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    Glow RecipeBlueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser 30ml<p>Fresh from South Korea, Glow Recipe&#8217;s newly reformulated Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser shares the secret recipe for a Seoul-worthy glow. Beautifully &#8216;bouncy&#8217;, this rich gel cleanser works into a gentle lather to erase make up and impurities while also deeply hydrating skin, so much so that you might well no longer need to use a hydrating toner. Offering two benefits in one, it can be used as a moisturising cleanser and a quenching, deep-cleaning mask when left on for five to eight minutes. Brimming with blueberry, a renowned antioxidant powerhouse, this cleanser protects, strengthens and clarifies skin, while gentle alpha hydroxy acids (including glycolic and lactic acids) exfoliate dead skin cells for renewed radiance. With the adition of hyaluronic acid, this leaves your complexion soft, hydrated, dewy and bouncy, as well as perfectly prepped for skin care that follows, this cleanser is more than a little covetable!</p>GLO005_30ML177898500013161184 stars, based on100 reviews 10.00Cult BeautyNew
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    Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser

    Glow Recipe
    Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser
    ( 30ml )

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    • Why it's Cult

      Feed your body’s largest organ with antioxidant-rich blueberries with this rich, ‘bouncy’ gel cleanser. Newly reformulated, this mildly lathering cleanser thoroughly cleans and deeply hydrates skin simultaneously, so that it’s refreshed and moisturised in one simple step. A quenching cleanser and deep-cleaning mask in one, the formula features blueberry extract and gentle alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate, clarify and strengthen cells, leaving skin soft, dewy and beautifully bouncy. Available in both a full size (160ml) and mini (30ml) you can take this hero product wherever you go!

    • Description

      Fresh from South Korea, Glow Recipe’s newly reformulated Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser shares the secret recipe for a Seoul-worthy glow. Beautifully ‘bouncy’, this rich gel cleanser works into a gentle lather to erase make up and impurities while also deeply hydrating skin, so much so that you might well no longer need to use a hydrating toner. Offering two benefits in one, it can be used as a moisturising cleanser and a quenching, deep-cleaning mask when left on for five to eight minutes. Brimming with blueberry, a renowned antioxidant powerhouse, this cleanser protects, strengthens and clarifies skin, while gentle alpha hydroxy acids (including glycolic and lactic acids) exfoliate dead skin cells for renewed radiance. With the adition of hyaluronic acid, this leaves your complexion soft, hydrated, dewy and bouncy, as well as perfectly prepped for skin care that follows, this cleanser is more than a little covetable!

    • How to use


      Dispense one pump into wet palms and rub hands to create a lather. Massage gently onto wet skin for one minute, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Admire how bouncy your skin looks and then follow with your usual skincare regimen.

    • Full ingredients list

      Aqua, Decyl Glucoside, Caulerpa Lentillifera Extract, Beta-Glucan, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Vaccinium Angustifolium Fruit, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Butylene Glycol, Parfum, Glycerin, Rubus Idaeus Fruit, 1,2-Hexanediol, Glycolic Acid, Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi Leaf Extract, Morus Nigra Fruit Extract, Physalis Peruviana Fruit Extract, Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit Extract, Linalool, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Hexyl Cinnamal, Citronellol, Lactic Acid. 

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    Glow Recipe - Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser

    Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser Reviews

    Refreshing and Squeaky Clean
    One of the best cleansers out!
    Been using glow receipts for 2+ years now and it’s completely changed my skin! Not drying, feels bouncy as it claims & hydrating! My main concern has been pores & oily skin and with a help of a few more of their products (toner, moisturiser, masks) I’ve never felt glowly!! I’ve never been big on make-up and I’m still not a fan, I much prefer to be natural and Glow Recipe has done wonders to help me ensure I don’t need make-up! I’ve recently purchased this for my sister, she’s at that age where she’s getting a lot of spots, she’s tried Neutrogena, clinic and few other cleansers and this has helped her within a week!
    My personal favourite cleanser
    As someone with combo skin this works to not dry out or strip my dry areas but removes all the oils and impurities from my oily areas. It has a unique foamy frothy lather that I love and is a joy to use.
    Favourite Cleanser
    I loooove this cleanser so much! I have oily, red, acne prone skin and i think its perfect for my skin type. Its so gentle and doesnt leave a stripped feeling at all! My skin feels so clean but hydrated and healthy!
    Not great
    This cleanser just does not do it for me. I use it as a second cleanse, and even like that, I feel like it is too gentle. It's slippery, so I've had quite a bit of it just fall off my face before I've had the chance to lather it...just a bit of a miss in my opinion.
    It's okay
    First of I should say I don't dislike this cleanser, it's just that I don't love it either. It does an okay job, but I have used better cleansers. The texture is a thickish gel that spreads easily and it does leave your face feeling clean after use. However like a few have said I do find the smell of the product kind of chemically once in use.
    Didn't like it...
    I really wanted to like this because I adore Glow Recipe, and more specifically I love their blueberry-scented lip balm––but this made my skin feel like it was burning. In the beginning, it just felt a bit dry after washing my face, but on the next day when I washed it with a different cleanser (I got a bit spooked that this was causing dryness, and tried a different, gentler cleanser to see if this was the culprit) and did my usual routine up to the essence stage, my skin felt awful. I've been layering moisturiser every hour or so and the redness and irritation still haven't gone down all the way. I'm giving this 2 stars because the packaging is lovely, and because after tweeting about it Glow Recipe asked me to get in touch which I think is very kind of them, and speaks really well of them as a brand.
    Lovely second cleanse
    I purchased this after seeing several recommendations online. I have combination skin and use a cleansing balm as my first cleanse and follow with this, I love it. It’s very gentle and leaves my skin feeling so soft and not at all dried out. The smell isn’t overpowering and I think it’s good value as you only need a small amount.
    I want my cleanser to work hard and give me results and this cleanser definitely does! It has a jelly/gel-like texture that lathers really well. I have combination skin and this product does not dry out my skin or strip it in any way. My skin is left hydrated, refreshed, glowy, and really really clean. I absolutely love how my skin looks after using this. I will 100% re-purchase when I have finished this bottle.
    Usually I use the Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish, but it wasn't getting rid of my mascara as well as I'd hoped any more - enter Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser! As someone with super oily T zone and combined dryness, I absolutely Love this cleanser! It helps to control the buildup of oil during the day, and also is great for tackling stubborn makeup too. It's great at getting into the pores and firming the skin, whilst not feeling like it might peel it off (like some other firming products)! An absolute clutch product! J'adore!!
    Loving it
    Very refreshing and removes any makeup build up with out drying out the skin. My favourite cleanser to use at the moment! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Great cleanser!
    I love it! It’s very gentle, yet cleans my skin like magic. It could even melt away mascara! With this great cleansing power, it never ever irritated my skin, or left it dry. I already purchased another one!
    My favourite gel cleanser
    I've been trying out a few gel cleansers for my second cleanse and so far this is my absolute favourite. The packaging is adorable and it has a lovely scent. I find it removes any makeup super easily, but best of all (and something I've found lacking in other cleansers) is that it removes eye makeup effortlessly. It almost makes it crumble off so you don't have to rub at your eyes at all. Also, I love that they have smaller sizes for travelling, and the pump makes things really simple and hassle-free. I have normal/combination skin that is not overly sensitive for reference.
    I wish the texture was more gel instead of being bouncy (it sometimes bounces down from my palms :) ). Nice gentle smell of blueberries, similar to vintage Bristtish Airways cabin soap - so lovely. I will be buying a full size after trying it in travel size a couple of times. I think you should use a cleansing balm or cleansing milk first, or use it as a morning cleanser.
    Stripping and Drying
    Beyond disappointed with this product, unfortunately; desperately wanted to love it as every other Glow Recipe product I have is amazing but couldn’t use it past a handful of times. It felt fine when directly applying it, but immediately after rinsing off made my skin feel dry, tight, and stripped. I dealt with it for a little while as it wasn’t too bad if I managed to apply my toner etc. pretty much straight afterwards, but discovered recently that if I left any amount of time between applying other products that it left my face prickling, and trying to apply anything else afterwards hurt too. I typically have oily skin so never thought that a product marketed as being gentle and suitable for even the most sensitive skin would be so painful. :( If you have any doubts at all I would recommend going for the smaller version first as a tester and not just immediately splurging on the bigger one as I did.
    Way too drying
    I was very excited to give this a try as I generally enjoy the whole concept and aesthetics of Glow Recipe products but this was just way too stripping and drying on my skin. I did enjoy using it for the first couple of times as it smells like sweet blueberries (again down to preference as the scent can be too overwhelming for some), but then it broke me out quite badly leaving me with painful spots in areas that are normally clear. Additionally, when using in the evening, I would wake up with very tight and dry skin and throughout the day, if used in the morning my skin would be again, dry and tight. Luckily I only had the 10ml as it was part of the gift set and I may try to slowly reintroduce it into my skincare but I definitely won't be using it as a normal daily cleanser but more on the occasions when my skin is super oily and clogged.
    Needs repackaging!
    I purchased 30ml size to try because I like blueberries, K-beauty and price was affordable at the time.First, it says that it's been reformulated - and the formula is fine, it leaves the skin clear and with enough moisture intact. However, it's not strong enough to remove make-up (especially eye makeup), so I would use it either as a second cleanser after and oil-based make-up remover or as a morning cleanser. I haven't tried using it as a mask which description suggested as well. 'How to use' section suggests to use one pump (which is probably based off a full 160ml size bottle); for a 30ml bottle it took me 4-5 pumps for the whole face, so the 30ml bottle lasted for about 9 days or so.Major drawback was also a completely artificial smell of blueberry that I did not enjoy and the bottle packing was very cheap and the cap never properly closed it. Perhaps with another package design and no artificial perfume this would make for a better product. Wouldn't recommend it.
    Too drying for me
    I only bought the mini version to give it a go and I'm glad I did. I have combo skin but still felt this to be very drying. It made my skin feel tight and tingly and I was desperate to get my moisturiser on straight after using this.
    Absolutely love it
    Love the cleanser, smells so good and my skin feels clean and soft.
    I totally love this product, 3 products in one: Cleanser, makeup remover and deep cleaning mask.
    Not good, don't understand the hype...
    I don't find this good at all. Have found it doesn't effectively cleanse, stings my eyes, seems chemical and unnatural, and my skin definitely feels dry after using it.
    It does exactly what its supposed to, and even after double cleansing, it does not strip my skin away whatsoever. I would highly recommend especially for its price!
    Best Cruelty Free Cleanser.
    I rate this cleanser 5 stars as it does not make my skin dry after washing as I have super dry skin. Very smooth and easy to use with a pea size of this gel. The only thing I dont like is the plastic sealedbag for the cleanser.
    It gets a 2 for the smell
    The only thing redeemable about this is the smell. It's lovely. So delicate and I wanted to eat it. However. Aside from that this cleanser upset me so much. I wanted to love it because I'm obsessed with the watermelon stuff from this brand and was excited to try this. I have oily skin. When I say oily I mean like I can go maybe an hour without shine if I'm lucky. Never have I had dry skin in my life. This stuff. Idk what's in it but my skin dried out so fast and started flaking! As soon as I stopped using it my skin went back to normal. Don't waste your money.
    Bad packaging
    The cleanser itself is not bad, I might even repurchase the full size. My issue is with the packaging. I ordered the smaller version to test it out and it arrived with a quarter of it spilling out of the bottle because it was not closed tight. I'm sure this is not Cult Beauty's problem because the bottle came in a sealed package by Glow Recipe, but I do hope this feedback gets back to Glow Recipe somehow. I just lost 10ml from a 30 ml bottle because it was not closed correctly :(
    I have dry, sensitive skin an this works amazing! A little goes a long way, also a lot of my friends who use this don't know that you are supposed to foam up the cleanser with water before using it on your face. The 10ml travel size is good for someone who has never tried it before, an it goes well with the watermelon mist. I would definitely recommend to anyone I know!
    Not what I expected
    I am a person who has quite dry skin. I had watched several videos on youtube about the cleanser and I didn’t hesitate to try the product. When I tried it, I have to admit that the smell makes you wanna eat it. When I tried it on my face, it felt like my face was going to burn, and I washed it, it felt really soft. But after 5-10 minutes it felt so dry and I needed to wash my face many times. It didn’t feel gentle on my face. I also haven't noticed any difference. I hope the next products I'm waiting to come, to change my mind!
    Absolutely love it!
    Leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean - favourite cleanser thus far!
    The best cleanser!
    I can’t believe the negative reviews. This is one of the best cleansers I have ever used! You only need a tiny amount and it lathers very well. It leaves my oily and dehydrated skin very clean but never dry. My husband loves it too, and he has sensitive and dry skin. Starting my third bottle soon!
    I've never tried anything like it before. My skin loves it. I wake up with a supple soft skin each time I opt to cleanse with it at night. This and the inkey list BHA have completely turned me into a new woman. I'll never stop buying it.
    Terrible product - AVOID!
    This cleanser completely dried out my skin, made it feel tight and felt like it stripped it. I have combination skin which is quite sensitive and I defiantly would not recommend for my skin type, might work better on oily skin types but I wouldn't risk it! Tonnes of better cleansers out there it's honestly just an aesthetic.
    This is an amazing cleanser, it cleared up most my acne. No other cleanser or treatment has cleared my acne so well, even very strong medicated treatments from a doctor. This is my miracle cleanser. Please come back into stock ASAP I’m breaking out more by the day with out this cleanser.
    Don't waste your money on it
    This cleanser doesn't cost money I paid for it. It has a fragrance of cheap soap and leaves a strange sticky feeling on your skin. Not the best Glow Recipe product.
    A bit pricy but worth it
    Love it! It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight, and it cleanses my face thoroughly, even helping remove makeup without being tough on the skin. Also, love the scent and packaging too. It's more expensive than what I usually go for in regards to a cleanser, but I tried the mini one a while back and decided it was worth splurging on as a treat. My skin looks healthy and clean after use, and the smell brings me some joy as its refreshing. I'm not sure I could buy a new one every time I ran out, which is a shame, but the one I do have now does last a long time as a little bit of the cleanser can go a long way.
    Damaged my skin
    After around 4-5 days of continuous use this product damaged my skin causing severe dryness for days on my face and neck, including redness and itching. I would never recommend this product, so disappointing after having high hopes from using and purchasing the avocado product twice and banana moisturiser.
    Great cleanser
    I love this cleanser. I have very oily skin but find that this cleans without drying which is really important because when my skin gets dry, it gets extra oily. It has a fun jelly texture and foams up nicely. It smells a wee bit sweet for me, but it isn't overpowering.
    Reallyy good
    I have oily to combo skin and this reaallllyyy cleaned my face, it made me feel spotless. Only note to leave is that it strips the face from all the oils, so I would recommend you don’t forget to apply a moisturizer after it.
    This is great
    It’s very nice along with the other products in the Glow Recipe range has made a huge difference to my skin and I have a lovely glow going on now which I love and I've not been using it for long very impressed!
    Ok, now this cleanser is the best I've used so far! It's non drying, it's brightening my skin with each use and leaves it very soft. Has a very nice pleasant scent, not overpowering though. I would suggest giving it a try for everyone. :)
    Leaves the skin very soft and does a good job with daily cleaning, as well as smelling amazing! Foams up nicely with water so a little goes a long way. It is a little bit drying so I wouldn’t recommend for people with dry skin.
    Not my favourite
    I was using Korean make-up remover before this and I definitely recommend that instead. Firstly, I am happy that I got the small size because I won't buy it anymore for the simple fact that it does not remove the make-up entirely (I even used more than 2 pumps as it says in the instructions) and I still have the foundation in the nose area and chin. Then the smell is simply annoying... it just smells like cheap make-up remover (I literally purchased one before this for like 2-3$ and it has the same soapy smell which kind of irritates me and it's too scented; I don't like it at all). I do not recommend it. It's overpriced, it does not work and it smells horrible.
    Love this cleanser!
    This is the first cleanser that has kept my breakouts at bay for the last few years. I usually get a flare-up of spots (mostly whiteheads) every 3-4 weeks or so. However, with this cleanser I have gotten zero breakouts (I've been using it for around 3 months). I have combination skin leaning more towards oily, and this does leave your skin feeling slightly tight after but not stripped. Just follow with a good moisturiser and you're good to go. It removes make-up brilliantly too, and leaves your skin super soft and glowy. I will continue to repurchase!
    I was so happy to buy this product because I absolutely love other Glow Recipe products I've tried but this was a big disappointment. My face felt more and more tightened every time I was using this and my skin became crazy dry. It smells nice and fruity and has a cute packaging but sadly doesn't work for my skin.
    ما حبيته مرا ينشف و مليان عطر للمعلومية بشرتي دهنية I hated it. It makes my skin really dry and I have oily skin
    Glow recipe by name
    And by nature. Leaves my skin feeling clean but not tight. Smells lovely and has a pleasing jelly-like consistency. This is my second repurchase and I see no reason to switch to anything else!
    The smell, the smell! Wowie! Absolutely delicious, leaves my skin squeaky clean and works amazing as a 2nd cleanse with Take the Day Off balm by Clinique, but if you don't have make up on then first cleanse and only cleanse necessary! Will repurchase full size when I'm richer!
    Amazing cleanser
    I bought the smaller bottle first to try it out! I have a respiratory disease and am nearly permanently on steroids which really affect my skin. Also, when I hit 45 this year, all of a sudden nothing worked and I had to revamp my whole skincare regime! I have oily, combination skin with odd dry patches! I start with IT miracle water and then use this cleanser which is amazing as it balances out my skin tone and leaves it lovely and soft! I usually use non-rinse cleansers but I've made an exception for this and am about to order the full size one today!!! Thank you Cult Beauty - I don't know what I'd do without you! All my favourites in one place!!
    I bought the smaller bottle to try and I love it. I wash my face and all my make up comes off effortlessly. When I tone my face, nothing comes off on the cotton pad it completely cleanses my skin. Absolute fav.
    Squeaky clean!!! ❤
    Hands down for one of the best cleansers I haver tried! Cleansing is the most important step in my skincare routine, so I am extremely picky in terms of cleansing products, especially in terms of second cleansers, as I love to use a balm to remove my makeup. I always struggle to find a good one to use with my cleansing device. This cleanser is just perfect: - it has a nice, light and fresh blueberry fragrance. - the texture is a jelly/thick one, so perfect to use with a device or cleansing brush. It doesn't foam up a lot, just the right amount of foam to give you perfectly clean skin. - it leaves your skin perfectly clean, squeaky clean! But at the same time doesn't make your face too tight after washing (I have combo/oily skin). I just love it!
    After using, my skin looks glowy but it burns. If I cry or sweat, it will hurt horribly where the fluids touch my skin. I have sensitive skin but since this is called a gentle cleanser I thought it would be OK. People around me noticed my skin got more red. Would not recommend for anyone with sensitive skin. Leaves my face dry too, which is weird due to the hyaluronic acid.
    Nice cleanser but I preferred the original formula.
    Perfect cleanser for combo skin
    I'm yet to find a Glow Recipe product I don't love and this cleanser is no exception. Leaves your skin feeling clean but not stripped. I use it as my second cleanse and post-workout as my nose and cheeks need all the help they can get. The texture is unique - it really is bouncy! Foams nicely and one pump has you covered.
    Not the best from Glow Recipe
    I love all the other Glow Recipe products but this one I was highly disappointed with! It doesn’t particularly smell of anything and most importantly the skin doesn’t feel as refreshed or clean as you would hope. The soap and glory foam cleanser is way better and a fraction of the price!
    Not all that gentle
    I don't think the 'gentle' and 'deep cleaning' go together here. They should have gone for one or the other and sort of missed the mark on both. Too many acids in it to be gentle in my opinion. Def avoid if you have sensitive skin. I've got combo skin and this felt drying and the smell is a bit strange and it lingers a bit too. For something that has fragrance in it they could have gone with a nicer blueberry smell. Glad I only got the sample size.
    Not like it
    I do not like this cleanser. It smells very soapy and makes my skin feel so dry and tight. Feels like pure soap or alcohol on my face.
    Love it
    I love this cleanser it makes my skin feel clean without being drying!
    Erasing the pores
    This cleanser is very gentle and makes a noticeable difference in tightening the pores even after a single use. Containing AHA, can be used as a mask, or left on the skin a bit longer after the wash. The fragrance of blueberries is subtle. The texture is quite thick. Would definitely buy it again.
    Blueberry bounce gentle cleanser
    When I use this product I can’t believe how cleansed and soft my face feels. My skin is normally dry and tight after any cleansers. I have my daughter using it now too and she wears makeup and the makeup comes off so easily with this gentle cleanser. Amazing, I will not be without it now.
    Pretty great
    I'm on my second bottle and will for sure repurchase it when it runs out. It's a great cleanser and pretty decent price. Can see the strong smell being an issue for some, but I love it. Feels really gentle on my skin
    Makes skin tight and dry!
    I was very excited to give this a try as I generally enjoy the whole concept and aesthetics of Glow Recipe products but this was just way too stripping and drying on my skin. After my first wash, my skin felt very tight and dry and then it even started to peel. Luckily, I just purchased the 30ml one.
    I really like this it smells nice and feels good . For some it may smell like a scented bleach or washing up liquid but I like the smell and it left my skin feeling soft works perfectly with the watermelon juice moisturizer
    About to buy the full size
    Lovely gentle cleanser, skin feels soft & really clean after use. Good as a second or morning cleanser
    The initial scent of this product smells more of a blueberry muffin than actual blueberry, but when applying, I actually found it smelt surprisingly chemically. I found it stripped my skin and made it feel dry, and since I have oily skin this was a surprising occurrence for me especially for a 'gentle' cleanser. The consistency was strange and also jelly-like or gel-like. Glad I only got a tester size and not a full size.
    My husband loves it. Requested me to get a full size for him.
    Love it!
    I use this cleanser to take off makeup, I think it's really good! Melts down my makeup really well! A lovely faint scent, and works really well!
    Way too drying
    I’m so glad I bought the 10ml of this instead of the full size. I have normal skin bordering on oily and after 2 uses I had dry patches, almost like a leopard, on my forehead. So much so that coloured face masks were leaving stains on my skin. I tried to find different uses for it as I wanted to like it, I tried it as a face mask as it suggested and it did n o t h I n g. I tried using it in the shower so my skin was still damp after and oh lord was it crying out for moisturiser afterwards.
    Too stripping
    I had a mini of this in the Fruit Babies pack and found it quite drying and harsh after only using it twice. I have combination/oily and sensitive skin. I wouldn't judge the rest of Glow Recipe based on this, some of their other stuff is amazing!
    This is one of the best cleansers I’ve ever used. My combined skin that is oily in nose area is so soft, hydrated and plumped. I can’t recommend this product enough. Thank you, Glow Recipe!
    Not what it's cracked up to be
    Thank goodness I only wasted money on the small version. Artificial smell that reminds me of the smelly gel pens you used to get at school (which isn't a bad smell at all but I don't want to be washing my face in it), pump doesn't work properly so together with the smell, it feels incredibly cheap. Also leaves my face feeling dry and tight, have to douse my face in hyaluronic acid to get any moisture back. Hesitant to purchase anything else from this company based on the quality of this.
    Smells Amazing!
    I love this cleanser; I bought the smaller size to try but would definitely spend more on the larger one. It smells exactly like the Body Shop blueberry range from the 90s, if like me you're old enough to remember that! It does leave my skin a little tight after using but this goes away once I've completed the rest of my skincare routine. Leaves my skin super clean with a nice glow!
    Love this cleanser use it every morning!
    Not gentle at all
    This claims to be gentle and hydrated whilst you cleanse - does that happen? NO! Does skin feel hydrated after? NO. Was skin dry and itchy after washing it off? YES. Did it make my skin more dry? YES. Did it make my psoriasis worse - YES! Would I buy it again - NO. Does it smell like blueberry - the tiniest bit.
    Very nice cleanser
    I love the smell and the consistency of this product. Skin is not noticeably different, though.
    Lovely simplistic cleanser- non drying.
    I have combination skin with oil in the T zone and more dry skin in the cheek area. For me this is a great PM cleanser for after taking makeup off and giving the skin a good cleanse without stripping the skin. For me gel cleansers, or ones that foam can be too harsh for my skin and I usually use creams and milks but this one did no dry me out at all. It left my skin feeling clean, refreshed and very comfortable for my next steps. It has slotted in perfectly with everything else I use and I couldn’t be happier with it. I do usually use a cream cleanser in the AM but think I would happily now use this both in the morning and at night particularly if I was having an oiler week or two due to hormones!
    I like this product, feels nice. I wish the smell was a little bit stronger.
    Not Wow'ed
    I bought this as I liked the watermelon moisturiser however that said this blueberry face wash will not be on my repurchase list. The product design packaging looks and feels cheap. It is the same pump as the watermelon however it feels very weak. It is a mild blueberry scent, I'd have liked a more powerful scent as sometimes it wasn't noticeable smell. I found it dried my face out and didn't do anything special.
    Not really as gentle as it claims
    I think the problem I had with this product is that it isn’t as moisturising as other gentle face washes out there. I have normal/combo skin and I found this too stripping for me. It still does a good job of cleansing and would be perfect for people who have oilier skin.
    Very pale, sensitive, ageing forties, stressed, combination skin. I wanted to love the Glow Recipe products - they have wonderful smells but I think therein lies the problem. Sad to say after many tries, this leaves my skin tight, irritated and slightly red. I kept going because I love the smell and I’d paid for it but In the end it’s too high a price to pay for my skin to continue. I’ve had to go back to Emma Hardie Moringa Balm which is an expensive but safe option. I got this with the watermelon glow moisturiser and I’m struggling with that too. I’ve bought the Banana Soufflé which is ok and the watermelon mist but ultimately when I have used up I will not be buying any more Glow Recipe products. So sad as they are so pretty and smell wonderful but seem rubbish for my skin concerns.
    Great product
    This cleanser smells amazing, leaves your skin soft, supple, plump and bouncy. A little goes a long way the mini version lasts forever. Just repurchased and brought the larger size. Improved the appearance of my pores and left my skin feeling fresh and clean. Love Glow recipe another amazing product.
    Great if you are double cleansing
    My first glow product, really nice if you don’t have any makeup on and want to cleanse first thing or after the gym, etc but it doesn’t remove makeup well. Nice texture, hasn’t left me dry (normal to dry skin) but doesn’t cut it in terms of a deep cleanse.
    Drying and damaged skin ecezma
    This product is dangerous. It irritated my skin, left it damaged and dry. Disappointed.
    Gentle Indeed
    This product has a nice texture but definitely wasn't taking light makeup off on its own, even after adding more cleanser to try and feel completely makeup-free. This would maybe be good as a cleanser when there is no makeup on the face or as part of a double cleanse but I'll be sticking to my trusty (and much cheaper) drugstore cleanser.
    Not what I expected
    I've heard such great things about this cleanser and couldn't wait to try it but I'm so disappointed. It completely dried out my skin and turned it bright red! I've tried it twice on the off chance I was having a bad day the first time but my skin is so dry.
    Nothing special
    Very gentle face wash however I don’t find anything special about it... it’s below average and I don’t feel my skin is super clean after I use.. however it doesn’t give you that the right feeling after you wash your face... I wouldn’t recommend it to he honest!
    The worst
    This product is very very drying, I would avoid this product. My skin became extremely dry and irritated only after using this product four times
    So wanted to love this...
    The most lovely scent and foaming action, but leaves skin feeling stripped and dry. So disappointed.
    I love love love this cleanser, super hydrating and gentle on the skin. I really recommend this, best cleanser I ever used.
    Love it
    I use this cleanser after I've removed my makeup with a makeup remover balm from Elemis. Just to remove any leftovers from my face. If you do full face this cleanser is definitely not able to remove all the makeup on your face, but to cleanse your skin afterwards it's the best I can ask for. It doesn't burn your eyes and the smell is amazing. Since I do this cleansing step, the redness and acne reduced visibly. Never gonna use something else.
    Love the texture and love the smell! It does a pretty good job cleansing the skin but it is quite drying (I have dry skin). Will not repurchase!
    I never review but..
    I get a few cystic spots & work in the cosmetic industry so I was gutted as my skin is one of the most important things to me! I ended up trying this alongside my clinique take the day off balm and it’s worked WONDERS. 30 seconds of massaging it makes my skin feel so clean & soft, but my blemishes aren’t anywhere near as angry looking and it genuinely keeps them at bay. A definite purchase if you get spotty!!
    OK Cleanser...
    The texture is super nice and smells great, but if it goes anywhere near my eyes it burns, so I couldn't really use it to take off all my make-up.
    Not for dry skin
    I was so happy to buy this product because I absolutely love other Glow Recipe products I've tried but this was a big dissapointment. My face felt more and more tightened everytime I was using this and my skin became crazy dry. It smells nice and fruity and has a cute packaging but sadly doesn't work for my skin.
    Дорого и посредственно - Expensive and mediocre
    Сушил и стягивал мне кожу. Не экономичный расход и высокая цена. Слабое очищение. Но запах и консистенция очень понравились. Dry and tightens my skin, it's a high price But liked the smell and texture.
    It does clean
    I double cleanse, so this does not have to take off heavy make up for me. It does clean well. I have to get used to the jelly consistency, don't really love that. It's too heavily fragranced for my taste. I do have to be careful with this one, because it sometimes stings my eyes. Overall a nice cleanser, does the job, will not buy again.
    Lovely cleanser
    I usually use this in the mornings to leave my face feeling fresh, but can confirm that it also works brilliantly to take off make-up! Leaves my skin feeling clean and soft, not too scented, and seems very gentle.
    Good for oily skin
    This smells delicious and leaves the skin feeling soft after use. Wouldn’t recommend for dry skin as it can be drying, but it doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight. I feel like it’s cleaned up my acne a bit as well, which is nice!
    Awesome cleanser
    I have combo to oily skin. I love it!! My advice, however, is that when you use it, you have to apply moisturizer or else your skin will break out. Plus it removed my makeup well but my eye makeup was a bit hard to scrub off so it did not fully take it off. Other than that, it was amazing!
    Baby Soft Skin
    This is a super mild, refreshing cleanser which lathers beautifully and cleans my skin without the added effort! I have normal to combination skin and do not have any particular skin concerns, however, this product does what I need with a subtle refreshing scent and still manages to impress me. The jelly texture means no mess or fuss - you can travel with this, without the fear of it leaking and best of all you can also use this as a mask! :)
    Bouncing all the Way!
    I have to be honest, when we launched the original version of this, I wasn't keen. So when the reformulation came out I took a gentle stroll to the checkout rather than an all out run - however I've been pleasantly surprised. It doesn't irritate my eyes and removes my makeup, perfect for a post workout refresh or daily cleanser. I'm buying again for the soon to be unbearable Summer months!
    It's safe to say that this one product dramatically changed the texture of my skin. My skin felt so soft and smooth after just a week of use! I have seen a difference in the way my makeup applies and looks since I started using this cleanser. I use it with my Clarisonic MIA Fit. The packaging in so sleek, and the product smells great but not offensive!
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