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    Glow RecipePineapple-C Bright Serum<p>Your one-way ticket to gorgeously glowing skin, Glow Recipe's utterly adorable Pineapple-C Bright Serum is a must-add to your collection if you already swear by the brand's glow-giving formulas. This bouncy and lightweight serum (that also boasts a delicious pineapple scent) imparts a gorgeous glow as well as boosting radiance, smoothness and overall even tone and texture. Thanks to a potent cocktail of three forms of antioxidant-rich vitamin C including 22% pineapple juice (one of the most powerful forms of natural vitamin C), pure ascorbic acid, and stable 3-O-Ethyl ascorbic acid, this powerful serum combats acne scars, dark spots, and hyper-pigmentation leaving skin glossy and even.&nbsp;Meanwhile, the&nbsp;natural AHAs&nbsp;and bromelain enzymes from pineapple gently&nbsp;exfoliate&nbsp;while the built-in skin soothers (chamomile and aloe) ensure that skin stays happy and refreshed.&nbsp; </p>GLO009190218500013162485 stars, based on129 reviews 46.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright Serum

    Glow Recipe
    Pineapple-C Bright Serum
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Advocating natural, gentle skin care products, Glow Recipe’s goal is to make South Korea’s latest skin care trends accessible to beauty-forward women across the globe. The latest product to join the brand's fan favourite fruity formulas is the utterly adorable and absolute must-have Pineapple-C Bright Serum. Housed in an eye-catching and aesthetically-pleasing sunshine yellow pineapple-shaped bottle, this potent yet incredibly gentle serum packs a powerful glow punch thanks to the cocktail of three potent forms of antioxidant-rich vitamin C including 22% pineapple juice (one of the most powerful forms of natural vitamin C), pure Ascorbic acid, and stable 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic acid to combat acne scars, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation leaving skin glossy and even. The natural AHAs and bromelain enzymes from pineapple also gently exfoliate while the built-in skin soothers (chamomile and aloe) ensure that skin stays happy and refreshed. 

    • Description

      Your one-way ticket to gorgeously glowing skin, Glow Recipe's utterly adorable Pineapple-C Bright Serum is a must-add to your collection if you already swear by the brand's glow-giving formulas. This bouncy and lightweight serum (that also boasts a delicious pineapple scent) imparts a gorgeous glow as well as boosting radiance, smoothness and overall even tone and texture. Thanks to a potent cocktail of three forms of antioxidant-rich vitamin C including 22% pineapple juice (one of the most powerful forms of natural vitamin C), pure ascorbic acid, and stable 3-O-Ethyl ascorbic acid, this powerful serum combats acne scars, dark spots, and hyper-pigmentation leaving skin glossy and even. Meanwhile, the natural AHAs and bromelain enzymes from pineapple gently exfoliate while the built-in skin soothers (chamomile and aloe) ensure that skin stays happy and refreshed. 

    • How to use

      Apply 1-2 drops onto clean skin and gently pat into the skin for optimal absorption. Apply daily, morning and night, and follow with moisturiser. During the day, follow with sunscreen. For sensitive skin types, use 3-4 times a week and gradually increase usage. 

      For maximum potency, store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Tightly close cap after usage.

    • Full ingredients list

      Ananas Sativus Fruit Juice, Butylene Glycol, Propanediol, Aqua, Dimethicone, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Hydroxypropylsulfonate Laurylglucoside Crosspolymer, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Ascorbic Acid, Lactic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Squalane, Tocopheryl Acetate, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Extract, Hexylresorcinol, Arginine, Ethylhexylglycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Xanthan Gum, Caprylyl Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Parfum, Citric Acid, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Potassium Sorbate, Benzyl Benzoate, Sodium Benzoate.

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    Glow Recipe - Pineapple-C Bright Serum

    Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright Serum Reviews

    My skin looks amazing
    I've used this serum twice a day for about two weeks and my skin has never looked better. Both the texture of my skin and the tone are much more even and my skin looks less inflamed. I haven't had any new breakouts since I started using it, would 100% recommend. Can't lie though that it does smell like soy sauce and it's sticky which I would usually hate. Both the smell and the texture dissipate after putting on moisturiser though so for me the weird smell and texture are definitely outweighed by the improvement for my skin.
    Amazing Vitamin C
    I took this product with me away for a month and it's the only thing I have been using apart from my moisturiser. It is amazing, my breakouts have cleared and my skin feels smooth, bright and hydrated. The smell is quite strong, but if you layer another product on top you won't smell it.
    Not as great as I hoped!
    I had high hopes for this serum as I love all my other Glow Recipe products but it’s just didn’t do it for me. First and foremost the smell! It’s very strong and very sickly to the point where I can’t stand using it for that purpose alone. The serum is also very sticky and doesn’t absorb for quite a while, it almost sits on the skin! I really wouldn’t bother getting this again!
    No complaints
    Decent enough, I don't have any particular skin woes but must say that my skin does appear a bit clearer and refined from this product. The texture is weird for serum and is a bit off-putting...it's gloopy and does foam upon the face (had to check whether I wasn't washing my face cleanser off properly, or if it was the serum...it's the serum). Leaves skin a bit tacky, which I sort out via applying moisturizer on top straight after.
    Left my skin breaking out
    As much as I wanted to love this product it really didn't work for me, it left my skin breaking out. It's very sticky so your skin feels like it has lots of product on it, and the smell isn't very pleasant.
    Fresh and glowing
    A really lovely Vitamin C product that really works. After just one use my skin looked bright, fresh, and really healthy. I used to suffer from very dull and drab-looking skin but this really helps. It does smell very sweet but I don't mind that. The product leaves my skin feeling a little tacky but this doesn't last for long at all.
    Great serum but very sweet!
    This serum is amazing and really helps to brighten my skin, it is easy to apply and the packaging is amazing and I love how it is a glass bottle so it can easily be recycled. The only thing (literally the only thing) that I am not a fan of is the smell - it is veeeeerrrrrry sweet and yes it does smell like pineapples, and that is completely fine as they are a natural form of Vitamin C and I also love the fruit's scent. Don't get me wrong this does smell like actual pineapple, but it is very sweet (almost something I would rather drink rather than apply to my face!) - I apply it straight after cleansing/toning and then add Hyaluronic acid then niacinamide, then moisturiser and SPF. Even after all of those other products that have no fragrance, I can still smell it and throughout the day I get some slight whiffs of it. Not a problem but it tends to smell more sour as the day goes on - in the days of wearing a mask,I feel like I am smelling a sour-gone off pineapple scent past halfway through the day, and for me, I would much prefer a product that is not as sweet. Overall I will definitely use this product up until the bottle is finished, I may buy it again if I do not find another Vitamin C serum, but for me, the strive for one still continues. Great product though if you do not mind the scent!
    I adore this serum. My skin feels and looks the best it ever has. Looking forward to trying more from this brand.
    Smells so so badly
    I love sweet smelling things but this does literally smell like wee. It’s so overly sweet it makes me feel slightly sick. Saying that, it does a nice job but I don’t know if I would buy again because the smell is so awful.
    Love it!
    This is one of my favourite serums. It makes a huge difference on the skin. I have oily acne-prone skin and the serum helped with acne scars, faded pigmentation marks and also resolved some milia I had below my eye area. I would recommend this for post-breakout pigmentation marks and also before makeup! It gives the skin the most beautiful natural-looking glow. There are 2 issues with this serum. The smell is a bit strong and takes getting used to, but it doesn't linger on the skin so I don't really mind the smell. It also is a bit pricey BUT I do think it's worth the money. Think of it as an investment in your skin. You don't have to use it all the time. If you find it pricey, buy it only when you feel like your skin needs some extra love and care.
    My friend told me about this vit c serum, and I have to buy it again! it makes my skin look so glowy and brightens my face. I bought the Paulas choice exfoliant and toner and it completely made me break out, I used the vit c after and it saved and healed my skin after using such strong products! Ever since using this product I've noticed a massive difference in my skin. Also the smell... I like the pineapple smell :)
    It is very expensive and not very effective if you ask me. It smells terrible and people have actually commented on it when kissing me on my cheek. The texture is not my favourite simply because it absorbs very quickly into the skin and I find myself using quite a lot of it in each use to cover my whole face (which is obviously not very cost effective, and this is as I said quite expensive. I can see why someone would enjoy this product though. The bottle is beautiful and you may see results if you have not used many Vitamin C serums in your lifetime. I, however, didn't notice much of a difference on my skin, and will be trying a different Vit C once this runs out.
    Sticky gel that smells canned pineapples
    It smells like canned pineapples, if you are sensitive to smells. It didn't give me any wow-effect. Maybe the ingredients are nice, but the texture is gel that is sticky gooyey, more like liquids snores (sorry!). Not my favorite texture. Try in a small bottle first.
    Does the job but
    This does as it says on the bottle. After I’ve done my skincare I’ll add two drops and my skin looks glowy and fresh would be so pretty after a holiday glow. My only criticism is the smell I can’t seem to move past the smell. It wasn’t pineapple which I assumed it would be, it’s a very strong smell, kind of reminds me of salmon or a sour salty smell, unfortunately, I can smell it on my skin all day it doesn’t fade and my boyfriend was really put off it. Beautiful job but the smell really puts me off :-(
    Great purchase
    I love this serum for the weeks my skin needs a pick me up and is feeling dull. I personally have to use it for a couple of weeks to notice a change, but it works great. The only reason this gets a 4/5 is due to its scent, it's not quite pineapple (can't put my finger on what it smells like), and if you use too much it doesn't feel great on the skin. So follow the instructions and use just a little, or your skin will feel almost tacky. Otherwise, great product would buy again!
    Best serum amazing result
    This serum is another super fabulous product. Initially I felt it wasn’t what I expected but after a few applications, I saw and felt the very visible positive result. I use the plum plump hyaluronic serum and pineapple c bright serum also and am proud to claim that my skin looks absolutely amazing. I have even reordered and gifted these serums to my family. I’m so happy and satisfied with my purchase and look forward to more amazingly beautiful skincare from this lovely brand. 
    Not my favourite
    I wanted to love this but I don’t really like the smell of my sample - very salty and slightly fishy, not very pineapple. Thankfully it fades quite quickly. The serum takes a while to sink in and is quite sticky initially - it is ok once it has dried though.
    Best serum
    This thing leaves your skin glowing. It's just amazing and I have tried a bunch of vitamin c serums. Nothing leaves you glowing and brightened. I also layer this with the alpha h vitamin b serum and let me tell you, game changer!
    Skin changing
    So at first I was sceptical about this product but after using it for 60 days I can honestly say it has changed my skin for the better. I have combination oily skin and it also came get quite inflamed and red on a daily basis, using this twice a day has basically got rid of my redness and my skin feels amazing. I use this with watermelon pore tight toner and my pores have also decreased and are less built up. Couldn’t recommend this brand more if I tried!
    I didn’t notice anything amazing happen to my skin after a few months of using, but it also didn’t break me out either, which a lot of products do. The smell is horrible and I do notice it throughout the day. I wouldn’t purchase this again due to the high price and not noticing any difference in my skin. I will be going back to Charlotte Tilbury serum, more expensive but I 100% notice the difference.
    I did A LOT of research after completely investing into a new skin care routine from beginning to end. I really wanted to try this product as i bought the full Glow Recipe range (which I love) however this serum has a strange consistency. After using all my other products my face feels amazing, then I put this on and you end up with little bits on the skin which you have to rub/pick off (which is not what you want)I don't actually mind the smell, although I see why it bothers other people (faint pineapple smell) but when mixing with other products with a hint of fragrance it can be too much. I used it for 2 week and won't continue... now onto trying to find a new vitt C serum.
    Love it!
    It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve been wearing this serum and I must say it has made a massive difference to my dull blemished skin, my complexion looks clear and brighter and blemishes have almost gone. The smell is bare able and consistency is good too. I’m glad I purchased it.
    Amazing serum
    I love glow recipe products so was excited to try this serum. I have been using it every day for a month and it has made my skin brighter with a lovely glow. I would highly recommend this product and I will be repurchasing after I’ve finished this bottle.
    Skin friendly
    This serum has a good feel on the skin. It’s very moisturizing and leaves my face looking dewy. Didn’t do much with fading my dark spots after using one bottle but it did a good job with enhancing my skin. Perfect under makeup too.
    Awful smell
    This is a good serum and I did see results however it smells horrible. It smells like a cross between off pineapple and soy sauce and it lingers on your skin for a long time. I ended up having to stop using it which is a shame because it was a good product.
    Feels like Summer
    I love pineapple, so was excited to see and try this product. I had read reviews that the smell was not great, which was a worry... but turns out a worry for nothing. Smell is amazing, but it doesn't last long (nor would I want it to). The product goes on smooth, but if you take too long to massage/rub it in it will feel a bit sticky. I have had so many comments on my skin during work zoom calls, I have barely worn makeup since using this as my confidence in my skin has increased ten-fold.
    Smells nice, not useful though
    I didn't notice any change, but it did act as a highlighter.
    Fantastic product
    I’m 14 and this is my first vitamin C. Very light on the skin, great for every day. Leaves face glowing and refreshed. Would recommend for all skin types.
    Very moisturising
    Highly recommend this product, my skin is acne prone and since using this product my skin has calmed down. The scent is quite strong but it does it’s job. A very good Vitamin C serum
    Love this!
    Honestly brilliant serum! Gives the most amazing glow to skin so don’t need foundation. I have noticed my pores are looking smaller and clearer. Overall, so happy I bought this! Love the smell too. Great glow from a vitamin C serum. Recommend.
    Got it for my birthday it literally burns my face when I use it. I used it twice will never touch it again.
    Smells Heavenly
    I know some don't like products to have scents, but I have to say that made this product for me. I did find it to be very sticky and that feeling did stay with my skin a little while. I have noticed a difference in my skin and had more compliments on fresher, brighter skin. I am currently working through hyperpigmentation issues and I am hoping this is going to continue to be good protection for me in this area, however, I think I would have to use the product for a lot longer to know if it's effective.
    Love it
    I love everything about this serum, I notice a different as soon as I apply it and it absorbs quickly. I personally love the smell, I see why some people complain it can smell a little bit like curry but I mainly smell pineapple and it works well with the smells of the rest of the GR range.
    Great job in a little pot!
    I've recently gone over to the 'Glow side' and I'm so glad that I did! Changing beauty products, especially skin care products is a big deal and after discovering Glow Recipe in America I wanted to give it a go. The 'Pineapple serum' is a revelation! Having never used a serum before I didn't really know what to expect. In just under a week my skin looks brighter, fresher and healthier. You only need a few drops and it just melts into your skin. It is a little bit pricey, but considering that you do not need a lot of it I see it as a good investment.
    I’m hooked!
    I love this serum so glad I took the plunge as it is pricey but worth it. The packaging is lush and the smell didn’t bother me at all.
    Thought this would be the one
    So after reading up and watching so many reviews and comments about this product both positive and negative, I thought I'd purchase it to see the wonder of it. Sadly, after putting in on, a couple of hours later I noticed a red patch, which became a little itchy with a slight burning sensation. Currently now sitting with my face in red patches a day later. I do not recommend this product to anyone out there who suffers from eczema or dermatitis. I did not think my skin would have flared up with this serum but sadly it did, read a few of the ingredients at the back and unfortunately they include a few that could irritate your skin.
    Nice product
    I have been looking for an amazing natural serum like this. It is perfect for my skintype. I love it!
    I’ve had this serum roughly a week now and it’s honestly changed my skin care routine, I’m noticing differences in my skin straight away! My skin is healthy, glowing, plump and it’s cleared my spots!! Would definitely be getting again.
    Good for brightening the face
    It's a nice serum and I don't mind the scent at all. The scent is actually not bad, in my opinion. This serum is quite sticky but works well with the Banana Souffle cream. It does brighten my face but does not fade my acne scars that much although I have only been using for over a month now.
    Love, love, LOVE!!!
    Bought this as I had heard great things about the brand and was on the lookout for a vitamin C serum. This is fantastic and makes my skin feel and look amazing! The smell is a little off-putting but it doesn’t last long so can’t complain! Would definitely recommend this serum and also the banana soufflé moisturiser!
    Bright and breezy
    I’m a massive fan of Glow Recipe and this serum has become a staple part of my skincare routine along with a number of other Glow Recipe products. I apply this serum in the morning and it absorbs very quickly and doesn’t feel sticky. My skin is clearer and brighter and two friends recently commented on how great my complex is. Highly recommend
    A MUST for skin texture
    This delivers results for common skin issues such as hyperpigmentation and evening texture without the harshness of other products in the vitamin-c arena. I think this is a fantastic product for people interested in adding vit-c into their routine having not tried it before or for anyone looking for something slightly more gentle (but still with fabulous results!). It also makes your skin GLOW like nothing I've ever seen!
    Best serum!!!
    On my second bottle. Worked wonders on my extremely sensitive skin. Gentle but highly effective!
    This is a fab serum. Sinks into the skin well (does anyone else find that some products 'sit' on your skin and then sort of ball up?). It smells like pineapple juice! Such cute packaging too. You only need 2-3 drops.
    I have been using this product for the past 10 months. My skin is clear and poreless and it has helped fade my hyperpigmentation. I use 3 drops in the morning and about 5 in the evening and I leave for a couple of minutes before I moisturize. The smell doesn’t bother me as it dissipates quickly and it sinks in quickly and leaves me with a little glow. I have been asked many times about my skincare as my skin appears flawless on video calls at work. I have converted a few friends to this product and they love it too.
    I have been using this serum for 2 months now, it's amazing. It actually brightens the skin and gives me an amazing glow but it's a little heavy for me in the day time so I only use it for the night only. I will keep using it for sure.
    Holy grail
    This by far is the best serum I’ve ever used, the difference it has made to my skin is huge! Could not recommend this enough!!
    This makes me extra glowing and I love it! I think it’s brilliant you only need a tiny bit so I could imagine this will last for a very long time!
    Trannsformed my skin
    This product is amazing, within a week of using it daily my skin was even, bright and glowy. The smell is ok, the pineapple is quite strong. Really moisturizing and doesn't take long to sink into the skin. This is now a staple in my skincare routine and would definitely recommend it.
    Stickier than toddler hands!
    The serum is fine but no matter the effect it is VERY hard to use due to stickiness! Seriously, I can catch flies with my face hours after serum application. And all this after I topped it up with a non sticky daily moisturiser. I will give it another chance. But for now it's quite unusable. Mind that I don't wear make up. I have no idea how to put on makeup on top of something so grippy. It's sad that no one mentioned this major serum drawback before.
    I’ve only used this for a week & that’s all I’ve had is compliments on how fresh & nice my skin looks. I’ve wanted to use this since seeing Jeffree Star using it & it doesn’t disappoint. Slightly sticky but that doesn’t bother me. Smells gorgeous & a little goes a long way! It makes my skin so soft. 100% will be purchasing again once I’ve run out.
    Okay as a daily am serum
    This is a nice daily serum with a light weight feel. It absorbs easily into the skin so is perfect for a speedy morning regime, however it is slightly on the pricey side considering the effects. I did experience the brightening effects but isn’t quite as strong as something like C.E.O by Sunday Riley. You can experience similar results with products from The Inkey List or The ordinary for a fraction of the cost. The smell also took a bit of getting used to.
    Worth every penny. Works immediately. A new staple in my routine. Sometimes Vit C can be gritty on the skin ... not this bad boy, it’s comfortable. I use it on my elbows and knees as well as my face. I don’t need to wear foundation anymore.
    Love this Pineapple Serum!
    Love this! Easily absorbed. Smells divine and my skin looks brighter
    I got used to the smell after several weeks, this feels so nice on my skin, velvet type of smooth. My fave product so far from Glow Recipe. The most important thing, however, is that in synergy with TO Niacinamide 10%+Zinc 2% it helped to fade my hyperpigmentation and discolorations within the first month of use. My skin looks brighter, healthier and even lighter (my friends comment that and I already had a really light complexion), the skin texture has improved by A LOT and plus this looks gorgeous under make up! It's my first ever Vit C serum and even though after this runs out I want to try a similar option I have in mind, I'll definitely be repurchasing. I think the price is ok too, especially for what it offers + the gorgeous packaging. Not too cheap but definitely not too expensive. I only wish the smell could change as it's the only downside for me, I am used to it now but it was unpleasant at first. P.S Keep it in your fridge after some uses, it will prevent the Vit C oxidation but it will feel and be absorbed even better!
    It WORKS!
    It is as easy as that. The product WORKS. I do see a difference on my face. Not only is my face brighter but my acne scars and less and less visible! It’s worth the money. I loved it so much that I bought one for my mom too!❤️
    Amazing Glass Skin
    I normally have an adverse reaction to most types of vitamin C serums, but I use this every single day and have not had anything but brilliant results. I wear under make up and it refined pores and leaves the best shine without looking greasy. I can definitely tell day is when I do not use this product. I will never live without this from now on
    Best serum I've used to date
    My skin feels so supple and moisturized after using this. I've been using this for a month now and I notice a clear texture difference in my skin. Definitely repurchasing.
    I saw results so fast with this product, especially concerning my hyper pigmentation from acne and my skin loves it!
    I love it!
    Great serum, it definitely gives glow to my skin and it also helped to fix the texture of my skin. I recommend it
    Lovely serum.
    I have had this for a few weeks now. This is absolutely lovely. The scent isn’t bad at all. Some people have said it smells bad but I just smell pineapple. Just like a pineapple juice would smell. My skin really loves this. I love the hydration and glow it gives my skin. I really have nothing bad to say about it. I would buy again for sure.
    Skin is smooth and bright. Nice vitamin boost for my morning routine.
    Holy grail!
    Lightened hyperpigmentation and smoothed texture! Gives me glass skin
    I absolutely love it... I have dry skin and this helps to make it hydrated, I don't know how but makes your acne smaller.
    I’ve seen a lot of people raving about this brand and their products so I had to try them! As I’m allergic to watermelon I chose this one and let me tell you, I LOVE IT! It gives the skin a glow in the mornings and it helps with acne scars!
    Smells great but maybe not worth the hype
    At first glance the serum comes in a beautiful little bottle. It smells like real pineapple too. With regards to price, the serum is quite expensive. Having said that you do only need a drop or two and after using this once a day for a month, I’ve only used a quarter up. In terms of the serum itself it’s quite sticky when you first apply it, but that does dry off and it sinks into the skin. I have noticed a difference in my skin tone, but I do feel a cheaper version of a Vitamin C booster would probably do the job just the same. I’m not sure whether I would buy this serum again, but I’m definitely glad I gave it a go
    Insufferable smell
    It is possible that this is the best, most effective, face-transforming serum in the world, but the fact is it smells so abhorrent, that one would not be able to use it long enough to find out.
    You need this if you have dull skin
    If you are like me and have dull skin with very minor texture, you need this product. Full disclosure, the smell is so bad, when I first started using it it smelt like urine to me. Use it consistently and I promise the smell will become very tolerable and maybe even nice? This has left my skin looking brighter and it is the first vitamin C product I have ever used for my skin. I use it every morning and then put a moisturiser after alongside sunscreen. I hate how expensive this product is but I will re-purchase it no matter what!!
    Very good serum!
    I love the way it absorbs into the skin and the scent is very nice too. I notice that my skin looks brighter and a bit more even when using this product. A big plus for how easily it absorbs into the skin, so it works very well under moisturizer, SPF, and makeup.
    Leaves skin glowing
    I received this in the blemish edit and loved it! It left my skin glowing and feeling beautiful, I can't stop staring at my skin in the mirror it's impressed me that much. I like the texture of the serum although it is a little difficult to get out of the pipette and I don't mind the smell at all, if it's not for you then the smell fades shortly after anyway so not a problem. Overall great addition to the beauty cabinet!
    It works
    I don't agree with other reviews that say this product smells bad: smells great to me! It also really seems to WORK. My skin is so much clearer and brighter after just a week of using this. The only thing I don't love is the texture. It's kind of tacky, and when you put it on it foams a little as you move it around, rather than soaking right in. Not my favorite texture feel for a serum, but it's not the end of the world. Maybe I'm not applying it quite right, but since they recommend two drops for the whole face, you do really need to move it around a lot to cover everything. Anyway, it has great effects, so I can take the texture.
    Absolutely lovely! Love the texture and how it leaves me skin smooth. Would recommend to anyone with acne problems, as it has sorted mine out.
    I love this serum
    It is amazing, my skin feels so smooth and looks brighter after using this. The bottle is also super cute. Will buy again! The smell isn't great and very sweet but I am not too bothered by it.
    Put off
    The smell is awful. The best way for me to describe the smell is fruity dehydrated pee. Like it sounds weird and gross but that’s what I think of when I smell the serum. Some say it smells like canned pineapple it’s not even that. I’m using this before I go to bed to see if there are any results and whether it’s good enough to disregard the smell but I cannot use this during the day because I can’t stand the fact that if I am standing or walking near to someone they’ll be able to smell that on me.
    Love it
    I don't mind the smell and I love what it does. My skin with a tendency to dry patches is smooth and it absorbs the second step of my routine a lot better when I use this. I got it in my goody bag and after trying it I purchased the full size. Plus the bottle looks lovely.
    Overpriced and smelly serum
    I bought this in a duo with the Banana Soufflé Cream, and while that was a solidly "meh" product, I honestly thought this serum was terrible. First, it's pretty pricey for a Vitamin C serum and its effects were nothing mind-blowing. Second, it has awful texture and fragrance. It's extremely sticky and leaves my skin tacky after application. I leave time after applying this because it's like I smeared syrup all over my face and I can't imagine layering moisturisers on top of this. Second, it doesn't smell like fresh pineapples, or even canned pineapples for that matter. It reeks heavily of some kind of fruit syrup—extremely sugary—and is far from a refreshing or pleasant scent. There are non-fragranced (or products that just smell better) Vitamin C serums that perform better and aren't so repulsive to use. At least it comes in a cute bottle I guess?
    Vitamin C serum
    Makes your skin smooth and adds a brightness.
    Sunshine in a bottle
    Absolutely amazing serum! I use this almost every day (double serum with this or the plum/watermelon serums) and have seen a massive difference in my skin. My redness has faded, and my skin is brighter and softer. Feels fantastic to use and smells great. I look forward to using it every time!
    Would recommend
    I loved this serum and I noticed a slight difference to my skin texture and brightness after using it consistently. It smells amazing but it is sticky so if you like that smooth serum feeling or want to use it during the day maybe it's not ideal. I used it at night or if I was at home all day.
    Wonderful Serum
    As someone who has suffered from dry skin for years, I thought I had tried everything... then I received the mini as part of this year's goody bag before purchasing the full size and I cannot believe how this serum has transformed my skin! I use it twice a day before moisturiser/night cream and it has taken away all of my dry patches & brightened my complexion to the point where I’m now happy to skip wearing foundation. The only (very minor) negative is that it doesn’t smell the greatest, rather like soy sauce but that disappears after moisturising. A truly amazing product all in all thank you Cult Beauty for stocking this!
    Product turned into jelly
    I was using this serum for a couple of months and halfway through the bottle it turned to jelly. The dropper is not able to pick it up anymore. Really disappointed as this is not a cheap product.
    It was a terrible experience. I got that serum in a winter goody bag. It's so sticky and constricts the skin, emphasizes skin texture. After using that product my skin looks like a vintage leather bag all in a fine mesh texture, although I don't have wrinkles yet. Applying moisturizer to the serum didn't help. I tried to use it for several days, but never found an approach to it. My skin is oily and acne-prone.
    Actually works
    I used one of this a couple months ago, and I didn’t see much of a difference apart from being a bit brighter. Now that I haven’t used it for a while I can see the hyperpigmentation after every nastier breakout, that wasn’t an issue while using it. I’ll buy another one again
    So bad
    I got this serum as well as the watermelon mask and banana cream. This is as bad as the mask, smells so artificial, and I can't stand this heavy gel like sticking feeling on my face. Doesn't do anything for my dry skin. Overall this brand is not my cup of tea.
    Loving this product
    Since I got this I couldn't stop using it because it's making my skin look glowy and brighter. I'm using this twice a day. This serum is good under my foundation.
    Smells like Soy sauce!
    Perfectly a good serum if you can cope with the smell! Smells like soy sauce. The scent does not linger, but I personally prefer soy sauce on food rather than on face!
    Quality product
    I love this brand but was wary about this product as I heard mixed reviews but I’m glad I got it!! The bottle is gorgeous and the product itself is really good. My skin looks a lot brighter.
    Another great product from glow recipe
    The smell is indeed slightly weird (somewhat reminiscent of rotten pineapples) and although it leaves you a little sticky, the texture is lightweight... regardless, it feels good on my skin. I also noticed a difference after using it, my skin was brighter. I will try different Vit-C serums but this was is a good one to come back to.
    Everything my skin needed.
    This really works! I’m extremely pleased with the results! I suffer from really bad UV burns which has left my skin pigmented. After using this serum my skin has become so clear and radiant. All the pigmented patches have gone! I have also noticed this serum works well together with sunscreen. Cannot love with this serum!
    Pineapple Serum
    Beautiful little product to look at and use.
    My skin feels AMAZING
    I use this in conjunction with other products from the Glow Recipe range and they work perfectly together. When I first tried it I was a bit put off by the smell, in the jar it smells like fresh pineapple juice but once on the skin it smells a little like fake tan/ soy sauce however I’ve gotten used to it now over the week I’ve used it and it doesn’t bother me. It hasn’t made my skin sting at all and I can already tell my skin feels so soft compared to before I used it. I haven’t broke out and if anything I’m getting less breakouts since using this. I highly recommend.
    Glow glow glow!
    I am so happy I purchased this! I use it twice a day after the toner and my skin is so glowy. I don’t mind the smell at all and I absolutely love it as part of my skincare routine.
    This smells a little like sweet rotten soy sauce and didn't agree with my skin. I also haven't seen any improvement on my skin.
    I have sensitive combination skin and wanted to give this serum a go because of their transparency with the vegan ingredients. I didn't mind the smell at all, however after 2 weeks of application, I began to notice small bumps emerging on my cheeks and chin. Which was disappointing as I really love their watermelon mist and sleeping mask.
    This serum is absolutely amazing. Leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I love Glow Recipe’s products but one thing I don’t like is that they make very small sizes of their products which makes it very pricey.
    Leaves my skin so hydrated!
    I love it!! I’m using it in combination with the Banana moisturiser and my skin has had a real improvement. My skin is now glowing and looks well hydrated.
    Okay so I was a little sceptical at first. The reviews for this are overall good, however it does have some bad ones. I’m usually one of those people who have a bad experience with new products, my skin just seems to break out or not suit new products (stick to what you know comes to mind). However, I wanted to leave a review for this as I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m so glad I took the plunge and purchased it. I have been using it for a month now and I’ve had no breakouts (apart from those odd ones due to diet etc) and I’d even go as far as saying it’s helped keep breakouts at bay. Yes the smell isn’t the best, however I’ve gotten use to it now and it’s not as overpowering as when I once bought it (plus you can’t smell it when you’ve put your moisturiser on). No it does not help with pores or blackheads, however, it’s most definitely helped with breakouts, acne scarring and evening out my skin tone, all while leaving a nice glow (I pair it with the watermelon moisturiser and some facial mist from Superdrug)! It’s a bit pricey and shame it doesn’t come in a sample size to try as I’d be gutted if I spent this amount of money for it to be another fad! NOTE: seen a few reviews saying it’s tacky on the skin etc. Yes that is true when too much is applied. It was trail and error and I managed to find a little goes a long way and it’s absorbs much quicker when less is applied and pressed into the skin with my hands! :-)
    Not the best...
    The bottle is beautiful and doesn’t mind the smell (lots of people were complaining about that) but I really don’t think how it performs justifies the price. It leaves a very sticky feeling on your face and if you have acne-prone skin this will definitely clog your pores.
    Wow! This product has completely changed my skin! I cannot go a day without it in my skincare routine! It really helped acne scars and other dark spots! It helped me achieve that 'glass skin' look. I would highly recommend!
    Not what I expected
    At first I was a little hesitant to buy this only because of how expensive it is however all the reviews that I read of this product were so good therefore I had to try it. First time using it I thought the smell was a little off putting and over the weeks so far I haven’t noticed much change in my skin and for the price I expected better results. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend this product as there are far better serums out there for cheaper price.
    Not worth it
    Guys I have been using this vitamin c serum for three months and it has done nothing except for keeping my skin hydrated. I bought this thinking that it might help to brighten my face and fade scars and pigmentation. Unfortunately this serum is not working out for me and I don’t think it’s worth the money .
    Flawless Skin
    I have been using this serum for about 3 weeks now and I'm absolutely in love with it. My skin hasn't been dull and dry due to the cold weather but this has refreshed and brightened my skin and smells delicious too (I'm an NW47 if that helps). Every time I jump on FaceTime I get a compliment on my skin (social distancing).
    Amazing impact on my skin!
    The strange scent of this product is worth experiencing for the amazing effect it has on your skin. I suffer from both dryness and breakouts, this product tackles really effectively within a couple of days. My skin is so much clearer, less textured and is absolutely glowing!
    Not good
    It’s not good like Sunday Riley vitamin C.
    Nice serum
    Didn’t expect this to be so sticky! It takes a good 10-15 minutes to “fade” out. Also the smell is sweeter than I thought it would be- more candy, less fruity. But when it soaks in the skin feels great & I believe it really does help with my acne scars
    Love Love Love
    I absolutely love this serum! I use it as part of my morning routine and it sinks into my skin quickly, it isn't sticky, and best of all it smells like summer in a bottle when you put it on (For those of you easily irritated with smells, it does fade after a few seconds) I definitely notice a difference in my hyperpigmentation after a few weeks of use! My only issue is with the dropper. I feel like the product gets stuck in and around it. Otherwise, I'm on to my 2nd bottle now!
    Feels sticky
    Didn’t suit my skin feels sticky
    Best serum ever
    I can't live without that! This is the best. My 3rd bottle. My skin is so soft and glowing.
    So good
    It's the second Bottle of it now (I used the first one for more than a half year) They Changed the formulation, so the precious Soysauce-lie scent is now a fresh fruity smell. I love this product, it gives my skin that natural glow! In combination with one of their moisturizer my skin is slaying! I love all Glow Recipe products! I definitely recommend their newest Lipbalm Product!
    Transformed my skin!
    Soooo amazing! On my third bottle already. You can really see the difference after one week of using it!
    So disappointed
    I bought this product after much deliberation after seeing fantastic reviews about it. Firstly, this product doesn't smell good - it smells like rotten pineapple as others have said. Luckily the smell isn't strong for me, so I can still use it, and was happy to if it got me results. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any improvement in my skin, and I'm breaking out more than usual. An expensive mistake.
    It smells disgusting like burning sugar mixed with rotten pineapple. I bought it as I loved other Glow Recipe products and this really missed the mark. Not only is it overpriced but its caused my skin to get horrible breakouts which I haven't had in forever and the smell lingers for hours. My cats normally love to sit by my head on the pillow but will not when I wear this. I'm going to go back to using the Pixi one as it smells nice does a better job and is cheaper.
    I don't know
    I've been using about half of the bottle so far, and at first the smell didn't really bother me but as I continue to use it, I feel like I can't stand the smell anymore and it lingers for hours! Also, the texture when applied is very silicony and leaves like a layer on the skin and combined with the smell... Not pleasant for me.
    Wanted to like this, but ...
    The smell of the product was so horrible that I was not able to use it more than three times. And for whatever reason, it did cause a small break-out which did not happen to me before when using any kind of Vitamin C-serum. About the smell: It does smell like pineapple, but like a molded, scruffy, rotten one. As some seem to get along with the smell, other don't, maybe I simply got one from a faulty batch. As it's a pricey product, I won't give another batch a try again and will stick to Vitamin C of Pixi, for example, as this does the trick and has a nice fruity citric smell. Overall I have been using Vitamin C for my skin for quite some time with good results, helping pimples and small scars to fade away quicker. So, wanted to like this product so much as other GR-products are pretty decent, but as the ugly smell even didn't fade away quickly and I got a lot of pimples and spots suddenly after using this product 3 days in a row: Sorry to say, not for me.
    Great product
    I bought this serum in the Damn Bright gift set on Black Friday (no longer available apparently???) after having read amazing reviews on it. It feels light and moisturizing. Great for my oily/combination skin. The smell though - not the best, smells like canned pineapple, but I don’t mind because it’s not too strong. I don’t know how effective it is, I haven’t noticed a difference in my skin although I don’t think I’ve used it enough to be able to tell either.
    Works but is drying
    For the price and amount, it is brilliant, my scars have faded and the pigmentation around my mouth has evened out. My only issue is that it is incredibly drying.
    Very nice
    This is the best serum for my oily 33-year-old skin. And it smells like pineapple, and I'm not annoyed with that coz I see the effect
    Scent is too strong
    I could not manage to use this serum more than two times. The scent is like out of date pineapple and it's just too strong. This would give me a headache few minutes after applied and I was unable to go about my day without washing this off. Shame, I was really looking forward, but it did not work out for me
    The best serum ever! Quite pricy but worth every penny. It completely transformed my skin.
    Not a fan of the texture, but results are great!
    This product was a weird one for me at first - I have sensitive, acne-prone skin, and this is genuinely a small bottle of pineapple juice basically - it is very sticky, very sugary, and smells exactly like pineapple juice too (which is nice!). I wasn't sure what to expect but I have seen positive results and a more even skin tone so far.
    Love it
    The Serum is amazing! I use it every morning and my skin become smooth and bright! Maybe some people would not like the smell, but I really like it, it smells like Pineapples.
    Holy grail serum!
    This serum has totally changed my complexion. I used to have dull patches and redness but now it has become significantly more even-toned and brighter. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen my skin this good! Breakouts have also become nearly non-existent even when it’s that time of the month. Definitely worth the price especially when there’s 20% off I’ll be restocking.
    Nice serum
    Boosts my skin and does make it look brighter. I usually use serums up quite quickly but this one lasted ages
    Very good
    This serum is sooo good! I'm in love with it! It feels so good on the skin and it makes your skin look radiant! Surprisingly it helped with my blackheads! And the packaging is so so cute! I know is pricey but this little pineapple worth the money!
    Love it
    I love this serum, it is gentle with the skin. I love the glowy and the moisture. The smell for me is perfect, very natural. The skin is more clear.
    Super serum !!! Выравнивает тон кожи и осветляет пигментные пятна. Точно повторю покупку. ***Super serum !!! Evens skin tone and brightens age spots. I will definitely repurchase.
    I love it
    Most people say the smell is terrible, but this is personal, for me the smell is good, and I love the glowy skin when I use it. Good product, gentle with the skin and works with the spots and acne.
    I have 40-year-old temperamental skin, I suffer from hormonal acne, skin that’s dry, oily and congested. I’ve tried everything but after just two applications of this, my skin is clear. The old scars nearly faded to nothing and no new spots. I actually can’t believe my skin is clear for the first time in years. This little bottle of pineapple has actually changed my life!!!!!
    smells terrible!
    I have been using this for three days but it really smells like pineapple juice gone bad!
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