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    Kevyn AucoinThe Volume MascaraThis pitch-black mascara simultaneously separates, lengthens and amplifies each lash for high-impact, knock-‘em-dead drama. Its list of attributes reads like a ‘dream mascara’ check-list; smudge-proof, flake-proof and tear-proof, yet easily removed with warm water or make-up remover. The slim-line brush enables easy access to tricky-to-reach corner lashes (so you won’t get black smudges all over your eyelids) and allows you to get super close to the roots, for thicker, longer-looking lashes in an instant. Ideal for those whose lashes are a little sparse or lack coquette-effect, this transforms struggling strands into full-on fringes… and thanks to its superlative stay-put properties, nobody need know you didn’t grow your own!KVA0264211836622000797 5 stars, based on47 reviews 22.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara

    Kevyn Aucoin
    The Volume Mascara
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    • Why it's Cult

      Perfect for achieving a more youthful, doe (not panda) eyed appearance, Kevyn Aucoin’s ‘The Volume Mascara’ really makes eyes pop. The wet, glossy texture makes for seamless application – allowing you to coat each lash evenly without the dreaded clumps, and layer ‘til your heart’s content (and lashes look fantastic). It’s also super hard-wearing, so no more smudges, smears or tear-tracks – even during the weepiest of weepies (this one’s passed ‘The Notebook’ test)! The packaging is beautifully slim-line – the weighted tube is not much thicker than an eye pencil –and the signature deep red colour exudes elegance. Sleek, chic and hard-working, this make up bag must-have is the ultimate weapon of mass distraction…


    • Description
      This pitch-black mascara simultaneously separates, lengthens and amplifies each lash for high-impact, knock-‘em-dead drama. Its list of attributes reads like a ‘dream mascara’ check-list; smudge-proof, flake-proof and tear-proof, yet easily removed with warm water or make-up remover. The slim-line brush enables easy access to tricky-to-reach corner lashes (so you won’t get black smudges all over your eyelids) and allows you to get super close to the roots, for thicker, longer-looking lashes in an instant. Ideal for those whose lashes are a little sparse or lack coquette-effect, this transforms struggling strands into full-on fringes… and thanks to its superlative stay-put properties, nobody need know you didn’t grow your own!
    • How to use
      Use Kevyn Aucoin's eyelash curlers, then apply The Mascara to elongate and amplify. Apply a second coat for added drama, then go about your day. This easily wipes off with warm water and a cloth - no remover needed (but it will work if you prefer).
    • Full ingredients list
      Water, Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Ceteth 15, Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Carnauba (Copernicia Cerifera) Wax, PVP, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Potassium Hydroxide, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Laureth 21, Jojoba Oil, Squalane, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Silica, May Contain (+/-): Iron Oxides, Carmine (CI 75470), Ultramarines, Titanium Dioxide.
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    Kevyn Aucoin - The Volume Mascara

    Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara Reviews

    Kevin Aucoin mascara
    Great mascara stays on all day no smudging or flaking off.
    Best Mascara
    This is by far the best mascara I have ever tried & the only one that doesn't give me panda eyes. Delivery within a couple of days, what more could you want!!
    Kevin aucoin mascara
    Not all it’s hyped up to be. I was disappointed tbh. I like a bit of volume and this in no way provides the voluminous lash claimed. In fact I find it makes my lashes spidery and crispy and rubs off throughout the day to create an attractive panda look. I won’t buy it again.
    Kevin Aucoin Mascara
    What I love about this mascara (and my reason for choosing it) is that it doesn't smudge. It lasts all day and doesn't give me black smudges under my eyes that every other brand seems to do.
    Worst mascara
    This is the worst mascara I ever used. No volume, no colour, nothing. It looks like no mascara on my lashes at all. Waste of money.
    Kevin aucoin mascara
    Absolutely love this product. Makes lashes look long and full without clumping
    Beyond Disappointed
    I bought this mascara recently after seeing it in various best volume lists as well as seeing great reviews. Can honestly say it is the worst mascara I ever used. Absolute no volume of depth. It looked like I wasn’t wearing any mascara and in the end, I washed it off and went back to the usual Lancôme one. The only plus is that it doesn’t clump. Absolute waste of £20.
    Great tubing mascara (if you like tubing mascaras)
    I'm not sure I like the tubing mascaras...but I can see the appeal. This is a nice, natural looking, smudge proof mascara. It stays put and once it's on you can't feel it so it's comfortable to wear. However, removing is a pain because I use a cleanser and a halo and that doesn't do it...you have to use water and gently pull it off your lashes. Which is fine if you only want to use water but I don't like that. It's got it's pros and cons. You can't really build it up very well, so as long as you're looking for the natural look it's fine. I like it but I probably won't repurchase it
    Hard to remove
    When I remove it, black clumps come out which is a pain. None of the other mascaras I’ve used do that...
    No more smudging
    Really good mascara that stays put all day with absolutely no smudging. It’s a great inky black with a small brush that coats every lash. And, you don’t need expensive eye makeup removers to get it off. Just soak the lashes with water and gently rub to remove! Brilliant! It doesn’t curl like my Lancôme waterproof mascara but it’s much kinder to delicate eye lashes.
    Kevin Aucoin - Volume mascara
    I only bought this mascara because of the great reviews. I don't usually leave a review myself but I like this product so much I felt that I had to. Thank you to all the reviewers before me and if anyone is unsure whether to buy or not - I suggest you go for it, it's THE best mascara I've used in a long, long time. Enjoy!
    No panda eyes anymore
    As mentioned this mascara doesn't budge even during hot summer evenings but volume it doesn't do. I use it as a base and then a volumising mascara over it and that works well and it still doesn't run.
    Minimal flaking, no smudging
    Gives you some volume and stays long
    This mascara has excellent benefit: it doesn’t fall off your eyelashes during the day. Even when you remove your make up, it doesn’t make you look like a panda. The mascara flakes just slide off the eyelashes, leaving no residue. Love it!
    The best mascara in the world. Generally does not fall off the eyelashes.
    Worst mascara
    I can't understand why it has so many beautiful reviews here! I actually bought it because of the reviews. The mascara doesn't give any volume (forget about it!) and it is very tough to remove. You need to use an oil or a special makeup remover with oil. I am so disappointed. I bought this product as I expected much more from Kevyn Aucoin.
    Does what is says on the box: put this in your basket now
    This is a brilliant mascara and it lasts all day without a flake or smudge. I have tried waterproof formulas by Too Faced (Better than Sex: it wasn't), Clinique, MAC, Dior, etc. and they have always ended up beneath my eyes by lunchtime. This is incredible. Other bonus: no scent, CRUELTY FREE (take note, Nars and MAC - we see you selling in China!), elegant wand, easy to use brush with no clumping.
    This is a good mascara
    This is a good mascara, but it is without a limiter and dries quickly.
    If only I wasn't a hard contact wearer....
    Let me prelude by saying this: this a wonderful mascara for either a natural every day look (just do one or two coats) or to build up your lashes. And I love the tiny spoolie on the wand, makes it great for coating your bottom lashes as well. However...because this is a tubing mascara, little bits tend to flake off - you won't see anything on your face (not that kind of flaking!), but if wear hard contacts like me you know how harsh it can be when any teeny tiny bit of anything gets in your eyes...they start watering like crazy, it hurts and I'm eventually forced to remove my contacts and switch to glasses for the rest of the day. But if don't wear hard contacts, it's great!!! I will still keep it and wear it on days I only have my glasses on...
    Truly the best tubing mascara I've tried. I have oily eyelids and wear glasses, so almost all of mascaras are smudging on my upper lids and sometimes flaking under my eyes. So the only choice for my sensitive eyes are tubing mascaras (as I can't stand the removing of any waterproof ones). My previous love is Sensai 38C volumising, this one - is much better, it lasts longer as it does not start to dry out (as Sensai does). The only tiny minus - it's not volumizing, it gives you wonderful natural look. But it's the look I'm looking for in my mascara so I'm more then happy with the Kevyn Aucoin volume mascara. Best for me.
    Best mascara
    One of the best mascaras I have ever tried, definitely worth the price. Applies easily without the dreaded clumps, which makes lashes look naturally long and dark and holds for a really long time.
    This mascara is average. The small wand is great for inner and lower lashes and it does not smudge at all. However it doesn't give full fluttery lashes. Rather the look is more defined and spidery.
    Doesn't smudge
    My friends call me a 'mascara expert' as I've tried all high end mascaras. The closest effect to this one is Diorshow mascara. However, unlike the Dior one Kevin Aucoin mascara doesn't smudge at all. My lashes look thick, curly and long! And it doesn't smudge at all neither on lower lashes nor on my brow bone. It's truly the best.
    Aucoin Mascara
    It's OK as a mascara, avoiding clumping, but the problem is getting it off. It leaves littles specks of black all round your eyes when you remove it, which is a pain.
    Kevin Aucoin Mascara
    Very gentle, but lasts all day and doesn't give me black smudges under my eyes.
    I tried this mascara as it was recommended. I have struggled with mascaras in the past as after about 2 or 3 hours I have black marks beneath my eyes. It took a little longer with this mascara but it took so many coats to create volume it then clumped. I wont be buying again.
    Straight lashes
    I have very straight lashes, and to add to that I have vitiligo which means I have a mixture of black and white eyelashes. Whenever I did wear mascara it was always waterproof as it gave the definition and hold I wanted to make my eyes look awake. However, removing waterproof mascara is a pain and it can dry out your lashes. As a treat I decided to get LVL and it was amazing as it forced me to stop using waterproof mascara. Anyone that has had LVL knows you are encouraged to not use waterproof as oils can impact the perming chemicals. Lockdown came, the curl dropped and my lashes went back to white, however they were incredibly soft and felt healthier. Going back to waterproof just wasn't that appealing. I bought this mascara after seeing it recommended as a tubing mascara that could hold a curl for straight lashes on a reddit sub. I was very skeptical, after having many issues with tubing mascaras in the past and was pleasantly surprised by this product. I will say this, THIS IS NOT A VOLUMISING MASCARA. I'm actually super suprised that it is marketed this way and I can completely understand why the lower graded reviews were frustrated by this. But as a natural tubing mascara that actually holds a curl (not as dramatic as my waterproof) has been a dream. Particularly when it is so easy to remove! I will say I did experience flaking on one occasion, but it was because I was rubbing my eyes and totally forgot I was wearing mascara. So, it can flake but at least for me required some mindless rubbing. I do have issues with it coating my eyelashes (as I said, I have white eyelashes) and it can take a bit of effort to get an equal coating though I put this down to being an awful mascara applier (can't think if a time I haven't got it on my eyelid).
    Having very oily lids I’ve never had a mascara that doesn’t smudge till I found this one, not a smidge of smudging hooray ... however volume it has none whatsoever, unfortunately, was very disappointed makes my lashes look almost stumpy no volume, curl or length. I now use this as a top coat over my fave non-tubing mascara to stop smudging and this seems to work.
    No smudging, flaking or clumping. Yay!
    I bought this mascara as I am fed up with flaking mascara under my eyes at the end of the day and causing my eyes discomfort, and I am absolutely not disappointed on that front. This is a small brush that gets to all the tiny lashes and makes them stand out. It doesn't clump at all, so it looks like my natural lashes but better. The one thing to say is that for a mascara called The Volume, I don't really think it adds any volume to my thin lashes. But I am happy to forgive that as I like a more natural look. This is definitely a new favourite.
    Great mascara
    Narrow brush allows accurate application- great for covering all lashes including small lashes. Doesn’t go dry during the day. Great product.
    Perfect for low maintenance chick's
    I've come back to buy me a second one, I'm pretty low maintenance and rubbish at removing makeup. But this comes of with water and very gently in clumps yay love that easy detail. During the day it doesn't smudge or run or clump.
    The best mascara I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried hundreds!
    No fall out!
    Have always had problems with mascara fall out and smudging during the day and have tried every mascara under the sun. This one does not budge, very impressed.
    Love this mascara
    Great mascara Really goes on very nicely and looks fab. Shame its very small
    Fantastic everyday mascara
    Great mascara for everyday. No smudging or flaking, easy to remove and lovely sized brush. More for a person who prefers a natural look. Not for someone who wants mass volume/dramatic eyelashes.
    My Holy Grail Mascara
    Let me preface this review with the fact that I have never found a mascara that does not smudge on me, I have the oiliest eyelids, the straightest lashes, and I am extremely fussy when it comes to finding the perfect mascara. This is very nearly it! I have used this for years now, I try other mascaras but I always come back to this one as it is genuinely the only one to never smudge on me. The tubing formula is so gentle on my sensitive eyes (hay fever and contact lens joy!), and makes it so easy to remove at the end of the day too. I do curl my lashes and still need to use a primer that holds curl before I go in with my Volume Mascara, but I really don't think that there is a mascara formula that does it all for non-smudge and holding curl...I still hold out hope though! The tiny brush on this really lets you work right in at the root to create volume and density before working it through to the ends of your lashes. If you have quite small eyes like me, and find your lashes when curled, sit close to your lid, this is amazing for stopping your mascara going all over you eye makeup too. Bigger bristle brushes may give volume, but I always get product onto my eyelid and it just gets so messy. This brush is small, precise and perfect for creating volume without the mess and smudging. I really can't be without this mascara, and if you struggle with oily lids you have to try this!
    Stays put
    I have long lashes. I’ve Tried so many mascaras. All the cult favs. YSL, estee Lauder, Benefit, Lancôme, Maybelline , Waterproof, unsmudgeables - but by the end of each day there would be flakes under my eyes or smudging on my eyelids. But not with this! Aucoin’s mascara Does not move! It does take a little bit of extra care to remove in the evenings, but comes off with cleanser and warm water. Sometimes I switch and try a new mascara to see if there is anything better. But the other mascaras always disappoint in comparison.
    I like this mascara
    No smudging what I appreciate a lot and it is very easy to remove with warm water. One star minus is because of the brush, I prefer different kind/shape.
    No volume whatsoever
    The only problem I have with this mascara is that it is called a 'volume' mascara and that is the only thing you will not get with it. Everything else is great - it doesn't smudge, you can remove it easily with water, applies easily. But if you're looking for volume, you won't get it.
    Incredible mascara
    Me and mascaras... and the eternal fight to find the one!!!!! Girls, here it is - thank you, Kevin. No flakes, beautiful natural lashes without clumps and... the most amazing thing is it comes off so easily that you will never go back to normal mascaras again. Do yourself a favour buy it!!!! Your makeup routine will never be the same again. It's worth every single penny.
    Volume mascara
    This product is brilliant, it lasts all day and does not shed or smudge.
    Best Mascara!
    It does not smudge, it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes, it's very easy to remove (with warm water), it can be applied as natural as you wish or slightly dramatic (no full drama and doll eyelashes though, Perfection.
    Not bad
    This item isn't half bad. Look lovely and it wears lovely. Separates your lashes beautifully. The volume that obvious, I've gotten compliments everytime I wear this mascara. One big downside is it did dry up on me after 3 months. This item doesn't flakes off or smudge anywhere. The brush is precise and small, so you can get into those awkward to reach areas. It's easy to take off at the end of the day as it is a tubing mascara. So that's a bonus. No eyes rubbing (actually, a bit but not too much at all!).
    Fantastic mascara but not quite true to name
    I love this mascara and am onto my fourth or fifth tube. It is the only mascara I have ever used which doesn't flake (even other so called 'tubing' mascaras like EL Double Wear flake on me). The lasting power is great, and it goes on well, nice and dark, and glossy. It comes off beautifully. The packaging is really nice. It is long lasting and unlike other mascaras, I am able to use up all of the product before it starts to dry out or clump. The only thing that I would note is that it is NOT a high volume mascara. I would say it is pretty natural, even after a couple of coats.
    Good but could be better
    I actually really like a lot about this product. It comes off super easily and doesn't feel horrible on your eyelashes, it has never smudged for me which is amazing because so many do. However the only draw back is that it is definitely a day time only mascara and even then sometimes I go over it with a different mascara. It just doesn't give my eyelashes much volume or wow factor. Also, I believe its already started drying out and I haven't had it for that long. Another thing is that for the price you don't get a lot of product. However despite all these draw backs I still use and reach for it hoping I can make it work better cause I really do love the way it feels and the fact that it doesn't smudge.
    Best mascara - EVER!
    I have long thing lashes and always have problems with clumps. But this mascara makes my lashes look thick, longer and supersexy. And it's perfect for lover lashes too.
    Great for humid weather
    I've tried off the counter mascaras, cult brands, etc. this is the ONLY mascara that does not smudge even in humid weather. Its easy to remove, just wash with water and the mascara drops off from my lashes.
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