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    Pai SkincareRosehip Bioregenerate, Rosehip Seed & Fruit Universal Face Oil 30ml<p>The ultimate multi-tasker for sensitive skin, Pai Skincare&#8217;s Rosehip Bioregenerate is one of the brand&#8217;s bestsellers, thanks to its extraordinary effects. Rosehip oil is renowned for its powerful skin healing, regenerative properties and Pai extracts the oil used in this formula via an ultra-advanced method. Volcanically sourced CO2 supercritical extraction (stay with us on this one&#8230;) is used to derive a unique blend of Andean rosehip fruit and seed oils, which is more effective, fresh and long-lasting than traditional cold-pressed oils. High concentrations of omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, plus antioxidant carotenoids help to repair and protect skin against environmental stress and visible damage. The oil can be used to address a catalogue of complexion complaints without irritation, including dry, flaky patches, blemishes, dull skin tone, fine lines, scars and sun damage. With regular use, it will condition skin, improve firmness and elasticity and promote and clear, even skin tone.&nbsp;</p>PAI0111518550601397221175 stars, based on47 reviews 16.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Pai Skincare Rosehip Bioregenerate, Rosehip Seed & Fruit Universal Face Oil

    Pai Skincare
    Rosehip Bioregenerate, Rosehip Seed & Fruit Universal Face Oil
    ( 10ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Born out of the founder’s desire to soothe and protect her own hyper-sensitive, reactive skin, Pai Skincare suits even the most distressed complexions – and this regenerative rosehip oil is the ultimate multi-tasker. Using an advanced CO2 extraction method, Pai derives a more effective, fresh and long-lasting rosehip oil than cold-pressed versions, preserving the potent nutrients and incredible skin benefits. With regular use, it promises to deeply condition skin, improve firmness and elasticity and promote a clear, even skin tone – and all without a whisper of irritation.

    • Description

      The ultimate multi-tasker for sensitive skin, Pai Skincare’s Rosehip Bioregenerate is one of the brand’s bestsellers, thanks to its extraordinary effects. Rosehip oil is renowned for its powerful skin healing, regenerative properties and Pai extracts the oil used in this formula via an ultra-advanced method. Volcanically sourced CO2 supercritical extraction (stay with us on this one…) is used to derive a unique blend of Andean rosehip fruit and seed oils, which is more effective, fresh and long-lasting than traditional cold-pressed oils. High concentrations of omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, plus antioxidant carotenoids help to repair and protect skin against environmental stress and visible damage. The oil can be used to address a catalogue of complexion complaints without irritation, including dry, flaky patches, blemishes, dull skin tone, fine lines, scars and sun damage. With regular use, it will condition skin, improve firmness and elasticity and promote and clear, even skin tone. 

    • How to use

      Apply 2-3 drops to the palm of your hand and use fingertips to gently massage into clean, slightly damp skin on face or body.

      Allow the oil to fully absorb before dressing.

      For best results, we recommend using oils at night before bed and creams in the morning.

      For extra hydration, mix 2-3 drops of Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil with a pump of Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream.

    • Full ingredients list

      Rosa Canina Seed Extract* - Rosehip Seed Extract

      Rosa Canina Fruit Extract* - Rosehip Fruit Extract

      Tocopherol - Natural Vitamin E

      Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract* - Rosemary Extract 

      Certified Organic by the Soil Association (*Organically produced 99% of product).

      Suitable for Vegans. Not tested on animals. Nut-Free Formula.

      Pai Skincare’s commitment to product purity means they never use artificial fragrances, alcohol (denat.), parabens (including japanese honeysuckle), phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, formaldehyde (including sodium hydroxymethylglycinate), sodium lauryl sulfate or other skin irritants.

    • Cult Conscious

      Transparency lies at the heart of our philosophy which is why we have partnered with tech-platform – Provenance – to cut through the industry ‘noise’ and equip you with key facts that matter. A 'proof point' with a green tick means a third party has verified the accuracy of the statement whereas no green tick means that there isn't independent confirmation (yet!), but that the brand has still supplied substantiating evidence (which you can view yourself). Discover the proof points for this product below.

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    Pai Skincare - Rosehip Bioregenerate, Rosehip Seed & Fruit Universal Face Oil

    Pai Skincare Rosehip Bioregenerate, Rosehip Seed & Fruit Universal Face Oil Reviews

    Love it!
    I love this product. I have been using it for a few weeks and feel like my skin is firmer and has a new glow.
    Ma fav oil
    Лучшее масло для лица на сегодняшний день. У меня комбинированная кожа,с расширенными порами, после использования масла,кожа обретает здоровый,свежий вид,а к бархатному лицу хочется прикасаться снова и снова The best face oil by far. I have combination skin, with enlarged pores, after using the oil, the skin takes on a healthy, fresh look, and I want to touch my velvet face again and again.
    Great oil, I really enjoy this oil at night, my skin feel very hydrated in the morning and with a much better tone but yeah the smell is weird but it doesn't bother me that much
    This is my hero product! I absolutely love it so much. I have a lot of skincare, but this definitely has to be my most favourite! I use it whenever my skin feels irritated or dry and it soothes it immediately! Makes my face so soft and comfortable! It’s not greasy or smelly.. it’s just perfect! I put a couple drops in my palms and apply to my whole face in pressing motions. Absorbs nicely and leaves a nice sheen. And it’s never broken me out!
    The best
    Love it so much! This is 3rd time that I’m buying it. Love the smell and how it feels on my skin. In the morning I wake up with skin so soft and it’s fading my acne scars too. Love love love!
    Really like it for any dryness on the body
    I have used it once or twice on my face and it was nice, but I much prefer using it on any dry patches on the body by adding a few drops to my body lotion.
    Wake up with a glow.
    I've been using this product for a few weeks now and added it as the last step to my skincare routine at night. The scent is not overwhelming, although initially I was worried the colour of the oil would smear onto my pillow cover, but that isn't the case. Although its supposed to be ideal for smoothing scarring and bumps, I haven't noticed a big change apart from dewy skin in the morning.
    Hydrated glowing skin!
    I bought this because I am currently on an Accutane treatment, so my skin is a bit sensitive. I use this at night to hydrate my skin and it helps a bit with my acne scars. It's a really nice product, there is no massive difference yet, but I wake up with healthy and hydrated skin! Very happy with my purchase, will repurchase for sure!
    You gotta use it up quick.
    I purchased the smaller size and used it once every 2-3 nights. It feels nice and absorbs quickly, makes the skin look fresh in the morning. However, three weeks in the product changed its colour and smell, texture as well. I always close the bottle really tight and keep it away from direct sunlight so i doubt it was my fault. I had to throw it out before i finished it - it didn't perform the same away. I switched to the same oil from another brand and i'm much happier - 2 months in now and no issues or changes in the product.
    Sadly disappointed just wasn’t for me :(
    I was so disappointed with this having read the mainly positive reviews it just seems not to suit my skin I’ve had problems with breakouts since I started using it which I didn’t have before - my skin is sensitive but doesn’t usually have spots, etc. Also the smell is awful really not pleasant especially if using just before bed and I found it made my face look orange and left marks on my pillow The texture is nice it sinks into skin ok and the packaging is nice but that’s about it for me - So if anyone needs and almost full bottle let me know You can have it!!! :-(
    No massive difference
    A nice oil, very earthy in scent but sadly I did not notice a visible change in my skin. I will not be repurchasing
    Чудестное масло для лица ***Wonderful face oil
    Покупаю уже не первую баночку, моя кожа стала намного лучше выглядеть с ним, все мелкие высыпания ушли, и если вдруг переешь сладкого и выскочит прыщ - это средство помогает с ним справиться очень быстро ***I’m not buying anything else anymore, my skin has become much better looking with it, all the small rashes are gone, and if you suddenly take a sweet and a pimple pops up - this product helps to cope with it very quickly.
    I’m sure it’s lovely... but the smell!!
    I’ve just opened my first bottle and I’m sure it is a great product but I’m not sure I will be able to use it! It smells like fishy cooking oil and I can’t stomach putting it on my face!
    really nice
    I've been using rosehip oil for years now but wanted to switch my go-to one from The Ordinary for something more high end. This did not disappoint, it leaves my skin super soft, hydrated, has helped heal some nasty red scars and blemishes and doesn't make me oily, a few people have mentioned the smell but that's just an indicator of how natural it is, and it's not that bad just very earthy and not like roses at all. It does leave a slightly orangey colour on your face but it's gone after a while and if you use it before bed like me it doesn't really matter.
    Doesn’t live up to the hype...
    After seeing this product on a number of IG accounts and thought I would try it. From an oil perspective I think it’s ok, gives a good base for makeup and keeps a shine for the morning. Where is really fails is in the smell.. it’s awful! And I can’t bring myself to use it. If you don’t have a strong sense of smell then you might want to try it. But I have definitely used other oils that were better for the price.
    Lovely oil
    Love it! A little disappointed that the bottle I received expires in less than a year as I am only using it a few times a week.
    Better than Sunday Riley
    I’ve tried a lot of facial oils from Khiels to Estée Lauder to Sunday Riley and numerous products from Drunk Elephant (my house is like a mini Sephora) but nothing has worked as well on my sensitive skin and dark spots/ acne scars as this little product has. And in literally a week, if not less, I saw instant results and my skin has never looked better. It’s smooth and glows so much so that I don’t need to use any face make up at all or concealer as I have almost perfect complexion!! I wish I had not wasted all that money on so many facial oils from Sunday Riley that just made my super sensitive skin breakout.
    First oil that really works for me
    I have combination skin and my main problem is the dry parts on my face but also the break outs, so I'm always scared to put something new on my face. I only used gel-based products but was really in need of something to give me a bit more moisture to calm and sooth my face. This stuff is so good. Makes my skin perfectly balanced and glowy. Sometimes I mix it with one drop of pure tea tree oil. Amazing and does wonders for the blemishes even more. And I haven't even mentioned the price/value! Thank you Pai!
    The best Rosehip oil
    I have used many Rosehip oils in my life but this one is by far the best. It used both Rosehip seed oil and Rosehip berry oil. It melts into your skin without leaving as much of a film than my other oils. In winter I mix it with my creams in the morning to give them an extra moisture but use it on its own at night. Has not broken me out.
    Very soothing and nourishing.
    It's so good! Very soothing and nourishing. The smell is divine and very relaxing. I highly recommend.
    Wonderful oil
    I have tried this oil before but wasn't sure if it was suitable for me then. I recently went to Green cosmetics shop and the girl put tons of this oil on my skin under makeup and my skin seemed to be liking it. She also advised me to use it after a toner morning and at night. So I decided to try it out again. What can I say my skin is actually loving this oil. It works nicely after spritzing my face with Patyka essential lotion and my skin seems to is glow afterwards. It works perfectly with my mineral powder makeup also and since I started using the oil, my skin seemed to have improved. For the record, I suffer from rosacea and some of the scars on my face are much lighter now. I am yet to see how this works when the weather gets colder but for now, I couldn't be without this little miracle oil. I would totally recommend but start slowly and I would still use a moisturiser on top of this especially in cooler climate.
    Stains my skin and might be breaking me out but need to give it more time
    I've only just started using it for about a week but I've noticed that it stains my skin a bit. It fades mostly on my face by the time I wake up in the morning but my hands do have a yellow cast in the morning still. I'm very pale so if you're pale I would not recommend putting this on in the morning otherwise you might look like you have jaundice. I've also been noticing that in the areas that I've used this oil the most that I've got little tiny bumps. It's only been a week so I'll give it another few weeks to give it a fair shot. Also if you're sensitive to strong smells I don't think I'd recommend this because it smells like very intense dried rose petals mixed with strong olive oil and it does take some time to fade away. Like I said I need to give it more time to see if it's causing the little breakouts but if you're pale and sensitive to smells I probably would not recommend this oil.
    A miracle worker!!!
    This oil is a true miracle worker for acne scars, pigmentation, and inflammation. I´m on my 3rd (or 4th?...) bottle of it now, and can really attest to its effectiveness, and the fact that it can be compared to retinol in the way it works and the results it gives (without the known side effects of retinol, obvs)!
    Will never be without this!
    I never write reviews because, frankly, nothing really ever works for me. I'm in my thirties, super sensitive, dehydrated, combination skin. When I got this my sensitive skin was a hot (literally) mess after trying out too many products. The more products I bought to fix my skin, the worse it got. Literally, everything made me break out. My skin was inflamed and felt like it was burning, I had a really bad acne breakout and I thought I was getting rosacea. Then I got this. Didn't expect much but I liked the smell, which some find offensive. I patted it into my skin after cleansing. The morning after I used this for the first time - all of my angry, active pimples were GONE. My face was clear. And my skin felt good! I couldn't believe it! I wasn't sure in the beginning if it was this oil or just a coincidence. Then I continued using this when I got breakouts and now I know it is not a coincidence. My skin has cleared up and it just looks and feels so much better. I even feel like some fine wrinkles have diminished. No skin care product has ever worked like this for me.
    Holy grail
    I have bought this last winter. I have a sensitive and acne prone type of skin. I usually stay away from oils but after I have tried this it has been a staple to my skin care. It has calmed my skin and I always love the feeling after putting this on to my face. My skin feels glowy and bright in the morning. Would recommend this one.
    This oil is AMAZING
    This is one of my favourite oils, ever!! It leaves a glow to your face, it deeply hydrates your skin and when you put it on at night you wake up still looking hydrated. The smell I will say is a little weird and smells like vinegar but, I don’t care. It is worth it to me. 5 stars forever!!
    Affordable luxury
    I adore this product. I’ve never used Rosehip Oil before, but it’s soon become a skincare staple. It’s such a beautiful oil, feels amazing on the skin. I have previously suffered from hormonal cystic acne and I believe this has really helped with my scarring on my cheeks and jawline. So soothing, so brightening and just generally lovely. Also great for nail cuticles!
    Good but smell annoys me
    So far I like this oil. It is quite a dry oil and works better when it's layered with other products (serums or creams). I just can't get over the 'fishy' smell. If i had to choose I would probably say the DE Marula Oil is a better oil for my dry skin.
    Glowy and hydrating
    I have dry/dehydrated skin and suffer from patches of eczema on my face. I use this straight after applying toner on damp skin. I find this so nourishing for my skin and love the smell. I've really upped my skincare regime since the beginning of lockdown, so I can't say it's only this product that's completely got rid of my facial eczema, but it's certainly contributed. My skin has now been soft and feeling super hydrated for weeks!
    Best facial oil I have ever used!
    I’ve been using this product consistently every night for the last 2 months and it has transformed my skin more than I anticipated. It evened out my tone and patches of hyperpigmentation I have battled with for a long time (not completely gone yet but with continued use they will diminish) It’s also extremely moisturising and leaves your skin very supple and soft by morning. Not to mention it smells divine. Little bit goes a very long way also! Definitely be replenishing this again.
    I had been struggling with eczema on my face especially near to my eye area for months. I looked online and this was suggested. This oil has been amazing at calming my skin down whenever I have a flare-up or even if it feels a little dry. I would absolutely recommend this, I’m now on my 2nd bottle and wouldn’t be without it!
    The amazing regenerating oil!
    Oil with a pleasant light texture. It is quickly absorbed and does not leave a feeling of stickiness and greasiness on the skin. With this oil, wounds from inflammation and acne heal faster.
    I honestly was hesitant to buy this oil because I had seen reviews which said that the smell is an issue, but I do not mind it at all. The smell goes away in like 5 seconds so it's not really bothering. I love this oil and it is saving my skin from these dry months, so thank the Gods for this one. Will repurchase for sure!!!
    It’s good
    This is really good but not amazing. It definitely feels less greasy than other Rosehip oils I’ve tried and sinks into the skin nicely. It calms angry skin well and it’s good to use after intense skincare like peels and chemical exfoliation s. So for that purpose I’m happy I have it. But I don’t know if I’ll be rushing to repurchase when it runs out.
    Pai rosehip oil
    I really love this gem. I have combination skin with occasional breakouts but this one significantly reduces my acne while giving a dewy glow. Tip: Before applying the oil, make your face damp. You can use Pixi Glow Tonic or MAC Softening Lotion in spray bottle.
    The best
    This oil is amazing! I use it at night for extra hydration and sometimes in the day if I feel like having a bit of a pick me up for my skin I will add a few drops to my day cream. It absorbs well and doesn't sit on the skin. Good for combo skin!
    I’ve lost count to the amount of bottles i’ve Bought of this. It’s amazing. I have combination and acne prone skin but this saves me everytime my skin is more dehydrated or irritated. It’s that great
    I've been using this oil every single day since last year and it's still nowhere near done. So hydrating and brilliant to use as a last step in your night routine. However, my favourite thing to use this for is to mix it with my moisturiser as prep for my makeup. It gives such a long lasting, smooth and radiant complexion, and I've stopped using primer!
    Worth every penny, love this oil.
    I really wanted to love this product but unfortunately, it didn't work for me. It feels lovely on first application but the next day I had broken out in little spots. I tried to stick with it but it just made my blemishes worse. The scent is also really off putting! I'm not very sensitive to scents but I found the smell of this oil really unpleasant. Disappointed as it does feel really hydrating and nourishing when you first put it on. I prefer the Drunk Elephant Marula oil!
    Best product I ever bought
    I used this after cleansing and toning and left it on overnight. The next morning I had a perfect, dewy afterglow. I used it again another night with my night cream and it didn't work as well so I am going to use it without any other product. I also used a jade roller with this.
    It works!
    This is a super simple product but I think it really helps brighten the skin! The way I use it is to mix it into the dry masks or I make my own blemish serum. I really love it and this is the second bottle I've purchased.
    Strong & Effective
    I've been using Rosehip oil for years and decided to try Pai's because of the price. I found that not only is it great value, it is a miracle worker. While it has a strong tint, is sticky, and doesn't absorb into the skin as fast as I'm used to from other oils, it absolutely does what it says it will - giving wonderful moisture that calms my stressed, dehydrated skin, plumping my face, and fading out acne marks. Despite how thick it feels when poured into my hand I've had absolutely no adverse reaction to this and I am very acne prone. I apply it only at night because of the color and stickiness and I love using this on my dry undereyes as well (again, not under makeup).
    Insane product!!!
    This actually works, have been using this product for about 6 months and can definitely see a difference in my skin. I use 1-2 drops with my moisturiser and wake up in the morning with the smoothest skin possible! Honestly will never change to another oil from using this 10/10!
    I'm not new to rosehip oil and I've tried several brands over the course of several years (Trilogy, Life Flo, The Ordinary). However, it's not until I tried Pai's rosehip oil that I truly felt like I found my holy grail product. I use this oil as the last step in my night-time skincare routine. There are so many things I love about it - it's bright orange, it's a sort of herbal scent, the fact that it does not form hardened bits of oil around the bottle-mouth. Most of all, I love how it sinks so beautifully into my skin and leaves it glowing in the morning.
    Beautiful oil
    This is a wonderful oil. One of the highest quality rosehip oils I've tried! It's very "dry" compared to others, and its colour is so deep, and I believe this truly shows to it's higher quality. Rosehip oils have changed my skin so much: it has shrunken my pores, lightened any acne scars, reduced the appearance of wrinkles and made my skin, happy, glowy and balanced! and this one is the best of them.
    As with every product I try, I was sceptical when I was purchasing it. But let me tell you, I am blown away. I have been using it ON ITS OWN every night, after cleansing my face, for the past one month. The first week or so, you probably won't see any significant change in your skin, but after...the results are amazing. It has significantly shrunken and lightened old acne scars, which was my main concern. It has evened my skin tone and my face just looks much better. I really do recommend it!!
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