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    Glow RecipeWatermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer 25ml<p>That elusive, ever-covetable South Korean &#8216;glass skin&#8217; glow can be yours (at last!) all day long with Glow Recipe&#8217;s Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer, a day-time edition of their adored <a href="https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/glow-recipe-watermelon-glow-sleeping-mask.html" target="_blank">{Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask}</a>. </p><p>Offering instant radiance, the weightless, cooling, gel-like formula won&#8217;t clog pores, making it ideal for oily or combination skin. It stars watermelon extract, acclaimed by Korean beauty buffs for its ability to soothe irritated and inflamed skin with luscious, skin-restoring vitamins, free radical-fighting antioxidants and amino acids. As well as flooding thirsty cells with watermelon extract, this miraculous moisturiser features hydrating hyaluronic acid and soothing botanicals including peony and jasmine extracts, sealing in hydration to prep skin perfectly for the day ahead. It will drench your complexion in plumped, juicy hydration and luscious, long-lasting moisture &#8211; so pop some on and prepare for compliments (you can even mix it with foundation to totally ace your base).</p>GLO004_25ML150298604420008355 stars, based on188 reviews 19.50Cult BeautyNew
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    Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer

    Glow Recipe
    Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer
    ( 25ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Offering all the juicy hydration of Glow Recipe’s adored {Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask} this light-as-air, oil-free moisturiser is the ideal go-to for oily to combination skin. Traditionally used in Korea to soothe irritated and inflamed skin, watermelon extract floods the complexion with restoring vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. Starring this exquisite extract – along with hydrating hyaluronic acid and soothing botanicals – this cooling gel-emulsion seals in hydration to prep skin perfectly for the day ahead. Available in both a full size (60ml) and mini (25ml) you can take this hero product wherever you go!

    • Description

      That elusive, ever-covetable South Korean ‘glass skin’ glow can be yours (at last!) all day long with Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer, a day-time edition of their adored {Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask}.

      Offering instant radiance, the weightless, cooling, gel-like formula won’t clog pores, making it ideal for oily or combination skin. It stars watermelon extract, acclaimed by Korean beauty buffs for its ability to soothe irritated and inflamed skin with luscious, skin-restoring vitamins, free radical-fighting antioxidants and amino acids. As well as flooding thirsty cells with watermelon extract, this miraculous moisturiser features hydrating hyaluronic acid and soothing botanicals including peony and jasmine extracts, sealing in hydration to prep skin perfectly for the day ahead. It will drench your complexion in plumped, juicy hydration and luscious, long-lasting moisture – so pop some on and prepare for compliments (you can even mix it with foundation to totally ace your base).

    • How to use

      Smooth a pea-sized amount onto skin after serum. Gentle pat in until fully absorbed. Can be mixed with foundation for subtle radiance. 

    • Full ingredients list

      Citrullus Lanatus Fruit Extract, Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, Glycerin, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract, Cetearyl Olivate, Glutamic Acid, Sorbitan Olivate, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Sodium Hyaluronate, Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba Gum, Xanthan Gum, Apricot Kernel Amino Acids, Alkanna Tinctoria Root Extract, Beta-Glucan, Jasminum Sambac Flower Wax, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Brassica Oleracea Capitata Leaf Extract, Ipomoea Batatas Root Extract, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Butylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Benzyl Benzoate, Limonene, Parfum.

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    Glow Recipe - Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer

    Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer Reviews

    Amazing product
    I have very sensitive prone skin but this seems to work wonders I have noticed a visible difference overall and with breakouts, really wish it wasn’t out of stock all of the time because it is so good!
    Lovely lotion - feels really moisturising without being heavy. I tend to use moisturising toners too and it layers really well over those and serums. Don’t usually like the fragrance but the smell of this is so lovely it makes me happy when I put it on.
    Glowy Skin
    I have oily/combo skin. I'd seen the reviews, watched videos and decided to buy the mini set and give it a try and I absolutely love it! It leaves me glowy and plump all day long. I much prefer this to the night cream in the same line. Highly recommend it. Absolutely adore this moisturiser!
    I love this moisturizer, its is perfect for my acne prone, sensitive skin and makes my skin feel glowly and refreshed. Its a bit pricey but totally worth it!!
    All time fav!
    I have combination skin that's drier during the winter months, and I struggle with shine in the summer. This is the perfect product as I can use as a serum(winter) as well as an moisturiser (summer).
    Glow Up
    This moisturiser is excellent to give your skin a glow up I use it on no make up days and refresh with glow recipe watermelon mist… perfect combo.
    Favourite Moisturiser Ever
    Oily, breakout-prone, red girl here!! This is my favourite moisturiser ever. It feels like a dream to put on my face. Sinks in really quickly and leaves my skin glowy and smooth! My skin is visibly less red and generally clearer too! I think the consistency is perfect for oily skin but if you prefer thicker moisturisers i think this could be a great serum too!
    Best toner and moisturizer
    Not any product used to work for my skin honestly but these two really helped make more clear. It really keeps my face hydrated and the smell is just bonus.
    SO Sticky
    This moisturiser is way too sticky. I do have oily skin, and I read that it would help with oil control throughout the day, however, I feel like it doesn't sit well under my SPF (I use the Supergoop Play Everyday 50+) and my skin just feels so sticky and heavy all day. For a lightweight moisturizer, it's a miss. I will not be repurchasing.
    On my second bottle of this, easily my favourite beauty purchase of 2021. Light, super hydrating and the scent is amazing and not overpowering. I also have the sleep mask, Dew Drops and the toner from this range and love them all.
    GLOW by name and results
    Love this! It's light, smells good and absorbable. I use it morning and night along with the rest of my routine such as wash, toner, serums and then moisturise! Overall, would recommend :D
    Great product
    I paired this with the watermelon toner and it's the best product I have used in a while. I have really sensitive dry redness prone skin and getting products that help instead of hinder this can be difficult. But this combo is fab! Moisturiser, gentle and makes my skin feel soooo smooth! Defo recommend! Can we magically make the bottle last longer?!
    Love! The only moisturiser I’ll ever use
    This is the best moisturiser I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried A LOT. It’s lightweight, easily absorbed, acne and breakout friendly, not heavily scented and has the nicest texture! I recommend this to everyone in my life now
    So sad to let this go too...
    I am really sad to let go of all the watermelon series. I developed an eyelid irritation from all the watermelon series. Sister had the same issue and we are almost not allergic to anything... Don’t know what of the ingredients could cause it. Also, felt kind of sticky on your face, which makes you want to wash it again or double layer with a rich moisturizer.
    It's lovely
    I have combination- oily skin. I use this in conjunction with the BHA PHA Toner 3 or 4 time a week. I like the hydration it gives me. It leaves my skin feeling soft and it looks glowy. I do find it a little sticky however, and it takes a little time for it to sink into my skin. I'm also not a big fan of the lingering scent.
    Sticky and not moisturising
    Bought it hoping it would be my holy grail moisturizer for my combination skin. I'm very disappointed because it turns out to be very sticky after putting it on the face and didn't provide enough moisture to even out combination skin.
    No words
    I love this I hate watermelon from the smell to anything watermelon flavoured but I can put those issues to the side because of how good this is it makes my skin glow and feel soft whilst being lightweight at the same time. It’s worth every single penny
    My skin has never looked better!
    Although this is a little pricey it’s 100% worth it! My skin has never looked so dewy and fresh! Smells divine and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy.
    Not for me
    I brought this product after hearing amazing reviews but it just didn’t cut it for me. My skin is combination and I believe this product made my skin breakout. It leaves my skin feeling sticky (which I am not a fan of in moisturisers). It does however smell amazing but unfortunately, this just didn’t work well on my skin.
    Absolutely lovely
    What a lovely product. It is nourishing, juicy, beautifully packaged and my skin just loves it. This brand is AMAZING. I am going to order the giant bottle of this stuff as it has put all my other moisturisers to the back of my stash!
    I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. I am a big fan of Glow Recipe and what the brand stands for, so I decided to try this moisturizer. I am in love with the texture and how it feels on the skin. It’s very light and gel-like but the skin feels smooth and moisturized after the application. The scent is also quite fresh but still subtle, which I like. I have combination skin and sometimes gel moisturizers leave my skin feeling too “tight”. This one doesn’t.
    Perfect for oily skin
    This is hands down the best moisturiser I’ve ever had. So light yet massively hydrating, and absorbs so quickly. Leaves absolutely no residue - not sticky, tacky, or oily. My skin feels so much better for using it every day.
    Barely-there moisturizer that's fantastic for acne prone skin
    I have adult acne-prone skin and am therefore I am very picky with my moisturisers because if I buy the wrong one it will cause me to break out. This moisturiser is perfect and feels like it was specifically formulated for my skin type. It's lightweight and smells like a dream. I agree with other reviewers in that it's not the most hydrating on its own. But combined with an SPF (that contains moisturising ingredients) it is perfect. If anything, it's lightness is an added bonus to help layer with other products afterwards such as SPF and makeup.
    Good for summertime
    This is no-fuss moisturiser. But you can say it’s serum, not a moisturiser. I can see a little bit brighter complexion. I have oily acne-prone skin and it’s moisturising but only for daytime, best for the summertime gonna repurchasing in summer.
    Great for oily skin!
    I really like this lightweight and soothing moisturizer. It dries down very fast and keeps my skin hydrated without feeling too heavy. A great option for summer! I’m on my second bottle and I’m loving it!
    Delightful, very light though!
    I originally got this as a gift then repurchased before going to Australia at the beginning of this year. This was an absolute hero for a quick single step when getting ready for the evening. It felt light and soaked straight in with a great dewy, brighten finished. This works great as a serum for the colder months or for drier skin types and I loved using it as a serum on my legs when tanning left them looking a little dry and reptilian-like to bring life back & making everyone wonderfully envious of the summer glow.
    Best moisturizer for oily skin
    If you have oily skin like me you will love this moisturizer! It is very lightweight and it still lease your skin super moisturized. The subtle watermelon scent is also amazing and it is generally feels really refreshing on the skin.
    Not suitable for oily skin at all
    Feels and smells amazing though, gave it to my sister who has a dry skin.
    Great for sensitive skin
    I have acne prone / combination skin which can be difficult to find a good moisturiser for but I loved this. It is very lightweight and has the subtle scent of watermelon. Left my skin feeling moisturised without feeling clogged up or greasy. Only problem is I think the price is slightly too high as it didn't last that long and I was only using it at night
    Not mindblowing
    Haven't noticed any major benefits or difference in my skin after using this. However, it smells and feels great!
    Lightweight and refreshing moisturiser!
    I love this product as an everyday moisturiser - I'm oily / combination and really liked the fact it was a lightweight texture and didn't feel to heavy on my skin. My skin started feeling a lot smoother after about a week of use, and the smell is gorgeous!
    An acceptable moisturizer for people with oily skin.
    This product is not breathtaking. It's average at best. The smell is nice and yes it's lightweight, however it does not prevent my skin from shining 2 hours after applying it. For people with oily skin there are better moisturizers out there.
    Great every day moisturiser
    Loved the smell and how light and non greasy this gel was, it’s also quite calming on the skin. However for my skin which is dehydrated I found this wasn’t quite moisturising enough. Fantastic as an every day light moisturiser though!
    Lovely product
    I love the consistency, as I don't like heavy creams on my face. It's light, jelly-like, and sinks beautifully into your skin, without making it feel greasy. And to top it off, it's a very effective moisturiser and makes your skin plump, bouncy, soft and smooth <3 will definitely buy more!
    ....an oil-free moisturiser that doesn’t contain dimethicone... THANK YOU!!! Changed my skin for the better... no more clogged pores. Love everything about this product
    Love it.
    I really like this moisturizer, so smooth and a little goes a long way, I love the glass packaging.
    Great for layering
    This is a great lawyering moisturiser. I love it under SPF and makeup. It doesn't negatively interact with any of my other products (this is always an issue as I have oily skin) and is very light making it ideal for the day. The price point is high for the type of product but would definitely purchase again.
    I bought the 20ml one to try out. I wouldn't say it did wonders for my skin. It is water-based and a light moisturiser. It is quite an average product. I think you can get away with using a drug-store water-based moisturiser and it would do the same.
    Great for oily skin
    Love this moisturiser. I have oily skin, wearing this my skin is much less oily all day. Would definitely purchase again.
    Amazing product
    I have really good skin but my forehead gets a little dry. This product is fantastic! Absorbs into the skin lovely without feeling greasy, my forehead is nice and smooth and shiny (I know some people don’t like that but I do( my face looks dewy and everyone has been saying how radiant I look. Will definitely buy again when I run out!
    Expensive for what it is
    The first time I used this immediately decided it’s not suitable as a moisturiser for myself. It does give a glow but yet to see what foundation/tinted moisturiser is like on top. Smells nice but I feel like it’s a bit of a fad product. The packaging and bottle are obviously designed with the insta generation in mind. Although both are lovely I feel like half the price tag of the product has gone into this. It’s not going to give much to your skins in my opinion in the long term, I’m going to use it as aftercare when I go a bit too heavy on the retinol. Been wanting to try for a while (90% because the packaging drew me in) so glad I have now!
    Nice but pricey
    Cooling, fairly lightweight and gives a glow-wouldn't recommend for really dry skin as the only moisturiser you're using. Not game changing but still really like this
    I’ve purchased the mini size and loved it. It smells divine and feels light on the skin.
    Great moisturiser- smells amazing
    Lovely light texture, cute packaging and amazing smell! I have acne prone skin and I never broke out with this! A little pricey for the size but great product nevertheless
    Believe the hype!
    Ordered this for the first time after looking for a good vegan moisturiser & reading the reviews online. After using it for the first week I was happy I did order it. A little goes a long way with this one, my pores looked visibly reduced, skin much softer and glowing. I’m combination skin so always look for something that won’t be too drying or make my skin look too oily in the t-zone area. This is perfect!
    Lovely but sticky?
    I was so excited to try this after a recent review from one of my favourite Youtubers, and it is a lovely product, gel like and absorbs really quickly and if you keep it cool is a wonderful sensation on the skin after a shower (highly recommend keeping this in the fridge, trust me it’s heaven) and it doesn’t pill off with my SPF which I’m grateful for, but if I’m just wearing the moisturiser by its self in the house or before bed it’s a bit sticky which is off putting... however with over products or as a base for makeup its magic. Just depends on what you want to use it for.
    Hmm average
    It’s very sticky.. I don’t feel like it does anything for my skin.
    Love it!
    This product is very good to hydrate my oily skin using after pineapple serum from glow recipe
    Multitasking superstar
    It is a must-have. My combination skin is very happy with Pink Juice. Very plumping and hydrating without greasiness. I can use it as a serum, moisturiser, primer, lip plumper (under Lip products) or eye serum, as this is gentle, fresh, wonderfully works with other products, absorbs well, never pills. It gives young plumpness and aesthetic Glow. Fantastic product, I always restock.
    Lovely but pricey
    Lovely light moisturiser with a fresh watermelon scent, but for 20ml for £19.50 I won't be repurchasing, the bottle is half empty after 2 weeks of use.
    Bought this as a one off because I could not get hold of my 72 hour Clinique moisture surge and I’m very surprised glad I did! If anyone has used the Clinique moisturiser then this is a complete dupe for it and this one even smells nicer (watermelon)! I suffer with oily skin and this definitely helps it to be less oily too. So happy I decided to try this out and will definitely re purchased when mine is finished! Gives a nice glossy finish too - I use this along with the Glow Recipe pineapple serum and I’m loving them both at the moment.
    Pleasantly surprised
    After trying the blueberry bounce cleanser I didn't have high hopes for this but I actually really like it. I personally need another moisturiser over the top so I am using this instead of my usual serum and it's lovely! Smells great as well
    Not for me!
    I have dry skin and this doesn't moisturise it at all unless I have an oil serum underneath! Really disappointed as the reviews really bigged this up!
    Nice and light
    I ordered the 20ml of this to give it a try. Love the gel-like texture of this as it's super light. Hydrates my oily-combo skin very well and doesn't cause breakouts or oiliness. I use a light serum underneath this and that's all I need. The smell is divine too but doesn't linger too long. This will be my go-to moisturiser for the summer. Love!
    Cannot wait for summer.
    I bought this in a sample bundle and fell in love with it after first use. It's not quite enough for me in the winter but layered under the sleeping mask it works wonders overnight. Will be purchasing the full size when the weather decides to get better.
    Smells amazing and does make your skin glow
    I love this product - it smells fantastic and your skin really does glow afterwards. If you have really dry skin like I do, I would say you will definitely need a thicker moisturizer in the evenings as it has a very light serum texture, but this is great as part of my morning routine before makeup.
    No oil/Silicone
    Bought smaller bottle to try. Best oil & Silicone free moisturiser I’ve used (both break me out). Combo dehydrated skin, this hydrates and Locks it in, other gel moisturisers leave me dry in minutes, but tbf I need to apply more (2 pumps) so am going through it at a fair pace, and it ain’t cheap, so 4*
    Very good moisturizer
    This moisturizer smells delicious and the texture is amazing. It leaves my skin hydrated but not oily at all. It's a little bit sticky though.
    10/10 would buy again! I have really oily skin and I’ve tried everything going until I found glow recipe. I also suffer from eczema that’s been terrorising my skin between being too oily too dry and sore. I’ve been tearing at my neck and put a little bit of this moisturiser on and my god! The itching has finally stopped I cannot believe it. I’m not saying it’s a cure for eczema but it obviously hydrates the skin that well that it’s made my neck eczema hydrated enough not to itch. Now when it comes to my oily skin on my face I’m skeptical because I think it’ll make it worse. I wake up with oily skin every morning and it’s horrible. I tried this last night for the first time before bed and woke up to an almost oil free face. Used it again this morning and I don’t think I’ll ever use anything but glow recipe the rest of my life. I’m absolutely in love with this moisturiser! ❤️
    This is a great light gel moisturiser. It sinks in quickly and keeps my skin feeling hydrated. It's perfect if you have oily skin. Smells fab too.
    Love the Glow Recipe moisturizers! Not overpowering in fragrance and leave my skin lovely and soft. Will buy again and recommend to everyone.
    Love this moisturizer!
    Best to use it on hot summer days, for oily skin.
    So good!
    The formula to this reminds me a little of the Neutrogena Hydroboost gel and is a little on the watery side, so amazing for oily skin! I have normal/combination skin and use it as a light moisturiser or even a serum depending on what my skin is like on the day. It smells incredible and leaves my skin soft and glowy. Amazing for that glass skin look.
    Just love to use it. The texture, the scent (that doesn't linger), the bottle. Such a pleasant experience. It's super lightweight for humid months or as another layer of hydration.
    My skin changed so much since I stared using this product. It’s not dull and dry anymore, and the way my foundation looks on this moisturizer it’s amazing. It’s the best moisturizer I’ve ever had and won’t be changing it anytime soon
    Amazing as serum/moisturizer
    First I used this moisturizer as a moisturizer and I loved it, but now in these cold days I noticed that my skin is not getting enough moisture. Since Glow Recipe launched the Banana Soufflé Moisturize Cream I use the Watermelon moisturizer as a serum underneath and my skin feels soft and hydrated the next morning. You can use it as a primer to under your makeup, it works perfectly for me.
    Exceeded expectations
    Light moisturisers are often thin, film like or too silky because of silicones. This is the holy grail - light and fluid but almost jelly-like on application, giving a truly juice burst of moisture for thirsty skin, that lasts, is perfect under makeup and can be layered too. Calming, soothing and cooling as well, doesn’t clog pores. New go to moisturiser! Thank you!
    Light and Refreshing
    The product is light and absorbs very quickly. It's lovely as a pick me up in the summer months for my combination skin. But if you're looking for a purely effective moisturiser this isn't the best. It's a serum consistency and incredibly light. I live it because my skin can be VERY oily and it's refreshing rather than being overbearing when layered on top of my other skincare products (or: serums)
    This product is absolutely amazing. Most lighter gel moisturisers make my face feel as if its burning or on fire but not this one. This leaves my skin looking and feeling hydrated and beautiful. It is made my skin smoother and gotten rid of some of the weird little bumps I had on my cheeks. This product was so good that I've now ordered the damn bright kit so I can try more items.
    Good for normal skin
    I have oily skin and sometimes this moisturiser feels oily and sticky on my cheeks and sometimes it gets absorbed well. I’m confused but it’s just a normal moisturiser like any other one.
    Love it!!
    I bought this in America and have since repurchased from here back in the UK. The scent is so refreshing but not overpowering at all. As soon as you rub it in the scent fades and it feels amazing. I only use a small amount as a little goes a long way. I have oily skin and it doesn’t make it feel greasy, just dewy and hydrated. I also love the gel texture!
    Понравилось - Liked it
    Очень хорошее легкое увлажняющее средство, мне подошло для комбинированной кожи! Супер. Буду еще его заказывать. Наношу его утром и вечером после масла Sunday Riley *A very good light moisturiser, suitable for combination skin. I will order it again, super! I apply it morning and evening after my Sunday Riley oil
    Stratosferico - Stratospheric
    Partendo dal profumo davvero fantastico, fresco delizioso, sveglia i sensi. Texture davvero mai vista. Lasci al pelle morbida, nutrita e piena di vitamine. Il mio prodotto preferito. Starting from the truly fantastic perfume, fresh delicious, it awakens the senses. Texture really never seen. Leave the skin soft, nourished and full of vitamins. My favourite product.
    Game Changer!
    I bought the Glow Recipe set (including cleanser & spray). This has really changed my skin! I have an oily skin type and this has honestly changed everything for me. I'm used to buying mattifying moisturisers that keep oils at bay - but these usually make my skin look dull and lifeless. This controls oils as well as giving my skin a lovely glow! It looks alive again. My spots have also massively reduced and my pores are minimized. All in all I will definitely be buying this again!
    Amazing Product, Tiny Size
    The product itself is amazing! It smells exactly like fresh watermelon and leaves my skin feeling soft, plump and hydrated. The only issue is that the 20ml doesn't last half as long as you'd expect. You might as well spend the extra and get the 60ml for longer use. This works on any skin type and has helped to keep my skin protected. Combined with The Ordinary's AHA/BHA solution, it reduced my spots and marks in around a week.
    Идеально для жирной кожи *** Ideal for oily skin***
    Легкая, невесомая текстура. Приятно распределяется, нереально вкусно пахнет, круто увлажняет для своей легкой текстуры. Но! Если у вас чувствительная кожа - лучше не надо. ***Lightweight, lightweight texture. It distributes evenly, it smells incredibly delicious, it moisturises and cools for it's light texture. But! If you have sensitive skin - better not.***
    Life changing!
    I got this for my mum to try who is 45 and has oily skin which has become dry and dehydrated over the years. Her skin looks about 10 years younger again after using this for only a month. Didn't know if it was actually going to work or why everyone raves about this product so much until she ACTUALLY tried it and it's AMAZING! The texture of this is so light and non-greasy, yet it works better than any thick creams she has tried. Definitely repurchasing.
    Too high expectations
    I bought it for summer period when my skin becomes a bit oily. So, for hot months it works not bad and gives hydration which enough in summer. Absorbs fast, doesn't leave any stickiness. But I can't say that it does something special to me. And I am pretty sure that for more cold weather it will do nothing to me (I have normal skin on winter period). By the way, it goes away very fast. Not impressed.
    It is so moisturising, glowing and a little goes a long way.
    Great for oily/acne prone skin
    I love this!! I don't normally wear moisturiser as I find them too greasy for my skin and I get spots. THIS, on the otherhand is so lightweight and hydrating without blocking my pores I can wear it everyday.
    Nice but nothing special
    This product feels very natural and does smell lovely but it doesn’t do anything special for my skin. I still have the breakouts, etc and it hasn’t changed my skin in any way but does feel nice if you're going for that.
    Holy grail
    This moisturiser is my new favourite product. It has a light weight feel and is perfect for oily skin as it absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy after applying. It also smells delicious!
    Deliciously amazing
    This moisturizer is lightweight and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day! Must have for those warm summer days!
    I should have bought the larger jar!
    I love gel like moisturisers. From Clinique to Vichy, my skin loves them all. But this is like the perfect as it delivers an extra dose of hydration without clogging the pores or making the skin too oily. Love it!
    Watermelon Pink Juice
    Wow love everything about this, amazing for my combo skin in summer. Will defo buy again and again!
    I love it
    I truly love this moisturiser. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth.
    Perfect moisturiser
    I use this twice a day and it’s perfect for my oily skin. Gives a really nice glow and hasn’t broken me out. Great to wear under foundation as well and doesn’t make me oily throughout the day. Will definitely repurchase once I’ve finished this bottle!
    I am the softest
    Such a lovely, cooling moisturiser. My skin has never been softer, clearer or less irritated!
    Best skincare
    Totally in love with this product. I love its texture - totally worth the price. Must try!
    Great product!
    A really good moisturizer for oily skin types. My skin was nice and soft, no sticky feeling or irritation at all. Definitely recommend!
    Very good
    Does what it claims - moisturises.
    Irritated my skin
    First of all, the product is really sticky and it gives your skin a strange feeling like you need to wash it. And just recently I’ve noticed that it irritates my skin to the extent that I need to wash it off, but then still my face will be left red. I’ve never had this experience before after a moisturizer, and will just throw this product away.
    Simply the best
    Just read what I said about the sleeping mask - same here. Heavenly product for my skin. I have really sensitive eyes which was always problematic with any cream. This juice might even get into my eyes and no harsh reaction. On the contrary even my eyes seem to love it. And in case you also love the watermelon juices make sure you stock up - it is difficult to get unless you purchase it in the US with all the taxes, etc. I am in Germany and can only buy it in UK - not available on the continent. I wonder what will happen to me after BREXIT?
    A gorgeous looking product but nothing miraculous. It's got a very heavy sweet smell and is very runny. It sits well under makeup and dries completely matte however I do notice that my skin tends to get oily as the day progresses which doesn't seem to happen with other gel-based moisturizers. I also don't think it soothes irritated or inflamed skin which it claims to do. I used it for over 3 weeks and it didn't make any difference whatsoever - just a standard moisturizer.
    I have been using The Ordinary natural moisturising factors on an evening to hydrate my oily combo skin, however, wanted something lighter for the day. This feels lovely, light and refreshing on the skin but dries to a nice matte finish and my makeup goes on really well on top! Smells nice (if you’re into watermelon) when you first put it on then it disappears which is good. Skin looks fresh, clean and glowing. Would definitely repurchase. I don’t buy products for the packaging but this does look gorgeous on my dressing table.
    Best quality items delivered in perfect packaging thank you Cult Beauty.
    Glow moisturiser
    I am so glad I only got the trial size as I don’t like the cream as it is sticky for quite a while after you apply it. Not for me
    Best moisturiser and the glow is real
    This moisturiser is amazing, the smallest bit goes a long way. I do about a pump and a tiny bit more for my face and neck and use the left over for the back of my hand. The glow it leaves is honestly amazing I always get compliments and for a girl who’s always suffered with acne that’s all I want! Keeps my face hydrated the whole day. It is on the pricey side but it’s probably lasted me around 2-3 months which is worth it.
    Favourite moisturiser ever!
    I’ve spent ages trying to find a moisturiser that keeps me hydrated without being too rich and ‘cloggy.’ This is fantastic and smells good to boot!
    Simply amazing!
    This product is just wonderful! It is a perfect daily moisturizer for my combination skin, it is so lightweight for my oily T zone but still packs a punch of hydration for my dry cheeks, also smells great and gives a very beautiful healthy glow. Sometimes I over-exfoliate I use it as a night serum for extra hydration.. and it really works! Gonna be purchasing it a lot :)
    Not worth
    The good thing is that this is lightweight and smells good. However, it’s kinda sticky and personally, this didn’t do anything. Not enough hydration, so there are other better options for cheaper prices
    Absolutely love this product and all this amazing range, it’s changed my skin for the better it’s gone so soft and so much clearer.
    Favorite moisturizer
    Lightweight but nourishing, the smell is fab yet almost not noticeable, fades away quickly once applied. It works really well for my sensitive skin. Love it!
    A surprising winner
    Although I like most of the Glow Recipe products I have tried, this along with the toner is a real stand out. It is perfect for my Combo skin, light enough to not be too greasy, but still gives enough moisturisering. The size I have was in the fruit Babies set so I plan on getting a full size soon.
    Amazing moisturiser for summer
    This moisturiser is perfect for oily skin, especially in summer! It's super lightweight, smells amazing, doesn't clog pores and sits well under make up. Probably for dry skin or winter there won't be enough nourishment, but for summer it's perfect.
    Light but sticky
    This applies nicely and has a very light texture but I personally think it's a bit overpriced. I've only been using it fairly sparingly for a week and I've already 50% gone. Personally, I find the watermelon scent quite unpleasant and a bit immature and unfortunately it does leave me feeling a bit sticky. It does give a bit of a glow.
    New favourite
    I was hoping this would be my new favourite, everyday moisturiser and I was right! The watermelon scent is subtle and really pleasant, it is a get type moisturiser which I really like. I have oily skin so I need something that will moisturise but is not a thick cream and this feels really nice on the skin. It sinks in almost straight away and feels hydrating.
    Lovely moisturiser, so light on your skin and leaves a lovely glow!
    Great for Acne prone skin
    I have struggled with acne prone skin since I was a teenager, I have never been able to find anything that works for my grumpy/combination skin. Everything either makes my skin react or dries it right out. I thought I would try this and my skin has never felt more healthy! It’s refreshing and leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day long and hasn’t aggravated my sensitive skin. It does seem a little sticky and it takes a while for that to disappear, but it could be my serum/moisturiser combo. I will definitely be repurchasing in the larger size.
    Perfect for Oily skin
    This little guy is really lovely and lightweight. I have oily, blemish-prone skin and it's perfect for the daytime. Makes my skin feel glowy and hydrated without feeling sticky, greasy or heavy. Makeup sits overtop really nicely plus the smell and bottle is really pleasant. Overall a fab experience!
    Lovely Product
    This moisturiser is just perfect. I was on the lookout for a new gel - like moisturiser and this just covers all bases. It’s lovely and lightweight, I only need 1-2 pumps for full face and neck and has a lovely watermelon smell. It makes my skin glow so nicely and is a great pairing with the glow recipe niacinamide serum.
    Love it!
    This is my favourite moisturiser! I’m so sad that it doesn’t work for some people but it works amazingly for me! My skin has never looked nicer and more even and glowy. Would absolutely recommend!
    Maybe it's just me..
    I've had this product for a while and brought it because I saw so many great reviews, maybe it's just my skin, but every time I use it I have such a bad reaction. At first, I thought it was some other products but no. It's this. It makes me red and splotchy.. I don't have particularly reactive skin but I think just me and something in this product doesn't jive.
    I love the Glow Recipe and all of their products that I have tried so far. This moisturiser smells wonderful, is light and fresh, and leaves me with a subtle glow.
    smells so good!
    Love this product and made my skin so glowy! I have dry skin so I need something I bit richer but still an amazing product
    i hate this :(
    Super sticky which feels terrible to me, and I personally hate the smell.
    Comfortable on your skin
    It’s very lightweight and non-sticky which is great, I wouldn't recommend it as a moisturizer but a serum. You need to put on your daily moisturizer after that for better results.
    Super light yet moisturising
    This is the one. It’s perfect for people with oily acne prone skin that doesn't like rich creams. It’s like emulsion but could be better if they added just a little more hydrating ingredients.
    Not sufficient moisture but I still recommend it
    This a good moisturizer, but as many reviewers mentioned, it won’t provide super hydration and usually I use marine hyaluronic acid first and this moisturizer on the top of it. In this case, my skin receives sufficient moisture for the day.
    i have oily skin and used to have acne due to it. The fact that it’s water based really helps to moisturise my skin without clogging my pores or making me look greasy but makes me glow. it has a slight scent of watermelon which is delicious but isn’t overpowering. would recommend using with a water based SPF for oily skin
    Suits oily skin
    First of all, the scent is OMG so delicious (watermelon da!). It’s very light with gel formula that is absorbed easily by the skin but the hydration is not enough on the dry areas of my face. It suits more the oily skin while mine is a combo.
    Mostly a serum
    This is mostly a serum than a moisturizer. I need to apply a rich moisturizer after applying this product. Haven't noticed any major benefits or difference in my skin
    Best moisturiser
    This is by far the best moisturiser I have ever used. My skin is looking amazing since I started using it. Everything from Glow Recipe leaves my skin just looking fabulous. I almost don’t use makeup now because my skin is really glowing. I’m super happy. Thank you Glow Recipe!
    Sticky mess
    I have super super sensitive skin with psoriasis and I thought this would be a good try? No way!! This product is like a very sticky sticky serum..NOT a moisturiser. It makes your hands and skin sticky after applying almost like there’s too much glycerine in the formula. Also it’s not hydrating, smoothing, calming or anything it’s just a sticky formula that smells alright but doesn’t so much to skin
    Great moisture gel for daylight.
    Love the texture. Works well on my dry skin. After using a month my skin actually glows obviously.
    Expected more
    I have combination, oily skin especially on the forehead and I was expecting that this light fluid would help me a lot, especially in the summer. Unfortunately I didn't see any positive or negative effect. Smells nice, but my sebum is not being regulated and skin becomes as oily as with any other heavier product.
    Great lightweight moisturiser
    Amazing smell, lightweight, helps you achieve glass skin. I just wish it would come in a bigger bottle!
    Nice but very heavily scented
    The texture is really light and definitely has a nice glow although personally it left a little bit of a tacky/sticky feeling on my skin. This went away once I applied an SPF on top but something to note if you're like me and don't like that feeling, especially in summer. It's also very heavily scented so might be something to be aware of if your skin is sensitive!
    This is my first non-cream moituriser and I am never looking back! It’s so fresh and light underneath my BECCA backlight primer and Armani foundation. I wear it day and night and one pump is plenty. My skin feels silky soft, firmer but not tight or uncomfortable. Just love it. Plus - it’s pink! Major plus
    Repeat purchase
    I like the lightness of the gel. I have acne-prone skin so the fact that it is not too "heavy" works for me. It absorbs well into the skin. While it is a tad pricey, I have yet to find something else that is suitable so this product is here to stay. Taking away one star because of its price tag and the fact that it smells too sweet for me.
    It's fresh but not mind blowing
    I would recommend this as a light moisturiser but it's not deeply nourishing even with the hylauronic acid. There's no fresh watermelon smell which I personally would have liked and it doesn't feel softening. It's very watery.
    Decent but overpriced
    Love this under my purito spf, I do a few pumps and let it sink in for a couple minutes before applying my SPF. I don't care for the scent but it does fade, hasn't broken me out unlike the toner from this line. My skin doesn't get super oily. I've spent more on moisturisers that I've liked less than this, I would repurchase even if I think it's overpriced.
    It's ok
    So bought this in a set with the jelly cleanser and vitamin C serum but size was 25ml. I have oily/dehydrated skin with my cheek area under my eyes being the dehydrated patch. I wouldn't recommend this really because after a few mins it faded into nothing and left my skin feeling somewhat drier? I used all products in combination and I found myself double layering with another moisturiser so probably normal skin is the target demographic. Buy if you want to feel fancy but it did nothing in my opinion.
    Makes my skin really oily
    The product itself is lovely, really lightweight, smells great, a little goes a long way and leaves my skin moisturised. However a couple hours after application it makes my skin really oily, especially in the forehead area and around the nose, making my pores look really enlarged. Really wanted to love it as the watermelon night mask works great for me, but this one doesn't seem to work for my skin.
    Can’t live without it!
    I have oily skin and prefer gel-based moisturisers anyway but this, this is something else. I don’t review products often but this product delivers moisture in all the right areas and my skin is less oily. I use it in the morning and it feels so refreshing and my skin appears so plump. It is a little pricey and the big bottles usually last me about 3 months, sometimes sooner depending on how much I use.
    Holy grail for my oily skin
    I always wanted moisture that doesn’t make my skin more oily and this is it I love that it has Hyaluronic acid in it as it is my favourite ingredient. It makes my skin glow recipe without leaving greasy the only problem is it’s a bit princely but I would definitely buy it again.
    Worth the purchase!
    Seen this popping up online and in videos and thought I would try it and it was definitely worth the purchase! It’s lightweight and gives you a glowy look without being greasy. I would definitely purchase the bigger bottle next time!
    Get that glow
    A lovely lightweight gel moisturised that gives you the best glow. It is not the richest one that’s for sure so it may not be suitable for dry skin. However I layer it with my other serum and it works wonders for my skin and doesn’t make it feel heavy or anything. At the start it is sticky however once it dries it’s all good.
    The best glow
    Honestly this product is the best! My skin has glowed ever since using it and it smells amazing. I have been using it along with the blueberry cleanser and pineapple serum and my skin is so clear and better than ever. This brand and moisturiser is a must try if you want dewy glowy clear skin. Recommend!
    I was a bit skeptical about purchasing this but it’s amazing! I have combination skin but also suffer with psoriasis and this doesn’t trigger a reaction at all, I sometimes layer this under a thicker moisturiser at night but it works amazingly by itself. Also looks great under makeup and is so so glowy.
    love it!
    Brilliant product would highly recommend.
    It is good
    I have oily skin and this really helped me. At night I use a heavy moisturiser from Nivea and in the morning I use this. My skin doesn’t feel dry and I have a glow that isn’t oily that lasts throughout the day. I bought the 20ml one and have been using it for about six weeks and it barely looks like I have used it. It is a great product that is worth buying if you can make it last.
    I think this is a pretty good moisturiser. I love the gel texture and the scent as well. I do think 20 pounds for a mini product is a little much. It is very light so it isn't meant for intense dry skin.
    Good but not enough moisture
    It is certainly hydrating but not a lot of moisture. I use it under my other moisturiser to give a bit of a hydration boost to my skin. I do like that it has a pump as this makes it easier to apply quickly.
    I love Korean skincare! This moisturiser is so nice and refreshing. I have oily, acne prone skin and it soothes and provides hydration. I would recommend to everyone.
    Perfect daily moisturiser
    I have combo blemish-prone skin with dry patches around my nose and eyes, this product is perfect for treating both, I use it every day before I put on my makeup. it's lightweight, smells amazing and keeps my skin feeling hydrated and glowy without being greasy. It also lasts a long time, I only need 2 pumps for my whole face. I would definitely recommend!
    I have problem skin and struggled to find a moisturiser that wasn’t too oily but would also work well for the dry areas. This does exactly that. It’s very light and feels great on your skin, smells amazing too. Would recommend keeping in the fridge as it feels even better when it’s cold.
    At least it smells nice...
    Bought this with really high hopes after seeing great reviews. I just don’t get the hype. It doesn’t soak in well and sits as a sticky barrier on the top of your skin, I wud say it is fairly hydrating but not the glow effect I was promised!
    Perfect step in my skin care
    I’m a huge fan of Glow Recipe and have tried most of their line at this point. I have combination skin and this works incredibly well at keeping my skin hydrated while controlling some of the natural oil that builds up throughout my day. The gel-like moisturiser absorbs super quick and the lovely smell of watermelon dissipates very quickly. I apply this after I’ve applied the Pineapple C Bright Serum.
    Perfect for my combo skin, very light and hydrating. Also, the packaging is super cute and the smell is so good!
    Good product! Feels very moisturising and light on the skin ♥️
    Still leaves my skin oily
    Even though this moisturizer has a light serum consistency and yet it leaves my face greasy and sticky after I apply it to my face.
    Feels heavy
    Feels heavy on my skin hence had to wash it off, won't buy it again
    A lovely product
    Let me start off by saying I love the ingredients here, I mean watermelon fruit extract is the first on the list! No silicones, no parabens - fantastic! I do love the texture and feel especially when cool. The smell is natural and not too strong. I just feel for me it doesn’t quite sink into the sink as much as I like. I have super super oily skin and so need something that vanishes straight away and helps my skin feel matte. Also, I feel it’s a very ‘general’ moisturiser that is great for hydration but doesn’t seem to really target anything specific. I would recommend it, but I personally wouldn’t purchase again.
    Ultimate glow
    A light moisturiser works perfectly for the day time gives a hydrating and beautiful glow, does not feel heavy or sticky at all.
    Not for my skin type, but still great.
    I obviously love the smell of this moisturizer, because I have never owned a product with such a pleasant smell! I also love it packaging, as it's not only a glass bottle, but it also look very appealing to eye. The moisturizer in itself is nice, but I personally think that it's not fully sinking into my skin and it leaves a thin layer, which then makes my skin go oily faster than usually. Overall, I don't regret buying this product, but I think I won't purchase it again.
    Really glowy skin
    When I first bought it, I wasn't quite sure what was the thing with glowy skin but not oily, because of the fact that my skin is very oily. But, after trying this moisturizer, I do agree that it really gives you such a glowy, healthy aspect of the skin. I will totally buy it again
    This hydrates so beautifully without feeling sticky or greasy.
    My granddaughter loves it
    I bought this for my granddaughter who is just starting to use a moisturiser, so I wanted something light and soothing. Her skin is indeed glowing. Lovely product and smells wonderful.
    Positively surprised!
    It moisturized my oily/combination skin really well and had a good calming effect as well. My skin is ultra-sensitive, it tends to get really red and hot (like all the time, no matter what products I use) - this is the first product I’ve ever come across that has calmed my skin in this way. Very positively surprised. Will repurchase!
    Too thin/runny
    I absolutely loved the smell of this stuff as watermelon is one of my faves and it smells just like it! However it’s way too runny on the skin. I prefer a much thicker moisturiser. It also leaves the skin very sticky
    Love it
    My skin has never felt so moisturized and I love the way it gives my skin a glow finish
    Great feeling, no residue!
    Great for normal/oily skin. Texture is cooling and leaves no residue like some sleeping creams. Would buy again!
    Glow Getter
    It gives back life to the skin, it makes my skin glow and it's visible in a week. I've combo-oily skin and I'll definitely buy again. It is really a good product
    Its not bad
    I got the mini version to give it a test and its actually not bad, its mostly like any other moisturiser but with a nice smell to it. I haven't made up my mind if i would repurchase yet.
    Perfect for oily skin!
    This cream has a gel consistency and it is absolutely perfect for my oily skin because it gives it the perfect hydration. It is super fresh on the skin and not greasy at all. The scent is amazing, it's watermelon in a bottle. Yum!
    This smells really good, but only works ok. Most definitely not the best as far as moisturising goes & I can't really even feel it on my face the next morning. If you only want a barely there, I don't have dry skin at all moisturiser then this might work for you. I will not be repurchasing.
    Not impressed for the price
    It's ok but has left me disappointed. The product leaves a sticky feeling on the skin and the glowing effect doesn't last long term. It does give some form of hydration and plumping but still doesn't justify the price tag. I have been using this for 4 to 5 months and have noticed no difference in my skin. Overall, I am not impressed.
    Holy grail
    I’ve had so many problems with my skin. I have dry skin which can be problematic with breakouts. This helps hydrate my skin and I have had no breakouts. I’ve been using this for 5 months now and will not put anything else on my face! Finally found my holy grail!
    Absolutely amazing!
    This is a must have for oily skin, especially for the summer, although even now in mid-September it works great! Sinks into your skin, doesn't leave a sticky residue, works great under makeup and the smell is just out of this world delicious!
    I like it
    It acts more like a serum than a moisturiser which is perfect for hot months. It’s not too much for my skin.
    Pricey for something that is average
    I had high hopes for this face cream after reading the other reviews however, it just doesn't cut it for me. It has a nice fragrance to it but leaves a sticky feeling - no glow effect for me either. I used 2 pumps in the morning each day - spread across my face, neck and decollete. After just 21 days I am already left with just a third of the bottle remaining (20ml size bottle).
    Doesn’t quite meet expectations
    It smells absolutely amazing! But unfortunately I find that it leaves a sticky feeling and doesn’t sink in properly
    OK but not great
    I get why people like this; it's girly, it smells good (in other's opinion...) and absorbs fast. However, I find that this leaves kind of sticky feeling for skin and the glow effect is ok but nothing major. Gives decent hydration and for me, one pump is enough for the entire face, so I think a bottle will last (if used only AM) around 5-6 months. Also personally I don't like the smell, so due to all mentioned things won't be purchasing again.
    Great moisturiser
    I did really like this but it's expensive! I bought the small size 2 weeks ago and already halfway used. So for me... good except it's too expensive!
    Very nice, but runs out fast.
    I love it!! Buuut it does run out quite quickly for me and it is mostly a summer-moisturizer for me.
    Smells really good...
    Just recently bought this product and have to say I’m really impressed. Spreads quite nicely and does not feel thick / heavy on the skin. Also has a nice cooling effect, will definitely be going back for seconds in the bigger bottle!
    Just love it, wow
    I like it a lot. Very, very good. It gives life to the face...
    Absolutely perfect!!
    After turning 45 this year, I had to build a whole new skincare regime as all of a sudden nothing worked not to mention the terrible toll my medication takes on my skin which won't change! All the reviews helped me build my new regime and I don't know what I would have done without them which is why for the first time ever I'm writing reviews for all the products I purchased! I've alway had problems with moisturisers as I have combination skin with dry patches and it doesn't take a lot to break me out in spots! This moisturiser is amazing and I use it after using Sunday Riley's JUNO and it leaves my skin clear and super soft! After years of not being able to find a moisturiser that doesn't clog my pores and cause me to break out, I've finally found one! I won't be without this now and it has become a permanent part of my skincare regime! Thank you Cult Beauty for keeping all my favourites in one place and for the reviews that helped me build my new regime as I would have been lost without them!!
    Great product
    It is a very good moisturizer for combination skin, hydrates and gives a nice glow.
    Use as serum on dry skin!
    One big plus is that the fragrance in this product did not irritate my skin at all, which I was worried it would. But I agree with the recommendation on the bottle, that for dry skin, this should be used as a serum, not as a replacement for a moisturiser. For normal/oily skin types, this would be a great product!
    My everyday go to
    I'm using this as a serum for my dry skin every day and every night since the last year and it's amazing for me. It's lightweight but very hydrating and makes my skin baby soft and glowy. Has a very light scent which isn't overly watermelon or artificial so it's pleasant. I'm also a fan of this beautiful packaging and great ingredients!
    I loved it! I recommend it for dry skin. It helped me.
    Juice, No Chaser
    This moisturiser is fabulous for my oily prone skin, which also needs to stay well hydrated to combat the dreaded office AC. I have been mixing it with some BB cream for day time and like to apply two layers in the evening. It's really lightweight and has some stick to it (which I love) until it's absorbed. I've been getting lots of compliments around looking more glowy since using this so I think it's definitely going to be a re-buy pre-Summer, I can't think of anything I'd like to apply more after a lovely day in the sun to soothe and prevent my pores clogging with the ante'd-up sunscreen I'll be applying!
    Loveee this for my sensitive skin.!! Smells amazing and hydrates my skin leaving a beautiful sheen. You’ll love this if you have oily/combo skin and need a non-greasy lightweight moisturiser.
    It's nourishing, smells yummy and i loveee the texture of the product. I took two of them and i will buy this over and over again. Love it.
    Great for summer
    I have quite dry skin, and to be honest I only bought this for the beautiful bottle: so when it actually managed to hydrate my skin nicely I was positively surprised! It's not like super-hydrating, but it works well in the summer time and feels very cooling on the skin.
    I’m not usually the type to spend money on skincare because I don’t believe in it, but this is just wonderful! My skin is rather on the dry side and this just hydrates it beautifully. The formula feels thin and fresh and dries down quick. And it’s a real treat if you like the smell of watermelons. Even my boyfriend asks for it sometimes when I’m applying it before bed. 10/10 would recommend.
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