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    HourglassCaution Extreme Lash Mascara Travel Size<p>For incredibly high-impact, warning-worthy lashes, Hourglass&#8217;s Caution Extreme Lash Mascara gives enviable length, extreme volume and eye-opening definition for your most explosive lash look ever. The endlessly buildable, ultra-black formula features a fusion of hard and soft waxes that create volume, length and definition with every stroke from the breakthrough brush. The double-action brush head intertwines two single brushes into one, coating lashes from a full 360-degree angle to quickly build a full look on both top and bottom lashes. Smudge-proof, clump-free and infused with moisturising panthenol, the formula conditions lashes in order to leave them soft and non-stiff. It&#8217;s available in both full and travel sizes, so you can take it with you everywhere&#8230;</p>HOU055_TRAVEL159498772310077605 stars, based on65 reviews 14.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara

    Caution Extreme Lash Mascara
    ( 5.5g )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Uniting beauty and science with luxury, you can rely on Hourglass’ seamless, simply sublime range for a miraculous addition to your make up kit – especially if it’s this breakthrough mascara. The endlessly buildable formula features a fusion of hard and soft waxes that create volume, length and definition with every stroke from the double action brush, which intertwines two single brushes into one to coat lashes for a full 360-degree angle. Smudge-proof, clump-free and infused with conditioning panthenol, this won’t let you down.

    • Description

      For incredibly high-impact, warning-worthy lashes, Hourglass’s Caution Extreme Lash Mascara gives enviable length, extreme volume and eye-opening definition for your most explosive lash look ever. The endlessly buildable, ultra-black formula features a fusion of hard and soft waxes that create volume, length and definition with every stroke from the breakthrough brush. The double-action brush head intertwines two single brushes into one, coating lashes from a full 360-degree angle to quickly build a full look on both top and bottom lashes. Smudge-proof, clump-free and infused with moisturising panthenol, the formula conditions lashes in order to leave them soft and non-stiff. It’s available in both full and travel sizes, so you can take it with you everywhere…

    • How to use

      1. Apply to lashes from root to tip using long upward strokes. Layer until desired effect is achieved.

      2. For maximum effect, apply a second coat before the first application dries.

    • Full ingredients list

      Water/Aqua, Paraffin, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax/Copernicia Cerifera Cera, Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer, Alcohol Denat., Palmitic Acid, Polybutene, Stearic Acid, Pvp, Vp/Eicosene Copolymer, Acrylates Copolymer, Triethanolamine, Hydrated Silica, Talc, Panthenol, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Laureth-21, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol. May Contain (+/-): Iron Oxide (Ci 77499)

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    Hourglass - Caution Extreme Lash Mascara

    Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara Reviews

    This excellent mascara is the very best there is. After having tried many different brands this is simply perfect in every way.
    Great mascara
    I'd been struggling to find a mascara that didn't effect my eyes and have been please to find this one gives me no trouble. It gives a nice lengthening look without clumping and the brush is not too thick.
    It’s a no from me
    Pros: lengthens, lifts lashes. Cons: curl doesn’t stay, hard to take off, smudges during the day.
    Would not recommend
    I didn't like this mascara at all, in fact I have ordered another! Even with one application it leaves small clumps on the eyelashes and I have to remove them with a brush. Not what a busy woman wants to do. I am afraid I would not recommend this mascara.
    hourglass caution extreme
    I wanted to like it, but it was far too dry and claggy from the very first use. Don't waste money on this- there are better, and cheaper mascaras out there.
    Beautiful but flakes
    Glad I got the small size to try first. It's a beautiful and dramatic mascara but it flakes right away on me, which other mascaras don't really do.
    This is by FAR the best mascara I have EVER used. Genuinely I'm over the moon about how good this is for me. I have pretty normal lashes, they're dark, can hold a curl but not particularly long or full. First coat I wasn't overly impressed but how quickly it built up after a second coat was astounding. Nice thick, long lashes without flaking or being spidery, just pretty. A hugely important thing for me as well, is it's not scented (I don't think) or not noticeably. I have very sensitive eyes and they water and sweat like crazy so if an eye product is too scented it just literally melts off. This doesn't bother them at all and stays perfect all day AND is easy to remove. In love.
    unfortunate that not working for the straight hairs
    The Mascara itself is easy to use, and few touches make your lashes bloom. Only downside is the product is heavy that if you have straight thick hair, it kills the curl of the lashes. If you are unsure, try it for the sample size first, as I did.
    Mascara of joy
    I got this originally in a gift calendar but was hooked so bought it again twice now. I'm super allergic to mascaras but this doesn't bother my sensitive eyes at all. The colour is lovely and my small straight lashes suddenly become huge full and fluffy! I buy the tiny size one as I like to use a new mascara every three months to keep things clean and this lasts about four to 5 if pushed.
    I have a love
    I love this mascara so much.
    Holy Grail Mascara
    I'd never want to but if I HAD to choose only one mascara it would be Caution. The brush, the texture, the pay-off....and the packaging is hard to beat. Volume and length with a brush that grips your lashes with just the right amount of product. I have super long lashes (thanks dad) so mascara was never something I invested in but this stuff is beautiful. As always, impeccable quality from Hourglass.
    All time favourite
    This is my all time favourite mascara - does not clump, does not smudge, lasts ages - just perfect in every way.
    By far my favorite mascara till now!! It really transforms my lashes without clumping. Stays looking great all day!! Would purchase it over and over again without a doubt.
    Great product
    Very good quality mascara
    Yes yess yesssss!!
    It’s just plain down amazing. I used to use Lancôme’s award winner but think I will be changing over to this. I always find my mascara tends to dry out quickly, which is particularly annoying when you’ve spent a lot on it. This one is great because I bought the travel size. My lashes are ridiculously long with no clumps it almost works too well lol! This is a fake lash look if you ever wanted one - without the fuss of actually applying them.
    Fantastic product! Very happy with this mascara - possibly the best I've tried! Will definitely be purchasing again.
    It's not that bad but it's not amazing either. It brushes the lashes well, but I expected more volume and definition. A little hard to wash away but if you have no issue rubbing your eyes, it's fine.
    I have never found a mascara that I have absolutely loved. It really makes your lashes so long with lots of volume. I love it so much, this is a must!
    Not as good as described
    Does not stay on well. Smudges
    Very easy to use. Only needs one application and it gives dramatic lashes. I have fine/thin lashes but this makes my eyes look bigger. And the mascara does not flake. This is the third time I have bought this mascara because its SO GOOD!
    If I could give 3 1/2 stars I would
    It's the best vegan mascara I've tried so far. It took a few attempts to get the correct lash coverage, it was quite easy to overload the brush. As a contact lens wearer I think it irritates them a little but not badly. It does smudge, I'd like a waterproof version but I'm not sure if some of that is down to my moisturiser given other reviews.
    Hourglass mascara
    Really great mascara. As well as the beautiful packaging which makes it lovely to hold and gorgeous to look at, the mascara itself is plentiful and goes on a treat. It lasts all day, and I love it. Don’t delay buy today, you won’t regret it!
    Really disappointed. Had hoped that it would hold a curl, since everyone commented how well it sits (no smudging under the eyes), but no such luck. Just dry and chunky looking.
    This is the best mascara I have ever used. Gives you extreme length and thickness which lasts all day. Will definitely purchase again.
    Hourglass extreme caution mascara.
    The mascara looks great and does not need many coats to get a good effect. However, the journalist who recommended it said it needed a very good make-up remover to take it off, but I've found that tears work well. In cold weather, my eyes are sensitive and I can cry as soon as I step out of the door. Not a good look. But, it looks great as long as 1) it isn't too cold or 2) I stay indoors . Other than those factors, it looks great!
    I love hourglass products but I wasn't a big fan of this. I found it kind of difficult to use - quite clumpy especially at the ends of my lashes, I found myself always having to pinch the ends of my lashes after so they didn't look so caked with mascara. It does last all day but I didn't like what it looked like in the first place so this didn't really make a difference to me. I went back to my urban decay perversion mascara after a few uses of this.
    Amazing mascara.
    This has to be the best mascara I’ve ever used. My lashes are dark, but grow straight out at 90 degree angles. They don’t hold a curl, so they never look long. Until this. The formula is sufficiently ‘strong’ enough, to dry quickly and hold a curl, even without lash curlers. I also find I really only need one coat which lengthens beautifully and best of all, it must be the blackest mascara I’ve ever used too. I’ve been using this for the past two weeks. No flakes and no smudges. It removes easily with an oil based remover ( for me) absolutely love it.
    The One and Only!
    I can leave without any cosmetic product apart from mascara. And I have tried many.... from Benefit and Lancome to Terry and Chantecaille Faux Cils. Also, I would spend as much as necessary for a great mascara, but I was delighted when I found this average priced one that gives amazing results. It is not clumpy, it doesn't smudge and it looks great for a whole day. If you need a great mascara, just buy it. Don't be put off by the bad reviews, they must be attributed to a lack of skill in the application which I also don't get as it is so easy to apply.
    Very clumpy, very flaky.. didnt do my lashes any justice. Will stick to my Stila one!
    Worst mascara I have ever used. Terribly clumpy. I tried it twice thinking usually hourglass are fab and love everything I’ve ever tried...but this is beyond terrible! I’ve used really cheap mascara that does a much better job. Save your money unless you like spider leg lashes.
    Awful flaky mascara...don't buy, the formula is bad
    I was so excited to buy this, but from the first use it seemed to clump on my lashes and within a few days it became dry and flaky and shed under my eyes. It even made my eyes a bit sore, very disappointed with my purchase. Don't waste your money. Back to eyeko for me!
    Does not live up to expectations
    I was so excited to try this mascara. I am definitely a mascara addict and have tried almost every brand on the market over the years. I always end up reverting back to Lancôme definicils as I like long and defined lashes that are not clumpy. My first try with Hourglass was great and I thought it might even surpass Lancôme. However over the next few days the effect was not so good and it started to clump badly. One week after I opened it I had to throw it away. It clumped, flaked, went all fibre like and left deposits (dots) all over my under eye. I always ensure I close the wand tightly after use so I cannot understand how this happened. All in all a waste of money and very disappointing.
    This mascara is amazing, I like mascaras that lengthen and give a bit of volume, but I overall like the wispy look to my lashes - and this gives it. It's also completely crying proof, No smearing, no streaks, NOTHING.
    Incredible mascara
    This is the best mascara I’ve tried. I have very fair, short lashes and after a couple of wiggles with the brush my eyelashes look amazing. It adds so much jet black volume, lengthens and somehow makes me look like I have more than five eyelashes. There is a tiny bit of transfer through the day however it’s nothing that can’t be swept away or fixed by using a good eye primer. Incredible, and I don’t usually rate mascaras.
    It's ok - nothing amazing.
    This is an average mascara, it's not bad, but it's not amazing either. It is lengthening, but it leaves a bit of clump. Too Faced Better Than Sex is much much better than this if you're looking for that high impact look.
    The bests
    It is the best mascara I have ever used
    Very good mascara
    I do not have very good lashes. I am blonde, pale and try to find a good mascara for day, but also for night. I found it!! It is very good, easy to apply, stays all day and it did not crease. I tried the sample size first, and I love it.
    I have extremely oily eyelids. This mascara won't smudge after 10 hours at work. It doesn't look very thick with only one coat but I am very happy with the non-smudge effect. I am ordering another two small tubes for my handbag and office.
    Really nice
    It's a bit drier than I usually like but makes my lashes very thick and beautiful.
    Great mascara
    Really thickens and lengthens lashes - doesn’t smudge
    Does not smudge!
    I couldn't believe the hype, but it's hype worthy! My eyelids and eyes are shaped in a way that every mascara, even waterproof, smudges. This one doesn't! I no longer have panda eyes, and the lengthening effect is quite impressive. Definitely my HG now.
    Best Ever
    Easy on, easy off, but never moves in between. Beautiful packaging, and cruelty-free!
    Amazing mascara!
    Great brush and formula, it gives my lashes a lot of length and volume with only a few coats :)
    Adds length to your lashes
    This mascara is really good, it makes your lashes very long and applies smoothly. You can build it up without lashes becoming clumpy and thick. It makes your lashes long and thin. It has a very thin consistency but overall very good, It works well with other mascaras too. Also it is very black. When applying it, my lashes do look like the campaign pictures shot by Hourglass and Cult Beauty.
    The blackest mascara
    Bought this after seeing rave reviews and it didn't disappoint. My lashes looked long and spidery, and didn't smudge throughout the day. Only downside is you'll need a decent eye make up remover to get this mascara off as it doesn't budge easy. It also starts to speckle when it starts to dry out.
    I had a mini one to try as a gift and I'm hooked. Now I'm buying another its so good. Thick glossy dark lashes without several coats. I'm not allergic which I often am and it comes off with my usual cleansing balm. I love it!
    Love the look, not so much the reaction
    This is a beautiful mascara. Applies smoothly and makes even sparse lashes look long and luscious. But there is an unfortunate, though minor, itchy reaction if it stays in contact with the skin for too long.
    Hourglass mascara
    Absolutely brilliant mascara.
    Best mascara ever!
    I used to exclusively use the Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced (which I still enjoy), but when I tried this, I was shook. This mascara is, without a doubt, the best one I’ve used ever. It seperates my lashes so well and lengthens them a lot. It looks gorgeous! Would recommend this to everyone.
    Mascara gods smiled on me
    This is seriously the best mascara I have ever used. I got a small sample size in an xmas box and have since bought a full sized one. It makes my small straight lashes seem lush and full and retains a curl from using curler, such a nice product. Also I'm often sensitive to eye products, but have not had any reaction to this one at all. So happy!
    I hate it
    This is seriously the worst mascara I've ever had: it gives no volume or whatsoever, in fact, it makes my lashes look thinner than they are. Never have I ever experienced anything like that...Definitely won't repurchase it!
    I absolutely love it. I have invisible lashes but this mascara makes my lashes so full of life.
    Terrible shelf life
    I love this mascara for the first few weeks, it’s strong, and builds a good wide eye lash, but find that it quickly changes consistency and becomes clumpy and dry on the lash. It really doesn’t last long, so for that reason, I won’t be buying it again.
    Holy Grail
    The best mascara I've ever tried. I'll stick to it...it's a winner. For those who are not big lovers of falsies and prefer a good extreme effect mascara, this is it. No clumps, it really HOLDS A CURL, no panda eyes even if you sleep with it on lol, and no falling particles!! BUTTTT you need to know how to apply it. And I see why there's some bad reviews here. When you pull the brush out, it comes out full of product, I take the excess on the borders of the product before, and then apply it. Be sure you apply it in a zig zag, right close to the roots of your upper lashes, then slowly close your eye and roll the brush on the opposite side. Repeat this a couple of times for an even 1st coat. Don't worry if a little bit of mascara goes to your lids, simply let it totally dry and them rub it off with a clean mascara or brow brush (even over eyeshadows, they will stay in place anywhere except for the eyeliner, but as this is probably black as well you don't need to clean over it) 5 of 5, cant imagine myself wearing any other mascara after this (and trust me I have tried almost all of them lol)
    Pretty good
    I've always been a fan of drugstore mascaras, though most of my make up is high end, I never believed in high end mascaras. I've decided to try this mascara by Hourglass, after a recommendation from my friend. The packaging is gorgeous, and it feels heavy and luxurious. As for the product itself, I like the formula, it looks somewhat natural, gives length to your lashes, doesn't smudge, though it can be a bit clumpy if you try to build it up, and that's the only thing I disliked about it. Over all I liked it, but I still believe drugstore mascaras are great even if you're a high end make up lover.
    Love it
    No smudge even when sleeping or yawning...makes eyelashes longer naturally.
    The best
    One of my favourite mascaras ever, this is already my second one. It gives your lashes great length and volume without clumping.
    Great product.
    Great mascara, no clogging. Long, full lashes.
    Absolutely fantastic
    This is the mascara to end all mascaras. I’m a bit of a makeup fiend, and have tried every mascara under the sun - high end, affordable, mid range... this one is wonderful. It lengthens, volumises, and stays on all day and all night. It does not flake and unlike some mascaras, it’s awesome from the moment you open in first - no need to use it a few times to get rid of that annoying initial “wetness”. This is my new go to and I just purchased two more just so I never run out.
    Stays put like it's waterproof; love this!
    I don't understand the bad reviews! This mascara is really great. It also stays put like it's waterproof. The packaging is so luxe and there's a ton of product. I needed a few tries to figure out the best way to apply: the brush picks up a lot of product, so while pulling the brush from the bottle I wipe off the excess product and then use that side to paint my lashes. I don't curl my lashes, but I'm sure that if I did and then used this mascara, it'd keep them up all day - it's that good. I used to love W3LL PEOPLE's mascara, but it's been discontinued at CB, and I've tried plenty to find a suitable replacement that doesn't smudge or looks clumpy. If you apply this gorgeous mascara like I mentioned above, its just right. Will forever repurchase. I'm really happy with this.
    Best mascara Ever.
    I have tried so many (maybe tried all of them?) on the market. This is the best. Full, thick lashes and it stays all day! No black shadow or residues under the eye – love this formula, as it is not waterproof but sticks to the lashes and is easy to remove. Genius!
    Clumpy on its own
    I was so excited by the idea of this mascara, and absolutely LOVED the packaging when it arrived. I was thoroughly disappointed when I first used it - my lashes looked thick and clumpy for the first time ever. I've learned a trick to use it - curl my lashes, use a more 'gentle' mascara (in my case Glossier), brush through with a spooley, let dry, re-curl, and then do a coat of the hourglass and brush through a lot. My lashes look beautiful after that but on its own it was horridly unnatural and clumpy in a way I've never experienced before!
    I’m a makeup ignoramus, so went with a Sali Hughes recommendation on this. Lashes are now longer than The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. And given that my skin is greasier than an Alaskan seabird post Exxon Valdez, it’s stayed put. There is no transference at all. Bloody lovely stuff.
    Love love love this mascara
    I've tried lots of high-end mascaras but this is by far my favourite. It adds lots of lengths and it is very easy to apply more coats. It isn't clumpy at all and wore well for 10 hours.
    Very Good
    I used to use Stila HUGE lash for my mascara, and I still love it but I was curious to try this one out. This lengthens like crazy and sort of creates volume to, but I still feel like Stila does it all a little better. All in all, good mascara but not sure if I would buy again.
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