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    Rejuvenated LtdCollagen ShotsCollagen is effectively the ‘fabric’ of the skin – interwoven strands, which provide skin strength, elasticity and structure but sadly (like mum’s Laura Ashley sofa) – gradually show signs of wear and tear. Collagen synthesis starts to slow down at around age 25 (eeeeek!!!) and reports show that by the time you hit 45, collagen levels have fallen by as much as 30% – which is when those creases really start to make themselves at home. So ‘three cheers’ for Rejuvenated Ltd.’s Collagen Shots, which have been proven to bolster collagen levels and in turn, repair fraying fabric to restore skin’s pliability and thickness, and counteract sagging, dehydration, crêpiness and wrinkling. So don’t resign your skin to the beauty attic, just conduct a little backstage reupholstery, to make it look as good as new. RJU001403107003710604045 stars, based on61 reviews 44.95Cult BeautyNew
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    Rejuvenated Ltd Collagen Shots

    Rejuvenated Ltd
    Collagen Shots
    ( 330g )

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    • Why it's Cult
      Hailed as ‘the hottest beauty trend of 2014’ by The Times, Rejuvenated Ltd.’s Collagen Shots also come highly recommended by not one, but two of our über-discerning Cult Beauty Experts – Daniel Sandler and Karen Cummings-Palmer, our resident health and nutrition consultant. We’re all familiar with the mantra “you are what you eat” and these Collagen Shots are true testament to this philosophy; an anti-ageing cocktail, brimming with skin-firming marine extract collagen (10,000mgs per serving), alongside antioxidant Acai berry, plumping hyaluronic acid and vitamins B and C, to deliver potent skin benefits from the inside, out! Just one shot a day is all it takes to gradually (but dramatically) improve the appearance of skin’s tone and texture – ‘plumping’, firming and reducing the appearance of tell-tale lines and wrinkles. Bottoms up!
    • Description
      Collagen is effectively the ‘fabric’ of the skin – interwoven strands, which provide skin strength, elasticity and structure but sadly (like mum’s Laura Ashley sofa) – gradually show signs of wear and tear. Collagen synthesis starts to slow down at around age 25 (eeeeek!!!) and reports show that by the time you hit 45, collagen levels have fallen by as much as 30% – which is when those creases really start to make themselves at home. So ‘three cheers’ for Rejuvenated Ltd.’s Collagen Shots, which have been proven to bolster collagen levels and in turn, repair fraying fabric to restore skin’s pliability and thickness, and counteract sagging, dehydration, crêpiness and wrinkling. So don’t resign your skin to the beauty attic, just conduct a little backstage reupholstery, to make it look as good as new.
    • How to use
      To get the best benefits from Collagen Shots take daily, ideally half an hour before going to sleep at night, this is when cells are renewing. Alternatively have on an empty stomach either first thing in the morning or before a meal. Put one scoop in a glass and fill with 200 - 250ml of water (or preferred beverage), whisk with a fork, allow a minute for collagen to dissolve - whisk again and drink. You could use a small blender or shaker for mixing. Not advisable for those with fish or shellfish allergies.
    • Full ingredients list

      Marine Collagen Hydrolysate, Acai Berry Extract, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Hyaluronic Acid, Flavouring, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Natural Sweetener (Stevia), Wild Berry Flavouring

    • Cult Conscious

      Transparency lies at the heart of our philosophy which is why we have partnered with tech-platform – Provenance – to cut through the industry ‘noise’ and equip you with key facts that matter. A 'proof point' with a green tick means a third party has verified the accuracy of the statement whereas no green tick means that there isn't independent confirmation (yet!), but that the brand has still supplied substantiating evidence (which you can view yourself). Discover the proof points for this product below.

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    Rejuvenated Ltd - Collagen Shots

    Rejuvenated Ltd Collagen Shots Reviews

    My skin and hair are happy
    This is the best collagen I have tried! This product helped me stop hair loss and it improved the quality of my skin! I drink it in courses of 3 months and unlike other collagens, it tastes good.
    New skin
    I’m on my third lot of this, it takes a few weeks to kick in but you can tell the difference. My skin has more elasticity and feels plumper. I will carry on using this as It’s made a noticeable appearance especially now I’ve hit 50!
    I honestly don’t know if it’s worth it. A lot of money and I think most of the nutrients in the pack you can get them daily by eating 2 pieces of fruits some meat which has collagen in it. I haven’t seen anything after using it. Buy fresh veg fruit and good quality meat I guess.
    Will be re-ordering
    I’ve tried various marine collagen supplements and this is the one that works for me. It mixes well on cold water and tastes pleasant. I take the H3O Night Repair capsule at the same time.
    I have noticed my skin has a plumper and smoother appearance since taking this. Feels so soft and glowing, even during that time of the month when skin tends to look dull and dehydrated. Easy on my stomach and I love how it dissolves so easily in water! Very impressed, will purchase again.
    Great for skin and hair
    I've been using this product for several months and have noticed an improvement in my skin and particularly my hair. The ridges on my nails have also become less prominent. I am using this product in conjunction with a complete overhaul of my skincare regime which includes using prescription Tretinoin. The improvement in my hair which includes less hair fallout cannot be explained by using Vitamin A on my face! A pleasant tasting, easy to use product which I would recommend to anyone who wants an improvement to skin and hair.
    Hi! I’ve been using this one for a month and a bit and combined this collagen with other skincare products and now I am a bit lost in... not knowing which one works the best, but I am in love with my skin !!! Radiant, glowy, fewer signs of my wrinkles (some of them really shrank!) and... with a bit pleasure I bought another bag of the collagen and I’m drinking it in the morning, beautiful taste and a good start for my busy day! I can’t wait to see further results :)
    Best product of a kind
    I've tried a lot of "similar" stuff, but this is the one and only king! Will use it as long as I'm alive
    Good addition to skin care routine
    I have been taking this supplement for some time. Its great for ensuring my skin is supple and hydrated. At a recent appointment at the skin clinic, the therapist commented that she didn't know what I had been doing but to keep doing it!
    Best collagen supplement I found
    This has higher concentration of collagen than other products I tried, added ingredients like antioxidants, tastes nice and is not a pain to drink (which makes a difference). I tried several supplements and this doesn’t have any of this "fishy” aftertaste and mixes well. A keeper
    Actually works which makes nice change!
    Really good definitely worth every penny! I take one glass a day with two skin perfecting complex tablets every morning. I have seen a massive improvement in my body and a fair bit in my skin. looks more healthy and far less breakouts in general with my cyst acne skin and less around that time of the month. Helps keep my body 'regular', rarely bloat, and a lot of my joints and aches have halved! Even as a student this is my essential buying love this product!
    No difference in my skin....
    After reading so many positive feedbacks about the product I thought I would give it a try. I have been using it for over a month and I haven't noticed any improvement in my skin, hair, nails. It says that after a month you should see an improvement. I was going to order another pack to give it a bit more time to see results but I'm questioning this product if it's just a waste of time and money?
    Quick and easy to use
    I decided to try this after looking at the reviews. I've very good skin but it's not as firm and glowing as before now that I've approached 50. I take this drink each morning and I have definitely noticed my skin appears brighter and possibly firmer. It's definitely a good pick me up for the skin during winter when one can appear very sallow. Have just recorded second pack and will monitor long term effects
    Collagen shots
    I have been drinking this for like 3 weeks now and see no results (change in my skin,nails) whatsoever. Before trying this brand, I was drinking collagen of the some other brand which was more expensive, but I saw results within literally a few days! I will not be re-purchasing Rejuvenated Ltd collagen
    Es un producto perfecto para la piel i huesos. Lo seguiré comprando It is a perfect product for skin and bones. I will continue to buy it
    Love this
    Both I and my husband use this and there is a definite change in my skin, my nails seem stronger and I feel like I'm thinking more clearly. For my husband, his skin would always cut from shaving and it doesn't anymore. He also has fungal nails on two toes, very slowly they are clearing and a healthy nail is growing back. It's pricey but worth every penny and is part of our morning routine.
    People love it but it makes me gag
    The reviews are brilliant so I'm rather ashamed to post this. I could not even evaluate the efficiency of the product because I tried it only once and it made me throw up. I could not get over the awful texture.
    I did my own research on collagen and found Cult Beauty on my own - not through someone else or an ad and I am so glad I did! I have only been using the Collagen Shots for about 3 weeks and I can already tell the difference in my hair and my skin. People have even asked me "Are you doing something different with your hair or makeup? Because you look really good :)" I will NEVER stop using this stuff - it's reverse aging in a powder.
    Amazing product!
    I can't recommend this product enough, it's great value for money compared to other collagen drinks on the market and the results are great! My hair started to thicken straight away, incredible!
    I received my package on time... And I’ve been using it for a little under a week. I love the way my skin feels and glows. Definitely will be ordering more shortly.
    Good collagen
    Been consuming this less than a month and people have noticed the changes on my skin. My skin has become brighter and radiant.
    Gold for my skin
    This supplement is pure gold! I’m skincare obsessed but never thought I'd have such an impressive improvement in just a few days. The taste is delicious (not too sweet or sickly like most of the supplements). It's like a cuddle before going to sleep. My skin has never been so radiant!
    Love this collagen
    Absolutely love this, it tastes delicious and has made my hair, skin and nails radiate!
    Good product
    Great flavour, mixes well, I see a little improvement in my skin but I have only been taking it for about 4 weeks. I will continue to use this collagen and compared to other brands of collagen this is my favourite.
    Good product, very nice taste
    I love this product, I have been taking this mostly for over two years now. I can see the difference in three weeks. It plumps up the skin, makes it look hydrated and healthy. I would highly recommend this.
    Producto excelente. Lo tomo por las noches y se notan los resultados en la piel y el pelo.Estoy encantada con él y no me importa pagar el precio que tiene.A treasure. " Excelent product. I take it at night and the results are noticed in my skin and hair. I'm delighted with the product and I do not mind paying the price. A treasure"
    I have a connective tissue disorder and don’t produce enough collagen, which is why I tried this. But additional bonuses is my dry eyelids and skin tone has evened out, softer skin, hands look also look smoother and lines on face reduced. Completely recommend.
    I don't know about the other reviews, but I am 66 and just started taking my daily shots. I will say I have great skin and I am always trying new things and looking for the best out there. I will update my honest review after 30 days. I am giving 4 stars right now for taste and ease of using the product.
    I'm turning 33 this year and have been quite perturbed at the lines that have occurred either side of my mouth over the past year. They look so ageing and I was moaning to a friend about them and she recommended taking collagen in powder for to add to my daily smoothies. After researching a few I found this one and liked the sound of it. I've only been taking it for 5 days (I drink it before bedtime as that's when skin does it's repairing) and my goodness what a difference I can see to these lines already! I wish I could upload before and after pictures as its so noticeable. This will now be a staple part of my skincare/health regime. I'm so so pleased and will be ordering it again (in bulk probably). I've been raving about it to friends and my brutally honest mum even said she was shocked at the results in just a few days. Ha ha The taste is non offensive. I mix mine with 250ml of coconut water and blend in my nutri bullet. This gives it a frothy almost milkshake consistency and it goes down a treat for someone with a sweet tooth. It's not sickly sweet at all though. Highly recommend.
    All that is written above is the TRUTH. Fantastic product. Must try.
    Second purchase
    I tried it and I love it! Good taste, good ingredients, good quality!! Recommend!
    Not for me
    Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. After the third month my hair was amazing but my chronic pain came back again badly. There must be something that triggered my pain.
    This is my third order of this item! Love the fact that it is marine collagen,
    Terrible for me
    As soon as I took this powder, I had discomfort and started bloated. The days pass and the more bloated I am and gradually, the pain started. Unfortunately, I have to stop using this product. Even if I see a little result in my skin and nails after 2 weeks of use, it's not worth all the pain in my belly, daily.
    Great supplement, really working!
    collagen supplement
    tastes nice, bought it the second time.
    Love love love
    In fairness, I have been using this in combination with the brand's H3O so I don't know which one is the superhero, but my gosh what a difference! My skin is even a bit oily now, which is a very good thing for my dry/sensitive mid-30s skins. I'm a convert. Also no fishy nor artificially sweet taste like other brands.
    Totally worth it..!!! Recently by some stupid products, my skin burnt out and from nowhere I had lots of acne on my face. I went to doctors they prescribed some antibiotics for me but nothing changed my skin the way it Rejuvenated collagen shots does! And it's not only me even people are complimenting me I tried this first time. Can't wait to order my second one
    No change
    After seeing so many good reviews I thought I d give it a try. Iv'e been using it for more than a month and sadly I don't see any difference. For the price that I payed I would expect some change. Not re buying. Ingested collagen hasn't proven to consistently be beneficial ingested anyway. Pass.
    So impressed, give them a try!
    I'm new to collagen supplements and will now never go without. Within a couple of weeks my nails were growing stronger and looked healthier. 5 weeks in (on my 2nd pack) I have no dry patches despite retinol use and central heating and my acne scars are noticeably fading (and I don't use retinol on these so know it's not that). Too early to comment on anti-ageing but the overall initial impact makes me look more fresh-faced, Can't wait to see longer-term results. This doesn't seem to have broken me out. I take in the morning and to avoid any teeny fish smell hold my nose. Highly recommend trying these out!
    Simply amazing these collagen shots.. it takes about a month to see changes but oh damn....such a good investment smoother brighter fresher younger looking skin.....fountain of youth!!!
    Just love this high quality beauty supplement! Skin glows, pain in knees improving & definitely will keep purchasing!!
    Collagen Shots
    The order came through very promptly. Easy to use powdered product that has a pleasant taste and dissolves easily.
    Rejuvenated Collagen Shots
    One month in and my skin all over is smoother, plumper and more even-toned. I have profhilo in my face, so the results are less dramatic there as profhilo has a similar effect, but there is a really noticeable difference in the texture of the skin on my neck, décolletage and the back of my hands. Will definitely be buying this every month!
    Collagen Shots
    After taking this for a month, my skin feels amazing!
    Too early to tell
    Easy to mix and drink. Tastes nice. It only been a month so too early to tell. Ask me again in about a year.
    Good supplement
    Good supplement for skin and great overall!!
    Colageno ***Collagen
    Mejora la piel y tiene buen sabor ***It improves the skin and tastes good.
    Great product!
    I felt like my skin was getting dull and lately looking a lot more tired so I wanted to give this a try. I would say that it did improve the texture of my skin and I can see that my skin is more softer and radiant. I can't see any other difference yet as I have only been using it for almost two weeks. The only thing I disliked was the smell as I could smell the fish. Other than that it is truly a great product.
    Love it!
    Impressive improvement in just a few days. My skin has never been so radiant! I combine with H3O hydration and H3O night repair! I love them❤️
    Buen producto ***Good product
    Solo llevo 3 semanas tomándolo, pero ya noto mi pelo y mi piel mejor. Continuaré tomándolo para probar su efectividad ya que dicen que es uno de los mejores del mercado por su alto contenido en colágeno por toma. Se prepara fácilmente con un mezclador y no tiene un sabor desagradable. ***I have only been taking this for three weeks but I have already noticed my hair and my skin is better. I will continue taking it to test its effectiveness since they say it is one of the best in the market for its high collagen content per dose. It is easily prepared with a mixer and does not have an unpleasant taste.
    life changing
    I didn't purchase these from cult beauty but happy to see they are in stock after raving to my family and friends about it. It is worth every penny- I don't tend to write reviews but I'm still in awe of how well this collagen supplement works overall and compared to others in the market.
    I don’t know really....
    I've been taking it for two months and really for now I do not see much change in my skin .... maybe something more glowy, but the thin lines around my eyes are still there. It will be a short test time, I do not know really.... Nice taste.
    Skin elastisity improvement
    Somehow caused me acne, but maybe not direct cause.
    Best Collagen shots I've tried
    I've tried many beauty supplements,and this is just the best collagen shot I've tried so far. Only thing is, I recommend drinking it on empty stomach or else.
    Collagen shots
    I have been using the collagen shots on and off for the past year and I couldn't have chosen better! Even after a couple of weeks, I could notice the changes in my complexion - smoother, fresher, younger looking skin. Even my heels got softer. I can highly recommend this product.
    Works & Tastes Great
    I have tried & tried collagen supplements from here to Timbuktu. Ok well from here to Japan, South Korea & the U.S & this is by far the tastiest & one of the strongest being 10,000mg - It mixes so easily in water (put the powder in first) & genuinely tastes nice. Their attention to detail as a company is fantastic - super high quality ingredients & of course my skin is definitely plumper and softer, however, I am 28 but still taking all the help I can get. Highly, Highly recommended.
    If you want plump hydrated skin
    I have just finished my first pack of Collagen Shots after taking them daily, each morning for 2 months and I have noticed that my skin does appear to look more fresh and plump. I was under a lot of stress towards the end of last year and suffered from dark circles and since taking this shots, i can safely safe that my dark circles are faded away and gone back to my usual firmness around my eye area. I also feel that my overall skin texture all over my body feels somewhat more firm. Big thumbs up to this product, i will continue to use this as I age!
    collagen shots
    I have been using this product for about 3 weeks, and can honestly say the results are amazing, skin is softer, especially my elbows and heels, have even noticed a softening of the lines on either side of my mouth, big result, as I hated these lines, so will be continuing with this fabulous, very easy to drink, elixir of beauty.
    Very Good Ingestible Collagen
    Using various supplements to improve skin health and appearance is not a new concept. I have regularly used (and recommended to clients) collagen capsules and other nutrients such as Co-Q10 and Quercetin to support collagen, elastin, and improve cellular function. The idea of a collagen drink was immediately fascinating to me, but I took some time to do my research to sort through the facts. I decided on 'Collagen Shots' by Rejuvenated for several reasons. It contains 10,000 mg hydrolysed marine collagen, which is safe and can be used by most people. This is the highest collagen load I could find, and the studies suggest that this is optimal. Other nutrients such as HA and Acai berry also boost hydration, and add amino acids and omega fatty acids to further support cellular function and improve skin health. The flavour is mild and it's extremely low in calories with no sugar. The powder is easy to store and is easy to mix once a day (best at night but anytime of the day on an empty stomach) with water or drink of choice. The results start almost immediately. Within 2 weeks, an improvement in hydration is noticed and the skin starts to glow. After 4 weeks, the glow is sustained not just on the face but on the skin all over the body. A general feeling of increased energy and well-being is often reported, probably due to the extra nutrients that support the body . This is especially noticed by people who don't usually take daily supplements. Most of the studies support the idea that it takes about 12 weeks to see a difference on the outside: plumper, dewy, more elastic skin. From my own experience and that of my clients, I would say that there is definitely an improvement in the firmness, suppleness and elasticity of the skin. Again, this doesn't only apply to the face, but all over the body. A few of my clients have also commented that their hair and nails seem stronger. That isn't really too surprising and another potentially exciting benefit of the daily use of Collagen Shots.
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