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    Kevyn AucoinThe Eye Lash CurlerKevyn Aucoin's coveted eye lash curler is perfectly proportioned to neatly fit a plethora of eye shapes for maximum curl without any nasty nips or twinges! The red rubber pad makes it easy to see the lashes and so spot any you've missed, while the stainless steel mechanism quickly creates a natural-looking curl without crimping. It's the gift of beautifully curled lashes that just keeps on giving a youthful, doll-like, wide awake look (in spite of any sleep deprivation you might be supporting).KVA01015538366220020985 stars, based on49 reviews 17.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Kevyn Aucoin The Eye Lash Curler

    Kevyn Aucoin
    The Eye Lash Curler

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    • Why it's Cult

      Winner of the Allure's latest Best Eyelash Curler category, this lovely tool creates a flirtatious, feminine flick (no square edges here) without compromising the lashes themselves. Loved by Diane Kruger, this is the perfect tool for making eyes look younger and more alert. Eyelash curlers are to your make-up bag what a black dress is to your wardrobe, so invest in these and you'll never look back (except to catch his eye a second time).


    • Description
      Kevyn Aucoin's coveted eye lash curler is perfectly proportioned to neatly fit a plethora of eye shapes for maximum curl without any nasty nips or twinges! The red rubber pad makes it easy to see the lashes and so spot any you've missed, while the stainless steel mechanism quickly creates a natural-looking curl without crimping. It's the gift of beautifully curled lashes that just keeps on giving a youthful, doll-like, wide awake look (in spite of any sleep deprivation you might be supporting).
    • How to use
      Position the curler, with the handles open as far as they go, at the base of your upper lashline, gently squeeze together and hold for 5 seconds. Then move slowly up the lash squeezing gently and releasing as you go. Release handles fully before removing the curler to avoid pulling or breaking the lashes.
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    Kevyn Aucoin - The Eye Lash Curler

    Kevyn Aucoin The Eye Lash Curler Reviews

    It can give you a curl but don't expect it to last. I thought I'd try a more expensive curler to see if it helps my lashes hold a curl, but this did not do it. Disappointed.
    Ok curler
    I purchased this about a month ago. It is an OK curler. It fits my eye well, gets all my lashes in and gives a nice curl. But I wouldn’t be as optimistic as other reviewers to say it will hold your lashes curled for the whole day - 2 hrs max! It’s good when I have a no make up day to enhance the look of my lashes, however, if I apply mascara I actually think my lashes look better if I don’t curl them beforehand as the mascara goes on better. All in all good product, but no WOWs there for me.
    Not bad
    In my search for the sadly discontinued Shu Uemera curler which was superb I came across this one. The curvature is good and fits my eye shape much better than the Shisheido one which was too flat. This curvature is more similar to the Shu Uemera one and works better for my eye shape. It curls well but the curl is not long-lasting and by lunchtime, my eyelashes were almost straight again. It's not bad but still not as good as Shu Uemera. The hunt goes on.
    Can't believe its taken me this long to purchase....
    The curl is incredible! I thought my old ones worked fine but compared to this, they didn't work at all! Doing my mascara now is very enjoyable.
    Worth it!
    Bought this after seeing it be recommended on YouTube by Lisa Eldridge and a few other reputable career MUAs, and it delivers. I find that the curl and lift last all day with a proper coating of mascara. Without it, while my lashes are lifted, the curl doesn’t stay as long. Easy to use, and the mouth(?) is comfortably wide and opens wide enough for a good, solid hold.
    Best I've tried
    These fit my eye shape much better than the Shu Uemera ones (which were also very good) and make a great, long-lasting curl. It's very easy to use. This one was a replacement for my old one which I had used day in, day out for many years but finally broke. I agree with another reviewer that you should be able to buy the pads separately though - I hope Kevyn Aucoin looks into this.
    Great curler
    I have tried a few curlers now and so far this is the best!
    Good tool, shame it's disposable
    This eyelash curler works brilliantly, at first. Unfortunately the pads wear out after a couple of months. It is not possible to buy new pads separately so once you get through the two that the curler comes with, you have to throw the whole thing away and buy a new eyelash curler. This is neither cost-effective nor sustainable, and I'd expect better from a brand like this.
    One Love
    I've bought two curlers recently and one is in my collection.
    Staple tool!
    Finally managed to purchase it since it's always out of stock! I'm satisfied, I only hope the pad will not get destroyed after a few months... I have super straight lashes and rely on curlers a lot. It comes with an additional pad, however, it would be great if they sold replaceable pads on their own! The main difference that I've noticed is how this curler positions the eyelashes upwards, instead of creating a curve - it does it effortlessly, but it's a bit of a different look on my eyes and I'll have to get used to that. However, that makes it incredibly easy to put on mascara, which I'm really impressed by.
    Best eyelash curler so far... and always out of stock!!
    Лучшая из лучших! *** The best of the best!***
    Безумно рада!!! Супер вещь!!! Советую :) ***Madly happy! Super product!!! I advise everyone to buy it :)***
    Really good
    I didn't see the point in buying an expensive eyelash curler until I tried this one. This is the best one I've found so far for my eye shape.
    Отличная вешь!
    Рада, что наконец-то приобрела эту полезную вещицу. Рекомендую к покупке. "I'm glad that I finally got this useful thing. I recommend to buy."
    A Great Buy
    I bought this because as I get older, my once very nicely curled eyelashes started growing out with more and more straight hairs to the point where they're a weird tangled mess and needed intervention to keep from poking me in the eye. I recommend it to anyone with normal to large eyes whose eyes are not very rounded in shape. It was the 'gentle' shape of these that attracted me to purchasing them, and I'm glad I did as it fits very well with my eyes. The curl holds for decently long time and the mechanism is comfortable to use. Some days, I curl my lashes with this even if I'm not going to wear any makeup or go anywhere because the curl lifts my feelings about my lashes and prevents my mish-mash of straight and curly lash hairs from bothering my eyes.
    Great eyelash curler
    It's just perfect. I own Shiseido and Shu Uemura curlers as well, but this one is the best for my eyes and eyelashes.
    Superb curlers
    Love it, tried so many, wish I had found these earlier.
    Best eyelash curler
    I've tried many eyelash curlers but this one is amazing. The best so far and the curls last all day with a natural shape to it. Also, it's worth the price.
    Fabulous lashes
    Best lash curlers I’ve ever tried.
    I looked at a lot of different lash curlers before deciding to buy this one. I was apprehensive about spending so much but they had so many positive reviews that I decided it would be a good investment. I expected to be wowed by these curlers but they did very little for my lashes and I've gone back to my cheap set that gives a much more obvious lift.
    5* product
    Highly recommend!
    The best, just the best. It curls the lashes perfectly and holds the curl through the day. It gives a natural bend to the lashes that gives a romantic yet sexy look to the eyes.
    The Best!
    I'm obsessed with curling my eyelashes and these are by far the best I have tried. I have also got the Shu Uemura ones (of course!), the Charlotte Tilbury, Japonesque, and these produce the best results. Highly recommended if you would like long lasting curled lashes with no dents and your eyeliner in tact!!
    These eyelash curlers curl the lashes gently and beautifully opens up your eyes so you instantly look more Awake & more beautiful :) great, great product!
    Does the job
    This a nice eyelash curler, and the curl lasts long enough. It's very slimline so it gets close to the lash line - which is great, but be careful of nipping your skin! Like that it comes with a spare rubber piece so you can replace when the other one becomes too spongy.
    Very good curler
    I wasn't convinced at first but I changed how I used the curlers to a few gentle squeezes rather than a firm clamp. Now totally convinced, these give a lovely shape to the lashes
    The perfect curler
    I am a lash curling obsessive, I have to have curled lashes every day, even if I'm not putting on mascara! I have quite small eyes, so I find a lot of curlers too rounded and they pinch the corners of my eyes. Not only do these open so much wider to allow you to really get all your lashes in, but they have a much wider shape and are just that bit less of a U shape. This makes them so much more comfortable to use, and the curl you get with these is beyond any other curler I've tried!
    Amazing Product
    Its an amazing product, I am a beginner and it does the job well.
    Nothing too special
    To me, it’s just another regular eye curler.
    It’s a good product and good quality.
    Not a dupe..
    Completely confused by these reviews lol! I Purchased this as I lost my Shiseido which I was not a huge fan of either. Nothing can really beat Shu Uemura to be honest. If your looking for something similar the Shisheido would be a better option. This eyelash curler is definitely not a dupe of either of the above.
    If it’s in stock, buy it! Best eyelash curler ever! My lashes are so straight and it’s transformed them, couldn’t live without it!
    Best eyelash curler ever, i don’t think I can ever go back to the old one. Amazing product and the curl lasts the whole day!
    Very good!
    I don't use mascara and this curler is the effortless way to curl my lashes for a gorgeous look!
    really good
    It makes a good curl that lasts. Another great thing about it is it has a spare rubber pad. I bought cheaper lash curlers in the past, and this one is definitely worth the investment. The only downside is that it may pinch you if you're not careful.
    Love it.
    Love love love
    I wanted to love it as I though I would try something different from my Shu Uemura. I felt is stuck to my lashes and nipped me a bit on the side of my eye. I do have long lashes but they are quite straight. I'm going back to Shu Uemura.
    I have straight eyelashes, without twisting, no mascara does not look good. there were many different similar products, but cheaper. these do their job perfectly, but not a very convenient holder, presses their fingers when clamping.
    I’ve owned a few lash curls - from random drugstore to NYX or Dior: I liked them, but none of them wowed me and I did occasionally end up hurting my eyes. I haven’t had that a single time with this one! Truly idiot-proof. My lashes are small and straight and this is the first eyelash curler that makes a huge difference. Would highly recommend! Ever since buying it, a £3 mascara is enough to make my lashes look amazing.
    The best of the best
    Light, thin, not bulky, extremely effective. The best of the best.
    The cool thing
    This is my first eye lash curler, and I'm very satisfied with the effect. I use it without heating, just gently grab and hold 3-5 sec, then get a great result.
    Вest curler
    Comfortable, practical, hygienic and protects eyelashes, does not crease.
    A truly unique curler!
    This is by far the best eyelash curler I have ever used, it shapes lashes beautifully and the curl lasts all day.
    Would highly recommend
    Most eyelash curlers I have used have left a proper angel in my lashes which can look so bizarre from a side view. These curlers don't do that at all! I also love how this product comes with an additional/spare red band for when the already installed one gets old/squished.
    Love it
    Catches your skin sometimes, so just be careful. Otherwise, these curlers create a beautiful eye look.
    Now I've got try the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder, these curlers are so good! I have small eyes and they still manage to find my little non existent lashes and curl them well! Keeps them curled all day. I prefer them over my tweezerman ones massively.
    Best ever
    I have tried many eyelash curlers including MAC, Shu Uemura even E.L.F and couldn't find my holy grail until I got my hands on this and it's just amazing, expensive but worth it!
    Lash Perfection
    This is a godsend lash curler, didn't know how I managed to curl my lashes without it all these years. Works much better for my lashes than Shu Uemura or Shiseido.
    Love it!
    I'm obsessed with eyelash curlers because I have short straight lashes but this one is by far the best of the best. You don't need to squeeze the curler hard at all to get a great long lasting curl. It doesn't wipe off your eyeliner as you curl which most curlers do and you really feel how good a quality is fantastic. I know it will last me a very long time but will definitely repurchase as it is for certain worth the money. :)
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