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    Huda BeautyFarah Lashes #12Soft, feminine and phenomenally fluttery, Huda Beauty’s faux mink Farah #12 are artfully arranged on the flexible cotton band for incredible, eyebrow-grazing length and believable volume. Ideal for those with larger lids, prominent brow bones or who like a more ‘high impact’ look, these are perfect for after-dark drama – the ultimate finishing touch to a smouldering, smoky eye. Re-usable (depending on care), apply with Huda Beauty’s Lash Glue (sold separately).HUD013664162911060304194 stars, based on34 reviews 18.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Huda Beauty Farah Lashes #12

    Huda Beauty
    Farah Lashes #12

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    • Why it's Cult


      Part of Huda Beauty’s ‘faux mink’ collection, these hand-crafted, triple-stacked lashes feature patent-pending tapered fibres, which emulate the soft, feathery texture of real fur (without any cruelty) for maximum eyelash impact.

    • Description
      Soft, feminine and phenomenally fluttery, Huda Beauty’s faux mink Farah #12 are artfully arranged on the flexible cotton band for incredible, eyebrow-grazing length and believable volume. Ideal for those with larger lids, prominent brow bones or who like a more ‘high impact’ look, these are perfect for after-dark drama – the ultimate finishing touch to a smouldering, smoky eye. Re-usable (depending on care), apply with Huda Beauty’s Lash Glue (sold separately).
    • How to use
      Remove from packaging and 'wiggle' band to loosen. Measure against eye (you can trim to fit) before applying Lash Glue (sold separately). Apply lashes - you may find it helps to use tweezers - then hold in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to dry.
    • Full ingredients list
      Synthetic, 'faux mink' fibres.
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    Huda Beauty - Farah Lashes #12

    Huda Beauty Farah Lashes #12 Reviews

    Prettiest dramatic lashes I own. They still look the same after going through rough times haha.
    Love them!
    These won't be my next lashes because I recently started wearing false lashes and I want to try more types.. but I absolutely love love these, they give that gorgeous glamour to your eyes, but they are full make up lashes, like I wouldn't put one a simple eyeliner and wear them. And! they are good for many uses, I have worn them 3 times I think so far, and they are as good as new!
    Definitely not
    Bought these because everyone was so enthusiastic about them. Honestly, they are massive and literally look like plastic. Definitely not something I expected from Huda Beauty. Also, the lashes are way too long and make you look 'trashy'. Unless you have massive eyes and like over the top make-up don't even think about purchasing these.
    Love Love Love
    I bought these for New Years 2017, they have been through hell in the past 8 months and they still look brand new no matter how many eyelashes I try, I find myself always going back to these they’re the most natural false eyelashes will compliment your eyes, only gone and ordered some more try them you won’t be disappointed.
    Love but broke in half after one use
    Love the shape of these although they are incredibly long (longer than they look on here!) and full. I'd say you couldn't really wear them daily but more on a night out for example. I wore these once and one lash split in half which I was very disappointed about. I repurchased them so I now have another pair which is yet to break. Definitely would recommend but only for people who are used to wearing eyelashes a lot, these aren't really for people new to the eyelash world.
    Love these lashes! Just perfect on the eye.
    They are lovely but
    Not for hooded eyes. Although their shape is beautiful, they ended up looking "funny". The band is thick and it is quite difficult to clean. For a dramatic effect I would suggest the Samantha lashes, and for a less dramatic effect I would recommend Claudia.
    Just for the big eyed beauties
    These lashes are massive! Only for the big eyed beauties. Almost look like drag and my eyes really aren't that small! havent ever used them after cutting them to my eye size, so i cant even re sell them. such a shame. A very thick band and are heavy can tell you're wearing them. Not worth it, Samantha is much better.
    Best lashes for big eyes
    I have very big eyes and these lashes suits my eyes soooo well, these are my go to night out lashes from now on! Just make sure to take time when putting them on and you're good to go.
    Best lashes
    I absolutely love these. It was hard at first to put them on and does take more than a little wiggle but once you know how to get them on (as the band is really thick) then it's fine, they last all night, don't need tweaked (i.e. the corners needing re-glued) are so lightweight and are so full and flirty, love them.
    Very dramatic but so sassy. I had multiple compliments all day.
    Beautiful lashes. They look absolutely amazing with all eyeshadow looks.
    A little short...
    The size of these lashes were a lot bigger than I was expecting, however, they looked fabulous on. I have quite big eyes and I found that the lashes were a bit too short for me and so it was difficult to get them to look even on both eyes. Such a shame but will make do.
    Great but very long
    I love these lashes but I didn't expect them to be that long. They almost touched my eyebrows. Make sure to pay attention to your lower lashes as well because otherwise you can't see them anymore with these lashes on ;) Other than that, they were really comfortable to wear even if the lash band is quite thick. I am in love.
    I ordered these after seeing them on an instagram modelling them, and they were absolutely amazing. They're very full, long and thick and they look fantastic. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't last very long due to the band being incredibly thin and fragile, usually I could get a good few uses out of lashes but I only managed two before they broke. Shame about that for the price, but overall they are fantastic; just ensure you're very, very careful when removing glue. I would recommend these.
    Beautiful, but fragile
    These are the most beautiful lashes I've ever used, but even if I cleaned them with care and followed the instructions, they broke after the third time I wore them. Huda Beauty is and will always be my favourite lash brand, but it was really sad that £18 lashes are so fragile and you can use them only few times.
    Really dramatic
    I've been following Huda on Instagram for a long time and thought I'd invest in some of her lashes. I wear lashes every day, however, it took me a while (and a lot of patience) to apply them. The lash band is quite thick and the actual lashes are too. Don't get me wrong, they are absolutely beautiful but I don't recommend these ones for small/medium eyes.
    Worth it!
    After following @hudabeauty on instagram, I came across the lashes on Cult beauty. I was a bit sceptical about buying due to the price but because I follow them on instagram and have seen lots of pictures I knew they looked good. I purchased Farah #12 and I am so happy I did! It was a bit fiddly to put on at first because I am due to using a lash with a thinner strip but these lashes are absolutely fabulous. I have reused them about 3 times since purchasing and they are easy to clean and are still in great condition. Wouldn't want to use any other lashes after using Huda beauty, they are well worth the money. They also make my eyes look bigger and make them stand out more which is great. Highly recommend and whatever you do don't bin after one use application.
    Drag queen
    I love Huda Beauty products every one of them are amazing but unfortunately these particular lashes are just too long and full and look over done. It makes you look like a drag queen. The quality is however impeccable and certainly does last forever so you get your money’s worth. I would suggest getting the Olivia or Samantha lashes by Huda Beauty instead.
    I bought not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 pairs of Huda lashes...they are massive and you look like a clown. Waste of money. I'm an Instagram victim...
    These are massive!
    I’ve never seen lashes this big. Unless ya got those gorgeous big Bambi eyes. I wished for something more dramatic than Giselle lashes, which are my all-time fave, but these are just too massive. They weigh a ton and reach above my eyebrow. Not for my taste!
    LOOOOOOVE these
    Loooove these, all I have to say.
    Very disappointing
    I have big eyes but it looked silly on me. The band is very big. I know it's faux mink but the lashes are like lashes you'd get in a cheap girls toy set. Not a single good thing about this.
    Doesnt even come with glue!
    After paying £18 for a set of lashes, the least you would expect is for them to come with glue??! Massively disappointed when putting these on as they do not manoeuvre easily, very stiff and a really thick band that doesn't bend to every eye shape. I was really excited to try these, but soon learnt it was bad move!
    These lashes are beautiful on. I always get so many compliments when I wear them. I bought them over a year ago and I would say I've easily worn them more than 20 times. Just going to order a new pair.
    Not for small eyes
    On my small hooded eyes these lashes ended up looking like something to be used only on stage. Like an other reviewer I found the band very massive and inflexible.
    Beautiful but soooo long
    They look absolutely beautiful when they're just laying in their packaging but once they're on, they look extremely long and I usually LOVE super dramatic lashes so I thought I would have been obsessed with these but they ended up looking a little bit "funny". The good thing is that they have a very precise shape and I didn't even need to cut them to make them fit and I usually have to cut all of my lashes.
    I'm a massive fan of false lashes. I never leave the house without them and these are my new favourite. If you look after them they'll last ages. I must've worn these lashes every day for about a month now and they still look fab. Everyone comments on how beautiful they look when I wear them.
    Best lashes ever x
    I can't leave without these lashes xx I'm totally in love with them ❤️
    Worst lashes ever
    The lash band is massive and they are so inflexible that after taking 15 minutes to put on I had to pull them off in the car to my own birthday party where I was meeting hundreds of people. So upset.
    Beautiful lashes
    These Farah lashes from Huda Beauty are the best eyelashes I've ever bought and I always recommend these lashes, the only problem is the band is very fragile so you have to be so careful.
    Bigger than expected
    The quality of these lashes are amazing, however these lashes are a lot bigger than in the photo's. I thought I had big eyes but not big enough for these, they are very dramatic they were touching my eyebrows! I will definitely repurchase lashes from Huda but something a bit smaller!
    Longer then expected
    I ordered these beauts as I love the style of them. When they came, I instantly knew they would be too long for my eyes. I have quite big eyes but a small space from my eyes to my eyebrows, and I knew these would just look silly, so I sent them back. From what I could see in the box though, they look like great quality. I will be trying Huda lashes again, but make go for a smaller lash.
    Farah lash
    I've just received the fatal lash today and they are so long, I think they might look silly. They don't need trimming down length ways but they touch my eyebrows! Very beautiful product and the lash glue is great but think they are too dramatic for my eyes! From the pictures that compare lashes they don't look that big and dramatic! Might try another less dramatic set! X
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