightly use are definitely looking thicker and feeling stronger. I’ve noticed some growth, but nothing huge yet (understandable as it’s still early days!) but I’m happy and keen to keep it up!
    So good
    Have been using this every night for 4 - 5 months now and honestly it really works! I have had so many people comment on how long my lashes look! Would 100% recommend and will be repurchasing once it runs out - be patient and you will love the results!!
    I’m only 6 days into using this and already my lashes are looking longer and the gaps that I had are started to regrow, I really didn’t want to buy this due to the price but it really is an incredible product!! Going to get the brow serum as well.
    Started to see some results but product doesn’t last
    So my lashes were pretty poor before using as I had had some extensions which I pulled out leaving little lashes. Started using Revitalash once I’d got some growth. I am 4 weeks in and have started to see some results for sure, but I am scraping the sides with the applicator for the product as it’s pretty much gone! There is nowhere near 3 months of product, I might end up having 5-6 weeks MAX, so it’s super expensive at £90 every 5/6 weeks!! Not sure I’ll buy again as there just isn’t enough product to justify it. I think if there was a more realistic amount of product, there would be enough time to gauge if the results would be good and would absolutely convince me to make a bi-monthly purchase but just feels too much at only 5/6 weeks. Potential to be great but I guess I’ll never know!
    Didn’t work
    I have used this product for over 8 weeks and I can’t see any benefits. I have used another brand before which was much cheaper & had amazing results after only 6 weeks. I thought I would try this product for a change because the reviews looked great, however, I’m disappointed. I spoke to customer service & they checked I was using it correctly, which I was. I really wouldn’t recommend it, there are much better & cheaper serums out there.
    So far so good
    I've been using the serum for a few weeks now and I do think my eyelashes look fuller and longer. I already have pretty long eyelashes but wanted to try to see if they would just be a bit thicker and I must say that it does seem as if they are! My friend also uses it and hers look amazing!
    Revitalash miracle
    Love love this stuff, I have just bought my second bottle!! The results are amazing, people think I've had semi permanent eyelash extensions! So much thicker, longer and stronger, love it!
    Mighty Lash!
    Unreal results! My lashes are longer and the outer corners curl like a cute Disney character! I've used other lash brands (cheaper) that irritated my eyes and didn't give the results. RevitaLash works: yep, it's got a solid gold price-tag but it delvers solid-gold results. I can only recommend!
    It works - with dedicated use!
    I used this a few times in a few weeks then left it in the cupboard disappointed. Gave it another go a few months later, this time using it every night religiously for about 4-6 weeks. And wow. it actually works.
    Definitely works but expensive and causes under eye hair!
    After reading strong reviews I took the plunge and purchased this and the brow serum. They both work no doubt! I saw improvements in both lashes and brows, however when I stopped using the product results faded, and had to repurchase to keep them up. I have since got the same results from Revitalash which is much cheaper and as effective. One thing I would like to highlight with this product, and I did see similar feedback from others is that since using it I started getting hairs (dark peach fuzz) under my eye / upper cheekbone as a result of the serum residue. I am now trying to figure out how to remove this from my face. Beware of this side effect!
    I’m a believer!
    I always think these things are fake and rubbish but I had to try it. It actually works! Takes about a month to fully see the results but it really works!! My lashes are thicker and longer! It does hurt your eyes if you put it too close to the lash line but other than that no issues! My lashes are actually too long now so I only do it twice a week to maintain. I’m on my second one!
    Only lasted 1 month
    So this does work BUT it has only lasted 1 month and for that price I'm not happy at all I only put it on once a day and it last one month and not 3 months as stated on here
    My bank account is devastated this works
    I bought this when I had a 15% discount code fully expecting it to not work for me and take the hit on spending that much... But it does genuinely work. I've always had short stumpy lashes, and after 2 months use, I'd say they're now probably twice the length. I do have some extra volume, but I've noticed the most difference in length and health. My bank account is sad that this is so amazing, but I love it! I Will definitely repurchased.
    Worth The Money
    I’ve tried a bunch of different, cheaper eyelash serums but nothing works like this one does!
    I used another brand in the past and fell in love with eyelash serum. During lockdown felt like the perfect opportunity to grown my tiny lashes out... and this stuff is AMAZING! I know it's pricey but it is worth every penny if you want outrageously long lashes that look like extensions!
    Be patient
    Got this after a couple of friends recommended as I would usually get a lash lift and tint however due to lockdown I was left with my short natural lashes. At first, I thought nothing was happening but I have now been using it for about 6 weeks and can see a noticeable difference with natural lashes and a massive difference which mascara on!
    Worth it, treat yourself!
    I read SO many reviews before buying this because I was super unsure of the price. It. Is. Worth. It. I've been using it for 3 months and legit my eyelashes are the longest they've ever been. If you're wondering how to justify buying it, if covid hadn't happened you would've gone out, holidays, etc so the money on false eyelashes or eyelash extensions during that is more than this beautiful product. Also, treat yourself!
    Seeing some changes after 1 month
    It’s a slow burner but I’m definitely seeing some more lashes after using this for about a month.
    Literally how is this so good?!?! If you read a bad review they probably aren't using it properly because this has changed my life. Don't be put off by the price tag as it lasts a while and you won't regret it. INCREDIBLE.
    Why didn’t I buy this sooner!?
    After going into lockdown with lash extensions on and having to remove them myself I was left with short stumpy lashes.. not far off my usual state really just with a few sparse areas. I’ve heard so much over the years about revitalash but the price put me off, but it was a brand that always stuck around unlike cheap alternatives. So I bit the bullet, set a reminder on my phone for everyday so I remembered to used it. You really do have to be patient and persevere with it as I didn’t see results until about 6 weeks in. Never in my life have my lashes been this long!! I would even go as far to say they’re a bit thicker that usual! I will continue to use this as it has honestly changed my lashes!!! You will not regret this purchase!
    Worth the money
    I had heard so many good reviews about this product but was always hesitant due to the price tag. So glad I went for it! I've been using it for about a month now and my lashes are noticeably longer and thicker. When I curl my eyelashes, it looks like I have lash extensions. I Will definitely be repurchasing I'm obsessed!
    It works, it just works
    I have been using it for a month now and my lashes are longer and thicker, so far very impressed.
    How did I ever live without this?
    Wow! Having suffered from straight and lifeless eyelashes for so many years, I thought I would take the plunge and try this. I honestly can not recommend it enough! My lashes are longer and fuller, someone even asked if i had lash extensions in recently. I've been using it every day for around 3 weeks and can already see a huge difference. This has officially earned a coveted place in my cult collection.
    It works
    I have been using Revitalsh for years on and off and it works!
    Did absolutely nothing
    I read all the reviews so I thought I would give it a go even though it was so expensive. Absolute waste of money. I really tried to give it time to work. Months down the line and using every day and it’s not done anything. There is no difference whatsoever.
    I’ve tried different brands but have allergic reactions. This one doesn’t irritate my eyes and works wonders! More pricey, but less of a waste for me than the others!! You need to be diligent, using it every day (I prefer evening after cleansing and giving it a few mins before applying any other products that will touch your eyes) but following the instructions really leads to great results :-)
    Not so good
    Unfortunately caused a terrible irritation around the eyes.
    This eyelash serum is the best . You can see the difference in the first week. Definitely will buy again
    I’ve had weak and sensitive lashes for years and they’ve easily come out when rubbed and irritated. Revitalash has genuinely Improved them so I feel confident enough to wear mascara again - I just have to choose a good one that builds the strength further!
    I'm always sceptical about products like this, but based on the reviews, I thought I would give it a go. I'm 56 years of age and as you get older, your eyelashes start to diminish and become quite brittle, so are prone to breakage. I've used eyelash curlers for years and thought it might be these that were causing tiny broken lashes (there's no evidence to prove this). Anyway.....amazing. I started using it after it sat in my drawer for a few weeks, didn't use it every night (just forgot really) and I can honestly say, that this is one of the best products I've ever used that actually works. It really does. I'm so impressed by it and would definitely buy it again.
    Swollen eyes
    After using this product for a month I have got longer lashes but it has changed my eye shape by making my eyelids droopy - is this a permanent change to my eye? I’m not sure I hope not but I have stopped using the product. I hope my eye goes back to normal.
    It actually works
    This product is pricey but I have seen a drastic improvement in the fullness and length of my lashes since using it, absolutely love it.
    I am stunned
    I'd had a tube of Revitalash for ages, but I hadn't managed to establish a habit of using it every day and it had languished in a drawer. Come lockdown, come a sort-out. I found it, and thought "I must try this". I put it on my dressing table and started using it every night. About 2 weeks later I got up one morning and thought that's odd, I must have gone to bed with my make-up on (which is unheard of). I'm still wearing mascara, did I have one too many glasses of wine last night? But no, my face was bare of make-up but my eyes were sporting long, thick, and I swear darker, lashes. The improvement has continued, much to my astonishment as I'm pretty sceptical of products like this. Even my husband (who obviously hadn't been told about this addition to my beauty routine, he's a bloke) accused me the other day of wearing false eyelashes and was very suspicious when I informed him that I have never worn falsies in my life, and I'm not about to start now. Just one coat of mascara and I now look like Liza Minelli, and I am no spring chicken. Don't know what's in it, but it's good stuff.
    Slow but very effective results
    Pre lockdown I was a religious eyelash extension worshipper. I was forced to let them naturally fall out and I was left with very short and sparse lashes. 8 weeks later and they have never been this long before. I’m already getting ready to purchase my second bottle once my first one runs out (last roughly 12 weeks) and I may not go back to having eyelash extensions regularly again :)
    Definitely worth it
    Started using this at the beginning of lockdown like a lot of the other recent reviews, I’ve worn lash extensions for about 10 years now constantly! So my natural lashes were really damaged, short and stumpy. Even with mascara on could barely see them. I bought this and have been using for about 6 and a half weeks every night and I can definitely see a difference they have grown so much! Be patient as I think it took about a month for me to start seeing the real growth, I’m hoping as I continue to use they will get even longer! But I feel confident now just wearing mascara whereas before my eyes actually looked bald! Definitely a great investment.
    New growth
    Just one week of use and already lots of fine new growth
    Outstanding product
    Well where do I start.. at the beginning of lockdown I decided to pull out all of my lash extensions - not realising the full implications of it and that I would pull all of my actual eyelashes out! Safe to say on March 23rd I had NO lashes left, I was bald and honestly thought thank god I don’t have to see anyone!! I quickly researched good eyelash serums and stumbled across Revitalash, I’ve been using religiously every single night and I wore no mascara for 5 weeks to let my lashes breathe and recover and now they are SO long and strong. I never thought it would work but 7 weeks or so later and I have the healthiest lush lashes ever!! I will never stop using!! Definitely worth every penny and I will never have false lashes again!! Thank you Revitalash!!
    6 weeks of use so far and no difference
    I've been using this product once, sometimes twice a day on my eyelashes and havent seen the faintest bit of difference. Clearly judging by the reviews it works for some people but sadly for me it was money down the drain.
    "Are your lashes real?"
    I have been using this for years now, and I always get complimented on my lashes. Prior to use, nobody really noticed them, and now at least every two weeks, I will get asked "Where do you get your eyelashes done?" as if I have extensions, "Are your lashes real?" or "What mascara do you use?" I used to work as a waitress and customers would chase me across the restaurant to ask. Originally I used it for about 3 months every single night (can't remember actual timescale but I was persistent) and they grew to the longest they could and then stopped at their maximum, and since then (as it is super expensive) I now only use it once or twice a week if I feel they are getting a little sparse or shorter than usual. Would recommend this to everyone. It's my little secret! *Only con I would say is that this does leave pigmentation on your skin. It's nowhere near enough for me to stop using it, but a few friends told me (while I was using it daily) that it looks like I have red eyeliner on when I didn't have makeup on. It did put me off for a while, which is what made me go to once a week than nightly, and I haven't heard the same line since.
    It actually works!!
    I bought this product after having eyelash extensions that obliterated my natural lashes. They were SO thin and short, and being fair haired already they just were non existent. I honestly started seeing results after 1 week - my lashes were just about back to my normal length, and the frayed, bent lashes had disappeared. I’ve been using this for about one month now, and my lashes actually feel really thick as well as being super long. My lashes are dead straight, but they’ve actually got long enough to have a bit of a natural upwards curl to them. I used it ever night for the first 3 weeks, and now I use it every few days because I’m very happy with the length and thickness.
    I take my previous feedback back.
    It actually works! I gave up using it after consistent use for almost 4 weeks. And then a few days pass and notice my lashes become longer and curlier in places. This product indeed requires patience, but worth it :)
    Really works
    Great stuff that really works. Lashes are noticeably longer
    didn't work
    Used it consistently for 4 weeks - I didn't see any difference in my eyelashes appearance.
    so good!
    I've been using this for the past 2 months or so (not every day) and I'm shocked at how well it has worked for my naturally short, straight lashes! If I curl my lashes, they touch my eyebrows!! The only thing that sucks is it has irritated my lash line, and the skin is a bit red around my lashes. First couple uses my eyes felt itchy but the results are beyond worth it. Although it is expensive, one tube lasts a long time since you only need a little bit at a time.
    I read the reviews and noted that this product sometimes “stains” around the eyes. This is what happened to me too, after about three days. The stain disappeared a couple of days after I stopped using it. Very sad.
    My new must-have
    I don't think I'll ever go without this now, it's fab! Noticed a difference in only 2 weeks and many people have complimented my lashes and asked where I got them done! My lashes look longer, curled and I've noticed less lash fallout since using.
    Better than extensions
    This is an incredible product. I used to have extensions but wanted to stop using them. I've been using it for about a year and get so many compliments on my lashes that I've converted all my friends an family to it. Can't recommend it highly enough. Brilliant.
    Best treatment for eyelashes
    This is truly the best treatment for eyelashes I have ever tried... it makes my lashes really long and strong, and I always get compliments about my eyelashes.
    Best ever!!
    I tried many... minimum 5-6 different products... but this is the only one, which I can recommend for anyone... because amazing!!!
    Excellent results
    Was very skeptical about this. Bought this based on reviews and so glad I did. Amazing results. Just wear my regular mascara and get that false lash effect. Never had long lashes but now get compliments all the time. Very noticeable length and volume. Will definitely repurchase.
    It works! Will be buying again!
    Exceeded expectations
    I had uncomfortable lash extensions applied and would pull them out in my sleep. My lashes ended up short and some missing. I bought this as a conditioner. So when my lashes grew, and grew, and grew, I was delighted. My friends are so distracted by them, they often miss what I'm saying over coffee - they look good without mascara but with, it's truly nuts. I can feel them on my eyebrows if I open my eyes wide; if there was an option to put a picture here, I would. My lashes are curly too, who knew. My desert island must have. Lots of my pals have followed suit, though their lashes aren't as long as mine; they, too, are delighted.
    Love this product. Used after lash extensions that left my lashes in poor condition. Expensive but worth the money.
    Amazing lashes
    Been using now for two years and lashes have gone from being underwhelming and short, to lengthy and healthy looking. Start to notice a difference after around a month but you have to keep using it or they will go back to how they were before.
    This time, trust the promise!
    Even if you are the most sceptical buyer, especially of skin care, you can — amazing as it seems — believe the promise on this one. I first bought this elsewhere when they were offering a 90-day to return guarantee. To be honest, I bought it more out of curiosity than conviction, expecting to give it a try but send it back within the guarantee. I thought it was just worth the return postage to see if it had any effect whatsoever. It wasn't as though they were claiming it would grow any hair where it was missing: that would have been outrageous! They were just saying it would give me "thicker, fuller-looking" brows. I naturally have very sparse, very fair, almost invisible brows, naturally sparse to the point that I could count them along half of their length. I wanted to have 'proper' brows before it was too late for any hope. Nothing makes a woman look so old as when her eyebrows start to disappear as she gets older. And the fact I'd never had any in the first place didn't exactly help. It's not that, like some people, I've lost mine through over-plucking. I had no need to. I've never had any eyebrows worth plucking, bar the very occasional strange one appearing below my brow at the top of my eyelid. I'd never needed to 'tame' them: I had nothing to tame. I've always taken really good care of my skin — and my attitude to life. Acquaintances regularly assume me to be at least a decade younger than I am (even with my invisible eyebrows letting me down). I certainly don’t want to start being taken for older than I am because of my invisible brows. So I thought I might as well give this product a try just to see if it might help. Perhaps Maybe. Now you'd have trouble prizing it from my hand. I started off being meticulous about using it twice every day on clean, dry skin, as per the instructions. But it said it takes several weeks to work and I'm lazy and disorganised. So for much of the time I wasn't even using it once every day, just most days, but even I'd sometimes forget it should be used on dry skin and use it after I'd already applied other creams. So I wasn't exactly using it as instructed. That's why I was so astonished when it worked. I also started off, of course, peering at my brows almost daily (i.e. every time I remembered to use it) to see if it was working. After a while, though, of seeing nothing I gave that up and using it just became part of my (rather slapdash) no-mirror-needed, evening routine, only using it occasionally during the day if I happened to remember. (You need to understand that health issues keep me virtually bedridden and I hardly ever go out, so rarely wear makeup, and I keep my hair simply twisted up on top of my head. I rarely have much cause to look in a mirror. I can generally do all I need to without one.) Then one day, in the bathroom, I glanced in the mirror as I was washing my hands and found myself rooted to the spot with astonishment. I can still remember exactly what I said, out loud: "Blimey! I've got eyebrows!" It was a bit of a shock! At first, I wasn't quite sure whether I even liked my new, more noticeable, thicker brows. It took a while to adjust to having a new face. Now I love them. I reallly don't ever want to,have to go back to those ageing wisps. It's not, please note, that the product simply makes my brows look artificially thicker. I really do have more hair in my brows. I've gone from being able to count them in single digits to not being able to count them all. This product really does grow eyebrow hairs where none grew before. But it also makes individual hairs thicker and coarser, all adding to the effect. One effect I wasn't expecting is that they are also darker, which I like as it makes them more visible, not the almost-transparent wisps they were before. I now have a proper 'frame' for my face, and I really do look younger. I'll probably never have the kind of bushy brows that need gelling into place. But they wouldn't look right on my face, so that's fine. I have the brows my face ought to have had all along, but somehow never did. So if you think the claims for this product are too good to be true — I wouldn't blame you. I was extremely sceptical too. Who wouldn't be? All I can tell you is that it worked for me, and worked way beyond my expectations; way beyond the claims it makes, even. Is that a first for the skin care and cosmetics industry? (BTW I have no connection whatever with anyone or any company in any way associated with this company or this product. I am just an ordinary consumer who has, to her genuine surprise, found a product that works even better than it claims to, and I wanted to let other women know it might work as well for them, because it delivers results that are so important to most women's sense of self-esteem.)
    You have to be consistent to really get results but it's totally worth it! My lashes look great with and without mascara.
    THE.BEST. My stubby lashes doubled in size in about 4-6 weeks. On my second bottle. Be consistent or else it wont work. Expensive so now I use it every other day.
    It so worked.
    I was sceptical about this, sooo much. Have to say I had piddly flaky non-existent lashes. Religiously used this every eve from about March to May and my top lashes are so much longer! I even have to wear my sunglasses slightly further down my nose as my lashes catch them. Hasn't made much change to the bottom ones. I've really seen a big difference in my lashes, they are soo much longer. My lashes do feel thicker and stronger. Happy it's worked for me:-)
    Always dubious of lash lengthening serums but this stuff actually works! My lashes are noticeably longer, I couldn’t be without this now!
    Worth every penny
    Yes, this is expensive. But in my opinion, it’s worth it. You have to apply it religiously for a good 6 weeks before you see the results, then WOW, incredible lashes. Be patient, you won’t regret it.
    It works!
    So this product is definitely a pricy one! I wouldn’t have purchased had I not had a friend already tried and tested out the serum. Having commented on my friend's lashes every time I was with her, she told me Revitalash was the secret to her lengthy, voluptuous lashes! My own lashes were short and grew straight out the way, so decided to make the splurge. After a couple of weeks of probably not using every single day, I started to notice a difference. As did others. I started getting compliments and was also being asked what my secret was. So it 100% works, and works well! That being said. As soon as my 2ml ran out, it didn’t take long to notice the difference, my short straight lashes were back. You have to upkeep the use of this serum. A pricey commitment for long lashes.
    Believe the hype
    One of my cult products! At first, I was sceptical of both the hype and the price of this product but it really works. I have been using it consistently for 4 months now and I'm just coming to the end of the tube. I have noticed a significant growth in my lashes, which is amazing as I missed having long lashes due to being allergic to many mascaras. I will definitely be repurchasing the bigger size of this product soon.
    Just wow to be honest. This is life changing, if you're on the fence you have to go for it! Worth every penny. Results take a few weeks so be patient. I will repurchase continually now!
    I have only used this product for 3 weeks, but I can see improvement in my lashes already, lashes are longer and seem to be fuller, so I would recommend
    It works!
    This is great and it actually works to the extent where it looks like I've had eyelash extensions. I could see a difference in two weeks but was not expecting to see much for at least a month so that was a nice surprise too. It is an ideal solution to not being able to have eyelash extensions during lockdown.
    Actually works
    Not one to usually give a review, however, this stuff genuinely works. You need to be consistent or don’t waste your money. I’ve been using mine just over a month and after having lash extensions for over a year this stuff has brought my own lashes back to life, I had a gap in one of my lash lines and that has completely disappeared. My boyfriend even noticed they’re looking good so it must be working.
    It is amazing!
    Highly recommend
    Amazing - I had a few sparse patches from wearing flash eyelashes and they’ve grown back and then some. Always get complements that my lashes look nice and long
    Definitely worth the money!
    I bought this for myself as a little birthday treat as I’ve heard lots of people over the years rave about it, especially ‘Shaaanxo’ on YouTube back in the day! I’ve got terribly short and thin lashes and I have to say that after 2 months of use the change in my lashes is amazing! I must say that I don’t notice a huge amount of difference in terms of thickness but the length has changed dramatically. I know a lot of people will be hesitant to spend this amount on such a small product but I would say it’s far more valuable to invest in your natural lashes rather than going down the extensions route. Would thoroughly recommend!
    Use religiously
    I bought this as, inevitably with age, I felt like my lashes weren’t in the same condition they used to be. I did my research and this came out as the top product to use and I’ve been using it religiously since. I would say my lashes are longer, slightly fuller, and definitely don’t fall out as much as they have been previously. I do think you need to make sure you use it every day and I’m still going on my first tube so I’ll re-purchase when this runs out!
    It works!!
    It really works! My lashes have grown but they have become a thinner so I will use castor oil to thicken them!
    Patience is key for this magic product
    I have been using this product for 4 weeks now and can totally see a visible difference when I curl my lashes and apply mascara now. I was slightly sceptic at first as I was really struggling to see any difference however around 3 weeks or so of using it, I woke up one morning and my lashes looked noticeably longer and once I applied my mascara it was like I had lash extensions on. I really think patience and consistency is key with this product, but it really does give great results. I apply mine right before bed on bone dry lashes so overnight the product can sink in with no chance of me rubbing my eyes or causing the product to run.
    It’s really works!! My lashes grow like crazy. Don’t know how I didn’t buy this sooner.
    It really works
    I have used this product many times. Don't expect to see results straight away, it takes around 3 weeks of constant use and then the magic happens. My lashes are so long that they touch my glasses lenses. It's just fabulous, but you have to be patient. A considered purchase but one that's worth its price tag.
    I bought having heard such good reviews but don't find it does anything much at all to my lashes apart from condition them. They are softer to touch but no growth whatsoever after weeks of use. I think it's overhyped especially for the price and I'm pretty sure castor oil does just as good a job.
    Very impressed!
    I was sceptical, especially for the price, but after using this for 3 months I am so impressed! I noticed after about 1.5-2 months that my lashes are so much longer than they were before. It's very noticible. I am just about running out of the 2ml now and will definitely repurchase.
    I honestly can’t stress enough how amazing this is. I started using it around 2 months ago and already my lashes are phenomenal. I noticed results about a month in and started getting compliments since then too- WORTH THE MONEY.
    No seriously, this works!
    Okay, the price definitely reflects on the delivery! On my 4th container of this now and here is my honest review. If I am completely honest, I do find towards the end of the container perhaps it's in my head, however, I do think it gets less effective, and because of this I always purchase the smaller 2ml. Consistency is most definitely key for this product, your lashes aren't going to grow overnight. Keep using this every day, AM and PM and I promise you, you will definitely see the difference in growth.
    I don't know what possessed me to spend so much money on my pathetic eyelashes - Anna Murphy in The Times was responsible. Worth every penny though. They look as though they've been extended, dyed and curled. Amazing. Only used it for a few weeks. Never had such gorgeous lashes in my life.
    Literally Amazing
    I bought this product in May, I received a 15% discount code and thought I may as well use it on something more expensive and had been looking at this product for a while and let me tell you it did not disappoint. I read so many reviews before purchasing because I didn't want to waste my money, to me the positives outweighed the negatives and I am so so so glad I bought this. I use it every morning on my upper and lower lashes - some say they use it twice a day but I don't want to waste it, I have used it the odd few times AM and PM when I thought my lashes on my right eye were inconsistent in length compared to the left but this has since resolved - I honestly can't believe how my eyelashes look now, its INSANE, they are so long and have such a nice natural curl. I'm honestly not exaggerating and I wish I could post before and after pictures! My lashes now look like I have individual extensions in and when I put mascara on, just WOW. It does take a few weeks to really notice, but the difference it so dramatic it's worth the wait, even my boyfriend has noticed and can't believe how long they are. I have been using it once (odd occasion twice) daily since 21st May so 13 weeks on Thursday and they are now unbelievably long and nicely curled. I did experience slight irritation when I first started, but nothing extreme just a bit itchy and its since stopped, though it does sting (obviously) if you get it in your eye! I cant speak for everyone but I've had the best experience with this product and I already know I will be purchasing this when my current bottle is done - still feels like there is a fair bit left, I wipe off excess so not to waste and its been going strong for 13 weeks now. From my experience I would 100% recommend this, if you are umming and ahing about it just go for it, I'm sure you won't regret it. There are other, cheaper alternatives but the reviews were far more inconsistent and with the product going onto my eyes I wanted to make sure it was legitimate and there was little to no risk and this is the market leader in eyelash serums.
    The only one for me
    Ive tried a lot if lash serums but this is the only one to give me ridiculously long lashes. You have to be consistent and it takes a few weeks. 4 stars as I wish it wasn't so expensive!
    It really works
    I've used this before a few years ago after eyelash extensions caused my eyelashes to fall out. I recently started using it again as I noticed my lashes looked short and droopy. It is truly amazing, my lashes look longer and have their natural curl back. They fall out less and look shiny as well. Would recommend to anyone!
    Really good
    I ordered this 24.4 (now 16.7) and for weeks and weeks I’d check my eyelashes and curse this product for not working (I’ve used a similarly priced eye lash serum in the past and been amazed by the results but it was taken off the market). I was all set to write a scathing review...and then lock down eased and I actually put on makeup. My eyelashes are easily 60% or more longer and curl upwards whereas normally they very much go straight forward. With the other serum I used the results were better but the itching and swollen eyes Just weren’t worth it. I didn’t get any side effects from this product and I will be sticking with it permanently.
    Lashes are there!
    I’ve been using Revitalash every day for 2 and a half weeks now and already I can see a massive difference in my lash length! My lashes were very minimum before and I’ve always longed for beautiful, strong lashes and now it seems I may finally get them! Wish I’d started using this ages ago.
    Revitalash ....this works
    Having read the reviews I decided to give this a go...after all we apply products to skin and hair, so why not eyelashes? I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks and I cannot believe the results already. Significantly more lashes and the longest they’ve been...I shall definitely be continuing with this product. Thank you to the product developers, you’ve got a winner :-)
    Eyelash infection
    This doesn’t happen to everyone but I looked online after needing to see GP with an infected eyelid and noticed that a significant minority get a large number of styes and other eyelid infections after use. I used it exactly as directed. I have never had this type of infection before. The whole infection was painful, unsightly and lasted 10 days. So will not use this again and need to throw it out after only 2 weeks.
    not sure it's worth the money
    I've been using it almost 2 months now every night and my lashes don't show any difference in length or fullness. What I have noticed however is they are much stronger so my lash lift is better.
    I love it
    I love it! Just one month of use and already I see long lashes.
    Can’t see the difference
    Having worn eyelash extensions pre lockdown, I decided to give my lashes some TLC during lockdown by applying this daily. I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference at all in the condition or length of my, very normal, lashes.
    I went through a phase of having constant lash extensions, once I stopped I had very thin, short lashes so I bought this, and honestly, it works wonders! I don’t even wear mascara anymore because of how long and full they are. Worth every penny!
    Best investment in years
    At first I thought it was a waste of money, as not cheap, but please give this product a chance, after 4-6 weeks you will have continuously the most beautiful, strong, long, lushes lashes. My first bottle lasted approx 4 months and I have just purchased my second. This is a must have for any ladies who regularly have lash extensions. Everyone I meet assumes I still do have - this is a far better solution. Great lashes with no damage. I have dyed mine black, and with the help from an eyelash and a little mascara you are good to go.
    I’ve always suffered from short stumpy lashes and no matter how much I coated them in coconut oil they never seemed to grow. After reading mixed reviews I purchased and it was the best decision I made! My lashes have now grown super long and I’m so happy with them! Definitely worth the price!
    I had eyelash extensions for years and they completely ruined my natural lashes, but after using Revitalash I've noticed a huge difference. My lashes are stronger, thicker, LONGER and they don't fall out as often. I 100% recommend this product to anyone that is wanting to strengthen their lashes.
    Not only has it worked, it was noticeable much sooner than I expected. After about three weeks I noticed the difference. My lashes are so much longer. I have to wait until my mascara has dried before I open my eyes otherwise it leaves marks just under my eyebrows!
    Incredible product
    It took a few weeks of applying it daily, but then it's like the effect was suddenly visible and my lashes now are so long. I've also noticed that the roots are stronger and the lashes don't fall out as easy.
    Really works
    Great stuff that really works! My lashes are noticeably longer
    Amazing product!!
    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! My lashes were left short, thin and stubby from eyelash extensions and this truly did revitalise them and leaves me with long, thick and healthy lashes! I’m so so pleased with this purchase
    Didn't think it would actually work but it definitely does! My lashes have grown so long, I did, however, notice I was losing some lashes after a few months but they just grew back...
    Does what it says on the bottle
    Yes! It works! Have tried other brands of eyelash growth serum before but this has had the best results. Not an overnight solution but just a few weeks of nightly use and I see a big difference. Just one coat of mascara to emphasise. I will be buying the bigger size next time.
    Surprisingly worth the hype
    I've always had quite short lashes, so I used to get lash lifts. However, since using this serum religiously every day my eyelashes look incredible! I don't wear makeup much anymore, but when I put on mascara for the first time in weeks after using this - I was shocked. It looked like I was wearing 4 coats but I was wearing one, just because that's how voluminous and long they looked. I know it's pricy but I genuinely stand by this product. I would skip their Brow formula, however. It doesn't have the same effect at all. I will be repurchasing as soon as my current bottle finishes.
    This product is sooo good I would never be without RevitaLash now. It conditions my lashes, lengthens them and makes them all soft and nourished ready for mascara. Will definitely be buying again!!!
    Had false lashes on for quite a few months and needed to get them off. Well my lashes I had left were like stubs. Used this religiously from May to August and quite quickly my lashes grew long. I will never go back to false lashes, this is brilliant. It’s expensive, but not as expensive as false lashes.
    Game changing
    Have been using this for about 5 months and I can safely say my lashes are the longest EVERRRR. They are thicker also and people assume they're extensions. It's pricey but worth it. It has even helped a few lashed grow in a natural blank patch along the lash line. It lasts for ever (I'm about to buy my second bottle). I echo all the great feedback already here!
    Wow already such a difference! Used it after my lash extensions were taken off and it’s definitely a lash lifesaver!
    RevitaLash Advanced
    Wow! Just wow! After just three weeks my lashes are incredible. This stuff is pricy but worth every penny. Five stars all the way.
    Not sure
    I got this after I got my lash extensions taken off, so my lashes were quite sparse. I did notice a difference in that they came back quickly but as far as length goes, I wouldn't say my lashes are different to normal and I don't think it has filled that void of having lash extensions on.
    I never used a product that works so well. After 2 months of continuing using, my lashes grew so much. All my friends noticed and asked if I was wearing false lashes.
    I love this product! I’ve been using it for almost a month now, and my eyelashes look so long and strong it’s crazy! I’ve always had plenty and thick eyelashes but their length is amazing. By adding just a tiny amount of mascara it looks like I have fake lashes! I highly recommend this product!
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