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    PixiGlow Mud Cleanser<p>When the sister of Pixi&#8217;s creator &#8211; a trained aesthetician and facialist to Sweden&#8217;s A-list &#8211; requested a skin care line she could use in her specialist treatments, Pixi&#8217;s &#8216;skintreats&#8217; was born. Marrying affordability with efficacy, Pixi&#8217;s skin care solutions have quickly acquired legions of devotees &#8211; from top beauty bloggers and editors, to die-hard customers who&#8217;re totally addicted to their simple-yet-sophisticated range. This brightening and clarifying &#8216;mud&#8217; works to gently resurface your complexion &#8211; without scrubbing or exacerbating sensitivity. It&#8217;s enriched with % glycolic acid &#8211; a natural, chemical exfoliant (it&#8217;s derived from sugar cane) &#8211; which works to melt the &#8216;glue&#8217; that binds dulling dead cells and debris to skin&#8217;s surface, revealing the healthy &#8216;new&#8217; cells underneath. Use daily &#8211; am and pm &#8211; then follow with bestselling Glow Tonic for added, radiance-boosting benefit. You may experience a tingling sensation at first &#8211; if you&#8217;re susceptible to redness or skin reactivity, build up your tolerance gradually. The &#8216;tingling&#8217; is a sign the product&#8217;s working, and you&#8217;ll soon become conditioned (and addicted to your new-found luminosity)!</p>PIX01259518851908125165 stars, based on51 reviews 18.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser

    Glow Mud Cleanser
    ( 135ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      A brightening and clarifying cleansing ‘mud’, {Pixi}’s gentle Glow Mud Cleanser contains 5% glycolic acid – a natural, chemical exfoliant (it’s derived from sugar cane) – which works to melt the ‘glue’ that binds dulling dead cells and debris to skin’s surface, revealing the healthy ‘new’ cells underneath. An incredibly effective way to brighten your complexion without scrubbing or exacerbating sensitivity, this detoxifying formula ticks almost every box; purifying, unifying, soothing and hydrating thanks to a cocktail of nourishing oils, glycerin, aloe and hyaluronic acid. 

    • Description

      When the sister of Pixi’s creator – a trained aesthetician and facialist to Sweden’s A-list – requested a skin care line she could use in her specialist treatments, Pixi’s ‘skintreats’ was born. Marrying affordability with efficacy, Pixi’s skin care solutions have quickly acquired legions of devotees – from top beauty bloggers and editors, to die-hard customers who’re totally addicted to their simple-yet-sophisticated range. This brightening and clarifying ‘mud’ works to gently resurface your complexion – without scrubbing or exacerbating sensitivity. It’s enriched with % glycolic acid – a natural, chemical exfoliant (it’s derived from sugar cane) – which works to melt the ‘glue’ that binds dulling dead cells and debris to skin’s surface, revealing the healthy ‘new’ cells underneath. Use daily – am and pm – then follow with bestselling Glow Tonic for added, radiance-boosting benefit. You may experience a tingling sensation at first – if you’re susceptible to redness or skin reactivity, build up your tolerance gradually. The ‘tingling’ is a sign the product’s working, and you’ll soon become conditioned (and addicted to your new-found luminosity)!

    • How to use
      Use AM & PM Apply a coin size amount to damp skin. Massage gently for 30 seconds, avoiding eye area. Rinse clean and pat dry. For best results, follow with Glow Tonic. We recommend using SPF in the daytime, especially when using a product with glycolic acid.
    • Full ingredients list
      Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Diatomaceous Earth, Glycerin, Glycolic Acid, Sodium Glycolate, Lauroamphocarboxyglycinate and Sodium Trideceth Sulfate, Squalane, Anthemis Nobilis Flower (Chamomile) Extract, Saponaria Officinalis Leaf/Root Extract, Hexylene Glycol (and) Fructose (and) Glucose (and) Sucrose (and) Urea (and) Dextrin (and) Alanine (and) Glutamic Acid (and) Aspartic Acid (and) Hexyl Nicotinate, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil, Corylus Avellana (Hazelnut) Seed Oil, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Xanthan Gum, Fragrance, Chlorphenesin, Guar Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate, Citric Acid.
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    Pixi - Glow Mud Cleanser

    Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser Reviews

    The best cleanser
    I absolutely love this product and use it every day. My skin is naturally oily and I suffer with spots but this cleanser paired with the glow tonic has really helped and transformed my skin.
    Top product!
    This cleanser is fabulous for my normal or mixed type skin as part of a complete-cleanse formula, without irritating my drier areas and provides absolutely effective cleansing in my oilier spots. The skin gently exfoliates after a deep pore cleansing and leaves place to a glowing & radiant new layer. Being a very inclusive cleanser, it can be easily used by anyone, men's included, to revitalize & bring up their healthy skin layers.
    Love how this cleanser feels on the skin. It really does what it says it will do! My pores have never been this small and purified! Also smells amazing.
    Not sure
    I really wanted to love this product but it just doesn’t feel like it cleans my skin. I’ve tried using it on wet skin, on dry skin and leaving it on as a mask but I just can’t see any difference.
    So disappointed, not worth the hype
    This is a brand that is overpriced. The products did nothing for my skin. My skin broke out using this cleanser and even after a cleanse, my skin looks like I haven’t washed it. Useless brand. Don’t waste your money.
    Love this
    Cleans my (older) skin really well, without drying it out. It is now my new favorite. Dear LSF - I have been using with my Foreo Luna for ages - and it hasn't damaged it at all. The combinaion of the two is brilliant!
    New staple
    I actually had kinda low expectations for this product, as I'm a cleanser junkie that usually splurge on more "exclusive" products, but this is actually very, very good. Lovelovelove the idea of a cleansing oil with mud AND acids in it. The smell is nice as well. I'm honestly soo impressed by this product! It has quickly become one of my favourite cleansers ever!
    My favorite cleaner ever. Cleared my pores, smells amazing, I love it.
    Everyday must have
    Completely cleared up my acne-prone skin without stripping or drying it out. Very good value for money, as you need just a small amount, so it goes a long way. Leaves skin soft and clean, love it! Will be repurchasing.
    This stuff feels amazing and goes on really well. I haven’t used it as a mask yet, purely as a cleanser morning and night. It goes on smooth, feels great on the skin and really leaves skin feeling clean and fresh! Great part of a skin care regime, would definitely use again!!
    This is the best cleanser I have ever used. I have combination skin and my forehead gets clogged very easily with bumps. This is amazing and when I use it maintains my skin and keeps it smooth and refined. Love the packaging.
    So so so good, purchased at Christmas and has cleared my skin right up. Would recommend to those with acne prone skin. Miracle worker!
    Overnight miracle maker!
    I love this as a spot on an overnight mask, which I feel it is far better suited to than being left on for half an hour. Draws out imperfections overnight for when you need a quick skin fix. As with other Pixi products, I would not recommend for dry or sensitive skin as it is likely this product would cause additional breakouts. Overall works wonder so I would highly recommend.
    Glow miracle
    Amazing product really helped clear up my skin and the product smells lovely too. :)
    Changed my skin!
    This product... I would have never thought I could have a skin that you only see in adds. I use this as the second cleanser after I've taken off my make up. Within weeks of using I've noticed how my skin has evened out, my pores become cleaner and then the skin - GLOWier. I use this in combination with Pixi Glow Tonic and Pixi Rose oil blend which work gorgeously altogether! If you ever hesitate whether to buy this - just buy! Trust me, anyone will see the difference.
    good purifying cleanser
    I chose this product as it is supposed to be gentle yet exfoliating with glycolic acid. I love the texture, it is creamy and melts on the skin when it comes in contact with water. I see some improvement in my skin: It looks purified and a little brighter. The only downside is the scent. It is overwhelming for me. I would recommend if you want to add a kick to your skincare routine.
    Nice product, curious smell
    Bought via a Caroline Hirons recommend. It's pretty much what it says, a mud cleanser that I find great for soaking up any lingering oils on the skin. I use EH Moringa Balm every day this is a great second cleanse to counterbalance any oil buildup from the balm. My skin is a mixture of oily and dry, I wouldn't recommend using this every day, I'd say every other day or even every third day as it could make your skin feel tight if used too often. Good value for money and I'd buy again, main downside for me is the smell, it's a little overpowering on the florals.
    I recently cut my tube of this in half to scrape the remains out which goes to show my fondness for it as I am a) lazy and b) usually dying to try the next new shiny thing. Pixi is honestly an amazing brand and so affordable: this cleanser in particular really feels like it's DOING something, and the slightly muddy texture (think May Lindstrom's honey mud cleanser but with an actual result) feels great on my oily skin. It tingles nicely and when left on for a minute or so really leaves the skin feeling fresher and gently exfoliated. It doesn't replace a 'proper' scrub for me but when used on exfoliated skin it really leaves the skin super-smooth. I would say I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be used around the eyes to remove eye makeup but as a second cleanse it's great. My only negative is that I feel it needs a good toner afterwards or mist as it feels a little residue-y. I'm weird like that anyway as having super oily skin I need to feel unbelievably cleansed and bouncy or else nothing else feels right afterwards. I do have very sensitive skin at the same time and this cleanser gives me no problems as long as it's washed off with a flannel properly.
    Not bad; I use it when I feel my skin is dry, but I don't see any difference. Not worth to buy it again.
    This cleanser leaves my skin nice and glowy, though it doesn't get rid of any acne and doesn't really clear my skin. If you're looking for clear skin, I would suggest something else, because this is only for glow.
    Causes breakouts!
    I fell for the hype of this cleanser hoping it would give me clear skin and a glowing complexion. However my skin has never been worse and caused huge breakouts. Don't waste your money.
    Cleanser yay - availability nay
    This is my number one AM first cleanse and PM second cleanse and I couldn't say enough good things about it (refining, softening, clearing...) BUT the availability is a real deal breaker for me... it's too hard to get and out of stock everywhere and aaaaall the time. Ain't nobody got time for that!
    Heard a lot about this brand so decided to give the Glow Mud Cleanser a try. And I must say I am so so happy I found this product. I use it at least once a day or twice if I remember and it's made such a difference to my skin. Being Pakistani my skin has pigmentation around the chin area and I have definitely noticed a brightening in that area. My skin is always so soft and I actually do have a glow! Love love love this product and definitely will be repurchasing it after it finishes.
    Cant wait!
    Cant wait to order, my friend has had the product for two days and had a severe case of acne. I can already see a huge difference in her appearance and self-esteem. I have been waiting for the product for a long time now but its definitely worth the wait.
    Beautiful but Not Life Changing
    After hearing about Pixi everywhere, I decided to jump in and try this cleanser. I had heard a lot about the Glow Tonic but for some reason the Glow Mud Cleanser caught my eye. I had very high expectations, I thought it would somehow turn me into a flawless fairy but really it is just a great cleanser. It has an interesting scent and leaves my skin feeling soft and nice. It is lovely, but for £18 I expect a lot more. There are plenty of great cleansers out there, but I have nothing bad to say about it apart from the price.
    Best cleanser
    Best cleanser I've used to date. Instant improvement in spot, skin tone and skin feels healthier.
    Nice cleanser
    I'm 37 and noticed my skin is looking really dull and tired and really starting to show signs of aging, I have combination skin that gets greasy with heavy products but can dry out with anything too harsh. I've been using this for a few weeks now along with a couple of other new products (The Ordinary) and my skin is definitely brighter, hasn't done much for the anti-aging side of things but not sure it's supposed to. I use this as my morning cleanse, as its lockdown I haven't worn any make up so not sure if this would remove it or maybe it would be good as the second cleanse. Overall I would purchase again, I think I will purchase a good salicylic toner to help with pores and serums for the anti-aging though.
    Saviour for my breakouts!!
    I love this cleanser! I can use it to wash my face am & pm or I can leave it on my skin like a mask!! It helps with my breakouts and my pores are definitely smaller!!
    Definitely does the job - I use it as the second part of my double cleanse and it's not drying. My skin often feels dry after cleanser but this formula is just wonderful! Definitely going to repurchase! New favourite.
    New staple
    Love love love this cleanser, I have oily skin and this cleanser really cleanses my skin and leaves it glowing. I am purchasing this product for a second time as I love it so much and would definitely recommend it!
    Staple product
    Love this product, gentle yet effective, leaves a lovely glow. Good for oily/blemish-prone skin. Only down side is I cannot use this with my Foreo Luna as it will damage the silicone. However I love this product so much I would repurchase.
    Doesn't feel like it's cleansing my skin and I couldn't see any positive effects. I'm using it in the morning but not for heavy duty like oil, makeup, breakouts... The smell is nice though, reminds me of Spanish soap Magno.
    Amazing cleanser
    I used this cleanser for the first time today, it’s absolutely amazing and doesn’t dry your skin out and feels good on the skin. My skin felt so soft and clean afterwards. I would definitely recommend it and would buy it again.
    Ideal for everyday use/ Very effortless
    This is a very good mask for blackheads. My husband has combination skin and his nose gets clogged with a very stubborn blackhead. This is amazing. When he uses it maintains his smooth and refined without sensitivity. And he uses it because is very easy to use. He puts it on and peels it off while we are watching Netflix. I try to make him uses other treatments but he does not want to make a bigger effort than this. It's a win-win for us.
    Beautiful cleanser
    This is a beautiful creamy mud cleanser. My congestion prone combination skin loves it and I consider it a staple product. It cleanses without stripping. Since using this cleanser my T-zone is less congested and pores always look clearer. The first time I used it I felt a slight tingle for a few seconds. So it may be unsuitable for a very dry sensitive skin. Sometimes I like to use this as a spot treatment overnight when a pimple appears. It works for me and I will repurchase.
    The best cleanser for me
    I have acne-prone skin, and this cleanser is the best I've ever tried. It cleanses my skin well, helps remove blackheads and doesn't dry the skin at the same time, it also actually soothes it. I will definitely buy it again.
    In love
    I have been using this in with the Glow Tonic daily now and noticed a difference after just 2 days, I have found skincare confusing as there are so many products out there, I never really knew where to start. It's simple, effective and really cheap. I love the colour of the bottle and it looks lovely on the dressing table too. Can't wait to try more Pixi products!
    Works well
    This works well to dry out the face during breakouts or periods of oiliness. As with other Pixi products I would not use everyday or day and night as is very drying, especially when used together with other products within the range. That said it works and would probably suit certain skin types.
    Really love this. Good product to get into if you've not used acids before. This is a lovely texture and consistency. Good for daily use but I also like to put it on for 5 mins before when the bath is running, like a mini mask then wash off. Skingnis never irritated after using this, has made a difference to the amounting spots I get and they don't seem to be as red or last as long.
    Lovely, but not life changing
    if I was offered a free tube of this or Sunday Riley ceramic slip, this would win hands down. I take it travelling quite often as it does a lot of things at once - gentle and moisturising but at the same time you do get a deep clay clean with a bit of tingle. I find my skin gets really stressed when I wash it in the morning but this is so moisturising that it doesn’t get too upset (probably the glycerin and aloe, which my face loves), and the glycolic helps decrease the need for as much physical flannel exfoliation. It’s not going to exfoliate like an acid toner though, even when left on as a mask. But it’s a great little second cleanse and I think I’ll buy another tube.
    Love (changed my skin for the best)
    I bought this after a friends recommendation. I've been using the same dermalogica cleanser for years and was still getting breakout (still use and love the dermalogica one for when i want to really clean my face). However this pixi cleanser changed my skin. It helped get rid of any scarring I had, got rid of discolouration and has made my skin look so healthy and glowy. It took a few weeks to see the difference for me and initially I broke out but since then my skin has been so clear. For me the combination of the dermalogica cleanser for cleaning and this for cleansing has worked amazing.
    I read the mixed reviews and would normally resist, but as I love the Pixi brand in general for not testing on animals, I thought i'd give it a shot. The texture of this cleanser is lovely and silky. It makes my skin feel silky soft and clean. I have found that I need to use less moisturizer, which is another plus. For the price point, I'd say this is well worth purchasing.
    Such an amazing cleanser, had little to no breakouts and it lasts for absolutely ages so great value for money.
    Very disappointed
    I was so excited to try this but what a let down. I have combination skin so thought it would help clear up my skin whilst adding a lovely glow and brightness. Did neither. My skin did not improve, did not feel clean afterwards and did not assist in improving any mild scarring I have.
    This was totally worth the wait! My skin feels squeaky clean with a real firm feel. It gives me a beautifully even skin tone and just a really fresh faced look. I've tried other cleansers, but this is my favourite by far.
    Has transformed my skin!
    I've always struggled with enlarged pores and blemishes (particularly hormonal breakouts on my chin) and this has truly changed my skin! Initially I wasn't sure because after using it once or twice my skin did breakout. However, I persevered as I think it was just the cleanser drawing all the rubbish out of my skin. I'm so glad I did because now my pores which were always so noticeable are definitely smaller (not completely gone, but definitely improved) and the overall texture of my skin is better! This cleanser actually works wonders on breakouts too, I think it's due to the acid. Only downside is the price but personally, it's worth what it's done for my skin!
    Left skin softer
    I enjoyed using this as a second cleanse, morning cleanse, or a quick mask. It left my skin softer every time, and was not harsh or drying. The texture is somewhat thick which made it a little harder to work with than my balms and gel cleansers, but it was still a nice experience. The husband enjoyed using this in the shower and his comments were, "it is smooth, comfortable, and not greasy" =).
    I've been reading good reviews about this facial wash but unfortunately I do not fancy this product. It does leave my skin feeling softer and doesn't dry my skin. However, I reckon that it does not really 'clean' my skin thoroughly as I can see some residue left on my cotton having cleansed my face. Hence, I only use this mud in the morning.
    So good!
    I use this a few times a week (morning or evening) and it's brilliant at unclogging and giving glow to your skin. If I feel spots coming up I'll use this banish them and calm them down. However, beware if you have sensitive skin: my skin became really sensitive for a few weeks as I was very ill and this burned quite badly. No redness and no damage but it scared me quite a lot! So great for normal to oily but steal clear if you are sensitive.
    Brilliant Cleanser
    I have only been using this cleanser for a few days but I can already see a massive improvement in my skin. It is more radiant, softer and the few spots that were cropping up here and there have all but vanished! Seriously impressed.
    Worth waiting for
    I have been following Caroline Hirons for a while (if you don't know who she is, you need to google her, she is the boss), and when she talked about the new skin care line from Pixi I took notice. Since I love Pixi's Glow Tonic and have used this for years, I really wanted to love this cleanser as well. And boy, did I love it, it is that good. It really cleanses your face and if you leave it on for 5 mins (as a mini mask), the cleanser really works well in fighting those blackheads. If you have sensitive skin then perhaps don't leave this on for too long, since it does tingle, not burn, tingle. I have been fighting PCOS acne skin since I was 17, and at almost 30 I am loving Pixi for making the tonic and this cleanser for helping my face (and Caroline for all her cheat lists for good skin, seriously, look her up). The fact that so many have loved this and it's sold out and therefore hard to get a hold of, is about the only negative thing about this product, and that says a lot.
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